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  1. how to translate livemaker buttons?

    They’re likely image files you’ll have to extract, edit, and then repack.
  2. Share a weird/stupid/disturbing dream

    Most of my bad dreams involve either getting fired or failing out of school. One in particular that has stuck with me was a situation where I was running my Subway store by myself, but it was a super slow day and I hadn’t had a customer in several hours so I decided to leave the store unattended for the rest of my shift. I can’t remember what I went and did but when I got back a family had moved into the store with a bunch of furniture and was eating all the food and I couldn’t get them to leave. I woke up shortly after that but I’m sure the conclusion would have been me getting fired.
  3. 11 makes me nauseous
  4. I'm a little confused here. Does your hierarchy go like Expanded VNs>Anime>OG VN or are the expanded VNs at the bottom of the stack?
  5. That's encouraging to hear. I'll probably give it a try soonish. It's not the cheapest VN on the block and I just spent a bunch on steam so I gotta wait for a bit before I spend much more.
  6. Nice man, how’s it going? Is it particularly difficult to read? I’ve been holding off on reading any of the VNs that I really want to read so I can make sure that I’m a capable enough reader for the experience to be enjoyable. Been working up my reading ability with manga and just recently started getting some decent comprehension in light novels. I think once I feel more comfortable with LNs I’ll try some more serious VNs.
  7. Mashiro iro Symphony has been the top of my wishlist for as long as I've known about it. At some point though it became a top motivator for learning Japanese. If it ever gets translated, I probably won't read it in English although I would probably back a physical version kickstarter if they decide to do one of those since the physical Japanese version is kinda expensive.
  8. Nope, no PMs here. Not a big deal to me but I did want be able to edit the thread so no one would be disappointed with a dead code like you were. I just hope it didn’t get sucked up by a bot or anything.
  9. idk if any here actually plays FFXIV, but I just got a code for a black, fat chocobo mount that I don't need so I'm giving it away here. I'll just leave it in a spoiler tag in this thread and whoever gets to it first can use it. I only ask that A) you only take it if you plan to actually use it and B) say that you've used the code so I can edit the thread title appropriately.
  10. I need help finding this hentai!

    A refined taste, to be sure.
  11. Kanon Dreamcast voices to PC question...

    Are the audio files in their own folder that you can get to easily? Usually they're hidden away in a proprietary archive format. Even if it were a simple drag and drop situation, the version of the game that you have wasn't made with those new audio files in mind so it won't know to play them. You'd have crawl through the script files and write a new "play audio [x]" command at each and every spot that one of the new audio files is supposed to play at. It'd be pretty painstaking work.
  12. I just started one to track my games in general so I can see what my backlog looks like. I think the columns are Title, Started?, Finished?, Score, Platform, and Note. I have the sheet set to change the fill color of any cell containing the words “Yes” or “No” to green or red respectively so in the started/finished columns I can easily see what games I’ve finished because those games will have a double-length green bar in their row. The list doesn’t actually contain many VNs, only those few that I have on Steam. Mostly because if I ever want to share the sheet I don’t want it to have a bunch of NSFW games listed. I may make a separate sheet for VNs.