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  1. How many people cares for physical copies?

    Me same as @ittaku. I have people coming to my house everyday (family, friends [normies], etc.) and I'd hate them asking questions or comments about something they won't understand. So I'd rather have everything safe and ready to go in an external hard drive.
  2. [POLL] What's your translation quality cutoff?

    This brings one question to me... According to these values Dies Iraes project would deserve no less than 9 to me. I really enjoyed the VN and often re-read many scenes the same way I re-watch my favourite movies. How would someone knowledgable rate it ??
  3. Looking for harem hentai animation

    All I can think of are: -Words Worth -Asgaldh Waikyoku no Testament
  4. Halloween VN poll

    How about Root Double ?? I think it fits the halloween requirement.
  5. I'm looking for hentai animation or game

    Rance VI has some scenes with public sex, but mostly rape. The only one I can remember now.
  6. Ever played a VN twice?

    I've read many VN more thance once. G-Senjou, Dies Irae, the grisaia trilogy, Da Capo II and III (if fan disks ever get TLed will have to read them once again), Hoshimemo, Konosora, Kara no shoujo 1 and 2. I always find new thins I wasn't aware of in the 2nd reading, specially in heroines which I dislike (Aoi in hoshismemo, or Kei in dies irae).
  7. It's same type of routes than G-Senjou. A central heroine that leads to the true end, and secondary ones that lead to other endings.
  8. Any good jrpg ?

    Though Sengoku Rance is not offically TLed yet , i'd play Rance VI if you're interested in the series. I'm currently playing Evenicle and it's very good. I also tried Tears to Tiara too, which is a nice option too. Yumina the eternal is a good choice as well , hard to get used tough.
  9. Is there a fine line between a moege and a charage?

    At least there's the back story of how the prota met the heroines. A big load of crap, yet the prota is forced to changee his lifestyle nevertheless. On the other hand there're VN in which your sole purpose from the get go is to fall in love (hatsukoi 1/1, lovely/pretty x cation series).
  10. Is there a fine line between a moege and a charage?

    Know what you mean , though in this particular case that's the appealing side of MML , or seems to me at least. However, in Saku saku 's case i was pretty much dissappointed with Ann's alter ego.
  11. Is there a fine line between a moege and a charage?

    I found the explanation pretty simple yet solid. So , the pretty/lovely x cation series would fit into pure moege, and magical marriage lunatics into charage ?
  12. Konosora after Patching re-translation Problem

    Does the problem occur when saving or loading quicksaved data ??
  13. Heya

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy you star! Make yourself at home
  14. Evenicle Release by Mangagamer (on June 28th)

    As mentioned above. Definitely a must buy this year among Rance 7 and 8.
  15. Heya Fuwa community

    Welcome buddy! Enjoy your stay!