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  1. Usually in Windows game, you press Alt + Enter to switch between two modes That works with many games I know of
  2. There's no true end in ESG. Some characters from previous ES show up but they're not involved in the story. Once you beat the final battle, the story ends.
  3. I did a filtered-search in vndb, and found just two : Trap Shrine, Trap Legend, they are both available on Steam.
  4. yeh, I kinda understand that :v many VNs, Animes these days usually have types of scenes: "Walk into room at the wrong time" "Would you like dinner ? a bath ? or ... me ?" It's so overused that I no longer think that it's funny anymore.
  5. Incest (lol i didn't read the title carefully) the only small detail that I hate is the weird animation from Cherry Kiss Game.
  6. Have you tried searching by multiple tags ? Put tags on search bar like: futanari schoolgirl lesbian then search ? also: [futanari = chick with dick]
  7. I recommend taking a look at webtoons.com. I'm currently reading Deor and The Witch and The Bull
  8. Maybe something like this (maybe not) Well, I'm not sure about your request. Could you give me more detail ?
  9. @JaJa1604 wow, you are like the psychology prof from my class. LoL Well, I think there's just 1 reason: Some ppl just like seeing other ppl suffer. There're ppl who love wholesome (& boring) stuff like me, so ofc there must be someone at the opposite side. Just like 2 faces of a coin.
  10. Love Esquire - This one is hilarious, the english dub is pretty good btw
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