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  1. Da Capo 3 is good too, it hasn't gone downhill at all imho. I've actually started re-reading Da Capo 2 and 3.
  2. It is very safe to use, I use it on a few visual novels but Windows Defender has never gone off on it before. It's likely a false positive, just because an antivirus thinks something is a threat that isn't always true. Windows Defender will even think some programs are "unwanted" like Cheat Engine though I turned that annoying feature off.
  3. I've actually been reading it, it doesn't really read like something that is edited MTL (I really don't think that is true, I've tried to read edited MTL before and this translation is nothing like it) though “Videos and UI/menus aren’t translated. Backlog names are also in Japanese.” So it's not a full translation. I've been enjoying it so far.
  4. Can't download or view links or spoiler content on that forum without an account and I don't plan to make one, you need to provide an alternate site to download the patch. I'll just delete the file I downloaded before and put back the file I backed up into a different folder so it wasn't overwritten and not bother with it. I won't respond to any further replies.
  5. Can you verify if that is safe (I'm downloading it anyways but other users might not want to download something they don't know if it's safe or not)?
  6. Why would you want to restore the censorship? That doesn't make any sense, most users would be happy to have it without censorship. You'd have to reinstall the game to restore the file you replaced since it fully replaces one of the afa files in the root folder.
  7. Someone needs to update the VNDB page for this visual novel to include this patch.
  8. That wouldn't be necessary anyways since it's available on the Switch, although it would be the all-ages version, I don't support those versions since I'm against visual novels sold with cut content.
  9. Except it's not on DS at all (and never was), I trust VNDB to have accurate information. That website has incorrect information, it was never on DS or 3DS, it's more than likely that beta of Fuwanovel is outdated and probably not used anymore since it doesn't even list the other consoles it was on like PS2 or Dreamcast etc. No clue how you even found that beta website of Fuwanovel, I doubt it's supported anymore.
  10. According to VNDB Air was never on DS or 3DS for both the Japanese and English release of it so I'm not sure what site you was using but it showing Air as being on DS or 3DS is wrong. https://vndb.org/v36 It's only been on the following: Dreamcast, Game Boy Advance, PlayStation 2, Other (Mobile), Android, iOS, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita, PC and Switch.
  11. I've been reading Snow PE and it's actually pretty good and the "old art" is good as well, nothing wrong with Sumino's mother either.
  12. You clearly don't know what you're talking about at all, I never copy-pasted anything anywhere and I'm no spammer either. I can have an opinion if I damn well please. Also saying I'm spamming in every walkthrough guide thread is a complete lie, there is no truth to that at all.
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