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  1. I wouldn't upgrade to it yet as it still has issues and I don't ever plan to upgrade to it since Microsoft decided to ruin the start menu, can't go full screen, programs, apps and folders can't be pinned to the start menu anymore (no folder view on start menu either and the pinning feature has been completely removed and not supported) and start menu information is not transferred over when you upgrade from Windows 10 to 11.
  2. The lead translator is still working on it although very slowly, everyone needs to quit with the speculations, they are not waiting for any deal with any company since they have no intention of selling their work and it will be released when finished. Just ignore anyone saying groundless speculations.
  3. No one even remotely said anything even close to that and there is zero chance it will get a official translation. It almost seems like you completely misunderstood what I said there as your reply doesn't match with what I said at all. You clearly aren't aware there are Japanese visual novel developers who do not want to bring their visual novels to the west, this developer, Eshully and Toneworks (neither have a single official translation) are the 3 I can think of and there are likely many more.
  4. We wouldn't need fan translations if the developer wanted to release it to the west, you clearly know nothing about the developer. Also the main person working on this fan translation isn't looking to make money off of it to begin with, no fan translator ever looks for money in return since most just consider it a hobby not a job.
  5. There is no chance that would happen since the developer of this visual novel has no intention of releasing it to the west. There hasn't been a single official translation to any of the developers visual novels.
  6. Route order is wrong, Visual Novel uses ladder structure which puts Chiffon first, choices aren't even complete either, a very bad translation of the choices. As it stands this walkthrough guide is very confusing.
  7. A walkthrough guide is really unnecessary as most of the choices have no impact on the story (besides unlocking CGs but they're easy to get regardless). To get into Ria's route (or Golden Time which will be an option on the main menu) you have to read all 4 routes and to get the true ending you need to first read Ria's route to the end and then read the ending to Sylvia's route again and after that open the extras menu for a CG.
  8. You can't even do Ria's route before Sylvia anyways as Ria's route is locked until you read all other routes first, so route order doesn't matter at all.
  9. A walkthrough guide is pointless for this title, very little choices (like so far only two but one has no effect on the story nor endings) and they're all very obvious. The first choice which has you pick a girl to see is what really matters and you're stuck on that girl throughout the visual novel. Note: The chosen girls route doesn't actually start when you pick a girl, you'll go through many episodes of her, several common route parts and parts related to the chosen job before you enter her route, it's the reason why the visual novel is 30 - 50 hours long. About this forum: Why w
  10. Your Non-Unicode Language just needs to be set to Japanese nothing else, I've never used AppLocale on anything and it is never required and should never be recommended.
  11. PS One Classic aren't included, they aren't PSP games so you should be able to buy those even after July 2nd, they never mentioned anything about them anyways.
  12. The PSP Store has been closed for years on the actual PSP, you can still buy PSP games from the Vita PS Store.
  13. I'm definitely looking forward to the full translation, TLC only has Side Stories and Licia's route left to go though Licia's route seems to have the most files (or lines I'm not sure what the numbers represent) compared to the other parts.
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