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  1. About being a translator.

    What is a "Translator"?
  2. Any Virtual Youtubers you are watching?

  3. What is the best looking visual novel?

    Hatsukoi, Koi choco, Dal segno, Naruto.
  4. New admin here. How do i ban everyone?

    I want to be the modder of mod mod's
  5. New admin here. How do i ban everyone?

    Can i get mod already? I have a gang and everything
  6. I'll suck your bottom babe
  7. Great server overall, no Nazi mods.
  8. You should post Hitler pics
  9. I always wanted to mod something... I saw people doing it and it seemed like an okey roll in any community, but then something really opened my eyes... Mod=Power. This thread is for you, yes, YOU. That insignificant human being that wants to open it's wings and fly to it's dreams, just talk about it here, I'll listen to you. We'll listen to each other. Mods have power, they see something they don't like or do not approve and they can mute you, give you warning points *Cough*, and even ban you. I want power, right now I'm the one that is getting warning points, suspended and... it just doesn't feel right, i want to be able to control anyone that hurts me... anyone that talks shit to me or that doesn't have the same opinion as me. I want to be able to control people and make them shut the hell up if i don't like them *Cough* @Chewy... I want to be the one that controls the situation... But here i am, an indefense human being that shitposts, memes and posts Hitler pics, I'm just hidding in my little shell without doing anything of my life, can't get a job, can't get a girlfriend, not going to be succesful. This is why, i wanted to make this thread, to take it all out on you people that i would probably ban if i had the chance, I love you.
  10. Hello World ~

    Hello, welcome to this place, i guess, lmao
  11. Hi friends

  12. Opinions on the current visual novel fanbase/community?

    This is getting spooky... yikes