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  1. and its already raised A$30k lol almost to 1st stretch goal I'd pledge but i'm out of work atm
  2. The fastest you've ever dropped a VN?

    Forum was way more active back in 2014 , Guess a lot of them are inactive now but hey atleast people still come to discuss new releases As for your question, the latest two titles I've dropped quickly are Hello Goodbye because of the utterly idiotic way the MC gave up his identity (might go back to it later) and also not a fan of the art. Also Trinoline which felt like a really empty game because no one else exists in that world except the MC and a few girls, felt like the game had no budget or something.
  3. Steam page is up : https://store.steampowered.com/app/1044620/__Aokana__Four_Rhythms_Across_the_Blue/ Hopefully doesnt get banned
  4. Kickstarter for the phyiscal edition will be starting soon and seems they plan to release it digitally around 8.30.2019 based on what they saying. They are behind on Hello Lady so thats been pushed back to a Autumn release(Late Q3). Other projects seem be to on schedule. Seems they'll be releasing a title every month or so from end of August if they make the deadlines . There's even an unannounced Project scheduled for December (FanDisk of something?) Also good to see that Sankaku Renai sold well so far, I quite liked it so hope they pick up some more titles from Asa Project
  5. Sankaku Ren'ai Discussion

    Overall I liked the VN, it felt short though. Esp after a route starts its around 2 hours of SoL stuff and around 4 H-scenes and you are done. The comedy was the traditional 'boke' 'tsukkomi' style which I dont think I've ever read another VN that done it. Since I'm a big fan of Gintama I enjoyed that a lot . The 4th wall breaks were funny, esp when Shiina tells you to make a choice. The common route was not bad, involved the typical school/club SoL with elements of comedy. I've seen people calling the MC a pervert and stuff but didnt realyl see that, he just jokes around with Nanaru most of the time and thats how they communicate. He doesn't really do it with the other girls. The routes were a mixed bag, I started with the 'love triangle'(Maho/Shiina) one and it was pretty good After you get past that and enter one of their routes though its pretty short, they could've expanded a bit more but atleast they didnt make it unnecessarily long like Hoshi Ori (Stil lhavnent finished that, takes too long ) The sister triangle routes were disappointing though, I've done Nanaru and even then had to skip a bit of it and only a bit of Suzu and it wasnt even half as interesting as Maho/Shiina's one. Dont think i'll finish it. Another thing, I liked that the parents had sprites and actually got involved a fair bit in comparison to other VNs where they are either working overseas or 'works till late' Wish they did more with the side-routes other than just add them in as a joke.(Cara and Akane) and on the translation, it was good. I saw people saying its too Westernized but I doubt most of us would understand the actual references they made had they not changed it. The Quality was good as usual from NekoNyan. Man they still got like 4 releases to go for this year, not sure how they manage to do it so fast. I'd give it a 7. Needed more of it, would like to see more of Asa Project stuff localized Maybe next year
  6. Birthday thread

    Thanks guys
  7. Sankaku Ren'ai Discussion

    oh really? They mentioned steam? Does steam have a JP store? never knew that Well more like bashing stuff like the Sakura games or those 18+ puzzle games
  8. Sankaku Ren'ai Discussion

    I'm curious as to what the original text of this was but taking a dig at those 18+ OELVNs on steam
  9. Sankaku Ren'ai Discussion

    Is she actually giving out a walkthrough of her route? didnt expect those to be actual choices
  10. Sankaku Ren'ai Discussion

    Well its a comedy ish moege for sure, pretty good so far. Translations are the same quality as previous Nekonyan titles MC is not really a pervert, just making "dirty" jokes usually in reponse to his step-sister. He seems pretty proactive instead of 'hetare' so far I'm only 4 hours in though Also good to see the parents having sprites, thats rare
  11. Suki Suki aka If You Love Me Then Say So Released

    http://www.otakulair.com/english-visual-novel-walkthroughs/if-you-love-me-then-say-so-walkthrough-mangagamer/ I guess Other than that go through this thread if you are stuck on something specific, its probably been explained already
  12. Sankaku Ren'ai Discussion

    Somehow steam version is out too (with optional 18+ patch) miracle
  13. Its similar in the fact that it explores the same theme about people who never had much familial love, the story is pretty engrossing from the start and the MC is not too much of a pushover and focuses on how he is getting his life back together. Also ofcourse both have adult MCs which is rare. One big issue with Damekoi is that its too centered around Mitoko, her route is locked behind everything and you can see that less effort was put in the other routes for that reason, Mitoko is also barely tolerable till mid-way through the VN but not as bad as Himeo i guess. I have not read all the routes yet though so maybe my opinion changes but so far the tag of 'kamige' is undeserving imo.
  14. Maybe Kazoku Keikaku White Album 2 if you can stand the bad translation or know Japanese
  15. So the heroines are annoying? I thought i'd only be the Tsundere and ex-wife, isnt the Coworker meant to be dere?