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  1. I recommend Koi choco
  2. Hey c:
  3. Welcome to my life.
  4. Welcome to Love
  5. Hi
  6. Welcome Duckers ( It sounded funny so I might call you like that, if you don't mind )
  7. Welcome to your doom!
  8. Welcome to fuwa. Yes.
  9. Welcome, i'm the first one greeting you... So. HURRAYYYY! I'm also new in fuwa, and my English is not perfect at all, so we are kind of like buddies? Friends? Siblings? (Lovers)
  10. If I were you I would be prepared for 1 month of Isolation, a lot of VN's and anime, Some popcorn, Ice cream, And some lotion Seriously now. I would stay In my house, But the other users have good points as well, It's up to you understanding all the options we can give you, and think of any possibilities with your actual situation and make a decision from it. Stay strong.
  11. Hi
  12. I'll make sure to check it out... And also, you gotta help me catch up on the lion king songs
  13. Hey Everyone! I'm starting an account on fuwa so I can share my interests with you guys, if you have any recommendations I would be happy to hear them, See ya around the forum, I guess.