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  1. How do you guys feel about the JVN industry right now?

    Can't comment on stuff that's been in Japan in the last year or 2 in particular since I can't read Japanese yet But the stuff that gets translated is still pretty good to me.
  2. Cuties with pink hair

    A few that haven't been covered yet... Sango from Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort- More of the energetic type https://vndb.org/c14220 Yayoi from Deardrops - Considered a side heroine but still a major character. Not particularly shy but she's pretty funny and probably the most reasonable girl. https://vndb.org/c5242 Kana in Wanko to Kurasou- Definitley not a main heroine but appears often enough. More on the bubbly energetic side https://vndb.org/c4650
  3. Create a vndb profile based on your IRL self using vndb tags

    [Visible confusion]
  4. Create a vndb profile based on your IRL self using vndb tags

    Not sexual. Got lots of back neck pain so have to get consistent deep tissue massages
  5. Create a vndb profile based on your IRL self using vndb tags

    Quite the opposite. For games that require you to make your own characters like Skyrim or MMOs I just make a dark/black skinned dude with glasses (if possible) and then just make my physical features average and my clothes casual and call it a day.
  6. Create a vndb profile based on your IRL self using vndb tags

    I'm just a Virgin but vndb removed the Virgin tag so could not use. Guess I coulda put Masturbation but meh
  7. For people who appeared in something like the /r/vns Visual novel no cheating! Ideally I'd want you to use your current IRL traits but if you have an ideal person you wanna be or base yourself more on how you act on the internet you can make that I guess Here's mine: Hair- Black, Short Eyes- Black Body- Young-Adult, Average Height, Dark Clothes- Baggy Pants, Shoes, T-Shirt Personality- Friendly, Serious, Strange, Docile, Pacifist, Kind, Otaku, Loyal, Food Lover Role- Living Alone, Gamer, Phillipine, Older Brother Engages In- Online Chatting, Teasing, Sarcasm, Reading Subject of- Teasing, Bullying, Massage Engages in (Sexual) - None Subject of (Sexual)- None
  8. What are your thoughts on shared universe in visual novel?

    The only series that has used it super well to me was Kira Kira and Deardrops Stuff like MajiKoi/Tsujidou and Konosora/Miazora are cool and have maybe cool references but dont do much interesting with it.
  9. Sakura Sakura was picked up around the same time Newton was apparently. It's just Sakura Sakura had many delays due to all the graphical upscaling they had to do or else it likely would have released around or even before Newton.
  10. Buy the game on Steam/Vita/PS4
  11. If there is one specifically for H scenes that's more comprehensive I'd like to know what it is.
  12. Google Doc List Anki Deck So as many people know about me, I'm open about how much I like H-scenes. Since I started learning Japanese a while ago, I figured I'd take things to the next level and learn some H-scene specific vocab and even create a list to help people who are interested. Some of these words may apply to H anime or H manga, but for the most part I based a lot of these on various H-scenes I liked. This list is far from comprehensive, because believe it or not not ALL H-scenes are exactly the same. There are different types of words and situations that can't be covered in just 100 words that accounts for all types of writers. Even if a lot of H-scenes are just moans, sound effects, and kimochiis. That said, I believe my list of words covers words/kanji you'll be seeing a good amount in most vanilla H-scenes. Speaking of which, this list is mostly based on eroge vanilla H-scenes. Eroges tend to be pretty vanilla so if you want more fetish-y words you'll have to find a different source which I'm sure exists. I tried to only include words that are specifically used for H-scenes, common every day words that would have different meanings in H-scenes, or words that are used so much they had to be included. Also, this list expects you to know a basic level of Japanese like knowing plain form of u and ru verbs, i and na adjectives, etc. If you see conjugations that aren't in plain form you'll have to figure out what those are yourself. If anyone has any comments, questions, or critiques on words I'm missing, or incorrect readings/meanings feel free to say so.
  13. Best Kiss Scene In A Visual Novel

    Obviously it's Onii-Kiss/Onii-chan, Kiss no Junbi wa Mada Desu ka? because you get to have interactive kiss scenes with your sisters. https://twitter.com/superange128/status/1146607472699793410?s=20
  14. Something akin to a magic school?

    Ley Line was my personal first thought.