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  1. Do it for Kotori Kanbe

    I don't care what people say, Kotori in Season 1 was the shining star.
  2. School VN with Deredere Heroine

    Deredere heroines in a school setting? Boy do I have the options... Hoshizora no Memoria Sky Full of Stars/Miagete Goran G-senjou no Maou Princess Evangile (slight stretch but she's basically nice/friendly to the protag from the getgo) Fureraba Shinigami no Kiss wa Wakare no Aji Coincidentally, outside Fureraba, in all the options listed (including MajiKoi as you mentioned!) the Deredere character is my fav. Go team derederes! Though I'd argue Miyako is a strange mix of deredere/yandere/kuudere
  3. https://tiermaker.com/create/150-visual-novels-96031
  4. No I dont read books like that and apparently Im supposed to be doing so in order to be a "real" visual novel reader So Im supposed to know what this magical thing called prose that applies to MAYBE 5-10% of all Japanese based visual novels that have actual plot I dont know if these Ernest Hermingway fans noticed but most Japanese visual novels are high school romance comedy slice of life shit. I know you guys are in love with your plot VNs, which is fine, but you're forgetting the prose you care so much only applies to the 5% of VNs the faux-JOP raves about. Im sorry my IQ isnt 200+ to understand stuff stupid elitists like to brag theyre experts about but just think their values apply to everything
  5. From what I remember, rub a dub wasn't used in Fureraba's localization.
  6. My guess is that if the TLer wants to get paid they have to work on whatever the next project is. Industry doesn't have time to wait for a TLer to fight for stylistic choice or risk another VN taking even longer to release and there's a chance a TLer won't get paid or worse get laid off entirely for taking up time fighting for a specific stylistic choice.
  7. I didnt mind the swearing in Fureraba but it was weird at first
  8. [Iga Route Unlocked]

    Hello there! Welcome to the community. In addition to Fuwanovel forums there a whole bunch of places in the VN community such as subreddits and discords: https://www.reddit.com/r/visualnovels/comments/abgg62/list_of_notable_visual_novel_related_subreddits/
  9. "Prose" has become my least favorite word in the VN community because it allows these poser weebs to do their 'holier-than-thou' act of what they think a real translation is (or parroting what people in elitist groups say is a good translation). Especially from those who haven't tried to learn Japanese at all.
  10. For episode 14, we talked about Endings in Visual Novels with well known community member and Umineko Fanatic, /u/ctom42 from /r/visualnovels! YouTube link: Blog Link: http://thebroadcast.club/2019/05/27/episode-14-endings/ We did our best through this episode to avoid spoilers, despite the spoiler heavy nature of the topic at hand. We don't mention any explicit details about the endings of any VNs on the discussed list. That said, depending on where you personally draw the spoiler line, I don't think everyone will consider it 100% spoiler free, but anything we mention is something that I've seen talked about openly in other venues of discussion about VNs. We are also pleased to say that future episodes should have much less time between them! Real life got in the way more than a little bit for the last few episodes we put out, but now that we are all located in the same country once again, our scheduling should be much less painful, so look for more episodes to come in the future, sooner rather than later! As always, comments are very welcome! -------------- Also, if you're interested in being featured in our shill segment, my bank of shills is currently empty, so if you would like to have your shill in a future episode, please record a 2-3 minute segment promoting a VN you're excited about. It should be something we haven't had featured before, so ask if you're unsure what that might be! Feel free to contact me via DMs or Discord if interested. Make sure to follow us on Twitter! https://twitter.com/VNBroadcastClub ----- Some discussion questions: Do you think an ending can make or break a visual novel? What sorts of endings do you want to see more of in visual novels? If you could rewrite an ending to a specific visual novel, how would you change it? (Don't forget the spoiler tags please!)
  11. Romance VN with brocon heroine

    The upcoming Senkaku Renai: Love Triangle Trouble by Nekonyam will be released in English at the end of this month There's Hoshizora no Memoria
  12. Denpasoft on Twitter showed code that you need a Haru flag of exactly 2. However, my issue came from the Denpasoft only verison of going to Extra -> CHapter Jump -> Jump to Chapter 5. It seems like doing it this way does NOT make Haru's flag 2 which auto skips the scene. Denpasoft said they will have an answer for me soon.
  13. And yes that includes the infamous line from Haru's H-scene [NSFW] And of course if you care, the cropped CGs still apply to the 18+ CGs. I dunno, if this is common knowledge but the Denpasoft version in general seems to match the fan TL even outside the 18+ stuff. EDIT: Not sure if this is a bug, but in the 18+ version of G-senjou no Maou that I bought, I was unable to see the 2nd Haru H-scene (the one in the bathtub). It should be in Chapter 5, in the same scene where Haru and Kyousuke talk about the Haruna Mishima CD. It's a little after. I tried going to the Extra Menu and skipping to Chapter 5 and skipping through and getting through the scene. I could get the 1st one, but not the second. Can anyone confirm if they can see this scene or not?
  14. It was only a matter of time before the big brain "JOP fan" picky critics stepped on in.