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  1. Abandoner - The Severed Dreams is the winner this month, but since it has a review I'm picking up more obscure Noel for review. 1. Konohana 4 ~Yami wo Harau Inori~ 此花4 ~闇を祓う祈り~ [040909] Vridge Inc. 1 Meguru Momoi and Miako Tachibana are back in their fourth murder-mystery adventure, along with Shinobu Sakurada. As they were taking a shinkansen (a bullet train) on their way to an excursion trip to Kyoto, they heard a scream only to stumble upon a murder scene. Finally, the last Konohana. As usual, it's about solving a serial murder case with an option of having love ending under certain conditions. 2. Abandoner - The Severed Dreams [040917] Unknown 1 A cross between fantasy, science fantasy, and mystery. The protagonist is a former detective who is living in virtual exile in a walled-off city occupied by foreign military forces. It is a lawless city, where just about anything can happen... There is an English review. 3. Meimeimei! めいめいめい! [040917] LaLa A relative of yours died, and you inherit his countryside mansion/café, which are run by maids. A typical moege. Nothing to add, really. 4. Sakura Taisen V Episode 0 ~Kouya no Samurai Musume~ サクラ大戦V EPISODE0 ~荒野のサムライ娘~ [040922] Sega Sakura Taisen V: Episode 0 (STV-0) is a prelude to the full sequel, "Sakura Taisen V: Farewell My Love" (Episode 1). In STV-0, you take the role of Texan cowgirl Gemini Sunrise as she rides her horse Rally across the American mainland from San Francisco to Washington DC. Along the way, Gemini defeats a legion of half-demon, half-robot "Japhkiel" from the evil sorcerer Patrick Hamilton, while protecting the targeted innocent girl Fuanita Cushing. Hamilton previously appeared as a henchman of the president of the Douglas Stewart company in the anime "Sakura Taisen: The Movie" New characters, U.S. territory and action battle scenes mark the reload of the series. 5. Ikari Shinji Ikusei Keikaku 碇シンジ育成計画 [040924] Gainax 1 2 3 4 The player assumes control of Shinji Ikari, the protagonist and main character of the normal Neon Genesis Evangelion series, in the expanded alternate universe that was glimpsed upon for a few moments in the TV episode 26. Basically, the player decides Shinji's fate in how he lives his life. Play proceeds in three major ways: The weekly schedule, battle, and dialogue choices. The player chooses Shinji's schedule for each week,what Shinji does influences his statistics. Battle controls are menu-driven and the outcome is determined partly by statistics and partly by luck. At various points Shinji will be asked to make choices during dialogue which can have far-reaching influence on the story. Game is localized and has English reviews 6. Noel [040924] FlyingShine Emanon, an organization run by special military forces. The protagonist is their top soldier, nicknamed the God of Death, her name is Noel. She is given a new mission, protecting a girl attending a prestigious academy for women while remaining undercover. To accomplish this, she infiltrates the school posing as a new student. The everyday part is presented as a comedy, and the battle is feminine and cool looking. Since it's the only plotge of the month without a review, I'm reviewing it myself. 7. North Wind [040924] DreamSoft The story takes place in a small town surrounded by the mountains where, every winter, a "Love Letter Festival" takes place. According to the legend, if you write a love letter to the one you love, and post it at the local shrine on the 26th of December, you will get to meet that person. The protagonist, Makoto Akizuki, was born in that town and has been living in Tokyo for the last 3 years. He pays a yearly visit to his relatives, this time accompanied with his a junior at school, Hakana Fuyutsuta. Game is virtually a single road story divided into three structural parts. Only main heroine matters in this game as side heroines get their stories scrapped and even H events omitted. Dream Soft is a spawn of F&C, and it steps on the same rakes. The scenario is really weak overall. 8. Princess Brave! ~Jantaku no Kishi~ プリンセスブレイブ! ~雀卓の騎士~ [040924] 130cm One Year after the events of Princess Bride, graduation day closes on. Still none of the girls are chosen to be a princess and they are desparete. One night suddenly black mists engulf the house amids a loud laughter and everyone finds themseves in a magical world. Strange people appear clad in black and our hero gets turned into a dog. Whats is going on? What do you mean the only way to set things back to normal is to win this mahjong game? A strange and magical adventure begins... Moege sequel, now with such fun thing as mahjong! 9. Shinju no Yakata 神樹の館 [040924] Meteor 1 2 A successful university student on seasonal break, Kugetsu Akinari decided to take time off studying, by planning a trip through the countryside to relieve educational stress. With his best friend tagging along, he looked forward to having fun and passing time without worry, readying himself for the next challenging semester with a relaxed mind. However destiny has other designs for Kugetsu, and after taking refuge from a terrible storm within a frightening manor, the future five beautiful women are placed in his hands. Yet the more aware and sympathetic he grows to their plights, the greater his own troubles and less certain future become. There are English reviews. 10. Tender Breeze [040924] O-DiN Main character reunites with his former lover Kotomi after a gap of four years. But she is now his brothers's fiance! In order to forget about Kotomi, protagonist tries to pursue romantic relations either with his childhood friend or part-time job colleague. Who will be at his side by the end of the summer? Heroines are well composed, but with zero scenario and 70% HCG rate game has a distinctive turn towards moege. 11. Tomodachi Ijou Koibito Miman 友達以上恋人未満 [040924] Studio Mebius Shohei took a trip to Ryuujin-mura to heal his broken heart. He visited a historic shrine and freed a spirit who was sealed in a pot. She was Kukuri, a spirit who brought love to lonely people. The shrine’s miko Meiko makes him take responsibility for releasing Kukuri and the town is locked down, so he couldn’t return home. Will he be able to settle Kukuri’s disturbance and be freed from Meiko and return home? I can't take this game seriously after it brought so many characters from its previous game SNOW (which was kinda meh). The stupid plot and parasitism over prequel commercial success make prevent me from even trying to evaluate this game. 12. Love Songs♪ADV: Futaba Riho 14-sai ~Natsu~ LoveSongs♪アドベンチャー 双葉理保14歳〜夏〜 [040930] HuneX Riho has been active in the entertainment industry since she was only 4 years old, but after being involved in an unfortunate kidnapping incident, she retired from the entertainment world and went to live in a small rural town in the island of Kyushu. The player takes a role of a rookie manager working at a talent scouting agency, looking for the next new talent. While there are many girls you will interact with, the focus of the story will be Riho once you get to meet her. However, persuading her to return to the entertainment scene might prove difficult due to her traumatic experience she has undergone as a child. Beating around the bush and sober plot make this game really boring. None of heroines is really charming enough. 13. W Wish [040930] Princess Soft Junna Tōno has a twin sister named Senna. He is an ordinary student at Sakurahama Private High School. However, in the past, a traffic accident deprived him of his parents and his memory. Junna survived the accident and since then, he lived only with his sister, though he's been looked after by his relatives. His present life with Senna at the same high school is so pleasant that he can forget his severe past. However, Junna begins to recall the memories he lost in the accident. He enjoys the happy and pleasant days, but he is tossed by his past, his present, and his future. What is the truth hidden in his memory? Game follows anime version for the most part, apart from additional endings. I'd advise to watch anime first and see if there's a will to see side stories. BLOCKED 1. Cross ~Kyouki e no Michishirube~ クロス~狂気への道標~ [040903] Trust Main character is a school hooligan. He finds an interest in the humiliation game and wants to recreate it in the real world. Nukige 2. How to Fudol ~Health Hen~ How to ふ~どる~ヘルス編~ [040903] Crowd 1 You’ve always dreamed of having women do whatever you want: no matter how debased or humiliating it is. Too bad you aren’t smart or handsome enough to attract them. Then you suddenly win $100,000 in the National Lottery. Why invest it, when you can get some whores! After all, what are dreams for if you don’t make them come true? Banzai! Nukige 3. Onepapa ~Onegai PaPa!~ おねパパ~Onegai PaPa!~ [040903] Mixwill Soft Main character is a 27-year old writer who lives alone after his parents' death in a plane crash. One day a girl suddenly arrives asking to let her stay for the spring break. She pretends to be his daughter on public. Each day brings new emotions. What will approaching summer bring? Nukige 4. Pleasure (Itazura) ぷれじゃー~悪戯~ [040903] Gaia Main character is an ordinary student with a hobby of shooting girls with a digital camera. He takes up a job for voyeur erotic magazine. He needs to make photos of three girls in unexpected situations. Nukige 5. Chikan 100% ちかん100% [040905] Sage This is a masterpiece of hentai molestation adventure game inspired by that popular manga (look same, indeed). Give hard times on 3 types of girls and eat them out in the train! Brings you simulated experience of hard molestation which can only be archived by in game world! Touch, force blowjob, rape, cum in p**sy....in train. Everything you want is here! Full volume! Nukige 6. Mayonaka o Kiritotte 真夜中をきりとって [040907] Tomo & Yuri GAMEZONE Main heroine wanders around the night streets. She meets a boy and gets involved in an incidents. Will she safely escape and reveal the mystery? Doujin Otomege 7. Sokubaku 束縛 [040907] Soft Circle Astarte Main heroine is longing for her elite boss sent over from the head office. She gladly accepts her boss' invitation for a meal. The darkness in her heart is growing... Nukige 8. Buruma Shiru ~Nikuyoku Shoujo Ningyou~ ブルマ汁~肉欲少女人形~ [040909] Valkyria For killing some time meeting a friend, Hiroto walked around in the school building after school. And he heard gasping voices of a girl from his classroom... Shit, who's gonna make my classroom smell like p**sy...!! When he looked inside of the room, a female classmate, Kinoshita Airi, was masturbating in there. He knew of her sexual perversity. Hitoro who has a fetish toward gym shorts, forced her to wear a bloomers, and violate her body... Kouichi, a friend of Hiroto, possessed Maiha as a sex slave too... Nukige 9. Houmon Hanbai ~Otona no Omocha Irimasen ka?~ 訪問犯売~大人のおもちゃいりませんか?~ [040910] Mokopuro Main character is an office worker at toy manufacture with the product being adult toys. Protagonist does not fare really good, and this evening he is said to stay at work as a punishment. This time he meets a girl who grieves alone after losing her husband. Nukige 10. Yuumei Sakai o Koto ni Suru 幽明境を異にする [040910] Mu On a usual school day main character has a lunch with his sempai at he old school building library. He finds a pre-war period letter indicating a place where something important is hidden. Under an old tree there is a box with cards and instructions. The two students get trapped in another dimension with the only way out being following the instructions. Nukige 11. Nanpa-machi ナンパまち [040911] Nora On a boring day with nothing to do, the protagonist goes around town. Could she perhaps find love? Doujin 12. Bucchake Arienai Shirokuro Kankin Ryoujoku ぶっちゃけありえない白黒監禁陵辱 [040912] Studio-74 A training adventure with the aim of bringing up female slaves. Doujin Nukige 13. Aneimo ~Ai to H no Step Up~ あねいも~アイとHのステップアップ~ [040917] Petit Pajamas 1 The main character is Tohno Kazuya, a senior in high school who lives at home with two girls his family took in ten years ago. One is slightly older than he, named Manami, while the other is slightly younger than he, named Madoka. The three, for all intents and purposes, live by themselves in a rather spacious house in the suburbs, since Kazuya's father works abroad and his mother is deceased. The setting is in the middle of summer break, beginning in June and ending in August, and the premise of our story is the budding...attraction between Kazuya and either Manami or Madoka. Nukige 14. Eighteen ~Bishoujo Chikan Yuugi~ Eighteen~美少女痴漢遊戯~ [040917] Interheart 1 Three years after the bus molester incident main character returns to the scene. He rents a bus and starts to dictate his conditions when pretty girl boards it. Nukige 15. Hitozuma Leotard 人妻レオタード [040917] Studio Ebisu Main character is an aerobic instructor who is about to get married. But the problem is that he loves leotards his students wear at his courses! Can you escape the temptations of a marriage and leotards? Nukige 16. My Pet Hunter マイペットハンター [040917] MOON GODDESS 6th episode in My pet Ragnarok series. Two incompatible people move in together, but there is a disturbing motion that draws them together... Doujin Nukige 17. Ryoujoku Finder 凌辱ファインダー [040917] West Vision Main character is a photography director with his clients being mostly idols. At his sessions he strips his clients and makes indecent photos that he later sells. This time he prepares and insulting photo session for two busty cosplay idol sisters. Nukige 18. Tekoire Princess! ~Boku ga Mienai Kimi no Tame~ てこいれぷりんせす!~僕が見えない君のため~ [040917] Propeller Big splash and scream. When Mitsuru opens his eyes, he finds himself at the bath. There is a girl in front of him sitting in surprise. "What's happened?!" He can't see his own hands... there is no body! It seems the girl can't see him either. She suddenly falls down, feeling dizzy. He folds her in his arms before she hits the ground. "Someone invisible helps me...?" As a result, he gets involved in the "Princess Selection Test"... Nukige 19. Yoru no Kakera 夜の破片 [040919] Akabei Soft The continental world vampire organizations makes attempts to subdue the Eastern organization centered in Japan. Holy samurai swords, magic and quantum mechanic secrets are the main means of destroying immortal bodies. The hour of intervention has come. Doujin 20. Binetsu Kyoushi Cherry 微熱教師 ちえり [040924] ZyX 1 2 I'm Kouta Koikawa, and I'm having a problem with my studies. It's not that my classmates' ruckus bothers me, I sit at the front of the room to avoid their antics. The real problem is my social studies professor, Chieri Hase. From the day she started teaching here I haven't been able to keep my eyes off her! She's a rookie teacher, but I'm captivated by every movement of her beautiful body. I can't work up the nerve to confess my feelings - I'm her student, after all, and I'm sure she wouldn't find this sort of forbidden love to be proper... until one day when fate brings us together in an encounter that changes our lives forever. Nukige 21. Boin [040924] Crossnet-Pie 1 chigo always wanted to be a teacher. But he never imagined that his dream would turn out to be like this when he was hired as a teacher for a private academy. His class turned out to be filled with local woman of various jobs (each with their jobs own uniforms) coming to him to learn things that shouldn't be spoken in public... Nukige 22. Etoile no Houteishiki エトワールの方程式 [040924] ClearColor Main character has a weak boy, so today is the first time when he attends the Etoile private school famous for its arts taught at the entertainment department. As a freshman he gets attached to sempai who manages wis daily lesson schedule. His sempai is organizing the "Gold Rush" talent tournament. Is it possible to win it? Boys Love 23. Fortune Cookie Select フォーチュンクッキーセレクト [040924] Smart The Takaya family is as unlucky as ever, but life continues and its members support each other and have fun together. Game includes after-stories of each heroine. Fandisc 24. Hame☆Dori ~Happy Mellowly Dreams~ はめ☆ドリ~Happy Mellowly Dreams!~ [040924] HappyEnd Main student is an ordinary college student who used to be a legendary AV photographer in older days. Suddenly the director of female study group jumps before him and revitalizes his former talent. The college life provides material for a much larger scale film production. Nukige 25. Naisho no Houkago ないしょの放課後 [040924] Roll Main character is an ordinary boy, but with a girlish face. He has secret relations with his cousin for a while. With time he starts to show awareness of other girls and get interested in them as the opposite sex... Nukige 26. Nurse ni Omakase ナースにおまかせ [040924] Atelier Kaguya Main character works part-time at a convenience store. Nurses often come to this shop to buy lunches. One day protagonist gets to a hospital and meets the same nurses! He gets one step closer to realizing his hidden desires. Nukige 27. Real ~Yokubou no Real~ Real ~欲望のレール~ [040924] Zero Female stand on a platform during the rush hour secretly hoping to be molested on the train to be healed from everyday fatigue. Nukige 28. Ren'ai Hakyoku Ukeoinin 恋愛破局請負人 [040924] Marine Heart Main character is a student helping at the detective office of his uncle. One day he receives a case to help a man divorce with his low quality wife. But no one expected the man to be kissing another man in secret! Protagonist's mindset gets greatly influenced by this fact - from now on he starts to manipulate minds of people. He gets either love or madness. Boys Love 29. Sister Maria no Momoiro Seika シスターマリヤの桃色聖歌 [040924] Fetish 1 Following the untimely death of the church pastor, Maria endeavored to carryout the necessary tasks that would ensure her temple’s continued survival. Unfortunately, no matter her conviction and dedication, the required workload would always exceed the abilities of a single person. Thus Maria did what she always did in times of adversity: pray to the Lord for a miracle. In her heart, she knew her lowly appeal would finally be answered, but only if she believed in Him and herself. Nukige 30. Sister Sister ~Koi no Heartful Panic~ シスターシスター ~恋のハートフルパニック~ [040924] Troy Main character lives with his brother and girl Futaba brought by his father. They grow up as a happy family together. But everything changes when Futaba receives an unsigned love letter containing only "I love you" line. At the same time new transfer student also appears to be their distant relative and thus also an older sister. Brothers decide each to choose his sister, but the decision won't come without a conflict. Lolicon 31. Sukumizu Police すくみずポリス [040924] Hiqo Soft There is a prestigious girls school where students in swimsuits train all year long. There is also a mysterious organization that hinders swimming activity. Sukumizu Police - a group of five girls - stand up to protect everyone's treasured pastime. Nukige 32. Injuukan no Kyoufu 淫獣館の恐怖 [040925] Ningyou no Tougetsu Dou The case occurred in the old mansion located in a suburb in Sydney. A special team comes to the premises for invesitgation, no one knows that monsters born by bio-technology dwell inside. Countless zombies and tentacle monsters wriggling and waiting for the female member breaks in.... Can she escape alive from there!? A Resident Evil hentai horror/survival game with long-length hentai animation!! Doujin Nukige
  2. Koijibashi こいじばし [Raccoon]

    Foreword: Well, I just liked the cover - looked like today's charming covers. Title: Koijibashi Developer: Raccoon Date: 2004-08-13 VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v4247 Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WN2JN8bkyZk&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv-YnknXUNJpQwDtOqLsGr9p Synopsis: Yuta Tachibana was supposed to graduate this march, but he decided to do a graduation trip with his childhood friend instead. In their destination, they find Yuta's cousin waiting in a bridge rumored to bring fortune to lovers. What Yuta doesn't know is that even stranger things are waiting around the corner... Game type: Mythological school trip Character Design rating: 5/10 Protagonist rating: 5/10 Story rating: 6/10 Game quality: 5/10 Overall rating: 5/10 Rating comments: Game with 6 score would mean that it has some interest for me. But it does not. Despite the positive moments game can't offer anything to me. Protagonist: Yuuta does not have a face and is our nobody. No point observing him, really. Characters: There are as many as six heroines. All the heroines can be roughly divided in two categories - classmates on the school trip and heroines met at the place of destination. Hazuki, Mikoto and Nonoka are our classmates. All of them have pretty much the same flow boring routes with interesting spots only hinted at best. But the other category is much more curious. Karen is our weird half-Japanese who is of unique simpleton personality, but she can actually do miracles thanks to it. The way she handled main conflict of the game is just hilarious. Shiho is Yuuta's pervy cousin. She behaves as a horny OL, but she actually has the most interesting action and mythological scenes inside her route - very similar to Kizuato. Lastly there's one secret'ish heroine Makoto. And I basically can't say anything about her without spoilers. The only thing I'll mention is that she's only available after clearing Mikoto route while all the other heroines are available from the start. Story: The weirdest part of it all. And weirdest it's because of the bridge that hardly really plays any role in the game. It's just a notorious place to visit. In some routes the final scene has something to do with the bridge, but it's pretty stupid to pull it out by the end while keeping in in shadow along the way. There's very little in the story department in the game. A group of five students (two of them are boys) go to a graduation trip to some onsen near some legendary bridge. Classmates heroines pretty much stop there and after some development have their boring ending. Non-classmates have more or less unique stories at the onsen site - well, memorable, at least. Overall comments: Don't really want to take much time discussing Koijibashi. It's the debut work of Raccoon and thus with many flaws. Humor. Boy side character Ryuu. Heroine sprites and majority of CG. Everything is really mediocre. And that cute girl on the cover in reality is chaotic Nonoka with her hair being disturbed at all times. Game has no good story. There is no True route. The list of flaws is so big that I really struggle to find anything really worthy. Well, those action and mythology scenes were nice - but again - terribly short. The only route that stands out for me is Karen's. Her unique personality, development and some really nice CG might be enough reason to try to read her route. A pity that such brilliant cover can be totally misleading.
  3. VN of the Month August 2004 - Sorauta

    Sorauta is the only masterpiece of this Comiket month. Whenever I've no strong preference, I just choose something looking fine and without a review. This month I'm going to review Koijibashi . 1. Hayarigami: Keishichou Kaii Jiken File 流行り神 警視庁怪異事件ファイル [040805] Nippon Ichi 1 2 From chain mails that leads to murder, mysterious suicides and missing children, you, as a police officer have to put all your brain cells to work, connect the events together to discover the truth. There are English reviews. 2. Ringetsu 燐月-リンゲツ- [040806] Selen Long time ago, the Rindou family was cursed by a monster. Since then, new born babies have been girls. To break the curse, they had to marry girls of the Hizuki family who have strong spiritual power, and have to bear a child by the next red moon. Now, the curse befalls to Rindo Naoto. In order to break the curse, he has to beget a child with one of four sisters of the Hizuki. It's a mix of romance and insult, plus the pregnancy fetish. Selen is known as 100% nukige producer, but I thought I need to bring their most popular game up, especially since synopsis is kind of neutral. There are four sisters available each having about 15 H events with main heroine over 30 ones. Moreover, all the H events are insult ones. There are six endings - each personal one, plus harem one, plus evil end. 3. Eien no Aselia Expansion -The Spirit of Eternity Sword- 永遠のアセリア Expansion —The Spirit of Eternity Sword— [040813] Xuse 1 2 3 Eien no Aselia Expansion re-tells the last chapter of the original game with the choice of two new routes, providing endings for Tokimi and Kyouko that didn't have one in Eien no Aselia. The game starts right away from the beginning of the chapter five and instead of the world strategy map stages there is a maze stage to be played. The original game is not needed to play this fandisc. Game is localized and has English reviews. 4. Koijibashi こいじばし [040813] Raccoon Yuta Tachibana was supposed to graduate this march, but he decided to do a graduation trip with his childhood friend instead. In their destination, they find Yuta's cousin waiting in a bridge rumoured to bring fortune to lovers. What Yuta doesn't know is that even stranger things are waiting around the corner... Looks like a moege-ish game from a new brand, but I'm reviewing it myself to make things clear. 5. Mizu no Kakera ~Once Summer of Islet~ Origin みずのかけら-once summer of islet-ORIGIN [040813] Nico Main character is an ordinary boy who lives in Tokyo. On summer vacations he receives a letter from Itoko who he has not seen for a long time. He starts to hear girl's voice asking for help akin to hallucination. The letter calls him to visit the water god festival on the island... Remake of 2002 year game with full voice. 6. Puni Puni☆Handmaid ぷにぷに☆はんどメイド [040813] Clover 1 When three magical jewels mysterious fall from the sky, Earth is suddenly thrust into inter-dimensional affairs of the gravest importance, for these stones possess the power to transform anything they come in contact into humanoid creatures with sentience and superhuman powers. Thus begins an unforgettable adventure for a seemingly ordinary student, when three normal pets he has befriended, become beautiful women who seek to win his favor and heart. Where did these stones originate? Who seeks to claim them? Why? The answers will forever change this young man’s life, and those closest to him. There is an English review. 7. Saishuu Shiken Kujira 最終試験くじら [040813] Circus 1 Like snow falling in summer, like a cicada lamenting the coming of winter... In a town watched over by a whale in the sky... the extraordinary is made ordinary. Spectacles that could never be given form are instead given flesh and soul. And in their midst, the story of a miracle that comes to pass in this town of miracles incarnate... Welcome to the world of "Final Examination Kujira". Flying whales conquer the world! Really, this game tries to be epic so much that it looks very funny and absurd. There is so much suspense set from the beginning, that the whole game is dedicated to explaining all this mess. It's all done to cover the unsatisfactory and weak scenario. Basically we gather three "keys" in normal scenarios in order to access the "final whale test". Circus keeps discrediting itself as the ultimate impotence brand. 8. Galaxy Angel Eternal Lovers ギャラクシーエンジェル Eternal Lovers [040820] Broccoli 1 2 3 4 The war with the Val-Fasq begins in earnest while a couple of refugees from the legendary EDEN (the place origin of both the White Moon and Black Moon) arrive to beg the Transbaal Empire (and the legendary hero Takuto Meyers) for help. Takuto and his Angel's relationship is also put into serious jeopardy as his duties preparing for the war with the Val-Fasq keep them apart with increasing frequency. Game is localized and has English reviews. 9. Monochrome [040826] KID Kirioka Daiki lost his memories the day his parents died. The amnesiac young man may have met his savior when he came across the angel in training. In one month, Daiki met with an array of girls who knows bits of his past, talk to them, ask them on dates, get to know them and get to know yourself. Basically a very exciting work with a big center story gathered from multiple routes available from the start from different viewpoints. But length and ending spoils it all. Too many mysteries remain unsolved, so overall evaluation harmed. The depth of the story is thin. There is no impression of great work due lack of descriptions and some rushed scenes, but the christian world setting is unique and has its charm. 10. Kakyuusei 2 下級生2 [040827] Elf 1 One boy, one School year, Various girls to romance. You play as a high school student during his last year of High school and has nine girls to pick to have a romantic relationship with. To do so with a little luck and effort, you will have to meet with them, talk to them, get them to open up to you, date them, to capture the heart of the girl of your choice. But be careful for some girls will not be very open with dating you so easily, in those cases persistence pays off. A degraded version of the prequel. No new elements and worst traits emphasized like tilt to lolicon. SIM part is still present, and that's just not sane in 2004. Just another feast on the dead with better graphics. 11. Rance VI - Zeth Houkai - RanceVI -ゼス崩壊- [040827] Alice Soft 1 2 3 4 5 Set in the year LP0004, Rance and Sill travel to the Magic Kingdom of Zeth because they ran out of money once more. However, after offending a high-ranked minister and magic user named Radon, Rance is ironically thrown into the slave camp while his magic-using slave Sill is treated as a VIP. Vowing vengeance, he eventually escapes with the help of an underground resistance group called Ice Flame. Currently Zeth is an extremely un-equal country, with magic users being the only real citizens and the non-magic users treated much like slaves with virtually no rights. Only groups like Ice Flame and the more violent and extreme group known as Pentagon, and perhaps the mysterious King of Zeth try to fight this cruel status quo. Rance joins the group in order to get his revenge against the mages of the government of Zeth, and be reunited with Sill "while he's at it". Game is localized and has English reviews. 12. Raspberry ~Welcome to "Cafe Moon Rabbits"!~ らずべりー ~Welcome to ”Cafe Moon Rabbits”!~ [040827] Giga Cafe Moon Rabbits was built right in between two schools, Tsukioka Academy and the Hyuga Girl’s school, and has pretty much become the cafeteria for the both of them. There has always been a rivalry between the two campuses, and you play as a new student of Tsukioka who is becoming a sort of mediator between the two of them as he works at Moon Rabbits. Moege. 13. Sorauta そらうた [040827] Frontwing 1 The main character lost his parents when he was a kid and currently lives at his aunt's house. Tamako, his aunt's daughter, takes care of him well and they live a peaceful life. She also knows he can see ghosts.... He is now on summer holiday and enjoys it with Tamako, Chika, his old friend, and Aoi, his friend. But one day, Tamako suddenly leaves her house.... He doesn't know why, but she never comes back. Several days later, he meets a ghost. It is Mana, who jumped off a school building and died.... There is an English review. 14. Ultra Mahou Shoujo Manana vol.1 ウルトラ魔法少女まなな vol.1 [040827] Alice Soft 1 The Secret United Earth Defense Force. The first and last line of defense against any and all extraterrestrial beings that would dare threaten the peace and sanctity of the human race. With the latest cutting-edge secret weapons and the bravest and strongest soldiers humanity has to offer, all aliens that come bringing false claims of friendship and harmony have been bravely vanquished by the glorious Secret United Earth Defense Force. Until today. Chasing an unimaginably fierce and vicious magical beast across time and space, the greatest of the bringers of justice and freedom to the galaxy, Ultra Mahou Shoujo Manana arrives in Earth, unfazed by the full military strength of the Secret United Earth Defense Force. Here she meets the ordinary Japanese teenager Shunichi, a young timid boy who is graphically crushed by the magical beast as it lands, his bright red blood and guts splattering across the road, the broken shards of his bones the only solid remains of what was left of this once bright and vivid young man. But the Secret United Earth Defense Force is not feared across the planet as the mightiest military force known to man for nothing. Not to be thwarted so easily, they gather the full might of the combined human armies, destroying any who dare to defy their authority, and raise their banners and power up their giant death robots, ready to destroy these filthy alien scum once and for all. Will their forces be sufficient to overwhelm Manana’s full magical power? Will the magical beast bring death and destruction to the city? Will Shunichi finally confess to his one true love, the outgoing tomboy Anna? Only time would tell. There is an English review. BLOCKED 1. Akarui Katei Houmon あかるいかていほうもん [040801] Sage Have sweets and tea served by tiny girls and their mother! Doujin Nukige 2. Fallen Princess Fallen Princess ~堕落姫~ [040801] UZU An adventure game in which you are to sexually humiliate the imprisoned princess. All the hentai scenes are made up of flash animation. Don't miss to witness the innocent princess getting obsessed with ecstasy..... Doujin Nukige 3. NETANNAD [040801] Team Netannad In the near future, A.D.2265. There is a huge tower above the capital of Japan, Chukyo, called Sumeru. Rumor says people live inside in peace, without competition, kind to each other. Pierces through high clouds, shines black as obsidian. Doujin 4. Touhou Kuru Ningyou 東方繰人形 [040802] Coolier A story from Alice Margatroid's point of view. Doujin 5. Asarori あさろり [040806] Sol-fa-soft One morning, you wake up to find that your body is exchanged with the one of your little sister!? What do you do if you suddenly become a little girl? - You can thoroughly check the sensitivity of your body. - Seduce foolish buddies as well. - Let's see Lesbian girls of the same age. Go to men or women's bath in either and it is exactly paradise! You can make your dreams come true. Doujin Nukige 6. Chichiuchi ちちうち [040806] CD Bros. This typing adventure presents individual short stories with characters from various CD Bros. games. Nukige 7. Dondoko Don! ~Manatsu no Ko FundoC~ どんどこドーン!~真夏のこーふんどC~ [040806] Xai Somewhere in the mountains there is a village that lives its peaceful life and celebrates a festival. Main character visits this place to gather cultural anthropology material. With relatives help he finds some field work during the festival over these summer vacations. Surprisingly, he is greeted by samurai girl... Lolicon 8. Youmu-tan to Necho Necho 妖夢タンとネチョネチョ [040806] Coolier You play as Saigyouji Yuyuko, and do unspeakable things to Konpaku Youmu. Doujin Nukige 9. Datenshi-tachi no Enmoku 堕天使達の艶黙 [040812] LGS This time there is a mysterious uprising in the women's dormitory. Rei and Maya do their best to repell molesters with the help of Ritsuko's instructions. Doujin Nukige 10. Kimi to Issho ni Dekiru Koto Young Widow -Yume- キミといっしょにデキること young widow -yume- [040812] Haikara Kissa Morino Yua was at school together, only a year older than me. I had a crush on her at first sight, because she was incredibly cute...... she got married with a teacher Setouchi as soon as she graduated from school. But it did not last even a year, I heard that she became a widow after he was killed in a car accident..... Few years later, I came across Yua by accident. She looked just as I remembered. Doujin Nukige 11. S na Kanojo Sな彼女 [040812] Soft Circle Courreges After school, Matsumura Minoru told Shimura Saki how he feels, but left there without hearing her answer because he could not bear to be there any longer. Next day, as walking down the hall, he heard a strange voice from a stock room. He peeped through the window and saw Saki undressed, masturbating alone..... Minoru thought she was not aware of him then, but she called him out after school..... Doujin Nukige 12. Doyoubi no Shirt to Kutsushita 土曜日のシャツと靴下 [040813] Fusyro Two office workers set out to a deserted island out of boredom. What awaits them is... Boys Love Doujin 13. Dream Dreamer [040813] ANGEL/BLOOD There is a legend that sleeping with a thought of beloved person while holding a "dream stone" can bring happiness. Main character puts such stone into his bracelet. Can he meet his fateful person? Boys Love Doujin 14. Innocent Colors ~Canvas 2 Fan Disc~ INNOCENT COLORS~Canvas2 Fan Disc~ [040813] F&C FC01 There is a story depicting Hiroki's high school days at picturesque Hokkaido landscape. He lives a happy life and dreams of entering college with his best friend. Fandisc 15. Jackin JACKIN-ジャックイン- [040813] Ein Baby-faced rookie dealer Kai is excited to get his first job as a card dealer at a cruise ship's VIP casino. Then he learns about their special house rule, "One Night Jack": if a player beats the dealer in a card game, the dealer has to spend the night with him. The more experienced dealer Joe promises to take Kai under his wing -- but will Kai just end up becoming his toy? Boys Love 16. Luna Luna! Lunar Lunatic るな・るな!Lunar Lunatic [040813] Touchable Main character's grandfather dies, so protagonist is taken care of by a a family of a widow and two daughters. They accept him enthusiastically and urge him to take bath together. Nukige 17. Nekomimi Engage 猫耳エンゲージ [040813] Chrome Heart Naoki Orihara (protagonist) seeks a lover to cure himself of his cat-ear curse. A heartwarming R-18 boys school pure love comedy ADV. Doujin Boys Love 18. Ribadeza Puchi Box リバデザぷちBOX [040813] Troy Package does not contain any story. What it contains: 1, Wallpapers 2, 4 comics 3, System voice collection 4, Demo movie 5, Sister Sister Demo Movie 6, Sister Sister Trial version 7. Albums with songs from main game. Fandisc and NOT a VN 19. Summer Radish Vacation!! 2 Summerラディッシュ・バケーション!!2 [040813] 0verflow Takatsukasa Rideru got into a big fight with Hazama Kuu, her childhood friend and secret crush, caused Kuu to ran away to work at nearby town. Wish to reconcile and confess her feeling, Rideru followed him and was employed by the owner of the restaurant that Kuu works, Sawagoe Tomaru. Here she also met her co-worker, Rin, the owner's daughter, Rika, and a frequent customer, Sayura. However, Kuu still haven't open up to her and has his eyes on the other girls. Will Rideru ever succeeded with this childhood friend of her? Lolicon 20. Wakakusa Monogatari ワカクサモノガタリ [040813] Bunny Hole Studio Nanami's family goes to Australia and leaves him in a boarding house. His roommates are a my-pace-slobbish teacher from his school, a silent classmate and a cute-animal-obsessed, bad-tempered sempai. Boys Love 21. Majipuri -Wonder Cradle- Fandisc まじぷり ふぁんでぃすく [040814] Purple Software There are five after-stories for each of Majipuri -Wonder Cradle heroines. Fandisc 22. China Blue [040815] Tange Kentou Kurabu Min is a debt collector. Her target is a big boss. She defeats three his kempo style fighting bodyguards, but gets injury as well. She decides to approach her target by using a trick... Doujin Nukige 23. Fake/Ever Since [040815] Shoujobyou A fan-made sequel to Fate/Stay Night. Doujin Fandisc 24. Friends ~Child Flower~ フレンズ ~Child Flower~ [040815] Shiritsu Sakuranbo Shougakkou The story of two little girls who fall in love with an adult. Doujin Lolicon 25. Kibou Iri Pan Kashi 希望入りパン菓子 [040815] Lover Soul There are three short stories with romantic relations as theme: 1.『希望入りパン菓子』 2.『人生に必要な技術』 3.『海の底の廃墟』 Doujin 26. Koukan Nikki こうかん☆にっき [040815] The Dungeon In Yarn A cheerful and enjoyable sex life with three girls. Doujin Lolicon 27. Maria-sama ga Gyakuten マリア様が逆転 [040815] Seventh Heaven Maxion Feat. characters of Maria-sama ga *iteru and Pho*ix Wright, focusing on a trial. You play a defense attorney Aweketta to save a culprit Defendia. Doujin Fandisc 28. Miko-san de Shiishi~ 巫女さんdeしぃし~ [040815] Chain-Reaction Main character loses orientation in the mountains. He discovers a shrine and has to spend there three days during secret festival until the priest arrives. Doujin Nukige 29. Peach Fizz [040815] Tange Kentou Kurabu Main heroine is raised as a ninja in a shinobi village. Princess of the castle is captured while crossing state border. Protagonist rushes in pursuit only to be assaulted by enemy forces. What fate awaits princess and her loyal ninja? Doujin Nukige 30. Qualia Qualia~クオリア~ [040815] Ware-Suika One one of summer vacation days main character receives an e-mail from his student inviting him to visit a certain small town. He arrives to a wealthy house. Strange murders start to happen with corpses being found on the streets. The town burns up with paranoia, and protagonist becomes one of the main suspects. He will have to take some important decisions which is a matter of life and death. Doujin Boys Love 31. School Mizugi Nurunuru Heaven! スクール水着 ぬるぬるHEAVEN! [040815] Team-Tanabe Busty school girl special swimming training! Each part of her body needs exercises. Doujin Nukige 32. Sister de She See シスターdeしぃし~ [040815] Chain-Reaction Main character travels and comes to a church for a shelter. The apprentice sister gives in to his begging about mercy and supplies him with a room. But protagonist has his plans for this inexperienced nun. Doujin Nukige 33. sol-fa-soft Manatsu no Omachikane CD sol-fa-soft真夏のお待ちかねCD [040815] Sol-fa-soft This is the third sol-fa-soft Variety CD. The title screen changes depending on your progress. ■ Picture puzzle The theme of the puzzle is "body painting". ■ Lolikko Chikan Densha It is a short story and interactive game. It is about what to do with a lolita girl on a crowded train. ■ Bansoukou It is a short story about the chairman Makimura Nagi ■ Young woman eradication campaign Short story about the public information image of Ministry of Education - Child Sex Abuse Prevention Center. ■ Standing Pose Gallery You can see all the standing poses of characters from sol-fa-soft works up to "sol-fa-soft Manatsu no Omachikane CD". Fandisc 34. Sono Aki no Yoru ni その秋の夜に [040815] Selenium There is a small pension house in the mountains. A group of six photography department students board in here. Their pleasant adventure is interrupted by a murder. Who is the criminal? Doujin 35. Soushunfu 想瞬譜 [040815] Black Box Love is hidden in each heart. Love that was never realized. Love memories of distant days remain... There are three school life short stories about the faint feeling of love. Doujin Antology 36. Sweet Plumcot ~Sensei, Watashi no Oshiri... Kimochi'ii... desu ka?~ SWEET PLUMCOT ~せんせい、わたしのおしり…キモチいい…ですか?~ [040815] Sniff Dogs Main character becomes a teacher in the 3rd class of an elementary school. This is his first working day. Doujin Lolicon 37. Touhou Inma Gou ~Hajimete no Danmaku~ 東方淫魔郷 ~はじめてのだんまく~ [040815] Hachimitsu Kumasan A red demon lives in a mansion somewhere in the Lost paradise. There is a vampire sister next to him, feared by all youkai. They pull the threads so that dolls dance in accordance to their will. But the dolls are actually humans in the real world. These are six stories showing the outcomes of demon manipulation. Doujin Fandisc 38. Ayaui Kanojo 危うい彼女 [040818] Makura Cover Soft This is an adventure game visual novel about the virgin, pure-hearted, kind girlfriend of the protagonist who receives sexual pleasure from another man, and even becomes that man's plaything. Doujin Nukige 39. Chijoku Byoutou ~Ochita Hakui no Tenshi-tachi~ 恥辱病棟~堕ちた白衣の天使たち~ [040818] Black Lilith Three nurses are right here just for you!! You are to reduce the girls puni-girl nurse, pushy nurse, and big-breasted nurse, to be your sex slaves by sexual humiliation, taking advantage of their weaknesses. Your sexual desire generates a storm in the hospital!! Nukige 40. Green Growth [040818] Project Lips Main character is a normal boy who gets invited by his friend on an adventured to the suburban forest. On his way there he gets separated from his friend and finds his way to the mysterious fairy world. He becomes friends with many elves and animals there. However, elf village gets attacked by dwarves and monsters. Elves flee from the village, but protagonist can't leave his friends. His little battle begins today. Doujin 41. Adagio アダージオ [040820] 17 A young composer passes by an auditorium and chances upon a dancing performance that changes his very life ... Doujin 42. Only One + R ~Higyaku no Mermaid Minano~ オンリーワン+R~被虐のマーメイド美奈乃~ [040820] Black Globe Main character gets disillusioned with swimming and loses interest in everything at school. But his feelings change when he is reunited with his childhood friend. He feels immoral desire upon seeing her grown-up body. The swimming lessons turn into endless insults. Nukige 43. Manatsu no Kagerou 真夏のかげろう [040823] Sakura Shima 1 Kasumi’s just a lazy schoolgirl who wants to go shopping with her friends. So why are they acting so nervously around her today? Doujin 44. Ekiin de I Kou! 駅員でイこう! [040824] AbelCain Main character works at a railroad. He does his best bot at work and love, but his interest are much more perverted. One day he is called by his name. Why does this man know his name? He is going to find something important or get drawn in the world of sensual pleasures. Boys Love Doujin 45. My Pet Yumitsuka Satsuki マイペット弓塚さつき [040825] MOON GODDESS Yumizuka Satsuki is revived by the power of a devil. Will she succumb to the will of her new master or find strength to reunite with her beloved Shiki? Doujin Nukige 46. August Fan Box オーガストファンBOX [040827] August This is a fandisk for August games Binary Pot, Princess Holiday and Tsuki wa Higashi ni Hi wa Nishi ni: Operation Sanctuary. Featuring characters from those games with new stories to play as well as puzzle games and related fan material. Fandisc 47. Bichiku! 美畜! [040827] GuiltyN 1 You play as Kana Ando, a 26 year old OL who is an editor of a very popular female magazine in Japan. She is intelligent, beautiful, elegant, engaged to a handsome young man who also happens to be the second son of the founder of a major electrical appliance company. Basically, a perfect life that many woman would envy. One day, she was asked to write about a topic called, "The Pleasure Device of the end of the century." So with the help and advice of Shiro Eniwa, a 43 year old college professor who specialises in social psycology and who also frequently appears in television shows, Kana and Shiro both set out to an "SM gym" to do research on the world of SM. But unknown to Kana, she is about to fall victim of a deeply concealed plot whose sole purpose is to turn her into a sex slave... Nukige 48. Carriban -Carriere Fandisc- キャリばん-キャリエールファンディスク- [040827] Carriere Fandisc to games made by Carriere Fandisc 49. Imouto Reshipi 妹れしぴ〈e-moterecipe〉 [040827] Curious A young genius doctor gets into a traffic incident while on a date with his beloved sister. When he wakes up at a hospital he is shocked to know that was the only child and never had a sister. He does not believe them since his perfect sister must exist in this world. He is not genius for nothing! With the help of forbidden practices, Tibetan secret arts and climax love juices from two girls he's going to recreate his sister! Nukige 50. Joshi Ryoujoku ~Ryouka Bijin Shimai Odori Gui~ 女子寮辱 ~良家美人姉妹おどり喰い~ [040827] Marine Stage is dormitory at an all-girl school. It's summer vacations, so only nine girls remain at the camp. One day criminals break into the building... Nukige 51. Lost Life ~Dakedo Kimi ni Tsutaetai Koto~ LostLife~だけどきみにつたえたいこと~ [040827] Over All Main character is a doctor with a congenital heart disease, so he can die at any time. He wants to live on, but it's selfish to involve anyone in his life. The life without loving anyone or grieving anyone... But there are girls around him who wish to make his life positive. They support him and share their warmth with him. Lolicon 52. Love Fetish ~Sanshamendan Hen~ らぶフェチ ~三者面談編~ [040827] Erogos fatigue. Main character has a loving girlfriend, but despite all his ambition he does not know how to move forward with their relations. He asks for a consultation and finds a whole world in manipulating women around him. Nukige 53. Tokubetsu Byoutou 特別病棟 [040827] Bishop 1 The protagonist (nameable) is a medical doctor that has been selected for further training in the Special Ward by the brilliant doctor Ryouko Makimura. After witnessing the rape of one of the nurses our hero is blackmailed by Ryouko into testing out several new drugs in development. Ryouko gives him three weeks to test these potency and fertility drugs on himself and the nurses in the ward. Nukige 54. Hard☆Love☆Life ハード☆ラヴ☆ライフ [040828] Slave Main character spends his days lazily in the countryside with his sister. They find a way to enjoy themselves. Doujin Nukige 55. Himekishi Lilia ~Mashoku no Oujou ni Datsu~ 姫騎士リリア~魔触の王城に堕つ~ [040828] Black Lilith Princess Lilia is next in line for taking over her Kingdom, though her brother Prince Dirk wants things to go his way. He teams up with a demon in agreement that they will capture Lilia's "hidden power" which can only be gained by sending her into the highest level of sexual ecstacy. He captures both Lilia, her loyal Knights, along with his own mother, all for his own bidding. But can he get the "hidden power" in time for the demon? Nukige 56. Bluebird's Illusion - Fullmetal Alchemist 青鳥の虛像 - Fullmetal Alchemist [0408] Ocean-X "When mom closed her eyes And let go of my hand, From that point, I felt the bluebird in my life had flown away forever, Never to return... But... When I grasped Al's warm hand again, And saw his gentle smile once more, I suddenly felt I was within the blue skies, And saw a glimpse of the bluebird... I have nothing more I can hope for... I just wish... I just wish we can always be like this- Wishing all this will never disappear... I only wish that bluebird... ...won't be just another unattainable illusion. In order to gain something, one must give something of the same value. This is alchemy's first law of equivalent exchange. At that time, we believed that to be the world's one and only truth. If one does not make a sacrifice, nothing can be accomplished...." The game is based on the manga storyline of Fullmetal Alchemist, but the plot is set 5 years after the failed transmutation of their mother and Ed has finally accomplished restoring his brother's body. Ed's life seems perfect with a happy life in Central, living with Al and being promoted to Colonel and secretary of the Fuhrer and with Roy as the new General. But life soon takes a new turn... Fandisc Doujin 57. Sunadokei to Kanyoushokubutsu no Aru Fuukei 砂時計と観葉植物のある風景 [0408] NO-HOPE In August 2004 the whole Japan is excited with the Athens Olympics. One day before the end of the summer main character goes to the sea with his friends. Doujin
  4. Dear My Friend [light]

    Foreword: This is going to a slightly unusual review, because I'm going to totally ignore main three heroines and focus solely on two side heroines because of Masada scenario writing and uniqueness of these two heroines compared to conventional ones. Title: Dear My Friend Developer: light Date: 2004-07-09 VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v519 Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvEtF1Nh89A&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv-vEHq8MQwNWKJi9NyRbYch Synopsis: This light-hearted, high school eroge surrounds the exploits of a soon-to-be non-average student named Kyoichi Morikawa. The son of the odd paring of a nurse and a poorly-selling novelist, he’s been living his life in mind-numbing virtuosity. One auspicious day his father returns home after running errands with a girl (about Kyoichi’s age) claiming to be orphaned. Being the good Samaritan, our hero’s father adopts the hapless girl. Now Kyoichi must explain the extraordinary circumstances to his one and only friend. Furthermore, seeing the main character with a girl has caused several of the female student body to take notice of him... Game type: Charage Character Design rating: 9/10 Protagonist rating: 8/10 Story rating: 6/10 Game quality: 8/10 Overall rating: 8/10 Rating comments: I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the game. The two heroine routes I saw were unique and charming, protagonist contributed to gags a lot, and side characters really shined in here. A firm masterpiece, I say. Protagonist: Kyouichi is not really our usual nobody. He has a face and a strong personality. He does not have piety towards girls and plays jokes on them a lot. He's almost as fun as Taichi from Cross†Channel, just less pervy. Characters: There are five heroines. Kushiro Mai is our main heroine. And - according to To Heart tradition - the most boring one. She's blushing at every second line and is extremely shy overall. But even she has something fun about her - she leans to Kyouichi all the time despite the environment. That becomes the source of some nice joyful moments. She's the only naive heroine in the game. Kurihara Tsukuyo is the second heroine that's available from the start. She's our traditional ojou-sama, polite and kind. It's good that she's serious and not naive, but all the other heroines look more interesting to me. Kitazawa Miyako is the last of three heroines available from the start. She's a genki heroine, but really intelligent at the same time, kind of Ayaka from To Heart. She would be my natural first choice if not for the other two heroines... Kurosaki Komugi is our crazy alien or so she's introduced in the game. The cute girl with bunny ears swears like a sailor and picks up on everyone. She makes every scene whirl around her. By To Heart analogy she's definitely Multi. Nagamura Saeka is kind of joker of this game. She looks like a serious sempai, but she turns out to be of mischievous kind. Masada went a long way to invent all kinds of plot twists for her route. The one fact is that in her route Kyouichi dates.... drums-drums... Mai! And Saeka kind of tries to support them. Finishing with To Heart analogies, she's definitely Shiho. Story: Don't think there is integral story. Mai just starts living in Kyouichi family and attending the same class. Game starts with the choice between heroines, but if we start following Mai route there's later branching to Komugi and Saeka routes. I especially want to take notice of Kyouichi parents - they're marvelous and really funny. Guess now it's time say a few words about my attitude towards heroines. Both Komugi and Saeka routes were really good for the comedy part and quite good for the drama. Not really should game would make it to the masterpiece status for me without these two brilliant routes written by Masada. Overall comments: I'll be brief since it's not a plotge. I never really cared for charage and grew a disgust towards the titles with great evaluation like Mashiro Iro Symphony or White Album 2 (I hope to bitch about it some day too). I got assured that I can appreciate a charage only in conjunction with some great story like in SubaHibi or Cross†Channel. So Dear My Friend really took me by surprise. There's no great depth or drama in here, but it's an absolutely enjoyable cozy read. And it's not all Masada's praise as Kyouichi's parents written by main author are equally enjoyable. Guess Dear My Friend produced a little revolution in me, and I've yet to know how to live with this thought.
  5. VN of the Month July 2004 - Dear My Friend

    There are no plotge this month. If I am to choose among charage and moege, I'd get one with good text. Dear My Friend is my choice for scenario written by Masada (for two heroines). And just by chance it's the only masterpiece of the month. 1. Dear My Friend [040709] light 1 This light-hearted, high school eroge surrounds the exploits of a soon-to-be non-average student named Kyoichi Morikawa. The son of the odd paring of a nurse and a poorly-selling novelist, he’s been living his life in mind-numbing virtuosity. One auspicious day his father returns home after running errands with a girl (about Kyoichi’s age) claiming to be orphaned. Being the good Samaritan, our hero’s father adopts the hapless girl. Now Kyoichi must explain the extraordinary circumstances to his one and only friend. Furthermore, seeing the main character with a girl has caused several of the female student body to take notice of him... It's a typical romance game without distinctive personality. But it's reported as a carefully depicted game with a solid scenario, so I hope to find it out myself while reviewing two character routes written by Masada. 2. Majiresu!! ~Omatase Little Wing~ まじれす!!~お待たせリトルウイング~ [040716] Studio Miris The World Family Restaraunt Association holds a prestigious national tournament. Last tournament was won by protagonist's older brother who married the best waitress of the competition. One day older brother dies on his way back to Japan. His wife asks protagonist to take the lead, but this whole situation for him. But when team's coach collapses in the middle of the match even main character can't stay aside without giving a fight. He will take the challenge and become the best coach of all times! There are so many comic moege, so let's introduce card battles to stand out. Not a good idea. 3. Brass Restoration ブラス・レストレイション [040721] Twincle Drop 1 2 3 4 5 The main character, Takiguchi Ryo, is a genius percussionist in high school who had a bright future ahead of him. But he loses his left arm in an accident. The accident causes him to throw away his dream to become a percussionist like his father, and he loses all hope in life. Ryo tries to abandon music, but the girls around him encourage him to take up music once again. Will he be able to find hope in his life and a passion for music in spite of his handicap...? Game is localized and has English reviews even though it's a Doujin. 4. Haru no Ashioto はるのあしおと [040723] minori 1 The game is set in a small town in the fictional Mefukino, Japan, to which the protagonist returns after his experiences in Tokyo. Story is about his experiences on the following days. Coming of age work. General has many advantages as it's possible to depict friendship in a natural way and move at a slow pace. And game indeed takes it time. Overall it's a normal growing drama as kids hurt others and themselves. Scenario is good for this kind of game, but text itself and protagonist are lacking. Routes branch very early, so there is next to zero interaction between heroines. Nothing stands out, so there is no impact. 5. Heavenly Guilt -Kami no Inai Machi- Heavenly Guilt -神のいない街- [040723] Tenshindou There is a bar in a lawless city. Main character is a cleaner to do shady jobs. He meets an innocent girl by chance, and that pulls him in a whirlpool of desire, love and hate. Unfortunately, story is too simple for a full-scale hard-boiled work. But it's dark enough to include all kind of abuse. Playtime for one route is just two hours. 6. Hinatabokko ひなたぼっこ [040723] Tarte 1 2 3 Hayami Natsuki is an ordinary college student who lives with his sister. While searching for a part-time job he runs into (another) Natsuki, the manager of a popular coffee shop. Her twin-sister, Hinata, was his teacher, who he once had a crush back in high school. For the sake of the sweet feelings he once had for Hinata, Natsuki ends up taking the job offer at her little coffee shop. He also accepts the offer to live with her. Natsuki starts his new life where he shares the house with a couple more beautiful, attractive members of the opposite sex. Hinata's sexy twin and their pretty little sister. All of a sudden, he has a new problem: he can't decide which one he wants!! Game is localized and has English reviews 7. Hoshigari Empusa! ほしがりエンプーサ [040723] Takuyo 1 Koutenrin School is famous as being an elite institute, and only elite and gifted students are allowed entrance. Therefore, having an effective leader of the student body who demonstrates the school's ideals of "friendship," "wisdom," and "supremacy" is a must. The election for the position of the student body president is not an easy one; gaining status among the students and their praise is necessary, and a task that is not easy to do alone. A candidate is encouraged to find a "partner" with which to develop a deepening friendship, who is diligent in their studies and will stay by their candidate's side for support. Every year when election time rolls around, those students that believe themselves to be the elite of the study body try to make their mark, and the competition for student body president is a heated one. Gaining popularity among the students, attending school events, and finding a supporting partner are all vital to gain success... There is an English review. 8. Seigi no Mikata ~Tadaima Kigae Chuu!~ せいぎのみかた~ただいま着替え中!~ [040723] Panda House Main character works as social studies teacher. He has amnesia and only remembers last three years of his life from the moment of lying on operation table in evil organization headquarters. He was implanted a compact bomb into his head during that time to force cooperation. There is a self-proclaimed female organization of justice "Astrea" at school. It's only a matter of time when two organizations clash. Game is pretty funny as evil organization is rather mischievous than evil and justice organization is informal and doing nothing but organizing patrols. Main character is also a good man trying to change evil organization from inside. It does not make this game less fanservice with all the cosplay, though. 9. White Breath ~With Faint Hope~ ホワイトブレス ~with faint hope~ [040723] F&C FC02 1 Tsukasa is in his second year of high school, and is an ace striker for the soccer club. He enjoys his school life with his friends, and hopes it will never end. But one day, he is struck down by incurable illness, and a doctor tells him that his life might not last until the graduation day.... F&C is only good for graphics. So White Breath is an example of an F&C game with even graphics being ugly - worthless. SOL uneventful life kills the fun, and all heroines have the same boring development about solving some problem. 10. Tantei Jinguuji Saburou Series No.04: Toki no Sugiyuku Mama ni 探偵 神宮寺三郎 Series No.04 時の過ぎゆくままに [040728] WorkJam 1 2 3 As Jake meets up with his friend Scott Kingsley, he starts to reminisce a case from a year ago when he was asked to investigate a burglary of a mansion. During that time, Yulia finds a young boy who is searching for his mother. Little do they know that these two incidents are related to each other. There are English reviews. 11. F Fanatic F ~ファナティック~ [040729] Princess Soft Horror suspense adventure game, set in 19th century London, England. Players take on the role of newspaper journalist William Doustin. Will is on the trail of a killer who is offing young ladies in the dark, foggy streets of England's metropolis -- a case emerges that resembles the infamous Jack the Ripper mystery to a tee. When Will meets such famous literary characters as Doctor Van Helsing and Dr. Moureau, it becomes clear that the supernatural has something to do with the goings-on. The game utilizes simple adventure game multi-choice navigation and conversation systems and features anime-style graphics that seem to belie its somber themes. Story is quite solid as there are multiple deaths on our way to finding the murderer. The actual story is about trying to prevent murders and getting the same miserable results. There is a True route to try and actually fix things. The repeated grim development leaves quite a dark impression, but it's a good alternative to nakige and utsuge. 12. Kaiketsu! Osabakiina 解決!オサバキーナ [040729] KID 1 Osabakiina is a character from Japanese radio drama. You play as a newbie manager whose goal is to make Osabakina into a big idol. Game features interactive dialogue sequences where selection determines further development. Wow, developing a game for oneself to voice looks kinda selfish. Quite a lively game full of gags. The content is messy and main decision is done on day 7. It's a cheap small game fully cleared in less than 10 hours. 13. Americano, Please! アメリカーノ、プリーズ! [040730] Actress Main character helps around coffee shop where his sister works. The cafe becomes popular, and he explores opportunity to work there full-time after graduation. One day he learns that his sister considers an invitation to take the manager position in the different prefecture thus breaking them apart... Story is too bad and short here. It's basically a common week, then a date in the amusement park. The flow is the same for all the heroines. That basically strips heroines off their personality, because it's just work-work-work-date. 14. Izumo 2 [040730] Studio e.go! 1 Yagi Takeru is a student who goes to Izumo Academy. He has no family but he spends his days with his friends like Yamato Takeshi who is his bestfriend aswell as his rival in kendo, Shiratori Kotono and her sister, Asuka. One day, an abrupt earthquake changed the school completely. The teachers and the students disappeared and the school was infested with monsters. Takeru managed to escape from the school, but he found all his friends and even his town were gone. Then suddently people wearing odd uniforms appeared. Compared to prequel there is no story sequences about major characters this time, so heroines feel thin and story the same for everyone. RPG part is good, but limited to dungeons which is kind of lonely landscape. 15. Lamune ラムネ [040730] NekoNeko Soft Summer nears, with the protagonist Tomosaka Kenji continuing to attend the local high school. "Won't something finally happen this year", he thinks while feeling a somewhat throbbing sensation. At the same time a strange uneasiness grabs hold of him as summer vacation starts.... The various heroines he comes in contact with include his clumsy childhood friend Konoe Nanami, his energetic cousin Nakazato Hikari, his bright and honest little sister Suzuka and the earnest and duty-bound Isawa Tae-senpai. There's no solid story, no special tilts, nothing to empathize ... so overall impression is weak. Game basically repeats Mizuiro structure - starts from childhood, we get to make a choice about heroine, then moves to modern time. Just one heroine stands out - the others get a really similar treatment. BLOCKED 1. Anata to Mita Sakura ~Shimaizuma~ あなたと見た桜 ~姉妹妻~ [040702] 13cm Issei loves Nanako. But she marries his brother, Eiichi, after graduating high school. But a few years later, Eiichi suddenly passes away... And this spring, he starts to live at her house to join a preparatory school for university entrance exams. Later on, Yuka and Chigusa, Nanako's sisters, start to live there as well... Nukige 2. Gyakushuu 虐襲 [040702] Anim A small country is defeated by overwhelming Empire forces. The defense was memorable by female Julia who struck down numerous number of impostors before fleeing the country. After the conquest is finished Emperor swears to take her life and organizes search. On a moonlit night he burns a black heart in a ritual to find out her location. The assault begins now. Nukige 3. Miwaku (Charm) Moeru! Mimikko 魅惑(チャーム)萌えろ!耳っ娘 [040702] Gaia Main character is looking for a girlfriend, but only finds a strange pet in the park. He takes it home, but pet grows into a naughty girl. What's her true identity? Nukige 4. Princess Pianissimo ~Naisho no Baieru~ Princess Pianissimo ~ないしょのバイエル~ [040702] Sol-fa-soft A little piano's student! Through the gap of her one piece dress you can see her panties. Can you keep your head straight? Teach piano and other erotic things to Takashina Ayame. Doujin Nukige 5. Choukou Sentai Justice Blade ~Himitsu Kessha de Go!~ 超光戦隊ジャスティスブレイド~秘密結社でGo!~ [040709] Maika It becomes the boss of a secret organization of evil, and the heroine of splendid and noble-minded justice is made into the captive of pleasure. They are the orthodox school and a fall breaking game! This is the tale of the "boss" of the one secret organization of evil who stood up bravely in order to get the world. The hero who will be inaugurated as the boss of a secret organization of evil advances the intrigue that an army corps with vicious special capability is commanded, and the heroines of noble-minded and splendid justice should be made to fall, and should be made their faithful sex slave. Nukige 6. Kasou = Genjitsu ~Harem Simulator~ 仮想=現実~ハーレム・シミュレーター~ [040709] M de Pink Head Mounted Display has become a widely spread technology to visit virtual space. Main character attends online virtual courses at a private school. With time he starts to get interested in girls, but there are none around him. That is until the day he discovers a suspicious virtual space called "Harem Simulator". Nukige 7. Seido Maria ~Hakudaku Mamire no Zangeshitsu~ 聖奴マリア~白濁まみれの懺悔室~ [040709] Guilty Main character lost his parents in an accident at an early age and was brought up at a church. He grows fond of facility manager girl, but his feelings only get ridiculed. One night he takes a walk and sees lights in one of the buildings. He peeks inside and sees his love interest having an affair with multiple men right inside the basilica... Nukige 8. Seikoujo 聖肛女 [040709] Black Package Try Sister Rosaria is working at the village's local church. Everything has been peaceful and many days of happiness have passed. One day a new priest and a sister arrive...and her happiness is suddenly shattered. The two are imposters, villains on the run for theft and murder. But that isn't the only problem...the man is a former priest who sexually assaulted sister Rosaria many times in the past. Now, the village's peace is in her hands; if she doesn't obey "Father Edwards", he has sworn to kill every single one of the villagers... Nukige 9. Bonyuu Kissa Hitozuma Choukyou 母乳喫茶 人妻調教 [040714] Studio-74 The newlyweds life is grieved by accumulated debts. Wife gets lured to a cafe and fed with aphrodisiac food. Soon she starts to accept her fate as a lactating slave. Doujin Nukige 10. Assault Angel Canon 突撃天使かのん [040716] Rasen One day, Keiichi meets Kanon unexpectedly, and "Despire" suddenly appears in front of them. "Despire" attacks Keiichi, and the two crystals appear from inside him. Keiichi is pursued by "Despire" since then, and Kanon and her company fight against "Despire". But the girls gradually get involved in a series of insults.... Nukige 11. Auction [040716] Sage Main characters lives with maid and an older sister and leads a normal school life. But something starts to change. His sister is approached by a shady man and shy classmates start to behave proactively. Then one morning maid brings him an anonymous letter saying "Auction". This story starts at this moment, two weeks before protagonist's birthday. Lolicon 12. Goukan Kyakusen ~Jigoku no Cruise~ 強奸客船~地獄のクルーズ~ [040716] Touchy A luxury cruise ship "Tsukimiya" gets captured by terrorists. They ask main character to become a collaborator. He agrees in order to realize his feelings towards the girl he likes. No female passenger is going to be spared. Nukige 13. Inhou no Seijo ~The Nuns of Sexualministrant~ 淫奉の聖女 The Nuns of Sexualministrant [040716] TinkerBell 1 No matter how pure one’s soul might be, there is always a sin nestled in it’s deepest recesses. For most, these cancerous infections remain weak, openly recognized and rejected for their inherent dangers. But there are those who refuse to accept their own evils - individuals who foolishly blind themselves to it. These are the souls demons seek most, for they prove easiest to corrupt and twist. To deny one’s darkest natures makes them unimaginably easy to exploit, for how can one fight what they refuse to even acknowledge exists? Nukige 14. Kango Shichauzo 3 ~Kangofu-san wa Amaenbo~ 看護しちゃうぞ3~看護婦さんは甘えんぼ~ [040716] Trabulance Main characters rents a room and works at a part-time job. The same apartment inhabitants Riho and Sayaka visit his job location where they become targets of nanpa. Protagonist protects them and kicks nanma men out, but gets in a traffic accident with a running bike and breaks a leg. He awakens at a hospital where female doctor is so grateful for saving Riho and Sayaka that she helps him lose virginity... twice. Immovable protagonist looks around and notices Riho and Sayaka who happen to be nurses at this hospital. This summer is going to be wild. Nukige 15. Kuro no Juujika ~Per Aspera~ 黒の十字架~per aspera~ [040716] Ferret ”Succeeding in commerce, the protagonist (Wolf) who returns home since a long time. However, it’s not the peaceful village that he used to know. The reality of the witch hunts, he had already known about thanks to the letter from his friend Franz, was more cruel than he imagined. It was clear that the people executed are innocent. Acting as if blind to the gruesome circumstances, finally reaching home, he reunites with his mother and younger and lives peacefully… At least for a short while, until one day when returning home after running an errand in a different town he is confronted with the fact that his own family is the next target that are to be hunted down as ‘witches’. And the fact that his mother and brother have already been captured. Cue Wolf using his skills in stuff like making wigs, to infiltrate the place they are held in order to SAVE them! Boys Love 16. Injoku Densha 淫辱電車 [040719] Studio-Sakura Molesting adventure game in which you are to sexually humiliate a woman and her daughter. The mom is married and has big tits, and her daughter is popular in the school. Female characters are fully voiced. Saeko by: Kawase Yuzuki. Anna by: Miwa Seiko. This is a game to sexually humiliate and molest mother and daughter. Doujin Nukige 17. My Pet Arcueid マイペットアルクェイド [040719] MOON GODDESS Princess of darkness Arcueid wants to protect main character, but he has his own ideas on the matter. Doujin Nukige 18. Kizuna Zero 刻無 零 [040720] Nekketsuya Residents start to disappear in an old provincial town. But later they start to return possessing violent intentions. A mysterious group begins its operation at the same time with the incidents. Main character discovers a crimson ring at the ruins, and from that moment he becomes in the center of these strange events. Doujin 19. Kyouin Oyako ~Chijoku no Cosplay Choukyou~ 狂淫母娘 ~恥辱のコスプレ調教~ [040720] Rasinban Main character has an affair with his father's new wife. But he can't be satisfied with Kotono cosplay fetishism alone. He breaks his promise to leave Kotono daughters away from this and begins his hunt. Nukige 20. Gibo wa Tenkosei ~ Midarana Netori Nisshi 義母は転校生 ~ 淫らな寝取り日誌 [040721] That's Sayaka, concubine of my father came this town as a transferred student. The days with gentle, pretty and big-breasted concubine. Nails her while father is not home!! At home and in school!! A Pretty puni junior joins them and they takes on a lot of sexual activities: double blow-job, cosplay sex, threesome sex.... A veritable barrage of sex and ejaculation!! Enjoy having sweet wonderful sex life with same age mom and her junior!!! Nukige 21. Full House Kiss フルハウスキス [040722] Capcom Suzuhara Mugi is a 15 year-old on a mission. She is determined to somehow get onto the campus of Shoukei Academy, a super, super elite high school. The school is huge and private and has tight security. Mugi is searching for her missing older sister, her only remaining family, and she has been led to believe that someone or something on the campus of that school will help her in her search. Unfortunately the strict school security is preventing her from getting onto the school grounds. However, her luck changes when she literally runs into Midou Kazuya the son of an insanely rich mega-corporation president, and an elite person at the school. Midou is not impressed with Mugi’s sob story about needing to get into the school. He is a very smug and arrogant rich guy. But he can be reasonable, and he eventually strikes up a deal with Mugi, he will get her onto the school grounds in exchange for some labor on her part, she must come to his house and work as a maid! He lives with 3 other guys, known as the La Princes in the super elite school. Otomege 22. Aoi Umi de Yarisuteya ~Zangyaku! Namadori Live~ 蒼い海でヤりすてや~残虐! 生撮りライブ~ [040723] Zero A middle-aged painter is a big fan of national idol Saori. He dreams about making her portrait and with that intentions finds a way to the fan-club exclusive voyage on a luxurious cruiser where Saori gives a concert. But negative emotions prevail, and events take an unexpected turn... Nukige 23. Black Gate -Kanin no Gakuen- BLACK GATE -姦淫の学園- [040723] Image-Works Narifumi Hosokawa prepares for his high school's culture festival with the Kadomori twins, Shizuku and Kasumi. While everyone is distracted, Shizuku decides to open a mysterious gate through the use of magic and travel to an alternate world. She has broken the oath of her family's heritage, as to protect the Black Gate from those who seek the enormous power that lies within the world. The remaining defenders of the Black Gate, consisting of female students and a female teacher, must travel through to the other side and return before any distruptions come to either dimension. However, Narifumi accompanies the group and Shizuku is waiting for them with some new allies. Nukige 24. Ijitte Princess ~Mou! Mata Konna Tokoro de~ いじってプリンセス~もう!またこんなところで~ [040723] Vitamin 1 Al is the prince of a new kingdom that has quickly risen to become the world’s most powerful nation. To quell the fears of neighboring rivals, and prevent the possibility of them uniting against a common threat, the King has commanded Al to marry a Princess in the name of goodwill. To this end, royalty around the world have sent their most beautiful daughters to broker lasting peace and usher forth a new noble lineage. Nukige 25. Kuro Yorimo Kurai Ao 黒よりも昏い青 [040723] LiLiM There used to be a God who preyed on the villagers. The best thing people could do is hide. Then one brave man took a sacred Taira sword and decided to give abomination a fight. Man was victorious, but he could only seal the rampaging God inside his body. For a long time his descendants inherited the seal. But now the creature has accumulated enough power to turn the owner of the body into a monster committing and killing humans... Nukige 26. Mashou no Nie 魔将の贄 [040723] Liquid 1 2 Our protagonist Vincent finds himself wandering around in the forest between two warring nations. His plan: utilize his unparalleled skills with a blade to advance his standing in the world. After hearing screaming and shouting off in the distance, he dashes over to investigate, only to find the ground littered with corpses clad in Katushan livery. A group of bandits is advancing upon none other than the Princess Roxana of Katusha. Realizing that this is the chance of a life time, Vincent draws his sword, cuts down the ruffians, and escorts the princess back to her castle. Now, Vincent will not hesitate to destroy anyone in his path as he quests for power, glory, and the beautiful members of the royal family of Katusha... Nukige 27. River Trap [040723] ATP Projects The river, that flows through your city... there is something mystical and majestic to it. And years after, you can't seem to avoid getting drawn to it. It is as if the river... liked you. EVN 28. Sei Maries Gakuen ~Ikasete! Onee-sama~ 聖マリエス学園~イカせて!お姉さま~ [040723] Lilith Soft Because of her love toward the adorable elder girl, the boy transferred to girls' school as a female student. Horny big-breasted girl, dyke who think that the boy is a girl....a lot of girls are waiting for him. Is he really able to make love with that adorable girl!? Nukige 29. Serina 瀬里奈 [040723] Atelier Kaguya TEAM HEARTBEAT Young people are engaged in folklore studies at the university. Naoto Kosaka during the summer vacation gets a letter from his professor, who disappeared several months ago. Naoto interested in the contents of the letter, with a proposal to go to the mountain village for practical research, so he goes to Murakami Mori. Nukige 30. Taiiku Souko ~Shoujotachi no Sange~ 体育倉庫~少女達の散華~ [040723] West Vision Once a time, Ryouta Nagase was a very successful salesman, mostly because he routinely supplemented/enhanced his commercial skills by seducing and bedding the female customers, but tragically his past life is now only a painful memory since that fateful day when he lost his job and perhaps even his drive to live after becoming impotent... Drifting aimlessly from place to place, almost destitute, Ryouta is forced to seek refuge for the night in the gymnastics warehouse ("taiiku souko" in japanese) of an abandoned school somewhere in the countryside. Unfortunately, the following morning he's discovered by Rikka and Miko, two little (but 18 years old of course, heh... ) girls who are using that same warehouse as a sort of secret room for their summer homework and other childi... , err "girly" activities. Not wanting to expose himself to the authorities, Ryouta tries and succeeds in befriending both girls, but VERY soon the presence of the cute lolis combined with an unfortunate accident cause the unthinkable: Ryouta's most precious treasure resurrects to new life, and the two girls are conveniently close at hand. And this is merely the beginning... Nukige 31. Trouble Trap Laboratory とらぶるトラップLaboratory [040723] Meriken Main character wakes up at a laboratory bed with various sensors attached. Two people analize the sperm taken and give it a "pass" score. What are the contents of this mad scientist's experiments? Nukige 32. Zan! ~Ryoujoku no Yakata~ ZAN!(惨)~凌辱の館~ [040723] Acme.R Her father, Saori Kanzaki, ran a small town factory. However, due to the recession, the company went bankrupt and had a large amount of debt. My esteemed father is abducted and lost, and my mother also suffers from serious illness. At such times, a creditor came to Saori to tell him a good story. They will be admitted to the private Tenma Gakuen, a women's school in a dormitory system, as a tuition fee exempt student, and will introduce a part-time job for debt repayment. Saori jumps to the story that I can not hope for, and performs the transfer procedure. In late July, the last day of a semester, Saori will transfer. And I will come to the villa of the director Narusawa near the school for "I part-time job." The villa of Narusawa, located on the Midorizawa Kogen, surrounded by mountains, forests and lakes, is a wonderful environment surrounded by dazzling greens, birds singing, and nothing more. Saori "Can you live in such a wonderful place ..." However, the excitement did not last long. In the evening of the day I arrived at the villa, I will be informed of the astonishing fact from Shiho of the underwriter. Shiho "You work in a membership-only secret club. Sexually serve rich men." Saori "Well, that's ..." Saori, who thought that she worked as a housekeeper, cries and cries out in this too harsh reality. But after all, Saori is determined to "dedicate his body," to save the family. Saori's days of hell began ... Nukige 33. Hate/Sty Night [040724] Team-Tanabe A collection of ten rape stories with the girls from Fate/Stay Night. Doujin Nukige 34. Dorei (Obey) 奴隷(オベイ) [040730] Gaia Main character is a former civil who turns to criminal activity. He manages to become a sex educator at a church facility that nurtures sex slaves for the clergy. Nukige 35. Erokko Grow Up えろっ娘・ぐろぅあっぷ [040730] Black Package The doctor received a call at his private clinic and was asked to cure two girls: Kurumi and Kanata barely survived the accident that killed their parents, but while the injuries healed they both stopped to grow physically; Kanata also stopped grow mentally and has no memories of the accident. Nukige 36. Gakuen Prince ~Gakuen Seifuku Sengen~ 学園Prince~学園征服宣言~ [040730] Boy's Software The main character of the game, Asou Takayoshi, nephew of the head of the financial group Ohkouchi, is announced that from the following week he will be transfered to the prestigious Love Wing High School. Boys Love 37. Hadaka Apron Gakuen 裸エプロン学園 [040730] Sekilala Main character does not have a girlfriend yet, but he has a distinctive ideal that he seeks in women. And that is "Naked apron looks good"! One day he goes to bed early and wakes up in a town where everyone wears naked aprons. This must be heavenly reward for his dedication! Nukige 38. Hitozuma Sekkan Kurabu 人妻折檻倶楽部 [040730] Haoh Main character learns about secret club called “Married Woman Club” and its membership conditions. To get admitted he needs to prepare a married woman slave for exclusive ownership of the club. Protagonist assaults a suitable woman, trains her and explores the facilities club has to offer... Nukige 39. Ikusa Otome Valkyrie "Anata ni Subete o Sasagemasu" 戦乙女ヴァルキリー「あなたに全てを捧げます」 [040730] 1 In the High-Fantasy world of Midgard, the Humans, with the direct support of the Gods, are fighting a long and ferocious war for the control of their land and freedom against the Demons from the netherworld (...). The main character is Duke, an Human half-blood commander in the demonic Knights of Darkness. A cynical but very capable leader, he's nevertheless openly despised by all other Demons, both for his ancestry and his "soft" practices (like, for example, to forbid his own troops the traditional butchering of captured enemy children). But, ironically, it's exactly Duke's unorthodox approach to strategy that could give the final victory to the Demons... Nukige 40. Kazoku Keikaku ~Soshite Mata Kazoku Keikaku o~ 家族計画 〜そしてまた家族計画を〜 [040730] Takayashiki Kaihatsu 1 Continuation of the Matsuri end of Kazoku Keikaku. Fandisc 41. Love Fetish ~Fellatio Hen~ らぶフェチ ~フェラチオ編~ [040730] Erogos Miku's fascinating lips do not live up to aspirations. Ayumu seems to know the solution. She suggests using her as a cushion. With that the stronghold draws closer to its fall. Nukige 42. Nyuujoku Hitozuma Jogakuen ~Ingoku no Yakan Hitozuma Choukyou Gakka (Nibu) 乳辱人妻女学園~淫獄の夜間人妻調教学科(ニ部) [040730] SQUEEZ There is a unique class at this school - marriage training. It is supervised by director's son who trains girls into slaves there. Moreover, he has strict principles to qualify for admission. It's to have a G cup or bigger. He forces women to wear uniforms with their breasts exposed and participate in various humiliating activities. Nukige 43. Rashiel no Hakoniwa ~Shounen to Kaihou no Jumon~ ラシエルの箱庭~少年と解放の呪文~ [040730] B Works Rei Saiga was born with a peculiar power to see into someone's mind when he touches them. This ability caused his parents to reject him, and he was taken in by the Kujo family. After moving out, he lives his life as a college dropout fairly normally, until Takami Kujo comes to him with an odd proposal: The Kujo family has made their money by selling off "Merchandise" (human slaves), and they recently found one who supposedly has the blood of both an Angel and a human running through him. Takami wants Rei to find out if this is true, and as long as he doesn't hurt the boy, he can do anything he wishes to find out... Boys Love 44. Sakura Machizaka Stories Vol. 1 桜待坂Stories vol.1 [040730] Ivory Contains two stories: "Friends to Sweets" and "花蝶楓月". Nukige
  6. Foreword: There are a lot of praising reviews of this untranslated game (1 2 3), which was a great surprise for me. Are we really observing a great mistreated masterpiece in this case? Title: MinDeaD BlooD ~Shihaisha no Tame no Kyoushikyoku~ Developer: Black Cyc Date: 2004-06-11 VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v1060 Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hr5YBK4CASw&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv8DxlQByl9ojtAByJ-gdpN6 Synopsis: Just off the coast of mainland Japan is the island of Chisakura, home to a city of the same name, where the heralds of darkness are slowly gathering. Host to a prosperous economy, with a nationally renowned academic institution for young women and an equally upstanding medical research facility, the community has unwittingly attracted the attentions of dreaded supernatural creatures with few equals: vampires. Yet even these immortal predators have daring individuals who hunt them, and a secret war between the two powers is quickly racing to an apocalyptic conclusion. At the center of this nightmarish struggle is a man who has the potential to tip the scales in favor of one side or the other. His choice of allies - the hunters, the vampires, or none at all - may very well determine the fate of humanity and the undead. Game type: Vampire amnesia action nukige Character Design rating: 6/10 Protagonist rating: 7/10 Story rating: 6/10 Game quality: 6/10 Overall rating: 6/10 Since there are other reviews, just some personal impressions are enough. NO. This game is NOT a masterpiece. It was a huge mistake on my part to even launch this game without checking it out properly. Let's try to observe some of its elements. MinDeaD BlooD does have an ok story, but it's not a great one. The only "events" of the story is getting closer to different heroines and together triggering some kind of ending, often with action scenes. The "events" of bonding are dozens of H scenes with each heroine, over a hundred of events overall. Is there anything worthy about this game - action scenes / heroine stories / amnesia information recovery ? Nope. So why do all these people praise the story? Just one reason - because this game is a nukige. If nukige has some kind of plot involved, it's already treated as a great feat. And if there are complex routes and multiple different endings to contain mystery elements - it's fresh, it's new. Compared to Yami no Koe and Mushitsukai this game really has a good story. But compare it to any normal plotge - and MinDeaD BlooD becomes just an average nukige. Game has over a hundred of H events, many have the same CG or slightly different CG. Those events are absolutely devaluated. They become mundane means of communication that repeat over and over during the 60 days course of the game. More than that, they are drawn in absolutely disgusting way, so it's no wonder reader gets an immunity over those and just skips them. When real heroines have their final bonding event, there's no emotion left for it, it gets skipped as well. Nukige nature of the game leaves a stamp of disgust on all its elements and really hinders evaluation of the story. The only way to get game and story interesting is to introduce really interesting characters that start to live on their own creating meanings. I absolutely can't see serious heroines behind these chunks of meat. Protagonist Shizuru with his cool attitude is ok, but basically he is a serial rapist, and I don't have the slightest desire to get to know his psychology. Game composition is absolutely horrible. For each of 60 days we get to choose where to go both for Shizuru and vampire twins Mana and Mayu. It's absolutely impossible to do anything without a walkthrough here. Even with walkthrough it's very easy to screw something up. There are some 27 endings (don't cite me on that) with some 15 being named ones. But among those named ones most are still bad endings. Some endings only take couple minutes. Some are only accessible through normal mode (not easy mode) and only prior to clearing the rest of the endings. It's really a mess. There aren't heroine endings, just some named ones. Gameplay is such a torture. Hopefully, I covered all the big branches in my video. I really wanted to see all the meaningful branches to be able to evaluate the story properly, but this game does not care about readers at all. In the raw outcome, MinDeaD BlooD can't be compared to normal plotge like 3days ~Michiteyuku Toki no Kanata de~. It has such gross nature, that it can be compared only to fellow nukige games, and these review scores of 7/10, 8/10, 9/10 should be treated as 7/10, 8/10, 9/10 among nukige games where having any kind of plot is already a boon. Vampire theme got a boost after Tsukihime, but none of the vampire visual novels were able come close to it. I call it Tsukihime curse.
  7. 3days ~Michiteyuku Toki no Kanata de~ is VN of the Month. I'm intrigued by positive reviews of MinDeaD BlooD ~Shihaisha no Tame no Kyoushikyoku~ . I'm going to review it and develop an opinion on it. 1. Cosple Tea Party こすぷれ☆ティーパーティー [040604] Softhouse Dew Main character gets drag, ged to an alumni assotiation meeting by his two friends who wish to temporarily revive high school cosplay club consisting of six pretty girls. Protagonist gets attracted by their charm, especially by "rabbit" girl Yuka. A moege with dozens of spontaneous events rather than an integrative story. 2. Dice-ki! ~Koi wa Un Makase~ ダイス・き!~恋は運任せ~ [040604] Studio B-Room Main character advances to a new school and falls in love with a woman at first sight. However, childhood friend and classmates notice the change and are eager to change his view on women. Is love just a dice throw or it's possible to shake off annoying love candidates? A really bad board SIM game. 3. Koyuki no Aka 小雪の朱-コユキノアカ- [040604] Discovery School is closed due to raging snowstorm. Main character manages to get there due to a promise given to his girlfriend. But weather deteriorates rapidly, and there is no way back anymore. A group of students and a teacher get trapped at this empty building in the sea of snow. There is not much to do, so students organize to pursue legendary school wonders. It's not mystery that they find, but something totally unexpected... Love story in hindered conditions won't get old, not after those KID games. Transformation of characters is depicted well even though sometimes it feels that some text is missing to describe motivations - actions feel sudden at times. There is fantasy element, but it feels natural in the school wonders setting. It is a nice change from the usual school romance games. 4. Majipuri -Wonder Cradle- まじぷり -Wonder Cradle- [040604] Purple Software One day, the protagonist Makoto Himekawa was going to his school, Shiroha Academy, when he came upon a girl going crazy by a vending machine. He went to help her, but ended up drenching her in soda instead. After a light argument, the protagonist christened this girl "Trouble Woman". Due to this he was late for school, and barely made it to homeroom. And there, it seemed that there was an exchange student. But that exchange student was ... the "Trouble Woman"! Thus, with the appearance of the exchange student Yuuri Ashitaba, Makoto's ordinary school life took a sudden turn for the decidedly non-boring, and through the athletic festival, the cultural festival, and even the autumn leaf festival, the chaos of his life quickly increased. And then, he was swallowed up in an unexpected incident ... Kind of onii-chan game. Someone counted that onii-chan is pronounced 997 times here. Quality varies from one root to another. Game's definitely not for scenario-oriented people. 5. Natsu no Tomoshibi 夏の燈火 [040606] 1 One day a young boy arrived at this village, holding a letter in one hand and his sister's hand in the other. They had no place left to go but the address written in the letter he was holding. Since they traveled with one-way tickets, there was no way back. In the end, they were accepted as a part of the family living at the address written in the message, and started their new life in the village. A village full of spirits and protected by gods summoned into mirrors... It's a doujin game, but since it's first Looseboy scenario I won't block it. It's a straight nakige with only two heroines for capture, about 6-7 hours per heroine. There is just one H event for each heroine. Game has to do with sickness and is not really interesting per se, especially with the rural monster introduction. But game text is really good. Only length actually reminds that it's still a doujin game. 6. MinDeaD BlooD ~Shihaisha no Tame no Kyoushikyoku~ MinDeaD BlooD ~支配者の為の狂死曲~ [040611] Black Cyc 1 2 3 4 Just off the coast of mainland Japan is the island of Chisakura, home to a city of the same name, where the heralds of darkness are slowly gathering. Host to a prosperous economy, with a nationally renowned academic institution for young women and an equally upstanding medical research facility, the community has unwittingly attracted the attentions of dreaded supernatural creatures with few equals: vampires. Yet even these immortal predators have daring individuals who hunt them, and a secret war between the two powers is quickly racing to an apocalyptic conclusion. At the center of this nightmarish struggle is a man who has the potential to tip the scales in favor of one side or the other. His choice of allies - the hunters, the vampires, or none at all - may very well determine the fate of humanity and the undead. There are English reviews. 7. Oratorio ~Umi yori Aoi Natsu no Kanata de~ ORATORIO~海より青い夏の彼方で~ [040611] Unchain Main character studies at geophysics faculty. He receives a report mentioning his native island being in danger of volcano eruption this summer. He arrives to his native town and meets a lot of relatives and childhood acquaintances there. Strangely, volcano shows no signs of activity yet besides slight shakes... Game shines for its directorship and animation. Both protagonist and heroines are depicted very realistically, but there's not much in the story department, to be honest. There is unique charm and fresh ideas in this game which alone qualifies for a masterpiece. 8. Tantei Jinguuji Saburou Series No.03: Kiken na Futari 探偵 神宮寺三郎 Series No.03 危険な二人 [040623] WorkJam 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Detective Hunter and his assistant Yulia have been invited to watch Yulia's friend Sabin participate in a motorcycle race. It doesn't all go too well when he crashes in the race, but when the racing team checks up on him it turns out to be Thomas, Sabin's apprentice, under the helmet. The mystery deepens as another friend of Yulia is found murdered in a hotel room. There are English reviews. 9. DearS ディアーズ [040624] Vridge Inc. 1 A visual novel based on the manga and anime series "DearS". A "game original" character, not seen in the manga or anime, makes an appearance. Takeya Ikuhara is a temperamental seventeen-year-old Japanese student attending the fictitious Koharu High School with a strong prejudice against the DearS. Due to a childhood scare, he believes that the aliens are fake, worthless beings that have generated nationwide overhype and are secretly plotting to take control of Earth. On his way home from school he discovers a homeless DearS who, after fainting and much to his annoyance, he feeds and shelters in his apartment. The girl, who he nicknames Ren, is infantile and friendly, and grows obsequious and dependent upon Takeya, a responsibility he tries to disassociate himself from. Her oblivious tenacity keeps her around, however, and over time, realizing Ren's genuine care and empathy for him, Takeya has a change of heart. Unfortunately, because Ren is deemed defective, DearS headquarters orders her arrested. SIM games are just no go for me. 10. Memories Off ~Sorekara~ Memories Off ~それから~ [040624] KID 1 2 3 Inori was looking forward to go to the annual Ashikajima Fireworks Display with Isshu this summer. They had made a promise to always go to the fireworks festival together, since that was the place that they orginally became a couple. But Isshu said he wouldn't able to go because of his part time job. That day would fall on their two year anniversary. Inori went alone to their memorable place, the church... and she began to recall the previous two years. Fourth game in the Memories Off series (subtitled "Kakeganai Omoi wo Norikoete"). It takes place one year and a half after Omoide ni Kawaru Kimi ~Memories Off~ (Omoide ni Kawaru Kimi ~Memories Off~) There are English reviews. 11. 3days ~Michiteyuku Toki no Kanata de~ 3days~満ちてゆく刻の彼方で~ [040625] Lass 1 2 The game revolves around the main character's 3 days repeating over and over again, where he is constantly being killed in the third day of the story (in various ways) but magically being brought back to life in the first day to repeat his 3 days. Your goal here is to solve the mystery behind the death of your senpai and also to find the identity of the murderer. There is an English review. 12. Angel Egg [040625] You & I You're a high school student who's secretly an accomplished writer. All the upperclassmen of the drama club suddenly decide to quit due to a conflict, and the remains of the club need to do a play for the upcoming school festival. You end up being responsible for the script. Everything is painful about this game. Text depictions, boring characters, inconsistencies... It's a light work, but can't really be recommended. 13. Doko e Iku no, Ano Hi 何処へ行くの、あの日 [040625] Moonstone 1 2 I killed a girl. Who was she...? The protagonist, Kunimi Kyousuke can't remember the memories of his distant past. Even the details are vague, merely appearing as flashes in his heart. "I am certainly the one who with this hand did that to the lone girl", he keeps thinking, but can't even remember the time or place it happened. But the memories are slowly entering his mind. He remembers the corpse... How will Kyousuke deal with his supposed sin? There are English reviews. 14. Innocence pain ~Michiru Yami Kakeru Tsuki~ Innocence pain~満ちる闇 欠ける月~ [040625] Ankh Main character is a new teacher at girls academy where witch legend is popular. He pays little attention to this story, but one day occult-looking events lead to student injury. Similar incidents continue while the culprit remains unknown. Protagonist starts his own investigation. Game is described as a suspense story, but it's mostly normal SOL in girls school. There is very short story involved, so they have to pour lots of water and insert insult scenes at random. Game produces rather weak impression. 15. Miko-san Hosoude Hanjouki 巫女さん細腕繁盛記 [040625] Studio Ryokucha Main character receives priest education and returns from Tokyo to his home town. But the local shrine is on the verge of bankruptcy. Protagonist needs to work hard alongside cute shrine maidens and childhood friends. Who will be his girlfriend during the festival? Light comedy game, but of mediocre quality. First half is somewhat saved by gags, but there is no charm of the heroines. The hinted conflict with the enemy has thin presence. 16. Night Wizard Mahou Taisen ~The Peace Plan to Save the World~ ナイトウィザード 魔法大戦~The Peace Plan to Save the World~ [040625] Rune Peaceful school life is interrupted by a transfer student arrival. Newcomer vows to kill main character who has his abilities awakened shortly afterwards. With the power of science and magic protagonist needs to defeat demons and save the world in card battles. You need only wins, so upon losing in battle game just restarts the card battle. World is based on tabletop RPG Night Wizard released in 2002, so is rather rich in detail. Each route takes some 10 hours, but it's impossible to skip battles, so it get bothersome from the second lap. Each heroine has two H events, plus there's a number of sub-heroines. There's nothing that stands out here. 17. Rakuen ~Ai Kawarazu na Boku no Baai~ らくえん~あいかわらずなぼく。の場合~ [040625] TerraLunar 1 2 3 4 The player takes the role of a nameless protagonist that the script refers to as Boku. Boku is a ronin that moves to Tokyo in hopes of being able to study and prepare himself for the university entrance exams. His hobbies as an artist and the myriad of temptations of the big city have kind of caused him to waste his time away, playing games and watching anime instead of focusing on studying. His need for a job eventually landed him a job at MoonEarth, an eroge studio that at the time was needing a character designer. The studio's fate takes a turn for the worse when the scenario writer decides to entirely drop out just as the crew is producing their first title. Seeing as the fledgeling studio is under a lot of scrutiny from its parent companies, this turn of events places MoonEarth in a very sticky situation. As such, the story focuses on MoonEarth's budget problems (the project director likes gambling budget money away by playing pachinko), scheduling issues (the lack of a scenario writer means EVERYTHING from character designs to CGs to BGMs and Voice Actor casting is delayed as well), and eventual crunch-time (since as of the game's start, MoonEarth has one month to create a game from scratch) as they trudge their way to releasing their first title, a game called Ai kawarazu na boku. There are English reviews. 18. Sora no Iro, Mizu no Iro そらのいろ、みずのいろ [040625] Ciel 1 Asa & Natsume are both in love with Hajime Saisho. Instead of fighting over him, they both promised to share him equally. However, both girls have to leave him by the end of the summer. As the summer days go by, they each spend their precious time with Hajime, while the day of their fated departure draws near. Game was in many people's wish-lists, but upon release it could not really boast something more than just another Tony's works graphics borderline nukige. It failed to please pure love fans because of its NTR tilt. It could not please nukige fans because of long exhausting monotonous routes without letting any steam out. 19. Suzukuri Dragon 巣作りドラゴン [040625] SofthouseChara 1 2 3 4 The setting is Middle Ages Europe style. A dragon male (the protagonist) must, in order to marry, amass a lot of treasures and wealth in his dungeon. For that reason, the protagonist went alone and lived in an area where human lives, constructed a huge nest and started amassing treasures. However, soon after the nest got built, gallant heroes wanting to exterminate dragons, townspeople that see the dragon as a nuisance and adventurers and thief out to get the dragon's treasure came. With this, he couldn't gather treasures at ease. Therefore, the protagonist hired monsters, added traps and threatened the neighboring area to not approach his nest. With his nest's defense strengthened, the protagonist started amassing wealth. He searched for a gold mine all over the place, started farming, deforested the forest to build drawers out of it. Of course, the foolish invaders that's successfully repulsed are stripped of all their possessions. Incidentally the women are used as sparring partner to gain experience for the honeymoon. Will he succeed in amassing treasures and marry his fiancée? Or would he meet some other woman...? There are English reviews. 20. Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito Typing Traveller ヤミと帽子と本の旅人 タイピングトラベラー [040625] Livedoor Main character's librarian sister got sucked into some book. Protagonist dives into different book worlds in order to rescue his sister. Typing episodic game, not in my interest league. BLOCKED 1. Kokuin Waltz. 刻淫ワルツ。 [040601] Sponge Teikoku I had a childhood girl friend Rinka, who I always stayed together. One day her cousin got killed in a car crash. She told me that she'd been in love with him but trained as a sex slave..... Hot sizzling 10 days with her!! Adventure game with voice. Doujin Nukige 2. Lo-Devi ~Koakumateki Hen'airon~ ろーでび ~小悪魔的偏愛論~ [040604] Black Light Main character is a lower class demon who comes to this town to store human arousal power. However, she gets compelled to sex acts herself which is bad for her as she can not gain energy this way. Can she become a high-level demon? Nukige 3. Mirai Daughter Musuemon 未来ドーター ムスえもん [040604] ZyX There are four stories about main character's daughters coming from future to live and laugh with him. Lolicon 4. Moteasobing ~Moteasobaretai~ 弄ing~もてあそばれたい~ [040604] Yamikumo-Communications A mistake put Nagase Izumi, a boy and the protagonist of the story, to the girls dormitory. Head of the dormitory, Ayame, acknowledged her mistake and decided to let him live there. She even made a move on him and they had sex right there. But on the next day, she gave him a videotape of them having sex; which was edited to make it look like Izumi raped Ayame. As it turned out, Ayame had a hobby of peeping on her tenants and there were secret cameras in every room of the dormitory. In return for not spreading videotape all over, Ayame told Izumi to have sex with the tenants and sexually train them, including her own daughter. Nukige 5. Yume Shokushu! 夢触手! [040609] BANANA BLUE SOFT A package was sent to me one day, a panties was in. With the "dream" panties on in bed, anyone can have a dream whatever it is. A glasses girl tries to see the effect, but... Doujin Nukige 6. Houkago no Love Beat 放課後のLove Beat [040610] HuneX The main character is a high school girl trained in classical piano who has just transferred to a new high school, Aobadai Gakuen. On her first day, she gets lost and meets 4 boys there who are secretly practising as a band. She eventually becomes the songwriter for the band, using her classical background to create fresh melodies for the band to build on. Otomege 7. Hanazono no Musume 花園の娘 [040611] Dark Side Main character breaks up with his girlfriend and goes to the sea thinking about suicide. He calms down a little and turns back when his leg slips dragging him in the den below the cliff. He wakes up in a Western-style mansion inhabited by three young women and one housekeeper. He has to stay there till he recovers. What secret is hidden inside the building? Nukige 8. Haruiro Toiki ~Kinroku Suimitsu Momo no Shimai-tachi~ 春色吐息~禁録・水蜜桃の姉妹たち~ [040611] EXtry Main character wants to be seen as a man, but childhood nurtured the girly side of him. His parents' business partners insisted on protagonist staying at the house with only women bullying him every day. The harassment continued till the day he broke the seal during shrine visit and gained great physical and mental power over women. Nukige 9. Moekasu モエカす [040611] KeroQ Among other goodies there are two stories based on the extended world of Moekan's Kirishima route and Tsui no Sora. Fandisc 10. Marukon まるコン [040611] Danco Main character leads a normal life until the day he picks an object from the devil world off the road. He starts to have mischief with the girls around him, and bizarre incidents start to happen one after another. Fate makes him travel to the devil world with different girls. Nukige 11. Bishoku 美喰 [040618] Gage Kenji Asama has returned to his home city to exact revenge on Douzan Kanzaki, his hated father. And all the girls somehow involved with Douzan will become the instrument of Kenji's revenge, willing or not... Nukige 12. Oshikake Mahou Shoujo Yui おしかけ魔法少女ユイ [040619] Lilith Soft Shacking up with a puni magical girl! The source of her magic is energy of men!! Inject sperm into her pussy without hesitation! Nukige 13. Azazel アザゼル [040620] Akabei Soft Main character loses after an accident two years ago. Life goes on peacefully till he notices a shadow of a woman with a gun followed by receiving an injection. All his senses improve immensely, but so do his desires. Standing in a pool of blood he hears her say: "Finally your powers have been unsealed". Doujin 14. Ane Ore Imouto ~Kyoushi, Doukyuusei, Kouhai no Kankei~ 姉・オレ・妹~教師、同級生、後輩のカンケイ~ [040625] MBS Truth -The protagonist Kousuke attends school while living with his 3 stepsisters. The oldest sister is his homeroom teacher, the second sister is his classmate and the youngest sister attends the neighboring girls school. Kousuke starts developing certain emotions towards the sisters... Mixing in a childhood friend and a student council president an exciting school life is about to begin. Nukige 15. Boku to 4nin no Onna Kyoushi 僕と4人の女教師 [040625] Take Out Shun is a high school student. He has a regular head but looks weak and he is prissy. That is why he is sometimes teased by other students. However, he is living a peaceful life at school. But his peaceful life is destroyed by a new teacher Kasumi, beautiful and pure. He gets stiff when she is around and can't move even his tongue. When he knows Kasumi is engaged to Yoshio who is the worst teacher at school, the story starts to .... Nukige 16. Chijoku no Gakuen ~Toukou Sareru Onna Kyoushi~ 恥辱の学園~投稿される女教師~ [040625] Euros Main character gains pleasure from putting women in shameful exposing positions. But girls get used to it with time. Then he makes up his mind to spend shameful sessions outdoors... Nukige 17. Crime Rhyme クライミライ CrimeRhyme [040625] FlyingShine Black Aida Masaki, the leader of the newspaper club, has been investigating the rumor of ghosts with Kaede and Hinoki. Meanwhile, Shion, who lives with Masahi, is invited to the psychic treatment club's anniversary party by her classmate. However, the psychic treatment club is actually a group of rapists. Nukige 18. Hanamaru 3 Shimai はなまる3姉妹 [040625] Honey Soft Main character is a university student living alone in Tokyo. As he returns to his home town, he reunites with three neighbor girls. However, these girls aren't same innocent girls anymore - they are well aware of men as opposite sex. They suggest having relations with them simultaneously at the same time. So starts their secret. Nukige 19. Immoral [040625] Blue Gale A school doctor comes in possession of a sexual hypnotic spray that inhibits girls to succumb to sexual desires. One after another, high school girls fall prey to the school doctor's sex schemes turning them into sex slaves. Nukige 20. Inran Byoutou 24 Ji 淫乱病棟24時 [040625] Tryset The protagonist is a horny young guy involved in a motorcycle accident whose stay in the hospital is spiced by 4 nurses, a female doctor and 2 female patients just as horny as he is turning his stay in the hospital to every day a 24 hour sexathon. Nukige 21. Kimi ga Nozomu Eien ~Special Fan Disc~ 君が望む永遠 ~special FanDisk~ [040625] Age 1 "What would have happened if that accident never took place?" Kimi ga Nozomu Eien Special Fan Disc explores this concept by retelling the first chapter of the original game. Also includes radio shows, puzzles, wallpapers and other fan materials. Fandisc 22. Kuro Ai ~Ichiya Saikan Inkou Rannyuuroku~ 黒愛 一夜妻館・淫口乱乳録 [040625] Clock Up Gojo Testsuya visited his distant related aunt, Kojin Rikka, to borrow money for the operation of Utsumi Ayaka. She is his childhood friend, and she took care of him like his sister. However, in return for lending money, Rikka ordered him to take beautiful women into the house to train them as prostitutes. Assaulting maids and female students, his hidden power was awakening. Nukige 23. Love Fetish ~Ashi Fetish Ashikoki Hen~ らぶフェチ ~脚フェチ・足コキ編~ [040625] Erogos After an accident Kouji bumps into the local school idol and ends up with his head stuck between her legs. This triggers a fascination and Kouji starts on his newest fetish conquest. Nukige 24. Nee, Chanto Shiyou Yo! 2 姉、ちゃんとしようよっ!2 [040625] Candy Soft Sequel to the first game. One year after the events of the first game, Kuuya Hiiragi finally finished his training at some distant relative's house, the Inugami family. After so much time, he is finally allowed to go back to the Hiiragi house and live together with his six older adopted sisters who love and dote him. But little he knew, his two adopted sisters at the Inugami house where he was training himself also loved him, and came after him. Now Kuuya has eight adopted sisters fighting for him. Nukige 25. Ryoujoku Hitozuma Onsen 凌辱人妻温泉 [040625] Strikes This is a historic Japanese style hotel, but after Yuji began to work part-time, everything has gone wrong. First, the young landlady and a waitress fell victims to him. Not being satisfied with them, the next games he aims at are three young married women staying at the hotel. Nukige 26. Tsui no Yakata ~Ningyou~ 終の館 ~人形~ [040625] Circus Fetish 1 Released under the Circus brand division 'Circus Fetish', the Tsui no Yakata series mainly focuses on maids. It's a winter's day and a second-hand dealer by the name of Akihiro pursues a clue he hopes will help him find a valuable doll by the little-known but skillful doll-maker Holst. The clue leads him to a certain European-style mansion, currently used as a brothel. Akihiro, meeting the mansion's mistress and the maid Melissa, decides to search the house in order to find the missing doll... Nukige 27. X Change 3 [040625] Crowd 1 2 You are Takuya Aihara, the hero/heroine of the story. You've been blessed with a very interesting life: several years ago you were changed a girl through bizarre chemistry accidents, not once but twice. Now as you approach your final year of university with faithful girlfriend Asuka at your side, you almost get nostalgic thinking about those crazy days you spent as a girl. Until it happens again, that is: that troublesome Kouji, still madly in love with your female persona, secretly gets Asami-senpai to whip up some of the sex-change potion and tricks you into drinking it! It'll be harder than ever for you to change back into your male self this time, but you've got no choice: you have to find a way to return to normal before your female body becomes permanent. Although Asuka is one of the most understanding women in the world, there's no way she'll stay with you as a girl -- that's just not her thing. As you start another round of bizarre sexual adventures in your female body, virtually all the characters from the past X-Change games are back: your twisted sister Natsumi, who loves to tease you; the ingenius Asami-senpai; the endlessly experimenting Chisato; and a host of others from the first two games. With an even richer and more complex game story than last time, you'll have loads of fun exploring college life in your new female body, with many rewarding story lines to discover. Where will it all end? Nukige 28. Erogeteki ni Imouto Suki! エロゲ的に妹好き! [040626] Sansai Soft Brother continues playing eroge while staying numb towards feelings of his real sister. One day his friend confesses his feelings to the sister. What should brother do in this situation? Doujin Nukige 29. My Pet Alchemist マイペットアルケミスト [040627] MOON GODDESS Alchemist Michelle sells illegal glaze to a shady merchant. How is it possible to stop her? One option is to drawn Michelle into the abyss of insult ... Doujin Nukige 30. Have Relations With... ~Maho to Kataho~ have relations with… ~真帆と片帆~ [040630] Soft Circle Courreges I have a strong desire that I have never told anyone before...... I want to be humiliated and used like a slave by men...... Maho is a submissive woman indeed, while her younger sister Kataho is free-spirited and sexually active. Doujin Nukige 31. Milkyway 2.5 [040630] Witch Game observes the process of coupling and producing the new generation of heroines to come in Milkyway 3. Fandisc 32. Departures Second Engine [0406] Ochanomizu Electronic Manufacturing With dream and courage main character sets off for an adventure. He has to come over numerous trials to discover the secret behind the maritime Empire. Doujin
  8. DINGIR(ディンギル) [Patisserie]

    Foreword: Only chose Dingir as the only plotge of the month. Title: Dingir Developer: Patisserie Date: 2004-05-21 VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v204 Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdYk3gR_Mgc&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv8rKP5oDa1nzt0KevjFrmhw&index=29 Synopsis: Year 1014 by local calendar. Peaceful life is interrupted by betrayal and assassination in the court. Dying king conveys main character Baal the prophecy and asks him to try and save the endangered world. Girl As suddenly appears before Baal and agrees to help him on the journey to the Tower of Judgment. Game type: Ancient Mesopotamia fantasy adventure Character Design rating: 4/10 Protagonist rating: 4/10 Story rating: 6/10 Game quality: 3/10 Overall rating: 4/10 I don't have much to say about this game. It struck me that I could find only ONE Japanese review of the game. Usually even nukige have at least couple. So game's really neglected for some reason. I was curious to know why. From the very start game infodumps tons and tons of names. Each such name is underlined, so it's possible to point at it and read an extract regarding each. It's possible, but there's hardly any motivation to do so. It strikes the eye that half of the girl characters are simplistic with some being totally ugly. But it only does so till you see the first male characters. 100% of them are ugly beyond redemption. Male characters usually move the story and contribute for the atmosphere of the game the most. Here male characters kill the game just from the start. Talking about this compromised ugly game further on is difficult, but let's try to. There's no real story beyond the synopsis. Only pointless talks and some armed clashes clustered here and there make for the length. Baal only needs to get back to his mother castle and battle impostor with his minions. That's it. Whether he does it together with princess Mertina or wiithout determines two main branches. I only recorder the one available from the start - without Mertina in party - because game's horrible beyond redemption at that point already. BGM actually contributes to the irritating factors as it's repetitive and quite simple. The gag BGM is a total sham. And "gags" here aren't any-what sophisticated, like Gills damaging her bra and having boobs out during the fight. Overall, game produces only negative emotions. There are more adequately drawn female characters from the second half of the game, but it's too little too late. Every element feels half-baked with the result leaving much to be desired.
  9. VN of the Month May 2004 - Carnival

    Carnival is the VN of the month, but I already have review of it. I'm reviewing Dingir as the only plotge of the month. 1. Carnival [040514] FlyingShine 1 2 3 4 After being arrested for the murder of a fellow student, the protagonist escapes from custody when the police car he's in has an accident. Knowing he will one day be caught again, he decides to spend what little time he has in freedom to try and return a handkerchief. There are English reviews. 2. Waitress Paradise ~Stay With Me~ ウェイトレスパラダイス~Stay with me~ [040514] light You've become the manager of a school club, which sends out waitresses to work at restaurants. Your job is to circle through the restaurants and check that the girls are doing all right. Moege with abundance of heroines. Not smth that I expected from light after Kurenai and Paradise Lost, but - oh well - they need to pay their bills as well. 3. Ai no Maid Hotel Monogatari ~Itoshi no Sukumizu Maid~ 愛のメイドホテル物語~愛しのスク水・メイド~ [040521] Psycho Main character is an accountant hired as a hotel manager. He has much to do since hotel is one the verge of bankruptcy. Don't see a reason to discuss a moege. 4. Blaze of Destiny II -The Beginning of the Fate- [040521] Talisman 1 A sacred land where many mysteries sleep out of reach of major kingdoms... Leon is exiled by his brother and declared a criminal. He is chased by armed men, and he only gets saved thanks to Leiria girl. A much more polished game, but without soul anymore. 5. Dingir DINGIR(ディンギル) [040521] Patisserie Year 1014 by local calendar. Peaceful life is interrupted by betrayal and assassination in the court. Dying king conveys main character Baal the prophecy and asks him to try and save the endangered world. Girl As suddenly appears before Baal and agrees to help him on the journey to the Tower of Judgment. Ancient Mesopotamia world setting is not bad and really thorough, perhaps excessively so. We get forced into A route from the start, but B route with much more heroines and scenes is only available from second playthrough. It would shine as RPG, but as a NVL visual novel it's not something impressive story-wise. 6. Kokoro-chan no Himitsu Shinryou File こころちゃんの☆秘密診療ファイル [040521] Sweet Hearts Main character gets hospitalized as a result of traffic incident on his first day in the university. He has both arms and legs injured. But there's a good point in it as well - nurses in this hospital are unbelievably cute! Yet another Moege. 7. Lost Aya Sophia ロスト・アヤ・ソフィア [040527] Idea Factory Co., Ltd. Yuuji learns his soul has been possessed by the devil and investigates why. Unfortunately, another weird and tiresome console exclusive continuing tradition of previous work "STEADY x STUDY". Right from the start we're asked 12 questions about main character, and those questions ARE important. Parameter called DP ( Dark Point ) is the most important. One readthrough time is just 2 hours, but with so many starting options it may require some 10 hours to read all the variants with all the constantly repeating scenes. There are 7 chapters... but only in chapter 1 characters are voiced - such a ripoff. 8. Ayameiro no Natsu あやめいろの夏 [040528] Runrun Soft A story based on real events. On September 18, 1988, the mountain Yamatsu village located on the prefectural border between Iwate Prefecture and Akita Prefecture collapsed due to a large-scale earthquake. The rescue activity was significantly delayed because of a typhoon. As a result over 300 people were dead or missing. Initially declared as an earthquake, the disaster did not involve somewhat strong earth shaking or land slides which posed a lot of questions. Main character is the descendant of the Yamamori clan protecting the village since Heian times. This is a story of him returning to the village as an adult and experiencing this disaster that's implied to have absolutely different sources... Deities and spirits are made responsible here. There are many heroines available through multiple routes, each having 1-4 H scenes. There are many inconsistencies. Scenario is not good enough having tilt on the not so lovable heroines. 9. Hanamaru! はなマルッ! [040528] TinkerBell Main character attends a special school deep in the mountains. There is no dormitory for boys there, so he has to board in women's dormitory. He's quite happy about living with cute sempai, but there is one serious problem - there is no men's bathroom! What's going to happen with his school life? Tinkerbell makes a non-nukige AGAIN? I buried this company so many times already, and yet they are still eager to make moege from time to time. This one also tries to benefit from comedy. But scenario is heavy and crapy, as usual for this company. Needless to say that H element prevails. 10. Like Life [040528] Hooksoft Like Life's story revolves around Kazuma Kōsaka who had to move into his aunt's house due to his parents always being too busy. He lives next door to his childhood friend Yumi Miyasato, and the two of them walk together to Shitasōno Academy which they both attend. One day at school, many strange transfer students arrive at school: all over town, objects start turning into girls, though they still retain some form of what they used to be on their person. Kazuma's mobile phone is no exception and turns into a girl he names Himeko Kōsaka. The best thing about Like Life is direction as there are so many screen changes happening. To get this tempo game advances almost ultimately through conversations. Heroines are unique and likable. There are some themes of objects having feelings and people handling things, but not too many. The problem is that no interesting concept is suggested to the reader leaving no room for becoming a masterpiece. It's a good light game, but that's it. 11. Mabuta Tojireba Soko ni... 瞼閉じればそこに… [040528] Lakshmi There are girls in this world with physical disabilities. They live lives full of hardship. Main character meets such a girl and gradually changes from life for himself towards life for another one. It's hardly Katawa Shojo. Game is below mediocre in every field. 12. Mofu x Mokyu ~Goshujin-sama no Osewa Shimasu~ もふ×もきゅ~ご主人様のお世話します~ [040528] Witch Main character comes to Tokyo and manages to enter a university. His parents want to see him back, so they cut the funding. Protagonist is desperate to find a part time job when a girl in maid outfit jumps out before him. She calls him "master" and claims that she comes from future to take care of him. Terminator maids only possible in Japan. Story is not even nearly good enough to save this Moege. 13. Mystereet ~Fukagyaku Sekai no Tantei Shinshi~ ミステリート~不可逆世界の探偵紳士~ [040528] 1 Become Yasogami Kaoru, the youngest class A detective in IDLA, an international detective organization, and solve difficult cases that baffle veteran policemen. Although the game is split into episodes, the plot lines are interconnected and the web of relationships are so intricate that it is a real challenge to find the culprit and his or her motives. The game is split into four episodes and a prologue. The prologue demonstrates the prowess of the youngest class A detective in action as he solves a murder case on a cruise ship. The main storyline starts at the first episode where Kaoru accepts a case from IDLA's Director Connor, to locate the legendary detective Agyou Sohma who disappeared. To solve the case, Kaoru masqueraded as a class D detective and entered Sohma's Shiawase Detective Agency. To make matters even more complicated, Shiawase Detective Agency has a accepted a case from a Mrs. Toudou to catch the mysterious thief Sapphire. After solving Mrs. Toudou case, Kaoru, still in disguise, is given another case to solve in episode two, he is to find out the truth behind the mysterious fire that burnt people to death in the local church, and at the same time, figure out the cryptic message the pastor left before his own death. In episode three, Kaoru receives a challenge from another class A detective, to find out a murderer amongst five hypnotized persons. The grand final of this game lies in the last episode. Class A detectives from all over the world are invited to Baron Kazamatsuri's deserted mansion to solve a foretold murder case. Sohma Agioh name is in the list and old foes like the mysterious bandit Sapphire shows up. Can Kaoru solve, or even prevent the murder case and find Agyou Sohma in this grand finale? This is a sequel to Fukakutei Sekai no Tantei Shinshi. This time there is finally a full voice PC version, but detective stories is just not my thing. 14. Pure Pure ぴゅあぴゅあ [040528] Klein The story of Pure Pure revolves around a young groomer named Jun and his friends that are also involved in his work. The game begins with him training to pass the final examination for his vocational school and follows his day to day life with Hinata, Sachi and Midou. His only concern was passing that test until a tragedy shakes the foundation on which he built his life upon. Story itself is interesting, but told poorly. The first four hours of prologue are great, but later on expectations get betrayed, and even climax is much worse than prologue. So it kind of falls into moege with cat ears and tails category. 15. Shamana Shamana ~Tsuki to Kokoro to Taiyou no Mahou~ シャマナシャマナ~月とこころと太陽の魔法~ [040528] Caramel Box 1 In a town preserved by the Sun God, where humans and fairies coexist people are preparing for a festival, praying for rich harvest. Under the peaceful sun the whole town is getting excited. The preparation is finished and all people need to do is to wait for the day of the festival to arrive. Mildin, born as a son of the moon who left this town before because of what he had done, now returns on the day of the festival. His friends welcome him home, but it is not everyone who is happy to see him return... Only two heroines fall under Lolicon category, so I'm inclined to let it pass. Game of a nice atmosphere. Having good friends really helps a lot. Each story is not just some heroine story, it's also the story of the past of protagonist and this land. However, there is no true route to bind all the pieces together or smth. Game takes some time to kick in, and overall lacks excitement. 16. Saki no Love Love Honeymoon 沙紀のらぶらぶはねむーん [040531] D.O. A sequel story from Snow Sakura (Yukizakura). The story is about Yuuji and Saki's honeymoon vacation in the beach 6 months after they were officially engaged by their parents before Saki's ending in Snow Sakura (Yukizakura) in the summer holiday Game has many gags and nostalgia moments. As a sequel to a non-masterpiece game, there's not much to talk about. BLOCKED 1. Android na Imouto アンドロイドな妹 [040501] Haikuo Main character loses his sister and grows hatred towards androids. Two android girls resembling his sister appear before him. What are their intentions? Doujin 2. Teikyuu Yuugi - WonderYellow 庭球遊戯 WonderYellow [040502] Cookie Select your protagonist and experience wonderful adventure in the relations between different couples. Search for the mysterious witch Yukimura in a Western-style building isolated from the present world. What does it have to do with the dream seen every night? Boys Love 3. Hatsuharu ni Mamori no En de Miru Yume wa 初春に守りの縁で見る夢は [040503] permission Main character is invited to a popular shrine. This is a cozy place, but with one secret... Boys Love 4. Love Pani らぶぱに [040503] Strawberry Argyle There are five boys seeking their love and finding different versions of it in the fourteen endings. Boys Love 5. Okitsune-sama ni Onegai お狐さまにお願い [040504] Tears Main character's elder brother is moving out. The fox at the nearby Inari Shrine promises protagonist to make his dream come true in return for regular cleaning the shrine. He makes a wish to become older and spend one day with his brother. Boys Love 6. Ie, Tatemasu! 家、建てます! [040505] Underground Campaign 1 The action takes place in a small village on the west coast of Japan, where the construction workers are called from Tôkyô to build a house for a widower and his two sons. Boys Love 7. NekoNeko Soft Okaeshi CD 5.5 ねこねこソフト おかえしCD5.5 [040505] NekoNeko Soft This is a special small fandisc thus bearing title 5.5 instead of 6. It includes Lamune character introduction and 120 En no Haru summer extra story. Fandisc 8. Imouto Ninshin いもうと妊娠 [040507] Valkyria "I want to rape my younger sister" Older brother Tomoyuki and younger sister Rinne are ordinary siblings. They live like normal, get along and fight like normal. But she has become the object of his desire and each night he sneaks into her room. Again and again he masturbates to her sleeping form as she lies there defenseless. This summer they're forced to spend more time together. She's grown more delicate, her arms are softer, her hair is growing longer. His sister, like a sweet flower that's begun to open up and bloom, is becoming a young woman. The summer sun shines brilliantly now and sweat trickles down her neck from the heat. When he closes his eyes he sees her smile up at him. He cannot suppress his lust any longer. Nukige 9. My Pet Novice & Magician マイペットノービス&マジシャン [040507] MOON GODDESS Two girls set on adventure and get attacked during assault on a city. They can't escape this carnal feast. Nukige Doujin 10. Acacia Doori Ichiban Chi アカシア通り一番地 [040509] Fusyro Kujou and Chizu decide to take off formal suits and spend vacations on Karuizawa villa together with dog Wight. Boys Love 11. Mika Ganbaru ~Oshiete Ecchi na Obenkyou~ 美香がんばる ~おしえてエッチなお勉強~ [040509] Shiritsu Sakuranbo Shougakkou Mika is a young elementary school girl with a crush on her "onii-chan" a man in college who comes over daily to help her study. She wants to become the type of girl he'll fall in love with. She'll study hard and do her best to win over his heart! Nukige 12. Karamemo Ensemble カラメモ アンサンブル [040512] Tomo & Yuri GAMEZONE A game continuing the karaoke theme with a group of great boys, but this time it's needed to type your story when there is window for input. Doujin Otomege 13. Burumania 3 ぶるまにあ3 [040514] Digital Aniki A fan-fiction VN featuring Koyori Kokubunji from Nurse Witch Komugi. Doujin Nukige 14. Love Fetish ~Paizuri Hen~ らぶフェチ ~パイズリ編~ [040514] Erogos Kouji continues his downward spiral of pleasure as Chisato becomes a temporary teacher at his school. This time his friend's little sister, angry at being confused as a boy, mounts a sexual attack on Kouji. Between her flat chest and Chisato's large breasts, which one will he choose as his favorite? Nukige 15. Blue Lagoon ~Minami no Umi no Manan~ Blue Lagoon ~南の海のマナン~ [040521] Amber Agi Island is located northeast of the Philippines. The Protagonist Ryoutarou is a young shoemaker who lives peacefully on Agi Island. However, on the night of the next day a ship sinking accident occurred near the island, and on the coast he met a naked girl named Manan who was wrapped in a blue aura. And around the same time, a mysterious unit searching for her (Manan) landed on Agi island. Lolicon 16. Maiden☆Breeder 2 メイデン☆ブリーダー2 [040521] Teatime There used to be three tribes here competing over supremacy in constant wars. Through the help of a sacred girl they learned how to reproduce without men. The descendants of that girl are called maidens and treated as pets. In this city of maiden many breeders compete today. Main character vows to become number one of them. Nukige 17. Milk Junkie 2 MILK・ジャンキー2 [040521] Blue Gale ON DEMAND Wataru is a young man who moves into an apartment next to Tomoka and Fumie Fusono, two voluptuous sisters who used to know him when he was a shy child. Now Wataru is all grown up, and the Fusono sisters are ready to take full advantage of that fact Nukige 18. Ryoujoku Ukeoinin Tsuboshi ~Shikumareta Sangeki~ 凌辱請負人 壺師 ~仕組まれた惨劇~ [040521] Studio Ebisu Main character's occupation is guru. The the system of mail he receives requests. What unites them is the need to scold target humans. He can proceed with the requests growing more and more wild or move on to the next targets. Nukige 19. Double Reaction! [040521] DAISY CHAIN Our heroine Yuri, who is a rabid yaoi fangirl, is pissed off that she’s not as good looking as her twin brother Kairi. They find a wishing stone and then Yuri picks it up wishing she was a sexy beast…but then she drops the stone and breaks it. About 18 days later, on September 1st she starts her new school life with Kairi, but one morning they find that stone she broke back on top of her bed. When Yuri touches the stone, she and her brother end up switching bodies. While her brother isn’t too happy being a girl, our heroine Yuri can’t wait to spend her time being a bishounen and yaoi it up with some dudes. The body switching seems to be on and off and so the twins’ adventures begin! Boys Love 20. Fetish 2: Omote no Kioku フェチ2 表の記憶 [040521] Ume Soft You are a famous producer working at a television station. Nukige 21. Fetish 2: Ura no Kioku フェチ2 裏の記憶 [040521] Ume Soft Main character is a producer on the national internet TV station. He smells women and feels the heat coming from them. As company prepares to abandon old building in favor for a new one, protagonist decides to have his revenge over these women. Nukige 22. Hobo-san no Apron ~Yuzuriha Hoikuen Funtouki~ 保母さんのエプロン~ゆずりは保育園奮闘記~ [040521] Actress Main character in an unemployed freeter. One day he witnesses his female school friend getting hurt at a convenience store. As he delivers girl to the nursery school, he is confused for the staff member. He is invited to work here for real till the girl recovers, and he can not say "no". Nukige 23. Innyuu Danchizuma 淫乳団地妻 [040521] West Vision Main character takes caretaker job at his uncle's apartment complex. He is stunned at the sight of women inhabitants at first, bun soon recovers to make these women his own. Nukige 24. Tayutau Toki 揺蕩う刻 [040521] Marine Heart A transfer student comes to main character's school. Somehow it pushes protagonist to realize his ambitions. Which of students or staff members will it be? Boys Love 25. Tayutau Toki Tokubetsu Hen ~Hamon no Zanzou~ 揺蕩う刻 特別編〜波紋の残像〜 [040521] Marine Heart Prequel protagonist's brother becomes main character here. He is a much more vigorous young man bold with his wishes. But there are only candidates seeking his attention. Boys Love 26. Ui-chan no Niizuma Diary~ 憂(うい)ちゃんの新妻だいあり~ [040521] Xuse When they started to date, Yosuke and Yuu promised to get married when they ended school. Those days pass in the blink of an eye, and they get finally married. A young's couple love life, suddenly interrupted when Yuu's cousin burges in. Still, Yosuke and Yuu live a peaceful married life... Nukige 27. Angel Wish ~Houkago no Meshitsukai ni Chuu~ Angel Wish~放課後の召使いにチュッ!~ [040528] Favorite 1 You are an average high school student that has just moved to a new town. Suddenly, a girl in a maid outfit comes in front of you and says you are the prince of the country of Stella. Thus, you go with the girl to the country and you start living your life as a prince, attending school with cute girls! Lolicon 28. Futago no Haha Seihonnou 双子ノ母性本能 [040528] G.J? 1 2 3 One day, Minoru received an e-mail sending to the wrong address. It was the first accident. It was sent by a woman named Akane. Somehow, he felt as if he knew her, but he couldn't understand why he felt so. The next accident happened. When he and Tomoe went home after shopping, they happened to see Akane. Looking at Akane, Tomoe put on a grave face. Putting him between them, they looked at each other. Their encounter is just an accident or intentional? Being disclosed their relations, Minori lost his calmness, and couldn't help devouring their sexual bodies. Nukige 29. Kiss x 300 Konna Sekai KISS×300 こんな世界 [040528] Winters Main character works as a publisher until he gets fired. He goes on an interview for the visionary revitalizer job to the "Purple Powerful" company. Astonishing beauty interviewer says that "only kiss matters". She only asks questions about favorite kinds of kisses and then invites to kiss her... Nukige 30. Kokoro... 0 コ・コ・ロ… 0 [040528] Aaru Main character attempts a suicide on the street. But there a woman there who extends her hands to him and gives him energy to live. However, his dark past haunts him, and he starts to get interested in possessing bodies of people around him. Nukige 31. Love Fetish ~Nozoki Onani Hen~ らぶフェチ ~覗き・オナニー編~ [040528] Erogos After staying late at school for certain reasons, Kouji hears sounds coming from the faculty office. After looking in, he discovers one of his teachers talking on the phone while masturbation. The image is such a contrast from her usual innocent self that he is shocked. He wonders if all women have this side to them, and begins a quest of peeping. Nukige 32. Onegai O-Hoshi-sama お願いお星さま [040528] Pulltop A "wish star" able to fulfill any wish falls down in a meteor shower. However, it has so many wishes that there is no room for new ones. Moreover, all these naughty wishes seek a way to be realized. Three friends are chosen for this purpose. What will happen with them and horny girls coming from the star? Lolicon 33. Pochitama ポチタマ [040528] Nel Main character is born in a noble family and is presented with a dog ear and cat ear girl as pets for his birthday. Father has high expectations of the boy, but first protagonist needs to prove that he can handle training slaves. Nukige 34. Pussy Cat ~Mesuneko-tachi~ PussyCat~牝猫たち~ [040528] Alster Main character is the biggest power in Yokohama City, president of a huge corporation. Under the glorious facade he is actually a man greedy for money and women. He receives a task from his chief to organize a special force "Pussy Cat" to perform secret missions. What's the true purpose of this mysterious unit? Nukige 35. Suzuna Nikki 鈴菜日記 [040528] Root Main characters of Kao no nai Tsuki continue co-habitation after the true end. This is a glimpse of their naughty life. Winning in a card game provides lots of opportunities for cosplay sex. Fandisc 36. Tsui no Yakata ~Orihime~ 終の館 ~檻姫~ [040528] Circus Fetish Released under the Circus brand division 'Circus Fetish', the Tsui no Yakata series mainly focuses on maids. One day, the protagonist meets a cheerful, positive girl with brown skin. When his pet dog dies the brightness of the girl alleviates his loneliness and a bond of mutual trust develops between them. Their daily life passes bit-by-bit and the connection between them deepens. However, the passing of time gradually drives the human mad... Nukige 37. Zoku Mama Club 続・ママクラブ [040528] Complet's Main character is a boy who lost his mother early. One day he is invited to visit night school by his school friend. There students have sex with adult women. Secrets meeting continue in the similar mama club as in the prequel, save for the different city. Nukige 38. M.C. -duet- M.C. -duet- [040529] #define The protagonist tried to make a girl called Yanase Mashiho his girlfriend, but she refused him, which usually never happened to him. As he investigate what she is doing, he end up intercepting a package containing a pocket watch with hypnotic powers. Because the girl known as Fujimiya Rokka caught him doing suspicious things, he make her his test subject to see how powerful his item is. Doujin 39. Tokyo Romantica ~Ai wa Megane to Tomo ni~ 東京ロマンチカ ~愛は眼鏡と共に~ [040531] GalElectronica Two boys decide to organize a junk shop. They are in for a lot of fun, but also for the hell of deliveries. Doujin Boys Love 40. Collage [0405] Komineto 1 Three ordinary people are thrown together, and each retells events in his or her own voice in this unconventionally told, uniquely presented, and ultimately very human novella. Doujin 41. Imaginary Realm -Alternate Memory- [0405] Zeiva Inc Orem is the Prince of Demon. One day, he was sent to earn some money in Human World to rebuild their castle by Dornick. In Human World, he was invited to be a cook by a mysterious girl, Rosey. Your task is to help Orem cook the best meal to please the customers. You will get different ending depending on what you cook. EVN 42. Koori no Tsuki 凍りの月 [0405] undo Handyman member of "SHUTTLE SHIFT" heads to a Western-style building in response to a request. He is to dwell in its strange atmosphere and learn the secrets exchanged in its depths. Doujin Boys Love
  10. Cyberpunk visual novel.

    Elle Phobos HHG Heart Heat Girls Luv Wave Xenon ~Mugen no Shitai~ Psyclone Paradise Lost Exodus Guilty Silver Jiken No Reality D.U.O. ~Song for All~
  11. WordPress is too simplistic to my liking. Blogger is a pain with all the styles constantly breaking. Not sure about this third option's policy, but I encourage to check fc2 blogging space. http://retrogamedaisuki.blog.fc2.com/ looks really great to me even though he had to restart his blog twice just because of a little mistake in choosing the initial template.
  12. Realize リアライズ [PlayM]

    Foreword: This perfect game made me re-evaluate... Coμ -Black Dragon in a Gentle Kingdom-. What do these games have to do with each other? Hop in to figure out. Title: Realize Developer: PlayM Date: 2004-04-23 VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v2025 Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IChpMO4Jhz4&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv_Z8T8hfm3788JmL-mH3l3m Synopsis: One morning during the class, Matsuura Ryou saw a strange object flying in the sky. Orange body was falling in a strange dancing pattern, vaguely resembling movements of the life form. This was his first encounter with EGO which led to contact with mysterious girl - Shibaura Yae that completely changed Ryou's life and destiny. Game type: Robot familiars fights chunige alongside touching human story Character Design rating: 10/10 Protagonist rating: 10/10 Story rating: 10/10 Game quality: 10/10 Overall rating: 10/10 Rating comments: No words really needed here. I had my doubts whether it should be 9 or 10, but it continued to surprise me over and over taking all the doubts away. Protagonist: Game has not one, but two protagonists - Ryou and Shuuji. And those two co-exist in the same space and time. They are good friends, actually. Their bonding is the cornerstone of the game. Having two protagonist is also a great way to get out of one boy - lots of girls dilemma in a long one road story. Both protagonists are strong personalities with different focus - realistic and idealistic. Characters: There are four heroines, and all are very nice ones. Kei is our more traditional love interest, kind and romantic. Rin is an attentive, polite and cheerful child that we want to protect. Yae is the cornerstone of the story and the most mysterious heroine. Saya is our tsundere with absolutely blunt attitude to everyone from the start and very charming awkward transformation. And she has the hugest sword - of course she's my favorite heroine! Story: What I like the most in Realize is that game is not really that much about the story. There's no ultimate aim to reach like in most of chunige. Ryou just sees some robot familiar one day, then is summoned to the roof by his classmate Yae who shows him her familiar and answers some of urgent questions. That concludes the prologue. Later on he gets involved into the conflict between PK characters and some PKKs. This very fact already rose estimation level to the skies. Talking about PKs and PKKs 10 years prior to Sword Art Online! This was a moment of impact similar to that of Coμ when prestige traditional Wizardry classes Lord and Bishop entered the scene to compliment normal classes. I actually waited for ninja and samurai prestige classes to make them company, but - alas - those estimations were left without realization. What I want to say is that Realize has a lot of great Ego fights and all, but it's not the gist of the story. There are four endings in addition to the True ending. Half of those are kind of bad ones leaving us out without getting the needed power of losing allies. The other two are really nice and showing the game yet from more sides. Thoughts: 1) Robot familiars are called either Ego or Proxy in the game. Try to google that and you'll get the title of the best anime in history. 2) There are too many similarities between Realize and Coμ. a) Both games are based on the conflict between the aggressive group of traditional PKs one one side and peacemakers PKKs on the other side. b) The name of strongest PK is - guess what - Black Dragon. c) Both games have a mysterious legendary fighting machine that acts by unknown principles with the identity remaining unknown d) Both games have to do with μ symbol. Realize even explains its meaning for the game. e) Both have two males as part of the coalition band. I always considered Shuu to be and odd one out. Never could understand his role in Coμ. Now I tend to think that he's implemented under influence of two protagonists great bond in Realize. One or two similarities is a coincidence, but FIVE ?! Now I look at Coμ at a completely different angle. It's a great standalone game, but it has ways to go to reach the bliss of its spiritual predecessor - Realize. Technical difficulties: Of course there are some. Only PS2 release is voiced, so I had to take it as the base. But console releases are known for poor hooking capabilities, so I had to satisfy with only translation of the first line in each screen slide. There were rarely more than five lines on one screen, but it still hurts to see words cut in the mids. Overall comments: It saddens me greatly to see such a superb game in oblivion. Realize is one of the very few games that I can enjoy at any moment, at any page without relation to the development of the plot. That's the biggest praise a piece of media can get from me (the paragon is Vladimir Nabokov novels). Realize is written by a mastodon veteran of scenario writing - Takahashi Tatsuya. It's the person responsible for a good half of Leaf biggest works. And we all know that Leaf is the biggest benefactor and driver of the media - the company that always brings innovation. Realize is his first work after leaving Leaf and starting to write what he desired himself. It's a piece of history that's unjustly forgotten.
  13. Routes [Leaf]

    Foreword: Routes gets 5 votes cumulatively while closest rival sits at 3 votes, so here is review of this game. Title: Routes Developer: Leaf Date: 2003-02-28 VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v204 Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sV1wg2BZOpM&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv8K_WdeDpxSgGZzjGORqw_b Synopsis: The story takes place in 21st Century Japan (approximately at the end of April 2010). The main character Nasu Souichi is a perfectly ordinary high school student, who tries to do as little as possible everyday, and sleeps though most of his classes, only ever to be woken up by his friend Yuasa Satsuki. They believe they are living in a peaceful time, where no large wars are occurring. However, these peaceful days are destroyed, when a number of large ships disappear at sea, almost instantly, and with no explanation as to why. A strange woman named Lisa=Vixen suddenly appears and attacks Souichi... however Souichi also has his share of secrets. Game type: There are two different games here - spy thriller and medieval rural mystery Character Design rating: 8/10 Protagonist rating: 7/10 Story rating: 8/10 Game quality: 7/10 Overall rating: 8/10 There is already a good review of this game (1), so I'd better present personal impressions acquired during the course of the game. There WILL be spoilers, although I don't consider them to be big enough to really spoil anything - they are needed to present the structure of the game. Game starts with Lisa Vixen route, and she is the real main heroine of the game. She is both stunning blonde beauty and a great super-agent. There is great teamwork and unexpected resolution there. But unfortunately only this route really resembles spy thriller. Next four routes required to reach true route are less impressive. From second playthrough there is a hint about a strange medieval-looking man as well as two choices - whether to go to school or stay home. Going to school leads us to our osnajimi Yuasa Satsuki route or her best friend Fushi Yukari route. I decided only to play thoroughly through Satsuki route. There is an attempt to fill it with SOL and humor, but it works out so-so. The worst part of it was how it ended up being so much overextended. I was hoping to get a fast H event and move to story already, but this route had as many as three (!) unsuccessful attempts of etching pushing story further and further. In the end, story development stars without getting into intimacy stage, but ends up a degraded version of the same Lisa route, just without the unexpected twist. The other three heroines routes are even worse, a total bore-fest. Two of them are just an average town girl and an average town lady with their stories having NOTHING to do with the spy theme. The true route is the shortcut of the same Lisa route AGAIN, just with all three main heroines at support - Satsuki, Lisa and Fushi. There's nothing really special about it, and game just could not be called a masterpiece at this point after all the routes and the True route. But then right after true route a totally another game kicked in - "Roots". That's a samurai rural story about the powerful sword and fighting the greater evil. This story has a bright cheerful scenery and a cast of funny characters with numerous memorable moments. Then the connection between "Routes" and "Roots" was revealed, and game finally could be seen as an integrative complex story above the giri-giri masterpiece level up to the point of firm masterpiece level, or 8/10. I can't evade discussing technical difficulties here. Only console versions are voiced. But console versions can't be hooked - I tried all the variants possible. Without voicing this game does not really worth the effort. So I ended up running recording high resolution PC version screen and text acquired through hooking, but at the same time running PSP version to get voicing from it. PSP version has auto-reading, but PC version does NOT. So I had to manually click through every phrase following PSP auto-reading tempo. This causes all those un-synchronized lines. As if it's not enough trouble already, PC hooking is same clunky as both Kizuato and Shizuku, which means that lines appear consequently on the screen making hooker tools see it backwards. There was a special hooking script developed for Kizuato and Shizuku making lines be translated in the right order, but not for Routes, alas. That's why translation must be read from the end sentences to the first sentences properly. Leaf games really suck for hooking. Moreover, since I had to manually click through 30 hours of gameplay, I made text appear in full blocks skipping some mid-line animations. Just wanted to noted that, because actual PSP version looks much more alive than what I got as a result. Routes turned out to be a real challenge for me due to really poor systems of PC version. I spent so much time recording it that it may even affect the pace of my next publications since none are left prepared. Unfortunately, only Lisa route, True route and Roots are really worth playing making the leftover heroines routes feel redundant. Game has a really decent "Roots" story which is difficult to get to due to numerous technical difficulties encountered. I just hope that more people will be able to appreciate the game through my video of it.
  14. Sora-iro no Organ 空色の風琴 [The Lotus]

    Foreword: I got on the hook of some reviews praising the story. Now I'm mad. Title: Sora-iro no Organ Developer: The Lotus Date: 2004-03-26 VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v962 Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iX7seUlNpmE&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv8-QvoBMKw8KIUTf1tEqOdw Synopsis: In order to save your cousin, who's been sucked into a mirror, you decide to jump into the mirror yourself. You find yourself in a strange, beautiful world of fairies. As you work through the game's storyline, you'll take part in interactive conversations. The game includes an "encore mode" which allows you to view previous event scenes and listen to music that you encountered on your adventure. Game type: Some strange moege in fairy entourage Character Design rating: 6/10 Protagonist rating: 3/10 Story rating: 3/10 Game quality: 6/10 Overall rating: 5/10 This "review" ain't gonna have a structure, because it does not deserve one. And I'm accustomed to just retell my impressions in the way they progressed in such cases. Spoilers are inevitable, although it's needed to be something good to spoil it. The first thing that struck me is that game is not voiced. REALLY? What cruel joke is that not to give voicing to a charage? And I don't have spare 120$ to get voiced ps2 version. The second thing that enraged me is the protagonist that comes right from BL games, it's a typical seme. I can't hide my irritation by this fact. Game starts with what I see as protagonist Tomoya flirting with his cousin Sarasa and getting a slap on the face because of that. Sarasa runs away in tears and gets sucked into a mirror followed by Tomoya. And here we should start experiencing the great story. But it does not come. For the half of the game (10 chapters) Tomoya just flirts with all the girls he finds scoring with two of them. Then he finally finds Sarasa. So is it time for development now? Not so soon, lads. Sarasa is in vegetative state which lasts for 6 more (!) chapters. So what do we do in these next ten chapters from 11 to 20? Well, we kinda don't care about our cousin, but score with two more girls. Well, we're finally out of heroines and need to get closer with Sarasa. She's engaged, but is almost kidnapped on the ceremony day. She is saved by some sticky ice mass from the ice-cream (???). Short awhile she kinda throws herself on Tomoya. He asks "Do you understand you'll betray your fiance this way"? Her answer is as pathetic as stupid "I want to betray the whole world now". Then in some time they both get to original world. So what the hell is this? Where is my supposed great story? So I though till saw the writer's list of works. And those are all generic moege without even a glimpse of the story. So it probably is a great story compared to those total failures. I'm greatly dissatisfied with artist here. CG and character sprites of uneven quality here, but males are the worst. All of them either come directly from BL or Otomege. The only things that I liked in this game is that it had auto-reading mode and that both lolis were spared from trampling. Game had some chibi CG which were supposed to add humor to it, but the only humorous part for me was how game zoomed on the hips and breast of Stella - the most skinny boy-ish type heroine. Just laughable. In the raw outcome we get a weird single road story with zero interest but with lots of pretentious motives, pictures and BGM. It looks like a decent game, but scratch it and it will rot.
  15. Can't find r192 build at hongfire or github. Any insights on its location?