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  1. I did, but she only tells you she always gets Suginami's voicemail when she calls him.
  2. Welcome bro! Have a nice stay!
  3. It's not horror VN. It just has some gore CGs, that's all. And the series is awesome, specially if you like mistery novels. As for the VNs you read, I can recommend you these: Hoshizora no Memoria (school romance with some astrology themes, and loli shinigami heroine though you'll have to clear many routes to unlock her route) The Da Capo series is very good (also school romance with some magic enviroment) Dracu-Riot (school romance with vampire stuff)
  4. Welcome bro! Hope you enjoy your stay here!
  5. You have a good point there. Maybe rather than a "true" route would it a be the "main" route ? To me it was the route that gathered the most relevant story regarding the Kazami family's history.
  6. Wouldn't the agave route be considered some sort of true route ??
  7. If anything, I see the grisaia series as more dramatic than majikoi. Given that every heroine, and the protagonist also, has a traumatic past that led her to that academy. In majikoi's case, is a more entertaining VN with lots of actions and surprising out comes. I personally prefer majikoi. The agave route was simply amazing, and also found wanko's and chris' route with the drama dosis I like in a VN this long.
  8. I'd wipe them all out! I'm too anxious to pick one. And even if I did, I'd regret my decision next day. Still, without thinking too much... G-Senjou no Maou
  9. Welcome back! Maybe a couple more releases but nothing you won't regret for not being here before
  10. Hey guys! If there's any oldschool gamer like me, then you may like this: It's a MUGEN based DBZ fighting game, made extraordinarly well. And it's completely FREE. Here are the download links if anyone's interested: North American server:http://justnopoint.com/HyperDBZChamp.rar European server:http://xgargoyle.mugenguild.com/Hyper... South American server:http://z2.smeenet.org/HyperDBZChamp.rar
  11. This may not sound good but... did you try getting drunk ?? I can't sleep less than 12 hours each time I go out And a healthy one. Maybe doing some exercise, or sports. Or maybe just relaxing, if your job is too demanding and you spend too much time in frint of your PC, maybe disconnecting from it could help.
  12. Hello! I have an issue with Da Capo 3 Platinum Partnet. Thing is that voices are muted, even the system ones. Need to know if there could have been a bad config, during installation maybe. Or if it's just the Fan Disk that does not include heroine voices. Here are some images from in-game config, in case I'm missing something. Thanks for your time! Already fixed it! It was the installation type. Some mod please close/erase this thread. Sorry for the trouble.
  13. Welcome bro! And luck with your project!
  14. It has Gnirluc scenes, when Sara's familly challenges Kiyotaka to prove his skills. But it's not the minigame (I think there is a minigame somewhere, but never find it)
  15. (Maou) from G-Senjou. Kosame from Hoshimemo Wanko from Majikoi Touko from Koiken Otome Anzu from Da Capo II