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  1. Cool tool but I've already put a lot of hours into getting everything into Launchbox with artwork, developer information and tags and such, so I ain't switching now.
  2. Shuffle! 2 didn’t make the cut eh?
  3. Have you met our lord and savior Garbro? https://github.com/morkt/GARbro
  4. The article says removed from the Playstation store in general though so PS4 probably isn’t an option either. Not digitally anyway.
  5. Well, hopefully you didn't have your heart set on buying them for Vita: https://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2021/01/23/utawarerumono-mask-of-deception-and-mask-of-truth-no-longer-listed-on-playstation-store
  6. tahu157


    I remember a friend of mine used to be really into Nyanners prior to any of this vtuber stuff. He showed me that awful parody of ponponpon that she made called pomf pomf way back in the day. That’s about all I know about her lol.
  7. Whenever I do these I am always interested to see who goes right for the top of the tree and what they put there.
  8. Basically copy the picture, add a smaller picture as an ornament, and then post the new version of the tree you made. The next person will copy your picture, add something, and then post their version and eventually we'll have a tree full of ornaments. Try not to scale or deepfry the picture please.
  9. I guess I just meant the transition between the hand-drawn artstyle of the sprites and the 3D CG versions of the characters in the last two pictures is pretty jarring. The background is less jarring although a 3D background probably meshes better with the 3D versions of the characters. I guess I have two issues with that 3D CG look. The first is that it's trying to be more or less photo-realistic but because it isn't actually photo-realistic it ends up bottoming out in the uncanny valley pretty hard. The second is that there are /a lot/ of VNs using this same character creation tool (idk what it is) so using that artstyle will never make your VN instantly identifiable as yours versus anyone else's that uses that same tool.
  10. It's a little jarring, although I really really dislike that pre-rendered 3D look to start with so maybe I am just biased.
  11. That's probably it yeah. OP do you have a device that has the VN installed, and at one point could play the game? Idk what it takes to dump an app from an Android device but you may be able to rip the assets yourself.
  12. I'm trying to dig around in the APK and I can find some assets but the sprites specifically are not forthcoming. EDIT: When uncompressed the whole app is only 50 MB, and there is nothing that looks like a VN resource file that I can find. I'm gonna hazard a guess and say that the app itself doesn't have any of the sprites or voicelines in it. Maybe that content was streamed in realtime which is why the app won't run anymore?
  13. Are you using a forwarding service, and if so, do they not offer the option to buy the stuff for you?
  14. A VN's font is usually embedded in the exe itself. You'd have to dig around in the exe with a decompiler to find the font and even then you may or may not be able to replace it and still have the VN run properly.
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