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  1. Kanon Dreamcast voices to PC question...

    Are the audio files in their own folder that you can get to easily? Usually they're hidden away in a proprietary archive format. Even if it were a simple drag and drop situation, the version of the game that you have wasn't made with those new audio files in mind so it won't know to play them. You'd have crawl through the script files and write a new "play audio [x]" command at each and every spot that one of the new audio files is supposed to play at. It'd be pretty painstaking work.
  2. I just started one to track my games in general so I can see what my backlog looks like. I think the columns are Title, Started?, Finished?, Score, Platform, and Note. I have the sheet set to change the fill color of any cell containing the words “Yes” or “No” to green or red respectively so in the started/finished columns I can easily see what games I’ve finished because those games will have a double-length green bar in their row. The list doesn’t actually contain many VNs, only those few that I have on Steam. Mostly because if I ever want to share the sheet I don’t want it to have a bunch of NSFW games listed. I may make a separate sheet for VNs.
  3. Medieval/fantasy setting games search

    Orfluers - You might need a somewhat liberal interpretation of "medieval" to make this one fit. The brothers are all knights (I think) so that's why I’m posting it, but most of the screenshots seem like the setting is a bit later than "medieval."
  4. Hi from Croatia!

  5. Email newsletters for VN news?

    Are we really coming up on a year since the last VNTLS?
  6. Doesn’t your use of the word “they” imply that you think of Japanese people as being different from yourself? Possibly from a foreign land with a different culture?
  7. Shuffle! Sequel announced

    Yeah, I meant in general. I've pretty much banned myself from reading translations at this point. Still can't figure out why all the Shuffle! sequels have DL editions but the original and Essence+ are stuck on discs. Did some manufacturing company buy exclusive distribution rights in the early days or something?
  8. Shuffle! Sequel announced

    What are the odds they do a digital release of Essence+ to hype of the sequel? I remember Shuffle! was one of my first 5 anime. It introduced me to just about every trope in the book. Winning the heart of a future love interest in a one-off encounter as kids. Yandere. Harems in general (I remember being amazed at this “love pentagon” lol). Childhood friend love interest. Colliding with a girl in the hallway and ending up in a compromising situation. Beach episodes. It’s all there really.
  9. Living in Japan as a foreigner - AMA

    Do you let on that you're very knowledgeable of otaku media or do you play dumb? I know that's what I'd do 100%.
  10. NSFW Help finding Artist/Source of these

    Appears to be another one o them DMM card games: http://games.dmm.co.jp/en/detail/heromemor/
  11. I don't think OP is asking about any kind of machine translation, they just want the unvoiced text to be read out in Japanese, which is something Google Translate can do in addition to its attempts at translating. Definitely seems useful if you're shaky on Kanji readings. That said, I have no idea how to get something like that to work.
  12. Where'd you get the VN? If you got it legit I wouldn't worry, but if you torrented it maybe something else.
  13. What game is this image from?

    Well, the ol' VNDB character trait method has failed me this time. I've tried various combinations of: - Black hair - Blue Eyes - Gloves - Evening gloves - Dress - Braid - Braided headband - Quickie Fix No luck though. Probably just means no one has bothered to get super detailed with setting the girl's traits yet.
  14. Recommendations for good eroge visual novels?

    This thread is 3 years old . . .