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  1. This romhack dialogue is quite impressive my friend. You should make an updated one for the 2020s
  2. You could try Meteor World Actor for a strong and skilled MC (though he tends to be too lazy to do it a lot of time but it's part of his character)
  3. I made a kinda new/unique video: talking about major online visual novel communities I was aware of. Visual Novels are kind of a niche medium so I wanted to highlight some of the more popular ones. Since Fuwanovel is still one of the decently active ones there, decided to include talking about it.
  4. I've been excited for this due to liking the Overdrive band VNs and how surprisingly well received it is Japan. Hoping I like it as well. If you want to post thoughts on Musicus as you read, or want to discuss the visual novel in general... feel free to join the Overdrive Discord: https://discord.gg/m8sGK4u We also talk about other Overdrive VNs like Kira Kira, Deardrops, Bokuten, etc but Im sure Musicus will be a big topic for a while due to its Japanese acclaim.
  5. 38 unreleased visual novels, with a million more well on the way
  6. Not in the near future. But now that I've been enough on both the English and Japanese side, I've just been curious what exactly English translated only people (I suppose we'll call em EOPs) want. It seems like we only get to see what some of them want once a 'controversial' TL take is done (stuff like Broski, any MoeNovel TL, or the Fata Morgana tsundere thing) I'm just always interested in thinking of discussion topics, it's just hard to come up with new ones these days.
  7. There can be arguments and/or controversies about how things in certain visual novels. Some localization companies or even fantranslators have their own preferences. 1) Honorifics in general Aka things like -chan, -san, -sama, -kun, -senpai etc. This seems to be one of the more common ones. Do you want them written as is romanized (eg "Michiru-sama")? Or do you want English equivalents (eg Saotome-sensei -> Ms. Saotome)? Or do you want something more localized? Or do you just want them removed entirely? Or does it just depend on the setting or type of VN? 2) Onii-chan
  8. You can always get a 100% Save: http://sagaoz.net/savedata/ta/tsuiyuri_seiya.zip
  9. You vote here: http://grisaia10th.frontwing.jp/vote.html They force you to vote in Grisaia, Phantom Trigger, and Grisaia Chronos but I just put "Other" with N/A text for the latter 2. The last page has a required field you put an e-mail address so you can be entered for an Amazon (JP?) raffle. These are the current results as of March 17:
  10. Try to set an exception/whitelist Dracu-Riot folder in Trend Micro before installing
  11. You're going to have to give more context: Where did you obtain the visual novel? How did you install the visual novel, if you did? What Windows Operating System are you on? What antivirus do you have installed? What system locale are you on? Did you try to apply an English patch?
  12. You are asking me to be rational, that is something I know I cannot do. I'm thinking with my lower head.
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