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  1. Well as long as you haven't ragequit the VN because of it, that's good at least.
  2. I have finished Miazora Interstellar Focus in Japanese. I ended up really really liking it. One of the best (the best?) fandiscs I've read. The 3some true route was pretty much what I wanted: Pure comfy, just enough drama, made both girls happy, and kinda explored the difficulties. It was also nice to see a bit of the other characters get epilogues and screen time even though it wasn't their route. It was nice to see characters like Hinami and Yoshioka get some nice scenes. And the bonus Quiz thing was a really fun way to incorporate that in the plot. I especially liked the one with Take and Narue since it's the only case where you can just have 1 on 1 time with em and even have Narue's thoughts on Take. I don't think this fandisc really changed my opinion much on the characters, but it did give many of them to shine again which is great. It did help get me more hilarious and sweet Hinami moments which I always appreciate. Honestly after reading this, Miazora might be my 2nd favorite VN series (after MajiKoi) even if any of them individually aren't in my top 3. Each of the 3 Miazora VNs were just all really consistently enjoyable and my type of slice of life: comfy, heartwarming, nice romance, a decent amount of character development, a fun way to incorporate a theme (stargazing), nice music, and just fun to read in just about every route.
  3. Gen-san is the best male tsundere ever, glad he showed you the light. I don't recommend Chris as a first route since it's the most controversial by far and may give you a bad impression of the rest of the VN.
  4. I have updated the topic title to 2021, added a few links and noted a few servers where I currently dont have their invite links.
  5. TO be fair the Pretending thing can mean all sorts of things, doesn't necessarily relate to the love interest's affections of the protagonist.
  6. Haven't heard of Knot Fiction or Hachimitsu Soft, but congrats on getting this started. Also I approve of Umi picture in the top banner.
  7. So I asked on reddit and got these ideas: Tachibana Kazuma from Shinsou Noise Narita Shinri from Hello Lady! Nikola Tesla from Gahkthun of the Golden Lightning Shinsou Noise is currently untranslated. Hello Lady is in the process of of being translated/released by Nekonyan. Gakhthun is already out by MangaGamer.
  8. There's Yuuji from Grisaia and Kenichi from Sharin no Kuni
  9. To include English Translated VNs since Clephas seems to not like to Momoyo from MajiKoi Kagome from Comyu Hikari from A Sky Full of Stars/Miazora. Not in a action girl kinda way but always doing things for the greater good just in kinda unpredictable way Chinatsu from Baldr Sky
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