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  1. While it was more of a general question, I was mainly planning to hack the Kashimashi ~Girl meets Girl~ VN , mostly because I loved the anime and I'm reading the manga. As far as I went, it doesn't have any gameplay, besides choice selection. However, sprites are animated to allow lip sync. As for it's encryption format, it uses .afs files and .sfd files. AE can extract .afs files perfectly, but not .sfd. Scripts are in a SC.AFS file, so it can be technically translated without the entire porting stuff. They have .obj format. But still, thanks for answering my questions. Will keep them in mind in the future.
  2. I’ve been pondering a bit about my personal goals on Japanese learning, and I’ve found that one of them is to be able to translate VNs, since in my native language there are very few translated VNs. While I can play them in English, I have meet several people that cannot do it. However, one of the things that has been stopping me from actively researching about VN translation is the hacking part of it. Namely, how to obtain and repack the scripts. In this forum I’ve read that succesful translation projects are lead by the translators, which is why I choosed to focus in the language. But when looking for VNs to translate, I’ve been worried about whether there are hacking tools for the VNs I was planning to translate (in a nearby future, since I still need to polish my Japanese reading), since they are either console VNs, such as Akai Ito and a couple of PS2 VNs; or they are made into very old engines that might not support special characters, like the ones present in Spanish, my native language. After browsing through the Sakura no Kisetsu VN porting thread, I’ve been pondering about whether porting VNs to a new engine (be it Ren’Py or something else) would be a good idea for translation purposes. What do you think about it? Is it hard to port a VN to a new engine? What does it take to be able to pull it out successfully?
  3. Sometime ago, I heard about Abema TV, which seems to be a internet TV station of Japan. Since I never have tried watching Japanese TV, I figured out I shall try it out. But there is a problem: the service is restricted to Japan and I failed to find a VPN that lets me bypass georestrictions. In particular, I'm worried about free VPNs, which are the ones I must use. I heard a rumor that such VPNs are actually gathering personal data. Is this true or it is a scam? Does someone else here tried Abema TV already? Any advice? Thanks
  4. How should I approach learning Japanese

    Different people have different ways to learn something, so my advice is to figure out which method works the best for you. Some people need visual cues to learn something, some people need to listen to it, and some others need to put in practice what they are learning to understand it. There may be more ways to learn something than the ones I've listed. If you manage to understand your personal way to learn, apply it to Japanese and you will progress.
  5. Going back to VNs?

    This happened to me two times. The first one was with FSN, where I only managed to read a fraction of the Fate route before I dropped it. Then one year later, I reread it, skipping what I've already read and managed to finish it for once. The next one was Eien no Aselia, which I dropped after getting a silly game over, only for me to try it again later and finish it. Then there are VNs I dropped without me reattempting to read so far. Most of them were either nukige or VNs I couldn't enjoy, regardless of how many time I invested into them (Daibanchou, G senjou and Kamidori). The only exception so far is Rose Guns Days, due to its episodic nature (I only read the first season so far) and me having to prioritize other things in RL.
  6. My choices are: 1) Katawa Shoujo This was my first VN, so I enjoyed most of it, but there was one route I found very special for me. While I agree that Shizune’s route is not that great, it was memorable for me since I unlocked Hanako’s bad ending beforehand, so I was needing to read something not so dark. As such, I greatly enjoyed most of what happened there. Hisao’s interactions with Shizune were so memorable, I was crying a lot by the time I got her good ending. People may say whatever they want about her, but this is what made me love her route. 2) Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru The entire game can be memorable if you thought a man that crossdress is gay. This VN, on the other hand, proofs that a even in such a situation, you can find a woman that loves you. And if that’s not enough, I finished the game with Shion’s route, which was arguably the best route. Its ending was a awesome way to finish such a VN. 3) Aoishiro I believe the ending theme speaks by itself. Definitely one of the greatest ending themes ever, not just in VNs.
  7. Hello everyone

    Sorry for the late reply. Studying in a Japanese school is very slow, but there are some advantages to it. You can meet people that might have interest in the language, which might be useful if you feel lonely. Also, you can ask questions to your teacher, something very hard to do with self-study. Lastly, if you are not sure about which is your best way to study, you might find some short-term progress, which you will need to keep yourself motivated to study. But remember, you will progress slowly. In my case, I had to wait three years in order to take JLPT N5, when you can do it faster with self-study. My advice is, try it out, but go preparing yourself for when you have to leave classes. I suggest this: 1) Search for private Japanese teachers where you live. They often progress at your pace, letting you go faster. 2) Should this fail, try entering the Japanese school. Wait until the first class ends, and after everyone left, try to ask your teacher if he/she can contact a private teacher for you. I did this and managed to skip a year until passing N4. The content you will study in a Japanese school changes depending of the school and the teacher. There are several textbooks that schools might use. I will give you some tips later. For now, I will wait your message.
  8. Hello everyone

    I'm glad you find Aoishiro enjoyable. What I didn't like about Forest was that it's very difficult to understand where the game was heading to. I dropped it in the fifth chapter, which is where the game boasts a lot of choices. The game lets you restart a chapter whenever you get a bad ending, but depending of your previous choices, the correct answer will change. I found very bothersome to read the walkthrough, since it assumes you do a very specific set of choices, hence why I ended up dropping it. I have some interest on Inganock, though. Maybe once I finish Enigma, I will check it. As for sharing our Japanese materials, you're welcome. I study in a Japanese school, so my method may vary from yours. But since I need some help to make it better, I'll apreciate it. By the way, did you played Hoshizora no Memoria in English beforehand? Sometimes reading the original after reading a translation may help you, since (assuming a good translation) you will already know how will unfold the story, letting you focus on more subtle things (kanji puns, kotowaza, and so on). Unfortunately, I'm a guy. But don't worry, you can talk to me about VNs. Just keep in mind I don't play BL VNs, since I found its concept of romance to be... too irrealistic, when not outright fucked up. As for my otome take on KS, it's a long story, so send me a message if you want. Have a nice week!
  9. Hello everyone

    Two years ago (which is when I was playing RGD) I was slacking too much with my university tasks, so I needed to focus on them. As a result, I stopped playing VNs until 2 months ago, and I've already choosed Enigma to play. Neverthless, I changed it to "Playing" since I plan to resume it eventually. Thank you for the tip. I'll check whether some VNs' votes must be changed.
  10. I have a doubt that I need to ask, since I don’t know a better place to ask it. Before starting, I must confess something: I have very low empathy for LGBT characters in manga and anime. I didn’t want to admit it, since I enjoyed reading Aoishiro, Kashimashi and Pulse, but it’s the truth. I’m currently writing a Katawa Shoujo fanfic, where I reimaginate the game as an otome game, focusing on Iwanako and five male love interests. But there is a problem: Somewhat similar was what I felt after finishing Corpse Party Blood Covered. My issue is that these two characters are so popular, I don’t feel like talking about these games. I loved Shizune’s route, yet I can’t withstand how people like to portrait the characters as mentally unstable, and the focus that the route took in the end pissed me off more than any other route I’ve played later on. In the same way, I don’t want to keep playing the Corpse Party series if it’s going to be all around Seiko. I might add Yuki Ashikaga from Cross Days, but I never played (nor I want to play) the game, so I’ll refrain from that. So, is there a character everyone loves, yet you can’t withstand? I’d like to hear opinions. Thank you (PS: I’m not a English-speaking person, so if there is a mistake, help me correcting it)
  11. Hello everyone

    It all started in 2014 after finishing Otoboku. I loved the VN so much that I've attempted to read the sequel untraslated, merely relying on a hiragana/katakana guide and ITH. I couldn't pass the second line, so I ended up choosing to study in a Japanese school so that one day I can finally read untranslated VNs. So far I have JLPT N4, but I haven't read untranlated VNs after that attempt. I'm planning to resume reading the VN soon. But besides Otoboku, I also want to read other VNs. Most of the ones I really want to read are the ones from Caramel Box, and there are Atlach=Nacha, Sanzen Sekai Yuugi and Secret Game. I might ask recommendations for JOVNs sooner or later.
  12. Hello everyone

    I also discovered VNs in 2012, and just like you, I'm also busy with university. In regards to Aoishiro, it's been almost 10 years since it got translated, and I played it more or less in 2015. I do recommend it, although you will found very little romance in it. Its multiple endings and its supernatural elements were what interested me (alongside my interest on yuri, which unfortunately has lowered with time). I also wonder why RGD gets so low attention. I loved its plot and artstyle (the art was the main reason I choosed over the When They Cry VNs). Maybe its skippable gameplay was the issue, if you play with the highest possible score, it will eventually force you to use the spacebar to skip the gameplay. I've played Saya no Uta, even before knowing who is Gen Urobuchi, and it's indeed good. I havent played Sekien no Inganock, though, since Forest somewhat drove me away from Liar-soft VNs. Maybe one day I might try it. Touhou requires time and effort to be played well. I passed from barely beating EoSD to get a Hard 1cc in IN with YuyuMyon. It was my most glorious victory so far. I've already created and filled my VNDB account, so you can now see what I've played so far. I have to go shopping. When I return, I will tell you my resons to study Japanese
  13. Hello everyone

    I didn't had time to create one, but it's ready. I just need to figure how to add VNs to it. Speaking of the which, 1) Which is the best way to decide my vote? From what I saw, my vote seems to be from 1 to 10. 2) What about dropped VNs? And VNs I only played partially, and dropped without getting 100% completed. EDIT: Nevermind, now I figured out how to vote. There is also an option for dropped VNs. Thank you.
  14. Hello everyone

    Well, I've been alternating between reading VNs and other activities, such as Japanese learning. As a result, I might spend some months without reading anything. As for my favorite titles, if we talk about VNs, they are: Aoishiro Corpse Party - Blood Covered (I prefer the PC98 version for reasons I will reveal in my next topic) FSN Katawa Shoujo Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru (I really want to read the sequel, although I haven't took it seriously yet) Rose Guns Days (I've only played the first season, but I plan to read the next ones) Tsukihime (Now that I think about it, I wonder how should I create my VNDB account, and its VN list.) For games, I mostly play the Touhou games and occasionally other danmaku games. Also, I'm surprised there was someone else with this name. Guess I'll need an image. (Once I know how to add one)
  15. Hello everyone

    Hello everyone, my name is Nekopie. I started with visual novels six years ago after finishing Daemonophilia and Katawa Shoujo. In addition, I am studying Japanese, currently having passed JLPT N4. I hope we can get along.