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  1. Thanks! And a fun fact: Benji Price is actually Wakabayashi Genzo's name in the Latin America dub of Captain Tsubasa back in the 90s. Found about about the japanese name from the game about a decade ago.
  2. Hello people. I used to be active here some years ago , but for no reason really i just dissappeared. Also started playing games (Jrpgs specially) rather than VNs , so i kinda lost contact with the genre. Saw that the community was back up thought it was a good idea coming back. また、よろしくね。
  3. Kuro no Kiseki 2 Crimson Sin on PS4, the 12th instalment on the Jrpg Kiseki series. Went out on Japan a couple weeks ago , and i'm playing it with a combination of Capture Card + VN OCR + Yomichan. Not the optimal experience , but still better than waiting years to see it localized. Plus, i'm learning japanese so it helps.
  4. Same as most people , i got into reading since i was a kid (king arthur was my 1st iirc) , then gaming and anime became my main hobbies. JRPGs were always my favourite games , and i remember while looking for such games stumbled upon Sakura Dungeon. The art looked great , and the dungeon crawler + turn based combat got me into it. Dispite the critics , i loved the game , and by looking for more Winged Cloud games i discovered the Grisaia Trilogy (back then only the first part was localized) and that's when i got hooked into VNs.
  5. I'm playing Kuro no Kiseki 2 (Jrpg) on my PS4 with a combination of Capture Card + VN OCR (using DeepL as translation engine) and the result was better than expected. I understand some japanese , so it helps a lot when the OCR get's wrong Kanjis, and ofc the context and pronouns. I think it's a great tool if you're interested in learning the languaje. Wouldn't recommend it otherwise.
  6. This is such great news! Remember how I looked forward to this project when I started reading VNs year ago.
  7. That's something I've been interested since I started de DC series, though I was too lazy to do it myself, so you have my gratitude I even read it backwards (Started with DC 3, then 2, etc.).
  8. If mistery is what you seek, then neither G-Senjou nor Root Double will disappoint you. The first one is kind of Sherlock Holmes story. The second similar to a Survival Horror. There's also the Kara no Shoujo series. Though in this case there's some Gore elements that causes some impact.
  9. Congrats and thanks for this release! Was hoping for this title to be localized sometime soon.
  10. Thing is I had already finished the game, but since I changed my hard drive lost all my savefiles. So i'm starting all over again. I'm having issues remembering some minor details about items, which i took from that website before (with some help from google translator).
  11. The KnS series won't dissappoint you. But I also think you should wait until the 3rd episode is released.
  12. For what is worth, this is vndb's list of VNs with that particular aspect. Or at least tagged as such. https://vndb.org/v/all?q=;fil=tag_inc-580.tagspoil-0;rfil=;o=d;s=rating
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