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  1. Hot damn those are some tasty riffs. Bought the album!
  2. They might be in some of the other <dir> listings but based on the names I see in your screenshot it doesn't seem like they would be in any of them. Are there any other xp3 files in the VN's folder? If there are then try opening those too. Any archive with audio should be a pretty large file. EDIT: For my personal reference because Lightshot isn't display the image
  3. Also, is there an xp3 file called bgm.xp3 by chance? If there is, then that is where your music will be hiding out.
  4. Any list item that says <dir> next to it is a folder so there will be files or more folders inside all of them. You just need to double click them to open. Double click the ... at the top to go up a folder in the tree. In order to find what you're looking for you'll need to explore in those folders a little bit. The alter and system folders are where I would start.
  5. If you drag the file onto the Garbro window does it say anything in the bottom left corner?
  6. You tried Garbro already? https://github.com/morkt/GARbro
  7. Can't wait for Crunchyroll to realize they forgot to vet the content in World's End Harem.
  8. Guilty Crown: Lost Christmas Winter Polaris (Is your avatar from this VN? Looks like she may be.)
  9. Soft Denchi is pretty weak DRM. You can cut it out of the exe super easy: https://vndb.org/t14007.4
  10. Skibbidy bah n da duh BLAM The fact that Amazon is working on a competitor to Steam and naming it Vapor is hilarious to me.
  11. Watched this video a while back and I've been super concerned about the direction of personal computing ever since. Maybe he's just a doomer, idk. Good things to think about at least.
  12. Finally got my copy in today. I got the limited edition because it was only $10 more or something. The box is enormous. Larger than the Mayoho box. Unfortunately my joycons died a few minutes in so I'm waiting for those to charge back up before I can really start reading it. Just tested it and it works with no hassle at all on Switch. Just straight up plug and play. It even let me download an update for it even though the Switch account I used to run the game is not associated with a Japanese Nintendo account.
  13. I find a lot of EVN romance goes 0 to 60 in 3.5. Like, they'll have a few normal, mundane conversations and then suddenly *BAM* they're soulmates. I realize the EVN scene is relatively young and as such tends towards shorter script lengths, and so the real estate available to develop a romance is limited. Even so, I think it's very doable to have a short but well-paced romance arc. But there's gotta actually be an arc, not this spike in the graph thing.
  14. Agreed, except in this specific situation it's a Cero Z game so I think you need a Japanese credit card to buy a download edition. I guess that qualifies as age verification or something.
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