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  1. As you all know I've made a whole bunch of H-scene related discussion topics in the past. However, one thing I've always interested about but never asked for some reason is how often do you guys personally use the H-scene playback in the Extra Menu? I know many like to look at the CGs so I'm curious about one of the other main parts of the Extra menu that's in basically every eroge these days. If you don't want to share your personal answer, you can vote anonymously in this strawpoll here: https://www.strawpoll.me/17436316
  2. Whenever there's an official release or kickstarter for an Eroge translation there's ALWAYS the question of whether there will be mosaics in the H-scenes or not. There have been various discussions about H-scenes in the past but surprisingly none/not many topics about the usage of mosaics. I'm all for No Mosaics, but it's not the end of the world if they are still there. People have complained about bad mosaics before but I don't really care any ones I particularly dislike off the top of my head. Be sure to vote in this strawpoll: https://www.strawpoll.me/17373350
  3. Irotoridori Kickstarter by Sol Press

    Well if you support the kickstartee they will add more tiers for the sequels/fandiscs so be sure to support ASAP
  4. Irotoridori Kickstarter by Sol Press

    So even though Delivery Date says Dec 2021 it actually means for the FINAL game assuming all stretch goals are met It says so in the FAQ on Kickstarter The first VN according to Staff on Sol Press say it will be done around early 2020 Here is an invite link to the Sol Press discord server if you have questions for the team: http://discord.gg/hrcAzxq
  5. Irotoridori Kickstarter by Sol Press

    Is it true the redhead heroine is basically Asuho from Hoshimemo in that she's deredere personality-wise except she has... bigger features and isn't good at cooking
  6. My top five visual novels for 2018 that I read.

    The only 5 Visual Novels in 2018 I read Dies Irae - Honestly I found it kinda overrated. It had some cool/interesting characters and setting and powers. But I hated the long winded-ness of the 'prose'. These villains dont need to speak dramatic metaphorical essays for me to understand the point. Also the romance (outside Kei's route) sucked, Ren was a meh protag, and it kinda suffered from the too many characters not getting enough development. Honestly Shirou might have been my favorite character just because he didn't give a crap about the plot and just did what he wanted and looked badass doing it. Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road - I've seen mixed reception of this VN but I personally consider it a solid spiritual sequel to MajiKoi. Pretty funny comedy and I liked the fun delinquet girl setting. Routes were a bit inconsistent. Ai was clearly the 'canon' heroineand her relationship and personality was overall the best but Hiroshi became a little too forceful of what he wanted his GF to be without any balance on his side for my liking. Maki was alright but a little too forceful and kinda forcing Hiroshi to do what she wanted while also guilt tripping you for not picking Ai. Renna in theory was the best since it was the most about accepting the actual delinquet side but I liked her the least of the main 3 personality-wise. Also Ayumi is best girl she needs a route Root Double - Pretty good. A nice spiritual sequel to the Infinity series (I don't like I/O very much). Had cool plot twists and interesting developed characters like any Infinity series VN. It was missing something t make it really stand out as a favorite (E17 and R11 are in my top favs) maybe it was none of the characters stuck out too much or the plot twists im comparing too much to Infinity seires but I overall still like it Fureraba - I actually expected to think this Vn was meh but it was pretty decent. Very moege but it got to teh point very quickly, the main protag was actually kinda funny in how dumb he acted. Every heroine turned out fairly likable (though I thought Himari was a little meh/disappointing/boring which is odd since I usually like childhood friends winning). I think it got a little too formulaic where the progression of routes was almost exactly the same in each but the interaction was likable enough that I didnt mind much Dracu-Riot - This had all the makings of a great VN for me. Great comedy (sometimes), interesting setting and plot, some fairly likable characters (Elina is bae), and decent enough character development and pacing. Some things I REALLY didnt like bring it down. Mostly some of the humor later on (The MC got bashed on by the girls WAY too much when he didnt deserve and I hated the doctor character from the beginning) to the point where it killed some actually pretty good romantic development for me, especially in Miu's route who I thought was a decent character up to that point. If it weren't for that (and maybe some little things like the 'secret' route being kinda dumb but thankfully short) I would have given this at least a 8. Sadly I only gave it a 6 and am scared to try out other Yuzusoft VNs now since this was apparently the most liked one before Sanoba came out.
  7. If anyone likes to use Discord and want more places to discuss visual novels or you want to post more about visual novels you're reading, here's a list of the discords I'm aware of. Feel free to point out any I'm missing. List of Discords for official licensing companies, TL groups and major websites MangaGamer's Umineko Golden Fantasia - https://discord.gg/xsgJKjh JAST USA - https://discord.gg/rMGjzQE Sekai Project - https://sekaiproject.com/discord/ Sol Press - http://discord.gg/hrcAzxq Nekonyan - https://discord.gg/BK4dFsG Todokanai (White Album 2 Fan TL group) - https://discord.me/TodokanaiTL /r/visualnovels (also a place for Visual Novel Developers to go by going to devtalk channel) - https://discord.gg/Z6skErt Fuwanovel - https://discord.gg/F79q4dp ----- List of fanmade discords for VN series Air - https://discord.gg/N8wTXEK Chaos;Child playthrough and discussion server: https://discord.gg/aqcsPWY Dies Irae - https://discordapp.com/invite/fVgRb7T Doki Doki Literature Club - https://discord.gg/6cKj8cq Fata Morgana - https://discord.gg/3vVkkH2 Grisaia - https://discord.gg/0vIZSb9oQQcDDPTX Higurashi + Umineko (Hinamizawa): https://discord.gg/c8Akk4G If My Heart Had Wings/Kono Oozora + other Pulltop (Latte) VNs - https://discord.gg/pjWQw57 Kanon - https://discord.gg/9dHnpXS KEY/VisualArts (Kanon, Air, Clannad, Planetarian, Little Busters, Rewrite, Angel Beats, Harmonia, Summer Pockets) - https://discord.gg/Wd4DrgN Katawa Shoujo https://discord.gg/S2EHXbA Little Busters - https://discord.gg/PPz6xRa MajiKoi - https://discord.gg/wqAcmHp Muv-Luv - https://discord.gg/0wXwnqY9lQcO0u0E NekoPara - https://discord.gg/xGY7Hec Otome Games - https://discord.gg/gYFY5yF Overdrive (Edelweiss, KiraKira, Deardrops, Dengeki Stryker, Go Go Nippon, etc) - https://discord.gg/m8sGK4u Rewrite - https://discord.gg/FCBb8M4 Root Double / Infinity Series (Never7, Ever17, Remember11) / IO - https://discord.gg/7fy6A6n Steins Gate + Science Adventure VNs (Chaos;Head, Robotics;Notes, Chaos;Child, etc) - https://discord.gg/YBmZzfA Symphonic Rain - https://discord.gg/DtmxqSY Tactics (One and Moon) - https://discord.gg/XUfvN2p Type Moon - https://discord.gg/fate Umineko (/r/umineko) - https://discord.gg/mV9jM9G Umineko (Rokkenjima) - https://discordapp.com/invite/0lT4R2yl29qJKjkc Yuri (Girl x Girl) Visual Novels - https://discord.gg/MykW77j Not including things like DanganRonpa/Ace Attorney discords since those games are so popular theyre not really VN community based as much and are super easy to find. Most of these should be welcome to all readers. Whether you want to read the series for the first time, or have already and just want to discuss the VNs. Just make sure to respect spoilers and any other rules the discord has. If there's any I'm missing on the list, feel free to point them out and I can edit them in.
  8. Clephas List: VNs with a Unique/Capable protagonist

    Do you mind if you edit your list to make it in alphabetical order? It's interseting and I don't want someone to miss something. I ran your list through https://alphabetizer.flap.tv/ Translated Untranslated
  9. How dare a free translation for a VN I'm going to pirate isn't coming sooner than I wanted. No sympathy!!!
  10. What Visual Novels take forever to finish?

    Anything on vndb that has a Long or Very Long Length (outside exceptions that are wrong) Multiple by 100 if you're reading in Japanese for the first time, especially as a first time Japanese learner
  11. Question for people who read a Sky Full of Stars, Steam version

    Thanks I noticed in the topic you noted in spoilers where exactly the differences are in Hikari route Do you have a list of what happens in all the other routes, or at the very least where the original H scene would happen?
  12. I'm aware it's not censored as much as If My Heart Had Wings. That said, is it generally really obvious where H-scenes would be on a route? Like is there an obvious romantic/kissing moment into a fadeout? And I assume there's fanservice-y CGs even in the common route (like bathing scenes or whatever) do those even show up or are those removed?
  13. Thanks for the compliment Im not sure why Reddit has this representation has this automatic reputation of not being professional but generally smaller/specific communities generally have more mature fanbases But thankfully the two cohosts and I agreed we wanted a professional and organized VN podcast if we wanted to do one and dont regret starting one with them cuz theyre some of the coolest people from the reddit visualnovels community
  14. It's a discussion topic you guys are free to talk about here!