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  1. I see, thank you. I'm surprised to hear about Chuck, since its one of like 5 or so non-animated TV shows I've ever watched, so it's quite the coincidence to hear about it here of all places. Unfortunately, I do not recall it well enough to agree or disagree with the assessment. Toradora's also a really curious one because while I love the characters, I heavily dislike the plot (I don't think the attraction between the two leads was natural and find that others imposed their views on them in that matter. Especially in Ryuuji's case) and think that most events within were melodramatic, which I almost always dislike. (I was going to link a couple of threads with romance manga and anime to see if you like any of them but I've bugged you enough. Thanks.)
  2. If I may ask, what is it you're looking for in romance stories and do you have examples of it done well even outside VNs?
  3. What are you playing?

    I'll make a prediction here, so read once you've finished:
  4. What are you playing?

    There's, uh, stuff going on in the background, sure, and some stuff might be mildly interesting as far as plot is concerned but, uh, why would anyone play Evenicle if they're not in it for the harem of wives?
  5. I'd like to try out a path and leave some feedback. (Maybe record a playthrough? I could do that.) Is there any consensual path that's written out? If not, what do you feel is most complete right now? (Do I sound super arrogant in this post? That's not my intention I'm just being lazy but want to help if possible through feedback.)
  6. So Mirror is on Sale

    I don't know how the quality of this particular VN is, since they don't bother promoting with English screenshots (not a stellar sign), but what you're saying is not what mitch said. It is one of the factors, not the entire benchmark.
  7. [REQUEST] Summer Pocket Walkthrough

    Bloody hell you work fast.
  8. Merged two threads about the same announcements. Hopefully nothing's too broken. As ever, excited. NekoNyan's localisation choices are always after my own heart.
  9. What are you playing?

    When I replayed Katawa Shoujo, I recalled really not enjoying Rin's route the first time around, but having greatly enjoyed the common route scenes with her on my replay, I believed my tastes had changed and I'd greatly appreciate her route! No. Uh... No.
  10. What are you playing?

    She has, too.
  11. I've been seeing people wondering about Daitoshokan's translation, so I'm making this compilation of screenshots just to show what the experience is like in English. The further down you go, the further into the game you are. But these screenshots are all from the first half of the common route and earlier, so I wouldn't worry terribly. I think the VN is super fun, and really, that's all I care about, to be honest.
  12. What are you playing?

    Love Triangle Trouble is most certainly not a set of random skits with no connection to each other, if that's what you fear. It's the daily life of a club, some things happen with a character moving into the protagonist's home, once that's settled with them all feeling like family again the the protagonist gets into a love triangle (in that two people are interested in him and aware of one another) and finally he makes his choice, resolving the drama by subverting expectations. Finally there's a couple of hours of them as a couple but it's basically just an excuse for h-scenes. Still, romance! It is no more random than something like Fureraba in its plot, but it has decidedly less romance, I think.
  13. Edit: I thought threads in this forum didn't appear on the sidebar I have a number of Switch games that I've played various amounts of. I like them, but my PC-centric self couldn't bring himself to stick with any of them until the end. I'd like to make real progress on one, so here I am to ask the people to make the decision for me. Breath of the Wild - 8-ish hours. From what I played of it, I quite like it! My only real problems with it are that I suck at controls, because lol never use consoles, and that I got bogged down visiting my first village and I tend to get bogged down trying to talk to everyone, which is honestly something of a bore at times. If I could just control the character better, I could pull off funnier strategies in combat using my abilities some and actually managing to use bows without accidentally throwing them instead of shooting an arrow or something. In theory, the problem will solve itself the more I play, but I didn't manage to get to a good level of ability last time. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - 18 hours; Chapter 4 This post summarises my parting thoughts on the game pretty well. I'm not entirely certain on how worth it it is to try and recommence now. Dragon Quest XI - 5 hours; Level 6 This game feels like it defines what an 'Adventure' game is. I thought it'd be the standard RPG with turn based battles as the plot advanced, but it's thrown me in so many varied situations! Mountain exploring, stealth segment, running away a la Indiana Jones, figuring out how to get to that chest out there in the porch taunting me. It's fun in that sense. Gameplay wise it's pretty standard so far, but I've got two party members. I'm not really ready to claim anything about the combat. Though I'm about ready to skip through battles as quickly as I can despite being this early one, which might not be a good sign. The problem with this one is the feeling that I should get all I can, making me get bogged down looking at every nook and cranny even when it's exhausting or not enjoyable. Can't miss that chest, eh?? Fire Emblem: Three Houses - 150 hours; Edelgard and Claude routes; In the middle of the first part of Dimitri's route. Maddening started on Church Route. Yeah, I liked this one. I'm extremely thankful for this title for a bunch of reasons, especially for making Fire Emblem popular, creating loads of fun characters and getting me into actually being able to play Fire Emblem style games when I got a bad impression from Shadow Dragon before (I never understood why I couldn't get into it when I like Advance Wars so much). So, I like everything about this game except the repetition involved in replaying, which is probably why momentum did not carry me into playing every route. Regardless, do you think I should play some more of this? Maddening is fun in a very turtle-y and slow way, whereas I'm probably not too far from the timeskip for Dimitri's route (though I've already been spoiled on most plot events). If I do replay this, I'll almost certainly make a thread about my preferences for the voices of the characters (JP vs ENG). Though I am biased towards ENG, for being the one I first heard, there's a number of them I prefer in Japanese. Octopath Traveller - Chapters 2 or 3, maybe? 23-ish hours. No idea, since I'd have to re-download it. It's very okay. I like some stories more than others. I bloody wish characters talked more with each other. City exploration makes me spend loads of time talking to everyone. Battles are grindy even when they're dangerous. Getting places takes time and random encounters. The bosses can be fun when they're not frustrating. The main thing I like about it are the characters and the things I can play around with in the combat system, that kind of lose interest in my 3457th random encounter as I travel (even though I probably need these so the next boss does not eat me alive).
  14. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    PC PC PC PC!
  15. Steamy Sextet

    The post was edited to comply with rules that forbid directly embedding NSFW images. That's all. Good luck!
  16. Most disappointing VNs of 2019?

    Right, right. It actually makes me wonder why I liked it, when my main issue with shounen is precisely the problem described above of recklessness and senselessness and making it through on protagonist BS power alone or through the sacrifices of someone else.
  17. Most disappointing VNs of 2019?

    I'm trying to think about paths where she successfully gets to be as strong as she thinks she is... The setting utterly buggers her up, throwing her into a world where her utmost talent is useless. From what I understand your problem is not this, but the fact that she doesn't learn that she's not capable under these circumstances. And, well, that's her character. And you don't like it. In terms of routes, I recall two moments where she actually pulls off what she's trying, but one of those is in the final true route, and I'm not sure where the other one is (because there are many diverging paths). But when you put it that way, it is true she can't do much of anything herself (which is, again, the point of the setting, but her personality doesn't allow her to change her incompatible values and desires).
  18. Most disappointing VNs of 2019?

    Indeed, I just found it fun. In fact, I'm actively interested in stories of light adventure. This reminds me of the anime Inuyasha, wherein the episodes I most liked were the filler ones (minus the lack of progression in character/relationships).
  19. Most disappointing VNs of 2019?

    I thought it completely failed at delivering romance between the protagonists for a single route story, but I otherwise enjoyed it a lot. It was a fun adventure, and the side romance was great! Disappointments on my part... I usually don't properly start something unless I like it, so I don't remember those that disappointed me off the bat. That leaves those that disappointed me in the ending, but I'd need to actually finish something to be disappointed by its ending, so... Uh... One Night Stand, maybe? I don't know why I played it or what I was expecting, but it delivered on its namesake and disappointed me as a result. Not sure why I really did this. One that could be considered a disappointment, maybe, is HoshiOri. It delivers on all my dreams in terms of the scenario it depicts! It just has an itty-bitty misstep... I don't like the comedy in it. This really, genuinely hurts. This ticks all the boxes in terms of what I should like, but them half the reason I enjoy VNs just isn't working for me. Bollocks. I even remember liking the comedy in the previous game by the same studio, so what went wrong for me...?
  20. My current list is as follows: https://vndb.org/u68049/ulist?c=added&c=finished&c=label&c=started&c=vote&l=2&mul=0&o=d&q=&s=vote So if there's anything that isn't in the link above, please do recommend it! I more or less like anything that fits in those archetypes, up to and including weird/eccentric characters that are outcasts as a result (Sora or Ayamine). Nukige are also fine (though the most important thing to me are feelings, consent, mutual trust, etc etc), such as Risa from Sweet Home. In theory I don't like Modern Tsunderes, but I'm having a difficult time actually picturing any from VNs, since in VNs they actually end up together romantically; it's not like anime where perpetually undoing all development is the point. Requirements: English, Not Yaoi. Everything else is fair game. RPG Maker games, Otome, EVNs, that fanfiction you wrote 7 years ago, etc. Thank you kindly for your help.
  21. Tsunderes or Kuuderes Recommendations

    That game and its sequel are indeed absolutely phenomenal. Unfortunately I could not place them in my list. These are good recommendations. I happen to have already played the corresponding routes on them, so I can indeed say that they're quite good. These are good! I'll look into My Fair Princess. For Hoshi Ori I'm technically in the middle of playing it right now, but it's not going all that well, hence this thread. Wagamama is one of my favourite VNs ever, but there's just one route I haven't played that I'm leaving for a rainy day. Ashe's. Speaking of which, you didn't recommend Ashe?? This one I did not know about. Is it a long route? Sorcery Jokers is good for a variety of reasons, but romance was not one of them, I thought. In fact, the H-Scenes in this game actively infuriated me. They felt so different and extreme compared to everything else. That may have coloured my perception, though, making me think the romance was bad when it was only the final epilogues that were. At any rate, this was already on my list.
  22. Birthday thread

    Happy Birthday, @Eclipsed who might never come back. Also, @Leonor!
  23. Tsunderes or Kuuderes Recommendations

    You would assume correctly. I'll clarify the OP.
  24. Some People Call Fate/Stay Night a Hentai Game, Is This True?

    This is semantics. If you consider any game with sex in it to be Hentai, then yes. If you consider any game where the focus is the sex scenes to be Hentai, then no. The term usually thrown around is eroge, from 'erotic'+'game'.
  25. Tsunderes or Kuuderes Recommendations

    I was going to ask what you think of the game, but then it hit me like a ton of bricks when I was mentioning that it was a console otome that I can't play it.