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Ugh. Still more roadblocks. Need to get an as-yet unknown password from Nay in order to get this sucker changed. For now, please enjoy the mess of a forums we've got, and dream of the forums we will probably never one day have.

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  1. Filling out the Ara Ara trait on VNDB

    I'd feel a little weird tagging characters who I haven't personally observed saying ara ara. Would you be able to tag her?
  2. Filling out the Ara Ara trait on VNDB

    C’mon I know some of you better read types have gotta be able think of a few characters.
  3. Filling out the Ara Ara trait on VNDB

    Much appreciated, thank you!
  4. A few months ago someone on VNDB convinced the mods to resurrect the previously rejected Ara Ara speech pattern trait. I thought that was a cool trait to be able to be able to add to characters. However, since it’s resurrection only a handful of characters have been tagged, and underused tags/traits tend to get nuked after a while. I personally don’t want to see that happen to this trait in particular so I would like to ask you all to do a quick brainstorm for characters who say Ara Ara and tag them with the trait. https://vndb.org/i2430
  5. Yeah but you can just mount the ISO once and leave it mounted until you’re finished with with the game. It’d be easier than getting the disc out each time.
  6. Will it let you rip and mount an ISO?
  7. Symphonic Rain

    Nostalgia amplifies with time that’s kinda the whole point.
  8. Irianovel!?

    More Nitroplus would be cool.
  9. Japanese politicians are reviewing censorship law

    I mean I guess I don’t find any of them particularly baffling, but it wasn’t a challenge I’m just asking you to elaborate.
  10. Japanese politicians are reviewing censorship law

    Any of them in particular?
  11. Japanese politicians are reviewing censorship law

    +1 to that list here
  12. I saw your post on VNDB where there are no profile pictures and didn’t read ur name so I thought you were like the QC person from Moenovel. I thought you were gonna get torn the shreds lol.
  13. Similar situation for the Narcissu campaign here. It’ll be 5 years and counting soon!
  14. Alice Soft was founded in 1989 and in their time as a studio they've produced a metric boatload of titles, of which, the most notable to this forum seem to be the Rance games and the Evenicle games. To celebrate DMM is doing a bunch of promotions for Alice Soft titles: - 43 Alice Soft titles are 50% off - They're doing three different rounds of 5 titles for 5,500 yen, with the eligible titles changing each round - Sound tracks are on sale - A few titles got added to DMM's month-long rental system - There's some free wallpapers I've actually never really played any Alice Soft VNs and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations? I plan to do at least two of the 5 for 5,500, if not all three. Do I just go Rance all the way? Should I throw both Evenicle games in there? What are the best Alice Soft titles to snag?
  15. VN in a workplace setting

    That’s what I get for backing it I guess. Oh well, it wasn’t very expensive.