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  1. Hello!!

    Hello! Be very welcome! Hope you find the knowledge you seek.
  2. Animes that made you cry? ;-;

    Oh, forgot an amazing anime that made me very emotial as well, fullmetal alchemist:
  3. Animes that made you cry? ;-;

    On VNs, Kara no shoujo did: Regarding animes, this far only one piece has: And an anime that put me emotional several times is Fairy Tail:
  4. Any VN's like Majikoi/Tsujidou?

    If you're into samurai stuff and edo era you can try Chusingura. It also has very good humor. Also, Fate/Stay Night is a title that won't dissappoint you in any aspect.
  5. My Short introduction Baby

    Be very welcome pal ! You will sure find very useful info , not only to choose titles to fit your likings, but also to discover new ones aswell. Enjoy your stay!
  6. My introduction

    No way i'm reading that introduction, but be very welcome!
  7. !Frontwing's newest addition to the Grisaia series

    .That's an outstanding way to shit over a good title May the gods prevent us from this catastrophe
  8. Public Service Announcement

  9. Public Service Announcement

    .This did't do well with the hangover i'm carrying right now
  10. Say no in the first place then Though i really don't care either way , font is among the thing i don't give a crap about.
  11. Font issues aside, if i'm not wrong it was 3 months ago that they annouced this title ?? Hope this new company successes with this title.
  12. Grisaia no kajitsu, which i found very entertaining. Back then i only consumed few anime series and manga and was always fond to reading books. So VNs gave me a format in which i could enjoy of a story with a level of detail similar to the books, with the aditional features of anime characters and humor.
  13. I'm hoping another title from the rance series, hopefully the remake of rance III.
  14. Maybe it is. What I give credit for is the fact that they do something in order to bring VNs to the west. Be it mediocre or good, at least they give the chance to non-japanese readers to enjoy VNs they couldn't read before. Of course it's not the best reading experience when the TL is not good, but that doesn't change the fact that you're playing a game that beforehand you were not able to.
  15. To be honest , if Sekai is my only option the I hope the go for it ... terrible is still better than nothing , to me at least