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  1. The main characters or settings are based on various mythologies. More or less literal "kamige".
  2. I read all the routes of Koikari. It was quite fun reading this romance comedy visual novel but some running gags ruin it. Plenty of puns in the translation, enough to receive the Punitzer Prize by Carlos.
  3. I finished the 100% progress of Dead End Aegis and its prequel. I read this because of a certain magical girl connoisseur and non-school setting. I hope for more diverse science fiction genres in visual novels. Decent soundtrack and great artwork thanks to Ueda Metawo. Despite the dark content, I can stomach it.
  4. "The Genius Titan's Guide to Protecting a Frontline Out of Danger".
  5. Sad, all good things must come to an end. I expected Fiddle to remind me at January 6 2022 instead of today. I changed my pfp earlier so I don't forget.
  6. Welcome to Fuwanovel. I hope you will enjoy staying here and reading visual novels.
  7. I would like to hear recommendation of visual novels with non-Japanese protagonists in Japan. I heard of Go Go Nippon.
  8. Currently, I'm looking forward to watch the final part Attack of Titan Season 4 and Jojo Part 6.
  9. Thank you. Her Scarf looks brilliant.
  10. Currently I'm replaying classic Valve games such as Half Life since a decade ago. Graphics and frequent few seconds loading time between maps feels strange but it doesn't bother me much. Avoiding enviromental damage such as falling down is more annoying than fighting enemies.
  11. I changed my avatar. I'm not sure if hats are suitable for Kemonomimis so I would like 27 as my first time. I hesitated for long time because some people recognize my identity by pfp and I prefer not to mention the source of other candidates if somebody asked.
  12. Welcome to Fuwanovel. Nice to see you.
  13. I binge-watched Jojo Part 6. Now back to waiting room.
  14. I'm playing Yamizome Revenger slowly. I brought it because I heard some people compare it to the Beat series. I tried the demo of Venus Blood Hollow. Minor text issue but other aspects are fine.
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