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    As for the review of non anime (ie the VN), there's two from both of Maryzan and Joyjason. If you've been hesitate to play it, at least Joyjason's review should be more than enough to help you to decide. If anything else, I'll just treat it as school life comedy to avoid disappointment (Well I already think like that since the beginning). I hope that the reviews will help you there so that you wouldn't fall into the expectation like back at Chaos Child. As for the casts, there's five main heroines and three side heroines. Since the heroine number is the same as Yoake (Well both of Daitoshokan and Yoake were from same developer), I'll just use the same format like back at Yoake here to list the casts and their VAs (ie the seiyuu). But before going to the casts, I'll give a bit of summary in which the premise is that Kakei did have sort of precognition power and that he's been a sole member of Library Club, at least until a certain encounter happen and then his life in the club was changing with the new members joining in and the club goal was changed to help the people in the academy (Which is a big task considering that the population number is very massive at 50,000 people (I don't know though if it's including the faculty staffs or not)). Oh and by coincidence all of club members did received an message from mysterious Shepherd, so the club also decided to investigate that as well. Shirasaki Tsugumi - Our main heroine (Sort of) that was quite unfortunate in that Kakei did accidently grope her breast when he save her. Her goal is to make the school more happier, although she really didn't know how though. Her innocence can make the people follow her loyally at the very least, and that it manage to interest Kakei who originally didn't have much interest other than reading. Her seiyuu is Yonezawa Madoka who as we know her most prominent role us Ogiso Setsuna from White Album 2 (Just nice that Yoake's main heroine (Feena) seiyuu is Kazusa from the same VN), although she also have some other role though. Such as Ichinose Rika from Aokana, Hirasawa Ui from K-On, Akazawa Izuni from Another, and Leviathan from Umineko. Mochizuki Maho - The first side heroine in that she's the student council president, and that she's been interested with Kakei so much that she's quite annoying to him just because she's quite persistence. There's no much to her at the beginning other than she's quite capable as student council president, and that she's the 3rd grader. Her seiyuu is Nakajima Saki who voiced Sasamori Karin from To Heart 2, Kouzaki Umi from Koiresort, Saotome Miharu from Miagete (Too bad that it's censored), Souma Nanao from Sanoba Witch, Shigure Kanako from Konosora, and Momoyama Ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew. Sakuraba Tamamo - Tsugumi's best friend, and the real leader for the Library Club because Tsugumi was too inept to do the work even though she's the president. Other than very capable at the leading the club and do the works, she's implied to have an interest to Tsugumi. As for Tamamo herself, her background is quite interesting in that she matched Feena in which she's the daughter of a descendant of a feudal lord and that she's quite capable in tea ceremony and flower arrangement, although obviously her family didn't have any political power anymore. Her seiyuu is Fione Silvaria from Eustia, Saitou Yuka and her roles is Houjou Ayumi from Tsujidou, Lucifer from Umineko, Akaba Chizuru from Seitokai no Ichizon, and Naotora Ii from Samurai Warrior IV. Suzuki Kana - Nicknamed Kanasuke, and she's quite simply the mood maker for Library Club in that she's make the atmosphere more brighter thanks to her cheerfullness (She's also the junior here). Her breast is quite small and have cat allergies when the cat touch her, in which both of those cause some angst to her. The latter is quite ironic seeing that she's like to play with the cat, and so she can only play with the cat indirectly through the cat toy. Her seiyuu is Eri Sendai in which her role is Inaba Meguru from Sanoba Witch, Tomotake Yoshino from Senren Banka, Kusunoha Misaki from Hatsukoi Sankaime, Otonashi Saku from Hello Lady, Kouzuki Io from Dal Segno, Takanashi Touka from Chuunibyou ga Shitai, Milk/Mimino Kurumi/Milky Rose from Yes Pretty Cure 5 duology, and Triela from Gunslinger Girl. Ureshino Sayumi - Kannasuke's fellow waitress (Forgot to say that Kana did have part time work at the cafeteria) and the second side heroine that was cute looking, but there's much more than that. Such as she's quite capable in computer programming, like to play the game, easily hold the grudge, and don't like to called small (Well if you say that Ureshino small you wouldn't hear her anger because you'll be dead with Ureshino as the murderer (By Kannasuke's word)). As for the seiyuu, her name is Mamiya Yuzu in which she voiced Emelita from Kamidori, Kurama Koharu from Senren Banka, Iyo from Nanairo Reincarnation, Yanagihara Tomo from White Album 2, and Otonashi Kushina from Love Sweets. Misono Senri - Known as 'Singing Princess' by the whole school because of her singing that reached national level, and yet she really didn't care much about it because she was more or less got pressured by the music teacher to explore her talent (There's also the matter of her past). While from the first glance she looks like a kuudere, actually she's more expressive compared to most of the kuuderes out there. As for the seiyuu, her name is Yamamoto Nozomi who recently got a boy with feminine face role such as Satou Koutarou from Wagahigh and Shibazaki Kaoru from Koiken Otome, although of course she also got female roles such as Arisaka Mashiro from Aokana, Kabutoyama Midori from Hello Lady, and Murasame from Senren Banka. Serizawa Miyu - The third and final side heroines, and her role is that she's the member of Broadcast club who also have a part time job as the seiyuu. She was the one who ask Library Club to investigate Senri for her personal matter. Speaking abut seiyuu, she's got an impressive one who is also quite famous in the anime as well. As for the seiyuu's (Rina Satou) roles, we have Ushiromiya Ange from Umineko, Kusakabe Yuuki from To Heart 2, Ohara Kuon from Island, Tachibana Kazami from Root Double, Souya Misaki from Snow Sakura, Haruka from Minami-ke, Rei Hino/Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon Crystal, Misaka Mikoto form To Aru Index franchise, and Niijima Makoto from Persona 5. Nagi Kodachi - Out of all heroines, her breast is the biggest although of course we shouldn't focused on that lol. Anyway she's one of Library Committee member who always encountered the Library Club because she always felt that Library Club getting noisy, and that Kodachi always warn the club. We also knew that turned out she's one of Kakei's neighbor, and that she like to watch the TV in Kakei's apartment. Other than those two trait, anything more would be the spoiler so I'll leave it to the reader to find out about her. Her seiyuu is Kiritani Hana (Kirihana) in which she voiced Lena Liechtenauer from Senren Banka, Ousaka Sora from Hoshiori, Ayachi Nene from Sanoba Witch, Hachiroku from Maitetsu, and Fia from Amayui Castle Meister. I think that's all for the casts, and feel free to discuss about Daitoshokan at this thread. Have fun.
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    Hello everyone, I'm here to deliver what you've been waiting for: the partial patch for the game! Though I said end of the month, to think I'd actually upload it on the very last day of the month, and for some of you, it's already April 1st... But even if it's April Fool Day for some of you, I assure you that this update is not an April Fool joke . Now then, let's talk about the patch: - The patch contains the first 3 chapters of the game: Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2. - All tutorial images and basic info images are also included in the patch. Though there are still some Japanese texts in them, all of the help texts have been translated. I'm sure they'll prove helpful if you decide to play the game with this patch ^^. - Unfortunately. we weren't able to finish the Menu Images in time for this patch. However, you can use ZAP Interface Patch in case you need them. Though there are some differences, they shouldn't be any glaring differences. If you do use ZAP patch, please apply their patch first, and apply ours on top. - While the God Medal Icons aren't translated, their descriptions are fully translated. If you use ZAP Patch, some God Medals icons will be translated. However, their translations of the God Medals' names may be different from ours. - The Map Icons aren't translated, but the Stage Names when selecting stages are fully translated. If you find it hard to navigate like this, please use ZAP Interface Patch. Though there will be differences, they should be similar enough for you to understand where to go next. - The missions, sub-missions and dialogues for each stages are also fully translated. All units and their descriptions on the battlefield are also translated. - Since the Append is not fully translated, it is not included in this patch. This also includes the Loser's Maze. That's why please remain on the winner's side for now . How to apply the patch (for both this patch and ZAP patch): All you have to do is extract the patch(es) in the root directory of the game, and it should work fine. Please tell me if it doesn't work for you, I'll see what I can do. I think that should cover everything in this patch. Please keep in mind that this is not the final version of the translation. We'll continue to improve it, so there may be some differences between this patch and the final patch. Please think of this patch as a teaser of sort, a taste of what is to come . Though I've played through and checked this patch, I may still have missed something. If you notice any problem (typos, text display problem, etc.), we'd appreciate it if you could take a screenshot and send it to us. We'll fix it for the next patch. Any feedback is very welcome. That's why if you use this patch, we'd love to hear your thoughts on what we should improve/change. Finally, here's the link to the patch (it's the same link to the MEGA drive in the OP): https://mega.nz/#F!MstRHI6S!bQVaRTSLnwQPNjYuCJKfpw That's all for this update. Thank you for reading, and see you next time ^^.
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    KICKSTARTER || Twitter || Demo || Discord Genre: Story/decision driven VN/RPG Overview: CHROMATOSE is a stylishly immersive Visual Novel/Role-playing Game with emphasis on meaningful decisions, character relationships, and a compelling story: You've awakened in a strange nightmare after a fall that should have ended your life. Around you are amnesiac strangers who are also trapped in this world for their own unique reasons. Escape the collective nightmare in 12 hours or never wake up! Emphasis on meaningful decisions, character relationships, and a compelling overarching story. 10 bittersweet stories about redemption and personal growth, each with their own unique, colorful world! A unique, rapid-fire card battle system that interweaves the relationships that you build with how effective you are in combat! A colorful, ultra-stylized artistic direction, drawing inspiration from Catherine (ATLUS), Persona 3 (ATLUS), and the Monogatari (Nisio Isin) anime series! Loaded with difficult choices that significantly affect gameplay and lead you to one of the many endings! Experience 16 possible game setups based on your personality quirks! Click here to see the Kickstarter!! Development progress: Currently in active development with a live Kickstarter, public demo available (2+ hours)
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    For the last year or so the Narcissu team has been porting all of the games and side stories to Unity for what they believe will be the best possible version of the games. It's been taking forever though and a few weeks ago they held a poll for physical backers asking if we wanted to them to wait until the porting was finished to start producing the physical copies of the game, or just go ahead and ship out physical copies with the current, non-Unity version of the game. The poll came back with a pretty large majority voting to wait. However, they acknowledge that some people are probably sick of waiting at this point (it's been almost 4 years) and are offering refunds on the campaign through the month of April. From the email: The email doesn't really say whether or not everyone that backed can opt for a refund, but I would guess that only physical backers can actually get one. They sent Steam keys out like a year and a half (or more?) ago so digital-only backers have already received what they paid for. Not sure if anyone here backed physically and is interested in a refund, but I thought I'd make the post in case anyone does want one and didn't catch the email. Also, as far as I know this is the first time Sekai Project has voluntarily offered refunds for any of their campaigns. If I were to read into this move more deeply I'd probably say that this is Sekai Project indirectly admitting that they took on way too many projects way too fast.
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    Sekai Project itself is a joke tbh.
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    ...this better not be an april fools joke.
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    One person claimed that they got fooled by my poor attempt at April Fools joke. It was also probably the first time in my life when I didn't forget about the date and was too on-alert to get tricked by anything. https://twitter.com/PulkownikLesiak/status/1112661415788204032
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    Alice in Stardom is now released! Download it now on Windows, Linux, MacOS, and Android! The Steam version is coming on the 4th, so for now it's only available on Itch.io with more sites coming soon. Thank you guys for your patience, this has been a hectic but fun NaNoRenO!
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    I'm not a partial patch kinda guy, but I look forward to the complete release! Keep it up!
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    Hello everyone

    Two years ago (which is when I was playing RGD) I was slacking too much with my university tasks, so I needed to focus on them. As a result, I stopped playing VNs until 2 months ago, and I've already choosed Enigma to play. Neverthless, I changed it to "Playing" since I plan to resume it eventually. Thank you for the tip. I'll check whether some VNs' votes must be changed.
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    top tier patch omegalul
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    Expect the partial patch sometime this week or next week
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    It appears that March is going to be my first death march of this year (as compared to me doing it every month for the five years previous). The simple reason is that, for some insane reason, a bunch of companies released a bunch of interesting games all at once this month (it is technically still March). First, we have Alpha Nighthawk, a game by Liar Soft that just looked too interesting for me to ignore (which I normally would have). My initial impression from the first scene is... that this is definitely a Liar Soft game. The first scene has the spoken dialogue being completely different from the lines on the screen, so you have to pay attention to both simultaneously to pick up on all the nuances of what is going on, apparently, lol. Second, we have Purple Soft's newest game, Realive. Now, as a game about a mystical virtual app, I had to sight and go 'now Purple Soft is jumping on that wagon', since it is, on the surface, a departure from what Purple Soft usually does, which is nakige fantasy plotge. Third is Love Commu by Marshmallow Soft, a subsidiary of Candy Soft (like Minato Soft is). Now, ninety percent of those familiar with me will go 'What?! you are going to play a charage?!' However, it needs to be said that I've always played charage that looked interesting... and this is the first one in a while where the protagonist is a teacher and it isn't a nukige, lol. Fourth is Sakura Iro, Mau Koro ni. This one is Pulltop's latest release... and to be honest, if it isn't a nakige or plotge, I'll drop it like a hot potato. The only things Pulltop does right are nakige and plotge, and when they try to stray into regular moege/charage they always end up giving me a headache. Fifth is pieces / Wataridori no Somnium, another questionable title despite being released by Whirlpool, which has been on a streak of fetish games that seemed to have been made specifically with me in mind (World Election and Nekonin both being full of nonhuman heroines and World Election being just an overall great game). I say it is questionable because Whirlpool's bad games are REALLY bad. For some reason, Whirlpool sometimes strays from what works for them and tries to do something completely brainless (well, Nekonin was brainless, but catgirls and sex are always positives, lol), and I always end up wanting to go to sleep after the prologue.
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    PC, I have a small PC to use for that, so it's kinda like a handheld ^^
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    1. "Blank state" protagonist (dull personality with being voiceless and faceless). 2. School settings. I am fine with university or college.
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    Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai patch out

    This image has a mixture of straight-up errors and just poor TL choices that aren't technically wrong but are pretty bad in context. I tried to stick to posting lines that the majority of people would think "That's bad" upon seeing. There were a decent number of lines that I considered bad, but not did not include because I could see some people arguing that it was just a liberal translation or something. So really, this image is me being fairly generous. The smoking gun of this image is that this is all in the first 20 minutes of the game. Specifically, I watched two Japanese "lets play" Daitoshokan videos, each 10 minutes long on autoplay. Reading normally, it would take maybe five minutes to get to this point. There's this many errors that early into the game, and it hasn't even started yet. This is the tip of the shit iceberg. Five minutes into a like 30 hours long game. There's 29 errors compiled in this image, 1800 minutes of game divided by 5 is 360 chunks this long, this number of errors times 360 is 10,440 errors. At this rate, the game will have 10,440 errors in total. Nearly every other line has some issue, and every third or so has a straight up TL error. If we're being generous and fiddle with the math such that it takes 10 minutes to get to this point, we can lower it down to about 5,000 errors. But like I said, that's being generous. Ouch. Unfortunately, this is what happens when someone with a weak grasp of Japanese translates something. They have to guess a lot, and they rarely fully understand the point of a conversation, so they make mistakes. Constantly. Daitoshokan is that in a nutshell. CREDITS: QUOF
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    Synergia [Cyberpunk] [Yuri]

    Synergia's steam page is now up! Now you can put it on you steam wishlist! The game will be coming later in the year, but until then, we have a lot to reveal along the way - be sure to keep your eyes peeled! STEAM: Synergia
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    Well, it's true. All of these tropes have their fans and their haters. The thing is there are so many recurring tropes in nearly every VN that it happens very rarely you will only get those that you are a fan of. But as a VN fan you usually know this is bound to happen, so you just swallow the hate parts and fight through them hoping the good parts make up for it
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    Keep in mind that these are untranslated: Meishoku no Reiki Madou Koukaku The other Bunny Black games Venus Blood Hypno Venus Blood Ragnarok Venus Blood Frontier Eiyuu x Maou Ouzoku
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    Hmmm aside from Rance and Kamidori the only two games that come to my mind is Eiyuu*Senki , which is an SRPG and the edited machine translation of Ikusa Megami Zero. The only character who I would consider as dominant as the MC from Bunny Black is Rance. The protagonists of Kamidori and Eiyuu*Senki are more passive.
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    theres the rance series. i highly recommend sengoku rance which sadly hasnt been officially released yet. theres kamidory alchemy miester while the dude isnt really dominant, he does get a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot of action.
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    Do you mind if you edit your list to make it in alphabetical order? It's interseting and I don't want someone to miss something. I ran your list through https://alphabetizer.flap.tv/ Translated Untranslated
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