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  1. surprised no one here is talking about this, Akatsuki no Goei was one of the most requested things here back in the day
  2. I forgot which VN it is, might've been Chrono clock but if there's an option to view the H-scene later seperately from the main menu thats works best for me. In most VNs after the first one I end up skipping most of the rest since its usually just pandering to different fetishes lol
  3. Was always interested in reading because of the anime but not really a big Muv Luv fan so lets see
  4. Haha, when I joined this board, new translations were so rare and there were numerous VNs dropped halfway through and never saw light of day Atleast now with official companies something being dropped is rare and we get quite a few releases per year on the other hand FanTLs are getting very rare now due them joining the official companies i guess?
  5. Depends on what you mean by early. If its going to be released in 2 years no please dont announce it Nekonyan learnt that the hard way when they announced too many things too early and there's still I think 2 titles in 2018 they announced thats yet to be released. They dont announce that early anymore. More companies should follow that example (mainly the likes of Sekai and JAST) They can just message the fantlers though
  6. If I already played a fantranslation and it wasnt the sort of VN that'd be in my top 10 list then definitely not buying it.
  7. I mean yeah those two that had anime adaptations would probably be a nice release for them since some people would've heard of them but knowing Sekai's track record we wont get shit for like 3 years
  8. AkabeiSoft- They started the trend of moving away from dumb passive MCs for me atleast, most of their titles had pretty unique settings and twists. Wish we get Akatsuki no Goei trilogy translated one day Yuzusoft- Have to mention them since a lot of their stuff comes here and they are mostly fun little reads, their moege writing just works and they dont try to overcomplicate it. and third hard to say, Akatsuki Works deserve a shout but i've only got Comyu which is one of the best of its genre i've read from them since Hello Lady seems to be in an infinite state of delay, I wanna say
  9. They seem to be the only company thats not sleeping atm, after Totono all JAST have done is release nukiges, mangagamer doing the same, after Maggot Baits its mostly dumb Overdrive games and Nukiges from them, its been like 3 years since Hapymaher and they still havent done any other game from Purple Software even though i'm pretty sure it was one of their bigger releases (even without steam). Guess Nukiges make more money? I hope Nekonyan doesnt start mass releasing those though, looking at their projects though we'r good till late 2022
  10. yeah I think so, Sony's main HQ is in America, explains a lot of the stupid decision-making. Atleast we still got Nintendo i guess
  11. to be fair even Sony doesnt seem to anymore given how hard they go down on anything Japan/anime related (Western stuff doesnt get censored but games like DMC5 does for example...)
  12. yeah Microsoft is incorporating windows with their xbox games/services, the xbox app is baseline now for all windows devices and not to mention GamePass. Porting VNs shouldnt be too big of an issue, doubt xbox gets anything exclusive though, I dont think the console is any popular is Japan yet.
  13. I mean I've never ever played VNs on my desktop, its always on my Surface Pro. I imagine a majority of the VN readers in the West also reads it on their respective laptops more than desktops, same thing, you can read it lying in bed or sitting in bed or take it to Uni and read (Not recommended )
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