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  1. Just FYI For people who may ask for an 18+ patch/retranslation, this route never had 18+ in the original version.
  2. If My Heart Had Wings - sprite linger bug

    View the top pinned topic for the latest version: https://www.reddit.com/r/IMHHW/
  3. Eroge with a dominant heroine?

    Some examples I can think of: * Ageha in a couple scenes in the original Konosora/If My Heart Had Wings * Tsubame in the route where she takes the lead in S... kinda * Riho in Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort in a scene or 2 * Riho in Deardrops in the first scene * Kotori Love Ex P though it's mostly the cheating route with Ayumi * Newton and the Apple Tree one scene with Haru * ONe of the scenes with Tanomura and Hibari for maybe half the scene in Swan Song
  4. https://discordapp.com/store/skus/555856535327342592/under-one-wing https://discordapp.com/store/skus/555867662442430483/newton-and-the-apple-tree
  5. VNS with fighting girls?

    Melty Blood and Under Night In-Birth. Helps they both visual novel-ish stories and actual fighting game elements to it.
  6. Alternatives to VNDB

    Everything besides the UI looking good. And sometimes not being able to sort by columns when doing searches.
  7. Alternatives to VNDB

    There was visualnoveler but a few years ago it got taken down and turned into a VN/game development site. It sucks because in some ways I actually liked it more than vndb
  8. Preferred sort of variety in H scenes?

    Body Types for me I like different kinds and I know this can be a point of contention for people since some like oppai some like lolis some like in between Position honestly you can give me naked Cowgirl position all day and I'll be satisfied Location Variety, don't particular care either way.
  9. Since this is a MangaGamer release you can either trouble shoot by A) Checking their FAQ https://www.mangagamer.com/support.php B) E-mailing them support@mangagamer.com They are very responsive and helpful in the few times I've contacted them so highly recommend the e-mail route!
  10. I've been thinking about this and there's already a decent amount of content: We have various forums to talk about VNs like here, /r/visualnovels, vndb, 4chan, Twitter etc Similarly a few places provide weekly summaries of VN translation updates There a few places for EVN developers to hang out, recruit, or discuss in places like /r/vns Discord #devtalk and Lemma Soft We have vndb, the go to place for voting for VNs and looking up info and tags and such There are a few podcast related videos that exists for VNs like Broadcast Club and Kinniku Podcast for fan-made casts and Visual Conference for a yearly discussion with people in the industry. There are Lets Plays of VNs, albeit I don't how many of them are consistently active in content We have discord chats and subreddits for most major series and even some discords for official companies We have Visual Novel recommendation charts sorted by genres made by /r/visualnovels and 4chan (but both could use some updating based on releases in the last year or two) We have a guide of how to read Visual Novels in Japanese There are text and video reviews for most major visual novels out there (English and Japanese only) but not many that have reviewed a whole lot on one channel/location However, I was wondering if you guys wanted more content related to this? To me, there's only so much translation companies/VN developers can do and visual novels could have more (consistent) content that only fans can make. I was wondering what you guys would personally want more of. Don't bring up "more fan translations/translators" or "translate Visual Novel to English" because that's just a given considering what the VN community started on.
  11. Advertising on here

    I've done it on the main Visual Novel Talk forum and it was fine.
  12. VN with an off again - on again relationship?

    Seconding Tsujidou-san no Jun'Ai Road Also High-Five to fellow Kotori Kanbe (anime) avatar user.