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  1. damn this actually sounds really interesting
  2. What are some OELVN studios?

    Alienworks have been around for awhile but haven't finished what was supposed to be their debut VN (they ended up releasing other VNs first), The Human Reignition Project, which I really want to read. I thought the project was dead, but I guess that put out a new demo just last month. Hopefully that means they're nearing completion.
  3. Merry Christmas Fuwa!

    Will we get a christmas post from Tay?
  4. Rice, what do you use it for?

    I will never understand why they package something with so much potential to make a mess in something as weak as a bag. That goes double for flour where the mess potential is even worse and the bag is even weaker.
  5. The Fuwanovel I want for 2019

    We should definitely not acknowledge Monta93 in any way.
  6. I'd shamelessly steal the chess game concept from Highschool DxD. Then I'd call it something super edgy like Sinner's Game or something.
  7. Fortune Arterial Text Clipping

    Do the longer segments of text in the patch have any kind of escape character (like \n or something) in them?
  8. Trying to edit an August game

    I've had a lot of success using SharpDevelop for building C# projects off of Github, as opposed to Visual Studio which has never compiled anything I've ever thrown at it. I just tested it on Ethornell Editor and it worked. The exe shows up in EEGUI/bin/debug Doesn't look like the editor has any support for adding new lines though so I hope you don't need to do that.
  9. cstTextProc

    A'ight this is kind of a pain but I think I figured it out. You'll need to install 2 things if you don't have them already: Go language compiler - https://golang.org/doc/install Git - https://git-scm.com/downloads For the first part you'll need to run the following commands in cmd: go get github.com/regomne/eutil/codec and go get github.com/regomne/eutil/textFile These two libraries are required for building/running the cst.go file. If you open the file in a text editor you'll see they're imported at the top of the file. Then in cmd navigate to the folder that has cst.go in it. PATH/TO/chinesize/CatSystem/cstTextProc. Then you can build the .go file like this: go build cst.go That should drop an exe file called cst.exe in the same folder which you run through cmd by inputting its name. It says that to extract text you use the -e argument. So to extract a script you'd write this: cst.exe -e nameOfScriptFile.cst
  10. cstTextProc

    What exactly is this supposed to do?
  11. Trouble downloading songs on Piapro

    Seems like I can sometimes get 1 or 2 downloads in if I use private browsing. After that I have to close the window and log in through private browsing again.
  12. So I'm trying to track down some of the Vocaloid songs I used to enjoy back in the day. Most of them are on Piapro. I've register for an account but every time I go to download a song I get an "Access denied" error. Is this a region lock thing or am I doing something wrong? EDIT: Switched browsers and it works. EDIT2: Now it's doing the same thing in the new browser
  13. Does the text advance for clicks if you plug a mouse in?
  14. Eiyuu*Senki Gold Translation Project

    I don't make the rules around here, but yeah, I believe you can do that.