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  1. I've completed two routes so far and I can say it's just as good as Senren * Banka and Riddle Joker, it's not worst of the 3 at all imho.
  2. I'm currently reading it now and so far it's really good, character designs are very similar to those seen in Senren´╝ŐBanka and also has a built-in flowchart which makes needing a walkthrough guide pointless.
  3. 9 nine New Episode is all-ages, an adult version doesn't exist thus there was no adult content to remove.
  4. It's not dead, they're still working on it. Most of the work is done. 100% Translated 100% Edited 100% TLC'ed 94.10% Programmed/QC'ed https://vndb.org/r73531
  5. This just has short after stories and is standalone: https://vndb.org/v29724 Yes it does have a plot and a good one at that but in the end that is subjective, you need to read all 4 episodes to understand the story.
  6. The full release has no cut content but it is censored with mosaics but they had no choice since AliceSoft who is a Japanese company is directly releasing it themselves so they have to follow Japanese laws. I will say the sequel is not unnecessary at all since it is a completely different story with a different cast of characters though imho you don't have to play Evenicle 1 to enjoy the standalone sequel since it does not carry over from where the first one left off at all. I bought it from FAKKU about a week before it released and am playing it right now, on Chapter 5 as well. It
  7. I don't agree at all, the writing was fine and was not off-putting at all, you can dislike something but to say the writing is horrible is just wrong imho.
  8. No issues with that as well.
  9. I disagree with this, it is very playable, I never had any issues with it.
  10. Muv-Luv has two parts, Extra (what you start with) and Unlimited (Unlimited is locked until you read 2 main routes, I won't tell you which ones though) and as mentioned above by Zidan209 Muv-Luv Alternative is it's own game but is a continuation of the Unlimited part of Muv-Luv which is why it's required to read Muv-Luv Extra and Unlimited before going to Alternative.
  11. This is wrong, check page 11, OP replied back in October which was only a few months ago, you clearly did not look through past replies and are just giving out false information.
  12. Choices in this one are very obvious so a walkthrough guide is not necessary at all (only like 3 main choices and one more late in a route which is more CG related), it's the same as with Primal x Hearts 1 and 2 since it is made by the same developer.
  13. Visual Novel length has nothing to do with how big it is.
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