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  1. What Light Novel are you reading right now?

    Why Tearmoon Empire is marvellous, all other details aside. The narrator narrates like this: "...Those of you who happened to bring a knife may proceed with the cutting, because the irony is so thick that you can all have a piece for yourselves." I can't remember the last time I read something that narrated stuff like this. I love it!
  2. What Light Novel are you reading right now?

    Despite my recommendation I'm in the exact same situation. I've never actually read the books, only (repeatedly) watched the anime. Now I'm waiting for the right mood to read them.
  3. What Light Novel are you reading right now?

    I've read a volume of Tearmoon Empire. It is absolutely phenomenal, for various reasons.
  4. [Request] Tsujidou-San No Virgin Road Walkthrough

    This thread is about Virgin Road, the fandisc to Pure Love Road, so they are not the same game and the walkthrough you presented is not the walkthrough for Tsujidou-san's Virgin Road.
  5. What are you playing?

    This is simple and complicated simultaneously.
  6. What are you playing?

    Really justifying that purchase huh.
  7. Sable’s Grimoire (Western VN review + developer interview)

    Sable has no Grimoire 1/10. I'll hopefully be elaborating on my overall thoughts in a more appropriate thread.
  8. Hello!

    Interesting response, as you recognise what makes Hinata feel more competent. Yes. I'd say people at large tend to find Hinata to be the smarter one because of his nature, that is more adequate for an ambient of suspicion and deception. He's both more suspicious of others, capable of actually being mad and not trusting a person, and more assertive altogether. Until I replayed the games in quick succession, I'd probably share the same opinion. Now, because the first game's cases are easier and simpler than the second game's cases, there's something that happens in the first that makes Naegi be, in my eyes, smarter. Simply put, Naegi deduces things during investigations and Hinata doesn't. For the first two cases Naegi doesn't piece together much of anything, and is shown everything by Kirigiri and Togami. However, from the third onwards, he reaches certain conclusions during the investigations (He does not necessarily explain them, though. Often it's just a "That means...!"). And then there's the fifth case, where he actively solos it (Hinata never does anything by himself. He either points out wrong things in others' claims, or answers Komaeda or Nanami's questions). It's more a quirk of the games, I guess, but I find it interesting that Hinata's monologue during the investigations never has him conclude anything, but Naegi's does.
  9. Hello!

    Dangan Ronpa you say? Time for the hard questions. Out of the protagonists in DR1 and SDR2, which do you think is smarter and why? Hinata or Naegi?
  10. Sable’s Grimoire (Western VN review + developer interview)

    I've completed Lisha's as well as Rei's and Eth's. I have to admit, from your words, I had the impression that Sable's actions would mean there'd be no romance, but that is clearly untrue. As harem/love triangle anime/manga have (unfortunately) taught us, romance does not require the involved parties to be dating or even recognise feelings for one another. This game does that in spades, with Sable being loved and loving in return, though not in a romantic way. The routes often end with Sable paired up with somebody who has affection for him and to whom he cannot at this point avoid showing affection to. His intent may not be romantic, but in practice it contains all the feelings and affections I hope to attain from regular romance stories (and which sometimes are absent!). I have zero cause for complaint. Lisha's route, for instance, was beautiful with what took place within, as far as feeding my need for trust and affection.
  11. This is about version 0.1513.1; I started a further write-up from back then that I felt I hadn't finished. However, inspiration never came and it simply stayed here, unfinished. I might as well post it, in that case. I'll let you know that this was so good that after reading the girls' paths (I never ventured into the other possibilities) I had to go searching for other stories to fill the void.
  12. Sable’s Grimoire (Western VN review + developer interview)

    I finished Tix's route, which I'm not sure the game even had when you reviewed it. Regardless, as odd as it is, I both love romance and intimacy and the direct opposite: Sable is reminding me of Nemui from Mutiny!!. A character I deeply loved for being entirely disinterested in sex in a game and world completely all for it. She was wonderful, as is Sable. As you've said, Sable isn't aromantic, but it's nowhere near his current priorities. Tix's route
  13. Sable’s Grimoire (Western VN review + developer interview)

    For whatever reason, I've been interested in this VN since I saw this review, but I clearly didn't read it because I didn't know Sable was the protagonist. Anyways, I'm finally reading this and goodness me how I appreciate a magic school story of this scale with loads of characters and interactions. I haven't read any route yet. In fact, I have no idea how I'd get into a route, since the choices I've made so far have put me all over the place talking to all sorts. I'm properly warned not to expect romance, and frankly I'm not looking for it if the game isn't trying to tease it (as I've found out, that's the reason I tend to dislike a lack of romance; it's because it's almost always teased and used as a hook to keep one reading until the end). Sable is an absolutely fantastic protagonist as he is. From his interests to his interactions, where he's too honest for his own good and where he gets the exact same impressions from conversations as I do ("Something was strange about her today." or "She has a number of flaws, but maliciousness isn't one of them.").
  14. Hentai games

    Whilst I'm not contradicting any of what you say, because I do not disagree, I am fairly convinced that H-Scenes as we regularly see them in VNs and sex scenes as present in Western games or shows are simply not on the same level in terms of imagery. VNs frequently use extreme angles, exaggerated proportions, and direct shots into (often pixelised) genitals that are clearly not comparable to anything in mainstream Western media. At least that is my impression. Does anybody have any examples to the contrary in the Western mainstream? Whilst I doubt this is the cause for the dismissal (the presence of a few bad eggs and frequent fetishised proportions in most anime art are more likely culprits), it may still be a factor to have in mind.
  15. Recommend this one very much!
  16. Anime Expo News Replacements

    This confuses me a little. Photonmelodies, which is what was announced to be released, contains the Altered Fable content. Photonflowers, which does not contain said content, was already released some time ago. Your statement seems like it says you bought Photonmelodies and will not buy Photonflowers, when this isn't possible because the former has yet to be released and the latter is already available. Has there perhaps been some mix up?
  17. What are you playing?

    The entire genre exists for that purpose. Clearly it is not that odd a thing.
  18. What are you playing?

    Could I ask what you are referring to here?
  19. Anime Expo News Replacements

    Whaaaat? Nonsense.
  20. What are you playing?

    I've just played Chapter 4 of Master Magistrate. Extremely satisfied with the outcome of this mystery game! Still have a couple of epilogues to go through, though. Chapter 4 thoughts (spoilers): GENUINELY GOOD ROMANCE WHAT IS THIS Sakura's Route Okita's Chapter Rimu's Route
  21. Anime Expo News Replacements

    What's this? I expected to have to sell my soul to have access to a Fin route, but it seems the gods have been generous. A "DLC" for an otome I've played. I never even considered this remotely possible.
  22. Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk

    One thing about the English language I really don't get: "Good for you." is actually used sincerely and positively. That seem absolutely impossible to me. What?? That sentence is laden with sarcasm, dismissal or envy should I utter it. I cannot tie any positive emotions to these words, but from what I've seen people do use them sincerely. Amazing. In Portuguese we certainly don't have an equivalent sentence used positively.
  23. Master Magistrate Full-Version Review

    The gameplay is actually similar, which was what I was referencing. When I say I thought it was going to be a rip-off, I mean I thought it would borrow the gameplay elements, as it does, but not be that good in terms of gameplay and story. However, it is quite good at it.
  24. Master Magistrate Full-Version Review

    The game really really surprised me positively. I expected an ace attorney rip-off and some sex scenes at the end to call it an eroge, but I've found that both those areas are actually remarkably good!