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  1. A walkthrough guide is really unnecessary as most of the choices have no impact on the story (besides unlocking CGs but they're easy to get regardless). To get into Ria's route (or Golden Time which will be an option on the main menu) you have to read all 4 routes and to get the true ending you need to first read Ria's route to the end and then read the ending to Sylvia's route again and after that open the extras menu for a CG.
  2. You can't even do Ria's route before Sylvia anyways as Ria's route is locked until you read all other routes first, so route order doesn't matter at all.
  3. A walkthrough guide is pointless for this title, very little choices (like so far only two but one has no effect on the story nor endings) and they're all very obvious. The first choice which has you pick a girl to see is what really matters and you're stuck on that girl throughout the visual novel. Note: The chosen girls route doesn't actually start when you pick a girl, you'll go through many episodes of her, several common route parts and parts related to the chosen job before you enter her route, it's the reason why the visual novel is 30 - 50 hours long. About this forum: Why w
  4. Your Non-Unicode Language just needs to be set to Japanese nothing else, I've never used AppLocale on anything and it is never required and should never be recommended.
  5. PS One Classic aren't included, they aren't PSP games so you should be able to buy those even after July 2nd, they never mentioned anything about them anyways.
  6. The PSP Store has been closed for years on the actual PSP, you can still buy PSP games from the Vita PS Store.
  7. I'm definitely looking forward to the full translation, TLC only has Side Stories and Licia's route left to go though Licia's route seems to have the most files (or lines I'm not sure what the numbers represent) compared to the other parts.
  8. From my understanding when Evenicle 1 came out on Steam it was during the time Steam allowed just about anything regardless of content, if they tried to release that today it would likely get rejected, Steam is just very inconsistent with it's policies related to such content but I've also heard they banned a bunch of all-ages visual novels for no reason at all. I don't think Evencile 1 will ever be removed from Steam unless the license expires, it wouldn't be in Steam/Valves best interest to try to remove it for any other reason, the backlash for that would likely be pretty big. Thi
  9. https://noisypixel.net/evenicle-2-officially-banned-steam-english/
  10. Did you already play the sequels to Utawarerumono (Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception and Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth)? You can get them on PC now, if you haven't played them yet I recommend doing so, the sequels are fantastic imho. I second Tears to Tiara II but I also recommend the prequel as well which is only available on PC and is quite old by now (doesn't have the same battle system though) though Tears to Tiara II is a sequel of sorts it is mostly standalone and yeah it is only available on PS3 which I do own it (digital copy) but I haven't finished it yet (I haven't heard if it wa
  11. So it's possible the OP of this thread never even tested the walkthrough out themselves. A mod or staff needs to change the thread title though, it should be Family Project (I really have no clue how the OP got that wrong), the OP probably doesn't use Fuwanovel forums anymore.
  12. My bad for not actually looking at the article, "Atlus confirms that the licensing has expired for both titles", why would they allow the titles licensing to expire to begin with? They're just delisted, so long as you already bought them you can still download them again, delisted just means no one else can buy them digitally anymore but that will not prevent you from ever downloading them. They can't stop you from playing physical copies though which is what I have for Mask of Truth, I used to own the physical copy to Mask of Deception but after platinuming it I sold it.
  13. They're better on PS4 anyways or just get them on PC. Not really surprising though, the Vita has been discontinued for a long time now.
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