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  1. I guess I just meant the transition between the hand-drawn artstyle of the sprites and the 3D CG versions of the characters in the last two pictures is pretty jarring. The background is less jarring although a 3D background probably meshes better with the 3D versions of the characters. I guess I have two issues with that 3D CG look. The first is that it's trying to be more or less photo-realistic but because it isn't actually photo-realistic it ends up bottoming out in the uncanny valley pretty hard. The second is that there are /a lot/ of VNs using this same character creation tool (idk what it is) so using that artstyle will never make your VN instantly identifiable as yours versus anyone else's that uses that same tool.
  2. It's a little jarring, although I really really dislike that pre-rendered 3D look to start with so maybe I am just biased.
  3. That's probably it yeah. OP do you have a device that has the VN installed, and at one point could play the game? Idk what it takes to dump an app from an Android device but you may be able to rip the assets yourself.
  4. I'm trying to dig around in the APK and I can find some assets but the sprites specifically are not forthcoming. EDIT: When uncompressed the whole app is only 50 MB, and there is nothing that looks like a VN resource file that I can find. I'm gonna hazard a guess and say that the app itself doesn't have any of the sprites or voicelines in it. Maybe that content was streamed in realtime which is why the app won't run anymore?
  5. Are you using a forwarding service, and if so, do they not offer the option to buy the stuff for you?
  6. A VN's font is usually embedded in the exe itself. You'd have to dig around in the exe with a decompiler to find the font and even then you may or may not be able to replace it and still have the VN run properly.
  7. These are command line programs so double-clicking them doesn't do anything and they don't have any kind of interface really. Getting them to run is actually very similar to compiling the C++ files like you've already done. By default when you compile something like this the output is called "a.exe" so if you haven't already you probably want to rename the exe to something more descriptive. Probably the same name as the C++ file, so igscript.exe or whatever. Grab a copy of the VN's script file, and drop it into the same folder as the exe. Then in command prompt use the 'cd' command to navigate to that folder like you did when following the video. Once command prompt is pointed at the right folder, you just need to type in the name of the exe file, as well as the necessary arguments. If you don't know what the necessary arguments are, just type in the name of the exe with nothing else: igscript.exe Virtually any command line program will give you instructions on how to use it if you just type in its name. In this case igscript.exe gives us these instructions: usage: Parsing Mode: a.exe -p input.s output.txt Creation Mode: a.exe -c input.s input.txt output.s Note: When dealing with "CureGirl" and "Furifure 2", add an opt tag '-x' like this: a.exe -x -p input.s output.txt You want to decode the script file, so you only need to look at that very first line. It says your command needs four things: - the name of the exe file. igscript.exe if that's what you decided to rename it to. - the -p argument to specify that you want to parse a script file - the name of the script. I don't know what the name of the script file is, but you should type it exactly as it is written in the folder including the extension, which appears to be .s - the name of the output file. This can probably be whatever you want. It doesn't need to be 'output.txt' but that's as good a name as any. All together you command will look something like this: igscript.exe -p nameOfScript.s output.txt If it works, you should get a txt file named output, or whatever else you decided to call it. Let me know if you have any questions.
  8. Looking at the repository it seems to just be a couple of C++ files to compile depending on what you need to do. That's not hard to do, you just gotta have a good compiler installed: Are you familiar with using command line programs? If not, @ me once you've got the programs compiled and I'll help you through it.
  9. I've had VN saves appear in my appdata folder. Go to C:/Users/[Your username]/AppData then check both the Local and Roaming folders for another folder named after either the VN or the developer.
  10. tahu157

    Genshin impact

    Definitely hyped for this but I'm gonna make myself finish Super Mario Sunshine before I start.
  11. Pretty stoked for Dr. Stone S2 but that's about it.
  12. I'm sure both Sony and Microsoft are going to use this generation as a test run to see if they can get away with going 100% digital next generation. Historically I don't get a console until the next generation is about to come out (I just got my PS4 a few months ago). In this case though, I do want to cast my vote on the side of keeping physical media around though, so I might buy both of them new this time. Also, the scalping community is alive and well I see.
  13. Sorry my dude, I can't make it work either. I dropped the script file in a hex editor and compared it to a few other scripts from NScripter VNs. The other scripts all start off exactly the same but the one from The Noose is different and I'm not sure why. The author might have done something to obfuscate the script further, idk.
  14. Okay, I’ll try and download the VN and see if I can get it to work.
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