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  1. The Witch in the Forest is about a young woman who lives in the forest and is mystified by all things magical and natural. One day, however, she meets another young woman living deep in the forest- a real witch! 🎃 Characters 🎃 Fidelia Fidelia has lived in the forest for all of her life, as she lived there with her parents and grandparents. She's 20 years old and has her own garden where she grows vegetables and herbs. She likes taking walks through the forest and reading fantasy books. Jastiline Jastiline lives in a cottage in the forest towards a section Fidelia never realized she'd never seen before until she takes another route one day. Jastiline is 21 years old and teaches young kids from the city nearby about home skills. Her real passion is flower arranging and she has her own flower garden. She also loves to read fantasy books. 🎃 Setting & Plot 🎃 The Witch in the Forest (TWITF) is centered around Fidelia, a somewhat introverted and socially awkward girl who stumbles upon Jastiline's house one day and befriends her. It's a short, NVL-style kinetic novel about their lives as they prepare for their favorite holiday, Halloween! It's set in a some-what modern time, but with a more fantasy take on it- there are cities but things such as cellphones, Internet, etc. don't exist. So, think more along the lines of 30+ years ago. The novel is about one hour long. 🎃 Credits 🎃 Character Art, Writing, Programming - Me, Mikomi Kisomi Backgrounds - various photos from Unsplash Music - Alyx This is made for Yuri Jam 2017. 🎃 Download 🎃 Download on Itch.io for Free!
  2. Starry Dreams [LGBT / Slice of Life / Free] RELEASED

    Thanks! I hope you enjoy it!
  3. Kotachi Asterio is a 15 year old boy who wants to help people that can’t fight for themselves. However, he isn't some sort of superhero- he can just see things other people can't. During the day, he goes to high school with his best friend, Ophi. At night, the two fight off specters, monsters that lurk in shadows and can harm people. It is a kinetic visual novel in terms of story, as there is only one ending. Game Design Document ★ Public Script ★ Concept Art Kotachi has been able to see specters since he was about 10. When his grandfather died, he was given a wooden box that was simply inscribed with “to whoever can grasp it”. Inside were a pair of white revolvers- however, his parents couldn’t see them, leading Kotachi to realize the revolvers were special. He finds that his revolvers are actually forged from the constellation Perseus, and can be used to fight of specters, monsters that fester in dark places. The game starts with Kotachi and his best friend, Ophi, fighting off specters when they stumble upon a talking fox who claims to be an Aligner, someone who fights specters, and makes the two boys her apprentices. They meet several other characters as they all train to become certified Aligners from C.O.I.N., an organization that employs Aligners to dispel and research specters. Throughout the game, it becomes apparent that some constellations actually embody human forms, and are a group known as the Zodiac- a group that was previously thought to be legend, as they haven’t been seen for decades. Kotachi is one of the few people in the world with a weapon strong enough to dispel the specters controlling each of the Zodiac, and thus can become their Protector, someone who shields the constellations from specters and is able to invoke their power in battle. ✩ Kotachi Asterio Kotachi almost always has a grin on his face and, when he isn’t being lazy, he’s typically upbeat. However, he’s not very outgoing, and Ophi is his only real friend until Vulpe comes along and forces him to meet new people. Kotachi would be perfectly content staying a nobody and destroying specters on his own time, as he hates change. ✩ Ophi Lira Ophi is a very standoffish character who is both distrusting and generally doesn’t like the rest of the cast, save for Kotachi- however, even with Kotachi he’s very tsundere. However, aside from their “teacher”, Vulpe, Ophi is the most experienced in the group, as he’s been able to see specters “for as long as [he] can remember”. As he’s known him since they were little, Ophi is closest to Kotachi. Even with Kotachi, though, there are things he doesn’t like to talk about- specifically his family, or lack thereof. However, through all of his rude and snide comments directed at Kotachi, Ophi does care about him. ✩ Ayane Miu Ayane is seemingly cold and standoffish, but she generally doesn’t like people who waste her time or slack off. She is the tentative valedictorian of their class and also the incognito PTA president while also learning the ropes of running a national bank, her father's business. It's safe to say she doesn't exactly like to rest. She’s worked most her life to further her father’s business when she takes over, so most of her development is her learning to relax every once in awhile. ✩ Leos Coronil Leos tries to get along with everyone. He’s an easy going guy, but his calm nature makes him the target of bullying, specifically from football players who think he’s crazy for seeing specters. Within the group, he’s the median, and thinks more with his heart than with his brain. Although he’s easy going, he is somewhat outgoing as well and likes talking to people. He’s the ace of the soccer team and prefers the company of people as opposed to being alone. ✩ Riko Asterio Riko is Kotachi’s adopted older sister. She used to be close with Kotachi when they were younger, but a failure to stay in touch or even visit after she moved into a dorm for high school caused the two to grow apart. She’s grown sort of blind to this shift, and is surprised when she finally comes home to see how far apart Kotachi has grown from her. Riko is mostly the opposite of her brother- she’s outgoing, loud, and constantly trying new things. She’s never still except when busy with work and loves to be around others. Most of all, she likes teasing Kotachi. ✩ Mitra Jesser Mitra is somewhat a lone wolf who has been hunting specters on his own for years like Ayane. However, Mitra received all of his training from his father, a retired Aligner who worked for C.O.I.N. Although he is somewhat of a loner, Mitra is not overly rude or standoffish- instead, he’s more quiet and concise. He agrees with Ayane’s thinking of “say what you need to say and nothing more”, except his approach on this comes from a soldier’s point of view rather than a business person’s point of view. He is often seen studying- because of this most people think he's an A+ student, when in reality he's a C-. ✩ Dania Truman Dania doesn’t get out a lot, not since her grandfather passed away. She used to volunteer at the C.O.I.N. outpost with him, healing Aligners, so when he passed away she kept at it, even if she became more reserved. After she met the rest of the characters, she began trying to go with them on their quests, even if it meant skipping out on work. Dania is timid and doesn’t talk a lot to strangers, but isn’t quiet like Mitra- instead, she only talks a lot to people she’s comfortable being around because of her shyness. She’s a very hard worker, and frequently works until told by a superior to take a break. Character Sprites - 10% Done Walking Sprites - 2% Writing - 50% Script Revisions - 15% Programming - 0% Music - 0% Art, writing, scripting - me (Mikomi Kisomi) Music - undetermined Game Twitter ★ Dev Blog ★ Overview Hey guys! This is my newest project, Asterism. It's an RPG VN (i.e. an RPG with VN elements) that is being made on RPG Maker MV. It centers around Kotachi and the rest of the cast training and becoming certified Aligners, and eventually him becoming the Protector of the Zodiac. I've already had a few questions about it before, so note- this game is astronomy based, not astrology based. The main cast all use weapons forged from constellations such as Perseus, Serpens, Aquila, and more- each weapon was placed on Earth long ago by ancient powers. Each of the weapons can be upgraded. Later on, Kotachi begins rescuing members of the Zodiac from specters that have infected them- once he has successfully rescued a constellation, he is able to summon them to help fight off specters. As the title says, there are some boys love elements in it, i.e. Kotachi ends up with a boy. This is a kinetic novel in terms of storytelling however, so there's only one ending. I'm aiming for a final word count of around 50k, and right now I'm sitting at 25k~ words of dialogue. ★ Questions About the Public Script Here are some questions for those of you who feel ambitious and would like to read the tentative script for Asterism in the link above! It's currently halfway done and about 100~ pages long, so don't feel like you have to read all of it- reading even a few pages and giving me your thoughts on it is more than enough! ⋆ Did you feel like you were able to understand/know the characters well? ⋆ Where you confused at any point? How long did it take for you to figure out what was happening / are you still confused about any part or concept? ⋆ Who is your favorite character? ⋆ What's something you'd like to see explored / expanded upon in the full story?
  4. Starry Dreams [LGBT / Slice of Life / Free] RELEASED

    Starry Dreams is now finished! The full game is free on Itch.io here ♥
  5. Starry Dreams [LGBT / Slice of Life / Free] RELEASED

    Updated with new screenshots and a link to the beta of the full game! And here's an extra screenshot:
  6. Starry Dreams [LGBT / Slice of Life / Free] RELEASED

    GIF of one of my favorite parts so far~ Starry Dreams is close to completion!
  7. Starry Dreams [LGBT / Slice of Life / Free] RELEASED

    Heya! Some progress updates- yes, this is still in active progress! Here are some new screenshots ♥ Also, any beta demo testers are extremely appreciated! I'd like feedback on how the demo is so far ♥
  8. In Starry Dreams, the player is a new resident of Sunflower Apartments, where they meet several interesting characters- two of which who want to open their own bakery! As the story progresses, the success of the bakery hinges on whether or not the player is good enough friends with the characters. The player plays as the nameable protagonist who has just moved into the apartments of most of the characters in Starry Dreams. There are a total of 6 characters in Starry Dreams, not including the player character. You build relationships with the characters, which decides how the story progresses. The better a friend you are to some of them- how much you support them- dictates if their dreams and goals are accomplished. The aim of the project is to make a light-hearted LGBT story that's cute but doesn't focus on the characters being LGBT- instead, it's about their lives and their goals. Two characters, Marion and Frederika, are a non-binary couple who want to build a bakery together. Two other characters, Licellia and Bricie, are a lesbian couple that have their own aspirations, developed later in the story. Starry Dreams focuses on becoming friends with the characters and either supporting their dreams or being apathetic to them. Progress Sprites: 100% done CGs: 80% BGs: 80% Writing: 100% Scripting: 100% GUI: 100% Demo Beta Download Here I'm currently requesting feedback on the beta version!
  9. FREE VN Sprite Artist Looking for Work!

    Honestly, I'm just here to provide sprite art. If you can find a BG artist, I'm all game. Also, I don't care much about money at this point in time.
  10. FREE VN Sprite Artist Looking for Work!

    Thank you very much!

    Thank you very much!
  12. FREE VN Sprite Artist Looking for Work!

    Great! I look forward to it.
  13. Hello! This is MikomiKisomi, and for a limited time I'll be offering my sprite work for free! That's right, I'll draw sprites for a limited amount of games for free! Here are a few examples of my sprites: (more on down) ☛ Why are you doing this for free? I'd like to offer my art services to other devs who can't draw or can't pay for it. Helping people make VNs is really fun to me, so giving my art to good projects makes me happy. ☛ What's the catch? There, of course, are a few catches to getting free art. The game must be near completion/you will actually finish the game. We all know the stories of would-be devs coming up with fantastical stories but can't program, draw, write, or anything, and thus create a team to make their ideas come to life, only to never see past the first page of the script. If I put forth the work to make sprites for a game, I'd like it to see daylight. I must like the character designs. Assuming I won't be designing all the characters (which is discussable), I have to like the character designs. I'm not very picky, but I'll tend to not want to draw for projects that I can't draw for in the first place- I can't draw big chested guys, but I am very partial to characters with frilly/magical designs. You must credit my deviantART page. Everyone likes credit, right? So all I ask is to put a hyperlink to my dA page in the credits. If you don't like putting hyperlinks in your games, then on the Itch.io page or elsewhere is fine. TL;DR- Make sure you'll actually publish your game, have non-bara or ecchi character designs, and credit me... Not too much to ask for. Now, onto what the finished product will look like! Cell + Gradient Sprites These are my normal sprites, so I have a lot more experience drawing them. Find more examples here and on my Itch.io page. Chibi Sprites This is a new style I made for cuter projects. I am more likely to accept games that want this style because I want to work on this one more! ☛ What Else do we Need to Know? Here's some more technical stuff about my sprites: These sprites can be used for commercial and non-commercial projects. I require no revenue, royalties, or anything monetary. I want to work on smaller projects, i.e. projects with around 5-6 characters. If your project needs more, we'll discuss it. I will only draw one outfit and one pose per sprite. However, all of my regular sprites (not the chibi ones) come with 8 expressions, 4 talking and 4 non. If more is needed, we'll talk about it. I can design characters for your projects- however, I'd like to not have to design all the characters and do all the sprite work unless I extremely like the project. I am more willing to work on projects with themes such as magical girls or princesses. Please comment here with the basic plot of your game and some character designs if interested! Please need no more than 6-8 sprites per project. If you need character designs, the limit is 4-5, depending on how much I want to design the characters.

    Thank you very much!

    Hello, this is MikomiKisomi here to announce a new visual novel! A young girl befriends the new kid in school, only to find out that they have more in common than they think... AOPII deals with the treatment and living with mental health problems in two high school students and they deal with school and their lives. Currently it is 11,500 words, and the beta has been released. It is projected to be fully released some time this month (January, 2016). Download it on Itch.io for free! Characters: Orion Zenith The new kid at school who moved there for his parent's jobs. He doesn't seem to be too broken up about moving, even though he was high in his class ranks... Orion is a junior in high school. He can seem to be distant at times,but in reality he keeps to himself. He can be rather stuck-up at times, even looking down on others. Aurine Calas The delinquent of the group. Aurine constantly skips school, never turns in work- it's amazing they weren't kicked out already. Aurine is a senior in high school with plans of leaving town right after graduation. They can be rather rude and harsh at times, but they can be nice... sometimes. Aurine is also a child of divorced parents, like Nova. Nova Cassiopeia The main character! Nova is a junior in high school who has a special affinity for stars and anything space related. She doesn't have many friends, nor does she try to make very many. Nova has a cat named Comet who accompanies her almost everywhere outside of school. Development AOPII's art, story, and programming is done completely by me, MikomiKisomi. The music was provided by Sinakhai. The game is currently finished, but updates are expected in the future.