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Found 164 results

  1. Hello, I'm planning on translating the visual novel Lucky Dog 1 to another language, and when searching the script file, I opened "LD1.scb" with the notepad and found that all the text was in there. I tried editing it with the notepad but no matter what encoding format I use when saving, even if I don't modify the text in there at all, when opening the game trough its executable "LD1.exe", an error pops up. I'm guessing editing with the notepad is out of the question for now, and i've searched all over about this script format file, but coudn't find any program to edit it. I know it is possible since there's a chinese patch out there, but i'm drawing a blank at how I can edit that file and keep it's original format/encode. Anyone can help me with this? Maybe I should edit something on the .exe executable to make it recognize the edited script? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello again! My question this time isn't a huge deal, I was just wondering if a tool like this exists. Since there are no spaces in Japanese, there is no need to implement a function into a VN to make sure that words aren't ripped apart when reaching the end of a line. Western languages are different though, and almost all western text programs automatically shift the entire word to the next line if the word is too long for that line. Can you add a function like that to a Japanese VN too? In case it matters, I'm translating "Saimin Class Wonderful" , which uses the EAGLS engine. If you can't do that, I'd have to space the lines manually, which works, of course, but would require more time and would still rip words apart depending on how long the player's name is, so it's not the best solution. Thanks for reading! iambobokay
  3. Hello, it's me again! Since this is another topic than my previous question, I posted it as such. If I should have just continued the other topic, please tell me. Anyway, my question: I've started translating and so far, everything works pretty good. My main problem is: The game crashes when I use certain symbols (e.g. " or ' and probably a few others as well) because it can't read them. So my guess is that I need to somehow insert those symbols into the game so that it can display them. Do I need to know hacking in order to do that? The other option would be to not use those symbols, but that would be limiting the translation quite a bit. Sorry if this is an easy question. Like I said, still learning. iambobokay
  4. First up, thanks to anyone reading this. I am fairly new to the world of translating VNs, but hopefully this can change soon enough. Now, my problem: I've decide to try and translate Saimin Class wonderful and am trying to get the script which has its own folder in the game files. Inside, there is a .pak file and an .idx file. I have tried mutiple methods so far (quickbms, online-services, 7zip) in order to open the file, but to no avail. Is there something else I need to pay attention to? Is it important that the game uses the EAGLS engine? Like I said, I'm rather new to this, so detailed explenations would be appreciated. Thank you in advance iambobokay
  5. Hello, I would like to ask some help regarding the .ks files found inside the .xp3 archive. I'm trying to translate an アパタイト game, and I did the following: 1) downloaded AE tools; 2) Extracted all the files inside "data.xp3" archive and looked for the .ks files in the "scenario" directory. The problems start here: firstly, I'm unable to directly read with notepad++ any .ks file (I fear it's encrypted, preventing me from directly reading its content), secondly, before making this thread asking for help, I looked on already existing ones, which pointed me to either xp3tools, krkrextract (which I don't know how to build/compile since I'm ignorant on the matter), or sacanawarapper. Unfortunately both xp3tools and sacanawarapper did not work for me (sacanawarapper deliver me a .txt file, but with illegible content). So, as a last resort measure I did the following: On AE tools, under data tools, by using the bruteforce bytes feature + XOR mode, I was able to make readable some .ks files (i'm still in the process of making all the rest readable, which is quite time consuming). Long story short, what I would like to know is: Am I wasting time by doing bruteforce + XOR mode? Is there a faster and simpler way to retrieve the text inside each .ks files? Hope for anyone willing to help this newbie wannabe translator, any help is appreciated.
  6. Good evening people! I am currently translating Demonbane into portuguese, and unfortunately it uses Shift-Jis in all of the text. And this coding does not accept any of the special characters my language has (ç, á, à, ê, ã, etc). I have already been told I can modify a font to make another character Shift-Jis accepts to look like one of the special ones above. Demonbane also lets me change the font in one of its 'sys' files. Well, the thing is I managed (at least I think I did) to change a few characters to look like the ones I need. I saved the modified font, instaled it and set it in Demonbane configs. But it simply does not work. I used FontForge to do it. Can anyone give me any tips on how to do this? Edit: Oh, I tried changing characters in MS Gothic, the game's original font, and also Meiryo, which is pretty much the same as MS Gothic, but none of them worked.
  7. Good afternoon, my dear VN readers/translators. I am not too cocky to actually call what I am doing a real translation project of sorts, but please bear with me for a few minutes of your time. I am messing around with nss files, containing the scripts for Demonbane, JAST USA version. My mother language is portuguese, and we do have acute accents, cedillas, tildes on top of vogals, and circumflex accents (in order: é, ç, ã, ê). I am no programmer, but I learn fast. While I was able to extract nss files from the nss.npa, change the english text to portuguese, and recompile it back into nss.npa, all these characters simply disappear. Here's an example: Lets say, the word "Operação" becomes just "Operacao" in the game. I am editing the nss files using Notepad++, BTW I believe french has almost all of these special characters, but I am at a loss on what to do to make those characters appear, since I already tried formatting the nss to OEM 863: French, to no avail. Thanks in advance to whoever bothers to anwer this humble thread of mine.
  8. Hello, how are you? I hope I'm not writing in the wrong section xd Anyway, I'll go straight to the point, a few weeks ago I acquired the game "Mirror" in steam and the truth that I liked enough despite how simple it is. This is why I wanted to translate the same to my native language, which is spanish, and that is why I went by someone's advice to this forum. The question is what is in the title of the thread, I would like to know if anyone could guide me on how or what program I need to extract the texts of this game, below I leave a screenshot of the files of it, anything else that need, please don't hesitate to let me know. Thank you very much already! Screenshot
  9. Think i put this post in the wrong section xD, youshh!! .... So ive been thinking about this for the last few years Q.Q (Sorry in advanced) about translating Maji de watashi ni koi shinasai A-4. Im a bit scared that majitranslation might not translate A-4 because, a lot of people didnt really like the characters v.v, but im willing to translate it ^w^.... so now to the point, Is there anyone that could help me with hacking the game so i can edit the script files? BC i have no clue how to start that... owo message me if interested! :3
  10. Which one is correct in terms of perspective and other aspects need to be concerned for background? Or maybe neither? There will be two sprites showing on the left and right side of the picture. Thank you! *Sprites example: *Notes : I didn't draw these myself. It is a commission I paid for my game.
  11. I've wanted to try my hand at editing for quite a while, and have worked on a few minor projects, but I've hit a roadblock where I feel I need experience but am too inexperienced to solely edit a full-on fan translation or what have you without compromising the quality of the project. I was originally made aware of Fuwanovel's existence after stumbling upon Darbury and later Fred's blogs while searching for resources to learn editing specific to the visual novel medium. Although extremely helpful, I found that they tended to focus on rather specific subjects rather than anything comprehensive or general (not criticising, mind, I don't expect an encyclopedia from a blog post). Anyway, I'm curious for suggestions/advice on how to proceed, whether it be directing me or simply a motivational "Zander ya idiot just work on a project smh". Thank you very much in advance!
  12. I want to translate Baku Ane, and its sequel. I've been looking for the tools to extract the scripts. Can anybody help me, or give me a general idea of what to do?
  13. Hey, I'm sorry for posting this, but I want to get more into VNs and the VN community- And I sort of want to start by learning Japanese? If a VN looks cool, but hasn't been translated into English, then... I'm screwed, haha- And obviously, it would be amazing if I could read and play untranslated VNS. And if I could get to a good enough level, I hope I could try and contribute to translating VNs in the future? Not anytime soon of course, but I would like to. I have no idea how to even get started, though- Again, I'm sorry for posting this, everyone have a lovely day
  14. Hello, I don't know if I should write this here... Ehm, the point is... I'd like to extract Honeycomb Bingo Deluxe's and Umisen Yamasen's, both bara novels (Muscular BL), scripts but I'm unable to do so because I don't have enough knowledge. My main problem is the encryption in both of these games. Honeycomb Bingo Deluxe is a 2008 Kirikiri VN with a *.tpm encryption. Whenever I try to extract the files inside, out of 19,193 I always get around 18,500 files. This is done with: KrkrExtract, kiri_sm.exe and GARbro. Most of them are the images. KS files, a few have few lines, but I believe those are for events, rather the main files and the configuration files. Because of the year it was published, I don't think it's the new kirikiriZ engine, so I guess I'm safe from that devil (which I've read is a nuisance). But the encryption. The damn encryption it's nowhere to be found... yet. Basing myself out of this comment made by morkt in May, I believe the encryption for this game is only a filter. And although I've tried to follow his steps on to how to get there, I don't really see any patterns in the HEX viewers... Not even found the Function he talks about in the DLL, using Dependency walker... But it seems easy, or at least that's how he paints it. There's also Marcusacana's posts in LionCash's Github, he removed or at least got the hands on a clean extraction of Nekopara's script. But I haven't contacted him on how he did it. Umisen Yamasen, in the other hand, is a FamousWriter0191 VN. The SDK is lost, I couldn't find anything of it... not even the SDK or manuals... Instead, I found some extraction tools for FamousWriter0310 made by lennylxx for Handsome Academy. When I tried to use them, well, I got hit immediately by a wall. I didn't even knew which way to divide the src.fwd file. And so I asked. Which let me even further. I divided in six parts, and I was able to distinguish the offsets. And I was even able to parse out the voice file list, which got me excited! But when I had to parse the file... Well... nothing good happened. The parse.exe would hang and it'd create a bigger and bigger file. Thinking that maybe I had mistakenly compiled the .cpp, I remembered Hatoful Boyfriend was made in the same engine, and sadly (for me) the same version. So when I tried to run the parse.exe with the trial src.fwd it worked, without problems! (Or it seems, I think the scripts are aren't really complete... But I don't really know, I haven't read Hatoful or Handsome). And now, well, I can't get past this encryption either because even though I know where the scenario file starts... I don't know what's the offset, padding, encryption key, etc. And so, I made this post because I wanted some help. I wanted someone to do it, or help me do it, teach me how to... I even tried reading both of Nakamura's articles about visual novel hacking. But I couldn't really follow it, not even for the simple UmiYama VN. I got to the part of entities, but because the src.fwd file is encrypted I didn't saw anything he did, all I saw was gibberish, and got stuck. I'm still trying, but without a real sense of direction... I don't know what steps to take... That's why I want some help. Thank you for reading.
  15. Biggest Goof Up Ever

    Hey guys I just had the most embarrassing mistake ever and I just wanted to get it off my chest with fellow game devs! So what happened was I had a very old beta test demo like three months ago and I deleted it and I also deleted it off my Dropbox account. Today I had my demo release and someone does a let's play on youtube and it's that old file that I swear had been deleted and I have no clue how it came back. I had to ask the youtuber to take down his vid and apologized profusely and offered him a free game. Now 22 people have the incorrect copy and I'm just so embarrassed and ashamed. We did post alerts that the copy is wrong and uploaded the correct demo but I'm scared the people who have downloaded it won't see. This is the first game I ever made so I'm hoping people won't be too mad but it's definitely making me feel super bad and sad and I didn't really know who to talk about it to so I made this post. Would anyone else like to share one of their biggest goof ups or tell me that everything's going to be ok. Because I'd really appreciate that. I feel like crazy awful at the moment and I'm hoping it passes soon. X(
  16. Promotional Posts for Visual Novel Projects

    Hi there! I see amazing posts on our forums and lemma soft's forums with these beautiful pictures that lead to links and I'd really like to know how to do that as well. For example, a lot of posts promoting their projects have a button that says "Support our Kickstarter" or "Download Our Demo." Does anyone know how I could do that? Also, I've seen the same thing on reddit which I have no clue how they did that because everytime I Google how to do those things it always says you can only post direct links from imgur. But if anyone knows how to do the same buttons for reddit or even how to make pictures show up in reddit, I'd really appreciate the help. Also, this is going to make me sound really dumb but does the tag [BxG] mean boy and girl? I've also seen [GxB] and I'm like... is that different? Lol thanks for the help!
  17. Topic closed

    Case closed.
  18. .omv

    I want to translate a movie in Harmonia. I used Omv2Avi to extract the .omv file into .avi, but instead .avi, it changed into .ogg, which is a music file. Does anyone know any other tools that can extract the .omv files into .avi and how to retract it back to .omv? Thanks.
  19. Marketing Questions & Development Frustrations

    Hi everyone! I'm an indie developer of a murder mystery visual novel and boy have I been learning so much about social media marketing and realizing how little I know. It is my first visual novel after all so I did expect some bums in the road. I'm in a bit of a slow development period because I'm a full time college student and so is my artist. I decided to use this chance to create background images (I actually do those my artist does characters and gui) and so far that's going a lot faster than I imagined so I'm super stoked about that! But I also decided to make a wordpress blog and create a whole bunch of social media accounts and keeping up with them isn't the hard part. It's figuring out what kind of content people would like to see. Especially because I'm at a point where I could release a demo if I had the character sprites but I don't and I'm like ah! I really want to show off my demo and spread the cute characters and funny story I have but I can't. I'm doing character spotlights now and in the near future i'll be posting about game mechanics such as how to solve a case since my game is about being a detective. I suppose I'm wondering what other kinds of content could I produce for marketing purposes while I'm waiting for my demo to come out? And how do I stay positive with such a low follower count and low engagement with the community? Also, if anyone has like a good amount of followers on any social media site, how long did it take to get to like 100 or 1000 followers? Thanks so much for reading this crazy long post haha. Any help is appreciated!
  20. Hello everyone, I'm trying to translate Irotoridori no Sekai into Vietnamese using the same method I used to translate Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a Shooting Star-. But I got stucked in the font selection in Options. There is no font to choose according to this picture. The font list is chooseable in Hoshizora no Memoria Can you guy help me solve the problem? I'm new here so tell me if i'm wrong. Thanks in advance.
  21. Hey what is up guys! My name is Stone and i am a visual novel creator. Currently i am looking for a character design artist for our upcoming visual novel. We do Pay you per character design. If you are intrested please reply to this post or email me at simplyappproductions@gmail.com THANKS FOR READING!
  22. Hey guys, im trying to translate the game Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa wo Hirogete but obviously got some problems with it. So, here's what i've already done : 1. I've extracted RIO.arc and got files i needed (there were 161 files) 2. Then i used a special japanese tool that decrypts and converts files to .txt and i noticed only 100 of them , why's that?? Where are the rest of them? And how to make the game read changed files? For example i've finished the translation but these .txt file should become .ws2 back. Also , how do I make the game change the font so the text in the game can be cyrillic? Will be grateful for your help!!
  23. no script file

    i want to translate Shuumatsu Shoujo no Gensou Alicematic, so i used crass to extract data, but i couldn't see anything seems like script files, and i don't think i can find any other files except for the two files i extracted. in data.bin are some OGG files, and in alice.bin, there're some files which i can't tell if they are scripts or not. aclice.bin: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6_wytnUcNvbclc2aTYzeDdMelU
  24. Hello, So, first of all I am a French guy and I have a lot of trouble with English, I'm really sorry about that. I absolutely didn't follow what happened over all these years. From what I understood those who were involved in the translation joined MangaGamer, in partnership with AliceSoft, but could someone summarize all of this? AliceSoft are the owners and producers right ? Who is MangaGamer exactly ? Why there is no more translation for this game and the 9th', ? Will it be one day? Is it a conflict against English fans? I really do not understand anything, It's hard to me to find informations and understand all of this. Thank you, hope you can help me.
  25. あるいは恋という名の魔法 - Arui wa Koi to Iu Na no Mahou (Translation Project) ================================================== VNDB - https://vndb.org/v21121 Engine - 2XT - Pencil Adventure Engine ( [PJADV] Trial Edition Download on Mail Cloud or Getchu ================================================== Hello, guys! I need your help for engine work to paste the text and adapt trial version. I translated the whole demo version (in Russian), and I really don't know how to paste the text. I used arc_conv for extracting data, but it helps only for graphics and music, can't extract the scenario and translated it with separate text file with VNR extracting. I can't find anything on that site about Pencil Adventure Engine (PJADV). Seems like no one to work with that. Can anyone help me with that? Don't want to paste the translation with VNR. That's not good. Thank you very much! I know that trial version includes more that 5000 lines of text, I made a scenario file of that (not included H-scenes). You can download that and check, as a proof. Thanks again!