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  1. It's a pretty common CUBE thing, so if Shiravune or anyone else decides to do bring over more CUBE VNs we won't have to worry about walkthroughs as much.
  2. well Ryuukishi07 wrote Lucia's route. Higurashi, Umineko, Rose Guns Days, Higanbana, and Ciconia will likely have at least 1 thing you liked from Lucia route.
  3. Visual Novel Monthly Recap for September 2021 News is out. Some big surprises including a non-Nekonyan SMEE release, the resurrection of a well-loved company, and several fantranslation projects.
  4. I made a video how to buy Japanese Visual Novels for Fantranslation patches or reading in Japanese. It may be slightly difficult to do if you don't live in Japan, so hopefully this video helps. Also this might be my favorite thumbnail I made to date.
  5. Was this the Kinkoi release, or something else? Also from my experience, no company outside JAST does refunds period unless you buy on Steam.
  6. The Visual Novel Monthly Recap for August 2021 is out! Naturally, Muramasa is the absolute biggest announcement, it caused a temp JAST server overload. There were quite a handful of notable releases of a fantranslation and a notable remake of a classic.
  7. In the video, I noted JAST USA actually has does regional pricing similar to Steam.
  8. I've talked to a few people who actually read it and didnt just rage vote They are usually Yuzusoft fans and think it's fine, but it's probably not worth full price, and going to be way different, and nowhere near as compelling as the rest of the current English releases.
  9. As far as Japanese stores go, what's your opinion on stuff like DMM, DLSite, Gyutto, etc? Also where else can you get physical copies online besides Getchu and Amazon.jp? And what do you consider the... I can't remember the exact name, but the service where someone buys something in Japan since Japan doesnt ship internationally by default, but the someone does. Which of those types would you recommend most?
  10. I made a new video noting just about every place you can buy officially localized or English original visual novels. I noted perks, quirks, and flaws of each store to be fair as well as notable releases. FanTLs not included. That'll be another video.
  11. Hmm so something that has some kind of goal while still having romance and nothing too drama oriented like Grisaia or White Album 2 How about something like Deardrops?
  12. I made a video describing some of the most notable parts of my visual novel reading career, starting from how I got into visual novels, communities I joined, and what ultimately led to me making a YouTube Channel dedicated to VNs.
  13. You could always try the classic 2chan
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