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  1. Rewatching it won't change my opinion on it at all. Sure the visual novel is of course better that is always the case but I did fully enjoy the anime adaptation.
  2. The anime adaptation of Mask of Deception is actually pretty on point, there is nothing to butcher except for the adaptation to the first game now that got butchered, they left out key parts of the story. FYI I won't touch the remake to the first game at all.
  3. Aokana Release by Nekonyan [UPDATED]

    Until you read all 4 routes (your reasoning for not reading Mashiro and Rika routes is beyond stupid) I'm not taking your opinion seriously at all and will consider it invalid, there is a special ending that only unlocks after you finish all 4 routes and will no doubt change your opinion on the visual novel as a whole.
  4. Certificate expired?

    It expired again.
  5. They just released a new patch which includes the missing files: https://tsurezurescans.wordpress.com/2020/01/03/giniro-haruka-update-15-7-1-image-update/
  6. They released a patch for the first two routes today. Either I'm doing something wrong or the patch they released as issues because nothing is translated with it. Looks like they left the g00 folder in the patch empty thus the reason nothing is translated. A major mistake on their part. https://tsurezurescans.wordpress.com/2020/01/02/giniro-haruka-update-15-7-hinata-route-patch/ Don't bother downloading the patch until they fix their mistake. I wonder how they screwed up the patch this bad when they've had no mistakes like this on their other projects at least as far as I know. So much for reading this now. I hope they're able to fix this mistake as soon as possible. You can grab the first patch for now if you haven't already: https://tsurezurescans.wordpress.com/2019/10/30/giniro-haruka-update-10-5-bethly-route-patch/ The newest patch is missing about 10MB of data because the g00 folder in the patch is empty when it shouldn't be. Seems like it may take a while for them to realize their mistake (8 hours later after I originally made this reply), no updates about it and my replies aren't being seen because "Your comment is awaiting moderation." is what I'm getting when I reply at least I don't think they're being seen, it's probably because I've never really commented on wordpress before though I've had the account for years I believe. Does anyone know if they have a discord available so contacting them would be easier? @littleshogun
  7. I don't like what they did to VNDB at all, they made it more complicated than it needed to be, it was perfectly fine before this unnecessary change.
  8. I only mentioned the ending total because I didn't disagree with the rest of what you said about being forced, I would have said so otherwise.
  9. The translator has already stated that he will release the patch when the side stories are done and not before, some of the side stories aren't related to the main heroines routes. I even have the Eustia Progress Tracker Excel Spreadsheet site as a pinned tab keeping an eye on the progress, that is how much I'm looking forward to it being completed.
  10. It takes a long time to translate and they have their own lives as well (not to mention they're doing this for free), an ETA probably isn't possible at this point and you shouldn't expect one so early either. A lot of other people are waiting patiently for it to be finished me included, it'll get done eventually.
  11. Side stories aren't even 50% translated yet, follow this to check translation progress, the link is also found on the first page of this thread.
  12. Same issue here, also a lot of the wording is wrong, a lot of the choices shown here do not match with what the visual novel has. I fixed it up: Loading from save 5 doesn't do anything even after reading through all previous endings, I did notice a branching point after you return the shard in the callander but the choice never shows up, does this mean loading from save 5 isn't the way to go about getting into Aine's route? It almost seems like you need to start from the begining to get into her route. It seems like the issue I was having was because I loaded a save file that didn't choose to return the shard in every choice thus is the reason Anie's route branch didn't show up. All choices are now worded correctly has they appear in the visual novel. I never make walkthrough guides here myself because I do not agree with their rules they enforce for making one and also the fact I lose ownership of my own thread which isn't right at all and no one should be okay with that.