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  1. What Anime are you watching now?

    Done with Isekai Quartet and it's 4 other anime. Now I'm trying Jojo due to it's ubiquitous reference wherever you're looking at meme.
  2. Looking for VR visual novel.

    Not to be confused with this. I've heard Tokyo Chronos support VR headgear and other VNs seem to be in experimental stage.
  3. Reading VN is masochistic

    I thought reading vn with suffering is sadistic. This forum seem more active than Nekonyan and seem more well behave compare to other forum. Sometimes, I have to be careful about wording or edit it out due to people being very sensitive about what could be considered rude.
  4. What Anime are you watching now?

    I tried Konosuba for the meme. The comedy seems great in some episodes.
  5. VNs about culinary arts.

    Thanks for the answers. Shame about this genre (https://vndb.org/g599 , https://vndb.org/g656) as some of those VNs doesn't seem interesting or small part of the story.
  6. VNs about culinary arts.

    Like Shokugeki no Soma. I am looking for VNs which revolve around cooking, not just short event or characters that are good at cooking.
  7. I'm not worried about spoilers but you could hide it in spoiler link.
  8. I've search it on VNDB but I found few examples in English. The story mainly revolves around protagonists trying trial and error method until they escape more than one time loop like Groundhog Day.
  9. What are you playing?

    I tried the English demo of Venus Blood Frontier. Learning curve seems steep since I don't have any experience with SRPG.
  10. Opinions on localizing/translating Visual Novel titles

    Normally, 1, 3 or 5 has higher appeal for English customers. For 4 and 5 to differentiate almost similar titles or hard-to-translate part. 2 could be use for titles which are both short and very well-known. If the titles originated as reference from non-Japanese words (such as Dies Irae, Schwarzesmarken) , then usually 2. When it comes to unofficial translation, 2 is preferable to recognize the compatibility of patches/mods in search result.
  11. Sup chiefs

    Nice to meet you. You might consider the Recommendations section if you're looking for more VNs.
  12. Hello from Portugal!

    Welcome to Fuwanovel.
  13. Secret History or Alternate History recommendation.

    Thanks for the recommendation. I will add some of those VNs to my backlog especially Gahkthun and Newrin as the description sound interesting to me.
  14. Superhero genre suggestions.

    Can you skip the gameplay part for How to date a magical girl? Shame about lack of magical girl VNs.
  15. Visual Novel Steam Sales Declining?

    A bit unusual because HGB was removed on Steam before it was released back on the store.