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  1. Even with all SSG files manually inserted in the program's default SSG folder and the main interface accurately displaying all SSG files inside SSG folder, it displays *Not defined error* (T T;)
  2. Video walkthrough plz... its very difficult to change values in J games, as compared to American games where we can simply use trainers/cheat codes (_ _ ;)
  3. How can i change character stats through Spoiler AL or Cheat engine in VN games ? suggestions are appreciated
  4. Living in Japan as a foreigner - AMA

    That i did (partially). Never thought i'd be texting my in-depth Shojo Manga analysis with a J-girl on Hello talk though. She likes Toradora Anime N freely throws her own guidelines on Tsundere or whatever-dere there R~
  5. Living in Japan as a foreigner - AMA

    Why risk STD's when you've yet to deal with that mountain of Eroge stockpiled in dat hard disk
  6. Living in Japan as a foreigner - AMA

    I'm planning to stay in various home stays of Japan (Couchsurfing) for at least a month in 田舎 (countryside) of Japan. Meeting various people and having meaningful conversation with them to become friends, ultimately depends on one's Japanese skill. I'm interested in discussing about Old Japan for which i need lots of practice which thankfully, has become comparatively easier with Anime/Manga/Visual Novels. Casual Japanese can be easily learned with subbed Anime for instance. Though there was a suggestion i read somewhere about avoiding Japanese terms/slangs used in Anime n stuff as study material but, if one properly knows (or researches prior to usage) of what they r going to speak to other person then it shouldn't be a problem (i learned to talk about weather, hobbies N activities related to after school club life just from reading untranslated Visual Novels). Thus I've been sort of gathering lots of casual topics one after another N practicing to speak on them online so i can finally get "casual" with younger Japanese when i finally visit Japan (Reminds me again why I've never have been able to use the term "Chan", even in online chat.... coz it's impolite to use randomly (>v<;)) Keigo (敬語) is basically more than sufficient for first time introduction (自己紹介) or while meeting a Senpai type or elder person. First impression IS the last impression after all, especially since there is already a lot of online discussion on how to represent yourself in front of Japanese people while introducing oneself. Thus, the form of language usage depends solely on situation or age of people, more or less~ Is Meetup website a good choice to have single or group conversation with japanese people ?
  7. Living in Japan as a foreigner - AMA

    I haven't got the chance to visit The Land of Rising Sun, yet thanks to great information tech we've nowadays, i talk with J people through text almost everyday. I've been self-studying Japanese since Middle School. After entering University, i started learning business-oriented Japanese (敬語) that we most commonly see in Anime used by high profile ojousamas, butlers, kings etc. This is my personal experience that if one uses this specific form of Japanese, they can easily interact with almost any Japanese, regardless of Gender and age, as proper respect to family and elders is well-ingrained in Japanese social values. All in all, it is an amazing experience that i hope, would grow even further when i finally get to visit Japan My query is related to interaction with elder Japanese, as I'm deeply interested in Ancient Japan. i feel if one befriends elders, then they can also make friends with their family members n become part of their friend circle. How about it ?
  8. I'm looking for titles with less over-the-top Nakige effect n more lighthearted gameplay with good amount of h scenes N possibly wedding or harem ending. I've played Fureraba, Wagamama (game & fandisc) and Kono Oozora. Well balanced between comedy and touchy movements. Now i'm playing MML from Moonstone (https://vndb.org/v12559) Nakige is good, but occasionally, as getting myself in heavy mood for relaxation is somewhat difficult. Koi Choco (https://vndb.org/v4028), for example really was quite something in that regard (-_-;)
  9. Hey everyone

    Quirky N kinky - that's split personality 4 ya http://www.imagesup.net/dm-1015570828629.png
  10. Hey everyone

    Hello. Your profile name is good Fujiwara was an extreme powerful clan of Medieval Japan. Let's get along~
  11. Visual Novel with best BGM

    Somethin' like Yandere alarm then Wake or die
  12. Visual Novel with best BGM

    BGM alarm?! on the contrary, i use them 2 submit myself to deep slumber
  13. Hello. I have some questions regarding Grisaia No Kajitsu series - *Harem route 4 Yuuji or similar endings in Grisaia. *Games that feature Yuuji or Mihama Academy NPC's as main or side characters(including H-Scenes). *Pure Moege similiar to Grisaia(H-Scenes included).
  14. Visual Novel with best BGM

    Thank you everyone! Initially I prefer western classics like in Princess Evangile https://vndb.org/v6710, adventurous thriller N solemn type as in 11 eyes https://vndb.org/v729, and traditional Japanese types as in Hakuoki https://vndb.org/v1715
  15. Visual Novel with best BGM

    Looking 4 Visual Novels with best background music. Recommendations would be appreciated