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  1. good, but are we then going to focus on the original game? Been really wanting to play that.
  2. Found the walkthrough today so hopefully this helps Newton and the Apple Tree
  3. Fall Anime List 2018

    I might give FLCL Alternative a try and few others. I'm excited for Fairy Tail Finale hopefully the anime gives better detail than the manga ending.
  4. Fall Anime List 2018

    Sorry for being late to post this but I found the list up already so here it is. Fall Anime List of 2018 Have fun with the discussion!
  5. Haha I am, just waiting patiently.
  6. I personally would like to see the original VN be translated first. Been waiting a long time for it lool.
  7. [Key] Summer Pockets

    Yeah, I'll probably have to be patient although I'm still waiting in the Angel Beats! VN to be translated.
  8. [Key] Summer Pockets

    So Key just released a new Visual Novel called "Summer Pockets" and I was wondering if anybody is going to take up the task of translating the VN? I'm a really big fan of Key and I was wondering if anyone was working on it? Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place or if it's already been posted something like this one. I'll leave a link to what's it about from VNDB: Summer Pockets
  9. Maitetsu Walkthrough

    Oh my bad I thought this vn just came out and I didn't see it on the walkthrough section. my apologize.
  10. Maitetsu Walkthrough

    I found this today, I don't really get this setup so maybe someone can make it more detailed than I can. Walkthrough
  11. Yeah I understand, I figured out each characters names by going into the settings I'm getting ready to play through it myself.
  12. Images are broken. And by the way I found this if it helps any: what looks like a updated walkthrough
  13. Summer Anime List 2018

    I've heard that One Punch Man might be coming this summer or fall season so hopefully its true.
  14. Summer Anime List 2018

    Sorry for being late, I was without a PC for a few weeks. Summer Anime List of 2018
  15. I'm just wondering if it's just me or not because when I open the game and wait for the opening to play and when it does the opening cutscene starts getting choppy, music plays fine but the pictures get stuck on some parts. I just didn't know if this vn still has bugs or not.