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  1. Trinoline Release

    It has decent reviews, gonna start playing after I finish Natsuki's route in HoshiOri lol So many releases!
  2. DameKoi Release Date Announced

    Straight after the release of Trinoline, Mangagamer announces the release date for The Most Forbidden Love in the World, AKA Damekoi Was not expecting that, I heard good things about this VN so pretty excited about the release
  3. HoshiOri Discussion

    Its 5 hscenes in the bloody 'Afterstory' of each heroine i think, I only read 1(Rikka's) so far because i cant be asked . Rikka atleast had some decent development unlike Marika or Sora which was endless SoL, repeating same things a lot of times
  4. HoshiOri Discussion

    seriously routes are too long was doing Sora's route but got really boring so just left it. Started Natsuki's one next, she's more interesting. I didnt really like her in the common route but she's really adorable in her route
  5. How do you choose your first route?

    Its mostly a random decision, if they do something interesting in the common route i might gravitate more towards that particular character but I do keep in mind of a heroine 'not' to read first though I try to keep best for second last or last Most of the time there's atleast 1 route i skip completely, typically the Loli routes like Mahiro's one in SukiSuki was just wrong :S
  6. HoshiOri Discussion

    Yeah added, I was just giving people some time to read through it first, most routes are pretty big I am not finding it too bad, Sora can be pretty cute once you get to know her. i found Marika's one to be a bit boring, atleast at the start, will revist that later. There is no breakup drama in every single route like Hatsukoi That was also another major improvment
  7. HoshiOri Discussion

    yeah but it seems toneworks in particular doesnt handle the transition well enough, not helped by ths fact that heroines dont have individual scenes in the common route. Anyway minor gripe
  8. Dracu-Riot

    I wonder if Sekai ever plans to release anything relevant ever again, ever since Leyline 1 all they released is Indie crap or short VNs
  9. HoshiOri Discussion

    The translation is solid, in line with their previous releases. Surprising since they did it in half a year or a bit more than that i think, considering its a longer than usual VN with 6 heroines thats quite fast. and it a decent read, one of my few gripes with it is that its too damn long at times Rikka route spoiler: Also same as previous one MC 'falls in love' too randomly but hey atleast he aint a jackass or have any jackass friends They also went with the all girls 1 guy 'club' scenario again and i believe Gin'Iro Haruka is the same, their writers really likes this it seems
  10. HoshiOri Discussion

    Full patch is out now:- https://tsurezurescans.wordpress.com/2019/04/03/hoshi-ori-yume-mirai-update-27-full-patch/ I started reading this with their partial patch last month, its an improvement over Hatsukoi 1/1 for sure, went through 2 routes and its not as frustrating to read
  11. Akari DLC announcemed well i’m definitely interested in that
  12. So, Trinoline's release date has been announced

    Pretty excited for this release, I thought it would get delayed even more lol Mangagamer also made a blog post on minori http://blog.mangagamer.org/2019/03/14/the-closure-of-minori/
  13. Why do you play Visual Novels?

    It all started with me getting frustrated with certain VN anime adaptation endings , so i looked it up and found this thing got a 'Visual Novel'. Think that was mid 2013 around the time I joined Fuwa as well Obviously found that extremely enjoyable and couldnt stop reading more and more, even the non-anime adaptation ones Used to read almost everyday when I first started , which coincidentally coincided with me finishing high school so I had around a year of free time before going abroad for Uni, almost ran out of stuff to read by the end lol. Boy some of the old ones i read were seriously long, thing it took me 15 days to do Ever17 even reading a lot daily. Happy to see now so many more VNs being released each year, it was lucky to get one release a year back then.
  14. Well it seems this shady company is still continuing their stupid practices Never gonna give Moenovel my money
  15. Another name left the scene - RIP minori

    Sad, they had pretty good releases in the past hopefully we get the Trinoline release soon, its been tled for months now so this is probably why it got delayed