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  1. Hey hey people ...
  2. droganpc

    Mori Calliope

    Same person, but it seems like people prefer some juicy thighs over a pretty cute face . Well, ME TOO !
  3. The last video I watched a Japanese speaking English was Pewdiepie reacting to Kizuna AI's Hej Monika cover A High School Idol whhhaat ...
  4. now that I remembered, there's an old thread where people discussing 'fucked up VNs', and someone mentioned Dustmania, can't believe what I've found. Seems like these things only exist in the realm of VNs. Actually vndb.org has the most detailed tags system regarding sexual content.
  5. I mean just look at the pictures on their vndb page, or just some first pictures of these VNs on Google, it's disturbing enough for me. I actually watched about half of Euphoria's first anime episode, because the confinement setting really piqued my interest.
  6. Euphoria, Maggot Baits, Starless ... these games make me sick
  7. This (f95zone Top Recommendation thread ) and this and this I never play these games so I don't know much P.S: I assume that you only want translated titles Q: Did you mean Netorare ?
  8. The second half is not as entertaining as first one. Is that so ? Look promising.
  9. That's not ... what I really expect from a VN (still a good bonus though lol )
  10. droganpc

    Gawr Gura

    Somehow I feel weird while watching her debut video The voice acting and on-screen character don't match each other at all ! On the other hand, Kizuna Ai's Hej Monika is just too wholesome ...
  11. droganpc

    Gawr Gura

    What ? I made that up (since I believe that how age works in anime LOL) so she's really 9000 years old
  12. droganpc

    Gawr Gura

    Don't let her cute loli face fool you ! She's secretly a vampire who is already one thoudsand years old !
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