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  1. I've been rewatching Maison Ikkoku lately.
  2. This just came out and I was wondering if there's any trick to this or if I'll miss any CGs or if there's a certain order to follow.
  3. It's officially here the winter anime list that goes into next year. Have fun finding new year resolutions to watch lol. Winter Anime List of 2022
  4. Just need to know if there anything special to get into routes as far as choices and how complicated it is.
  5. Couldn't find anything so I was just wondering if getting into specific routes were difficult?
  6. Was bored and decided to see who sides with which pouch drinks from your childhood and still to this day as an adult. So I want to see who wins.
  7. I'm currently playing Tales of Arise on PS5. Enjoyable ride so far.
  8. It's out and I gotta say nothing really sticks out to me, a few anime movies look neat but that's about it. Hopefully everyone else finds something in this list to watch as winter creeps it's way back. Fall Anime List of 2021
  9. I did find this on OtakuLair if anyone wants to make an official guide on here. Kinkoi: Golden Loveriche Walkthrough
  10. Found this came out at the crack ass of dawn and thought I'd get started in case a walkthrough is needed.
  11. I actually decided to sit down and start watching the Cross Game anime, heard good things about it so I figured why not.
  12. It's funny how you can enjoy a anime you thought was going to suck just by reading the summary of it and looking at the genre listings. I guess it's like the old saying goes, "Don't judge a book by it's cover." That's kinda how I felt when I watched Ushio & Tora the first time thinking it just a quick shounen made into a anime but by the end of it I genuinely liked the characters and how the romance was built up. Same can be said about Eyeshield 21 and Cross Games, I generally don't like sport animes but those 2 stuck out to me.
  13. Summer is approaching and the list is out! Seems to have hope so far but we'll see if it updates anymore until June. Summer Anime List of 2021
  14. Been meaning to post this and has a few series where I think are in their final season. There's going to be One Piece that I argue is possibly wrap up by the beginning of 2022, My Hero Academia might wrap up by Season 6 or 7 depends though, I'm excited for Eden Zero but I might wait until the season is done so I can marathon it. The only anime movie I might watch is the new Detective Conan Movie but I just wish the series would wrap up already. Those are my thoughts I just leave the link for you all to look at below. Spring Anime List of 2021
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