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  1. Different art style, but the general aesthetic of her human facade is similar, as is her clothing choice (though she's a bit less moe and bit more seductive now). She's going to be allied with the protagonists, and you'll get to learn a bit more about her backstory and her species origin, something that was overlooked in the original VN, but the Lovecraft Connection will be cemented.
  2. We can confirm that Saya was never really 2d, she was more a product of multi-dimensional curved and angled space erupting from the centre of blaspemous chaos where dark flutes and drums play and keep that old ultimate of daemon sultan at rest.
  3. Hey, at least you get to choose your own name here, my parents didnt give me that option :-( Wait, you mean parents DONT let you choose your own name? WHAT?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!? I GOT RIPPED OFF!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Coming in 1985 to all 3 major personal home computer system formats!
  5. The main dev in our team is in his early 40's and his 'waifus' are Saya, Lena (Everlasting Summer) and Cassidy Solaris (from our stuff - he created her after all). Nothing weird about it, it's just him being him
  6. I mean it's no different than the cliche 'Bad guy explains everything when he has the character tied up' of James Bond, Batman, etc xD
  7. That infodump really wasn't that critical, it sort of set up the mythos in general. The deeper stuff is found through the pieces of the ARG that we've sprinkled around the internet and the various micro-vn's. Check out big.mozello.com to peek in the rabbit hole ;-)
  8. We've been doing that with worldbuilding, though it's taken the form of a big A.R.G. with cryptic/disturbing videos, a webpage with cryptic messages and links, and connected itch.io accounts to other 'partners' spread around the internet, all of which give hints to the metaplot of the bigger story that is coming up in the next few VN's.
  9. As you had previously mentioned, Arcane City: Lyn;Lin used an infodump at the end of the story. There's a specific reason behind it though and it's setting up a future project. Prologue Infodumping seems weird to me though as it would sort of spoil the universe from the get-go
  10. Ahhh...... but it waits to do that until the end, and this VN is connected to 'Through the Gates of the Silver Key' , which itself did some of those infodumps and explained mythos elements, for the first time in the history of Lovecraft's writing It's meant to combine the two sides of that coin - dread and explanation of the Universe... a bit more of the Science Fiction aspect of things. Then at the very end with what you find out about the narrator (Lynthenea) and the person she's talking to, it kind of flips things into sadistic horror mode. We were initially going to have a guest cameo by Randolph Carter himself but didn't want to derail the storyline from Caleeca. Thanks for the welcome!!!!!!!!!
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