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  1. Well more specifically Johren so far is only for Shiravune English releases, especially ones that couldn't get on Steam. Shiravune really likes waiting till the last minute to actually announce stuff.
  2. The July 2021 Visual Novel Monthly Recap video is out. The biggest announcement is related to a certain popular Nitro + title. That said this was a pretty crazy stacked month with plenty of releases, announcements and even a few TL cancellations.
  3. I think it says something when much less translation kickstarters have been started in the last couple years.
  4. Ever since I read If My Heart Had Wings/Konosora, I've always wanted to try out at Glider ride at least once. I was able to accomplish that, and even make a short vlog about it. You can view my experience in this video:
  5. I said in the video, but for whatever reason people just don't put much value in VNs for some reason, even though many of them are longer than games/anime/movies on average. I'm guessing the pure reading/ero part for some reason brings it down?
  6. Oh believe me I know, as someone who's bought several $60-80+ Japanese VNs through DMM. I'm mostly speaking on the part of westerns who complain when something goes over $30 bucks.
  7. TLDW: -Issue 1: Pricing -Issue 2: The 'Speed' of Localization -Issue 3: When to Announce a Localization project -Issue 4: Translation choices -Issue 5: Potential (Un)censorship -Issue 6: Ease of Digital Availability -Issue 7: Pay and Contract work -Issue 8: Kickstarters -Issue 9: Physical Versions outside Kick -Issue 10: Visual Novels are still Niche!
  8. There's not really a single repository of which people in the translation localization team industry for which VN. I'd like to take advantage of vndb's Releases topics to track translators, editors, programmers, QA, etc for each translated VN, as long as the (user)name is publicly known or credited in game somewhere. So far I've credited people with public portfolios like Steiner, Meru, and Verdelish. As well as random VNs I just happened to know the TLer/editor like Bokuten, Making Lovers, and Sanoba Witch. However there's still plenty I don't know or remember, and was likely credit
  9. The Visual Monthly Recap video for June 2021 is out! Quite a lot of new translation reveals, surprise releases, and even a controversial announcement of an 18+ eroge going All-Ages Only in the official Western release (But it has new content).
  10. Aka my top 50 characters Done here: https://anime-bingo.aikats.us/
  11. For visual novels, which of these new title announcement styles do you prefer? A) Announce it early to garner hype, with % updates. Risk of going dark for long periods of time. B) Announce with less than 1 month of a hard release date. No long waits, but less advertising/hype. I'm not sure which I prefer Ive seen some of both styles both do well and done disappointingly
  12. While I understand, I have a (very small) business to run, so by the time I write scripts, record, and edit. Last thing I wanna do is writeup a long ass paragraph for something Ive been talking and editing hours for.
  13. I definitely plan on checking it out with all the hype around it
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