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  1. Hello, Thank you for your encouraging words ^^. As for the patch, I don't mind releasing a partial patch or two before the full patch. Rather, I'm actually considering doing so in the near future to get some feedback. However, even if it's a partial patch, I want to make sure it's properly playable in English. Which means that at the very least, I want to have the missions, the God Medals (skills), the character information (at least for the main characters) of the chapters in the partial patch translated. I'm currently working on those right now, so maybe I'll be able to get a partial patch ready in a month or so? It probably won't be for the whole Lavirie's route since that's quite a lot of stuffs I have to get done, but I think it'll have the first few chapters. As for the MEGA link, it's probably better not to use the patch in there. Most of the terminologies and translations have changed since then (it's been a long time after all XD). There are also some bugs on the text as well iirc. But well, you can use it to see how this project looked like at the beginning XD. If I do release the partial patch, I'll probably continue to use that link. I'll post an update when that happens.
  2. Hello, As mentioned in the update post above, I've finished with the game on Lavirie's route. With that said, there are still a lot of other untranslated I have to work on. As for whether or not the patch will be released within this year, well... I hope so? I'll try my best to have the full patch ready within this year. As for the images, I'm not very well-versed in image editing so I can't say if it's going to simple or not XD. But well, from what I've seen, some of the texts in the images have their own text boxes so they should be quite simple? As for the other, they may require some redraw since they're right on top of the images? I can't say for sure though. If you want, I can send you some images for you to look at?
  3. Hello everyone, I'm here with the first update of this year . I've finished my first playthrough of Kami no Rhapsody. And that also means I've finished translating the game on Lavirie's route (Yay!) Now, I'll go through my second playthrough for Mistoria's route, the appends and the New Game+ contents. I'll take this chance to translate the information screen and some other side texts as well. On a different note, I can't believe I've been doing this for a year already lol. At first, it was just a small project I started to improve my Japanese. But now, it has become a full project aiming to release a full patch for the game XD. Well, I'm having fun so I guess it all worked out ? In any case, I'm very grateful that there are so many people supporting this project. I'll try my best to give you the patch you've all been waiting for (hopefully, within this year ) That's about it this time. Thank you very much for reading and for your support over the last year. Though it's a bit late, Happy New Year everyone ^^.
  4. Hello, Thank you for your encouragement ^^. As for the image editor, I guess the most important task is changing the Japanese text in the images to English. There are a lot of images with text in this game such as the tutorials, the God Medals (skills), the stages, etc. While ZAP has already released an interface patch for the game with most of the images translated, there are some mistakes in there. I want to fix those mistakes and have the remaining images translated for my patch.
  5. Based on the scripts, there is a total of 11 chapters, including the prologue.
  6. Hello everyone, Here's an update on how things are going. For the translation, I've finished with chapter 8 and is now working on chapter 9. I think about 40-50% of chapter 9 has been translated. For the translation check, Danywar is still working on chapter 1. The progress has been a bit slow since he's quite busy irl. Other than that, we've finally found an editor for the project! Danywar has asked his friend, a writer, to help us with editing the script. Now, we only need to find an image editor and the team will be complete. That's about it for this update. Thank you for reading and see you next time ^^.
  7. Hello everyone, I'm back with another progress update. The translation for chapter 8 is now under way. Currently, about 10-15% of the script has been translated. As for the translation check, Danywar is continuing with his work on chapter 1. We've been quite busy so there hasn't been much progress, but I'll try my best to work on it whenever I can get some free time. I think that's about it this time. Thank you for reading and see you next time ^^.
  8. Hello everyone, I'm back with another progress update. About the translation, I've finished with the translation of chapter 7, just in time for it to still be within this month XD. I'll start working on chapter 8 soon. As for the translation check, Danywar has already gone through the prologue. He's currently working on chapter 1, with about 10-15% of it already done. After all the good news, there's the bad news. We still haven't been able to find an Editor or Image Editor yet. I'll try my best to assemble the whole team as soon as possible. For now, please wait a little longer. Of course, whether or not the team is fully assembled, we'll continue working on our own parts. Worst case scenario, we'll put some kind of edit in ourselves and release the patch XD. But well, let's hope it won't come to that. I think that's about it for this update. Thank you for reading and see you next time ^^.
  9. Hello everyone, I'm back with another small update. First of all, about the translation, I'm about half-way through chapter 7. If things go well, I may be able to finish chapter 7 within this month. Secondly, and probably the more important news of the two, Danywar has joined the team as the Translation Checker. Since my Japanese is still not very good yet, his addition will surely improve the quality of the translation. I think that's about it for this update. See you ^^.
  10. Well, you don't have to join the team to help me. Seeing you coming here, encouraging me like this is plenty of support already. Knowing that there are people looking forward to the completion of the project is what motivates me to continue working on it ^^. So, thank you very much for your encouragement. I don't know when I'll update the patch, but I'll make sure it's worth the wait once I do update it. Please look forward to it ^^.
  11. Thank you. Don't worry about it too much, it's nothing important anyway. You can just check it out when you have the time ^^. While there are some problems, I think the gameplay is quite fun. This is just my personal opinion, but since there are quite a lot of sub-quests, it provides some sort of challenges to keep me interested as well. Thank you for your encouraging words ^^. I'll try my best to see this project through.
  12. Yes. I've already translated the prologue and chapter 1-6. With that said, they aren't fully translated yet. Since I'm playing the game as well, I don't want to get too much spoilers. Because of that, I only translated the route that I chose, which at the moment is Lavirie. When I start New Game +, I'll translate Mistoria's route while going over all of my translation once more. While I do try to get everything, there may also be texts that I've missed. The append is also not yet available for me since I'm only on my first playthrough, so most of them aren't translated. Iirc, the only part of the Append that is translated is the Loser's Maze. As for the total amount of chapters, based on the scripts, there is a total of 10 chapters, 11 if we count the prologue as well.
  13. Hello everyone, long time no see XD. It's been a while so I thought I should post a little update. There are both good news and bad news this time, so let's just get the bad news out of the way first. The bad news is that Mr Poltroon has withdrawn from the editor position for this project due to real life reasons. So the team is back to just me alone (Yay...). Though it was short, thank you very much for your help, Mr Poltroon. Next is the good news. I've finished translating chapter 6 and is starting to move on to chapter 7. Another news is that I've decided to make this an official fan-translation project and will try to create a full team dedicated to it. If anyone is interested, or if you know anyone who is interested in working on Eushully games' projects, then please post in this thread or send me a PM. The most important positions that I'm looking for are Translation Checker, Editor and UI/Images Editor. Of course, even if you aren't in those positions, please feel free to contact me if you want to join the team. The more the merrier, right? I think that's about it for this time update. For all the people following this project, thank you very much. I'll try my best to create a full translation team and bring you the best translation patch possible. See you ^^.
  14. Hello, Though I haven't been updating the patch (for a long time now zzz) and the thread, the translation is still alive. I'm working on chapter 6 at the moment. I think it'll be done with it in the next few weeks or so. I don't know when it'll be but I'll update the patch once we're satisfied with the translation. Please wait a little bit more for it. Thank you ^^.
  15. Hello, First of all, thank you for your encouraging words ^^. Though it's not easy, it's been really fun. I didn't think I could get into it this much when I first started XD. About the progress, it's going well, I guess? I've been quite busy with my studies so I can't spend as much time translating as before, but I still try to do it as much as I can. I just finished with the translation for chapter 5 the other day. I'll move on to chapter 6 soon. As for the Interface, I'm currently trying to combine my translation with ZAP Interface Translation patch. The patch already has most of the images and interfaces translated. With that said, there are places where the translations aren't good enough, so I've sent them back to ZAP and ask them to edit my translation in. I'm still waiting for their reply at the moment. I don't want to ask you to do something I've already asked someone else, so for now, I think I'll see how things are on ZAP side. If they aren't able to do it, I'll ask you for your help then. Still, thank you very much for your offer ^^.