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  1. There' the old Insani 'So you want to be a hacker?' series of blogposts. They do a pretty good job of explaining how archive files work and how to go about picking them apart. There's 5 parts I think and he writes a simple extractor script in Python in one of the parts. https://web.archive.org/web/20080516023554/http://sekai.insani.org/archives/7
  2. I remember I had to pace myself for Higurashi. 1-2 episodes at a time but after that I had to put it down for a few days. I was having a good time but it was kinda just a lot to digest. I think I did stall out for a while after but I eventually went back and finished it. Black Lagoon I think I was also kinda slow to warm up to but once I was hooked I was really hooked.
  3. My guess would be that the engine looks at the name of the character who is speaking in the script, and then searches for that name in a list of character speaking animations that is stored somewhere else. If it cannot find an entry in the list called "Chinami." then it just won't play anything. If I'm right, you'll have to hunt for a list of these speaking animations and make sure the entries match the romaji names you are using in your translation. It might be at the bottom of the script you're working on, or it might be its own separate text file. It might also just be searching in a folder
  4. there is more money in some these rooms than ive had in my entire life
  5. Wow, I completely misread that sorry. that was embarassing
  6. Your character wants to fuck girls, or he wants to fuck /with/ girls? Those are two very different motivations.
  7. Hot damn those are some tasty riffs. Bought the album!
  8. They might be in some of the other <dir> listings but based on the names I see in your screenshot it doesn't seem like they would be in any of them. Are there any other xp3 files in the VN's folder? If there are then try opening those too. Any archive with audio should be a pretty large file. EDIT: For my personal reference because Lightshot isn't display the image
  9. Also, is there an xp3 file called bgm.xp3 by chance? If there is, then that is where your music will be hiding out.
  10. Any list item that says <dir> next to it is a folder so there will be files or more folders inside all of them. You just need to double click them to open. Double click the ... at the top to go up a folder in the tree. In order to find what you're looking for you'll need to explore in those folders a little bit. The alter and system folders are where I would start.
  11. If you drag the file onto the Garbro window does it say anything in the bottom left corner?
  12. You tried Garbro already? https://github.com/morkt/GARbro
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