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  1. The House in Fata Morgana is a recent favourite of mine, and I think it can offer a lot of content to talk about. There are choices, but it doesn't split into routes like most VNs do, being closer to a kinetic novel.
  2. I think Clephas has pretty much mentioned everything that's worth mentioning. Just chiming in to say that I can personally vouch for VA-11 Hall-A and Kikokugai. VA-11 Hall-A is more of a laidback experience, putting you in the role of a bartender interacting with clientele, and it's actually surprisingly enjoyable—probably my favourite EVN so far. Kikokugai is much more story-heavy and action-packed, and it also gives you a better look at the cyberpunk world it's built around.
  3. YOU are your own best hope. The hiragana, katakana and kanji waits for you. Do it. Learn Japanese now!
  4. Technically one at a time, but I do have the tendency to play one VN for a while, get bored, and switch to a different VN. If that were to count as playing two VNs at a time, then I would be playing somewhere between 11-24 VNs at the moment.
  5. Man, even the site itself is being optimistic about it. We're getting that full translation eventually!
  6. It's been a while, but I remember I really enjoyed it in the beginning due to the characters and the comedy. Story-wise, however, I felt that it got bit stale. I couldn't get very invested into the various routes and I never got much of an emotional impact out of them either. As a result, it wasn't very memorable, as I struggle to remember most of the events that transpired throughout the story. I think it is one of the few VNs―if not the only one―where I actually enjoyed the common route and the shenanigans more than actual routes or the more serious aspects. If you enjoyed most of the VNs you've read so far, I think it might still be worthwhile to pick it up. What some of us didn't like about the VN may still end up being enjoyable for you. Even if it's not among the best Key VNs, it's a Key VN nonetheless, and you can still expect a certain degree of quality out of it.
  7. Gotta say default as well. I do like some of the other themes better, such as Fate, Tsukihime and Ever17, but the Angelic Serenade skin simply has the best contrast and colour combination. Easy on the eyes.
  8. URV


    I've been trying to find some fun scenes from Comyu, especially those involving Kagome, but there's a severe lack of clips or screenshots out there. Does anyone have anything of the sort that's worth sharing?
  9. Not only is incest sacred, as it keeps the bloodline pure and your children won't receive any terrible genes such as the dreaded triple-chin syndrome, but it is also an important political move that ensures the titles stay within the family. The Habsburgs are an inspiration to us all. Praise Xwedodah!
  10. So what's going to happen if, in a very optimistic scenario, both this and izzeybee's translation actually reach completion status? Will the two be compared mercilessly until it is decided that one of them is the better translation, leaving all the effort put into the worse translation go to waste? To be fair, I doubt we would even reach this scenario, but I think the possibility is there. On one hand, it might be good to have multiple translation projects just to have higher chances for one of them to reach completion. On the other hand, perhaps it might be wiser to merge any ongoing projects, just to avoid any work going to waste? I recall that @izzeybee intends to work alone on the translation. Perhaps they'd be willing to reconsider, depending on who and how many people are willing to work on this? Edit: What's going to happen with partial translations such as this? Are we going to start from scratch over and over again? I worry that the translation is never going to go anywhere at this rate. Wouldn't it be wiser, perhaps, to continue from where others left off?
  11. I used to have a netbook that I mainly installed visual novels on, and I often took the opportunity to relax on a couch or bed while reading. However, since my netbook hasn't been an option since 2016, I've been simply using my desktop PC instead. I do tend to read VNs a lot less often due to this, unfortunately.
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