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  1. 10283 posts less than Nosebleed - AMA

    How long did it take you to enjoy guro? It seems like a very difficult taste to acquire.
  2. Hey

    Are you still disinterested in VNs?
  3. Hey

    Every once in a while I would wonder what happened to you. iirc you quit around the same time that fuwa quit torrents?
  4. PS5 Details Drop Tomorrow!

    Found in the replies to that tweet lol:
  5. Half-width characters in NScripter

    Done a bit more research and I guess my best bet is to just run it with ONScripter. I still have to use full-width characters but since I can choose the font I can they don't get as spaced out, and the overflow crash doesn't seem to happen.
  6. I'm messing around with a short NScripter game and I'm having trouble with inserting half-width characters. They cause a lot of errors including causing NScripter's command characters (like @ and \) to be treated as game-text, or simply causing the game to crash with an "illegal command" error. I've read a bit about it and I guess each word + the following space needs to be an even amount of bits? That seems to help with the command characters issue but does not always solve the crashes issue. The easy fix is to just use full-width characters but those don't look as nice and present their own problems with crashes due to frequent character overflow. I'm hoping this is a noob issue with an established fix. Is there a reliable way to use half-width characters or should I just use full-width?
  7. Help needed.

    Lame answer, but I've had a lot of success running things in a Windows XP virtual machine.
  8. Worst VN of The Decade?

    Is the scope limited to VNs that were more or less serious efforts or I can choose any one of those Patreon-funded, pre-rendered 3D CG incest fantasy shovelware titles at random?
  9. MangaGamer 2020 Licensing Survey

  10. Perhaps you could say
  11. Trying to remember a VN

    I found it y'all. It's a weird looking nukige called Daibubokan ~Oshioki da Game~. Incidentally I already had it on my VNDB wishlist. I went through my wishlist before making this thread but I was banking on the VNDB page having screenshots of those distinctive kneeling CGs. Alas, the page has no screenshots at all so I missed it. Anyway, here's a few of those kneeling CGs:
  12. Fruit Of Grisaia not working

    I’ve had Windows Defender quarantine pieces of my VNs before. Pretty low chance of that, I guess, but worth checking.
  13. Your Story, a fantasy visual novel

    Order 66 you say?