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  1. Have you ever been interested in the Japanese fanbase's opinion on certain visual novels and eroge? Why not check out erogamescape, aka Japan's version of vndb? This video will be a tutorial on how to use some of the basics features of erogamescape.
  2. I've been wanting to do a review of one of my favorite visual novels: A Sky Full of Stars/Miazora. I've also wanted to do a video shilling my favorite VNTubers. Why not combine both and do a review while mimicing the styles of my favorite VNTubers?
  3. Thanks for the feedback. Now with that said... If people want discussion topics, why don't they make them themselves? There's rarely people making new topics these days. We don't even get Discussion topics for all the new VNs anymore. A lot of regulars are sticking to blog posts it seems If we're talking about FuwaNovel being a dying site, maybe they should do something besides be that one site+forum that used to hold illegal downloads publicly, then having people not use it anymore when the illegal DLs weren't around anymore.
  4. I welcome savage comments like his tbh. At least I know who doesn't care about my videos.
  5. Common routes are one of the features most used and unique to a visual novel. They tend to be used for building up the characters and setting before getting into any story or character routes. This video shows my personal top 10 favorite common routes.
  6. IxShe Tell the main dude is super popular from the beginning, albeit more because he opened up romance to the school though maybe they like his looks too
  7. The Visual Novel Monthly Recap for February 2022 is now out! A bunch of highly requested patches were announced or released. A few releases people have been waiting for are now out as well. Not to mention some last minute announcements.
  8. Wanted to try a new series idea, talking about the history of various visual novel aspects. In this video, I'll be talking about the VN publisher MangaGamer, mostly about their different releases by developer, as well as other interesting information.
  9. Visual Novel Monthly Recap for January 2022 is now out! There was no shortage of visual novel releases, new and old, especially towards the end of the month. And then of course one of the most controversial VN-related announcements in recent history.
  10. Who doesn't like talking about some unpopular opinions or hot takes sometimes? In this video I'll highlight just a few of them I have related to visual novels.
  11. Unfortunately, after reading Ayame's route, I'm going to drop If You Love Me, Than Say So/SukiSuki. I loved Ayame, her innocent and curious remarks and love of fast good and gaming made for some great interactions. She definitely had that 'weirdo' vibe I like without being too over the top and had a pretty good explanation for why she's the way she is. And is just generally a sweet girl. Sadly I didn't really like... just about anything else. A lot of the humor (outside Ayame) sucked. Yuki and Aoi basically bullying the MC almost all the time was insanely grating. Mahiru being a typical
  12. After a couple of online controversial events, the "Censorship" buzzword has been coming back up related to visual novels in the community. In this video, I'll cover some cases of stuff people consider Visual Novel Censorship and then my opinion on them.
  13. I could see it happen eventually but it'd take a lot of reprogramming, or worse, retranslating it from the ground up
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