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  1. Opinions on localizing/translating Visual Novel titles

    Normally, 1, 3 or 5 has higher appeal for English customers. For 4 and 5 to differentiate almost similar titles or hard-to-translate part. 2 could be use for titles which are both short and very well-known. If the titles originated as reference from non-Japanese words (such as Dies Irae, Schwarzesmarken) , then usually 2. When it comes to unofficial translation, 2 is preferable to recognize the compatibility of patches/mods in search result.
  2. Sup chiefs

    Nice to meet you. You might consider the Recommendations section if you're looking for more VNs.
  3. Hello from Portugal!

    Welcome to Fuwanovel.
  4. Secret History or Alternate History recommendation.

    Thanks for the recommendation. I will add some of those VNs to my backlog especially Gahkthun and Newrin as the description sound interesting to me.
  5. Superhero genre suggestions.

    Can you skip the gameplay part for How to date a magical girl? Shame about lack of magical girl VNs.
  6. Visual Novel Steam Sales Declining?

    A bit unusual because HGB was removed on Steam before it was released back on the store.
  7. What Anime are you watching now?

    I tried The Helpful Fox Senko-san and One Punch Man out of curiosity.
  8. VNs that need more attention

    One day in London. I might consider Daresora after series was completed and when Sol Press localized the whole series.
  9. In general, I prefer bittersweet ending as it memorable for me too (like meaningful sacrifice) while not giving the feeling of "hopelessness". Happy ending seem fine for me in SOL moege or nukige.
  10. Denpasoft Golden Sales week (until May 6th)

    I brought Walk Among Zombies despite the small difference.
  11. I asked because VNDB does not have secret history tags and alternate history tag was deleted. Secret history is not to be confused with alternate history. 1. Secret History : Actual event of history was distorted to the public like Assassin Creed. 2. Alternate history : Historical events changed in history create different outcome like Wolfenstein. I heard Muv-Luv series includes alternate history.
  12. Superhero genre suggestions.

    I'm not being rude. You misunderstood my post. I'm not saying your answer is irrelevant. I was referring to the discussion about tags on vndb is done and you don't have discuss it any further.
  13. A VN in which the characters are working adults.

    I'm not sure about the genre you're interested in so here are my recommendation: 1. Making * Lovers albeit one of the heroine working as model and a school student. English localization will be release by Nekonyan soon. 2. Eroge! ~Sex and Games Make Sexy Games~ if you're interested in nukige. It's revolves around working in the eroge industry. People giving Steins gate answers as usual when this kind of question comes out. I prefer VNs without school settings too but those are not common. Based on search results, it looks like Mangagamer sold the original Japanese version but I'm not sure when they remove it from their store.
  14. Superhero genre suggestions.

    As I mention above, I already tried " Superheroes" before this thread was created and disappointed with the result (nukige, looks bad or far from superhero genre). The "Superpowers" and "Fighting heroine " have wider but it become less accurate like showing "Princess Waltz" and "Kara no Shoujo". Thanks for the suggestion for searching with tags but better to leave the discussion about vndb tag there.
  15. Superhero genre suggestions.

    Yeah, I've seen this happen too in some rpg VNs. Granted, the action scene in VNs are depicted differently than anime or manga. I am fine with parody of superhero genre too. @r0xm2n Good, now it is on sale.