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  1. hey atleast its not like Aokana's TL being deleted and apparently they had no backup
  2. Something happened at Sekai Project?

    Guess Leyline 2 and 3 isnt gonna come out till 2020
  3. same, i know its famous but i read a 'not-so-legal' copy of it for a bit before deciding if i want it and it was kinda boring and didnt really click with me, maybe it gets better later on but There's so much other stuff to read so didnt want to waste time
  4. you'll understand when you read it just remember this is a VN about dreams
  5. I'd love the FD but more than that i hope they keep up the partnership and go for Amatsumi next, that one also looks interesting and has good reviews. Also i rather they do it than SP
  6. Finally done, man that was a long ride Firstly about routes, Maia one is not really a route Keiko's route was also shit, It was short and the pair didnt really click together imo. Yayoi's one was so-so, I was expecting more, i didnt like her dream phase Saki and Alice(true route) were the best and most fleshed out routes, Saki's one was as big as the true route if i am not mistaken and we learn a lot more on the story on her route and you also get hints of who Alice is in that route as well (more or less ignored in the other 2 routes). I wish they showed Saki's parents though or atleast showed the scene where MC met them also Takahara never showed up after they started a relationship either, missed opportunity, they gave freaking Keiko's dad a sprite and kind of a minor role too, why not others lol. Btw I recommend reading like this Yayoi->Keiko->Saki->Maia->Alice, Saki's route has the most relevant content and a completely different chapter 5-6 so its worth saving it for later, you can even skip Keiko, nothing really happens, just a few scenes has her instead of Yayoi Also some true route questions
  7. there are parts that could have better grammer but it lives up to Mangagamer standards
  8. so i'm 8 chapters in and i think i've finally entered a route? Thats a long-ass common route though, it was a fun read though sometimes the transitions get really confusing
  9. Just played 2 chapters, so far so good For once MC's friend is not a loser and is already in a relationship? Thats a first i think lol But as Clephas says above, there is a sense of 'dread' in every chapter, not a typical happy moege Edit: Also an observation, Saki's VA isnt that Kazuki's one too? Since the start of the VN its been nagging me i heard that tone of voice somewhere lol
  10. hope it lives up to your hype, gonna try to read a bit of it over the weekend ;D
  11. How can we make visual novels more popular in the west?

    Its already more popular than it was 4-5 years ago when i first joined Fuwa, the only 'big' company localizing titles was mostly Mangagamer
  12. You could just download the fan translation instead of buying twice
  13. lol, too late already excited
  14. I'm excited since you said Hapymaher was even better than Chrono Clock which I also enjoyed a lot