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  1. Hello everyone, long time no see XD. It's been a while so I thought I should post a little update. There are both good news and bad news this time, so let's just get the bad news out of the way first. The bad news is that Mr Poltroon has withdrawn from the editor position for this project due to real life reasons. So the team is back to just me alone (Yay...). Though it was short, thank you very much for your help, Mr Poltroon. Next is the good news. I've finished translating chapter 6 and is starting to move on to chapter 7. Another news is that I've decided to make this an official fan-translation project and will try to create a full team dedicated to it. If anyone is interested, or if you know anyone who is interested in working on Eushully games' projects, then please post in this thread or send me a PM. The most important positions that I'm looking for are Translation Checker, Editor and UI/Images Editor. Of course, even if you aren't in those positions, please feel free to contact me if you want to join the team. The more the merrier, right? I think that's about it for this time update. For all the people following this project, thank you very much. I'll try my best to create a full translation team and bring you the best translation patch possible. See you ^^.
  2. Hello, Though I haven't been updating the patch (for a long time now zzz) and the thread, the translation is still alive. I'm working on chapter 6 at the moment. I think it'll be done with it in the next few weeks or so. I don't know when it'll be but I'll update the patch once we're satisfied with the translation. Please wait a little bit more for it. Thank you ^^.
  3. Hello, First of all, thank you for your encouraging words ^^. Though it's not easy, it's been really fun. I didn't think I could get into it this much when I first started XD. About the progress, it's going well, I guess? I've been quite busy with my studies so I can't spend as much time translating as before, but I still try to do it as much as I can. I just finished with the translation for chapter 5 the other day. I'll move on to chapter 6 soon. As for the Interface, I'm currently trying to combine my translation with ZAP Interface Translation patch. The patch already has most of the images and interfaces translated. With that said, there are places where the translations aren't good enough, so I've sent them back to ZAP and ask them to edit my translation in. I'm still waiting for their reply at the moment. I don't want to ask you to do something I've already asked someone else, so for now, I think I'll see how things are on ZAP side. If they aren't able to do it, I'll ask you for your help then. Still, thank you very much for your offer ^^.
  4. Hello everyone. I'm sorry for not having any progress updates in such a long time. But let me assure you, the project is not yet dropped. I'm still working on the translation. I should be done with chapter 4 soon. Now then, let's move on to the main topic. I've contacted ZAP Interlations, the team behind the Interface patch for the game. We'll work together with them to try and matches our translation and patches. Hopefully, we'll be able to give you a full translation patch for the game. Because of this, the patch won't be updated yet. Please give us a little more time to polish the translations. Thank you very much. And please look forward to the end result ^^.
  5. Hello everyone. There's no patch update this time, but there's something I want to announce. First of all, chapter 3 patch won't be coming out this week. I'm very sorry about this. However, here's the good news: Mr Poltroon has volunteered to become the editor for this "project?". Since my English is not very good, having his help will surely improve the translation quality. While it'll take some more time for the patch to come out now, I'm sure it'll be worth the wait. To everyone who has downloaded the patch, thank you very much ^^. Please look forward to our next patch. Before ending this announcement, I want to express my gratitude to Mr Poltroon: Thank you very much for becoming the editor for this project. Let's do our best and make this the best patch we can ^^. That's it for now. Thank you for reading!
  6. Fate/Grand Order

    Limited servants are servants that are only available for you to summon during a limited amount of time. Since it's a gacha game, things like this is quite common. And well, to be honest, even if he's not a real servant, as long as he's popular, he'll get into the game. That's just how gacha game works . In FGO, there are already a few Pseudo-servants you can summon. I think right now, Muramasa is the only pseudo-servant not yet available.
  7. Fate/Grand Order

    Technically, we can't summon Muramasa since he's not released yet. He has only appeared in the story. Well, looking at his popularity, he'll be released as a limited servant sooner or later.
  8. Hello everyone. I'm back with the chapter 2 patch update. I've updated the .zip file to include the translation of chapter 2. I've also updated some of the translations (Thank you very much for your feedback, Kirashi ^^). With that said, I may have missed something, and there may be some problems. If you see any, I'd appreciate it if you'd tell me about them. As with all the previous "version?", please extract the .zip file in the root directory of the game and overwrite everything. It should give you the newest patch while not breaking your game (or at least, I hope not ). I'll try to get the patch for chapter 3 out asap. Hopefully during next week. That's it for now. Thank you for reading!
  9. Hello everyone. I'm back again with another update. This time, it's for the chapter 1 patch. I've updated the .zip file to include all the translation of chapter 1. I have also fixed some typos in the prologue translation. I may have missed something so please let me know if you find anything. As with the previous patch, all you have to do is extract the .zip file in the root directory of the game. If you do have the prologue patch, please overwrite them with the new patch since I have made some changes to the translations there. I'll continue to work on the patch and get chapter 2 and 3 (which I've translated before) out asap. That's it for now. Thank you for reading!
  10. Triple posting time! Well, it's been a while so I guess it's fine, right? Anyway, let's talk about this update. Once again, I'm very sorry that this is not about chapter 4. But I think this update may even be better than that. I've started working on the translation patch for the game! And together with this post, I've included a small translation patch (I don't know if it qualified as a patch actually zzzz) in the MEGA folder. Before talking about what is included in the patch, I want to thank Huang Yin Ling, maefdomn, Kirashi and binaryfail. Without their helps and their topics, I doubt I would have found the motivation or the tools to work on this patch. I also want to thank SaintLouisX, asmodean and Aroduc for their tools. I don't know if they are in this forums or what their usernames here are, however, I still want to express my gratitude. Now then, let's talk about the so-called "patch": - It contains translation for the prologue, some "God Seals" translation, the quests for the prologue and some UI translations. - Since I don't have any image editing skill, all the images, such as the "God Seals" icons, the Maps, the stats, etc. are unchanged. However, I've translated the description of the "God Seals", so you'll be able to understand what it does. - If you need the images, nekohen has an interface patch that translates most if not all of the important images. However, since I don't use the patch for my game, my translation may be different from theirs. - The translation is a bit different from the text files. I needed to fit them in the text box, and at the same time, I also tried my best to improve the translation. However, there may still be some typos or something. If you do use the patch, I'd really appreciate it if you tell me where the problems are so I can fix them. - I've tested it on my game, however, as this is my first patch, there may still be some problem. Please tell me if you encounter one. How to use the "patch": - Well, I call it a patch but it's actually just a .zip file. Please extract it in the root directory of the game and overwrite any conflicts. - If you do use the nekohen patch, I'd recommend overwriting my files over theirs since I don't know exactly what is included in there. Because I don't change any images, the images you get from the nekohen patch should still remain while you'll get my translation at the same time.... Probably XD. Please tell me if it doesn't work that way. I'll try to see what I can do. That's pretty much it for now. Since this is my first patch, i'd appreciate any kind of feedback. So if you don't mind, please tell me what you think about it. I'll update the OP with this information soon. Thank you for reading!
  11. Sorry for making two posts continuously. However, since this is an update, I want to make a separate post for it. And no, this is not about chapter 4. There's no way I can translate a whole chapter in 2 days zzzzz. This is a small update I made to the Area Dialogue file. I've also included the area name and area quests inside it so that it'll be easier to play the game. Anyway, I'll talk a bit about the quests part so you can understand how it works: - As with all the other files, it only goes up till the end of chapter 3. - The areas are written in same order as presented in the game. - (Map) means that it is the name of the whole area in the world map. "Choice" means that it is a quest area you can choose within that map. - Any quest area marked with (Important) is necessary to move on with the story. - "Bonus Missions" are not required to move on with the story or to clear the quest area. However, clearing them will give you a bonus reward, and if you can clear all the bonus missions of the whole area, you'll get 5 bonus points for to increase your characters' status. - After clearing any area once, the victory conditions will become "50 turns passed; Can retreat from the battlefield" with no defeat conditions. I think that's it for the important points. I'm sorry for not doing this sooner. However, it's better late than never, right? I'll also update the main post to include this later.
  12. Since this is my first playthrough of the game, I don't know exactly how long the game is. However, I guess there should be about 8 to 9 chapters with 2 routes.
  13. Thank you very much for sharing this. As I wasn't planning to create a patch, I didn't search for any guides. However, I'll take a look at it and try my hand at creating a patch. I'm sure people would prefer it much more than having to read from a text file.
  14. It's fine. I don't mind sharing my method of studying. It'd be nice if it can help you in some way. Most of my Japanese is self-study. I did attend a Japanese class before to learn about the alphabets, basic sentence structures and some other basic stuffs. After that, I learn by reading magazines, playing games and such. The reason why I choose Visual Novel as a medium to study is because I can listen and read at the same time. Because my knowledge in Kanji is low, there are a lot of times where I can't understand the sentence because there are Kanji that I don't know about. In Visual Novel, as there are both speeches and texts, I can look for the words much easier and also learn how to pronounce them at the same time. I don't know if you have started studying Japanese yet, however, if you haven't, I'd recommend finding some basic Japanese books and start by learning the alphabets and basic structures. It won't take a long time and will help you a lot in the long run. And as with any other things, the more you use it, the better you'll get. So try to use it as much as possible. And that's pretty much how I study Japanese, and English for that matter. I hope you find it useful. Good luck ^^.
  15. Hello everyone. Before going in to the "translation" part, there's something I want to say first: - First of all, I'm neither native English nor native Japanese. And while I've been studying English for quite sometime, I just started learning Japanese not long ago. - This is not a project or anything. This is just something I do to improve my Japanese. But with the patch coming out, this may become a project in the future. We'll see. Now then, let's talk about the game itself: - Kami no Rhapsody (https://vndb.org/v16341) is a VN/SRPG hybrid by the company Eushully, the same company that made Kamidori Alchemy Meister. - Sypnosis (taken from VNDB, with some changes made to go with our translation patch): Team member: Translator: FlamePaladin Currently, I'm trying to make this an full fan-translation project and am recruiting more members. The positions I'm looking for are: - Translation Checker - Editor - UI/Image Editor Please contact me if you want to join the team, or if you know anyone who is interested in working on Eushully games' projects. Even if you aren't in those positions, please feel free to contact me if you want to join the team. More people are always welcomed ^^. Here's some information regarding the patch: Special thanks: - Huang Yin Ling and maefdomn for their very useful threads. - binaryfail for helping me find the tools to work on this patch. - SaintLouisX, asmodean and Aroduc for their tools. - Special thanks to Kirashi for motivating me to work on this patch, and for the feedback. I really appreciate it. - Special thanks to Mr Poltroon for your work as an editor in this project. Though it was short, I really appreciated your help ^^. Finally, this is the part you've all been waiting for. The link to the MEGA folder XD! MEGA link: https://mega.nz/#F!MstRHI6S!bQVaRTSLnwQPNjYuCJKfpw So with this first patch released, I'd really appreciate it if you can give me some kind of feedback for it. Also, I'll continue working on it. I don't know when the next part will come, but I'll update the thread and this post when the time comes. This is everything from me for now. If you took your time to read that wall of text, thank you very much. Even if you didn't, thank you for showing enough interest to click on the thread. See you!