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  1. Suki Suki release at December 13th later

    Yeah I get that, but saying "not right now, but possibly later" is hardly "dodging the question entirely." Even if the tweet was a bit implicit I think MG's response answered the question pretty clearly. Sure they don't say /why/ they're not putting the game on steam, but they're not really obligated to tell us.
  2. Suki Suki release at December 13th later

    How? Seems like a pretty straightforward "no steam; it's only going to be on our site" to me.
  3. Trans! Translation Project

    No Bee? What kinda cut rate production is this?
  4. They do mention that they can't sell to Japanese customers in their FAQ. Somehow it wouldn't surprise me if "Japan" actually means "all of Asia" given how opaque Sekai Project is with their business practices.
  5. Mashiro Iro Symphony laggy

    Have you tried running in various compatibility modes? Windows 10's focus assist also sometimes messes with games so you could try disabling that too.
  6. Wait. Are you saying that the translation is blatantly wrong or that the read time for the translation doesn't match the play time of the audio clips? Cus' I've never read a translated VN where the read time for a piece of dialog matched the playtime of the accompanying audio clip.
  7. Is it so wrong that it seems like a rewrite?
  8. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Full Roster Revealed

    So that giant leak a few weeks ago was fake then?
  9. Onscripter for iOS?

    Tsukihime isn't also on Kirikiri?
  10. Moe Day sales!

    Still nothing lol wtf is going on?
  11. Moe Day sales!

    Just tried a few different countries. No luck.
  12. Moe Day sales!

    Huh. I can't get it to work on multiple browsers and devices. This is quite bizarre.
  13. Moe Day sales!

    I take it the page works for you?
  14. Moe Day sales!

    Redirects to the storefront for me. Search bar doesn't return any results either. EDIT: sometimes I get a 404
  15. Moe Day sales!

    Did Princess X get removed from the Jast store?