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  1. I made this so we can make a guide if needed, This vn snuck up on me and I can't find a walkthrough so I didn't know if there's common choices or if you just pick a Heroine. Anyway thanks in advance and hopefully we can make a guide and fix the bugs I've been hearing about.
  2. A little late finding out this released several days ago and I managed to find a walkthrough on Steam that I'm posting a link to for anyone who's willing to make a more simplified walkthrough because just at quick glance it's confusing. Thanks in advance! Amatarasu Riddle Star Walkthrough
  3. Anime Winter List of 2019/2020

    Seems like they drop earlier and ealier lol. Decided to post it but keep in mind that it might update more by the end of December. Let's see what we have in store for the winter, I'll be keeping my eye on that new My Hero Academia Movie but other than that nothing really jumps out at me at the current post nut I will post a new link in this thread if it updates so be sure to follow to stay updated. ANIME WINTER LIST of 2019/2020
  4. Okay HUGE update. I found the guide so I'll leave it here for someone to format it. Aokana -Four Rhythms Across the Blue- Walkthrough
  5. Just posted this to see if anyone is working on a guide and how close it is to being done. Been wanting to play this VN for years lol.
  6. I couldn't find a walkthrough but I figured I'd go ahead and get a request ready for those who are wanting to know how to unlock specific routes. Thanks in advance!
  7. I thought this would be a fun topic to start to see what you guys are wanting to see continuations of and what not. Btw to make it more fun let's count seeing reboots of series into the mix. As for my choices: Accel World, Mahou Sensei Negima! (REBOOT PLZ!), The World God Only Knows Final Season, Sora no Otoshimono (Complete Final Season Plz!). That's all I could think of off the top of my head but if I remember anymore I'll be sure to post them here. I think this thread is going to be fun! ^^
  8. Fall Anime List of 2019 (UPDATED)

    I wish they would do Accel World S2 already, I've been wanting a continuation on that but I hear it's dead sadly.
  9. Fall Anime List of 2019 (UPDATED)

    There's another Detective Conan Movie coming out, I still need to read the manga to get caught up but I feel like it'll never end but I also hear that it's getting towards the end game so my plan is to benge read the entire thing once it's complete.
  10. Fall Anime List of 2019 (UPDATED)

    Yeah, I never watched it but even I thought the series was done. Could be another thing they're trying to milk the cash cow with. I tried watching Psycho-pass but for some reason I just couldn't get into it. Maybe my taste in anime weird lol.
  11. I noticed a few new ones were added so I decided to make an update post, Let me know if you find anything interesting in watching. Anime Fall List Lineup of 2019 I'm really excited for My Hero Academia S4, Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai!, and maybe if I can get caught up with the series SAO. I like hearing what you guys are excited to see so I hope you have fun discussing things! ^^
  12. I just wanted to start one because I can't find a guide anywhere and didn't know if it's complicated to get into a route in this eroge. I'd appreciate it someone could help out because this is my first harem VN Eroge lol.
  13. Original source can be found here I just copied and pasted what I found, the professionals can fix it up better than I could. Enjoy! This is a walkthrough for the English edition of the Trinoline visual novel by minori and Mangagamer. Also available in an all-ages edition over at Steam. There are not many choices available in Trinoline, but you can use this guide to see what choice leads to which girl. There are 3 heroines (Shirone, Yuuri, Sara) available for you. You’ll only need 1 save slot, and you’ll also unlock all CGs. Notes: This guide was made with the adult version (or adult patch installed), but it should work for the all-ages edition as well. Shirone * Stay true to my feelings (Won’t show until you finish the first 2 heroines first) Save Slot 1 Sleep in my room (Only if you went for Yuuri first) Yuuri Load Slot 1 Sleep in my room (Only if you went for Shirone first) Sara (Available after finishing the 2 above) Start (Continue or the beginning) Hear Sara’s thoughts (Only if you start from the beginning)
  14. [REQUEST] Yotsunoha

    yeah seems pretty easy when he put it that way.
  15. [REQUEST] Yotsunoha

    So I couldn't find anywhere that had a walkthrough so I figured I'd just start this thread so people can start constructing a guide. I seen pictures on it on vndb and it it had a map function so I didn't know if it meant something. I'd appreciate it if this site could make a guide for this VN because from I was finding no one has made a guide yet. Thanks in advance.