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  1. Birthday thread

  2. Highway Blossoms Remastered is live on Steam

    Excellent. A chance at rereading one of my favourite stories.
  3. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Bloody hell. Drink away but not astray.
  4. Magical Marriage Lunatics released on MangaGamer!

    Hold on, this is as long as as Princess Evangile? Or are they referring to the proportions/ratio of H to story? Because Princess Evangile felt looong. And I have the impression I'd prefer this game, so that's good. For me.
  5. What are you playing?

    Common complaint. Unfortunately, the professor is simply too OP. That is one of his main traits. Phoenix would have hardly had a chance to be on the same level as him. I'd still have preferred if he were, though.
  6. Monmusu by Tentacle Games (Neko works)

    I've found that most translated monster girl (that is, not anthropomorphic cats, dogs, bunnies, and other 'pets') tend to be about the monster girls raping the protagonist, who also tends to be a shouta, for instance. I wonder why this is so common.
  7. Here's a place to send all those questions that won't really get answered. I mean, they might.
  8. Steins;Gate 0 VN is out on Steam.

    Not legally it wasn't. Edit: I think? I honestly don't know. All I knew was that the game was only licensed on console.
  9. Steins;Gate 0 VN is out on Steam.

    Patently false as I exist and haven't read it for I dislike VNs on console. I will now finally read it.
  10. Contrasting the Japanese and Western VN Fandoms

    Goddammit, Japan.
  11. Entertaining RomCom VN's

    I will recommend Chrono Clock here.
  12. Ace Attorney Fan Case: "A Batty Turnabout"

    This is true. From what I've seen in testing, everyone charges right into this ending. I will probably add such a prompt, but ideally, I will write it such that the player still feels they really want to see where this goes, so they're 'rewarded' for their inquisitiveness. Then again, screwing yourself by grasping at straws was the point in some ways, but I enjoy giving the player choice, so I will. The first CE accepts a profile plus a bunch of other evidence. This testimony was meant to be the only one that required the profiles, and it'd catch people off-guard. I also like this contradiction because it's both direct and indirect. 'I didn't X' vs. 'I don't know'. This case was submitted as an entry to a competition named "I Want To Believe" where the point was to make a mystery out of supernatural elements. To quote them: " In this comp, we want you to create a game that introduces supernatural elements into an otherwise mundane world...or does it? " And so, I indulged in ambiguity. Everything about this case was left ambiguous, pretty much.
  13. Ladies and Gentlemen. It has been two years since I last released a Fan Case. Astonishing. I have managed to take double the amount of time to produce something half the size. This 'Fan Case' is a case for Ace Attorney written by yours truly. It has been written using an online case maker. In my magnanimosity, I am sharing it here. Features: Vampires (Probably) Mind-Reading (Maybe) Ghosts (Supposedly) Anti-Climaxes (Unquestionably) If you're looking for any of these things, play my trial! If you're not, play it anyway, because I'm so bad at writing it might not even have them! You must simply afford a fee: Your time. I would accept nothing less than your most valuable commodity, after all. If you happen to not know how to play a fan case of a game you've never heard of on a case maker you do not know how to use (What incompetence. Get on my level) I have produced a tutorial just for the likes of you. Updated just today! What are you waiting for? Go over to this other thread and play it now! All you need is to click the link under the section designated: "Link:" Ace Attorney Online is the website, forum, community, and free online case maker I used to create this fan case. If you have any criticism, opinions, want to complain about the fact that I reused this entire section from my last thread, or just want to flame me, please leave your comments on either this thread or the other one I linked to. Thanks for playing! ...If you do play, that is.
  14. In Need For Walkthrough

    The game seems straighforward enough. Just select the rooms with the girl you want. The harem end might be more difficult to achieve, but I think the only choices that really matter are the room selection ones, and those are easy to test and learn.
  15. Ace Attorney Fan Case: "A Batty Turnabout"

    You have no idea how happy your post has made me. Replies will come later when the aaonline site goes back up (it seems to be down temporarily right now).
  16. Ace Attorney Fan Case: "A Batty Turnabout"

    brings out the bacon
  17. Realise that I am just as likely to start skipping the gameplay if it doesn't grab me intensely or if it proves too time consuming. Thankfully, I hear the game is fine with me doing that.
  18. I am genuinely hyped. It's actually quite strange, considering how much content I am bound to skip.
  19. Okay. And what would a Romance-SoL lover think about it?
  20. just finished Katawa Shoujo.. what now?

    For clarity's sake, he likely meant a mix of Grisaia no Kajitsu (The Fruit of Grisaia) and Sharin no Kuni (The Girl Among the Sunflowers).
  21. I'm sure everyone can guess what I'll be heading straight towards.
  22. Played the demo, and yeah, it's given me a good impression of the title. I'd be very interested in playing it.
  23. If you've bought a localised Visual Novel and are finding yourself with tech issues, please check the list below for the corresponding publisher/retailer and contact them in order to resolve your issue. Fuwanovel is not the most adequate place to help when you can contact the companies responsible directly. Any threads about licensed titles will be redirected to the corresponding publisher. MangaGamer Support Twitter JAST USA Support Twitter Sekai Project Support Twitter Denpasoft Support Twitter Frontwing Support Twitter Sol Press Support Twitter NekoNyanSoft Support Twitter Askys Games Support Twitter Moenovel Support (Bottom left of the page) Twitter Fruitbat Factory Support Twitter Lemnisca Support Twitter ----TEMPORARY---- The Game Technical FAQs & Solutions and the Walkthroughs forum have been updated (mainly rules and/or sticky threads). If you have any feedback, be it about this or for improving the forums in general, please leave a post below or contact staff directly. Bear in mind that after some time these posts will be hidden (or made into a new thread) and this thread will be locked.
  24. What are you playing?

    Would I like those games? I've been considering buying the two of them for a while, but I prefer romance over story and I'm not sure how console games deliver on that front. (I haven't read spoilers, evidently)