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  1. From what I understand the JP version is using a completely different engine then what the Steam version is using and that makes it that much harder to work with from what I understand from this thread, meaning they can't just take the unaltered JP content and put it in the Steam version as the difference in engines makes that rather difficult. The Steam version is actually a port of the Switch version not PS4 (read the first post for this under Project Introduction) and I bought it on Steam and I can't say I ever encountered any lag or such issues as you're claiming it has and I read it to completion. Console version of games being ported to PC is nothing new and that doesn't make it half-assed as you claim.
  2. I'll definitely buy it through Nekonyan when it releases. I finished Senran Banka a long time ago.
  3. If I can tolerate waiting for both Amayui Castle Meister (progress unknown but not dead) and Gin'iro, Haruka (on Hiatus atm due to Trip being burned out) to finish being translated then I'll gladly wait for Aiyoku no Eustia to finish translating. Goes to show Stormwolf being negative in this thread was entirely unnecessary, no one agreed to his negative stance to begin with.
  4. Shaun

    Genshin impact

    I would say it's the player that sucks at using Amber and not Amber herself being useless and I could care less what most of the community thinks about it.
  5. Shaun

    Genshin impact

    Amber is by no means useless, imho none of the characters are useless.
  6. Shaun

    Genshin impact

    That never bothered me, I have no complaints at all with any part of Genshin Impact, also I have over 120 resin, it doesn't max out at 120. I keep getting items that restore 60 resin for free and can be used regardless of how much you have. That was a waste of my time to even read that wall of text, I gave up halfway through.
  7. Probably not the right place to ask this but what are EVN? I've actually never heard that term before until now and I wasn't aware of the blog until littleshogun posted in it (since I'm following him). I've even read over 100 visual novels so you would think I would of heard this term somewhere along the way but I haven't until now.
  8. You should look at the bottom and click on Editing and TLC (I already mentioned this about TLC in a post above), they aren't anywhere near done yet, full patch is unlikely to come out this year.
  9. Only two routes or chapters have been translated and released, the rest will come out when they finish translating the rest of it, side stories aren't done yet but even after that there is still editing and TLC which has hardly any progress on, we probably won't get the full patch this year. You should've checked the included URL that shows translation progress.
  10. What walkthrough guides have this? I've never read one that does, no walkthrough guides on Fuwanovel will ever have this information (it's never needed imho). Patches if provided by the publisher or developer should always be applied, you don't need a walkthrough guide to tell you that. When I find a walkthrough guide on Fuwanovel I need I copy the text to notepad and then copy it from there to MS Word and save it to my OneDrive so I can access it on my phone. Sorry, I should have responded when you originally replied, so pardon the late reply.
  11. Shaun

    Genshin impact

    From what I've heard this is actually based after The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, gameplay wise not story of course, there is even a Manga of it.
  12. Shaun

    Genshin impact

    Spending money on this game is completely optional, no part of the game requires you to spend any money, there is no grind and resources are easy to get, exploring is the main point of it imho. I'm already Adventure Rank 20 with the main character at level 40. I suggest you just try it out, the PC version that is, you'll have the most fun on PC.
  13. I'm sorry, what? I have never picked on anyone nor have I ever acted like a shitbag to anyone, you clearly don't know what you're talking about and you're clearly confusing me with someone else. You're the rude one here, all you're doing here is being disruptive and derailing the thread which is your fault.
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