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  1. read the sensei route and then lost all interest Wish that route was a bit longer and developed their relationship a bit more throughly, its nice we got to see pretty far into their future though
  2. probably for RP reasons i guess since most VNs arent all girls trying to appeal to you? I thought it'd be more when i first saw it I loved the cross-viewing system, more VNs should adapt this, makes the heroines stand out more and its fun to read their perspectives.
  3. why? Whats wrong with Kasumi? Generic but she isnt annoying atleast Also you can just choose not to hang out with her
  4. would recommend atleast getting an external HD
  5. Uhm yeah i totally download and play 1 at a time *looks at my total 10 tb of storage*
  6. minor annoyance atleast, she's just a side character we got 2 Childhood friends anyway didnt need a sister route
  7. Started reading this a bit, its a bit different from the usual moege i guess. The MC is actually deceisive and popular, bit like SakuSaku's one but is a far more interesting character so far.Liked how they introduced all the girls too and it was nice seeing them being aggressive from the start . The only intro that was lacking a bit was Ayaka and not a fan of her speech so far Still not sure what route to go for first, all of them look interesting in their own way.
  8. Seems like the game will have QHD assets (1440p) https://nekonyansoft.com/blog/august-update?fbclid=IwAR2ENNx55BVRKGYj-vyOXlF3RXEHvkxwl0LNp0EJN_HrK0uuR1IhEo4EJV4 Good news for those people who have those screens
  9. I guess they are having issues with Hello Lady yet again? They've been stuck on that for a while now, even the FD of that was done Translating if I remember right Oh well, at least we got another release. Don't know much about this one but the heroines sound interesting
  10. No release at all in July is pretty sad
  11. its nice to have no drama sometimes tbh, better than the forced drama some other moeges try to do (Hatsukoi 1/1 anyone?), thats one of the reasons I enjoyed most of the routes, Saki's route was also my first and nothing else beat it for me, Mashiro's one had the best puns though
  12. I dont get Sony, they wont censor Western games (a game just released a while ago with some graphic scenes) but for some reason Japanese games are evil?
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