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  1. I'm sure both Sony and Microsoft are going to use this generation as a test run to see if they can get away with going 100% digital next generation. Historically I don't get a console until the next generation is about to come out (I just got my PS4 a few months ago). In this case though, I do want to cast my vote on the side of keeping physical media around though, so I might buy both of them new this time. Also, the scalping community is alive and well I see.
  2. Sorry my dude, I can't make it work either. I dropped the script file in a hex editor and compared it to a few other scripts from NScripter VNs. The other scripts all start off exactly the same but the one from The Noose is different and I'm not sure why. The author might have done something to obfuscate the script further, idk.
  3. Okay, I’ll try and download the VN and see if I can get it to work.
  4. When it runs correctly it doesn't say anything command prompt. Did the result.txt appear in the folder?
  5. Try typing “nscdec.exe nscript.dat” I guess you have to specify the file you’re decoding. I thought it tried to look for one automatically but I guess not, sorry.
  6. It's very similar to the kirikiri extraction tools. From that ONScripter tools download copy nscdec.exe and nscmake.exe into the game folder. Copy the path to the game folder, and then in command prompt put in the following command: cd PATH_TO_FOLDER_HERE Once that is done type in "nscdec.exe" to rip the script. A new text document called "result.txt" should appear in the game folder. That is your decoded script file that you can edit easily with Notepad++. To recompile the script, type in "nscmake.exe result.txt". When you do that you should see that the "Date modified" field for the nscript.dat file is updated, which means that it worked and if you try to run the game you should see your translation instead of the original text.
  7. Oh, sorry. Sometimes the script is just a text document inside the arc.nsa file, sometimes it's that nscript.dat, and sometimes it's both. In this case, you'll need the command line programs I mentioned earlier. The original download for those tools is gone, but it looks they are mirrored here: https://kaisernet.neocities.org/onscripter/#mirrors Are you familiar with using command line programs? EDIT: Looks like there are pre-built ONScripter exes there too if you need them/don't want to do the build yourself.
  8. There used to be a good set of command line tools for NScripter but those seem to have disappeared. Fortunately Garbro will unpack and repack NScripter archives: https://github.com/morkt/GARbro If, when you try to play your translation, the game crashes with an error about the script you've translated, then you'll want to snag and build a copy of ONScripter. That will give you an exe to replace default exe that came with the VN download. The new one shouldn't crash like that. http://onscripter.osdn.jp/onscripter.html.en
  9. Yeah this is what I do. I should probably go through and prune my wishlist. It's very bloated at the moment.
  10. Have you played Ib? It's an RPG maker game, not a VN but it's pretty great. https://vgperson.com/games/ib.htm
  11. That's where you're wrong kiddo.
  12. First one has a few copies on Amazon Japan although they aren't cheap. https://www.amazon.co.jp/堕落の国のアンジー-狂界の牝奴隷達/dp/B004UCWI1I Can't find anything for the second.
  13. Have you been in legal trouble over the torrents this whole time?
  14. Wow, that's really impressive looking. They've got the UFO Table artstyle matched perfectly.
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