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  1. I am so glad you think so. I wanted it to be a definitive guide, so I hope I managed to make it close to that :3 Will do my best! Thank you for your kind words~ <3
  2. You're welcome! Comments like that makes me believe the article served its purpose :3
  3. Wow, that was such a rich feedback. I so love it. I have made edite to the article based on those (including fixing the e in Plotge XD). The only part that's still the same is the "moege vs charage" part, since I need to rewrite few parts to add the details you mentioned. I will do that tomorrow. Also, I credited you in the article for the info you provided, since you clearly made it better (along with other feedbacks of other visual novel fans made). Thank you so much <3
  4. Hihi~ I just made a guide that explains all the -ge visual novel terms. I am aware there are many other guides for that out there, and many of them were discussed before, but I tried to make mine more detailed and easier to understand. Specially for people new to visual novel who came from Anime world (and they are many). Hope my guide is to your liking, and it's the definite guide I want it to be, and of course, any feedback about it is welcome. Here's the link for my guide:- https://SweetMonia.com/The-Lost-Konpeitos/a-guide-for-visual-novel-terms-genres-charage-moege-plotege
  5. Never played that one, but I quite like the characters designs in it :3
  6. I always thought of visual novels as a niche kind of games. As opposed to other games. They are the only type of PC that could be played the same way without hassle on tablets, as they don't requires much controls or buttons, so they have a good chance there. In recent years, they have been gaining traction with people, but I don't think they will become mainstream. They require too much reading, and while you get rewarded for that with a good story, it's not something many people would want to do. As someone who wants to become a developer for these games (made short skits so far).
  7. I consider myself a slow reader, so I would play for 30-60 minutes usually. Unless I am really, really liking the one I am reading, in which case I can spend 3+ hours on it a day.
  8. I am currently playing Ace Combat 7 at my own pace. I finish a mission every now and then. I think I am on mission 16 or so. The story is quite good so far, I hope it continues to be that way.
  9. I played most of the visual novels I did on either a 11-inch or a 12-inch computers, and I never felt like the screen was small. So, 13-inches is more than enough. It's not as small as you may think. The portibility will make up for it.
  10. I think there are two good scenarios. One is to make it impossible to play the routes that reveals the most of the plot without playing the other routes first. The other good choice is to make all the routes equal. In case of rewrite, I played Kotori's route after Chihaya, so I enjoyed it less than in case I played it first, which disappointed me a bit.
  11. I just started Harmonia. Because it seems good, and I wanted to play something short for a change.
  12. Found this image from Cold Steel III randomly, and found myself reading the Japanese text in it, a habit I started since I got into learning Japanese~
  13. I wondered about that too. I think it has to do with how many hobbies you have. I guess some people read visual novels as a main hobby, while others have gaming & other things to do. Also, some people are fast readers than others, or can read for hours to an end, which is more than enough to finish any visual novel. And as others mentioned, some visual novels are not that long.
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