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  1. Kono Oozora H-Scenes Porting Project

    oh wow I totally lowballed some line counts then.
  2. Favorite protagonist?

  3. Kono Oozora H-Scenes Porting Project

    The real length comes from the common route to be honest where there's at least 30 scripts that average around 500-700 lines. So 25,000+ lines in the common route alone if you read every single scene in the common route (only marginally less if you just do scenes from one character or something) I guess Konosora/IMHHW isnt like one of the longest VNs ever but its still pretty darn long compared to other moeges/charages
  4. Kono Oozora H-Scenes Porting Project

    I used to have a whole line count but I can definitley the longest route is over 5000 lines and the shortest probably around 2000-3000? (they're pretty long!)
  5. Momoiro Closet (new Frontwing game) Kickstarter is up

    I'm waiting for more CG previews before kicking Frontwing said to expect more this week.
  6. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    So is it basically a less drama-based and more feel-good/slice of life version of IMHHW? Whyd you consider Korona's route boring? What did you think of other routes?
  7. Now before you guys bring in your passionate pro/anti 18+ content arguments about explicit nudity/sex scenes in visual novels, I don't necessarily mean those. There are other kinds of 18+ content like explicit gore-y scenes that could be added that weren't originally there. For example, in the Umineko series I think it may make people uncomfortable and the lack of showing them might have been an artistic choice related to unreliable narrator but... I think showing all the deaths in explicit detail would make the deaths have more impact, especially in the earlier episodes considering how good the music and emotion the characters show to the deaths of their loved ones. It also shows how fucked up the culprit really is. I guess as far as the general 18+ nudity/H-scene discussion goes * In the DanganRonpa series, having 18+ scenes after maxing a Free Time Event would be amusing. Or worse/better, the optional Love Hotel scenes in DanganRonpa V3. * Since Ever17 was already had a big Slice of Life Romance part to it despite its setting/plot I wouldn't mind them especially since there would be a few scenes that would actually kinda plot relevant. * And then of course anything with cute grills cuz why not.
  8. Interest in shilling a visual novel you really like for 2-3 minutes for our podcast, the Broadcast Club? So as some people know, I (along with Rallina and Nakenashi) co-host about visual novels podcast monthly-ish. We have a segment towards the end where a user can "shill" a VN you like for 2-3 minutes. Basically at the bare minimum you just briefly talk about what the visual novel is and why you like it. We're interested in getting some more shills lined up and ready. Other things to take note off if you want to contribute your own shill: * Leave a 3-5 seconds of silence at the beginning and/or the end of the recording * Please have the recording be a .wav file * Make sure there's no background noise as you record * It doesn't have to have an English Translation. But if it doesn't make sure you note that one doesn't exist (yet). * You can't shill a VN that's already been done before which includes: -The House in Fata Morgana -MajiKoi -Yumina the Ethereal -Princess Evangile -Root Double -Tomoyo After -Little Busters -Sunrider -Umineko series If you're interested PM me a 2-3 minute-ish .wav file and we can work with it. If you want an idea of how previous shill segments work you can go to our YouTube channel. Each video has one shill each and I put a timestamp in the description. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsAcGboxM5tSyYcU6Fu4nDw/videos ---- In addition if you're interested in being a guest for any of the following topics: * Untranslated Visual Novels * VNs catered to Females (Otome/BL) * Art * Length * Settings * Music * Romance Quality * Endings * Overall Presentation * Any other interesting topic you can think of Feel free to PM one of us and lets know and we'll consider you as a guest for a future ep!
  9. Well actually the anniversary is tomorrow but close enough! We even re-did the user+shill from our first episode but with length and passion closer to every other shill that's come after. I'm excited to keep one of the few visual novel podcasts available going strong. In any case, it's been just a little over a month since last episode. This week we talked about the rather sensitive topic of Piracy in the VN Community. No guest this episode. As usual, you can find it on our blog. http://thebroadcast.club/2018/02/15/episode-10-piracy/ If you prefer to watch/listen on YouTube, we have a channel now! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsAcGboxM5tSyYcU6Fu4nDw/videos Make sure to follow us on Twitter! https://twitter.com/VNBroadcastClub ----------------------------- Discussion Topics What's your opinion on piracy in the VN community? When would you be ok (if it all) with advocating piracy for VNs? (forum rules aside) Outside DRM and Forum Rules, do you think there are other ways to prevent piracy for VNs?
  10. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    Understandable i stick with every moan and groan myself but I can see why people would skin then cuz there is quite a lot Cool thats fine. Ive told InfernoPlex in PM that even if it takes over a year for a QC build, I should still be opento recruitement emergencies aside you can keep me on a shortlist and/or Ill just follow this topics progress from time to time like I did with Konosora/IMHHW
  11. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    @Infernoplex I'm a QC for the current full ReTL of Konosora/If My Heart Had Wings. My job there is basically just about done, outside any issues that come up while they finish things up. I think Pabloc and other members of that team can vouch for my skills =) I'd love to be part of this project since a reason I haven't read this VN is because of lack of 18+ content (unlike a bunch of people here saying I actually like Pulltop's ability to have super long H scenes but I guess I can see why TLers could have issue with TLing it and not something more 'intellectual' dialogue wise). But the VN seemed interesting and I've liked every Pulltop title I've read (IMHWW and Koirizo) so I'm sure I'll like this one a lot especially since I've heard many good things. I'm not sure if I'd have to read the whole thing to make sure the transitions to H-scenes work fine or just skip to where H-scenes would play and see how they work and if they show up on the . Also would I need to know Japanese? I'm not fluent at all I basically know the very basic stuff you hear in anime/VNs. I also don't know how soon you need me, if you'd rather wait for the Konosora reTL to be fully released or not. Either way I'd be interested and hit me up if you'd like me to be on.
  12. hey guys I need help trying to find a hentai title

    https://www.reddit.com/r/HentaiSource/ This has helped me a lot for previous inquiries
  13. Translator, taking fan projects

    You could always find a guy to the tech work while you do the translating if theres a particular VN youd want to translate
  14. Just the one-note obnoxious physically violent tsunderes who's only "depth" is having a bad parent or something and having trouble confessing to the protag and no/regressing character development. Most other heroine archetypes are fine to me.