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  1. Romantic slice-of-life visual novel with multiple choice heroines. You could suggest non-SOL but romance must be the main theme. Made-up example: In Fuwa Lovers, there are 2 main heroines called Ayaka and Saori. The reader selected "I love you, Ayaka" option. Hiro (protagonist) started dating with Ayaka on the next day. 1 years later, Toru (Hiro's best friend) went to Sapporo along with Saori for their honeymoon. Vice versa if the reader selected "I love you, Saori" instead. I heard this discussion at Discord. Usually less attention to the other heroine, she becomes the wingwoman or attempt to "steal" the protagonist.
  2. There were three Christmas cakes at bakery. Strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. The protagonist brought the vanilla cake. But people in the bakery won't buy chocolate or strawberry cake. The cakes were left to rot. I'm not sure if there is any exception where someone buy chocolate or strawberry cake after that. To be more specific, romantic slice-of-life. In the main game after selecting one of the main heroine, the other heroines will get a boyfriend.
  3. Thanks Ittaku for mentioning this thread at Discord to be resurrected. Reading hentai is like reading copied homeworks. 1. "Your mouth says no but your body says yes." 2. "Pain will become pleasure." Anything can fit in contrary to what the heroines say. 3. "I shouldn't feel good but his dick is bigger than my SO." 4. "It's not cheating or losing virginity if its anal." 5. Armpit, ass, breasts, knee, and mouth pussy. 6. "You have to take responsibility for this." 7. "It's my safe day." 8. Use the condom and then go raw in the second turn. 9. "This will help Japan's birthrate." 10. Choice between cumming inside or outside. 11. "Big brothers belong to little sister." 12. Questionable consent. 13. "This is my first time, please be gentle." 14. Heroines enjoy cervix penetration. 15. Tsundere in bed acts full deredere. 16. Everyone immediately decides to keep the baby after heroine's pregnancy. 17. I'm not sure about abundance of "virgin porn star".
  4. I filled in the survey for fun. I voted for more Guilty titles and Ixseal thanks to Escalayer physical.
  5. Do you know any visual novels with settings similar to Bofuri or SAO? FuwaWorld Online is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits.
  6. Last December, I finished Nightmare x Sisters - Sacrifice of Lust-Hell. A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one from Mangagamer. Personally, I prefer Toriko series but this is fine too. Short length nukige, simple story, beautiful art from Noba and decent soundtrack. In some case, I prefer the static scene over the animation. In certain cgs, the frame rate is too fast and janky parts that looks like moving pieces of paper. I wish I could disable it. I like the protagonist's character design and would like more variety. Currently I'm reading Kinkoi including the fan disc. Hopefully my experience will be gold this month. I might try the upcoming official English release of Clover Day's by NekoNyan.
  7. Planetarian The setting takes place after a societal collapse caused by wars, failed space colonization program, etc. The protagonist known as "The Junker" scavenge the ruined city to survive. He met Hoshino Yumemi inside the planetarium. He decided to fix the projector so Yumemi can show the beauty of the stars.
  8. Last year I finished watching Stone Ocean. Great animation as expect from David Production. This year I completed Muv-Luv Alternative Season 2. Currently, I'm watching Lycoris Recoil. I didn't expect Hideo Kojima to notice this anime. Shame he is not aware of Girls' Frontline. I'm waiting for the full episodes of Bofuri Season 2.
  9. I replayed Surviving Mars. I noticed some quality-of-life improvement since I stopped years ago. I like Green Planet dlc.
  10. I watched Avatar: The Way of Water. The story felt worse than the previous one and the visual effect doesn't seem that appealing to me. Before I watched the trailer, I expected "Na'vi Restoration" (modernization) to happen at Pandora.
  11. The main characters or settings are based on various mythologies. More or less literal "kamige".
  12. I read all the routes of Koikari. It was quite fun reading this romance comedy visual novel but some running gags ruin it. Plenty of puns in the translation, enough to receive the Punitzer Prize by Carlos.
  13. I finished the 100% progress of Dead End Aegis and its prequel. I read this because of a certain magical girl connoisseur and non-school setting. I hope for more diverse science fiction genres in visual novels. Decent soundtrack and great artwork thanks to Ueda Metawo. Despite the dark content, I can stomach it.
  14. "The Genius Titan's Guide to Protecting a Frontline Out of Danger".
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