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  1. If someone wants to make a walkthrough guide you can find one here: http://www.otakulair.com/english-visual-novel-walkthroughs/if-you-love-me-then-say-so-walkthrough-mangagamer/
  2. Dracu-Riot

    Sekai had nothing to do with Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai, you should really check the VNDB for that kind of information before you say anything like that. Also Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai has a very good translation.
  3. Is this https://vndb.org/r55652 still going to be the requirement? If not then you might want to have that changed on VNDB.
  4. I'm not falsely accusing you at all what I'm saying is fact as it is seen in the game itself, outside sources not found in the game do not count, what you have is not correct.
  5. The Walkthrough Guide you okayed has too many mistakes in Nagi and the 4 main true end route choices, I'm correcting them on my reply above right now. The choices should also be matching with what's in the game exactly but that guide you okayed isn't doing that at all.
  6. Looks to me like you have the wrong choices for Nagi's route choices 28 to 30 (they shouldn't be choices that appeal to the girl on Nagi's route at all making them wrong also choices 17 to 19 appear to be wrong as it should probably only be one of those not all 3) and you have wrong choices on the true ends for the 4 main routes as too many of them are the same when the choices should only be ones that fit for that girls route not the other way around. The choice you have as "Same Age" should not be the same choice all of the time since that only is for the 2nd year girls not the first year girls, "Join in with the First-years" is also wrong that should only be used on the true ends to Senri and Kana not the other two, "How cute" should only be used for Shirasaki Tsumugi true end and none of the others yet you have that on all of them which is wrong, "Answer with a smile" should only be for Senri's true end not any others, you have way too many wrong choices. Also you got one of the choices wrong on how it's spelled out "Sure, whaddaya wanna know?" is wrong, it should be "Sure, whaddaya want to know?" as it is spelled that way in game. You have too much wrong with the choices, it should never have been okayed.
  7. The walkthrough guide you made is also very hard to read and poorly formatted, what I did on my reply looks several times better just minus the extra info it needs.
  8. No one follows that rule and it shouldn't be a rule to begin with as it is very stupid and unnecessary to not allow that.
  9. Above is now finished thanks to the other user who decided to make their own walkthrough guide when this thread was already made. Not done, read above for more on why.
  10. Common Shirasaki Tsugumi Mochizuki Maho Sakuraba Tamamo Misono Senri Serizawa Miyu Suzuki Kana Ureshino Sayumi Kodachi Nagi True Ends Shirasaki Tsumugi Sakuraba Tamamo Misono Senri Suzuki Kana Not done, should never have trusted the other source as many of the choices in Nagi and the 4 main route choices are wrong.
  11. Walkthrough is missing Kodachi Nagi route (only available after first playthrough) and the true ends to 4 of the main routes (Shirasaki Tsugumi, Sakuraba Tamamo, Misono Senri and Suzuki Kana), 3 of the characters don't have a 2nd ending which are Mochizuki Maho, Serizawa Miyu and Ureshino Sayumi (which is already noted). Not sure if Takigawa Aoi has a route or not considering the VNDB page for her (the sexual content), the Japanese walkthrough guide doesn't seem to mention her, it's possible she is part of Mochizuki Maho route but I'm not sure, I'll find out eventually myself. I'm currently making a copy of the walkthrough here (on Notepad) and replacing the words with the right ones from the game.
  12. Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai Bugs

    Looks like the issue I was talking about is related to the Hide Cursor settings as having it on anything but Always (it doesn't even hide it at all no matter what setting it's on) causes the cursor to not respond correctly so there must be something wrong with it though it seems like I might be the only one with the issue as no one responded to my comment. I'm wondering if this is due to me using the large cursor theme instead of the system default which could be why it can't hide it at all. Though if anyone does notice the issue try setting it to "Always" instead of the other options and it hopefully should fix it for anyone else.
  13. Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai Bugs

    Is anyone having weird mouse cursor issues with this game? The cursor will start to not respond correctly shortly after running the game, alt+tabbing out to another program seems to temporarily fix it but not for very long, it gets so bad I can't even move the mouse and not sure what's causing it as I've never encountered this issue in any other visual novel before.
  14. Why does that even matter? It's not like this is the first time the OP has been giving updates to the translation progress by this group, the updates are very much appreciated.
  15. Island

    I wish they never made the "Re:" ending, the most worthless ending they could have made, I will never consider that the true end.