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  1. What Visual Novels take forever to finish?

    Anything on vndb that has a Long or Very Long Length (outside exceptions that are wrong) Multiple by 100 if you're reading in Japanese for the first time, especially as a first time Japanese learner
  2. Question for people who read a Sky Full of Stars, Steam version

    Thanks I noticed in the topic you noted in spoilers where exactly the differences are in Hikari route Do you have a list of what happens in all the other routes, or at the very least where the original H scene would happen?
  3. I'm aware it's not censored as much as If My Heart Had Wings. That said, is it generally really obvious where H-scenes would be on a route? Like is there an obvious romantic/kissing moment into a fadeout? And I assume there's fanservice-y CGs even in the common route (like bathing scenes or whatever) do those even show up or are those removed?
  4. Thanks for the compliment Im not sure why Reddit has this representation has this automatic reputation of not being professional but generally smaller/specific communities generally have more mature fanbases But thankfully the two cohosts and I agreed we wanted a professional and organized VN podcast if we wanted to do one and dont regret starting one with them cuz theyre some of the coolest people from the reddit visualnovels community
  5. It's a discussion topic you guys are free to talk about here!
  6. Hey, folks! This episode we talked a bit about our journeys into reading visual novels in Japanese with a guest who is no stranger to the medium, /u/Cornetto_man. Reading in Japanese is a pretty daunting task when starting from square one, and there's a lot of information about getting started out there. So of course, we decided to put our own thoughts to words on it. It's definitely not for everyone, and can feel like an uphill battle at times, but for fans of the medium, it can be incredibly freeing to open up the entire history of the medium, and also be able to stand waiting for the newest releases without needing to wait for a localization company to pick it up and eventually release a translation. If you're on the fence about getting started, maybe listening to us chat about it can help you make up your mind! As always, feel free to comment on the cast below. There’s also a list of Japanese resources at the bottom of this post: http://thebroadcast.club/2018/11/19/episode-13-untranslated/ Here's the YouTube version of the ep: Make sure to follow us on Twitter! https://twitter.com/VNBroadcastClub ----------------------------- Discussion Topics Have you read VNs in Japanese or are you interested to start? Was there a big untranslated title that you started learning for, or would consider starting to learn the language to read? We have a short list of resources linked in our blogpost. Are there any others that you've found helpful that you'd like to make others aware of?
  7. Round 1 voting has started https://www.reddit.com/r/visualnovels/comments/9wxvvx/rvisualnovels_best_girl_30_main_bracket_round_1/
  8. Right now we're in the nomination phase, so if there's anyone in the current nomination bracket you don't see, feel free to nominate as many as you want. There is a separate bracket for characters that are only in untranslated visual novels. Nominations will last about 3-5 days. Rest of the rules are in the reddit topic.
  9. I bring up this topic because I see this complaint all the time, but I've talked with Xeviax (the owner of Sol Press) and he's made a statement about this topic a few times: " The licensing process can take upwards of a year before finalization for some titles. If you were to wait until the completion of the current catalog, that would leave the entire staff out of work for 8+ months. " Basically as you guys figure theres many roles to a VN licensing company, whether it's marketing, translating, editing, QA/QC, TLC, programming etc. His statement made me think that sometimes people expect VN licensing companies to be treated like a video game company or something where they only have one or two major announcements and then release before announcing something else. However, Xev's statement made me realize that if you only focus on 1-3 titles at a time, there's gonna be people on the team who aren't going to be doing anything for a while. Sure they're likely contracts but ideally if you want to work for a company you'd want a job that at least gives you consistent work. Translating, Programming, Edinging, QC, etc can all take quite a few months or so and the process of getting a license for a title could potentially be really long (or be a sunken ship). So personally I think people who expect companies to only do a very small handful of statements should at least rethink their stance on this in regards to when licensing companies announce new projects before other ones are completed. Of course, there is the possibility that only Sol Press and a few other companies even follow this philosophy and others don't.
  10. https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/top10/3082-the-top-10-visual-novels-available-on-steam
  11. Sanoba Witch Discussion

    Wheres the best girl/route poll??????????
  12. VNs with other couples?

    This was my first VN I thought of While it seems like it'll be a joke couple I actually really like how it happened
  13. I would like to buy Japanese VNs from DLsite, have questions

    Wow this has been quitr helpful Thanks a lot!
  14. I would like to buy Japanese VNs from DLsite, have questions

    Oh yeah I've used play-asia before for digital JP PSN codes So I could get something like this: https://www.play-asia.com/dmm-gift-card-10000-yen/13/70bm6p Then just find where to enter the code on my profile, and then buying VN(s) for whatever yen just subtracts my DMM yen point total based on how much yeh the VN costs?