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  1. Well MoeNovel is not normal (all ages) company they are like Dictatorship country of visual novel translating groups. Who make what they think is best for people not giving a damn about what people think. So yes they will continue to butcher eroges until people will stop buying their translated vn's and they will see the loss in profits. I think this is the best option because it will allow other better companies to buy licenses. Like sekai project it is taking years with translations but they at least are okay with people (making available not officially restoration patch for baldr sky) also
  2. It's not like i'm against all ages vn's i see nothing wrong with it, if it was intended like this i even like to play them sometimes but rarely... It's just like. If i would want some already censored media i would choose that all ages vn's, anime or manga instead of eroge which should be how they are supposed to be.
  3. Yes well you see i consider every work which got something cut or deleted as butchered. Because it is interfering with author vision of his work It's like having a cake without cherry on the top. If i'm paying for full cake i expect for this cake to have everything in it even the cherry. Because the person who maked this cake wanted this cherry to be there and i want to go with the author interpretation rather than translator vision who thinks that he knows better. You can take my opinion as nitpicking but i just love complete works with everything without censorship. Cause that's how it was i
  4. I'm happy to see that you are still thinking about continuing this project. I wish you determination. I believe that people wouldn't mind waiting even 10 years if it would take that much to get them full experience... rather than butchered one. It's good to see that this vn is still getting love from other people aswell, with this whole fandisk announcement.
  5. Thank you very much for your work and for releasing it with full text translated. It is great so far worth the wait.
  6. Sorry but can i maybe ask if we, can hope for somekind of a release in the coming month? I'm not sure if it is a good idea to start something bigger. I wanted to have open backlog especially for kami no rhapsody.
  7. Well like i said i liked the world i was not comparing srpg to visual novels which are 100% plot or 100% hentai i was comparing eushully games to other (games) like that and i think that from what i have played they had pretty interesting story for what they were. They were not straight 100% hentai and gameplay like lilitales... The story and world in eushully games is solid most of the times.
  8. Characters were likeable world and art well i liked the plot of ikusa megami and the world of it. I was never really as much interested in the gameplay it was a bonus for me but still it was pretty nice... And well kamidori has a nicely done world h-scenes imo it depends on what you think is for you meaningful story i only want some world to enjoy and immerse myself into Lore in eushully games is a lot better than in the other Eroge rpg games which i know... i don't have much things to which i can relate so. For me the world building and story is really nice
  9. Great i can't wait to finally see another game from eushully translated. Kamidori and ikusa megami were great, thank you for what you are doing.
  10. I liked their candylike art style. I was waiting for it to get steam release. In my opinion, Characters are realy cute. I just can't wait to buy this moege
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