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  1. I've always been kinda disappointed that visual novels aren't more popular. I thought of different reasons of why that may be and made it into a video, analyzing why.
  2. I can't think of any others that have where you can make choices to get side characters to H-scenes. But ones I can think of that have (vanilla) H-scenes that aren't just with MC + girl of choice * Swan Song * Bokuten * Wanko to Kurasou Though keep in mind the top 2 have darker H scenes in addition to the vanilla
  3. Believe me, no one is more shocked than myself when I realized it.
  4. LOL this very impressive. Well done sir. Unfortunately I don't really hack my console but if I did I would 100% be down to try it.
  5. I did! I ended up reading a lot of the fantransltation of Sky Full of Stars Fine Days on my bday.
  6. It's pretty clear that Steam ends up being a large portion of where VN sales come from, and even ends up being the highest sales count among all storefronts that would sell VNs.
  7. It was never 100% confirmed anyway, just a "We're considering it for consistency" thing.
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