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  1. VN of the April 2001 - Mizuiro

    There aren't masterpieces this month. But closest to it is Mizuiro . I will review Handle With Care.. 1. True Love Story 3 トゥルーラブストーリー3 [010405] Game Club 1 True Love Story 3 places the player in the shoes of a young male protagonist experiencing his third year of Junior High with the goal of confessing his love to one of a number of female peers. As the year opens he is introduced to the girl he has long had a crush on, Aotsuki Takane, by his twin sister who commutes to the same school, Kaname. The game tracks characters' "level of friendship" (友人度) and "level of affection" (恋愛度) towards the player character on a triangular diagram that the player can learn the status of regularly by consulting with his twin sister at the end of a day. Instead of playing each day of the school year, the player selects "try-your-best days" (頑張る日), the frequency of which affects his level of enthusiasm (やる気), which in turn influences the occurrence of special events. But the most distinguishing feature of the game and of the series as a whole is its unique conversation system. At the end of a weekday, if the weather is sunny, the player has three chances to try to meet a girl who he can invite to walk home with (or be invited to walk home with) and the invite, if successful, leads to a complex conversation mode in which numerous topics can be selected, the goal being to raise the girl's "hearthrob gauge" (ときめきゲージ) without filling up her "pounding heart" (ドキドキハート) and possibly invite her out on a date before the walk home concludes. Third bulled of a classical SIM series that keeps inventing more and more difficulties each time making enjoying it pretty much impossible for a westerner. 2. Handle With Care.. [010406] ETOILE 1 Our hero was the vocalist of the legendary rock band "Bloody Roses." Presently, his activities with the band are on hold. At one of the live houses he played at, he met an extremely talented vocalist named Sahara Shion. He takes it upon himself to help her in her career... As a player, it is your goal to eventually bring this beautiful talent on stage at the live house "Moon Rouge." Story is straight and without surprises, but it's not a story-centered game, after all. At least it's a serious story of a juvenile band growing up. Five vocal songs and frequent use of animation give the game high production values. But, most importantly, girls are charming enough and atmosphere good enough to feel the part of the group. One playthrough is some 8 hours, next ones with read text skip takes about 3 hours. Endings vary greatly from one heroine to another, and only Shion has both normal ending and true ending. Depending on person, it can easily be a masterpiece. And I'm not such person. 3. Negapoji ~Onii-chan to Yobanaide!!~ ねがぽじ~お兄ちゃんと呼ばないでっ!!~ [010406] Active 1 Hiroba Mahiru, the protagonist, is a girl attending Mizuki Academy. One day in the changing rooms at school, Mahiru's friend Kasumi Sakuraba accidentally tore off her panties. After what she saw, Kasumi declared Mahiru was a boy. After this, Mahiru was forced to go to the hospital for two months, before finally being able to return to school... but as a boy instead. There are three heroines for capture and five endings overall, one being bad end and one true end. Somehow hero is treated very coldly by everyone in school and family, and only a few of his old friends keep treating him normally, so it's not a full-fledged comedy. Other than True end scenarios have some different approach, but still hardly worth seeing after the True end. 4. Pon' 2: Truth of the Nightmare [010406] Cheri The hunt for SDW goes on with the number of mini-games increased There's not even a normal synopsis for this game around. But with concept left intact, noone cares. So shall I. 5. Case 266 ~266 Gou Jiken~ CASE266~266号事件~ [010413] Complet's United States midlands, 1998. Two prisoners Kane and Gaston who are charged with life sentence manage to jailbreak. The police severe measures are in vain, and crimes are commenced one after another. Detective Ralph Vincent is a detective who initially caught those two criminals. Together with his young partner John Orwell they investigate the so called "266 case", but it turns out not so easy to crack. However, the hunt has just begun. Game turned out to be very small, simple and tedious. There's the need to patrol suspicious places by choosing them on the map and choosing one of three actions to do there. It's game over if nothing found in 20 days. 6. Mizuiro みずいろ [010413] NekoNeko Soft 1 2 3 The protagonist, Kenji, is living with his adopted sister Yuki, who admires her older brother and harbors a slight secret crush on him. One day, after a certain night, a girl - Hiyori, their childhood friend - begin to appear in Kenji's closet. Moreover, her body is transparent, and she has gaps in her memory. As they struggle to figure out the mystery behind Hiyori's state, Kenji begins to realize his forgotten feelings and Yuki suffers with her secret. Game is localized and has English reviews. 7. Stainless Night -Ikiteru- Stainless Night −いきてる− [010413] Sequence 1 With an invitation to go on a trip from Hiromi Hongo, who is one year his senior, our hero Hikaru Takatsuki decides to take her up on her offer. This sounds like they are a couple, however their delicate relationship has never went beyond just being friends, even though Hikaru let Hiromi know of his feelings for her over a year ago. Finally no longer to contain herself, Hiromi has asked him to go with her. Hikaru seems pleased with the turn of events. The two of them arrive at a small island that is undergoing resort developments. Hikaru will experience various encounters here on this island: Kouhaku and a maid residing with her at the inn, a girl that he grew up with named Ai, and a shrine maiden with long silver hair named Uguisu. At a glance, the encounters will seem like ordinary situations that generally occur on such trips, but Hikaru gradually realizes that each of them have deep ties to him... Through continuous playing, you will find that each ending with each different character will open the curtain to new and exciting scenarios. This game will leave you deeply impressed with the story plotted out in its entirety. The order of four heroines capture is fixed alike Kizuato, and with that scenario reaches really high degree of completeness. Main theme is that in previous life heroines and protagonist were pulled apart for different age, and here they reincarnate to meet again. But every story surpasses expectations and breaks out of expectations circle. There are references to previous work Pure Angel. So game is almost a masterpiece. 8. Tokyo Yuuyuu 東京幽遊 [010413] Sarang 1 Yuichiro Mikami was previously engaged to Yukino Yamase. His parents had arranged it all, and neither he nor his fiance had any true feelings for each other. During the devastating earthquake in Kanto, Yukino was killed and Yuichiro was injured and fell unconscious. A few years later, our hero regains consciousness, only to find the ghost of Yukino floating over him. It seems that the only way to exorcise her spirit is for him to fall in love with someone else. In order to send her soul back where it belongs, Yuichiro sets out for Tokyo to fall in love. The concept behind this game is found in the intermingling of various images. The story itself shows the many contrasts relevant to the latter part of the Taisho era and the beginning of the Showa era in Japan. This game provides a new sense of freshness to reality. Sarang specializes in animation, so game opening and ending really shine, as well as some non-H scene animations during the game like lip sync. Player is bombarded only with bad endings at first. There are many heroines, but only two have developed story, so if you like someone else - tough luck. Overall it's a late Taisho-early Showa charage that feels unsatisfactory with all elements considered. 9. Close to ~Inori no Oka~ Close to ~祈りの丘~ [010419] KID 1 2 3 4 Homura Motoki was walking down the street one day with his girlfriend Yuuna when they were struck by a car. When he woke up in the hospital, he realized something incredible had happened. He was having an out of body experience and no one seems to be able to see or hear him. Floating around in the air, Motoki set off to find Yuuna, only to discover she has lost all her memories of him because of the accident. With only a few days left until his body can no longer be sustained, Motoki must now find a way to make Yuuna remember him so he can return back to his body. There are English reviews. 10. Tobira [扉] -TOBIRA- [010419] Alice Soft Makoto returns from study in USA to his school in Japan. He needs to choose one class door... and the person he meets there will be protagonist for the next day and will need to choose next door... Where will this constant protagonist swaps lead to? I can't answer this question since game has zero reviews just as any other Alice fandisc free game, and I'm not excited by this prospect much to get to the end. 11. Yoru Ga Kuru! -Square of the Moon- 夜が来る!-Square of the MOON- [010419] Alice Soft 1 2 3 4 The story begins with another moon appearing in our skies. No one has yet to find out why such a celestial occurrence came to be, but humanity has to keep on living. Three years since the event, Ryo Hamura is your unassuming high school guy when they are confronted by a strange girl who asks him to fight along side her. Without much else to say (nor much to be written beyond this information), our hero is drawn into a secret world of magic and intrigue. There are English reviews 12. Anime Shop e Ikou! あにめショップへいこう! [010420] Squadra D 1 The long, endless summer vacation is here: Our hero is asked to go back to work during the summer for 'Peppermint,' an animation shop he used to work for. Being unable to turn them down, our hero tells them he will work for them until the end of August. Little does he know about the dream-like occurrences he will experience, nor the girls he will meet. The feature of the story is that pure love turns into a painful dark feeling. There's a bonus scenario after normal scenario, and this bonus one is bigger in length. There are also couple hidden heroines. Overall the number of heroines is 8, and their routes vary greatly, only one or two is of high scenario level, though. 13. Aozameta Tsuki no Hikari 蒼ざめた月の光 [010420] Studio e.go! Main character Astoria is a demon that lives over 1000 years by robbing people's mind. He targets a new village and aims at some girl standing there. However, a thug appears and attacks the girl just before that, and it looks as if Astoria protects the girl as a result. Her sincere gratitude makes Astoria laugh, and he can't attack her as planned. The cold-hearted demon could not even imagine he would fall in love with this innocent girl Selene ... Sensation - this is Studio e.go, but game is not an RPG. There are 7 endings, and usually new endings open up only after new game start. There are happy ones, but mostly insulting ones. The number of H scenes is 14, including 4 tentacle ones. The graphics are superb, but there's not much in the story department, ero-centered work. 14. Baby, BE -Bedside Emotion- Baby, BE -Bedside Emotion- [010420] BeF 1 Our hero sees a "help wanted" sign at a restaurant in Chinatown in Yokohama. He applies for the job and meets the owners. Two beautiful sisters run the restaurant, and they decide to hire him because he really has a desire to work. He begins to live in their house and help in the restaurant. These young people really start to get involved with each other as they interact on a daily basis. Izumi sisters are main heroines and have 3 H events each while the multiple sub-heroines just one. Story is short and text of different quality. Really, there's little worthwhile here besides graphics and music. 15. Kaizoku Oukan 海賊王冠 [010420] SofthouseChara 1 2 In this world... The great military power Dearumor boasts an almighty force. Land is cleared, new weapons are developed, conventional strategy and tactics are perfected into an art which culminates on the well trained officers and soldiers, and surrounding countries are conquered. Everyone believes that no one can stop their charge, no one doubted that the world is for Dearumor to take. But, there are three powers that can actually oppose them. First is the Fettercairn Treaty Alliance, led by the Ruciun Kindom. Seeing Dearumor's actions as unforgivable, the alliance that's formed in self-defense is capable of fighting equally the invincible Dearumor military whether at land or sea. Another are the sea creatures that are living deep in uncharted waters, the Last Kin. Dearumor's navy which unwittingly trodden on their proud waters, got annihilated. And last... are those that are freely rampaging on the high seas, the pirates. There's enough information in English in discussion thread. 16. Pheromone ~Hashire Eros! Ai no Time Limit~ フェロモン~走れエロス!愛のタイムリミット~ [010420] Ciel 1 When Hidemaru gets excited, his body secretes a chemical substance called "Pheromone." This substance stimulates sexual feelings in any girl anywhere near him. There are always so many girls around him that he has become afraid of women.From an invitation from his sister, Hidemaru visits her college campus, where he falls in love with Haruna Sakurai. She is completely unaffected by the substance his body produces. However, every other girl becomes a raging animal, when his body produces pheromone. Hidemaru has no control over this, other than to try to remain calm. Will he be able to overcome his problems and enjoy life with Haruna? This is basically an adventure-style game. You will be provided with a map of general outlines, which must be utilized to succeed. Your objective is to move the map around and arrive in time for your date with Haruna. You can adjust your speed as you move the map, but if you move too fast, your body will produce pheromone, which will definitely cause problems. Here's the catch: If you walk, you'll miss your date with Haruna! Watch your pulse; watch out for the hoards of girls; see if you can make it on time! Shifting between running and walking to regulate heartbeat level is quite easy if main heroine is the aim, but actually entering full pheromone mode can be more fun. The main heroine remains hugely undeveloped as a character. Quite a stupid game. 17. Shiawase Mille-Feuille ~Sora kara Futago ga Futtekita!!~ しあわせ★ミルフィーユ~そらからふたごがふってきた!!~ [010420] Kuroneko-san Team Twin girls suddenly appear from a UFO. Main character needs to raise them as sisters for four years. What kinds of sisters will he bring up? No, it's not that kind of a game. It's a new innocent all-age SIM by Kuroneko-san Team. Game unique point is that player does not give girls instructions to do some activities. Instead, there are problems arising one by one, and solving them differently affects girls in different ways. 18. Happy Lesson [010426] Datam Polystar 1 An newly orphaned child enters a dormitory filled with amiable women and in the process, gains five new mothers and doting teachers. The routine of life revolves around the dynamics of interaction between you and your new caretakers who work in different careers and wield specific skills which they can teach you. Satsuki works as a physical education advisor, excels at sports and looks the part with an athletic build. Yayoi works in the university medical department and Uzuki advises you on the fine arts. Two other mother figures teach you about chemistry and literature. A girl named Minazuki who also lives in the dorm gets a tad jealous of all the attention you get and acts as a sort of rival for the affections of the teachers. Happy Lesson plays in the style of an interaction game where the feelings of the other characters are affected by your actions and conversational abilities. Be the good son and you'll be on easy street but behave badly and face the whip. Dreamcast exclusive Dating SIM stretches far beyond by interest. 19. Konohana: True Report 此花 True Report [010426] Vridge Inc. 1 2 3 This is the first game in Konohana series and takes place in a high-school, featuring Meguru Momoi as a protagonist, a second year student who just moved to Konohana high-school. As things would have it, what you thought to be the peaceful period until the graduation turns into a suspense thriller. The teacher has been killed, and together with Miako Tachibana, a second year student who is part of a school's newspaper club, you end up entangled in trying to solve the mystery behind the series of murder and the "Legend of Grim Reaper". There is an English review. 20. Love Songs: Idol ga Classmate Love Songs アイドルがクラスメ〜ト [010426] HuneX 1 Love Songs is a dating simulation and adventure game with a setting in high-school. You are an unnamed high-school student (you create your character profile before starting the game) and your high-school is holding a performing arts course. And it just so happens that a currently popular idol, Ayano Seto, enrolled as a student here and ends up as one of your classmates. The game takes place over three-year high-school period until graduation day. During that time you can perform various school and extracurricular activities to upgrade your character stats. You can study, train, sleep, work a part-time job to earn money, ask girls on a date and more. You can also write and receive love e-mails on your computer. Your goal is to become popular among the girls, and that means you must study hard, earn money, keep your body in shape, be fashionable, and know what to say while on a date with the girl that peeks your interest. PS2 exclusive Dating SIM is only slightly better than DS exclusive one. A miss. 21. Aoki Daichi 蒼き大地 [010427] Waffle Main character leaves home after a trifle quarrel with his father. Two years have passed. Every night he sees a dream that he is called by someone, and for the first time in two years he goes back home. He takes over the ranch of his parents and meets five girls with different troubles. Between the wilderness, the ranch and the horses, will he be able to heal the heart wounds of these girls? Game is not voiced, and one story only takes about 30 minutes. Heroines backgrounds aren't explained, development is forced. Game is so short that there's just not enough content to evaluate. 22. B ~Aoki Haitoku~ B~蒼き背徳~ [010427] Tetra 1 Our hero is a former commander in the self-defense forces. He was relieved of command for being responsible for the annihilation of his entire unit. He now leads a calm and peaceful life as an investigator for an insurance company. One day however, his girlfriend Mie suddenly disappears. Having lost the only thing in life that matters to him, our hero succumbs to alcoholism. About this time, a girl claiming to be Mie's friend contacts him and tells him she knows where Mie is. He heads out to meet this friend, Emiko, but is skeptical about any useful information. Our hero isn't at all prepared for what he finds... This is an adventure game, where your mission is to finds our hero's girlfriend, Mie. You will use the key word "Misty Blue" to solve the mystery. A player has 4 different types of games to choose from: Action, Horror, Splatter, or Suspense. All of these stories follow along the lines of the key word "Misty Blue." You will get the feeling of being in another realm. You can't help but enjoy these rich and colorful stories! There are too many choices to choose from with the majority being fake ones. Voicing is absolutely amateurish, and it spoils absolutely everything including H scenes. There's not much meaning in the keywords and story overall, just four heroines to capture, preferably with voice turned off. 23. Genrin no Kishougun 幻燐の姫将軍 [010427] Eushully 1 Blood of the demons runs in the family of Riui. His mother died in persecution, his father killed for the same reason even after he fought to liberate the lands. Riui returns home to take revenge for his family, he is ready to go any lengths for this pledge. But before he bloodies his hands his human side takes over... There is an English review. 24. Jun'ai Kei. 純愛系。 [010427] NEOPIL Main character gets tired of his usual life and convenient relations with his lover. On a September night girl Ai appears before him with the summer breeze feeling. She insists that protagonist must become her master as she saw it in the dream. The mysterious girl, the lover or the secret admirer - who will become the heroine of this pure love story? Whenever I see "pure" I expect something very nasty - that's the law of the genre. Ai route immediately takes us to mild SM slave-master relations, other heroines routes ardently try to catch up to it. But overall it's a well written youth story with great style and atmosphere. 25. Kasumi KA・SU・MI [010427] Scramble House 1 Ippei Matsuba has had a lot of complicated family problems; he returns to his hometown after a 3-year absence to become a dependent of the Matsuba household. As he finishes unpacking one night, he looks up at the night sky and happens to see the retreating figure of a ninja. The following day, he attends his new school, only to find out that he had actually seen the mysterious phantom thief of the harbor; the whole school is talking about it. Ippei meets Kasumi Shiranami, the class president. She bustles about trying to take care of him, and he inwardly begins to fall for her. Ippei happens to see the phantom thief again, and this time, decides to follow and discover the identity of the thief. As he closes in on the phantom, he is discovered and the thief gets away. He notices that the thief looks a lot like a certain girl he knows. The stage for this game is set in our hero's hometown, Fujimi Machi. As you move your map around, you proceed by making contact with various girls. The map not only helps you locate girls, it will also help guide you in conversations with them. Being "kind" is the key to succeeding. You can't help but get some great action being this kind! There are five heroines. Choosing the preferred girl after school is usually enough to trigger event. The ninja/thief theme is not developed even in the Kasumi route, let alone the others. Hero actually needs to learn the way of the sword to protect girls from baddies in something akin to battles. Heroines are cute, but without voicing not that impactful. 26. Mahou no Palette 魔法のパレット [010427] Ivory 1 Jan lost his parents in a fire when he was a child. He now tries to become a painter and travels the land as his father did. He has two purposes in his journey: to polish his skills as a painter and to find the witch with a stone called "A Drop of the Moon," which appeared in his father's painting. Unfortunately, the painting was lost in the fire, but it remains in Jan's memory. No one believes in the existence of witches, but Jan's father believed it up until his death. Jan believes his father, and he finally arrives at the famous "witch-town" of Evenburg. Will Jan be able to finally meet the witch? This adventurous story takes place in the beautiful, medieval European-like town of Evenburg. The goal of the player (Jan) is to find the gem called "A Drop of the Moon." Throughout the quest, the player will meet many cute witches and experience exciting events with them! This title features a new "Attribute System," which appoints every witch a specific guardian gemstone. This system randomly decides which events will occur according to the personalities of the characters. For instance, if your character doesn't share matching attributes with the heroine, your character will never share the night with her! Play hard! Get the gem! Get your favorite girl!! Game mostly for magical girl fetish. There are five heroines. Difficulty is high. Story is usually incomprehensible or stupid with sudden baddie in the end. An average moege. 27. Mujintou Monogatari X.2001 ~Sugatanaki Akuma~ 無人島物語X.2001~姿なき悪魔~ [010427] Pinpai 1 A solitary island, growing thick with tropical rain forests, lies in the middle of the Northern Sea. 10 specialists from 2 countries are dispatched to gather samples of a new virus. They encounter this new virus, ferocious beyond their wildest dreams. . . Will this group be able to gather the new virus without being infected and make it off the island with their lives? Besides the new virus, which must be gathered to clear the game, you will encounter many different types of viruses and events that will really cause havoc. You will be confronted with many unrelated events on this tropical island. The island is dotted with many different and dangerous viruses. Through gathering all the different types, you'll have your very own virus collection! There is a camp site and girls that receive individual instructions what to explore or do. 8 simple virus patters are given to compare virus to. Only 10 days are given to finish the job and away from the island. There are no reviews, but, as you can see, gameplay is simplified in every field compared to ancient predecessors. And that finally concludes the long Mujintou Monogatari series history. 28. Oku-sama wa Miko? 奥さまは巫女? [010427] Pajamas Soft Two childhood friends suddenly confess to protagonist. During the golden week he must decide which one he likes the most. Shrine maiden? Magic girl? Or maybe another childhood friend of maid type? Genre is comedy. Three heroines with different degree of depth - maid one being the weakest. Content is nothing extraordinary, quite satisfactory for its nieche. 29. Tricolore TRICOLORE -トリコロール- [010427] PL+US 1 One day, our hero receives a package from his father, the scientist. He opens it up to find a robot in the form of a girl. Her name is Shizu. His father asks him to monitor, teach, and train the robot. So begins the life of our hero and his robot. It all starts out with a lot of fun, but there is a secret hidden inside this robot: She has 3 separate personalities! Another robot girl training game that inherits all the predecessors disadvantages. The only good part here is that each personality has her own theme and more or less own story. But you won't get away without SIM elements like increasing communication value axis etc. BLOCKED 1. Jii Tousaku 自慰倒錯 [010406] TinkerBell 1 Our heroine leads an ordinary life of an office girl and does not mix well with other people. Her life is very monotonous: Her work, her house, and the daily commute back and forth. Her only hobby is surfing the web before retiring at night. During this daily routine, she happens to come upon an adult mail order shop for ladies while surfing the web one evening. She decides to buy the cheapest book she can find centered on hobbies. She receives pleasure beyond her imagination from what comes in the mail. The desires of this plain and serious young girl begin to awaken... Nukige 2. Minna de Tsukushite Agechau みんなで尽くしてあげちゃう [010406] Trabulance 1 This is a combination of the popular "Tsukushite Agechau" and "Tsukushite Agechau Nandemo Shichauno" games packaged together into 1 DVD. You'll enjoy this innocent love story with lots of simple, yet rich sex scenes. Along with the new scenarios you'll find in this game, we have included wallpaper data for your enjoyment. We have added many new sex scenes and scenario that allow you to get it on with girls you weren't able to get in the first two series. You'll also be able to have multiple partners simultaneously. Along with present fans of this series, those of you who have never experienced "1" or "2," will really find this a fresh and new experience. Fandisc 3. Auction オークション [010413] Vega One day main character receives a letter inviting him to attend an auction at a certain time. He gets absorbed in the act of buying, training and selling women for an underground organization. Nukige 4. Bakuetsu! Chimou Yuugi "Kakutou Shimai Monmon Hen" 爆悦!恥妄遊戯「格闘姉妹悶々編」 [010413] Megami Main character's plans to live by holding a dojo fail. He goes to his sister's dojo to challenge her and collapses there. After being fed, he challenges sister, and with some side support the fight ends in a draw. Then the sides to settle the dispute by running dojo again. And to reduce protagonist's chances of winning girls prepare special training sessions for him each day. Nukige 5 Brightia [010413] Cronus 1 2 Our hero is an angel, who actually loves sex, SM, and all that fun stuff. Unfortunately, he has no chance in heaven with these pure angelic girls around. His eternal life is spent in agony and pent-up frustration. One day, the daughters of the devil are captured, and our hero is ordered to rehabilitate them. He is ecstatic with the idea of being able to havethese girls all to himself to sexually abuse and train them all in the name of rehabilitation! There are a total of 4 demon daughters for your sex-slave training: 1The quiet and proper princess of the duke of hell. 2 The devil's defiant daughter. 3 The devil's quiet shrine maiden. 4 The daughter of a royal and very exotic family line, who is still a virgin: 4 very different types! It's up to you (the player) to decide if you will submit these girls to the torment of sexual slave-training to become obedient to your every wish, or whether you will treat them with love and compassion. Nukige 6. Dual Colors [010413] Chiffon 1 Sofia, the princess of S Kingdom is visiting Japan and intends to make the best of her remaining days as a single girl. In one month's time, she is to be married. She intends on using her remaining time having fun. Cain, the man that Sofia has been in love with since childhood has been sent to Japan at her wishes. He has been called to serve in the SP reserve forces for their country. On the other hand, there is another waiting for her in Japan, who is also in love with her: A girl thief. She had tried to steal the princess's ring during her last visit to Japan only to fail and fall madly in love with her. Hearing the rumor of the princess's upcoming wedding, the girl thief wants nothing more than to prevent it from happening. The girl thief hears that the princess always wears a certain necklace that will be necessary for the wedding. She vows to steal this necklace. Thievery on one side and protection on the other: Even though their circumstances are very different, they both love her. You will see the feelings of these two entwined with the expectations of surrounding people. The story begins... Yaoi 7. Ochi Yuku Seijo 堕ちゆく聖女 [010413] Studio Jikkenshitsu 1 Rock Raven used to be a student at a religious school, but he is now a servant for a rich merchant. One day, this merchant asks him to kidnap Sister Marleese from an abbey. Rock Raven sneaks into the abbey, as "Gray," a priest who has lost his religious beliefs. Marleese is the illegitimate child of a nobleman who recently died, and only a few people in the abbey know about it. The merchant gets the information from someone and tries to get the nobleman's inheritance by becoming Marleese's financial guardian. Even priests cannot easily contact sisters in the strict abbey. In the beginning, players may only contact a teacher named Alexis. You'll start with her in your "sister raping." Next, you'll go after Rio, Merleese's guard, and Christabel, the abbey supervisor. You can even make Merleese your sex slave! Nukige 8. Inbi no Makoku 淫美ノ魔刻 [010420] Puchi Devil 1 This game has its setting on an island in the Far East, where the North and South are divided in war. The player becomes the commander of an intelligence unit called Makoku, who invades the enemy country to save his girlfriend, Nanayo. You, Mitsuru, promote all the beautiful women under your command to "Lust Sergeants" and train them to become lustful dolls. These lust sergeants then go out and sleep with the enemy, looking for any weaknesses there may be. You, then go in and assassinate them. The existence of such a team having these inhuman tactics has instilled fear in many people. These Makoku have been renamed the Inbi no Makoku. (The lustful dolls) By sacrificing these beautiful assassins, with their lustful appetites to sleep with enemy soldiers, Mitsuru tries with all his might to save his girlfriend. How will these girls look upon these deeds? What will Nanayo's fate be? This is a world of Japanese fantasy. Have fun with this tactical SLG, along with training beautiful girls! Nukige 9. Saikyou Darling. 最強彼氏。 [010420] Spray The action of the game takes place in an university dorm. It's the summer vacation and the dorm is almost empty. However there are some students who haven't gone home... The game is devided in four parts. In the first part you are Naoki Hayama, the son of a well-known writter, who likes basketball and falls in love with Hitoshi Yoshizawa, a blond and cold guy. In the second part you are You Onohara, a very popular guy, friend with Takashi Kizaki, the leader of the football team. In the third story you are Daigo Tsutsumi, who falls in love with a young guy named Masaya Nakamura. In the last story you are Kei Arimura, the teacher who must take care of the dorms during the summer. Kuniaki Shiba, a very popular student possesses a picture with you and your ex in a love hotel. So you have to do whatever he asks you in order to make him keep the silence. Boys Love 10. Torawareta Garasu no Kokoro 捕われた硝子の心 [010420] Teatime 1 2 Upon the sudden death of his wealthy father, our hero inherits a vast fortune along with a plea included in the will: "Please continue managing our hotel." As our hero proceeds to the hotel, he meets 3 girls, who have received the same plea. There are also 2 maids working at the hotel. Shortly after arriving, our hero notices that someone has punctured his tires and that the phone lines have been cut. Far from any town or city, they are stranded in the hotel... In this adventure game, you will spend 5 days with 5 wonderful girls, as you wait for the next delivery truck to arrive. The hotel has been produced in 3D graphics, with a complete cast of polygon characters for exciting and slippery sex scenes. Not only are you able to enjoy viewing from any angle you wish, you are also able to change any character's posture. This game provides you with complete freedom of choice. There are no unnatural joints or pieces. You will really enjoy the graphics of these girls. These are as close to real girls as you can get! Nukige 11. Tanbi Musou Meine Liebe 耽美夢想マイネリーベ [010426] Konami The year is 1935. In a beautiful island country surrounded by the Atlantic ocean in Europe called Kuchen there is a famous high class boarding school called Rosenstolz Academy. The protagonist is a new transfer student who spends two years at the academy meeting new people and experiencing many events. Her goal is to improve herself and be able to confess to her beloved at the graduation party. Otome 12. AND(X)AS(Y) -アンドエックスアズワイ- [010427] Zepher Takaaki Fujimura is an average Japanese high school boy, going to an all-boys' school. Everything is the same routine, day after day, until he finds Valentine's chocolates in his shoe locker two days after Valentine's Day with a note that simply says "AND(X)AS(Y)". He continues through his normal routine, but wonders... who sent him that chocolate? Is it the girl from the neighboring school he rides the subway with, or perhaps even one of his own classmates from his all-boys' school? Boys Love 13. Himera 姫裸 [010427] Soubi Kenkyuujo 1 Duran was one of the knights who had pledged his allegiance to the king. However, the king betrayed them all. They were disgraced and then completely destroyed. Our hero vows revenge and roams the country reeking havoc as a black knight. Duran and his vagabonds creep into the city one night and kidnap the king's daughter and maid in waiting. They confine the two girls in their hideout, where they rape and disgrace the two in innumerous ways. Nukige 14. ~Momiji~ "Watashi... Ningyou ja Arimasen..." ~もみじ~ 「ワタシ...人形じゃありません...」 [010427] Lune Momiji was a shy and introverted girl even before tragedy stuck her. After her parents died and her relatives took all their money they dumped her into a boarding school for girls. She lost all her hope for the future and gave up on life. Kazuto was the son of a rich family and one day he found the chance and raped Momiji. But when she didn't resist at all he got even more interested. He decided to fix that broken girl and went out of his way to get her to come live in his house as a maid as a start. Nukige 15. Overflow Pleasure Box オーバーフロー ぷれじゃ~ボックス [010427] 0verflow 1 PureChatter: A mini game typing. ☆QuizDE☆PonPon : Sequel to LargePonPon and a Quiz game. PureMail Gaiden: Gaiden story of PureMail. PureMail After Staff Room A trailer of a future game Fandisc 16. Prism Heart ~Ken ni Kometa Omoi~ プリズム・ハート ~剣に込めた想い~ [010427] Pajamas Soft This mini-game and accessory collection were produced from material taken from our popular hit "Prism Heart." We have included portions of "Prism Heart" and a new and original AVG called "Okusama Wa Miko?" Furthermore, we have included a mini-game entitled "Jarajara Heart" and a quiz game as well. We have also supplied wallpaper and a screensaver for our fans that you've just got to see! "Jarajara Heart" is a mini game in which the 5 main characters from "Prism Heart" are pitted against each other Fandisc 17. Purple Fandisk パープルファンディスク [010427] Purple Kasumi Yuugi , Lien ~Owaranai Kimi no Uta~ , Tsuioku fandisc Fandisc 18. Dark Abyss [010429] Guerilla Corps Looks like just the 4th part of the same story. Boys Love 19. Eternal Tether [010429] Guerilla Corps Looks like just the 5th part of the same story. Boys Love 20. To Road [0104] LaplusCube Find out who you care about at the academy reception race! Boys Love
  2. Sayonara o Oshiete has a good number of English reviews (1 2 3), plus reddit comments (4), but what strikes me is that all of them are positive despite some noticed flaws. But as a plotge fetishist and pragmatist to the bones, I demand demolition of fake idols. This bastion shall fall today. Video playthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvPm3uYd90o 1) Sayonara o Oshiete has a synopsis, but does not have a story. Deal with it. Nothing happens, like absolutely. Protagonist just visits three students out of five after school before going home. He sees some delusions involving the students. Getting into heroine route only tells us about each heroine specific theme. Just as theme starts to uncover there's the same abrupt end for each heroine. Credits. 2) Heroines totally lack charm. Sugamo Mutsuki is presented as a pure angel and supposedly main heroine. But pretty much the first H scene almost made me throw up. There's no realism or depth in the heroines, just specific theme and some cleverly written dialogues paired up with actually eminent voicing. 3) Protagonist is no good. He can be renamed and is an abstract mass of destruction delusions. He's impossible to sympathize with. 4) H scenes. Roughly only half of them are shocking, but the rest are quite conventional. And that's a huge problem for me. It looks like game bears some idea half of the time, but also wants to appeal to as many players as possible and becomes a plain nukige. From idea point of view For Elise ~Elise no Tame ni~ was perfect. H events in delusions were 100% appalling. Sayonara o Oshiete is basically about same horrible delusions, but with very sexy heroines sprites and often appealing H events. There's not enough real trash in H events. 5) Loli abuse. Can't deny - all loli scenes are drawn in a very traumatic way here. But I just detest any loli H events, especially such hardcore ones. I've seen transformation of nukige genres since the 80s. There has been shift to museum type vns, then to training SIMs, then to devil games, and currently I cautiously try to grasp when the shift to corruption visual novels happened. And Sayonara o Oshiete is the first candidate so far to be grandfather of all corruption games. With the half-measures Craftwork actually managed to depict sexy destruction, and that's no way a compliment considered that I detest corruption games the most. Horrible as it may sound, I'm relieved to see game translation project stalled, because completion would cause an outrageous reaction and backlash at Japanese developers due to very troubling content involving loli characters. The only definite strong sides of Sayonara o Oshiete are first-class voicing and great song theme. Visual and textual decisions are questionable. But for me the number of negative elements outweighs it all. The only lingering taste after the game is nausea, and I hope to forget it as a nightmare asap.
  3. The masterpieces of the month are Silent Hill: Play Novel , Gensou Suikogaiden Vol. 2: Crystal Valley no Kettou. Silent Hill: Play Novel is the winner, mostly because Suikogaiden Vol. 1 was already the winner once. But I will play Sayonara o Oshiete ~Comment te Dire Adieu~ , because I need to work out my own position here. 1. Sayonara o Oshiete ~Comment te Dire Adieu~ さよならを教えて~comment te dire adieu~ [010302] Craftwork 1 2 3 4 5 The protagonist is a trainee teacher who commutes to a certain girls' school. Safely finishing the daily practice period, and becoming a regular teacher is his goal. However, his mind begins to tire. Uneasiness and nightmares come in sudden attacks, causing a strain, a social phobia, begins to grow more and more every day. Slowly a fear of the girls he meets with after school begins to emerge, yet at the same time, a desire and passion. Disgust, a kind of taboo, such a feeling is directed to the adult women who are his colleagues. "Am I really fit to be a teacher?" Day by day, the pressure builds. Even when the lessons are over, the lights are off, and the school is closed for another night. He cannot help but wander. There are English reviews. 2. Silver Gene ~The Mutia Chronicle 1~ シルバージーン ~the mutia chronicle 1~ [010302] Candle I will not forget those eyes. A funny cat-ears girl Mi is picked up at a garbage dump. She lost all her memory. I search for clues to regain Mi's memory. A silver gene of Mi gets her hunted by a mysterious organization. For me the only question is how faithfully the story of first Gao Gao is presented and what changes have been made to the story. And in that regard game's done very well. The changes are mostly introduction of more fanservice scenes and eradication of command selection. And that exactly posed the main problem of the game - with command selection gone game has become very short with just one route. I'm still glad Candle stayed loyal to the history, and it's just sad that the other parts of the series could not get a remastered version. 3. Sister Princess シスター・プリンセス [010308] MediaWorks 1 2 3 The premise behind Sister Princess is that an ordinary young man (the player) is made to live with twelve lovable little sisters, each with their own distinct quirks and personalities. Players have about a month to spend with the sisters with each day broken up into three segments: first is the free time period before noon, followed by the period after lunch and ending with another period of time before bed. During day time, the player can choose which of the girls he wishes to escort to school, if any. The period after lunch is similar to the one in the morning, with additional choices which allow the player to go to various places in town besides walking home with one of the girls. Every night before bed, the player will be allowed to check his e-mail and send replies. As the player continues to interact with the sisters, their reactions to their big brother will change accordingly until the ending. There are two different endings for each sister: the normal ending and the "non-blood relation" ending. As the name would suggest, the special ending reveals that the brother-character and sister are not actually related by blood. In the case of some of the older sisters, this can lead to the protagonist and "sister" marrying one another. There is an English review. 4. Condition Blue コンディション・ブルー [010309] PetitPack Main character visits pension "Grüné" to consider including it into a new tourist tour under premise "Let's return to nature!". He pretends to be an ordinary customer and inquires the local girls about the stories of the place. As he advances his investigation, he faces unexpected issues... As a feature of this work, we get tour selling points from the girls stories resulting in eight different tour types. Period is one week and one play time is between 1 and 2 hours. Difficulty level is low, but all these words gathering and different leaflets collecting is confusing. 5. Kurukuru Tenki wa Hanamaru Moyou くるくる天気は花丸模様 [010309] Ange 1 Located in the city of Abel Town, a small inn called Moku More Nittei serves mainly the local Sevito people. Very few humans ever come this way. Once in a while, the explorer Lime will show up with the elf Nashan. One day, a girl named Artia shows up with a treasure map. She claims there is buried treasure beneath one of the trees near the inn. Her announcement causes frenzied digging. These reckless attempts are finally stopped, but the atmosphere remains electric. On top of this, Lime shows up with the female swordsman, Gina, hot on his trail. The excitement and commotion grow... Type is normal ADV, but there are couple battles in each route. There are 7 heroines, and each route takes just from 1 to 4 days. So it's more about chasing girls than anything else. 6. Vie - Itsuka no Natsu no Hi. Vie-いつかの夏の日。 [010309] FlyingShine Main character is a third grader attending basketball club. One day on the way to morning training he saves a girl from a rampage car, but gets to the hospital instead. The injuries are insignificant and are to fully heal in a week time, but there are so many pretty doctors and nurses around that it would be a waste to miss on such opportunity! Looks like FlyingShine have not found themselves yet, but they are trying something absolutely new this time. They specialized on insult games, but now it's a moe hospital nakige. Stories are short and H events come relatively early. Thanks to Carnelian graphical part is flawless. The system is improved considerably from their earlier games. Game lacks depth, but it's the first serious looking game of FlyingShine. 7. Mermaid no Kisetsu マーメイドの季節 [010316] Game Village 1 2 3 The game follows Masato Takahata, a high-school sophomore, living alone, going to school classes and working a part-time at Aqua Rouge cafe. The setting is in the near future with technological advancements, but the living style didn't change that much. One day you find a strange note with an address of a home page. You check it out only to see the ominous warning text. While you're not trying to figure out the mystery behind it, you will traverse town meeting various people, mostly girls and women, with whom you'll work on relationship to become friends with, or something more. There is an English review. 8. Seika no Mori 盛夏の杜 [010316] Guts! 1 This is a visual novel with multiple scenarios, where the story changes depending upon your decisions. You will witness the love story of our hero Seiji Mizuno and his girlfriend Ayumi Takigawa. You will see their lives as circumstances evolve around them: The city and the country, as well as the past and the present. Please pay particular attention to the stage background brimming with emotion. Considered Guts background, it's useless to expect anything other than nukige, but let's try to dig deeper anyway. A boy and a girl date each other for a half a year, but can't become lovers still. They visit home town Bonbon festival, and boy decides to break up with the girl and tag along other girls. Loli characters and abuse of urination scenes add the finishing touches to the picture. 9. Tsubaki-iro no Prigione 椿色のプリジオーネ [010316] Mink Chairman of a huge company dies and his son is called back to Japan. He enjoys his life in the mansion with wonderful servants, but a murder occurs. He decides to hide the fact from publicity and investigate the case himself. There's no surprise game is ero-centered since it's Mink, but let's explore detective side. We need to choose rooms of this huge mansion and talk with the servants. Surprisingly enough, ero part is thin - just service time comes and we get one of four girl servants to do one of the service activities which takes exactly one HCG. In each route there is a different culprit, so repeatability is good. Anime version conveys the atmosphere of the game quite well. 10. Wing & Wind Wing&Wind [010316] Clear 1 From an invitation from his sister, who lives in a small village close to a mountain, our main character uses his vacation time to go visit the village. Here, he meets eternal life, or in other words, the heroine, who carries the destiny of both never growing old and never dying. For the price of eternal life, the heroine is always avoided, the outcast, the outsider. Even with this life of solitude, our heroine leads a happy and bright life. Around this girl are her cousins, a very quiet girl, and a priestess. The simple, ordinary life of our hero is slowly being changed by meeting these girls. Type is a comedy even though such heavy topics like eternal life and death are involved. Game lacks depiction and details - e.g. the three friends of hero remain unnamed. There are four heroines. Difficulty level is high due to fake choices and the story going on naturally for some time after choices are failed. The atmosphere is ok, but there's not enough characters affinity. 11. Silent Hill: Play Novel [010321] KCET 1 2 3 4 5 Silent Hill: Play Novel is an adaptation of the original Silent Hill for Game Boy Advance in the form of visual novel. A visual novel is an interactive fiction game featuring mostly static graphics with text. At certain moments the game asks a player to make a choice between two or more possible variants which affect the following walkthrough. Such kind of games is very popular in Japan, however totally unpopular in the west, therefore Silent Hill: Play Novel was never released outside this country. The game offered two scenarios: for Harry and Cybil (available after completing Harry's Scenario). Also there were four additional scenarios available for download, the main hero of which was the boy named Andy. However Konami ended the download service after a short time. Besides the narration the game features a couple of puzzles and multiple endings. After reaching the ending a player is awarded with Digital Trading Cards - 32 in total for all scenarios. Game is localized and has English reviews. 12. Gensou Suikogaiden Vol. 2: Crystal Valley no Kettou 幻想水滸外伝 Vol.2 クリスタルバレーの決闘 [010322] KCET 1 2 3 After the completion of the Dunan Unification Wars (the events of Suikoden II), Nash intends to return to the capital of Holy Harmonia, the Crystal Valley. However, his travels involve more adventure than he anticipates. His journey involves traveling through the Grasslands, where one village happens to be celebrating the legend of the Flame Champion and the Fire Bringers who stopped the Harmonians from invading some sixty year ago; an unfortunate stop over in Caleria, the base of operations for mercenaries of Southern Harmonian Border Defence Force; helping stop a wild dragon from terrorizing a village before finally reaching his destination. Game is localized and has enough English information 13. Harusame Youbi 春雨曜日 [010322] SIMS Co., Ltd. 1 2 3 The game is set in a Japanese onsen-ryoukan (hot spring inn). The player character is working for three weeks in the inn, which belongs to his auntie. There you meet several girls, workers or customers at the inn. Some of the stories involve Japanese mysticism and supernatural things There are English reviews 14. Sakura Taisen 3 ~Paris wa Moeteiru ka~ サクラ大戦3~巴里は燃えているか~ [010322] Sega 1 2 3 4 5 After events of Sakura Taisen 2 Ichiro Oogami comes to Paris to become a leader of a new formed Paris Kagekidan. In Paris the cover for Kagekidan is not a theatre but carnaval where the members of Paris Kagekidan dancing. New enemies and new romances waits for our protagonist. The members of Paris Kagekidan are: 16-year old nun in training, naive and clumsy Erica Fontaine, heir of old noble family Glycine Bleumer who strongly disrespect the protagonist at first, typical Yamato Nadeshiko, 1/4 French 3/4 Japanese Hanabi Kitaōji, 11-year old Vietnam Orphan who was raised up as a young magician in a circus - Coquelicot and dangerous criminal Lobelia Carlini who warks for Kagekidan for money and to shorten her 1000-year term in prison. There are English reviews 15. Aoki Shinjuku 蒼き新宿 [010323] Penguin Works Shinjuku, 2017. Sharp rise in temperature resulted in flood of huge territories. Deck runs an "information store" and gets a request to investigate a "NOKIA" program. At the same time a big package is delivered that turns out to be a girl who awakens from Cold Sleep and remembers only Shinjuku of 20th century prior to the huge flood... Even males are voiced, but the amount of text is thin, there are just two endings. A low cost work. 16. Dear My Sister Dear My しすたあ [010323] Future Near future, a boom of robotics. A normal family where brother and sister lived in good relations till sister died in a traffic incident. Farther recreated image of the girl in an android. There have never been thoughts of sexual affection towards sister, and yet... There are three heroines for capture. Hero is dense. First half is fooling around, then H starts. The most prominent point in the work is a great work of voice actors. 17. Heart of Hearts [010323] Doors Magic has given a great boost to growth of "Shinsen" country, however it also triggered mass production of monsters that conquered this land. As time passed, an expedition was organized to recapture the territory with the use of soldier raising skills. Raising SIM with dungeon crawler RPG battles. Not my mix of genres to investigate. 18. Kafu ~Kono Shirabe ga Kimi ni Todokimasu You ni~ 花譜 ~この調べが君に届きますように~ [010323] AniSeed 1 Following the great earthquake, the devastated city has finally been reconstructed. Within the city, is a reputable western-style restaurant called, "Fumongen." One day, Muni Saginomiya and her sister Suzune visit the restaurant. The Saginomiya family reign over a very large zaibatsu in the financial world, but for an undisclosed reason, the two girls become waitresses at "Fumongen." This is a high-class restaurant with beautiful waitresses. Through her short time working at this restaurant, Muni is able to learn how to interact and cooperate with people. The highlight of this game is the exquisite animation you will encounter from a first class animator. You will find extravagant animation utilized not only in the hot and sexy scenes, but also throughout the entire game, which really heightens the entire performance. Taisho era resembling restaurant part-time job... can't help projecting Pia Carrot franchise over it. So basically it's a moege with many animations, including H scenes. Anyone expected an epic story? 19. Ouki 櫻姫 [010323] Lapis Main character is a teacher of ancient history. When he arrives home, he is kidnapped in a black car and take to a shrine. He is told a thousand year old legend about a girl that can save the capital, but in order to remember her hero must find an ancient sword. So he sets on a journey to find the sword. System is bad and game is full of bugs including inability to finish the game and frequent game terminations. Patch fixes only ability to reach the ending, but those who managed to do it weren't impressed either with graphics or with a thousand year spurred love story. 20. Ren'ai Chu! ~Kanojo no Himitsu wa Otoko no Ko?~ 恋愛CHU!~彼女の秘密はオトコのコ?~ [010323] Saga Planets Main character enters an elite high school where all love affairs are restricted. He has a girl pen-friend who wants to meet him in real life, but he does not want to risk dropping out of school. One day a new transfer student comes to share a room with protagonist and suddenly embraces him! Transfer student turns out to the pen-friend girl who used her twin brother credentials to sneak into this school. Is this the beginning of the end or a new fun life adventure? There were several games with trap characters, but can they compare with the charm of a reverse trap?! It's a love comedy, but PC version has even main heroine insult darker route. There are also six sub-heroines. Only main heroine has a satisfying good ending. 21. Brave Soul [010330] Crowd 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 It is a world very different from ours, a world in which magic exists, a world where peasants labor under the burden of heavy taxes imposed upon them by the unfair rulers of the land. Although the commoners have a difficult lot, there are those among them with the strength to use his sword and make a name for himself -- an adventurer. To be an adventurer is the dream of every peasant. The story details the journey of a young man who was raised in the countryside of Souvania, on the continent of Valencia. Disowned by his own father and forced to make his way in life, he chooses to become a Hunter, a mercenary who accepts jobs for a variety of adventures. Heading into town to officially join the Hunter’s Guild with his dragon Shell at his side, he happens across a mysterious girl who looks strikingly like the Moon Goddess. The Moon Goddess... Ever since he was young, a beautiful girl appears before him on nights of a full moon. Because of the mysterious manner of her appearance, he gave her her unique name. With the mysterious girl Alicia and dragon Shell at his side, as well as new characters he will join with later, our hero embarks on many bold adventures. But will he ever be able to solve the bizarre mystery of the beautiful Moon Goddess standing in the lake...? Game is localized and has lots of English reviews. 22. Girl's Chat ~Wakariaetara~ ガールズ・チャット ~わかりあえたら~ [010330] Girl's Software Main character's younger sister drops a membership card of the chat club "Girls Chat". Protagonist pretends to be his sister and uses membership card to become friends with chat regulars. 8 short scenarios 1-2 hours long even though the period is a whole month. Easy game with easy shift to H. Still game is more of a moege than a nukige, mostly thanks to cute character design and great voicing. 23. Hinata no Oka ひなたのおか [010330] Pumpkin Software 1 Our hero is stricken with a fatal disease called "Heinemann's Disease." He returns to his hometown to bid his farewells. He is pleased to be among familiar faces, but learns that his first love has passed away from contracting the same disease. As his unfulfilled dreams tear at his heart, our hero begins to build relationships with different women. They confront him with their worries. As he goes about trying to help them, he begins to reconsider his own predicament in life. "Is it enough to merely exist until dying?" As our hero confronts death, his psychological portrayal is truly remarkable. Game proceeds by choosing icon on the map. What's surprising is the amount of uneventful small talk for a dying person. The number of heroines is just 3 instead of announced 5. Without patch game does not launch. There is no impact. 24. Kamaitachi ~Hiiro no Sakeme~ かまいたち~緋色の裂け目~ [010330] Bell-Da Main character comes from an ancient clan and lives with three Shinto maiden sisters. He enters university and visits his home town. On the way back he learns about a strangely cruel murder - it looks like someone is trying to awaken Kamaitachi from the legend. He sees the rift that no ordinary person can see. He needs to enter it and oppose this occult plague himself. Game is a choice ADV, but is mostly about battles with sexy opponents. Balance is very bad. One playthrough takes two hours for 5 in-game days (till hero becomes 20 years old). 25. Kanawanu Koi no Monogatari 叶わぬ恋の物語 [010330] Foster 1 Masayuki Asano is working at his father's architect office. Ritsuko is Masayuki's little sister; she is a college student. One day, Ritsuko doesn't come home. At first, Masayuki is angry, but he starts to worry about her because he hasn't heard from her for two days. Masayuki goes looking for his little sister. When he finally finds her, something isn't right. Ritsuko has lost her memory. Masayuki used to be her loving brother; now, he's just a stranger to her. They still live under the same roof, but what happened to Ritsuko? Will she get her memory back? Through many hardships, Masayuki and Ritsuko try to find the truth. What will their future hold ? This is a zapping style AVG. Playthrough only takes 2 hours. There is zapping system, but there's no real need to zap points of view, story feels as a single road. There are very few choices, like six or so. And - usual for Foster - sudden H events are paid much more attention that text itself. 26. Love Love ☆ Strange Days らぶらぶ☆ストレンジDays [010330] Triangle Main character fails university entrance exams and through an acquaintance gets a place at a boarding house. However, it turns out to be a boarding house dedicated to girls! Girls reject his company and try to drive him out! They don't even let him study. The only way out is to become friends with each of the girls. Is university entrance even possible in such circumstances? Gag comedy, but with lots of H. Period is almost a year. Number of heroines is five, each with roughly 4 H events, many of which are presented thanks to loopholes in the walls. A light work, but repetitive and without a real story. 27. Onsen de Takkyuu 温泉DE卓球 [010330] Studio B-Room Main character organizes a hot springs trip to advance relations with the girl he likes. To invite the girl he asks for his sister's help. But it turns out that sister has her own plans for the girl. Only table tennis match can determine who shares the room with the target girl. Ok, I have not invented a category to block table tennis visual novels. But it does not mean I'll seriously discuss it. 28. Riddle in Riddle [010330] Ast 1 Our setting is 19th century Europe; a metropolis, where among the advancements of industrial revolution, prosperity and corruption live side by side. Our hero runs a detective agency here in a city, that would remind one of London. Everything from simple robberies, exterminations by organized crime, to incidents connected to the royal family come our hero's way. Many different types of requests are brought to Anthony. In the beginning, Anthony had to solve the problems by himself; however with his growing business, he brings in a female partner to help him out. With this new partner's help, cases are cracked much more effectively. Special events also begin to happen with this added intimacy. This is a crime and mystery game, where trouble brings more trouble, and encounters bring even more encounters. Will you be able to solve all of the cases with your beautiful partner? System is quite irritating as each day there's the need to wander around time, sometimes in vain, and time for each incident is limited. Based on observation report is done, and if it's perfectly complete, the case is solved. So it's not a story-focused work, and thus not really interesting. 29. Suiso ~1/2 no Kiseki~ 水素~1/2の奇蹟~ [010330] e-Erekiteru Main character who attends newspaper club matures along with the girls at school. He starts to see in them what he could not see. He starts to know them from the sides unknown before. Wait... what does he even know about girls? Each of five heroines has some quirk in personality that starts to show up after start of dating. Difficulty is standard, but it's quite difficult to get to the preferred girl branch. There is a True End for each heroine if the critical choices are properly done, otherwise is the ordinary End. If the same girl route is entered after initial capture, there are more choices available, but the choices are mostly just for additional H scenes. The pace is quite bad and there's no special appeal. BLOCKED 1. Kango Shichauzo 看護しちゃうぞ [010302] Trabulance 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Life in the medical world can be interesting. Shortly after finally attaining his dream of becoming a doctor, Nakagawa Shinobu is asked to transfer to St. Michael's Nursing School as a substitute teacher. Since the person asking him to make this transfer is none other than Maioka Kaede, the first woman he ever fell in love with and also his own foster mother, how could he ever refuse? The nursing school is full of young, beautiful nurses-in-training, complete with the cutest nurse outfits out there. Despite his desire to be a professional, Shinobu knows old feelings can be sparked back up with just a simple hit of a switch... making any kind of professionalism a thing of the past. Nukige 2. Shiritsu Taisei Gakuen Monogatari 私立大成学園物語 [010302] Swallowtail Pure and innocent Nanami Yuu has just been enrolled at a private school, but it's not your average private school. Secret relationships, kidnapping, and sex are just some of the things going on at this school and Yuu is right in the middle of it. Will he be able to stay the pure virgin he is, or will he get eaten up by one of his fellow students?! Boys Love 3. Canon IV キャノン フォー [010305] Digital Aniki Another fan-fiction VN featuring Ka*on's characters. Fandisc 4. Memories Off Festa メモリーズオフ -フェスタ- [010308] KID A donjara game with Memories Off characters. Fandisk 5. Kyouiku Jisshuu 2 ~Joshikousei Maniacs~ 教育実習2 ~女子校生マニアックス~ [010309] Tetratech Main character is coming on a two-week practice to a girls' academy. He is absolutely shocked first by teachers and then by students behavior. He decides not to hold back if it's the nasty things that girls really desire. Nukige 6. Bukkake Tenshi Silky & Milky ぶっかけ天使シルキー&ミルキー [010316] Evolution One night two lights jumped into main character's room. They turned into two girls - Silky and Milky. They are heavenly warriors chasing the runaway fallen angels. It turns out that protagonist happens to be the source of the energy required for their activities in the human world. Will girls catch fallen angel if hero complies? Nukige 7. Hiiro no Byoutou 緋色の病棟 [010316] Gaia 1 Our hero is admitted to the Tosei General Hospital with a slight lung ailment, only to be erroneously diagnosed as having contracted a serious cancer. He is informed that his mortal days of existence are numbered. No longer caring about consequences, he resolves that if he is going to die anyway, he will do all the things he was never able to, anyway he wishes. He wants to rape every girl that suits his fancy. As he wanders the hospital halls, he looks for opportunities to catch his targeted patients, nurses, and attending physicians. How many young and beautiful girls can you get within 2 weeks? Nukige 8. Sakura no Shizuku 桜のしずく [010316] Ail Main character visits a town where grows a legendary sakura tree rumored to be over 1000 years old. He lives there peacefully until TV station crew arrives to the town. At that time protagonist's other personality suddenly awakens and starts to insult women regardless of his own intention. However, each time he insults a woman, he feels a shift in his other personality. Can he return back to normal? Nukige 9. Shi~mania Tenshi no Shizuku し~まにあ 天使の雫 [010316] Oz Project Watch girls pee. Can you get a drop of an angel? Nukige 10. Konbini こんびに [010318] Katokichi Main character lives in Chiba Prefecture and gets a job at a food shop. But he suffers from loneliness and is about to go to Okinawa where his neighbor Shinichi is supposed to get a job. But suddenly Shinichi arrives at the same food shop, and days obtain a much brighter coloring. Boys Love 11. Doura III ~Kairaiai~ 瞳裸III~傀儡哀~ [010323] Studio Jikkenshitsu 1 In order to prove the correctness of philosophy (alchemy) to the world, our hero has tried to complete his perfect cyborg, Aria. Our hero, Mislandia, has given the cyborg magic stones for eyes. It will take 30 days to prepare the necessary conditions to create "Doura," Cyborgs are expensive to make. He must have capital, and he must collect materials he will need. Our hero must also raise the power level in his cyborg assistant. In order to reach his goal, our hero has chosen to open a sex item shop. Nukige 12. Innocent Family innocentふぁみりぃ [010323] Nekotama What is the definition of a family? Blood bonds? Mamoru has fun with his mother-in-law and sister-in-law every day. It's not a usual family, but he swore to protect and love the people who are important to him. There are also girls outside his house, so his life can get a bit noisy, but he can handle it, no worries. Nukige 13. Kairaku ~Haitoku no Tsubasa~ 快落 ~背徳の翼~ [010323] Rouge The world where angels and demons live in constant struggle. Main character is an angel who gets captured by demons turning into a fallen angel getting accustomed to local life flow. One day two more angels get captured - protagonist's older sister and former lover - but he can't recognized them after his memory is erased. He gets a task to taint both girls and train them into fallen angels... Nukige 14. Mofuku no Gibo 喪服の義母 [010323] Penguin Works No info Nukige 15. Warawanai Erika 笑わないエリカ [010323] Penguin Works Main character's beloved sister Erika dies of heart disease. He lost all the motivation, but his part-time job of private tutor gradually helps him recover. Can he find his other self? Nukige 16. Yasou Bunkasai 夜想文化祭 [010323] Peach Main character is forced to be in cultural festival executive commission in his new school. In such position girls who rely on protagonist show up. Can he meet their expectations and bring the festival to a success? At the same time a suspicious person tempts protagonist every night. Is her true intention to corrupt him? What choices will he make? Nukige 17. Love Hina - Smile Again ラブひな スマイル・アゲイン [010329] Sega Gameplay is mostly just dialogue, but it has a few mini-games and the storyline can be changed based on a luck system. You take control over Keitaro and talk with the girls in Hinata House. Game starts with a menu screen, where you can choose between Story mode, Message Cards or Gallery Mode (Purikura). The story mode has 9 chapterss; Naru's Story, Mutsumi's Story, Motoko's Story, Kitsune's Story, Suu's Story, Shinobu's Story, Muzuho's Story, Bonus Story and Omake. Omake is the last chapter and you can only unlock it if you get a 100% score on the Story mode by completing the other chapters. Each chapter turns into a gold colored square when you have completed it. Fandisc 18. Sentimental Graffiti ~Yakusoku~ センチメンタルグラフティ 〜約束〜 [010329] Interchannel 1 2 Sentimental Graffiti Yakusoku is a sound novel game based on the Sentimental Graffiti series of dating simulation games. It is not actually a game, it is more like a text novel with voice-over about the first meeting of protagonist and each of twelve girls during childhood. There is only one CG for each girl and the background is just the place where the conversation or action takes place. Fandisc 19. Ecchi na Bunny-san wa Kirai? エッチなバニーさんは嫌い? [010330] ZyX 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Yukari Fujisawa had no idea what he was signing up for when he started working at the trendiest new restaurant in town, "Platinum." Platinum is a very classy, upscale place, catering to those with plenty of money in their pockets. And the gorgeous women working there all dress in bunny costumes! But these gorgeous girls aren't your average bunny girls -- they're incredibly horny! As Yukari works alongside these sexy girls, they begin to let him know just how exciting they can be. Apparently you need quite the libido to be a bunny girl, and these girls seem to have some really unique desires. Nukige 20. Kisaku 鬼作 [010330] Elf Kisaku, professional letch and all-purpose pervert, is the best when it comes to blackmailing the local women into performing lurid sex acts. While quality is preferable over quantity, Kisaku has some plans for both. Nukige 21. Kiss x 100 GiriGiri na Onna-tachi KISS×100 GiriGiriな女達 [010330] Winters 1 Keiichi has been an only child until his father remarries. All of a sudden, he ends up with 3 stepsisters. Time passes on and Keiichi reaches adolescence. He begins to learn about sexual passion from his stepsisters. We find him spending his days and nights in passionate lovemaking with his 2 sisters, Mikage and Hitoyo. What's more, his stepmother, Mina is added to the list. Keiichi's sister Luli cannot put up with this. She tries to put a stop to this nonsense Nukige 22. Nayu-chan no Yuuutsu 奈夕ちゃんのユウウツ [010330] Honey Dip Main character is a psychiatrist, and Nayu-chan is his assistant. They use new mental extension device SECOM at treatment sessions. With its help they listen to girls troubles and lift mental suffering. However, there is a suspicious organization that aims at SECOM device. Will protagonist protect Nayu-chan and SECOM while solving patients' problems? Nukige 23. Paro Special! Oui Soudatsusen パロスペシャル! 王位争奪戦 [010330] Omni-sha Underground military base is visited by the princess. Unexpectedly alarm is triggered and base becomes sealed while regime enemies show up. Main character needs to protect the princess and manage to escape in a week's time, or she can't attend coronation and conspiracy faction takes the lead. Luckily all the base personnel are women, so it may be possible to find non-violent solution for some of them. Nukige 24. Vanishing/I's [010330] Gastro Main character lives peacefully with his sister after loosing both parents. But one day beloved sister dies as well. The autopsy shows that sister bore a child. To avenge humiliation and death of his sister, protagonist infiltrates her education facility. He chooses the means to insult the officials who could not notice sister's despair and that way approach the real culprit. Nukige
  4. What are you reading? Untranslated edition

    Which one did you drop? I did not have enough courage to play old-fashioned Aozora myself, so I greatly appreciate any positive/negative feedback on the game like the fact of drop and reason for it.
  5. Lipstick ADV.4 [Fairytale]

    Foreword: I rated Lipstick Adv.EX as 9/10 and I just can't believe that absolutely the same people - Fairytale and scenario writer Notori Shinji - could really make a terrible game after that. I hope to present an unbiased opinion from a person who knows the series well. Title: Lipstick ADV.4 Developer: Fairytale Date: 2001-02-23 VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v8780 Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgQ6XYeF1ro Synopsis: A small detective office in a non-descript back street shopping center, there is Goro Asami, a private detective, competent in his job, with business going well, but not well enough to live in wealth. There is Otomi Kiyosato, a student of Siratori High and the founder of the "Beauty Private Detective Club, one of the stranger clubs in that school, being an absolute pain in the ass by claiming to be Goro's assistant and inviting herself to his office enough to absolutely drive him up the wall. During this period of relative bliss, an unexpected incident shatters the peace of Siratori High. Mari Kitagawa, the chief manager for the Creative Literature Club, is found dead with massive doses of tranquilizers and sleeping pills in her body. From the location of the body and the means of her death, the police initially declared this to be a suicide, but by the following day, they abruptly change their stance by issuing a cryptic statement that "Her death was not from suicide." Rumors spread throughout the high school like wildfire, and Otomi and her fellow detective club members began investigating the case. Goro also begins investigating this strange case, after being hired by the victim's father. With Otomi's cooperation, each step of the case gradually comes to light. Yet, before the case could be determined to be murder or suicide, Tomoko Andou is found raped and murdered at the thicket of the high school's rear compound. What is going on? Are the deaths related? Who wrote that mysterious notice, "Who's next?" on the board? Structure: 6 ACTs Length: 7 hours Game type: School detective story Difficulty: Easy since it's a one road story with only bad endings on wrong choices Character Design rating: 7/10 Protagonist rating: 6/10 Story rating: 6/10 Game quality: 5/10 Overall rating: 6/10 Rating comments: I don't consider this game a masterpiece, thus can't rate it higher than 6. My biggest complaints are about sudden H events and the story that I failed to see logical development in. About that in relative sections. Protagonist: Goro has not changed much, but he is not voiced and actually is paid terrifically little time in the story. He can't get any results and is not good even for an advice. What he only manages to do is seduce nurse from the hospital that controls medicaments used with first victim death. So he's portrayed just as gigolo and at the same time all his special connection with Otomi goes to hell. Characters: Game is a single road story, there there aren't character routes. Otomi is one of two protagonists. The other two female detective club members Rieko and Aki are still there with their personalities totally the same as in Lipstick Adv.EX. There are also some 6-10 girls that exist for entourage/fanservice/as victims. Story: Scenario is actually as sophisticated as in Lipstick Adv.EX. But in that game both protagonists were able to find the clue that led them both at the same time to the criminal. In Lipstick ADV.4 there is much more chaos and depression and much less logic. If I remember Lipstick Adv.EX mostly by detective club smalltalk and fabulous epic fails of Rie, Lipstick ADV.4 is remembered by crying faces and atmosphere of total hopelessness. The killings continue to happen, the billboard notices concerning criminal next actions continue to be drawn each day, the voyeur cameras are found, but no steps are made to identify the culprit. It is a SPOILER ahead, but without it can't describe the flaw of the game. CG: There are quite many CG, but they all feel bleak. Most of them are just one girl / several girls standing still. Even CG with some activity are poorly done and I can't feel affection for them. Also I'm absolutely surprised by the fact that 8/9 H scenes are shown during the main course of the game and just one as a part of a bad ending. All the other bad endings just present a gore picture of some death. I'd really want to see H scenes only as part of BAD endings. Sound: All girls are voiced and BGM... not remaining in the memory. Thoughts: 1) Story was the first element that disappointed me, but the second element is Otomi. The whole series was holding on the fact that a sexy girl can be a full-fledged partner in detective office and not an object of sexual manipulation. And Lipstick Adv.EX was surprisingly true to the series. Otomi equivalent Koume there manages to remain a symbol of purity, and her kidnapping in the end is seen as an attempt to defile that purity of the series. Koume remains virgin loyal to Megumi (equivalent of Gorou). But what happens in Lipstick ADV.4 is freaking weird. Otomi interrupts two girls having fun and as a result gets involved into a mild lesbo 3P. After that she thinks it over at home and understands that she was practically raped there. But on the next day she is invited by the same two girls to the karaoke and under their pressure just can not say "no" - and she freaking gets raped for the second time... that's just so humiliating and stupid, really. Humiliating because it goes in contradiction with the whole series experience and stupid because only an idiot would step on the same rake two times! 2) Comparison of Lipstick Adv.EX and Lipstick ADV.4. I've no idea why Lipstick Adv.EX has basically the very same characters, but with different names, probably because of some rights issues or some characters getting an irreversible development. But with both games having the same scenario writer it's natural that games are very much alike. More that that - I see an absolute mirroring in many cases. Both games start with the girl death and have highest depression peak after second girl death. Both games have spontaneous scenes of girls being insulted by an unknown person. And I even see the mirroring in the fact that the core motive of both first murders in both games is justice seeking revenge, but the next murders are only seemingly of the same kind, but actually absolutely different. So games are very much alike, but in absolutely every element Lipstick Adv.EX prevails. Overall comments: Lipstick ADV.4 is not a bad game at all, but it is basically a degraded version of Lipstick Adv.EX and thus is shown in a bad light. At the same time Lipstick ADV.4 breaks several traditions of the series: 1) It has nothing to do with the bombings 2) It defiles the figure of main heroine 3) It humiliates talents of main hero making story develop by itself With that I suggest to extradite Lipstick ADV.4 from being a part of the series. Amen.
  6. VN of the Month February 2001 - Tasogare

    Tasogare is the only masterpiece of the month and winner by default. But for review I'm picking Lipstick ADV.4 to put an end to my history with these series. 1. Okaeri! ~Yuunagi iro no Koi Monogatari~ おかえりっ! ~夕凪色の恋物語~ [010202] Arco Entertainment 1 2 This is the story of Youhei Oohira, a third year college student living alone in Tokyo. One summer, he returns to Himegima island for his teaching practice. On the ferry to the island he runs into his childhood friend, Nagisa Shinohara, who gets agitated by the fact that he didn't recognize her. While on the island, Youhei meets other characters, mainly girls, where this story of love and friendship begins. Five heroines - five hour intro plus two hours per heroine route. Game cost is much lower than average, so it becomes obvious that it's quite a simple nostalgia countryside adventure. There is a mystery on the island which gets fully depicted on seeing all the endings. 2. Tasogare 誰彼~たそがれ~ [010209] Leaf 1 2 3 4 You are part of a special program in the Imperial Army of Japan. During WW2 you were a clone that were subject of tests and special mutations. Liquid were injected into you that helped you develop special powers, like better healing and vision. The most important of all, immortality. You will die eventually if you are exposed to limb/body damage beyond the rate of repair, but anyway you will stay young forever. Among your hibernation grounds there were also 3 others. One whom you once called friend. For some reason your hibernation was interrupted when your friend tried to kill you. Being almost immortal your brawl was interrupted when 2 girls entered the domain and caused your "friend" to divert attention to the uninvited visitors. Soon you found yourself on the ground and were carried to safety by the 2 girls. After a few word of exchange you were discharged from the hospital and went home with one of the girls that you saved. Meeting your clone you discovered that you have been dormant for almost 50 some years! There are English reviews. 3. Sen no Tomoshibi no Mukou ni ~Outer Ring Tale~ 千の灯火の向こうに~OuterRingTale~ [010211] Studio Neko Punch Year in early 2200s, space pioneering era. Main character Ares is a bounty hunter taking various job on requests. His aim is to save 50 million credits and organize an expedition to the Second Galaxy where his father got missing. There may be secondary goals to help heroines in need, but the journey goes on as long as a star named "dream" keeps shining in people's mind. Character design is unique, but males are painted just horribly. Missions are almost exclusively of carry, rescue and patrol types. Battles are rare, but very difficult in second half. Heroines stories have a heavy feeling, but everyday talks are light and fun. 4. Believe [010216] Forte Main character is born into a family with special powers. His village gets burnt and he flees together with his sister, but the get separated. Boy is saved from a muddy stream by a demonist. As protagonist grows up, he opens a detective office also hunting for demons. Investigation leads him to girls exercising some magical powers and to a young man connected to his village fire. The few reviews there are claim that game is very confusing and very little is explained. There are killings and lots of insult. 5. Kyou Kara Idol ~Imitation Doll~ 今日からアイドル ~IMITATION DOLL~ [010216] Chiffon Main character's elder sister who works as an idol suddenly disappears. Her brother who has the same appearance takes her place under pressure of their mother and idol manager at the same time. Main character welcomes getting to know other idols closely, but where is his sister? Story is comical and mostly consists of running after other idol girls. Sister shows up, but is not available for capture. Number of H events is quite high, but it's not the main aim of the game. 6. Mirai wa Bokura no Te no naka ni 未来はぼくらの手のなかに [010216] Shape Shifter In girls school there is a legend that on a full moon night there are 13 stairs in a staircase of an old school building instead of 12, and that the curse of the city is linked with these 13 stairs. On a full moon night two weeks before cultural festival main character witnesses a girl staying on 13 stairs. Has she got cursed? As school festival draws near, mysterious phenomena occur one by one. Will protagonist be able to lift the curse from the girl with the help of his friends before the festival? Game is much more of a comedy than a mystery. But love element is thin, it's basically fooling around for the most part of the root, and then sudden confession. The girl that accumulates the most favorability wins. One playthrough is about 3 hours. 7. Ragna ラグナ [010216] Nikukyuu Scion El is a town that enjoys peace after sealing an evil spirit. But as young prince inherits the kingdom, disarray starts to spread out. Neighboring country enemy forces overrun Scion El. Young king returns to his deprived town and decides to fight against invaders. Some strategy with units and turn-based army battles. Battles are very poorly done and are too frequent, usually every second day. Girls events feel secondary. 8. Di Gi Charat Fantasy デ・ジ・キャラット ファンタジー [010222] Broccoli 1 2 3 4 Take on the role of a boy with a crush on Dejiko who, along with Dejiko, Puchiko, and Rabi-en-Rose, gets sucked through a dimensional vortex into a fantasy world. The player finds himself alone with Dejiko in a forest, and she's lost her memory. In this game, players are given a very different view of Dejiko, as the amnesia makes her innocent and shy. There is an English review 9. Piyona Pikona ぴヨナ=ピコナ [010222] Rune Main character is a prince of a kingdom, but he is branded ineligible for succession because of magic affinity. He enters "Magical High School" to prove his worth, but decides to rather get himself a harem from girl students and teachers. Period is 70 days which is painfully long. After that there is chosen heroine ending. Game type is a comedy. Overall game can be enjoyed as a comedy, but the redundant and repeating gameplay leaves only bad impressions. 10. C' ~Can't Live Without You~ [010223] Rasen Main character has a lover. Both of them have affairs on a daily basis, but from time to time get together. Will there ever be the day when they get the same surname? Each scenario is short, but true route opens up upon clearing all ordinary routes. Content mostly consist of slice of life scenes. Difficulty level is high because of the flags. 11. Flutter of Birds ~Toritachi no Habataki~ flutter of birds~鳥達の羽ばたき~ [010223] Silky's 1 Yusaku is a medical school student who has come back to his old hometown to work at the local clinic. During his time there, his earnest nature allows the women of the clinic, both staff and patients, to open up to him emotionally and sexually. A nakige of above average level, but won't be interesting to those not looking for nakige and country hospital slice-of-life. 12. Four Card [010223] Tail Main character find all his household items gone after returning home from camping. There is only a letter on the floor saying that his parents suddenly gone to Bahamas selling the house and entrusting protagonist to his uncle's care. He settles at uncle's place under the same roof with four pretty girls. There are four heroines for capture, but youngest sister does not have H events. Atmosphere is heartwarming and tempo is good, but lack of voicing really hurts in a moege. 13. Genjuu Shuushuudan 幻獣蒐集団 [010223] Pinky Soft The Highlandy Republic and the Dragon Empire normalized their diplomatic relations through negotiations. In addition, "International highway" was built as a magical defensive means against phantom beasts. Aneka is a small town in the northern part of the Highlandy Republic, mostly known for mountaineering. However it has a mysterious provincial guild that takes on requests far more difficult than a normal hunters guild. It is rumored to have a unique secret phantom beast capturing technique. Main character travels to Aneka from Dragon Empire and meets phantom beast collector girl Jade. Once again a crude 3D dungeon crawler with lots of H encounters. 14. Lipstick ADV.4 Lipstick ADV.4 [010223] Fairytale 1 A small detective office in a non-descript back street shopping center, there is Goro Asami, a private detective, competent in his job, with business going well, but not well enough to live in wealth. There is Otomi Kiyosato, a student of Siratori High and the founder of the "Beauty Private Detective Club, one of the stranger clubs in that school, being an absolute pain in the ass by claiming to be Goro's assistant and inviting herself to his office enough to absolutely drive him up the wall. During this period of relative bliss, an unexpected incident shatters the peace of Siratori High. Mari Kitagawa, the chief manager for the Creative Literature Club, is found dead with massive doses of tranquilizers and sleeping pills in her body. From the location of the body and the means of her death, the police initially declared this to be a suicide, but by the following day, they abruptly change their stance by issuing a cryptic statement that "Her death was not from suicide." Rumors spread throughout the high school like wildfire, and Otomi and her fellow detective club members began investigating the case. Goro also begins investigating this strange case, after being hired by the victim's father. With Otomi's cooperation, each step of the case gradually comes to light. Yet, before the case could be determined to be murder or suicide, Tomoko Andou is found raped and murdered at the thicket of the high school's rear compound. What is going on? Are the deaths related? Who wrote that mysterious notice, "Who's next?" on the board? I need to see this resolution with my own eyes. 15. Mitsuru Tsuki 満つる月 [010223] Sirius 1 Story takes place in the second year of the Taisho era (1914), protagonist is a psychic detective. He is asked to investigate the house of a princess who was about to get married but suddenly had a change of personality and became violent like posessed. To investigate this matter he infiltrated the house disguised as a servant... There are 13 endings, but many of them are just slightly different and even reuse the same CG. There are 10 heroines for capture. There are few puzzle/mystery elements in the game, so it's useless as a detective story - the approach is ero-centered, 3-4 H scene per heroine. Each heroine has some secret, but a huge chunk of the flow is the same each time, so it gets repetitive very soon. 16. Shinohana 紫花 -しのはな- [010223] PL+US A quiet mountain village. A boy is found fallen in the waterfall and a girl is found fallen from a mountain there. Both have lost memory. Can village songs and mysterious flowers growing there be keys to their memory? Zapping system adventure. But this shift between protagonists is used mostly to solve puzzles rather than actually affect story. Each scenario is short, but the number of scenarios is big. The largest disappointment that after all those puzzles and scenarios village mystery remains intact. 17. Sokkou Hikaku Jirai Circle 速攻非核地雷サークル [010223] Libido Strategy to lay landmines and destroy enemy robots. Main character is a mechanic that assists heroines who manage robots equipped with firearms. Winning means insults of enemies and losing means insults of allies. A win-win situation. So it's rather a nukige with a mini-game attached. I never expected anything else from Libido. 18. Storia ~Ouma no Mori no Himegimi-tachi~ Storia ~逢魔の森の姫君達~ [010223] 1 The season is autumn, near Halloween. Our hero, Alfonse, and his acclaimed assistant and cousin, Marybell, visit Wolf Wood, a town surrounded by a deep forest. On the surface, their reason for visiting the town is to find material for his novel; however the real purpose for their visit is to search for his friend who had disappeared 4 years ago. Alfonse received a single letter stating that his friend had come to Wolf Wood. They stop at the town's only inn, Ruu Inn. The only people there are a rich man named Joe Cunningham and the owners of the inn, Erin, Aria, and Caress, who are sisters. No one has heard of his friend, Kirks; however there is a legend handed down from ancient times that every 4 years, a young man disappears on Halloween night... The number of events is too small, so romance part is no good. Such hasty romance does not suit serious story development. Other parts besides love are poorly described. BLOCKED 1. Wriggling Malice [010204] Guerilla Corps Looks like just the third part of the very same game. Boys Love 2. Choir Choir~クァイア~ [010209] Rateblack There used to be a man seeking "immortality". He uses his vast assents to conduct crazy experiments. As a result, "magic" was born. Magic needs a conductor in the form of a card. Mage acquired immortality but for the price of the need to search for new body each time and fall asleep for a long time afterwards. Last time he got into the body of a young Japanese man during Taisho era, and then fell asleep. He wakes up on October 2000... Card game 3. Deathtopia デストピア [010209] Gaia 1 Seiji is a teacher at the West Star Academy with a secret agenda - to take revenge on a female teacher Ruriko for some slight she did to him. Natheless, revenge is dish best served cold, and Seiji first intends to corrupt and turn into the sex slaves three of Ruriko's favorite students Sae, Chisato and Manami using drugs and hypnosis. To that end he gets the help of a yakuza boss Ryouji and another student Yuriko. Nukige 4. Gibo 義母 [010209] Guilty 1 2 3 4 5 When Yagami Yuusuke was just a little boy, he witnessed something which no one should ever see. He'll never forget the scene of his own mother, locked in the throes of passion with a man who wasn't his father. Her adultery caused his happy home to come crashing down and his father divorced her. Ever since those dark days, Yuusuke has been mistrustful of what the concept of 'mother' really was supposed to be. Now, after so many years, Yuusuke's father has remarried and suddenly he got a new stepmother, or gibo (japanese). The woman his father married was not old, but young and beautiful. When he looked at Misako for the first time, he felt that something had moved inside him. As the days went by, Yuusuke found himself thinking of his new mother in ways that shocked even himself. Could he really accept this beautiful woman as his mother? After all, he already found out what mothers are really like the day when he saw how unfaithful they can be. Punishment may be necessary... Nukige 5. Kimi ga Ita Ano Hi 君がいたあの日 [010209] Noise 1 Our hero has come to a small, ocean side clinic as an intern. Here, he is faced with Kouta Suzukaze, a girl who has been hospitalized with a fatal illness that cannot be cured or even treated with modern medicine. Due to her imminent death, she has closed herself off from the world. Is it possible for you, as an intern, to help her open up? You will get to meet Kouta's rival and little sister, Komichi, along with the hot and seductive Dr. Ryoko Nagauchi. You will be able to hear full-voice narrations and enjoy every scene in full-CG animation. Nukige 6. Shiiku Chuu ~Zenryousei Mesu Dorei no Manabiya~ 飼育中 ~全寮制メス奴隷の学舎~ [010209] Zero Monastery is transformed into an academy where orphans and abused children are gathered. New owner decides to use it to satisfy his dark desires and desires of powerful people sending unspeakable requests. Nukige 7. Fragrance Tale [010216] Limenade In a system created by Gaea, three planets exist: Flaithis, akin to the Heavens, where the angels live, Annwn, akin to Hell, where the demons live, and the Earth-like Rirudahna which lies between the two. Flaithis and Annwn have been at war for many years, and it isn't any surprise that the peaceful Rirudahna, which falls between the two, would be drug into the battle. A young boy, Liam, who is a student on Rirudahna, is visited by Lugh, the angelic ruler of Flaithis, to find fragrances and mix a perfume with the power to bring the holy forces and demonic forces together in mediation and thus bring peace, and Liam accepts this task. He is visited by angels from Flaithis that aid him in bringing him the scents of their homeland to help his quest, but the demons of Annwn also find out about this plot, and decide to work their own strategy against it, also visiting Liam and bringing him the fragrances of Annwn. Can Liam create the peace-bringing legendary fragrance "Naveri"? Or will he instead find himself falling for one of his angelic or demonic visitors? Boys Love 8. Punipuni Nyuunyuuten ぷにぷに生乳店 [010216] Airyu 1 As a counter measure against worldwide famine, Japan has taken up milking domestic animals... Our hero's work and the object of the game: To squeeze a certain amount of milk in a designated amount of time from life forms called Alma, who have taken on the appearance of young girls... This involves more than just squeezing. In order to efficiently extract high quality milk, our hero must administer drugs, properly train and take care of these Alma. These Alma, just like human girls, each have different personalities. If you want to get the most in an efficient way, you've got to treat each alma according to her needs! There are also relationships to be had with other great looking babes. You'll witness rebelling almas trying to escape, along with other exciting events. Enjoy the fun at this sexy farm! Nukige 9. Kokan Hunter ~Amai Fukurami~ 股間ハンター ~甘いふくらみ~ [010222] Usagi Software Goro Goro is the only groin hunter in the world. Today he will wander around the city again in search for shiny legs! Nukige 10. Burugeteki Datsui Shougi ブルゲ的脱衣将棋 [010223] Blue Gale 1 One day, our hero receives a letter from his distant uncle asking him if he would like to come and visit. Our hero heads out for his uncle's estate. Awaiting him are the successive beautiful girls appearing in the "Blue Gale Game". Anything goes! The uncle, who is really into Shogi, (Japanese Chess) tells our hero that he would like him to challenge the girls in a game of Shogi. Furthermore, if our hero wins, the girls have to strip. If he wins all the way to the end, he gets a free luxurious cruise trip around the universe! Our hero suddenly gets all fired up to play: "I've got to win!" This is the first genuine Japanese Chess game that you get to play with gorgeous babes. Your opponents are all successive characters from the "Blue Gale Game"; all you fans out there will get a kick out of this! Nukige 11. Dolls Antique ~Ningyou-tachi no Yakata~ Dolls Antique ~人形達の館~ [010223] Touchable 1 In order to fulfill his father's wishes, our hero has succeeded in his footsteps to become a master doll maker. He has come to the " Doll Shop" to complete his father's remaining unfinished doll, Linea. Starting with the manager, Ayaka, there are many dolls living at the "Doll Shop". All of these soul-harboring dolls were injured in the past and were saved at one time or another by the owner of the shop. Finally, Linea is completed. However she does not have any emotions when she awakens. At a loss of what to do, the old master reassures our hero by telling him, "her soul has not been perfected yet, so she can learn from the other dolls". With the help of the other dolls, Linea is able to gain a heart. However with the completion of her soul, incidents begin happening... The dolls are suddenly attacked. Our hero takes a stand to defend Linea, who has just begun to feel... Nukige 12. Hinpyoukai ~Auction~ 品評会~オークション~ [010223] Error Main character is a vendor at an auction. His goods are of the high quality respected by everyone. The goods are girls. He uses the position of a teacher and trains the finest quality product. This time he moves out of his comfort zone and marks six new women as preys. He receives requests at an auction. Nukige 13. Kawaisou na Fuukei かわいそうな風景 [010223] Authoring Heaven Main character finds pleasure in watching girls being insulted. He stays as a bystander to the end to see the result with his eyes. Nukige 14. Kurui ~Ryoujoku Kyoushitsu~ 狂い ~凌辱教室~ [010223] Hiyoko Soft (old) 1 Our hero, Yosuke has become an expressionless being caused by the loss of his girlfriend from childhood, Yuki Hinata, who committed suicide. Yosuke enrolls in the university he and Yuki had planned on enrolling in together. Unfortunately, Yosuke's wounded heart never recovers; his condition worsens to the point of him becoming a total recluse. He begins having counseling sessions with a young assistant professor named Kasumi. Even with these sessions, Yosuke does not recover. Yosuke and Kasumi gradually become intimate; without realizing it, they become bound in a physical relationship. For Yosuke, this relationship is nothing more than an instrument to satisfy his lustful desires. Losing himself in these day-to-day carnal pleasures, Yosuke has become enchanted with a reoccurring nightmare... Nukige 15. Mamotte Agetai. ~Dear My Master~ まもってあげたい。~Dear My Master~ [010223] Atelier Kaguya 1 Our hero has led an ordinary and uneventful life up to this point. One day, 4 beautiful girls suddenly come to our hero's front door; they want to help our hero protect the world from the forces of evil. Obviously our hero is completely bewildered. The world is in grave danger, if they don't stop the reckless use of the weapons that his ancestors help develop. These cycloid girls have been sent to support our hero who has the potential of possessing powerful supernatural powers... This set up sounds pretty heavy, but this game is really a bright comedy. These cycloids are basically the hero's servants, so he can have sexual fun anytime and anywhere he wishes. Furthermore, this develops into quite the love story with our hero's childhood girlfriend Yui getting caught up in it all. This game is composed of two parts: The school part and the home part. The home training part is especially important; for it is here that our hero's supernatural powers are awakened. Within this game, there are some powers that cannot be awakened simply with serious training. It's your assignment to acquire these special powers and use them in this sexual battle! Nukige 16. Mission Slave Goumon Yuugi ミッションスレイブ 拷問遊戯 [010223] Mischief Terrorism is on the roll, so main characters tortures girls to get information useful in homeland security protection. Nukige 17. Neko SM ねこえすえむ [010223] PIL Main character is walking in the city when a girl with cat ears hands him SM club membership card. There are S, M and VIP courses there, and treatment will vary according to girl's sympathy towards client. Nukige 18. Saigo ni Kanaderu Kyousoukyoku 最後に奏でる狂想曲 [010223] Touchy 1 The main character "Kamijyou Makoto" was suddenly named chairman of "St. Ford Academy" by his grandfather's will. Makoto is a young, studying honor student and is a role model for people. However...contrary to his mild face that seems disappointed, his mind was hit by an unspeakable madness due to the incident that occurred in the past. His younger sister was killed by someone a year ago. And Makoto knows that their are school girls deeply involved in the incident that made him go into deep despair at this academy. The death of that sister drives Makoto's heart. Occasional strikes of unspeakable cravings. Distrust of human beings. A dark desire to destroy so mush of his reasoning...The face of madness hidden behind the face of an honor student. A sheet of music that he came across caught his desire intensely. When learned, the words floating in Makoto's chest formed a single word... It was the two letters of "revenge." In order to find out the female student's intentions, they fall into Makoto's hands one by one... Every time he gets closer to the truth of the case, the ripped sheet music gathers at hand...The unknown melody flows through Makoto's memory. Why was my sister killed? Will Revenge be achieved? And What is the truth the torn song plays? Nukige 19. Shin Nouryokusha 真・脳力者 [010223] MBS Truth Remake of Nouryokusha with additional heroine Madoka, a runaway girl. Remake 20. 14days [0102] LaplusCube What's the reason behind protagonist sudden confession to two his sempai? Boys Love 21. Tsukihime Plus-Disc 月姫 PLUS-DISC [0102] Type-Moon 1 2 This is a fan disc of Tsukihime containing one short visual novel story, two omake stories and other fan materials. Akira Seo, an underclassman of Tsukihime's Akiha Tohno, becomes acquainted with someone calling themselves Shiki Tohno, and together they set out to solve the mystery of a recent series of murders. Fandisc
  7. Foreword: With deletion of boukennonikki blog there's only one review of this game left, so I hope to fill the vacuum, even though it won't be even remotely as good, but should be same critical. Title: Vampiridzhija Vjedogonia Developer: Nitroplus Date: 2001-01-26 VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v433 Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv8FJtK-V943T3Tubn32ekIB Synopsis: One night the protagonist sees a beautiful woman in distress; he tries to help her but she bites him. She turns out to be a vampire! And now he will turn into a vampire too, unless he finds her again and destroy her first. So he joins with a group of vampire-hunters... Structure: 13 days Length: 4-5 hours x 4 routes Game type: Vampire wars SF story. Difficulty: Easy since there are only 4-5 choices in the game. But choices are absolutely not connected with either heroine, so it may be very painful to find the leftover one-tow routes without walkthrough. Character Design rating: 6/10 Protagonist rating: 7/10 Story rating: 8/10 Game quality: 6/10 Overall rating: 7/10 Rating comments: I feel it's a giri-giri masterpiece, thus only 7. I especially liked that four heroines routes are very different. Protagonist: Souta is always cool. He's mature, strong, fast to act and reliable. All his CG are superb. Characters: There are four heroines: childhood friend Kaori, serious meganekko Misako, vampire hunter gothic loli Mora and ancient vampire Leanhaun. The major part of their routes coincides, but in-between battles there are individual developments and often even new enemies or old characters transformation. It can be also noted that Kaori+Mora and Misako+Leanhaun routes are paired up and have relatively few differences between themselves. Story: I rated story high because of changes in each route. The main story is not as sophisticated as I'd hope it to be. Souta has bites on his neck and vague memories of some girl just before that. He accidentally observes a monster rampaging and getting slain by a pair of vampire hunters. They finally shed some light on the neck bites, and at the next monster encounter Souta is able to release his power. They decide to organize a set of diversions against an organization that executes on the vampire who bit Souta which follows by a front assault on the base. In very crude words, that's it. There are several cool guys, both enemies and allies, and each heroine story adds her perspective, but the core remains intact. Again, quite simplistic story, but well developed in details one. Technical issues: In order to use 1.03 patch that allows to skip battles it's needed to reach at least one good ending. If you don't want to fight that badly, you'll need 100% savegame, just like I did - then in option there will be a new line to skip battles. Also my preferred capture site foolmaker had a very bad mistake in first action of Misako route, so I wasted 4 more hours of my life that I needed to. CG: Character design is bad, and eyes melt at times at the sight of those character sprites, but at CG there are - usually - much better perspectives. Sound: NO voicing! That's very upsetting. What I liked in sound support was that there were some nice full compositions at the place of musical performances. Oh, and song on the base assault timing is just perfect, and very memorable. Thoughts: Vampirdzhija is a spiritual successor to Phantom of Inferno. It's seen very well in love to weapons and animated sequences. HOWEVER those 3D backgrounds really devalue everything. As if character designs aren't good enough demotivation. But in action scenes 3D is quite a plus - thanks to that we get a very dynamic picture thanks to the same bike shot from lots of different angles etc. So there is some merit in it. Overall comments: As I see it, there was a revolution with issue of Tsukihime by Type-Moon. It has become evident that it's not necessary to invite Carnelian and polish romance elements for a game to sell well. And it's not needed to make another Phantom of Inferno huge masterpiece each time. Just get a good scenario writer, and even Tsukihime photo backgrounds and simplistic character designs are enough. Vampirdzhija Vjedogonia was exactly the same attempt to reopen visual novels from a totally different from mainstream side, and in my opinion it failed at that due to story limitations primarily. But look at it from another side - game with bad character designs + 3D background and some CG + annoying fighting minigame + NO voicing. And such a game is still a great success, and even considered a masterpiece by me. Truth be told, I just don't like Urobuchi Gen writing as it's always so much fuss about epic setting and action with a very mediocre story behind it. Saya no Uta is a special case since it basically broke Urobuchi life being such an intense narration. So what I want to keep in memory the most in this game is the awesome CG, so here they are.
  8. I consider Renaissance , Yougen Tennyo and Vampirdzhija Vjedogonia to be masterpieces of the month, but chuuni always wins. 1. Renaissance [010112] JIN Koji is a would be artist, living alone under his aunt's, who is a genius in Art, support. He hates his father because he didn't take care of his mother when she was sick. His father tries to repair their relationship and Koji's hate starts to thaw and decides to go back to Tokyo to enter a university. However, it seems that triggered by his decision, mysterious incidents start to happen around Koji.... Watercolor graphics and special language are the features of this work. I don't like the structure here as we need to choose our next day activity each evening, and if school is chosen, there's the need to choose lessons to attend as well - I believe such structure hurts narration. As for language, it's so called intellectual and exquisite. As a result, much is not explained and should be guessed. The great thing about the story is that even though routes are seemingly unrelated, all the stories get together in the end. Game is of masterpiece level, but not for everyone due to specific language. 2. Fuuraiki 風雨来記 [010118] FOG 1 2 3 In Fuuraiki the player controls a photographer that got an assignment to take the ferry to Hokkaido region and there he will start a journey in which he will take photographs of places and will meet different kind of people (most of them girls). The game features a photograph viewer in which the player can view all the photos that he took during the game. There are lots of different places to visit and different characters to talk to and take photographs. The game takes place in the far northern Hokkaido region. Contributions to a writing assignment await the reporter at the end of each day which requires suitable photos taken during the day and an online bulletin board is available for making contact with the home office. There are English reviews. 3. Angelic Concert エンジェリック コンサート [010119] Success 1 You're a DJ, if DJ's existed in the medieval magical setting that the story is based on, who happen to be the 'music' behind the voice of the main character. Now, her aim in life is to aim higher in her musical career by entering the Angelic Concert. The winner receives fame, fortune and adventure on the short but well-drawn way to the concert. The game mixes AVG-style text with musical minigames. Not even going to look at this child game. 4. Cheerio! ちぇりお! [010119] Tactics 1 Our main character is a senior in high school. He's a student studying his hardest to get into the same big city-high class university as his girlfriend, who is one year ahead of him. A high school student and a college student. The big city and the country. Because of their different situations and the distances involved, they are slowly drifting apart. Around our main character, we have inseparable relationships with girls, cute cousins, a quiet class mate, and a new clumsy teacher. With these natural relationships with these girls, our hero could not help but feel that the rift between him and his girlfriend is mending. Story oriented game, but I don't like the format. The period is long (about half a year), there's the need to pass qualification tests each month. Heroines do not have a distinctive individuality. After all, for me it's a game with graphics being the only appeal point. 5. Five Years [010119] Air Plants Five years after school main character becomes a suspect in a murder case after return from overseas. The group of his school friends offer cooperation in resolving the case to clear his charges. But as investigation approaches the core, it becomes evident that one of the friends is the culprit. There are almost no choices concerning investigation. The composition of the incident and the suspense are weak. Much more attention is paid to heroines and especially to flashback memories. There is basically just one H event at the end of each heroine route. So not a bad game, just weak in most sections. 6. Kaiun Sentai Miko Sanranger Revenge 開運戦隊 巫女サンレンジャーりべんじ [010119] Aqua House "Seifuku Master" organization is dismissed, and colonel An-an travels to a foreign country to wrap things up there. At that time one of the Miko-san Rangers attacks the base to avenge her comrades. "Seifuku Master" gets hastily restored, and the new spiral of confrontation begins. I refuse to look into this bakage all over again. 7. Moonlight Sonata [010119] eclair A country torn by war. Adventurer Rian walks around it earning his living with swordsmanship skills. He meets a mysterious girl Lilu. What's hidden in her past and what adventures await them? Oh wow, orthodox fantasy is a rare guest in visual novels. The background of the main character is not explained, so it takes time to get involved in the story. There is not much of the story from the start, basically we just choose icons of new girls on the map and start travel with more and more girls. Individually heroines aren't developed much as characters, but each one has her ending, and that's the gist of the game. 8. Tentama てんたま [010125] KID 1 Tentama tells the story of an angel in training that to become a full angel. He has to visit Hayasegawa Shiina and his schoolmates and helps him to be happy, and to do that he has to find a girlfriend in this adventure dating interactive game. In this game, Kid introduced a very interesting system, where you can see the Tentama world from different characters' perspective and their thoughts/feelings at the moment. The player will see most of the time the world from Hayasegawa Shiina perspective, and the angels just tell him if the girls like him or not. The main female character of the game is Enoki Rikako, a first year highschool student that goes to the same highschool as Shiina. She hates ghosts. If the player wins Rikako-chan's heart, he will unlock an omake scenario for Eri-chan that will tell Eri-chan's side of the story. The number of characters is large, but many routes feel just unnecessary. The core routes are well done. A cheerful school slice with loli-like heroines. 9. Yougen Tennyo 妖幻天女 [010125] Scoop 1 Prince Raziel is the successor to the demon throne, but his interests vary wildly from whatever his father keeps in stock, not to mention actual marriage. When his soon-to-be fiancée turns out to be an angel - a mortal enemy of the demon kind - Raziel takes a liking for the girl and decides to make her his bride, much to Demon King's disapproval. After a heated argument, king promises to approve of their relationship, but only if Raziel manages to bring her back to the demon realm. Clueless on how to begin, prince Raziel joins forces with his ever profit-hungry childhood friend Rosetta and together they embark on a fantastic journey through mystical realms, full of glorious dickings and endless hopes for treasure troves ready to be taken. In this realm, your future half is revealed through divination, the rest does not seem to matter that much. In order to reach the heavens above, our duo has to traverse through Hell and obtain four elemental stones, which will allow them to open a magical portal leading to the mortal plane. From there onwards, they will have to pass through the Machine Country and Country of the Beasts, before they reach entrance to heavens. A seemingly simple task, if not for the fact the stones are being kept away within four great towers and each of them is supposedly protected by a powerful guardian. Obviously, the stones themselves contain tremendous powers that allow it's bearer to control the elemental energies and as such, shouldn't ever fall into anyone's hands, especially demon. No one really knows what lies beyond the mortal gates, but they're confident to push onwards. Such is their fate. There is an English review. 10. Aoi Tori ~L'Oiseau Bleu~ 青い鳥~L’Oiseau Bleu~ [010126] Panda House Main character suddenly leaves his town and returns to his home town Haraiso. There he meets his childhood friend girl Nagi. Together they travel to the dream-like world to chase blue birds of their dreams. Story is quite abstract, it's rather a set of relatively comical stories loosely connected with reality. When one dream develops to the middle of it - there is shift to next dream and so on. Game is similar to previous creation SPARK in absurdity and flow, so evaluation is difficult. 11. Card of Destiny [010126] Abel Software 1 This is a battle between 2 countries in the middle of an unbearable war.This takes place in an old continent called Recena. The 2 countries: 1. ROANA... A country whose people believe in the god of charity. 2. VOLD ... A country whose people believe only in power. They are plotting to rule the entire continent with their powerful army. The people have been demanding for someone to appear to declare an ending to this unbearable turmoil. A boy from the ranks comes and makes that stand. Art had always dreamed of becoming a knight. He makes his dream a reality in order to bring peace back to the world... With its multiple dream-like colors, this RPG game is the first piece of work to be released in the 21st century in digital animation. This highly polished system has been developed for unlimited potential in strategies.Depending on the way you fight, you'll enjoy going up against a stronger enemy than yours on equal terms. Furthermore, by fulfilling certain conditions, one is able to acquire a special "Layer Card", which really makes the 2nd and the 3rd game exciting to look forward to. Because different original artists, and illustrators drew the pictures of characters and the cards themselves, the quality of the computer graphics is remarkably clear.This is one card game that you'll really enjoy, with its beautiful girls. Well I like Abel Software, but this is again some weird genre mix, mainly a 3D dungeon type RPG with card battles. The encounter rate is obnoxiously high, and whatever advantages game may have is crossed out by these battles at every third step. 12. Dousoukai Again 同窓会again [010126] F&C FC01 1 The members of the tennis club at Sakura Junior High School. Have a class reunion on New Years Eve. They’re all twenty, and Mizuho is happy to get to see Tatsuya again, her secret love. At the reunion, they plan to stay at Mizuho's mother's lodge in the hot spring resort for a ski trip. Unfortunately, however, Mizuho's mother's become ill. She doesn't know whether she should care for her mother or finally give her self to Tatsuya. There is an English review. 13. Fukushuu ~Ryoujoku no Yaiba~ 復讐~凌辱の刃~ [010126] Crowd 1 Yuichi Nakazawa, the protagonist, has been subjected to "bullying" without reason since childhood. He goes to another school in order to change the circumstances and escape from the bullying, but this time he is being subject to bullying from girls. Amid such a miserable life, a ray of light is shinning to Yuichi. He is protected by one of his classmates, a girl. However, they both start to be subjected to bullying. They become intimate with the hope that there is no bullying someday, and both encourage each other by email. However, the modest happiness Yuichi was having did not last long. Yuichi is surrounded by a group and humiliated. With his men's pride smeared and his eyes full of tears, Yuichi has decided to take revenge ... There is an English review. 14. Infantaria [010126] Circus 1 As the scars of the 'Dragon War' continue to plague the lands since ancient times, the isolated 'Hiver' kingdom is trapped in an unnaturally long 'Winter'. Because of the kingdoms natural environment and isolated location, 'Hiver' has been able to maintain peace for a long time. Princess Sofia, the heir to the throne, I's worried about her inexperience and wishes to go to the outside world to get to know more about her people's way of living, while concealing her royal heritage. The protagonist, a Knight of Imperial Guard, petitions the king for the princess sake and his majesty graciously permits Sofia to go to the "Canary Kindergarten" as a teacher under the protagonist's protection. There is an English review. 15. Koisuru Oukoku 恋する王国 [010126] Giga 1 2 In a mythical age, a young man seeks to become an adult. He leaves his farm home to face the frontiers of the kingdom. He comes to a town where one can seek any apprenticeship freely. This is so one can find his own purpose in life, and perhaps his own lover as well. Jobs include: border guard, educator, various magical schools, fisher, and more. With each job there appears to be a respective woman in the same profession to charm. Will the hero be able to find and woo the girl of his choice in time for the town's festival? Game is localized, with English reviews. 16. Shippuu Dotou! 疾風怒濤!! [010126] Zombies Paradigm Main character is the prince of Woodland country. After reaching adulthood he follows an ancient tradition and goes on a journey to train as a warrior. He has a girlfriend, but on his way there are a lot of women to rescue. Will he become a king and find his queen? 3D dungeon crawler. The mechanics is quite simple. Only bosses can be struggling and require preparation. Story is one way road and consists of 5 chapters. There are eight heroines suitable for H both by hero and the monsters. 17. Tsuki no Shizuku 月の雫~ツキノシズク~ [010126] Cure Light 1 Youhei Amano has been lazily wasting his time away at home during summer vacation. One day, he happens upon a want ad in the classifieds for a part-time job as an employee for the Amaba Family. Youhei jumps at the name; the Amabas are prominent millionaires in his hometown, Hirano. Curious about this wealthy family, Youhei applies for the position. He is hired! Residing at the Amaba estate are 3 sisters: Shizuka, Kaoru, and Mayo. Hitomi the maid and Genjuro the butler also live there. Genjuro's existence is nothing but a hindrance, but life is exciting being surrounded by beautiful girls. With enough said about that, Youhei begins to get curious about a certain door within the mansion. No matter whom he asks about the door, he gets the same evasive, negative response. "What is on the other side?" he asks himself. There seems to be some connection between the history of the Amaba Family and their grip over the town of Hirano from way back... First half is comical while working in the mansion with maids and occasionally triggering H events. The second one is serious after the identity of the mysterious girl is revealed. Ending is quite painful. Game with a good atmosphere. 18. Vampirdzhija Vjedogonia 吸血殲鬼ヴェドゴニア [010126] Nitroplus 1 2 3 One night the protagonist sees a beautiful woman in distress; he tries to help her but she bites him. She turns out to be a vampire! And now he will turn into a vampire too, unless he finds her again and destroy her first. So he joins with a group of vampire-hunters... There are English reviews. 19. Yuki no Nioi to Kaze no Iro 雪のにおいと風のいろ [010126] Ripe The last school weeks of three boys and three girls. Soon they will be blown apart. But while there is still time, there's a perfect opportunity to create memories for the future. Surprisingly ordinary setting for Ripe. Development is sluggish as there are few chances to talk with the girls. Only after Christmas party it's finally possible to hit after one of the girls. Scenario writer lacks the ability to explain. Heroine ending is quite sweet, but the other two heroines automatically get bad ending. Scenario is thin and lacks excitement. BLOCKED 1. Yuukan Shinshi 有閑紳士 [010115] Penguin Works Company president is blessed with status and health, but he life looses its colors for him. The only thing he can enjoy is to train his recently remarried wife and daughter-in-law. Nukige 2. Gimai ~Haitoku no Chigiri~ 犠妹~背徳の契り~ [010119] Selen Main character receives the whole inheritance after his painter father's death. His stepmother makes him indecent offer to have an affair with his sister-in-law Yuna in exchange for sharing inheritance. He has feelings for Yuna, but what will he choose in the end? Nukige 3. Meganekko Bunny ~Key-Pan-chan めがねっ娘ばに~きーぱんちゃん [010123] Soup There are three typing scenarios featuring meganekko, bunny girl, and maid android: 1. Tomorrow starts from the end「終わりから始まる明日」 2. Chiitomeey「ちいとめーよ」 3. Square sky「四角い空」 Anthology 4. Pachi Moso ぱちもそ [010126] Soubi Kenkyuujo Main character is visited by a dog-type robot Pachi who comes from a future to save the future Earth by helping protagonist get rid of his virginity. That was the start of long horny dream realization. Nukige 5. Swap A For B すわっぷ Aふぉ~B [010126] Optim Twin brother and sister have been confused since the childhood. Brother suddenly gets directed to a girls school. When he discovers the truth it's too late already - it's time to have fun. Nukige
  9. It took a huge amount of time to finish year 2000, but it's over. The industry has matured to contemporary state, so there's no need to search for novelties this year. First of all, here's the collection of Visual Novel Openings 2000 with songs. In 2000 I've made a number of videos with only 1-2 routes, so now is the chance for you to choose one of those games to make playthrough of the rest of the routes. Less than 10 votes in 2 weeks time will mean that noone needs that, and I won't do anything. Some playthroughs contained full number of routes and some (like Treating2U and Heart&Blade) are too torturing for me to return to. So the candidates in 2000 are: Lien ~Owaranai Kimi no Uta~ (3 routes missing) Gyousatsu♥Shinsengumi Hitokiri Bishoujo Adventure (not sure for the number of routes) Ragnapolice (7 stories missing) Kaichuudokei (2 routes missing) Dorei Ichiba (4 routes missing) Now let's list masterpieces of the year: Gensou no Artemis Lien ~Owaranai Kimi no Uta~ Treating 2U Phantom of Inferno Harlem Blade II ~Dark Angel~ EVE Zero Gyousatsu♥Shinsengumi Hitokiri Bishoujo Adventure Age Maniax ~Isumi Yon Shimai Saigo no Hi~ Hateshinaku Aoi, Kono Sora no Shita de... Shoin, Aruiwa Ushinawareta Yume no Monogatari. Tsukihime Sense Off ~A Sacred Story in the Wind~ Pure Mail Gin'iro Air Gensou Suikogaiden Vol. 1: Harmonia no Kenshi Baldr Bullet Nijuuei Never7 -The End of Infinity- I do not see any rivals to Nijuuei this year, so it's the VN of the Year.
  10. Dorei Ichiba 奴隷市場 [rúf]

    Foreword: I heard about this game couple years ago that it actually had a decent plot, and around the same time got acquainted with the anime version. It's been my longtime wish to show that nukige may have a decent story, but is this exactly that case? Title: Dorei Ichiba Developer: Daiginjou Date: 2000-12-22 VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v1127 Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Wh8zelvX-I Synopsis: During the 17th century, the Ronbaldia Alliance and the Holy Aimar are at war for power. Ronbaldia sends its ruler to the royal city of Constantinople for safety. Cathias Gire follows as a clerk. Not knowing anything about the royal capitol, Cathias decides to buy a slave. Cathias heads for the slave-grounds and is shocked to see how they are treated. Nevertheless, he buys a slave recommended by his friend. Cathias can do what ever he wants to do with his salve now. Will this all end when the war finally gets out of control? What will happen? Structure: 3 days in each route Length: 3 hours for one route, overall 5 routes Game type: Middle ages vice city on the brink of war Difficulty: Low, the number of choices is small and wrong choices usually lead to a clear bad end Character Design rating: 5/10 Protagonist rating: 5/10 Story rating: 6/10 Game quality: 5/10 Overall rating: 5/10 Rating comments: You can see by the scores that my opinion of the game is not high even though VNDB average score is over 8 atm. I failed to find something worthwhile in the story, and other elements are just bleak to me. Protagonist: Cathias is quite a normal embassy envoy, we control his actions fully. Characters: Bianca, Cecilia and Mia are the slaves available from the start, and your friend's sister Katerina afterwards. Remastered version also introduced Harem route which actually is the most interesting story-wise, not just fanservice. I only captured Katerina True route, because game moves from Bad ends to Good ends, and there's too much insult from the start. Also you'll need to grind ducats with a special fundraising route, since some good endings and Katerian true ending require large sums of ducats that transfer to each new game. For me the route of mute Bianca is the best, and exactly that route is shown in anime already. It was impossible for me to feel sympathy to any of the heroines. Story: Every route follows pretty much the same pattern - arrival on day 1 - city investigation on day 2 - some danger with a link to the target heroine in the day 3. Each route is short, so noone has time to develop, really. CG: I have huge questions to both character design and CG. The only CG I liked were fighting CG. Overall comments: I did not like the game overall, thus such inarticulate review. Unfortunately the stories are episodic, and only harem route features more than one heroine. Dorei Ichiba is not something that Venus Blood series could provide - a thrilling story + nukige.
  11. December 2000 is a total ripoff. I have zero interest in almost all its games except for Never7 -The End of Infinity- which ends up to be the VN of the Month. But for review I'd rather choose some nukige over Never7, and that game for review is Dorei Ichiba. 1. Effect ~Akuma no Ko~ effect~悪魔の仔~ [001201] Hadashi Shoujo Nagi Izumi has a normal life... except for a couple of things. Sei, a bullied girl in his class, has telekinesis. And his girlfriend, Mayumi, has the power to cure any sickness or injury. One rainy day in June, Mayumi uses her power to save a woman who attempts suicide... There are just two heroines with endings, but each of them has both good and bad ending, furthermore there are bonus scenarios after good ones. Story is quite dark with some unpleasant themes, like bullying. It's very uncommon to have one of heroines as lover already at the beginning of the game, and in that case it's very similar for first White Album. The drama itself is drawn well, but there's no feeling that drama is led by the characters - heroines have low appeal. 2. Julia JULIA~ジュリア~ [001201] Uran Kazuya is a college student. During summer vacations he is invited by his classmate Aya to a pension house JULIA for part-time work. The pension is held by Atsushi with his wife. This summer story can be played from both Kazuya and Atsushi point of view. Content is lively and romantic, but nothing special. The lack of content is substituted with two protagonists. 3. Raimusutazu Erosu らいむすたーず☆えろーす [001201] Archive This is "Lamelo Land", a world full of magic and wonder. People lived peacefully there under the rule of a kind hearted goddess, but one day the sun suddenly grows dark, and the invasion of the Demon Army begins. Their purpose is to destroy the sun and open the gate to the Makai world. Now fairy with the blessing of the goddess descends to a courageous boy. Together they go on a journey to save the world. Wow, why even prepare a plot for a puzzle game... Rules are somewhat fishy, but it's needed to prepare chains to destroy blocks below - very difficult, actually! There are a lot of hybrids as enemies with H scenes. 4. Sora no Takaku 空のたかく [001201] Uncanny! A cold winter that speaks of the end of the year. Rumours of girls living on the streets. For some reason, they cannot inhabit the regular world, but instead spend their lives on the streets. Though they may be in the same city, they did not live in the same world, and people had started calling them "Alice of the alleys". How, why, did those girls become Alices? To answer this question, the protagonist, a freelance writer, disguises himself as homeless, and encounters three of these Alices. Rana, a prostitute with an innocent soul. Sayaka, a girl whose harsh aura seems to say that she hates everything around her. And then, Miu, a girl who evokes a mysterious atmosphere. Though our protagonist started off with mere curiosity in his mind, as he begins to learn of the girls' pasts, he soon starts harbouring feelings that go beyond the ones of a reporter. And then... Atmosphere of the underground part of the society is drawn really well. The heroines have very poor circumstances, so there's enough of drama in their roots. The development is good till heroes get in love with each other, but there's still constant itch that protagonist gets drawn just by the appearance. There are just two H scenes per character, one insult and one pure love. Overall the aftertaste is pleasant if you like sad human stories even though development is not quite realistic. 5. Pia Carrot e Youkoso!! 2.2 Pia♥キャロットへようこそ!!2.2 [001202] Cocktail Soft 2.2 begins where Pia Carrot 2 ends, but protagonist can not find himself a girlfriend. Through December and January he will have another chance with a new set of girls. It's GBA and DC exclusive, so for a limited auditory. Gameplay has some changes, but those are simplifications for the most part. 6. Blue Submarine No. 6 Saigetsu Fumahito -Time and Tide- 青の6号 歳月不待人 -TIME AND TIDE- [001207] Sega A game adaptation based on the Gonzo OVA series, inspired on Ozawa Satoru's classic manga. The story sets in the distant future, when the Earth's oceans have risen and flooded most of the sea-lying land on Earth. The rogue scientist Zorndyke caused the flooding, which killed countless individuals, and most of humanity's remaining cities have been attacked or destroyed by Zorndyke's army of half-animal "hybrids". The remaining humans begin to wage war against Zorndyke's seagoing creations for survival. Humanity's best hope for a resolution to the conflict lies with its submarine forces, among which is the focus of the story, Blue Submarine #6. It is revealed that Zorndyke is attempting to decisively end the conflict in the favor of his hybrid children by artificially inducing a polar switch using geothermal energy at the South Pole. DC exclusive, and I never liked anime original. 7. Tremolo [001207] Merlot Main character has a painful experience of betrayal in the past. Now he returns to his hometown. There are girls around him with heart wounds and individual problems. Will he find a girl that won't betray him if he lifts the pain from girls' hearts and minds? There is one main heroine who was the only one to attend the alumni meeting among the 8 persons who made promise as children. But at the school fire started and girl got to a coma. The ultimate aim is to get her out of coma. Setting is quite good, and there are various village legends around. Each heroine story is different due to different background and problems. The flow of the game is torturing, but mostly because of text speed output. 8. Fragrance フレグランス [001208] Paprika Main character's father dies suddenly after remarriage, and it was beginning of protagonists living on his own. How will his school life fare till graduation comes? A typical charage. School map system. Story actually does not end after H which is enough to praise developers for the effort. Probably the good work of voice actors should be noted. Apart of that... 9. Heart de Network はぁとでネットワーク [001208] Euphony Production Near future. Main character had to change schools often because of parents' work, so he has few friends. Artificial intelligence program kept him company at that time. But then hero moves back to home town where he had childhood friends. This story beings in the season when wind begins to soften. There are five heroines each having two endings. It's actually a SIM to plan activities for each day and trigger events. The key to each scenario is information on the net, but all the important stuff is found in the beginning, and later on only garbage... it looks like game could not fully utilize its concept of future network society. 10. Hoshizora ☆ Planet 星空☆ぷらねっと [001208] D.O. 1 It's been seven years since you left your sweet hometown. You are back, and you meet up with old friends that have all grown up beautifully. Enjoying this reunion, something triggers your mind to recall a tragic memory that happened seven years ago... It's another sentimental home town reunion story, but it's the next work of Kana ~Imouto~ creator Yamada Hajime, so it enjoyed immense attention at once. The writing is good as ever, but the everyday life scenes feel ordinary. Unlike Family Project there is no parody material in Hoshizora ☆ Planet, so it was a difficult task to breathe life in such a commonplace story. Period is quite long - from April to December - and for most of the time we just pick some heroine on a map once a week. It's a work of overall good impression if you don't set expectations too high. 11. Tooryanse とおりゃんせ [001208] Crime Main character travels with his girlfriend by car, but car breaks on the road. Heroes find shelter at a snowy mountain lodge. At that time a murder happens there. Investigation is held by talking only. There are few events per heroine, so there's a feeling game's just for insult H scenes only. There are lots of instant death choices, but even with them game only takes one hour to beat. 12. Triangle Heart 3 ~Sweet Songs Forever~ とらいあんぐるハート3~Sweet Songs Forever~ [001208] Janis A mysterious organization keeps sending intimidating letters to Fiasse Christella, the principal of British Christella Music Academy. The purpose is to find the whereabouts of Fiasse's inheritance. Although Fiasse already has a bodyguard, Ellis McGaren, she asked her childhood friends, the siblings Takamachi Kyouya and Miyuki to help Ellis. This of course is received by Ellis, as a professional bodyguard, with a cold shoulder. Kyouya remembered an incident that was happened several years ago, when he was about ten years old. This incident was actually aimed at Fiasse's father, senator Albert Christella. So, does Fiasse's fate and case related to this past incident? This is a popular moege series. The second title had zero story and sense full devoting to girls of a dormitory. This time scenario is strengthened and the volume is good. But game happens to be full of bugs, and it's also difficult to sympathize with main character. 13. All One's Life [001208] BeF Main character is a freelance writer for a magazine. He cohabits with a girl who is his ardent supporter, but who has not become his lover in several years. He decides to move on with other women he encounters. He needs to make an important choice - to decide who really cares for him and who he himself cares for. I tried to play this game to the end, but failed at it. It is of choose your story type. Among four and a half heroines (one has only bad ending) three are only capturable with setting different emotion preferences. But I did not find the way to tune up emotions for heroines, only for life, work etc. The content is just realistic depiction of heroines and life - no humor or something like that. Usually there is both good and bad ending for each heroine. I really need to be offered a story, preferably with an integrative protagonist with a distinctive mindset. And there is also the need to notice special lamp effect and activate your emotion exactly at that time. I felt really bad choosing my views on many aspects myself. Developers tried to bring something original - ok, but I don't like it. 14. Refrain -Mouichido, Sayonara o Iou- リフレイン -もう一度、さよならを言おう- [001214] Hiyoko Soft (old) Main character can not understand why Rihoko has distanced from him. When an opportunity presents to be with Hatsune, he jumps at it, but relations stay at more than friends, less than lovers level. One day Rihoko visits protagonist for some minor reason, and feelings awaken anew. There is also a good friend Riko who he likes. Main character wants to be with all three girls... what a clumsy feeling. There are good endings prepared only for two of three main heroines. Hero is very indecisive and that sometimes produces unusual situations. 15. Seishin Hakai 精神破壊 [001214] unknown That bizarre incident occurred at 8 PM. Girl student was murdered with face distorted violently. Strange killings keep happening around the hero. When judgement and emotions disappear something is going to break... Game is free, but it does not really help since its title is mental destruction. Anyway, only girls who confess to the hero keep dying. And eventually game really gets into a state of deep suspense and esoterics. 16. Happy Hotaru Sou Happyほたる荘 [001215] Waffle Main character does not have self-confidence, because he always used to be defeated by his self-proclaimed rival Naruto since childhood. Now hero gets a job of apartment complex administrator by parents recommendation, but it somehow gets known to Naruto who also claims to be this complex administrator. Employer establishes a month test period to choose among two candidates. Will protagonist yield his pride and all the beautiful girls of the complex to his bitter offender? A bakage with an ultimate failure as protagonist - a good choice if only the game was not a usual SIM. And you really compete with the rival who has the same stats at the start. And that kills the game. 17. Heian☆Love Wars 平安☆ラブウォーズ [001215] Sepia Main character is born as the eldest son of the left minister during Heian era, so he can spent days in laziness freely. One day father comes home with bad news - his only daughter is called to the palace for a month. In order to keep twin sister out of temptations of the capital, protagonist dresses as a girl and goes in her stead. A work with a comedy touch. Despite of Heian era, protagonist sets up microphones and cameras. It's basically a SIM since there four actions given per day. 18. Mezuri ~Aa, Densetsu no Ningyo o Motomete~ 女づり ~あぁ、伝説の人魚を求めて~ [001215] Zenos Main character buys a book at a secondhand bookstore. It dwelled on contemporary mermaid creatures and ways to capture them. From that day he starts to implement his mermaid capture plan. Fishing action place in many places around Tokyo. This kusoge even cost 8.8k yen on Christmas sale. 19. Powder Snow ~Kono Basho de Issho ni~ POWDER SNOW ~この場所で一緒に~ [001215] Megami Main character used to be a great warrior, but constant fight with evil eroded his flesh with only two weeks remaining to live. He is given a girl caretaker by his relatives to have some comfort at least in the end in his life. Game is actually a comedy that takes place nowadays despite all the warrior fighting evil crap. There are three heroines each with a pure love and devil route. The overall impression is poor due to average production values and lack of actual drama of a doomed person. 20. Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo ~Juutoshime no Shoutaijou~ 金田一少年の事件簿~10年目の招待状~ [001216] Banpresto 1 2 Akira Kawai, a first-year student of a Fudou high-school received a mysterious letter with ominous sketch and the text saying "I'll be waiting at the Shiomisou inn.", sender or reason for sending this letter is unknown. Upon reading this himself, Hajime Kindaichi, along with Miyuki Nanase decided to check if there's more to the meaning of the letter or if it's nothing but a prank of a sort. Upon arriving at the Shiomisou inn, which was in a rather secluded and silent place surrounded by mountain on one side, and a sea on the other, he noticed there are only three more guests besides them. Could one of them be the sender of this letter? The night came swiftly and the weather turned gloomy. There and then, Hajime runs into Kengo Akechi, a detective investigating a report of a supposed seeing of a killer in the area from a 10-year old case. With approaching storm, the scream echoes through the hallway and first in the series of murders engulfs this hotel in an aura of tension. Kindaichi and Akechi are now more than ever determined to get to the bottom of this and catch the murderer behind this. There is an English review for this gameboy exclusive. 21. Never7 -The End of Infinity- [001221] KID 1 2 3 4 5 You play as Makoto, a student who never attends the lectures at the school. As a punishment, you have to attend an extra seminar on an island with other classmates. However, when you arrive on the island, strange things start happening. A girl is found dead on April 6th, with a small bell in her hand. Immediately after that, you found yourself in the bed and see the date - April 1st! Was the vision of the girl just a dream, or do you possess a power to predict events? This is what you will have to find out, as a series of strange deaths make your seminar much more suspenseful than you have thought. There are enough English reviews. 22. Boku no Mikogami-sama ぼくの巫女神さま [001222] Trabulance Main character is a college student. He is not the eldest son, so he does not succeed his father as a shrine caretaker. One day father comes with a news that the neighboring shrine priest died without leaving male successor, and that position is offered to protagonist. Hero agrees since the three shrine maidens at that shrine make his heart throb faster. There are six heroines to capture. The routes are quite alike, but every heroine has individual flags and there are also conditions of interacting with other girls, so difficulty is quite high. The first half has just everyday events, and second half has forced drama. 23. Kao no nai Tsuki 顔のない月 [001222] Root Koichi Hayama has recently suffered the loss of his step-parent due to a traffic accident. Taking a break from college to join in the funeral proceedings, he is confronted by a strange-yet-familiar young woman. He keeps having these recurring dreams of her, but doesn’t hold any memory of who she really is. This is because he only remembers bits and pieces of his childhood. She, however, says she knows him. Soon they both strive to solve the mystery of his missing memories, and his true origins while staying at the Kuraki temple--which is inhabited by a few more lovely ladies. Carnelian can make even a newcomer company game a treat with his skills. Story is classic and safe to play and thus boring to read. But there is a mystery that's possible to keep interest to the end. 24. Natural Zero+ ~Hajimari to Owari no Basho de~ NaturalZero+ ~はじまりと終わりの場所で~ [001222] Fairytale 1 2 Our main character is a young and hopeful novelist. He has been uselessly wasting his life away following the death of his younger sister, Yoshino. Our hero is forced to stay in an old decrepit apartment provided by his publishing company. Here, he meets Komano, who remarkably resembles his young sister. They begin living together in the apartment. Shortly after, our hero learns that Komano is the half-sister to Ayane, the chief editor of the magazine he writes for. Komano proves to be poor at housework, but she is completely devoted to our hero. Notwithstanding Komano's cheerfulness, our hero comes to find out that she holds a very dark and bitter memory she is unwilling to recall. Enjoy your short summer with Komano! Following the feature presentation, you will find a side-story about the girls from "Natural-Both Body and Heart" and "Natural 2-DUO-." You will find more information concerning Ayane's life, along with the characters Chitose and Sora. There is an English review. 25. Tobikkiri Ruin とびっきりRUIN [001222] Escu:de Main character gets an invitation from a friend in archaeology department to search for ruins in order to find something interesting and prevent plans for dam construction this way. Will he be able to excavate and explore the ruins and save his village? As if excavation alone is not enough, exploration part is very dubious. It's basically point-and-click puzzles clearing. And there are more and more ruins and more and more puzzles. Considered the number of girls, it gets really grindy. 26. Dorei Ichiba 奴隷市場 [001222] Daiginjou 1 During the 17th century, the Ronbaldia Alliance and the Holy Aimar are at war for power. Ronbaldia sends its ruler to the royal city of Constantinople for safety. Cathias Gire follows as a clerk. Not knowing anything about the royal capitol, Cathias decides to buy a slave. Cathias heads for the slave-grounds and is shocked to see how they are treated. Nevertheless, he buys a slave recommended by his friend. Cathias can do what ever he wants to do with his salve now. Will this all end when the war finally gets out of control? What will happen? Game looks like a total nukige and it is one, but it has interesting enough story and atmosphere. There is a hentai anime based on one of the routes, and even by that game's charm can be evaluated. The story is actually even better than that. 27. Yume no Shoujo ~Dream Girl~ 夢の少女~DreamGirl~ [0012] Mizutani Miyuu Main character is a sophomore in high school. He often sees a girl in his dreams. One day he meets her and remembers that she's his childhood friend and first love partner. A free game with three heroines. It's surprising that game is voiced. Again a sentimental nostalgia work. BLOCKED 1. Cute Cute Dakishimete!! Cuteきゅっと抱きしめて!! [001201] For Protagonist is a 3rd year high school student, but he is already engaged since the childhood. During summer holidays a cute girl suddenly visits his house and somehow they spend night together. He feels easy next to her, but he's also looking forward to his marriage with the engaged girl. This summer will be hot! Nukige (Training) 2. Hakudakuhime 白濁姫 [001201] Sirius In the remote countryside there is a small village. Although there is peace throughout the whole village, they got used to giving a sacrifice to a demon living in a nearby forest. This year they must sacrifice someone's daughter to the demon. The adults of the village embarrassingly ask for a volunteer, when Erishia appears. Nukige 3. Hotaru 炎多留 [001201] Tarutaru In this love simulation game for gay men, the hero (you) encounters 8 men, meeting up and breaking up with each one as the story unfolds. Yaoi 4. Mamagoto ま・ま・ゴ・ト [001201] Triangle The protagonist is an ordinary student. Next door to him lives a younger girl who is his childhood friend. She loved to play with him and call him "onii-chan". Now that they're a little older, she gets lots of attention in school. One day, her parents and the protagonist's parents had to go abroad together. For three weeks she and him will be alone. She says, "Until our parents get back, let's play house together and keep it a secret from everybody." Thus begins their exciting three weeks of virtual marriage. Nukige 5. Mozu no Nie 百舌鳥ノ贄 [001201] Ankh Taisho Era. Main character returns to Japan after getting education in Europe, but he does not receive a warm welcome. His father committed suicide after being driven to poverty and his sister suffers from a disease. Now is the hour of revenge - all the brokers and collaborators will be deprived of their most precious treasures - the innocent smiles of their daughters and wives. Nukige 6. Sasayaki 囁 ~sasayaki~ [001201] Arieroof Main character is good with studies, and for that is chosen as instructor to a girls' school. He is not taken seriously though as he does not have a proper teaching license and skills. The some voice sounds in his head "Do you want to change yourself". He welcomes the change and turns into a beast the next moment. Those ignorant girls will hit the rock bottom of humiliation soon. Nukige 7. Zero - Heureum eui won 제로 - 흐름의 원 [001205] Artlim Media A RPG visual novel that was the first product in the "Zero Project" which consists of manhwas and light novels. Non-Japanese 8. Chaos Baby Yoshimi ~Takase Haruna Hen~ カオスBaby義美 ~高瀬春奈編~ [001207] Scoop Shinichi barely escaped from slavery of Queen Ryoko. Now he lives in the house of Ryoko's sister Misuzu and attends the school where Ryoko's nice Yoshimi is studying. And Yoshimi does have a difficult character as well. Nukige 9. Kore D.P.S.? これD.P.S.? [001207] Alice Soft Pack of 4 short novels: "Keep Out" "Iron Maiden" "Chou Densetsu Kodai Robo Red Thunder" "Ankoku" D.P.S. means "Dream Program System" Antology 10. Aisuru Koto ni Reizoku Suru Onna 愛することに隷属する女 [001208] Surf Main character lives alone as he does not want to transfer to another school after his father who inherited family business. One day protagonist receives love confession letters from seven girls at the same time. Since each girl's feelings are strong, he decides to test the limit of their love with the amount of insult that each one can bear... Nukige 11. Hikagemono ~Ryoujoku no Torikago~ 日陰者~陵辱の鳥籠~ [001208] Chime Main character works as a technician at "MIYABI" company that occupies a corner of a giant apartment complex "Garden Hills". He has a grudge over his female boss Kanzaki. He hacks "Garden Hills" security system to find Kanzaki daughters and have his revenge. Nukige 12. Mi da ra Mi・da・ra [001208] Mink When a young man named Yuuto bumps into a stranger on the street, he discovers a dropped VHS tape and brings it home. His sister Yuumi isn't around, so he pops it in for a look. The video is a recording of Yuumi tied to a chair... and shockingly the man who tied her up turns out to be him! It turns out the tape is a window into the secret desires of the viewer, and Yuuto's quickly addicted! Yuumi also discovers her own fantasies on the cassette, and her burning lust cannot be quelled by conventional means! Finally, when his sister's friend discovers the tape, she finds herself on her knees with Yuumi and attending to Master Yuuto's every need as his personal love slave. Nukige 13. Pure Partner Pure Partner ~ピュア・パートナー~ [001208] TinkerBell Main character grows human-like android Aerith into human with emotions. Nukige 14. Saint Master [001208] Bavi Soft Main character needs to train three maids into slaves in two weeks. Nukige 15. Shirasagi no Naku Koro ni 白鷺の鳴く頃に [001208] Actress Main character comes to distant relatives house in the mountains for the White day, but decides to stay and live there afterwards. What secrets does this hidden mansion hold? Will protagonist choose reason or desire? Nukige 16. White Christmas ~Yuki Furu Yoru No Koibito-tachi~ White Christmas ~雪降る夜の恋人達~ [001208] Fairytale A collection of four short Christmas stories. Christmas romance mood is poured in a stained city. On this holy night small miracles happen. Anthology 17. Canon II キャノン ツヴァイ [001209] Digital Aniki Another fan-fiction VN featuring Ka*on's characters. Fandisk 18. Oni 鬼 [001213] Interheart Main character confesses to a girl he secretly loved, but she turns him down on public. As his pure feelings got trampled, he swore to have revenge on all girls who laughed at him at that moment. Nukige 19. Angel’s Lesson [001215] Cronus Main character is a skilled physician and the only son of the director of the hospital. But director has to resign due to poor reputation and clients leaving the hospital. Hospital sisters are eager to give protagonist special lessons for two weeks to restore their workplace together. Nukige 20. Hiretsu 秘裂 [001215] Cadath Main character likes in a room with his non-blood related sister. His sister is insatiable for lust, so he adds classmates to the roster. Nukige 21. Kurohime 黒姫 [001215] SPD Six boys and girls go camping to deepen mutual friendship. They get attacked by nanpa guys and lose their way finding shelter at a Western mansion in the mountains. However, they instantly get trapped by an earthquake in this monsters infested building. Can heroes survive? Nukige 22. Maison na Yatsura ~Yaru Koto wa Issho~ めぞんなやつら~やることはいっしょ~ [001215] Exserta Main character happens to live with four girls at the same time. Will he only have lots of fun or take one of the girls to the altar? Nukige 23. Ryoujoku Sensei 凌辱せんせい [001215] Powered Main character realizes his longtime dream to be appointed a teacher at a girls school in order to violate cute girls there. Nukige 24. Shadow [001215] Bell-Da According to local fishermen, suspicious organization occupied the island that used to be a military base in the past. Main character responds to a job application placed by the organization and as a result gets a job to violate girls every day as a part of a human experiment to produce food that kills production values of sperm. Can protagonist escape the island safely and inform mass media about this gross plan? Nukige 25. Ryoujoku Santa 凌辱サンタ [001217] Beenyan At Christmas gods and angels cause miracles. However without the balance of good and evil this world would collapse. Thus the worst and most villainous Santa Claus of all time is born. Nukige 26. Dennou Gekidan Muu Ichiza Dai 3 Kai Kouen Matsuri no Yoru no Yume 電脳劇団ムー一座第3回公演 祭の夜の夢 [001221] Artifact Main heroine lost her parents early and was brought up in a neighbor family that had a boy in it. The fresh siblings grow up and one day go to a festival there. There is a bad premonition about the kappa monster on the pond lurking here, but heroes still make their way there... Nukige 27. Abdiel アブディエル [001222] GAS In a scientific establishment, a new form of android called the "Sexaroid" was created. The Sexaroid was created to be like the ultimate "living" sex toy, and the new male half-human, half-animal model is sure to be a success, though still in the testing phase. The first two prototypes were Shiro, a cat-boy Sexaroid, and Kuro, a dog-boy Sexaroid, created by the Doctor with help from his assistant, Kashiwagi. Before they can be put on the market, the Doctor decides to test them himself, to see if they can be made into subserviant sex slaves. To get the data needed, he needed a human to compare the results with, and he turned to Kashiwagi, who firmly refused the offer, even when the Doctor offered to double his pay to be the guinea pig for the testing. Not taking no for an answer, the Doctor knocked Kashiwagi out with an anesthetic and restrained him, and is now using him in his studies. His first client wants a Sexaroid in two months, which the Doctor finds sufficient to do his testing. For the next sixty days, he will find out exactly what the Sexaroids are capable of. Yaoi 28. Boku to Boku 僕とボク [001222] Ark Hero lost his brother in a railroad accident. He lived with his sister since that time before she moved out as well. One day protagonist finds a videotape of his mother as sex slave. After that starts to look at his sister from a different point of view... Nukige 29. Cosmic Girls [001222] Gaia 'Cosmic Girls' is about a high school student named Yabuki Beniji, a member of 'The Heroine Squad.' This squad, along with a group of beautiful girls, rises against the enemy, who is trying to conquer space. The girls heal your exhaustion with sexual services, so you'll be able to fight against the enemy even longer! Nukige 30. Gakuen Z ~Intou Onna Kyoushi no Inbou~ 学園Z~淫蕩女教師の陰謀~ [001222] Forester 1 Mika Ishiki attends Hako High School. She has finally gotten up the nerve to confess her love to classmate, Akira Tomiya. Just at the moment she is about to spill her feelings, Akira is kidnapped and taken away by an extremely lascivious teacher named Maria Yuuki. This lustful lady is an expert in black magic, and actually plans to revive Satan through Akira's body. Mika, along with her friend Yuki Kamishiro, plough through constant traps and puzzling deceptions in order to save Akira's life. Mika is an expert in Kung Fu fighting, whereas Yuki is an intern in magic. At significant points, you will face decisive battles you must overcome. Nukige 31. Hako Musume ~100cm Shihou no Ai~ 箱娘~100cm四方の愛~ [001222] Rex Main character is a driver within a transport company. Once he is ordered to deliver a box, and a girl gets out of it. She does not mind being trained at all... Nukige 32. Samenai Yume 覚めない夢 [001222] G'z Main character is obsessed with dying "fern" monsters. One day he follows three girls exploring fern ruins. There aren't monsters around, but fern spirit possesses protagonist and uses him like a doll to insult the girls... Nukige 33. Yakin Byoutou ~Tokubetsu-ban~ 夜勤病棟~特別盤~ [001222] Mink Fandisk containing various short stories, two games, desktop theme, CG and bonus data. Fandisk 34. Yume no Sugata 夢姿 ~ゆめのすがた~ [001222] Cage Main character returns to his home town and is struck by an image of a girl in a hospital room. He decides to explore that hospital. What kind of experience will he encounter in this mad hospital where violation is used as the main means of treatment? Nukige 35. Innai Kansen Gozen 3 Ji no Shujutsushitsu 淫内感染 午前3時の手術室 [001229] ZyX Main character is a physician working for a private medical facility. Through big changes in staff he obtains position of the president with an absolute power. Only beautiful women continue to work in the hospital as slaves while others get disposed of as crude materials... Nukige 36. Angelic Parfait エンジェリックパフェ [001230] Soft Circle Courreges Cafeteria stands quietly in the suburbs of the city. It is opened by main character's grandfather as a means to heal hearts of people around, but he would be shocked by the amount of corruption this place accumulated under his grandson management... Nukige 37. Canon III キャノン ドライ [001230] Digital Aniki Another fan-fiction VN featuring Ka*on's characters. Fandisc 38. Jitsuyou Shinan 実用新案 [001230] Usagi Purin Animated sex stories based on Love Hina Nukige 39. Onii-chan Suki Desu ka お兄ちゃん好きですか [001230] Chinsoft Brother and sister lead an ordinary life, but starting from a certain incident their relations suddenly start to change. Nukige 40. Bokura wa Kokoro ni Netsu o Daku 僕らはこころに微熱を抱く [0012] Ritz software The protagonist, Kazama, is a sophomore in high school. He feels nostalgic entering the classroom on the first day of the second semester. He's expecting to see familiar faces from the first semester, but there's a transfer student, Suzuka Akane... Somewhat sad school stories. Yaoi 41. Hanabi 하나비 [0012] Team Device Doujin on With You Non-English 42. Shiro to Kuro no Densetsu ~Shin Hyakki Hen~ 白と黒の伝説 ~真百鬼編~ [0012] Soft Studio Wing Remake Remake
  12. Nijuuei 二重影 [KeroQ]

    Foreword: I actually knew nothing about the game apart of KeroQ background as a company. There's just one review of the game that blames SCA-JI writing as "feels amateurish and he didn't even try to write characters that would feel fitting to the setting" and theory-crafting as "it wasn't detailed or insightful enough to be interesting alone". I'm speechless. This is an absolutely genius 10/10 work and probably the best visual novel I ever read. The only possible explanation for low scores for Nijuuei is in case of playing PC non-voiced version. I have to admit that my experience of PC version was not too joyful either - the palette was too dark and without voicing I could barely focus attention on characters and the flow. But PS1 version was an absolute revelation for me. This review is based on PS1 version of the game (but screenshots are from PC version due to better resolution). Title: Nijuuei Developer: KeroQ Date: 2000-11-30 VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v3856 Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv-u2aKdRWI13_8zRd71pFKl Synopsis: This game that takes place in Japan in the year 1640. The main character is a samurai that got a sword with a blade with two shadows (one with a human shadow and another one from the world of darkness) that connect with him with the world of darkness. The game begins when the samurai travels to a strange island in which all the children are born twins, he hopes that in that island he can find a cure to his own curse. The adventure starts there, can he come back alive from the island and without his cure? Structure: 12 days Length: About 20 hours. Game type: Mythology samurai horror mystery. Difficulty: I followed walkthrough and I wound not ever want to play it without one due to slow fast forward. Character Design rating: 10/10 Protagonist rating: 10/10 Story rating: 10/10 Game quality: 10/10 Overall rating: 10/10 Rating comments: This is a perfect game, thus the perfect score. I adored each element of this game. I'm not giving it even higher score just in respect to the previous few games that I rated as 10/10. Just perfect. Protagonist: Sougen double shadow is an absolutely awesome protagonist. He's a demon possessed samurai who slaughtered over 200 men and now hunted by shogunate. He's mature, crafty in swordsmanship and very cynical. The first girls he encountered at the island he labled as dimwit, idiot and weak in the head. He can easily torture his opponent, cutting his limbs one by one and then finish him off in the presence of his protesting comrades. We do direct him through the story, but he has a strong personality and acts in accordance to it and not our commands. Characters: This is a story-focused story, so there aren't individual heroine routes here, but at the same time even all the secondary characters are depicted so lovely and truthfully that I want to say at least a few words about each character. Three heroines get the ending: Kikyou, Mikoto and Fuurei. But those endings are absolutely the same with only difference in some phrases. There is also a non-heroine ending where we get to insult and kill the chosen heroine for the endgame. It's quite a cool open ending by itself, but its main purpose is just to see insult and death of one of the main heroines. Il and Sui are the heroines that feature on the game's cover, but they don't have their routes or endings. They are just mysterious twin shrine maidens who have spent all their lives in the same room. Il is the more serious one and Sui is more of a kid. Sougen amuses them with his stories about the world, and they become good friends. Together Il and Sui symbolize purity and their connection with the deity is most important for story purposes. Kikyou is a female bodyguard of Il and Sui, as well as their whole Awajike family. She knows a lot about the curse of the island, but unable to do anything about it, so she's ready to protect Il and Sui against everything (even Sougen) until the very end and meet a honored death in the fight. Mikoto also protects Awajike family, but she got the ninja training from outside. She's very embarrassed of her outlook and bunny ears, but claims that she got that outfit because her mother was representing the techniques of the zodiac sign of the rabbit. Mikoto is very fun to tease. Her weapon is very mysterious and cool and thus only fits in a huge box that she carries around her shoulder. Fuurei fights with a quarterstaff. She has he outfit of a jester. Fuurei comes from a poor family and that's a good way to tease her. She's got the coolest voicing among three main heroines with endings. Mai is a mysterious small girl who stays at the island even after evacuation of all the islanders. She always is in the mids of some job like counting clouds or waves... a weak in the head child... or is she? Sae is the maid of the Awajike family. Her voicing is absolutely genius and she has some of the best and funniest dialogues lines in her scenes. Character-wise she's my favorite heroine, but - alas - she has no ending of her own. But if you flag all the scenes for her, her female master Shiho is going to punish the servant for paying too much attention to one guest... Houjou is actually a boy, but he's voiced. He is not one of the main characters, but he gets his pretty fun ending, the only one among the secondary characters. His main theme is that he lacks talents, but is very diligent - he's always looked down by his comrades and superiors. Aya is a nice bodyguard who has only episodic appearance, but there are still enough dialogues and scenes with her that make up for the culmination of her story, which is very impactful. Story: I'll try to to spoil it as much as possible. As the story begins and Sougen arrives at the island, new samurai start to come with each new day and we get a clear assignment - to defend the island against the assault of the pirates that's bound to come. So at first I thought it would be a classic samurai story like Seven Samurai by Akira Kurosawa, and it would be pretty cool to see samurai get along with each other and the villagers and then participate in a great battle in the end. WRONG. At some point samurai started to have battles among themselves and monsters. There was even a little girl on a shoulder of a masked huge brute which is an evident origin of Ilya from future Fate/Stay Night. So I thought it would be such mortal combat to the end with the only survivor to remain - a cool story too! WRONG AGAIN. Then the fighting among themselves stopped and samurai started to die horribly in the reverse order of arrival. It started with new barely meaningful characters and went on to pretty much the main characters that started to die miserably on your very hands with long farewell scenes. So I thought it would be a story about the curse that reaps all the characters but the protagonist who overcomes the curse in the end somehow. I'd like to see that story as well! ALL WRONG. At that point I stopped my theory-crafting and just enjoyed this epic story. CG: I found and an abundance of CG to my liking. All kinds of horror and gore CG, lots of cute heroines ones. I enjoyed the visual part of the game immensely. Game has actually two softcore yaoi scenes. Sound: Most of peaceful BGM include bell sounds and most of anxiety BGM include beats in them. At times I got somewhat weary of beat BGMs, but overall it's a nice fresh experience. Technical issues: I used Pcsxr for emulation because it has its own self-written bios that both allows faster emulation and deeper enhancement of the picture. It's the only emulation that had an option of HQx2 emulation which made text look smooth and finally improved character sprites to the extent that my eyes did not accumulate stress whenever pixelated character sprites showed up. For hooking I used HAT (Hook Any Text) with 00 hex substitution. Thoughts: 1) First of all, I deliberately did not mention a special male character among the character cast. But that male character basically becomes the second protagonist and the best friend of Sougen double shadow. I'm absolutely fascinated by this brutal men friendship story. 2) In continuation of the first thought... that special male character actually gains his own love story with a heroine that has multiple steps in it. Where else did you see a story about a love interest of protagonist's best friend?! 3) We all know that SCA-JI is the master of character design. But look at Aya, Fuurei and Mikoto sprites - those are supercute costumes with pants seen at all times. I'm just in awe at each appearance of these heroines on the screen, really. 4) Game has a lot of infodumping and theory-crafting. The mythology part of it can be mostly safely skipped, but I really liked the historical part. There are a lot of references to shogunate, Tokugawa, Sanada and his curse, Sekigahara battle etc, and all the heroes have a place in this historical context with their own backgrounds and supported factions. A person with a really good understanding of the historical circumstances of the period would get immense pleasure. Overall comments: I am not going to repeat twice, it's all in the review. But the level of my affection towards the game can be measured this way - it's the first game that I'm going to play a fandisk for, but I'll properly wait for reviewing Nijuubako till November 2001 coverage.
  13. VN of the Month November 2000 - Nijuuei

    The main shock this month that the number of blocked games surpassed the number of passed games for the first time and instantly by 50%. The only masterpiece of the month is Nijuuei . I also made 1/4 playthrough of Parallel Harmony ... but it was absolutely senseless to go on. 1. Twins Rhapsody ~Kaedama Ren'ai Kyousoukyoku~ ツインズラプソディ ~替玉恋愛狂想曲~ [001102] Discovery One morning main character can't find his school uniform upon waking up, but instead there's his twin sister's uniform. He decides to go to his sister's girls school and aim for pretty girls there. This is the day when siblings start to attend exchanged schools. Trap bakage have become very common nowadays, but this is one of the pioneers. It sets up a bright comedy where even love interests of the main heroes and heroines intersect to add even more chaos. The tempo is good, but there's also a lot of repetition. Slutty comedy and les scenes are the main attractions here. 2. Wasurekaketa Kokoro no Kakera 忘れかけた心の欠片 [001110] Lune Main character has his body exchanged with his sister-in-law as a result of a traffic accident. Now he understands that he has been missing something in his heart - there are paths to different emotions to regain. It's an ADV with choices, but there is also parameter of favorability of the girl on the screen which can also be checked through the menu. There is also chart of the scenario, so it's easy to understand branching. There aren't any reviews, so can't evaluate end content. 3. Yuki Hotaru ~Nidome no Hatsukoi~ 雪ほたる~二度目の初恋~ [001110] Factor Yosuke does not have a girlfriend in his twenties because of mistakes of the past. One day he learns about death of the girl he loved at school. Upon returning to hometown a strange phenomenon happens - he becomes able to move to past and correct his mistakes one by one. Some wicked obscure kusoge. 4. 14 one & four 14 one&four(ワン&フォー) [001112] Studio Trips One day main character wakes up with a stone in his hand. As he learns later, he died several days ago and now exists as a spirit that is bound to disappear 49 days after his death. He needs to get behind the mystery of his death and recover lost memories of four girls. Game can not be completed since one of the four items is impossible to acquire even with the patch. Developer disbanded before could fix that. 5. Hand Maid はんど☆メイド [001117] Air Plants Main character is an alchemist who needs to combine countless parts to create a maid type automatic doll. Afterwards the automata must practice, raise exp and earn money to become the best automata among the rival alchemists. We also need to find new parts and cards to constantly upgrade the maid android... not my thing at all. 6. Men at Work! 2 ~Hunter Academy e Youkoso~ メンアットワーク!2~ハンターアカデミーへようこそ~ [001117] Studio e.go! 1 2 A Hunter Academy was established to teach Monster Hunters. Cliff came to the academy to become a Hunter, but the place turns out to be an old building unlike its name suggests, and the great Hunter couple who was supposed to teach him leaves the Academy to go solve an incident in another town. The Hunter candidates are all girls except for Cliff. And after many turns of events, Cliff is placed in charge of the Academy and gets to stay with all the girls... Game is localized and has some information in English. The full picture is only revealed with each heroine capture. Ideally it's possible to do with just two walkthroughs. 7. Oratorio ~Yakusoku~ Oratorio ~約束~ [001117] Pumpkin Bear September before the cultural festival. Protagonist becomes responsible for his class preparation. There is a good number of pretty girls in the committee as well. Will he create nice memories with girls till the day of the festival on September 23rd? Quite a typical charage. Girls are cute, but CG are often rough. There are only some 20 days given, so game length is short. Only one H event per heroine. 8. Wasurenagusa 忘れな草 [001117] Project-μ 1 After graduating from college, our hero in unable to obtain full-time employment and ends up working part-time. Sora receives an invitation from his high school alumni association. He was born and raised in a small village in the mountains, where the he population is now rapidly dwindling. His school has already closed down and the village itself has merged with the next village. According to the letter, the village will be stripped and completely rebuilt. The school will be demolished as well. The letter also says that a class reunion will be held at the school before it's torn down. The invitation hasn't been signed and there is no forwarding address. He has no idea who sent it, and the vagueness of the letter makes him a little wary. However, he decides to attend the reunion to see his old friends and visit his old village. Game boasts to be originator of new genre - visual novel theater, but all I found is weird angles on character sprites and a strange manner of text to appear. The capture order is fixed and new stories and mysteries show up only after previous ones cleared. The theme is depression and craziness. 9. Tobira no Mukou wa 扉のむこうは [001120] Dollhouse Main character is an ordinary boy who attends a vocational school. He is in relations with Saito Ume for a month already. Once she picks up some shiny seven colored crystal in the shape of a crescent, and more of such objects show up around the village. His classmates start to turn to strange nuns and mysterious gentlemen. With the help of the object protagonists successfully conquers several more girls, but situation develops in an unexpected direction. The infamous kusoge maker Pumpie is back, now under cover of poor Dollhouse struggling in the industry since 1995. Game is pretty much a nukige since it starts with a H scene, and there are numerous H scenes afterwards. But with such crazy synopsis, I thought I'd need to dig further. Game has an old-school feeling. We run around the fillage in search for such talismans which are usually in places that are difficult to get to, like on a tree (and it's possible to get it with a fishing rod!). After finding a talismal, we need to place it to the hand of a girl, and if it's a right girl H scene ensues. But the place of power in the village is the local church that radiates evil. If we just come inside, there's a very crazy bad ending, so for a good ending we must gather all the talismans and unlock the seal with their help. Wow, it's a kusoge among kusoge. 10. Arcana ~Hikari to Yami no Ecstasys~ アルカナ~光と闇のエクスタシス~ [001123] Ciel A young vagabond with a mysterious past named Caprese, down on his luck, meets an old man who tells him of Icons, the essence of a person's spirit and determiner of their destiny. Remarkably, Caprese has no Icon of his own, having instead the ability to copy the Icon of those he meets. With the fairy Primo at his side he goes on a journey, using his power to try to obtain the Four Great Icons, as the one who possesses them may become Lord of the World, and Caprese finds himself at the centre of the eternal war between the powers of Light and Darkness. Game has a good middle ages fantasy atmosphere. There's also a cute fey character who is fun to talk to and who meddles in all hero's love affairs. The flow of the game is very simple - we stumble upon a girl in a difficult situation - win in the mini-game - H with girl - repeat. I got stuck on some 4th mini-game, but can say with authority that Tony's art is the best attraction in the game. 11. Yamato Nadeshiko o Sagase! 大和撫子を探せ! [001123] Chiffon Main character is a university assistant immersed in Yamato Nadeshiko research. His former professor invents a time machine, and protagonist goes to the past to make Yamato Nadeshiko his girlfriend. The setting and atmosphere are unexpectedly pleasant, but game is full of bugs. First we conquer heroine through the series of events, next we bring her to present time. Yamato Nadeshiko is not a proper name, but just an ideal of traditional Japanese woman, so there are more than one heroine. Simultaneous capture is difficult, but there are events that can happen only if two heroines are targeted. 12. Canvas ~Sepia-iro no Motif~ Canvas ~セピア色のモチーフ~ [001124] 1 2 3 Asou Daisuke is a high school student and a gifted artist - but he is currently suffering from a block, which keeps him from painting. His childhood friend, Tachibana Amane, who loves him deeply, persuades him to do a portrait of Kimikage Yurina, a girl with a heart condition, before Yurina undergoes surgery. In the process of rediscovering his art, Daisuke also realises the love that he and Amane feel for each other. There is an English review. 13. Kaede Doori かえで通り [001124] Inspire Main character studies at a university and works at a part-time job. It is possible to seek love from heroines of "Days Innocent" who have grown up, or from new girls. Structure-wise it's a normal plot-less game with each day divided into four parts to chase for girls. There are days only for university or only for part-time jobs, but there are also events limited to only university or only part-time job. But the word is drawn very attentively. The text and descriptions are superb among the games of 2000, but that's all wasted without a normal story. So it's a game with good atmosphere, text and characters, but that's it. 14. Liebe ~Omoide no Okurimono~ リーベ ~想い出の贈り物~ [001124] Custom Software Main character has girls phobia because of traumatic past with his former girlfriend. One day he is caught in thoughts and gets to a traffic incident. When he wakes up, there's a girl Aya before him who claims that his life expectancy is just one week. In order to change his fate he must overcome his phobia of women and have a love affair... Quite a typical charage. It's possible to chase either Aya or any other girl. Each route is short since it must be done in just a week. Drawing is very amateurish. 15. Luna Season ~150 Bun no 1 no Koibito~ るな・シーズン~150分の1の恋人~ [001124] Emu Main character is a high school student who has bad luck with women, being turned down by 149 girls in three years. The relationship with the 150th girl finally lasts a whole month. On a helpless impulse he rapes her, and relations are on their way to disconnection. Is protagonist doomed? It's a miracle that in the hero's town there are still girls unaware of him and available for capture after 150 girls failure. Five heroines have individual problems that require tending. Story is poorly organized and only rare laugh reliefs help a bit. 16. One's First Love [001124] Team Plus One Main character is a salary-man who lives alone. One day he goes for work later than usual and bumps into a high school girl who vomits on him. Such unique encounters happen to him occasionally. Maybe such encounter is the way to his first love? Sneeze, sweat etc are in the center of other stories. There's a definite H tilt as well, but game is obscure. 17. Parallel Harmony ~Getsuyou no Tobira wa Suiyou no Mukou ni~ Parallel Harmony ~月曜の扉は水曜の向こうに~ [001124] C's Ware Main character opens some strange door and appears at a girls school similar to Meiji era. The inhabitants are living spirits of fox and cats. Every time he tries to confess, his juniors get in the way. Will he ever be able to convey his feelings freely? It's C's Ware. The rest is in the full review... or so I thought till reached 1/4 of the game. Those three hours were a pure torture for me. There is absolutely no aim in the game since the way back to the home world gets cut off right in the beginning and there's no attempts to somehow make it open. The rest is absurdist theater in 12 parts. Each part has some short unique ending like this chapher is fighting one, the next one is playing detectives searching for a can, next one is detecrive in the horror house, but the bulk of each chapter are some random talks about nothing, so dull "jokes" made on grimacing and voice play. I really tried to find a notable joke and could only mark one as an attempt - the only about school club introduced by three rules of the Fight Club movie (and yeah, I'm probably very old since I remember premiere of that movie). The H scenes are just random, at the end of each chapter some girl just passes by and that's it, H scene. So now I know for sure that humor is not C's Ware strong point. 18. Primary Colours [001124] Extreme By the sudden invasion of the Ishikari Empire, all the neighboring countries were destroyed. A year after that the people in the colonized countries were oppressed and put to forced labor. Cardinal Sepia Arush, the captain of the former secretary of the state, organized anti-empire resistant movement. The organization got name Sepia, and it consists only of women mages who dance at the battlefields to return the lost homeland. It's a tactical strategy with the ability to capture any heroines of your mage squad. Battles have a fine mechanic, but are repetitive. Story lacks impact and heroines are surprisingly dull. 19. Love Hina ~Ai wa Kotoba no Naka ni~ ラブひな~愛は言葉の中に~ [001128] Konami 1 2 3 This adventure game's main focus is on collecting words for one of the five heroines from the series. You are Keitarou Urashima, the protagonist from the series, living together in a huge mansion with Naru Narusegawa, Shinobu Maehara, Kaolla Su, Motoko Aoyama, and Mitsune Konno. You can go to any one of their rooms and check the words you have unlocked for each of the characters, and by combining them start the event scenes which are similar to a visual novel in style with full voice-acting, for player character included. There is some information in English, and I would not add anything useful in this case anyway. 20. Hana Goyomi 花暦 [001130] Cyc When a child the protagonist used to play with someone at the flower garden of his grandfather, until the day his family moved to the city. Many years later, the protagonist went to visit his grandfather who felt ill at the hospital. He asks him to take care and rebuild his flower garden, because he can't take care of it anymore. When the protagonist went to visit the flower garden after a long time, he is stunned to see a desolated garden. And he becomes even more surprised to see in that strange place lives some flower fairies who needs that garden beautiful again in order to become healthy again... This is SIM, but it's more of a garden SIM akin to Little Witch Parfait series than a real raising SIM. It may look complicated, but compared to all age garden simulators, content is very shallow. The adult scenes are two per heroine and hardly bring anything with them. There are three heroines, plus some sub-heroines. 21. Love Hina 2 ~Kotoba wa Konayuki no You ni~ ラブひな2~言葉は粉雪のように~ [001130] Konami 1 2 The game's main focus is on collecting words for one of the five heroines from the series. You are Keitarou Urashima, the protagonist from the series, living together in a huge mansion with Naru Narusegawa, Shinobu Maehara, Kaolla Su, Motoko Aoyama, and Mitsune Konno. You can go to any one of their rooms and check the words you have unlocked for each of the characters, and by combining them start the event scenes which are similar to a visual novel in style with full voice-acting, for player character included. This game also requires PocketStation without which you cannot gather words necessary to play the game. There is a normal English review this time. 22. Ma・Ho・Ro・Ba ま・ほ・ろ・ば [001130] Soup Main character is going to inherit a big trade business. His trial is to double 10 million yen in 13 months. Is it even possible to do with a shop, 10 million yen and while leading the same gigolo style life? Some obscure trade SIM with adult scenes. 23. Nijuuei 二重影 [001130] KeroQ 1 2 3 This game that takes place in Japan in the year 1640. The main character is a samurai that got a sword with a blade with two shadows (one with a human shadow and another one from the world of darkness) that connect with him with the world of darkness. The game begins when the samurai travels to a strange island in which all the children are born twins, he hopes that in that island he can find a cure to his own curse. The adventure starts there, can he come back alive from the island and without his cure? Wow, I'm reviewing this game for sure even though there are couple reviews already. 24. Return リターン [001130] Aquarium Main character is an ordinary graduate student. One day is called by a professor to test space transfer invention. As a result, protagonist is teleported to another world where he has to earn living as escort hunter while having to deal with a lot of girls. Drawing and character design are very poor. Length is short and number of choices is small (and they are mostly meaningless). Story moves somehow pretty much without player interference, and ending with each heroine is the same. So there's hardly any appeal in the game. BLOCKED 1. Break Out Airline Break Out Airline [001102] Dall 1 Our stage is on an international flight going from New York City to Haneda Airport in Japan. Our main character is the co-pilot, who has had a very smooth flight up until now... Suddenly, a highjacking begins to take place. The highjacker sets off a poisonous gas that kills all the males on the plane except himself! Our hero has to take over this emergency situation because the captain has been incapacitated. But there's problem: He has changed into a sexual perverted demon from the side effects of the poisonous gas! Nukige 2. Mamahaha Choukyou 継母調教 [001102] Giant Panda Main character's father remarries on the school teacher, the protagonist's first love. He can not forgive her, and thus develops her strict training. Nukige 3. Situation 3 しちゅえ~しょん3 [001109] Berserker 1 Same as first Antology 4. Ayatsuri no Kyoushitsu 傀儡の教室 [001110] FlyingShine Main character sneaks into his alma mater school as a half joke with friends, but he can't get out. If he escapes somehow, he gets killed. Eventually memories of old cases of hypnotism at their school revive in everyone's heads. Nukige 5. B.B. Oh, yes! Jonny! [001110] Fairytale American rockabilly "Johnny" is a self-proclaimed remodeled person from the evil society. He comes to show his Japanese friend the "brilliant nature world" of girls. But in fact he just uses "small Johny" devices to peep and eavesdrop on girls. What kind of world does he have to offer? Nukige 6. Imitation ~Manatsu no Ai~ Imitation ~真夏の愛~ [001110] Deco1 Main character acquires right to test an android imitation from a famous company for one month. At first he does not take it seriously, but with time starts to feel sympathy towards Mizuki. With each day time limit draws near - is farewell inevitable? Nukige 7. Itadaki Jangarian いただきじゃんがりあん [001110] Studio Miris Satou Kazumi, a big fan of Eroge and Mahjong, One day, his sister Suzune tells him the family restaurant "Jangarian", which their family runs, is close to a crisis. Kazumi decides to go to headhunting for show girls rival shops with his strong Mahjong... Card game 8. Life ~Omoide no Hashi ni~ Life ~思い出の橋に~ [001110] Ange This bridge has seen a lot of stories during its lifetime. Here are memories of some of its regulars - lovers, prostitutes, travelers, soldiers. Antology 9. Luna Majogari ルナ 魔女狩り [001110] Noise A beam of light suddenly falls to the center of the city. Inspector Kaira receives the imperial command to start hunting witches responsible for that. Kaira meets woman Nia - is she also a witch? What's the truth there? Nukige 10. Yasha ~Kakusareta Kyouki~ YASHA~隠された狂気~ [001110] AngelHearts Main character's father remarries bringing new family to live together. But everything changes with father's overseas assignment. Stepmother starts to bully protagonist and his sister feeling jealousy. Hero stands up on the way of revenge. Nukige 11. Duette"A" Duette”A”~デュエット"A"~ [001111] Stage-nana An Air doujin-soft by Tomo Kataoka. Fandisk 12. Reversive Himitsu Nikki りばーしぶる ひみつ日記 [001115] Cute Main character secretly dates his class teacher. Please enjoy the diary of the teacher that covers all kinds of erotic situations and encounters. Nukige 13. Sacrifice ~Uzuki no Kubiwa~ サクリファイス ~疼きの首輪~ [001115] Candle Main character sneaks into a manor to help a girl captured by a demon. However, girl does not wish to return after being branded as a shame of the family. Hero decides to explore the mansion in search of ways to help out while avoiding the encounter with the demon. Nukige 14. Soutosai 奏社祭~そうとさい~ [001115] Nekotama It's 10 days before the culture festival in a certain private academy. Lively atmosphere surrounds the preparations, and lovely girls in a playful mood don't mind new acquaintances. Nukige 15. Tsuukin Kairaku ~Chikan de Go!~ 通勤快楽~痴漢でGO!~ [001115] Haoh Main character is a salaryman who molests every morning and evening. One day his victim congratulates him and wishes him best luck with the contest. It turns out that this train vagon is full of molesters aiming to be the best. Nukige 16. Custom Sex Doll カスタムSEXDOLL [001117] ight School president offers protagonist the position of the next school president with the full control over the school for participating in SEXDOLL contest between schools to train the best nymphomaniac. Nukige 17. Mesu Neko Yuugi 牝猫遊戯 [001117] Melody Our guy finds employees for people. Today he has a new female partner and a mission to find a missing girl plus a secretary in a company. Their excuse for being there is that they are sexual harassment detectives. What a joke, soon the guy has harassed most of the girls that work there. Good thing for him too, because with those girls' help, he will find out the funny going ons of this company. Nukige 18. ~Miboujin~ Niku Dorei ~美亡人~ 肉奴隷 [001117] Guilty Heroine lost her husband due to illness. The bosses of her deceased husband took advantage of the situation turning her into a sex slave. Nukige 19. Ryoujoku Dousoukai 凌辱同窓会 [001117] Zero In order to fulfill what he wished to do at the age of students, protagonist invites former girl classmates to a false "alumni association". He is about to commit each girl one by one in accordance with his memories. Nukige 20. Dennou Gekidan Muu Ichiza Dai 2 Kai Kouen Rika Junbishitsu de Tsukamaete 電脳劇団ムー一座第2回公演 理科準備室でつかまえて [001121] Artifact Ultra Mysterious Study Group has a clash among its members. The opposing faction decides to assault girl scientist in the science preparation room at night. Protagonist assists the girl at this time - will he be able to help her? Nukige 21. Angelique Trois アンジェリーク トロワ [001122] Koei Third installment in the series. Angelique Collet now queen of a new cosmos, is drawn into a pocket cosmos, Arcadia, with the rest of the Angelique Special 2 cast. She develops the wilderness of Arcadia in order to free Elda, a strange being she finds there. Otome 22. Island Resort -Kettou Okihimejima Bunkou- あいらんど・りぞーと-決闘沖姫島分校- [001122] Whirl Device Main character transfers to a school on a resort island because of his father, who gets appointed at work to be responsible for island development. However, opposition campaign has burst out to prevent reconstruction of the island, and the protests wave reached the school as well. Supporting the the right to develop the island, protagonist enters a surrogate war at school where the battles are held through mahjong game. Card game 23. Sala Ryoujoku no Cello Concours セーラ 陵辱のチェロコンクール [001122] Gondola Main character is impressed with Sala wonderful musical performance. He suggests she should participate in a musical contest held in town. Sala is going to practice for competition for a month, and protagonist is going to help her with any means necessary. Nukige 24. X'mas Present [001122] Pinpai Two semesters till Christmas. There is premonition that something new is bound to happen. There is a choice among three stories, each featuring a different narration with a different girl. Antology 25. In'yoku 2 淫慾2 [001123] Benten Main character is a salary-man in a food company. He has to work overtime and on holidays because of an incompetent director. He knows his director is a regular at a SM club. Protagonists joins this club to have his revenge on the director and get new acquaintances. Nukige 26. Ai-Sai 愛妻 ai-sai [001124] Prima Main character is from a wealthy family. His classmate's family in in debts with protagonists' father, so classmate's mother agrees to clean the mansion to decrease the debt amount. Protagonist lusts for the woman, and she unexpectedly surrenders to his will. The everyday fun begins, and then it's classmate's and her sister's turn. Nukige 27. Exile ~Blood Royal 2~ Exile ~Blood Royal 2~ [001124] Cherry Soft Main character is the prince of a certain country. He is cursed by a witch and is destined to become a devil when becoming 20 years old. The king confined him to a small island castle to live till becoming a beast. According to a fortune telling, prince must be sincerely loved to prevent turning into a demon, but no woman could love the cruel prince. Then one day two princesses arrive as a tribute to the kingdom. Prince entrusted the last hope to these two princesses ... Nukige 28. Inda 4 淫打4 [001124] Hyperspace Sharpen typing skills to enjoy gasping voice and beautiful girls. Nukige 29. Korashime ~Kyouikuteki Shidou~ 懲らしめ ~狂育的指導~ [001124] Blue Gale Main character is a Physics Teacher, 25 years old, single. He gets the news that he can go to teach at the university he was longing for from the start. At that time he occasionally eavesdrops girls giving scores to teachers in the dressing room. Then he is invited to a small farewell party where he gets drunk. The next day his embarrassing photos get spread in the class. The anger reaches its peak. Now the revenge is inevitable, but there's the need to plan steps carefully not to get framed. Nukige 30. Ryoujoku Toritate 凌辱取立 [001124] Snow Main character is a debt collector specializing in women. Since it's a job to collect money with whatever means possible, he finds weak spots in body and mind and draws victims to the world of terror. When debtor can't pay himself, his relatives and friends get involved as well.You have to return what you borrow! Nukige 31. Salmon Pink さ~もんぴんく [001124] Trabulance Main character finds a way to summon a devil from grandfather's papers. The devil gets the appearance of selected person, so protagonist selects his childhood friend Momo. The devil Pink is same cute as Momo and is absolutely obedient to the hero... Nukige 32. Shachiku 車畜 [001124] Arkham Products Mika accidentally drives over a woman who dies as a consequence. The woman's now widowed husband loved his wife so much that he decides to live only for revenge. So he sells his apartment, buys a truck with a built-in cell, kidnaps Mika and starts extracting his revenge on her. As time goes by, the man's resolve for revenge starts to waver and his lust for Mika's body starts to grow. Nukige 33. SM no Susume -The Seeker ZERO- SMノススメ -The Seeker ZERO- [001124] Tenshindou 1 Satsuki finally confesses to her big brother Taiki that she is in love with him. However, Taiki is a full-fledged sadist! Notwithstanding, Satsuki refuses to let go of her feelings for her brother; with some confusion, she accepts his inclinations. At about that time, Taiki's junior from high school, Kaoru Sakuraba, and Satsuki's senior, Taeka Yukimoto come to stay with them. All three these girls are infatuated with Taiki. They all offer to begin training to become his girl-slaves. And so, the training in their new profession begins... Nukige 34. Yokubou Shikkounin 欲望執行人 [001124] STONE HEADS Pretty girl seeping innocently in the train with pants seen. A woman ascending the stairs with a super mini skirt. A nurse at a hospital where the protagonist is hospitalized with trauma of both hands. A girl selling ero doujinshi at the event booth. A waitress without a family. When main character meets such girls, a wide smile appears on his face covering his desire, and he starts to act. Nukige 35. Youfu 養父 [001124] Miyabi Main character is a director of a nursing home, and 20 days before building demolition he confines the girls there and teaches them love. Nukige 36. Rakuen 楽園 [001127] Kappadou Main character has puppet mania. And the day the doll is finished the female teacher that doll was named after, appears before protagonist. He confines her and humiliates her each day. Where will it lead? Nukige 37. Don’t Stop Mama?! Don’t Stop ママ?! [001130] Authoring Heaven 1 Main characters got divorced, and soon his father remarried. 12 years later. Father starts to cheat on his wife, and protagonist is very sorry for his stepmother. Stepmother acts in a sane manner, but there is no more cheerfulness in her smile. So protagonist could not refuse her invitation to take a bath together for the first time in a while. And this turned out to be his first mistake... Nukige 38. Ore no Miko-san 俺の巫女さん [001130] Evolution Main character loves shrine maidens, and he gets an ability to turn any girl into a shrine maiden. Now the only question is whether girls are better as they are now or as shrine maidens? Nukige
  14. Kaichuudokei 懐中時計 [Free's]

    Foreword: Won't lie, I only picked this game since the other notable titles of the month were gameplay-centered. But this one is a mystery story centered around time travel which makes it stand out among the rows of typical charage in October 2000. Title: Kaichuudokei Developer: Free's Date: 2000-10-13 VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v21778 Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8GxGaUo6Yc Synopsis: Some girl appears before main character and gives him pocket watch. The next day she meets hero once again, but she had no recollection of the yesterday encounter. Strange events start to pile up turning into bizarre incidents that are able to claim one's life. Can he protect the girls? Structure: Game takes some 5 days, but we have to repeat only last 2-3 days usually through time travel Length: 3.5 hours for one route Game type: School crime mystery with time travel Difficulty: I'd say moderate. Composition is unusual, so it's possible to get lost without knowing how to proceed after bad ending Character Design rating: 6/10 Protagonist rating: 5/10 Story rating: 7/10 Game quality: 5/10 Overall rating: 6/10 Rating comments: 6 is the best score I can give to a non-masterpiece game. Game is about the mystery, so characters aren't much developed, same as protagonist. Game quality gets a dent for some poor CG, no voicing and constant crashes at win10 at sound effects play (win98-ME does not have crashes, but it's impossible to hook text there). Protagonist: Nothing much special. A normal high school student who got involved into a mysterious case. Characters: There are three heroines - Asuka, Haruka and Sakuya, but the main heroine with the most intriguing plot like is Asuka. Story: Main character receives pocket watch from a girl one day, but when the same girl moves to his class the next day, she has no recollection of giving the watch. There are several incidents targeting girl's life and of course death in the end which triggers time jump with the need to prevent death. There are four cycles of the same events, and each time we get to uncover new part of the mystery and observe different suspects. The ending was very unexpected for me. Great composition and story, actually. CG: Most are fine. Good thing that there are very few H events in the game, two per heroine or so. Sound: BGM turned out to be nice and inspirational, especially liked the danger motives. Thoughts: The motive of the game is that innocent looking persons are usually the most vile. And it was nice to see how that idea played out in each of girl routes. Overall comments: I liked the story here. It's complex enough and short enough to keep the thrill from beginning to the end, creating an overall positive impression.
  15. VN of the Month October 2000 - Baldr Bullet

    Baldr Bullet is the definite winner as VN of the Month, but I'm not up for a gameplay game. But then the question arises - what to review from October 2000? The obvious candidate is Bloomers 2000 , but it also has gameplay elements and its content is quite ambiguous for youtube. So my choice is Kaichuudokei - a lesser known school mystery horror. 1. Fuuma Jinja 封魔神社 [001006] TinkerBell Youkai sealed for 1000 years is now released in the peaceful city. An ordianary high school student receives guidance from a shine maiden and takes a sword to fight the demon. A rare TinkerBell game that is not total crap right from the bat. But it does not mean it's not crap. There are three heroines, but the flow is the same, save for some midgame events and endings. With not enough content there's a constant impression of a lousy scenario. And even in this neutral setting TinkerBell managed to include darker themes like tentacles and... worse. Totally unsatisfactory. 2. J.A. Judge August J.A. ジャッジオーガスト [001006] Loze 1 An unbelievably giant enemy is trying to reach Earth. Unaware, most human beings are leading peaceful lives. Yuzo Hiragi, a space physicist, quickly learns of this threat and begins to develop "the god of war (Illusion)". However, he is nearly killed by the mysterious enemy's attack, and Takeru, his grandson, takes charge of the research... "The god of war (Illusion)" is a machine created by the energy generated from love and trust. However, it is only partially completed, and the pilots are not ready yet. There's only one year till the enemy's attack... He has to complete the machine and find two pilots. Will he complete the project in time? Can he save Earth...? Story is full of weirdness and chunige craziness like aliens blowing up a complex or assassination by a secret evil society. And eventually comes realization that it's not a serious story, but some gag parody. We pick one of three candidates and watch a lined up story for some five hours. It plays like a normal SF bakage, just don't expect seriousness. 3. Koigokoro 恋ごころ [001006] Ram The main character dropped in at a village on his way home from training camp. It was his first visit but it seemed he had known the place for a long time.... He decided to stay there for a while and he became a security guard for the village. But it was difficult to guard the village by himself so he started to train security guards. Disciples gathered soon as if it had been planned.... There were five girls. They were unique but trained hard. A little while later, the atmosphere around the village started to get uneasy... but nobody knew the meeting of five girls caused this.... Game has mostly positive reviews, because it's a fun polished fantasy comedy with eight animated scenes. Structure is quite simple - chase either of five girls and get either girl happy ending and bad ending without a girl. Ancient China setting can be not for everyone's taste. Overall a high quality game, but not individual enough, story is commonplace. 4. Koimusubi 恋結び [001006] spiel 1 Hero is a student who lives his life by inertia alone away from her parents. One night he dreams of living with a girl from his class. He had not special feelings for her till now, but things change from now on... You are given one month to get attention of one girl, otherwise you lose. There is an English review. 5. Kyouto ~Omoi wa Watatsukibashi o Koete~ 京都 ~想いは渡月橋をこえて~ [001006] eLia In autumn thoughts change into love feeling. This is a love story between high school students who live in Kyoto. Where will autumn Kyoto atmosphere bring them? Sentimental game with quite simple composition that includes heroine introduction - date in the park - return home with H scene - epilogue. The same composition repeats for each heroine. Game includes many Kyoto sightseeing places and can be used as a tour guide. Overall the content is not impressive for an average user. Maybe a sentimental woman would think otherwise. 6. Prism Heart プリズム・ハート [001006] Pajamas Soft 1 There is a tournament for knights at Windland once every three years, a kingdom named after its famous fragrant winds. Seven heroines stand out above everyone else in this years tournament with their fighting spirit. Swords clash, horses race and hearts beat against each other under the famous winds... There is an English review. 7. Kaichuudokei 懐中時計 [001013] Free's Some girl appears before main character and gives him pocket watch. The next day she meets hero once again, but she had no recollection of the yesterday encounter. Strange events start to pile up turning into bizarre incidents that are able to claim one's life. Can he protect the girls? A confusing game utilizing pocket watch to move back and forth in the game time. Getting to the ending is easy, but it's naturally a bad ending, and from that time all the save and load time jumps begin. These time slips aren't really properly explained in the game. And the real ending is shocking, and not it a good way. So with all the concept novelty and mystery, it's a game that's very difficult to like. 8. Kami-sama Onegai!! 神サマお願い!! [001013] Bell-Da Main character is an ordinary college student. One day he gets into a traffic incident, and his spirit flies to heavens. There goddess sends him to search for a person thinking of him, as this is the only way to resurrection. However, there are many obstacles on the way of the spirit, like intervention from the demon world. Will he be able to regain his life? It's a simple gag comedy with several heroines. Scenario is thin. But it's a charage with quite lovely characters, so there's only meaning to play if like one of heroines. 9. Me-ga-mi ~Megami-chan Get Daisenryaku!?~ ME・GA・MI ~女神ちゃんGET大戦略!?~ [001013] CHOCO Long ago there was a battle between two races. White star race was looking alike humans, but with wings, and they wanted love and peace. The Black star race was with horns and black wings, and they desired fighting and power. The fight was fierce, and both mother stars got destroyed as a result. White race moved to the dark side of the moon and is now called angels. Black race moved to Mars, and they are called demons. Angels can no longer be born, so to continue but chosen from the Earth girls, and of course demons would be in the way, so their conflict continued on Earth. Protagonist is an angel who comes to the Earth in search of marriage partner to become and goddess and continue angelic line. Another lighthearted ero-tilt bakage. Can't really say much about it. Quite a short one, but at least story is not just about the girl, but also about the conflict. 10. Mugen no Kyoukai ~Kiseki no Umi~ 夢現の境界~奇跡の海~ [001013] Eve Hero is an ordinary student. After getting in a traffic incident he starts to see events of his previous life in dreams. His previous life was warrior guardian of dream world where all the myths originate protecting it from nightmare monsters. One day he gets to know that the seal of the dream world is broken, and nightmare monsters threaten to destroy real world next. He needs to regain his love reincarnated in this world and fight invasion with the power of love. What a mess of a synopsis. But the game is even worse, it's basically a SIM with racial fetish. Battles are done with janken... System is poor. Something waaaay out of my league. 11. Osananajimi 幼なじみ [001013] Prima At the end of a short spring break hero finds a childhood photo of him and five girls in the neighborhood. There is also a small key to the time capsule beside the photo. He chooses to use the time capsule to reunite with his memories of those days... Game is quite short in every of five heroines routes, but it has uniqueness for depicting mental state the environment poetically. A sentimental charage without any drama. 12. Romance 浪漫珠~ろまんす~ [001013] Angel Smile Meiji era. The main character is an ambitious novelist. His work is criticized at the redaction, and he is recommended to write romance novels popular with public instead. Hero agrees, but he does not have love experience at all. This is a story of romance birth. It turned more into sensual novel than a romantic novel, but we aren't to judge here. The deployment is forced since the number of characters for romancing is 8. There is much poetry and sentiments in descriptions. 13. Sakura no Niwa 桜の庭 [001013] Tetratech Shun Kubota died. His past friend Koji Hirose is sure that Shun could not commit a suicide. Koji starts his own investigation and gets deeper and deeper into Shun circumstances... Tetratech immediately means it's a nukige for me already, and this game is more nukige than a detective story. During the course of the story we get to know girl acquaintances of Kubota and listen to their quirky stories. CG have old style feeling. 14. Suki no Katachi スキノカタチ [001013] Sarang Two years ago protagonist's father died suddenly while working in United States leaving lots of money and house that is too huge to live alone. But one day father's American wife comes to Japan with her daughter to live together in this house! What should he do? Game only takes 3 days and it's possible to chase either mother-in-law and sister-in-law or just any girls around. Childhood friend is the main heroine. H events are animated and have SM flavor. Happy end happens suddenly after three days, so it's a very hasty development. 15. Ao no Ballade 碧のバラード [001020] Gaia Akira is an amateur musician aiming to become a professional. On a rainy day he meets a girl while working a part-time job. She turns out out to be a daughter of a famous musical producer. Her father becomes the biggest barrier on the way to love as he promises Akira to disqualify him from a musical contest if he continues to pursue producer's daughter. A bitter sad story about the clash with reality. Story follows a very depressing development, so leaves mostly negative emotions. 16. Bloomers 2000 ぶるまー2000 [001020] Liar-soft Divine bloomers were found on the Moon. An evil group BB group "Big bloomer group" seeks a way to make the whole world into a bloomer, and the international MIB "Men in Bloomer" organization monitors the subtle bloomer balance in the world. Their conflict becomes inevitable. Tokiwa Ai is an ordinary girl who becomes chosen as a goddess of bloomers, and from now on she's a bloomers justice warrior! Liar-soft continues its crazy crusade to conquer the world. Unexpectedly easygoing and light bakage, but also with serious parts. Endings vary very much from abrupt ones to aggressive ones and happy ones. The balance of battles is very poor. Overall a bright game appealing to Akihabara and alike geeks. 17. Kikoku no Mori 鬼哭の森 [001020] Platinum Soft A quiet town where future and past mix together. One day, a theft case happens there which would be soon forgotten if there were not strange incidents happening around it. The female teacher in the midst of the theft incident disappears, classmates start to behave strangely and mysterious woman shows up before Koichi. Gradually, but surely anomalities begin to penetrate the daily life of Koichi. Game involves concept of time not only for movement, but also for talking... Only one of eight endings has something to do with the theft while other endings only uncover memories. The biggest complaint is that there is not enough explanation and here is thrown from one incident to another with semi-random H events. 18. Kono Mune no Naka Ikite... ~Find Love EX 2~ この胸の中 生きて… ~Find Love EX2~ [001020] Lyceen In 194X Japan surrenders to the USA and gets occupied leaving only reservations for the Japanese. Forced labor became a commonplace. In addition, USA command center secretly conducts sexual experiments to nurture high psychic ability. One of such experiment subjects is girl Ruriko. Main character is rescued from forced labor camp in coal mine by the resistance. He now fights the occupational forces as well. But at the same time he gets deeply involved with Ruriko... What a nice setting. But sadly setting does not determine content this time. The story is long, but not so deep. Still recommended to fans of alternative history. 19. Baldr Bullet バルドバレット [001027] 1 2 3 Sometime in the near future, the South American rain forest serves as the backdrop of a war between two factions - those who support the Baldr governing technology and those who don't. To ensure that the skirmishes and conflicts don't expand, the BS-OSA or Baldr System - Observation Structure Army is set up to police the region. Inside the Army is a special unit known as SERR14 (Observation Structure Army South American Experimental Riot Regiment the 14th) which is comprised of elite soldiers and operatives such as Sergey Kirkland and Dullahan Cuningham. There are English reviews. 20. Nanako2 [001027] Studio Pandora A certain "family" lives since ancient times with the help of technology that prevents aging. But the price for immortality is full of fear and sorrow. A detective investigation leads to mysterious undersea temple... There's not much information on the game. The scenario development is short and different in each branch, with lots of H scenes. Quite shocking non-integral work, but mostly pleasant to the eyes. 21. Omoide Album 思い出アルバム [001027] Trabulance Just before hero's graduation it's decided to demolish the old wooden school building. Everyone in the class is largely indifferent to the teacher's proposal to make an album about the school building. However, main character wants to engrave the life in this wooden school building into something more than a memory. There are several classmates who share his point of view. They start making an album. And it's also the time when girl comes to his life. The centuries shift gave a big push to the sentimental romance genre. This is one of such games with clever use of sepia tone and special coloring. The story is very simple and all three heroines routes feel quite alike. The shortness and lack of character background and development results in a so-so impression. 22. SuiSui Sweet すいすいSweet [001027] Tactics Our third-year protagonist Kosuke is surrounded by unique girls. His bright and cheerful childhood friend Makoto. The stoic council president Kyoka. The cool girl Chiaki. The flirtatious first year Miho. And the crazy about adivination Yuubi. Where will Kosuke's affection lead to...? Quite a typical school love story with five heroines. Game is dialogues driven, so description is often lacking. The tempo is very bad in the beginning and in the middle, but from the end to the climax it paces up well. Difficulty is not high since there are only two-three options to choose from each time, but it's still possible to get astray from the girl route. There's just one H scene at the end of each girl route, so game was able be painlessly transferred to consoles. BLOCKED 1. Love Call [001006] Mink Protagonist as a college student. One day he receives a mistaken call from woman Cynthia, and that call brings numerous fears and mysteries to his life. She continues to call for the whole month drawing him into the world of dreams, magic and imagination. Hero uses psycho navigation to travel inside those dreams. Nukige 2. Ryoujokuki 凌辱鬼 [001006] Guilty A serious change occurred to a pharmacy worker after taking part in test of a new medical drug. It turned out to have an effect of superb narcotics and aphrodisiacs making a big fuss within the staff... Nukige 3. Yatsugaike ~Yatsugaike Kitan~ 八ヶ池 ~八ヶ池忌憚~ [001006] Pass Guard Main character is born in a military officer family. He's a shy boy and currently lives alone due to family circumstances. One day he witnesses sexual assault in the park, tries to help and gets murdered as a result. He awakens as a spirit. He can't affect the world except for when in situation that caused his death. He can materialize only when insulting girls in the park... Nukige 4. Zoukeishi 造形師 [001006] Rave Protagonist is an independent orthopedic surgeon. He specializes in shaping a woman's body into a work of art. Nukige 5. Himitsu no Koi ひみつの恋 [001013] Studio Neko Punch From when did we become lovers? Love comes unexpectedly as an unforgettable memory in a sweet and sour summer time. Just a week before the summer vacations end our secret love began. Lolicon 6. Rainy Rhapsody [001014] Guerilla Corps No idea. Looks like just 2nd chapter of main story. Shounen Ai at least 7. Soko Dame! Nee-san そこダメ!姉さん [001014] Beenyan Older sister took care of protagonist after their parents died. Then she disappeared for three years, and now suddenly comes back. But there is no trace of former gentle sister! She's selfish, dominating and does whatever she wants to do. Nukige 8. Kojin Taxi 股人タクシー [001020] Xuse Main character is a taxi driver. His only purpose is to play with bodies of pretty girls, looking at their face expression. He reveals girls secrets and blackmails them into having a ride with him. Nukige 9. Nakayoku Shimasho 仲良くシましょ [001020] Rocket Main character lost his mother when he was very young, and was raised in his father's household since then. One day his father remarries female cousin. The problem is that all three new protagonist's sister-in-laws are the girls who he had relationship with. They get furious when this fact reveals, but in the end sympathy overcomes first shock and their weird cohabitation begins. Nukige 10. Dennou Gekidan Muu Ichiza Shokai Kouen Itsuka Mita Mermaid 電脳劇団ムー一座初回公演 いつか見たマーメイド [001021] Artifact Main character is a millionaire son who is sure he was saved by a mermaid in his childhood. He escapes from his control-freak wife to the island of his memories where he encountered the mermaid. Nukige 11. Court no Naka no Tenshi-tachi Tadaima Gasshuku Chuu コートの中の天使達 ただいま合宿中 [001027] Pinpai Night after practice day at the training camp. Defeat the team members in blackjack one by one and you can win a special entertainment... Nukige 12. MaeStro [001027] Soleil Protagonist comes to a usual piano lesson where he is suddenly sexually assaulted by his female teacher. A whole new world of experiments and pleasure opens up before him since then. Nukige 13. Midara Gari 淫狩 [001027] Pochette One day educational practitioners come to protagonist's school. One female college student out of them made a big fuss. Naturally, hero can't take his eyes from her beauty. And when the day of practical training comes, teacher suddenly appears in his room offering private service. She turns out to be a devil who imbues protagonist with magical power to commit any girls he lusts for. Nukige 14. Mitsuryouku 2 密猟区2 [001027] Zero Daniel Lambert is a mercenary of Spranell Kingdom. His troops currently carry out occupation of the Oak grain village in the enemy Republic of Bali. By a twist of fate this village is Daniel's birthplace. What's the purpose of occupying the village that only has women and children left? Everything depends on Daniel's actions. Nukige 15. Shimaizuma 姉妹妻 [001027] 13cm Misako is a widow who lost her husband at a young age. She works as a teacher at school. She and college second grader girl Miki get drowned into a whirlpool of lust by three men. A multi-site adventure from the point of view of Misako, Miki and one of the males. Nukige 16. Sixty Nine [001027] May-Be Soft 1 A collection of 69 mini-scenarios. You are a player luckily picked to try out a brand new virtual reality system. Nukige 17. Tsuma x Tsuma ~Koko wa Hitozuma Paradise!~ 人妻×人妻 ~ここは人妻ぱらだいす!~ [001027] Discovery Yusuke Oshima, the hero, has failed the college career, so his father made him to join "Tokito building services" as a Human Resources Director. Finishing the training of five months, he was dispatched to an apartment complex as a manager. One week has passed, and a pair of newlyweds have been moved, including Akira, his classmate from highschool days who was longing to meeting him again... Nukige 18. Watashi no Arika. わたしのありか。 [001027] Janis During surgery to remove cancer under general anesthesia, Kunihiro encounters an angel girl Safar in the dream. Safar offers him power to seduce any girls in the city easily in exchange for keeping her spirit within his body as well Nukige 19. Youin no Yakata 妖淫の館 [001027] Black Package Try Protagonist has an inherited power to subdue wills even of toughest politicians and bureaucrats. He uses this power to confine a number of women in his mansion and apply slavery training. Nukige 20. Sei Crain Gakuen 聖・CRAIN学園 [001029] Tennenouji St. Crain School is an all boys' school where the sons of the rich and famous attend and live in the dorms. However, even though the students come from rich backgrounds, they also come from painful backgrounds, and now a lot of nasty things have been happening around the school, particuarly to the student Yuuya Takaki, who seems to be the chosen victim to several instances of rape. Yaoi