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  1. Hello, and sorry for the late reply. And thank you very much for the encouraging words ^^ As for Grasesta... We're still at quite an early stage of the translation, so it's really hard to give an estimation... If I have to say though, I think it'll take at least until the end of next year, maybe even longer. Once we have more updates to share, I'll be sure to make an announcement. So please wait until then, thank you ^^ Hello ^^ You can try changing the engine's settings. You can access it by force-closing the game (through End Task in Task Manager for example), then when
  2. Hello everyone, I'm back with a quick update (not even a day after I posted the so-called 'last update'...) I just noticed that I forgot to include some translated images (namely, the tutorial images) in the full patch. I'm very sorry about this. The patch has been updated to v1.1 to reflect this fix. You can find the link in my previous post, or in the op. Do note that v1.1 refers to the version of the patch, not the game. Our patch does not include any of the game updates, so you'll have to update them separately. All of the game's updates and appends are translated in our patch t
  3. Hello everyone, It's been a while, but I'm back with another update, and probably the last one for KnR. As this is the last update, you've probably guessed what this means... All the images have been edited and the full patch has been released! (Yay) Here's the link to the full patch: https://mega.nz/folder/MstRHI6S#bQVaRTSLnwQPNjYuCJKfpw This is the same link as the one in the op. You can use either one to get the patch. Since this is the full patch, all of the Japanese texts have been translated... or so I'd like to say. But unfortunately, there are still some minor texts tha
  4. Hello everyone, And sorry for not posting any update in a really long time. We've been a bit busy recently, and I couldn't access fuwa for some reason zzz. Other members can access normally, but my internet refused to cooperate with me... Now, as for the update, most of the images are edited, so I think we'll be able to release the full patch sometimes soon, hopefully during summer. With that said, the text edit may not be finished in time. I'm very sorry about this. We'll at least try to fix as much typos and mistakes as possible before the full patch. If we can find the time and m
  5. Wow, thank you for sending over the source code as well XD I really appreciate it ^^. Oh, that's great to hear XD. And yes, it should be debug-able, I mean, SaintLouisX did help me debug the crash in Mistoria's normal ending before. If you want, I can introduce you to him . Hmm... Personally, I don't mind either way. I mean, having the files is alrdy a tremendous help for us alrdy. Though I guess having a GD and updating it as you progress would be more efficient? But well, I don't think it's that much different either way. You can choose the method that is most comfortabl
  6. Thank you for sending me the file?, tool? XD I'll take a look at it, or let our "programmers" take a look at it XD And thank you for using the patch ^^. Hello, First of all, thank you for using the patch ^^. If you don't mind, I'd really appreciate the screenshots with the errors. It'd help us a lot as we go through and edit the text ^^. And don't worry, you'll get a lot more mistakes/typos as you continue lol. This partial patch is still very unpolished after all XD. The editing is still on-going atm, and we'll make sure the final patch is going to be much better .
  7. Hello ^^, Wow, that's awesome oO. How did you do it? XD And well... I don't know where the line's height is set, or if it's even editable... I'll need to look through the game's files again.
  8. Well, I don't mind. I mean, it's not like I was keeping it a secret, considering I do credit the tool makers in the op. And iirc, they're also available in the Data Extraction thread of this forum XD. If you're only after the music, Asmodean's tool should be enough. As I mentioned above, you can find the link to download it in the Data Extraction thread. It should be under Kamidori's data extraction section.
  9. Hello, And please, no need for the 'mr' XD. I'm sorry, but I don't know where to download the official soundtrack... I have never tried to look for it before... As for the music files, yes, I do have them extracted. However, I don't think I should be distributing them, since well, they're still a part of the game, and a property of Eushully. It may seem strange considering I alrdy made a patch (and kind of hacked into their game as well XD), however, it just feels wrong. That's why I'm very sorry, but I can't give you the music files. Well... depending on your d
  10. Hello, Sorry for the late reply. Personally, I have never managed a blog before, but I do think it's a good idea. Thank you for suggesting it to us ^^. Though I can't guarantee that there will be a blog/twitter account, we'll discuss and think on it.
  11. Hello First of all, thank you for using the patch ^^. I've taken a look at the patch, and I was able to start a new game normally on my end... Have you updated the game to v1.01 and installed all the appends? By the way, the game version isn't the patch version XD. You can check the game version on the title screen, right under the game title. As for the appends, they're displayed at the bottom left side of the title screen, with AP01 being append 1 and AP02 being append 2.
  12. Hello everyone, I'm back with a small update ^^. The crash in Mistoria's Normal Ending has been fixed. Accordingly, I've updated the partial patch to v1.2 to reflect this. You can find the link to the updated patch in the op. I'm sorry for the trouble and thank you very much for your patience ^^. This wouldn't have been possible without @littleshogun, who provided the save for Lavirie's Normal Ending, and @Kelebek1, who helped me fix the crash. Thank you very much for your help ^^. I really appreciated it. As for the edited images, they haven't been added to this patch yet. I
  13. Hello everyone, I'm back, but this time, it's not about update, but rather to ask for help. As you know, I'm trying to fix the crash for Mistoria's normal ending. However, I also want to make sure that all other endings don't get affected in anyway. It would be meaningless if the other endings crash after the fix XD With that said, I do not have Lavirie's normal ending, and I don't have the time to play through the game again atm. That's why if you have reached this ending and would like to help us better this patch, please pm me. If you do not know which ending is Lavirie's normal en
  14. Hello everyone ^^. I'm back with another update. Now, before we move onto the progress update, I have another members update XD. Yuuko Shionji and Dark_Gamer have joined us as the editor and TL checker respectively ^^. Our team has become quite big now, hasn't it? XD With their help, I'm sure the final patch will be in a much better shape than the partial patch, so please look forward to it ^^. Now, on to the progress: - For the TLC/edit: Zones, stages, gods medals and many others other files have been TLC-ed and edited. - For the images: Images for zones', stages' and char
  15. Hello, If you don't mind, can you tell me a few things about the crash? - Whose route are you in? - If you delete/move the SC0450.bin file in the root directory, can you go past that point? If yes, can you take a screenshot of the beginning of the next part for me? Just 1 or 2 lines at the beginning of the next part is ok. Oh, and the SC0450 in root is our translation file, not the original game file, so it shouldn't break the game even if you delete/move it. No need to apologize XD. I didn't know if I could make it on time, so I didn't make any announcement after
  16. Hello, I'm sorry but I've never heard of this problem before... I thought it might be because you weren't using 16:9 resolution, but since you've tried changing the resolution, I don't think that's the cause... Most, if not all, of the game is alrdy translated. However, they aren't TLC-ed and edited yet, so they are still unpolished. As for the interface, since our translation is different from ZAP's, we can't exactly use their interface patch for our final version. That's why we're editing the images again for our final patch.
  17. Hello, First of all, thank you for using the patch ^^. Now for your problem, this problem doesn't happen in the original version. But since we added a ton of text, the game became kind of laggy. It should get better if you switch the ADV font to MS ゴジック. The menu images aren't translated yet though. So you can either use ZAP's interface patch, or you can go to Options->ADV, then click the button at the ADV space and change the font to MS ゴジック.
  18. Hello, everyone ^^! I'm back with the first update of the year. I never thought I'd make another update so soon XD Thanks to @darkened, I've found out that I broke the code while transferring the text to the game... I am very sorry about this. I've updated the patch to v1.1 (yes, it has version now XD) in the mega folder. The version number is added for easier tracking in case I need to update it again (which is very likely tbh zzz) Please download the new patch and apply it on top of the old patch. While I did test the patch, there may still be some problems/crashes here and ther
  19. Hello, First of all, thank you very much for using this patch ^^. I don't have this problem myself, so I can't exactly check it. That's why if you don't mind, can you tell me a bit about it? - Do you get the crash right as you start the game? Or does the game crash after choosing the difficulty? - If you can get to the visual novel part, do you mind telling me where it crashes? It'd help a lot if you could get the screenshot of the visual novel part where it crashes. I'm very sorry for the troubles. I'll try to fix it as soon as possible.
  20. Hello everyone, I'm back with an update, and a late Christmas, early new year gift for everyone . Well, you've probably guessed what it is, since there's not really anything else I can give you at this time XD. But still, here it is at last, the partial patch with full translated text! Yay!! XD A little about the patch: - Just as its name suggests, only the texts have been fully translated. Hubb and Nylios are still hard at work on editing the images. We'll update the patch and make an announcement regarding that in the future ^^. - With that said, there are edited images included i
  21. Hello, Sorry for the late reply, I've been a bit busy recently. As for the patch, I don't know if I'll be able to release it next month tbh. I will try to, but I can't make any promise right now.
  22. Hello, That's great to hear ^^. Hope you will enjoy the game (the patch is still only up to chapter 2 though XD).
  23. Hello everyone, I'm back with a small update. The biggest (and only) news this time is we have found an image editor: hubb2001! XD We will continue to look for image editor though, since there are a lot of images. So if you want to lend us your help, please post in this thread or send me a message. Any help is appreciated ^^. The full patch will only be truly 'full' when all the images are edited, so that won't be released anytime soon. But I may release another partial patch in the near future. I'll try to include all the translated text into this patch ^^. Well, that's abo
  24. Hello, Thank you for the screenshot. This is the first time I've heard of the problem tbh, and the patch seems to be working fine on my end... I'll try to see if there's anything I can do. Btw, did you update the game and install the appends before applying the patch? It is possible. It's just I want to have our menu translation in the next patch for more consistency, and to get some feedback as well. But if we can't find any image editor soon, I may release another patch without the images.
  25. Hello, Have you updated the game and installed the append yet? If not, please do so. I think for the patch I have in the op, append 1 alone is enough. If that still does not fix the problem, please take a screenshot of the error, I'll try to see what I can do. Hello, While I have translated all of the text, I haven't made the patch for all of them yet. The patch in the op is just a partial patch that includes the prologue, chapter 1 and chapter 2.
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