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  1. Just a general question lol for me it would have to be three different answers. First, is the Muv Luv trilogy easily one of my favorite trilogies. Second, Kimi ga Ita remake because it's a really good remake I love the production and it's a damn fine story too. Finally, Schwarzemarken mostly because it's my favorite âge vn and it's arguably one their best too.
  2. Hello everyone! Magic Fingers here! We’ve prepared 2 questionnaires for you. Please leave you opinion. That’ll help us a lot! Thank you very much! https://www.patreon.com/posts/most-scene-of-66773922 https://www.patreon.com/posts/least-scene-of-66774005 You can download the game here: https://www.patreon.com/Magic_fingers
  3. I am reaching out to the gaming community, anyone still have the 18+ patch to Libra of the Vampire Princess? I decided i wanted to reread cause i never finished all the routes just to find out mikandijapan site completely abandoned and all links on their site dead or taken over by some camgirl site. if anyone still has the patch i would really appreciate it if you would reach out.
  4. Greetings! We’ve prepared something interesting for you today. While working on Forbidden Fruit we’ve noticed that you’ve liked most of gameplay features we’ve implemented so we decided to go further. What kind of features you ‘d like to see in future versions of the game? 1. A more detailed description of events and scenes. More narrative text; 2. More off-story activities; 3. More choice options in dialogs; 4. Adding choice options depending on personal characteristics (cunning, charm, etc.); 5. Availability of inventory; 6. Availability of crafting system; 7. The existence of survival system (hunger, etc.); 8. Customization of minor characters; 9. Customization and availability of the base/house of the main characters; 10. Diversity in collectibles; 11. More emphasis on equipment and weapons in combat; 12. More emphasis on skills and passive skills in combat. Thanks for the support!
  5. First of all, I'm posting this in several forums online because I'm interested in hearing the opinion of as many people as possible, so if you've seen this rant somewhere else already, please ignore it and don't waste any more time on my silly tantrum. Now, on to the actual rant: I dunno, I was expecting something more wholesome from this kind of game than That was absolutely horrible writing and super off-putting. Reina is a really awesome and fun character so I was really excited to see some wholesome romance between her and the MC, but the way they 'got together' was so horribly written and such a stupid copout I don't want to continue with her route... or this game anymore. I just want to see wholesome romance between the protagonist and the characters, man (plus some drama and sadness, that's fine). But I really despise this kind of stuff. At least in Sylvie's route, I guess this wasn't the right game to choose. Anyone else thought that or just me? It reaaaaallly cheapens the romance IMO (like they couldn't think of a way to get them together without stripping away their ability to become a couple consciously) because it deprives the couple of their agency, but I might be in the minority, so I'm interested in your guys' thoughts. Yes, I know this kind of thing happens a lot in real life, but it's not what I seek from my escapist moege/nakige fiction. I want wholesome teens experiencing love for the first time, not... this. Sorry for ranting, and I'm not saying anyone who actually enjoyed that scene is wrong - I just personally hated it. I'm curious to see how many people agree with me.
  6. Completed All 3 endings of Chapter 1 in Subarishi Hibi. But it stucked like this when I clicked start after the ending of chapter 1. Can anybody tell the solution ? No keys are working when the screen is like this. Is there the problem in my Installed VN then?
  7. Looking for VNs with rural and relaxing backround such as Senren banka, Summer pockets and Island. Kindly suggest some(I prefer Translated ones)
  8. Completed All endings so far in Island VN. Damn They confused me so much. What is your Review on this VN? Do you like it? Which parts you dont like? Which moments felt emotional to you? can you guys suggest Any other VNs which covers Time travel or Seems like a Frontwing VN? Even I know only Grisaia fruit and Island among their translated ones ? Are there any Frontwing VNs which are translated? Thanks for Reading this Post! La-la La-la iRangers!
  9. How do you guys feel about each VNs? Which is your favorite? How is it different from Other VNs ? Also Tell the part which made You love Key VNs in general or the specific Key VN!
  10. Just completed Aokana VN. Just curious about who might be the Childhood friend who made Asuka Cheerful. Any Idea guys?
  11. I need information to buy a license visual novel caused i realized in indonesian is many of them visual novel is fan tl so i decided to support creator and also many of english tl like sekai project is very long to tl the visual novel
  12. I'm newbie and this is my first thread, Idk why but I like NTR/Cheating VN, for me NsFw, SfW it's the same, I would like school setting, teens romance vn, or a group of friends with different relationship and not husband/wife, (yandere, tsundere and other stereotype are allowed) Thx for answer me and for the help (me and other people)
  13. Can I run vn pc version (iso files) on my Android phone? What kind a way to run vn pc version (iso files) on my Android phone?
  14. So I remember playing Rance 10 when it first came out and people weren't that happy about it. The scores were pretty mediocre as well. I've played most of the game and gave up at part 2. I haven't played much r-18 VNs since, and just recently realized it is the now highest rated game on erogamescape. I clearly wasn't particularly fond of that game, but I would like to know what had changed either with the game or wth the reviewers that made the reviews increase by this much.
  15. I know that the steam page says sometime in February, but steam's estimated release dates aren't really accurate in my experience. Kinda find it weird how they never gave us any real date despite the preorders on J-list being up for awhile. I've been waiting years for the official English release, I cannot wait ! My guess is that it'll be released at the end of the month/the start of March at the earliest.
  16. Just finished this game, yeah it was weird experiences.
  17. This is a beautiful VN that I wanted to recommend to you guys since I've been wanting to get back into playing it for a while... Firstly, the art is beautiful and the main character is super deadpan which I love of course But most importantly, the Adventure Game elements added make the world that much more immersive! One of my favorite mechanics of this game is the lore book that is updated with new information on each character that you meet or items that you use throughout the game in order to progress. And don't even get me started on the soothing soundtrack! Well, you'd have to hear it for yourself : D Anyway, here are some more pictures~ And, you can find The Crown of Leaves here if you're interested in trying something new! P.S. all images/screenshots of this game were obtained from the official steam page in case anyone was wondering. I figured since these are the preview pictures there wouldn't be any spoilers. And if you play this VN, let me know, so we can rave about it together! -morgan nicole
  18. Original: https://twitter.com/light_staff_tw/status/1353504981836414976 Recently Light was answering some questions. as fast as they said, community started moving, Light requested "petitions" if someone wanna help, sing the petition. It even reached the haspanic sphere https://twitter.com/MoonCellScholar/status/1353644836679725056?s=19 PETITION HERE: http://chng.it/zm6mNVB7Wz
  19. I'm making some review and would like to see what kind of ending you think is most preferable by you in Song of Saya in general. There was and old pool at fuwanovel forum, but that's an old one and not many people voted so I wanted something fresh. WARNING - VOTE POOL CONTAIN SPOILERS DUH! https://www.strawpoll.me/42400272
  20. Hello, Hope this is the right session (First time creating a topic) anyway I recently finished the Grisaia Trilogy and oh boi i loved it, I didn't knew Phantom Trigger existed till a couple of days ago and since steam winter sale is up, I was wondering if should i or should i not try it, Since i really enjoyed the slice of life the main games had, and since this one is from the same company that made the main series i thought that maybe i would like this one as well, what are you people thoughts? Should i get it or avoid it?
  21. It's it just me or have vn get more popular in West on console like Switch and PS4, I'm not sure about Xbox one or Xbox Serie X and S. It's seems we are getting more VN on console lately. We just got Root Double Crime Days and soon we are getting Autumn Journeys on Switch. We have Clannad, Tomoya After, The Fruit of Grisaia, Phantom Trigger and many other VN on Switch. I'm very happy with that, since I enjoy play VN on Switch. I hope we are getting more VN in West on console. I have four favorite VN I hope get on Switch. 1. Kanon(I know it might not be possible, but I hope it get ported on Switch) 2. Da Capo 3. Flowers -Le Volume sur Printemps- 4. Air. I'm not much into yuri but I did enjoy Flowers -Le Volume sur Printemps- and I have plans to continue play it. What do you guys think about we are getting more VN on console? What VN do there hope get on console?
  22. Yeah we have Nekonyan announce the exact release date for this. As for me while granted I know that some reviewers didn't exactly have favorable opinion on this, I still look forward to the release of this. Also I'm quite surprised that Nekonyan decided to release this first seeing that I did guess they'll release Hello Lady, but more VN is always good so I have no problem with that. I'll add the heroines along with their VA info later, and of course the poll as well. Forget to say that the title is the pun of 'aishiteru' (TL Note: Aishiteru mean I love you). The tweet from Nekonyan below for the proof, and yes we also already have Steam store available for this as well (The link to the Steam store). Edited - As promised I'll add the VA info for the heroines below. 1. Hanamori Shiori The MC (Hajime) childhood friend in that she's quite devoted to him, in that she'll do anything for the sake of Hajime including helping him to abolished the romance ban rule. That said, she's quite anxious so much that she prefer to show her intend through action instead of words. Her VA is Nakajima Saki in that she's voiced Kouzaki Umi from Koiresort, Saotome Miharu from Miagete, Shigure Kanako from Konosora, Alexander from Eiyuu Senki, Sasamori Karin from To Heart 2, and Mochizuki Maho from Daitoshokan. 2. Koshimizu Kasumi She somehow know Hajime from the past, and she decided to transferred into his school in order to know him more. That said rather than she take the initiative, after she confess her feeling to Hajime she prefer if Hajime himself is the one who take an action to her. Her VA is Ozaki Mami in that her roles are Okihara Misa from Hoshiori, Aritagawa Nio from Loca Love, Amabane Madoka from Love Cube, Bors from Eiyuu Senki, Ginjou Haruko from Tsukiyori 2, and Okita Shino from Ouka Sabaki. 3. Yuuki Ayaka The winner of school beauty pageant for two years straight. Because of her personality in that she's quite bright and bombastic people did think of her as a playgirl, when in fact shes more or less quite innocent when it come to the romance in that she's hoping that the romance is like fairy tale. Her VA is Ui aka Oohashi Ayuru in that she also voiced Enomoto Kaho from Your Diary, Narutaki Maho from Sukiren, Sairenji Murasaki from Seven Days, Hotaru Rinne from Astral Air, Sakurakouji Luna from Tsukiyori, and Eurasia of End from Noraneko duology. 4. Kozuka Yui The youngest heroine in IxShe Tell who is also the student council president for the sister school. Despite being the youngest heroine, Yu also tried her best to act as an adult so much that she looks older than her age is, and she also didn't like that people judge her character based on the her appearance alone. Her VA is Suzuya Maya (I prefer her alias this time) who also voiced Nashiro Momiji from Ginharu, Liese von Archlond from Venus Blood Hypno/Hollow, Forunisgein from Kami no Rhapsody, Nanase Shizuku from Imopara 2, Seguchi Saya from Onikiss, and Spartan Clarke from Evenicle 2. 5. Yamabuki Yoshino The vice president of student council president (Forgot to mention that Hajime is the student council president) in that she's against Hajime revoke the romance ban rule. That said even with her political stand is against Hajime, slowly but surely she find herself to fall in love with Hajime. Out of all other heroines VA, Yoshino's VA here (Gotou Mai) here is have quite a number of well-known roles such as Narumi Toa from Wagahigh, Wakakusa Nanoha from Baldr Sky, Hayama Mizuki from ef, Angelica Rocca from Katahane, Takekawa Benio from Comyu, and Mukou Aoi from Kimikoi. That's all for the heroines along with VA info, and I guess what I can suggest in regard of this VN would be just treat this as a moege (In the most normal sense, not in a sense like 'all VNs are moege' or 'hot blooded VN are moege').
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