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  1. Porn/hentai fetishes are usually very far from real life desires. I don't see any problem in liking any kind of hentai, but defending or liking to cheat in real life (not unusual at all) is something that goes beyond my comprehension. Cheating is just a huge sign of weakness, the inability of confronting reality and relationship problems.
  2. Synergia just got greenlight! Thank you all for the support! I'm working on updating the descriptions right now. Meanwhile, here you have one of the last scenes I worked on.
  3. A, the line art and the face expression are much more expressive.
  4. Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. I'll try to drop some more info about the story ASAP. Also I'm thinking about doing another trailer focusing on the characters. Hmmm, it would be 2 hours lenght if it was a book. Being a VN, it will have art to look at, point and click sections and choices, so that lenght should go up to 3-4 hours for the average player. But yes, it is short, is my first VN and I didn't want to start with a project I couldn't finish. It took me a while to finish the script actually. As for the kickstarter, is basically the same. I rather start from the bottom and succeed than try to fly too high and get burned. Additionally, I'll adjust the price to the length, and I'll take my time to make those 3-4 hours of gameplay the highest quality I can.
  5. That rating system just doesn't work with art in general, it doesn't matter if it's for games, films, music, etc. You can only rate something 10/10 if it's a test and you already know the correct answers. You can try to change it as much as you want, it won't work (5/5, 7/7, 10.000/10.000) because is subjective. Thats why steam uses the ''Recommended/Not recommended'' system.
  6. I finished it in one night. I played it like it was another regular VN, actually, I didn't know it was supose to be scary or something. Is a little creepy but thats all.
  7. The game is now on Steam Greenlight: GREENLIGHT Writing: 100% Translation (English): 0% Sprites: 50% Music: 20% GUI: 80% Backgrounds: 20% CGs: 10% 1.What do you think about the story/setting so far? 2.What is your favorite character at the moment? 3. The game will not contain lewd scenes. Is that a problem for you? 4.Any comments or questions?
  8. If the artist gets a bit of profit seems fine. I thought they were completely free, my bad.
  9. If its going to be commercial I wouldn't use free backgrounds. I don't know if its ilegal (I doubt it) but in my opinion if you are going to charge money from people you must have original assets. If it's going to be free, sure, why not.
  10. I agree. Maybe I'm giving this more importance that it really has. Thank you Zalor, I really appreciate your words.
  11. Its hard to use Patreon for that, but hey, lets be positive: God thank Patreon and people unsatisfiable need for fan art nudes
  12. Painting, programming, composing, etc are jobs. It doesn't matter if people does them because it is their passion, every one needs to eat. My primary concern is not making money, is to make a living out of art. Those "poor" artist were the reality of the situation 5 years ago, but that is changing. With platforms like Patreon and Youtube, being an artist is way easier (which doesn't mean its easy at all). Anybody with more than two brain cells knows that you need to make good games to make some money, and even if you do that is still hard. Thats why I disagree with Valve on its way to "fix" this problem, they seem to be going two steps backward with this change. If you want to call that "complaining", okay, whatever.
  13. I remember back in the old days when people said "don't study art, you will starve to death and live under a bridge" Well I can remember it, people still says it quite often. But damn, these evil depevelopers trying to make a living from their job, how dare they? /s I do agree that modarating is a "subjective" thing. But it could be done, actually, we already have moderators everywhere. Even if sometimes they are not fair, most of the times is way better to have them that just simple chaos. The problem with all of this is that they are getting rid of any kind of voting process. A lot of games didn't pass through Steam Greenlight. Now seems like every one able to pay the "fee" will get his game published. How is that a better system? "A couple of thousand of dollars is not a significant ammount of money for those serious in creating game" I don't think you said this with bad intentions, but is far from reality and is even insulting to some extent. A couple of thousand of dollars is an unreachable ammount of money in a lot of countries. It might not be in EEUU or in North-Europe, but it is in the rest of the world. Anyways, this isn't the end of indie games. Is just a way of making it harder for us without solving anything. But as you said, other platforms are still there, so I guess we will have to stick to them for now.
  14. I agree, but I still think is a dishonest move. I can understand youtube, is way too big to be modarated by just a litte group of people, but steam greenlight is not that big. A couple of people would have been more than enough to ensure that the games that got greenlight were following the rules. Steam can afford to pay that...
  15. People not empathising with developers and artist is a quite common thing, so don't worry. "A couple thousand dollars" is an unreachable ammount of money for quite a lot of indie developers. Steam Greenlight had an easy way to solve the shit flow: adding a couple of moderators. This wasn't the best solution, thats for sure. And I still don't get why the developers have to pay for people not wanting to see some bad games when they are scrolling through steam. As I said, adding moderators would have been an easy solution, but creating a pay wall is never a good idea.