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  1. Do you have a source for that information? The tutorial for the heart feature doesn't mention anything about extra dialogue, pretty sure it's required to get into a route, has nothing to do with extra dialogue from what I remember and I already finished the visual novel on August 31st.
  2. The title is also wrong, it's called Family Project not Project Family, not even the VNDB page calls it Project Family.
  3. That isn't something I can really answer, everyone has different reading speeds, I don't really keep track of that anyways.
  4. The visual novel is 10 to 30 hours long according to vndb, there appears to be only 3 h-scenes per route. imho it's a very good visual novel, already rated it a 10 on vndb.
  5. It adds some light shadowing to the outline of the characters and setting the opacity to 0% makes it worse not better imho. I've finished 3 routes already (Yui, Ayaka and Kasumi. On Shiori now and Yoshino is last) since I starting reading it the day I bought it when it first came out directly from NekoNyan's website. imho there is absolutely nothing wrong with Aoba as a character, her voice nor her personality.
  6. A walkthrough guide is completely unnecessary for this visual novel as there aren't any choices to work with, you need to figure out how it works yourself, the visual novel gives you tutorials on the features of it for how to get into a route (though only once), I've already completed one route (Yui). You really need to quit asking for walkthrough guides before you even start reading a visual novel (you've done this multiple times already including the one that has no choices), only when you start running into problems should you really look for a walkthrough guide or ask for one to be made but I doubt anyone is going to make one for IxShe Tell. I purchased my copy of it directly from NecoNyan.
  7. Eushully has no interest in ever releasing their games to the west and I doubt that will ever change. Honestly Japanese local emulator is never necessary (I don't use it and never will and it doesn't always work), just make sure you have Japanese fonts installed and your non-unicode language is set to Japanese and you shouldn't ever have issues running any visual novel. Don't listen to anyone who tells you to use Japanese local emulator.
  8. They no longer do that (that annoying and completely unnecessary popup is gone when rating a 10 or 1) and I always ignored it anyways as it is the users choice what they rate not VNDB choice.
  9. There's no such thing as good or bad taste to begin with and everyone rates differently anyways, most of my VNDB list is full of 10s because I rate by enjoyment only and I tend to enjoy what I read.
  10. Not having that issue at all, plays the same with the full patch, I will never use Japanese locale emulator as that is never needed, you only ever need your non-unicode language set to Japanese. Something else is wrong if the full patch is causing the game to crash.
  11. Another reason to not support visual novels on Steam at all, imho visual novels really don't belong on Steam or similar platforms.
  12. There is already a walkthrough guide available on Fuwanovel forums here: no clue how you missed that.
  13. Then why even bother reading visual novels to begin with? It makes no sense whatsoever to only read one route when most visual novels have more than one route, you're missing out on a ton of content and frankly that is just a waste of money. That mindset is just very wrong, you aren't betraying anyone, it's fiction.
  14. You should look at the first post and look for the link to the translation progress, it is still being worked on and progress is updated on that link. https://1drv.ms/x/s!AhHDq_NSwaAqgSnImaDDLTME-lmi
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