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  1. Thanks for the greeting. I mostly use my channel to upload OSTs and content from games I like or that i'm interesed in.
  2. As many have mentioned earlier, you might want to release a partial patch or post samples of the script to clear up any misconceptions or doubts lingering around the air, especially considering the time and effort you've put into it. In any case, good luck on the project.
  3. Hi, everyone. Although I created this account last year, I guess you could say I'm new as well. I just didn't bother to use it until now. I speak Spanish, English and Japanese (I only started studying two years ago though, so i'm not THAT good yet) and although I technically started playing visual novels in 2014, I only started to gain more interest in the medium around 2019. Some of my favorite visual novels are Sakura no Uta, Kara no Shoujo, Totono, Danganronpa V3, Muv-Luv, Chaos;Child, SubaHibi and Sumaga. I'm also playing Muramasa right now and it's very good as well. I really like onee-san or senpai type heroines, my favorite genres would be Utsuge and Denpa and I'm a big fan of Nitroplus and Makura's catalogue. I'm interesed in Innocent Grey, Leaf and Liarsoft as well. My current favorite artists are NamanikuATK, Sugina Miki, Motoyon, Inugami Kira, Ooishi Ryuuko and Kannuki Yoake/Amamura Kekka. I do a few translation/QC things from time to time, as well as image and video editing (Mostly subtitles and/or karaokes). I also draw sometimes, although I haven't done so recently.
  4. Nice to see these type of projects for older games. Hopefully it goes well. Y como dijo el de arriba, si se necesita ayuda con edición de imágenes o subtítulos/karaokes para algún video, avísame y sería un gusto colaborar en lo posible.
  5. This isn't going anywhere and is heating up for a fight so i'll just drop it here. I respect your opinion and i only disagree on the thought that it should have a "warning"
  6. You're taking this too seriously for some reason. It's just a game so chill. No, it does not need a warning. The only thing that comes out of this is minsinformation and spoiling the game so like, be a bit more subtle at least. Also to be fair, absolutely NO ONE cares about that last part and those cases are pretty much rare. I could name a lot of other highly praised games that have that exact same content and even worse in fact. Anyways, no need to start up a fight for this. Simply don't spoil the game for other people (or at least tag it)
  7. Except this game is MUCH different than DDLC aside of like one single thing/gimmick. It's NOT the same experience.
  8. Its just a 10 minutes scene tbh. Also please don't spoil the game for others.
  9. Its a bit complicated to explain because spoilers but it's pretty much 50/50. Honestly, if you really want to play this, go ahead.
  10. Totono has more to it than just the gimmick. Its not even that much like DDLC in the first place. To be fair that one part is not even that bad as some people might think. People think it's really bad and that it might ruin the experience but it's not even all that enraging. Other highly praised VNs had that exact same content and much worse in fact. It's still a pure love story and just because it has midly "problematic" or polarizing content it doesn't mean that its not that good. Oh yeah, there's definitely a Muramasa video in there and probably a Sumaga one too.
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