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  1. If anyone was curious: "dame dame" gets translated as "dudhead" "baka baka" gets translated as "dumbhead"
  2. I should’ve posted it but there’s actually an in-game option to have Chinamis original voice or her “Eternal Heart” voice in the menu It defaults to Eternal Heart.
  3. Also I'm not sure why there's weird line breaks on the original fan translation screenshots, maybe it's the way I installed it on Windows 10..
  4. Any female VN fans in our little community?

    oh yeah I tried Cute Demon Crashers and thought it was alright but it did play well towards the "gentle" sex part which Im sure was appealing to the crowd Definitely interested in the other ones, thanks! EDIT ACtually is Rin in Yoshiwara Higanbana voice acted?
  5. Any female VN fans in our little community?

    I read Bocchi Musume/Fashioning Lonesome and one of the things i liked was that both participants were both focused on in the scene instead of just the girl which I liked Do you know of any VNs that feature this?
  6. Any female VN fans in our little community?

    There may be a few female fans here but you're more likely to find them in an otome related forum/subreddit since those VNs are more catered to them. That said I've met people IRL (at anime cons) and on /r/visualnovels that are female and like many different kinds of VNs.
  7. Sol Press announces 'Newton and the Apple Tree'

    Does anyone have an (H) CG list of Newton and the Apple Tree? Well help be a factor if I support the Kickstarter or not If too lewd feel free to put in Spoiler Tags or PM me
  8. On h-scenes in VNs

    Long H-scenes are perfect for someone like me who goes back to watch some of them for fap purposes (thank god for the gallery H scene system existing) Stuff like Dracu-Riot, MajiKoi, Evangile, etc that have long H-scenes are better than stuff than like Wanko to kurasou which has like 2-3 minutes Hscenes
  9. On h-scenes in VNs

    Also for shits and giggles I have a separate vndb account where I only score VNs based on how I liked their H-scenes. https://vndb.org/u131820/votes
  10. On h-scenes in VNs

    Yep, like foreplay for a girl is more likely take MUCH longer than the 1-3 minutes it takes in VNs. Unless your girl is THAT sensitive (which could be possible but not likely) she's not coming or getting that wet that easily.
  11. On h-scenes in VNs

    I consider humans and fictional characters interesting in different ways.
  12. On h-scenes in VNs

    I will proudly wear this badge I'm a 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil dude and I love H scenes. I've lived with my brother and his fg and I dunno about other people but they definitely have sex for at LEAST 15-20 minutes (but it includes foreplay and stuff) my brother has been pretty open at least to me how his sex life works. We (half-)joked about hentai and how it compares to real sex and well outside the Japanese style high pitched moaning and the girl narrating everything that's happening it's not really that much different (but my brother still doesn't really get off to hentai, he's tried it and still much prefers 3D pr0n)
  13. On h-scenes in VNs

    I will be the sole defender of H-scenes for fap purposes if necessary.
  14. On h-scenes in VNs

    Well I dont fap to EVERY H scene ever But I guess Ive rarely (from what I remember) run into those situations and also havent read KEY VNs that had H scenes like Kanon wheres theres apparently drama interrupting h scenes For the most in moege and even storyge they at least have sex during decent enough lulls or after some happy event in the story so its fine to me I guess if it literally did 100% interrupt a drama scene that could be weird enough to where I dont choke the chicken
  15. On h-scenes in VNs

    I guess I’ll be the first to say that while I can understand why H scenes are immersion breaking or not to many peoples liking or not usually “written well” I’m totally that nerd that happily faps to H scenes, don’t care if they “ruin the pacing” or “dont develop the characters/story” I legit get properly tittilated when I see all the descriptions of whats happening from the MC and the girl constantly moan screaming and narrating everything thats happening to her and appreciated all the deliciously well drawn H CGs it also helps having the emotional attachment/development factor of being attached to a girls story after 10-20 hours as opposed to some random H anime or manga where you only get to know the couple for 20-40 minutes/pages That said, I’m a super-vanilla guy so the moment that rape, traps, etc is in where I personally ragequit