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  1. I literally found out about this an hour ago browsing through the Nintendo eShop when I came a crossed it in the store lol. I'm hyped as hell and most definitely purchasing it when I get money. My all time favorite VN is finally getting some well deserved time to shine here in the US lately. I'm hoping it gets popular enough to come to PS4 too lol. I'll post the link if anyone wants to read it. Little Busters! Nintendo Switch Page
  2. PS5 Details Drop Tomorrow!

  3. PS5 Details Drop Tomorrow!

    I just found this out literally 5 minutes ago, so what are you guys expecting to see? I'll leave a link to the Twitter post below. Juicy PlayStation 5 News Live Stream
  4. Anime Summer List of 2020

    Seems like it dropped early again, but as always they're subjected to change over time as Summer gets closer so have a look! Summer 2020 Anime List
  5. (Request) Senren Banka

    Question. is this a VN that you can go in any order you want in terms of main routes?
  6. Summer Pockets is here!

    I wish someone could gift it to me on Steam, Being poor sucks haha.
  7. [REQUEST] Summer Pocket Walkthrough

    Looking over the translated guide it seems easy but I'd still go ahead and put a walkthrough of it on here just so it would be an easier Google search for everyone plus it's give us more traffic flow and help us grow.
  8. The brilliant visual novel done by Key is out and I found a guide for it to go with it for someone to translate and put suggested route orders on here ASAP because I would like to get into to this right away lol. This here is the untranslated guide! idk how much time it'll take to translate but hopefully it can be done soon. Thanks for the help!
  9. Birthday thread

    Thank you so much!
  10. Spring Anime List of 2020

    Well it's already out so have a look and see if anything catches your eyes, I took a quick glance and it might have promise so here's hoping lol. Anime Spring List of 2020
  11. New Year Resolutions?

    Two that I can think of is trying to go back ACT prep for College and try learning how to drive.
  12. Hello, not sure if I'm in the right section for this but I've noticed a few untranslated parts noticeably in the one part with Maiki's map selections and texts overlapping with each other. So I was wondering if anyone could maybe get in touch with Peasoft or whoever worked on it to see if they can release a bug fix. Or maybe someone here would be willing to lend a hand witha repair fix. Thanks for reading and helping this VN grow.
  13. Lamunation Release

    Is there a walkthrough for this or is it hard to get into a route?
  14. I made this so we can make a guide if needed, This vn snuck up on me and I can't find a walkthrough so I didn't know if there's common choices or if you just pick a Heroine. Anyway thanks in advance and hopefully we can make a guide and fix the bugs I've been hearing about.
  15. A little late finding out this released several days ago and I managed to find a walkthrough on Steam that I'm posting a link to for anyone who's willing to make a more simplified walkthrough because just at quick glance it's confusing. Thanks in advance! Amatarasu Riddle Star Walkthrough