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  1. Sadly that will never happen, Eushully has no interest in releasing their visual novels in the west at all, we wouldn't need fan translations of their visual novels otherwise.
  2. Da Capo 3 is good too, it hasn't gone downhill at all imho. I've actually started re-reading Da Capo 2 and 3.
  3. It is very safe to use, I use it on a few visual novels but Windows Defender has never gone off on it before. It's likely a false positive, just because an antivirus thinks something is a threat that isn't always true. Windows Defender will even think some programs are "unwanted" like Cheat Engine though I turned that annoying feature off.
  4. That wouldn't be necessary anyways since it's available on the Switch, although it would be the all-ages version, I don't support those versions since I'm against visual novels sold with cut content.
  5. Except it's not on DS at all (and never was), I trust VNDB to have accurate information. That website has incorrect information, it was never on DS or 3DS, it's more than likely that beta of Fuwanovel is outdated and probably not used anymore since it doesn't even list the other consoles it was on like PS2 or Dreamcast etc. No clue how you even found that beta website of Fuwanovel, I doubt it's supported anymore.
  6. According to VNDB Air was never on DS or 3DS for both the Japanese and English release of it so I'm not sure what site you was using but it showing Air as being on DS or 3DS is wrong. https://vndb.org/v36 It's only been on the following: Dreamcast, Game Boy Advance, PlayStation 2, Other (Mobile), Android, iOS, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita, PC and Switch.
  7. I've been reading Snow PE and it's actually pretty good and the "old art" is good as well, nothing wrong with Sumino's mother either.
  8. I've completed two routes so far and I can say it's just as good as Senren * Banka and Riddle Joker, it's not worst of the 3 at all imho.
  9. I'm currently reading it now and so far it's really good, character designs are very similar to those seen in Senren´╝ŐBanka and also has a built-in flowchart which makes needing a walkthrough guide pointless.
  10. 9 nine New Episode is all-ages, an adult version doesn't exist thus there was no adult content to remove.
  11. This just has short after stories and is standalone: https://vndb.org/v29724 Yes it does have a plot and a good one at that but in the end that is subjective, you need to read all 4 episodes to understand the story.
  12. The full release has no cut content but it is censored with mosaics but they had no choice since AliceSoft who is a Japanese company is directly releasing it themselves so they have to follow Japanese laws. I will say the sequel is not unnecessary at all since it is a completely different story with a different cast of characters though imho you don't have to play Evenicle 1 to enjoy the standalone sequel since it does not carry over from where the first one left off at all. I bought it from FAKKU about a week before it released and am playing it right now, on Chapter 5 as well. It plays flawlessly as well, no performance issues at all.
  13. I don't agree at all, the writing was fine and was not off-putting at all, you can dislike something but to say the writing is horrible is just wrong imho.
  14. No issues with that as well.
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