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  1. Omg...omg.....OMG!!!! *cringe* (Intro)

    Welcome pal ! Enjoy your stay!
  2. Hentai

    Thanks! Just out of curiosity, how does exhentai differentiates from the other non-troubleing to enter sites ??
  3. Hentai

    I can't acces exhentai links
  4. On h-scenes in VNs

    Whereas I share your opinion that in some VN the aldult scenes may interrupt the real plot, there are others (like Chrono Clock) where the adult material is put aside from the story in the menu after you completed that heroine's route. Still, in some others I think the sex gives the storie a more realistic environment. Meaning, is there something more natural for a character than falling in love ?? I won't disagree that in some cases the H-content would be better placed outside the story as extra scenes in the menu, but to others, that kind of scene is relevant to the bond between the MC and the heroine. Like it or not, it's not the same to just hug than sleeping together. What I do agree is that the content of adult scenes is (logically) very poor, whatelse can you expect of two teenager having sex for the first time (in most cases)?? And don't miss the obvious... that most VNs have +18 and all-ages releases where the latter are usually cheaper.
  5. Query 1: what I meant about the MC are things like "why is he/me in prision?". If need rehab to become a functional member of society: what did I do to need so? Am I a thief, murderer, drug dealer or just a lazy jerk that needs to be kicked to move forward? I understand your concept of you/me being the MC, but I think some background is needed for the sake of the argument.
  6. @Nusselt As a fact, I read KnS after I have finished Senjou no Maou, and I have to say: even though KnS does not focus in a "sherlock Holmes vs Moriarty" story, you can really enjoy the mistery behind the true story ending. As a mistery novel fan, I can assure you it will be worth the effort and time.
  7. Hi there guys!

    Welcome buddy! You'll have plenty of recommendations to fit all your likings! Enjoy your stay!
  8. I wouldn't call KnS dark, but rather intense. I highly recommend it, I rarely enjoy gore but I do enjoy the mistery a lot. Cartagra, as someone mentioned above, it's a standalone VN located chronologically before KnS events.
  9. Can't tell much really. But to me at least, seems like a good dating simulator. The fact of you being able to choose where to go, what to buy/eat/do makes it pretty much realistic than most of dating simulators. Yet, I don't think that even though is almost mandatory for this kind of VN to have sexual content, it should focus on that. Anyway, maybe someone who actually read it can tell something more accurate.
  10. Agree. From the first image I imagined a H-game Also, there's no info of the MC. What's his name, background, why is he in prision, etc. About the heroines, you give no background of them (was Gwen a Thief, or Hayle a former military woman, or body guard ?? Did Taliyah work in a Tech intstitue, was Kylie a swindler ?? ) , some of that would be necessary so you know part of each heroines story. BTW: I like the idea of an in-prision VN.
  11. Questions about Da Capo II & III

    And Suginami in DC II is way more cool than in DC III. He makes a good duo with Wataru.
  12. Questions about Da Capo II & III

    From someone who read DC III first: it won't do any harm if you play DC III first. Yet, you'd enjoy it a bit more if you complete DC II beforehand. As for DC III, all routes are necessary to unlock the true route. Ricca's route was fine, can't say the same form Himeno's, and Aoi's route was pretty good to me. Now, regarding DC II. I found Anzu's and Yume's better than the rest (always considering I'm more interested in drama than romance), still the true route was even better. I encourage you to play DC II before continuing with DC III.
  13. Hello there!

    Welcome bro! Hope you succes on your VN project! See ya around!
  14. Deceitful protanogist?

    G-Senjou could fit that criteria. Although the story is told not only by the MC alone, but the antagonist as well. Still, I highly recommend it. There is indeed a great reveal in late game.
  15. Dal Segno Fandisk

    I'm still waiting DC 3 Fan Disks , lets all pray together