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  1. Yesterday NekoNyan went ahead and did a bunch of announcements, as can be found here: https://nekonyansoft.com/blog/time-to-reveal-the-sekrit-projects-and-other-news-part-1 And in a nice bit of a prank, they immediately followed up with an unexpected(?) part two! And indeed, unexpected announcements were found within: https://nekonyansoft.com/blog/time-to-reveal-the-sekrit-projects-and-other-news-part-2 I have to say, NekoNyan has successfully established itself as consistently producing excellent titles. One looks at their translation teams and we get translators like Blick Winkel a
  2. Okay, I'm not the most knowledgeable but the combat system is all about collecting cards (aka characters) which each have their own abilities/attacks. Each card/character has an associated faction (i.e Helman, Rance Castle, Zeth, JAPAN, etc). For each battle, you choose one card from each faction to act as leader and you are able to use only the leaders' abilities. All the other cards from the same faction contribute bonus stats/attack to their leader. A number of battles are designed specifically so that you choose the characters that have the best abilities to deal with each battle
  3. That's fine. The game chose to focus on certain things and neglected others, and even the gameplay system is quite interesting, so it's not to everyone's taste. You mentioned patches and there were a couple, actually. One added a non-canon event/card for winning the popularity poll, Suzume (and Sieg lost by just a bit, nooooooooooo). There were, I think, a couple of characters added through updates, and also an event with La Vaswald, adding her to the game, though mostly as a bonus. Finally, I *think* one H-Scene got added? Anyway, others would know better than I, and while the updat
  4. Ah, I think I might remember what you're referring to. Basically what happened was that Rance X is a very very big game. The scores in the first few weeks were mostly from the people who had given up or hadn't finished and weren't impressed by the story. Or those disappointed at the low number of H-Scenes or any other such aspects. From that point on, it simply jumped up. The scores from the people who had actually finished the game started coming in, and the game scored greatly with these people.
  5. Well, since I just happened to have played it recently (and replayed it... twice), I can share my opinion on the matter. Whatever the opposite you said, except when it comes to liking things. Or, in other words, I like it a lot.
  6. You're right. Less than two years is beyond record time! Interested to see if something's going on here or if we're just lucky. Actually, I believe the translator was the very same Bango that did Newton and the Apple Tree, so perhaps his work was swift, along with the rest of the process. And I vouch for Newton's quality being perfectly fine for its purposes. And so, this will take as long (or less?) than an instalment of Flowers. Gosh, I hope each instalment of that is sizeable on its own, or I'd feel terrible for the people waiting two years for each crumb.
  7. I guess there's no real reason not to change the title at this point, so there you go. Apologies for not getting to this earlier, but I was waiting for the forum updates to conclude and was otherwise occupied yesterday. I should have, in theory, fixed the common path.
  8. I don't know about mistranslations, especially so long as the whole is coherent, but changing things or even characters really does not bother me in the slightest and I suspect may even be the cause for my love of it, in the case of Estelle, for instance.
  9. What game are you starting with? Trails in the Sky, I presume? I'd be very interested in your impressions. The first two games really left an impression on me, and I've replayed them way too many times, considering I never went on to finish anything in the rest of the series Have to admit, it was the fantastic localisation+protagonist that really dragged me into these games.
  10. @Eclipsed Under what rock did you pull out that yuri game I knew nothing of!? I mean, not to say I always know about all releases or anything, but I know these developers (Nurse Love Addiction) and find it odd I never registered that this thing released, much less that it had a fandisc/sequel. These guys have been escaping me, so I better register this all down.
  11. What do you mean by "most of this"? I've never read the manga chapters or anything else other than the main Umineko VN itself, but I firmly believe that playing it twice means you can come up with most solutions yourself. It's just that people are unlikely to play it twice for obvious reasons
  12. Okay, so, Umineko is interesting in how it wants the players to solve the things (Not only that, but I'll focus purely on the episode murder mysteries).
  13. Oh, that above me, yes yes.
  14. I recommend Rimu from Master Magistrate. ...But this isn't really a typical romance VN, so her route only occurs at the very end, and through the middle you only get a vague impression.
  15. Took me a while this year.
  16. Just in case anyone is interested in knowing, the new role I've been given managed to lock my permissions such that I could not see any forums or forum posts; not even the one announcing my change in role. I thought, for moments, that the forum had imploded.
  17. Mr Poltroon

    Gawr Gura

    Gura is interesting. There's something to be said about the sheer excitability and "wholesomeness" of mannerisms like repeating random sounds instead of swearing* during panic moments. Furthermore, she frequently plays horror games which always attract people, and adds to that a commentary style that is prone to jinxing and overconfidence. Crafted as it may be, it's the right move to lead to the best situations for both the player and any watchers. Finally she's very good at just chatting. A key element. I think she may have mentioned at some point that she keeps a list of conversation topics
  18. @Dergonu I seem to recall you might've played that yuri game. Am I misremembering?
  19. The first thing to have in mind is that they're just people, like any streamer you might enjoy watching. If you don't get the appeal of streamers or youtubers at all then that's fine, but you won't get why people like this. The main differences lie in the fact that they're semi-acting (amount depends and varies by person; some do very little besides maintain the pretence of the setting and others go all in into playing a character) and you're looking at anime art rather than people on webcams. Wonderful if one happens to be a misanthropist or or are fond of the models moving about and possib
  20. Whoa, happy birthday @Flutterz. Your (now utterly irrelevant!) Gin'iro Haruka playthrough brought me much joy.
  21. Mr Poltroon

    Gawr Gura

    First I'll ask why into the trash. Secondly I'll ask why you'd have thought she was Japanese.
  22. *twitches* Wait, this wasn't a very useful reply. My apologies. Feel free to tell me to bugger off and I'll even hide this.
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