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  1. I should wait for the season to end instead of watching them on the release date. My schedule include AOT, Re:zero, Slime, etc. I feel like a certain VA is haunting me when I watch these 3 anime.
  2. I'm looking for example of characters regret being a bad person or committing a disastrous deed. They decided to spend rest of their life atoning their sins.
  3. I heard some VNs with father or mother characters had issue like being abusive, deceased, embarrassing, missing, neglectful, short scene, etc. Looking for VNs which portray them in a good light and screen time is not too short.
  4. Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina. Reminds me of Kino's journey. Protagonist looks like Sanoba Witch Nene.
  5. Tried the Mangagamer remake version of Beat Angel Escalayer. Erotic magical girl theme. UI looks neat.
  6. The Saga of Tanya the Evil: The Movie, sequel to the series. Good action but introduction for some new characters are short due to being a movie. Mary Sioux's plot armor is absurd.
  7. The Rising of the Shield Art Online BoFuri It is a light hearted VRMMO anime compare to other anime I've seen before.
  8. In your opinion, what makes the world building aspect good in your favorite visual novels.
  9. I'm looking for visual novel written from the villain's perspective, such as having goal like world domination.
  10. From feline shrine maidens to ninja, I tried NinNinDays. Like the previous title, the CGs, UI, and Live2d seem good. Short, simple story with only Sumire as the main heroine but the translation could need some editing.
  11. I am not sure if you are interested in Call of Booby : Mammary Warfare Ultimate☆Boob Wars!!
  12. I've heard about it in various medium and curious about how developers handle consistency in visual novel.
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