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Benji Price

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  1. Welcome bro!! Hope your projects come out soon!!
  2. It've always prayed for companies to also TL the FD. It's such a pain not being able to continue with the after stories or any other extra they main contain. I hope I could read some day that Hoshimemo's FD will be TL.
  3. Welcome bro! Hope you find what you're looking for! Have a nice time!
  4. Hi there! Hope you enjoy your stay around here! Cheers!
  5. Hello and be very welcome! Hope you find what you're looking for.
  6. Same opinion here. I think that will be really help ful. And you could also put a field to people working on projects (which project, role, status, etc)
  7. I'm on the same path as you. Though my goal is to learn about their culture and be able to read untranslated VNs. However, I've already finished college so I have free time to do it. All the advice I can give you is to continue with the jap lessons as long as you enjoy them and don't represent a serious obstacle for your college studies. I had a similar choice when I was studying (only I had it with tennis lessons) and decided to quit, since I could take them after my graduation. Hope you find the right choice!
  8. Welcome bro! G-Senjou is also my favorite VN, as a fan of Sherlock Holmes novels reminded too much to him and Moriarty. Also to Kira and L from Death Note. Kara no Shoujo series is also great piece of work. Enjoy your time here!
  9. I'd kill anyone only to pick Hisakaki Kosame and slash someone down with the naginata What if you could get 1 and only 1 untranslated VN to english in a second ? Which would you pic ?
  10. Cute, but christmas is already over. 6/10
  11. Haven't read Sharin nor Princess Waltz yet so couldn't tell
  12. Or maybe his score is cero ?
  13. Something similar to GSnM ?? Where the storie goes on or stacks depending the heroine you choose ?? And being on the heroines the true route.
  14. Be very welcome!!! I hope you find what you're looking for! cheers!