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  1. Hello thank you all for all the work that you've done, I wish to know if Fuukan no Grasesta is still being translated it's been quiet a while since an update about has been announced so if you don't find it rude from me to ask can u please share an update with us fans of the series whether it's still being translated or not.

    thank you again for all your hard work and wish u all success in what u do.


  2. Hi! Just wanted to thank you and your team for translating Kami no Rhapsody! Looking forward to the translation of Fuukan no Grasesta (Read through some posts that it would be the next project, not sure if it's true). 

    I might be overstepping my bounds, but I think having a website to publish your projects and progress would be great, though a forum on Fuwanovel isn't that bad too.

    Anyway, thanks again a lot for your hard work! Have a great day and be safe.


  3. hi mr paladin. when u re gonna post the full patch on kami no rhapsody? i looking forward it :)

    1. flamepaladin


      First of all, you don't need to use 'mr' when addressing me XD.
      Secondly, it'll take a while before we can release the full patch, seeing that there are still a lot of images to be edited. But depending on how the recruitment for image editors go, I may release another partial patch without the images sometimes in the future.

  4. after kami no rhapsody will continue translating eushully games?


    1. flamepaladin


      Well, at the moment, I don't have anything planned.
      But if I can still find the time, I'd love to work on other VN, whether it's Eushully's or not.

  5. Limited servants are servants that are only available for you to summon during a limited amount of time. Since it's a gacha game, things like this is quite common. And well, to be honest, even if he's not a real servant, as long as he's popular, he'll get into the game. That's just how gacha game works . In FGO, there are already a few Pseudo-servants you can summon. I think right now, Muramasa is the only pseudo-servant not yet available.
  6. Technically, we can't summon Muramasa since he's not released yet. He has only appeared in the story. Well, looking at his popularity, he'll be released as a limited servant sooner or later.
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