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  1. It's annoying, but i think real life itself is just a collection of meaningless choices
  2. we can take this analysis a step further by seeing that in this case, the tsunderes are actually being portrayed as weak. i think there's another key aspect to this in that the brutalization is always portrayed as a joke-their "abuse" actually isn't a big deal or worth taking seriously. there are a lot of reasons why this could be the case (e.g., double standards with gender in regards to abuse), but regardless of these reasons, we can see a trend in which the focus is on the tsundere's violence being "broken down" and revealing her deredere side due to the mc's influence over her. the satisfaction comes from the fact that the tsundere's development is entirely based around pleasing the ego of the mc (for being nice) and fulfilling the fantasy of a girl who hates you secretly being deeply in love with you. in a way, the physical violence could be a flanderized way of representing that. essentially, no matter how vicious the tsundere is, she will always be "tamed" by the mc in the end. this also isn't just a thing in japanese media btw, the idea of an aggressive or defensive woman eventually being made submissive due to the influence of a male mc is a pretty common trope throughout the world (hence my use of the word "taming", like in shakespeare's taming of the shrew). this is is mostly an aside, but i also think it's curious how yanderes rarely ever get the same flak despite being just as, if not more abusive. a part of me thinks it has to do with the fact that the more visibly unpleasant aspects seen in tsunderes (violence towards the mc for example) are not as readily apparent. yanderes are automatically said to construct their entire egos and motivations around the mc, so they do more to immediately serve the mc's interests. this video does a pretty good job analyzing the narrative roles of tsunderes imo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBtu5oEM1Tg
  3. used to use vnr, now use textractor. i personally prefer textractor, though i can agree that the actual translation aspect of it can be wonky at times. it's always fun to see the kind of goofy shit that gets put out when you're trying to read a vn:
  4. Some men think about the problems plaguing philosophy, the natural sciences, and the lessons of history, and some think about fictional girls' pubes
  5. ngl i've always been really tempted to try translating the dasaku games, but my japanese isn't that great yet
  6. the real question is, when the hell is madosoft going to produce a meta vn where it turns out all the heroines are the same people being reincarnated into different games
  7. I highly recommend anyone who likes Katawa Shoujo to check out the development blog. It made the experience of playing the game a lot more enjoyable and interesting.
  8. yup, several times. recently tried a clean boot and it still doesn't work.
  9. so i got the game, unfortunately i can't install: "the application was unable to start 0xc00007b". tried a number of things such as restarting, running as admin, running in all available compatibility modes, updating, reinstalling and updating directx (including 9c), scanning the disk (no errors), installing aio package, installing all versions of microsoft visual c++, reinstalling the net framework. still doesn't work. i might be fucked at this point, but i'll keep trying.
  10. i've been hyped af for this shit, i've been wanting to play this in english for a few years.
  11. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/04/03/science/coronavirus-genome-bad-news-wrapped-in-protein.html?utm_source=pocket-newtab might be worth checking out some of the original studies to get a more in-depth understanding
  12. Asmodeus visits me in my dreams and tells me which vn to play next
  13. i mean, i can see why people would be ashamed of liking them. most h scenes just suck. they would probably be a lot better if they were written by people who've actually had sex before.
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