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  1. Who Cares About The Visual Novel Category?

    Fair enough about the shovelware thing. I actually do frequent DLsite's doujin section fairly often and while there is plenty of shovelware to sift through none of their artwork ever hits the bottom of the uncanny valley the way that the 3D VNs do. The sheer repulsiveness of the 3D artwork is mainly what gets to me. I actually don't encounter many VNs on steam at all. My interaction with them (EDIT: the 3D VNs specifically) is limited mostly to seeing them clog the Just Released feed on VNDB with a public version, a patreon version, an android version, and an incest patch all at once which is also irksome. There's plenty of Japenese shovelware flowing through there too, obviously, but at least they usually only take up one slot.
  2. Who Cares About The Visual Novel Category?

    I just want people to stop using that godawful 3D Visual Novel Maker that's on steam. Is that really too much to ask?
  3. subs need help

    Do you have autoplay turned on?
  4. PlayStation 5 Reveal Discussion

    I'm so glad it doesn't look like a car engine part lol
  5. Non Otaku Interests/Hobbies

    I'm a metalhead before I'm an otaku. Music in general I'd say is more important to me than anything otaku-related. Mostly power metal these days but I like a lot of death metal too. I dabble in a lot of other genres to a lesser degree too. I like a lot of 2000's electronic. Some folk and country. Been sporadically exploring Nordic pop lately. I typically shy away from the top 40 type stuff but every once in a while there's a legit banger in the top 40 stuff. Within all of that, a large chunk of what I listen to is Japanese in origin. They write a lot of crazy good power metal over there, and I like a lot of j-pop rock too. However, the amount of stuff that I listen to from the rest of the world far outweighs the Japanese stuff. Within the last 8 months or so I've been dabbling in 3D modeling a bit. Just recently I decided I want to really push myself to get good at it. If I can get to a good enough level I kinda want to see if I can use it make an original VN using 3D assets. Only what I'm envisioning would actually look nice and appealing and not at all like the patreon-funded nightmare fuel that's been popping up lately. As for stuff I used to like but don't anymore. Around the time Skrillex had his breakout success I thought Dubstep was gonna be my jam for the rest of my life but my interest interest in Dubstep fizzled out pretty quickly. I think that was true of most everyone that was on the hype train at the time. I think I've distilled my Dubstep taste down to about 5 songs, give or take. I had a similar phase with Vocaloid music actually and I think I'm down to maybe 15-20 vocaloid songs that I actually enjoy.
  6. Shuffle! Episode 2

    Been wondering what you thought of Episode 2 since you've mentioned several times that you really enjoy the originals. Sorry to hear it wasn't all that great though.
  7. Aliceshoujo VN Discord Server

    Wasn't there a second one of these? Why revert back to the original one?
  8. I went on DMM last night to see if there were any particularly good deals on Leaf VNs for golden week only to find that they had pulled their entire catalog except for White Album 2. I thought maybe it was just expired licensing or something but then I went on Leaf’s website and their “games” section only lists White Album 2 and ToHeart 2. No mention of the missing games on Twitter or their website announcements. Do you think they’re trying to distance themselves from their eroge past? Kinda seems that way to me.
  9. Something similar to utawarerumono

    You might like some of Eushully's strategy games but I don't know that any of them are fully translated.
  10. VN Discord Server named Aliceshoujo 2

    Was there a schism in the first Aliceshoujo?
  11. If you're planning on doing a high profile title maybe keep it on the downlow until release day otherwise you run the risk of getting a C&D letter before you're even finished translating. Ripping and repacking script files is pretty difficult. Especially the repacking part.
  12. Spring 2020 Anime Discussion

    I am one of the people hyped for SAO. There are about four of is globally and we all meet for lunch once every few months. Needless to say we are all most disappointed that the next season has been delayed until July. I wish Strike the Blood would commit to another season instead of going for this OVA miniseries approach again and again. Never could get into “seasons” 2-3 because the release schedule was so irregular. Eighth Son might be interesting idk. Gleipnir strikes me as a parody of stuff like Doubt similar to how Mayoiga was a parody of death game stories.
  13. 10283 posts less than Nosebleed - AMA

    How long did it take you to enjoy guro? It seems like a very difficult taste to acquire.