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Found 72 results

  1. HoshiOri Discussion

    Full patch is out now:- https://tsurezurescans.wordpress.com/2019/04/03/hoshi-ori-yume-mirai-update-27-full-patch/ I started reading this with their partial patch last month, its an improvement over Hatsukoi 1/1 for sure, went through 2 routes and its not as frustrating to read
  2. https://store.steampowered.com/app/977460/Steam_Prison/ http://mangagamer.org/steamprison/ https://vndb.org/v19397 We have a new Otome release by Mangagamer. This looks really interesting. I will definitely read this in the future. Anyway have fun reading, and feel free to discuss the vn in this thread.
  3. Quite surprising that Sol Press already opened their Steam store for this with the release date is very near (At 15th later), so I should give them some praise here. Anyway, while I did say that I'm not interested with this now that I look at it again perhaps it wasn't so bad there. That said, my word still the same though that this is the combination of Aokana (Fictional sport with detail rules), Haretaka (Four girls that could be romanced form the club alongside MC), and Konosora (Obviously the plane making). Here's the page to the Steam store, and I hope that Steam wouldn't banned this despite there's a risk of that because recently Steam being indecisive. Hitotsuba Steam store
  4. The official English release of the BL VN sweet pool by JAST USA is in a few hours! It's gonna be my first BL, and I'm excited. Being an EOP, there seem to be a limited number of translated BL out there...
  5. Yeah finally after two years in beta testing because of Chuuable's bankruptcy, we'll about to have it released at December 13th later. Here's the tweet from Mangagamer for the proof below. As for the reviews, so far there's none so it's quite hard to expect what we'll going to get from this VN. Although perhaps it shouldn't be hard to guess that we'll going to have anther moege here with one unique archetype that one of the heroine is former girlfriend of the MC, and that we'll have three full route and two side routes looking from the CG number (I may be wrong abut this). I'll add the character and seiyuu info later.
  6. Yay! Finally we know release date for Sakura Sakura - it should be available on Steam next monday I have pretty high hopes for this title - wonder how will it turn out.
  7. Yeah finally we have the Steam store for HGB was finally opened, in which it's been delayed for a while here and ironically still manage to have summer release for Australian people lol. What I can say is that we should just expect this as charage with the MC focus instead of spy action VN, even though the premise was definitely make people expected that. If anything, at least this isn't Grisaia in which they need to rely on the FDs in order to resolve Yuuji's past. PS - I don't know if this is the good time or not, but I figure may as well try to open the thread about HGB here. As for the casts, let's just say that all four of them were pretty interesting. Edit (12/13) - I decided to change the thread title simply because Steam did removed HGB from their store, and apparently they'll try to explain their behavior about this at weekend later.
  8. Koikuma release thread

    It came out and nobody noticed. Grab it, it's 10% off and the 18+ version is ON STEAM! Support Sayori or go to hell. Long live the queen.
  9. Sanoba Witch Discussion

    Because we finally have the release for Sanoba (Well still about 12 hours though), I figure that it would be fitting if I open the discussion thread for this VN. As for my first look here, I like that two of the heroines did have magical girl like outfit so we could say that this could be the first proper VN that did have magical girl heroine, and I say this because Schatten was too much have blatant fanservice sex scenes (I wouldn't deny that Sanoba here was also have a lot of sex scenes though). Magical girl heroine aside, actually Sanoba here was more in line with charage though considering that we could have our heroines developed by going together with the MC, and the MC himself did have some special issue namely that he could felt someone else emotion like taste. Also unlike Yuzusoft other VNs, actually Sanoba did have very obvious main heroine which in this case would be Nene because of the spoiler reason. For the number of routes here, we have four full routes (Nene, Meguru, Touko, and Tsumugi) and one side route (Wakana), with some additional content that will be unlocked later that called Restart. As for the reviews, I managed to find several. One of those was from mod Clephas in which he did post five parts of his review at Fuwanovel blog. Another one is from Joyjason, in which he did give the score was at 7 and it's actually quite a good score considering that he also gave the protagonist score at 7, which mean that at least the MC himself was quite capable (Note that he was usually quite critical on his reviews). And for the third review, well he did say that the VN that a light read if you want to read some VNs that was not trying to do something epic. I figred that it would be better if you check the reviews by yourself in case you didn't really care about spoilers, so here's Clephas's (Nene's route, Meguru's route, Touko's route, Tsumugi's route, and Wakana's route), Joyjason's, and the third review. Here's the heroines of Sanoba below, and as charage personally I think it should be you first interest. 1. Ayachi Nene The 2nd grade idol (And the main heroine for the reminder) because of her outward appearance in which she was quite helpful and sociable, but obviously she hid the secret that was accidentally found out by the MC (Shuuji) in which she was turned out easily got aroused so much that she was masturbated using the table. From there Shuuji find out that her arousal was caused by the side effect of the contract that turned her into a witch (With stripperiffic costume lol) causing herself to be very embarrassed, and Shuuji himself was accidentally hinder Nene's goal. Obviously as the one who cause the problem for Nene, Shuuji must take responsibility to fix the problem. As for her seiyuu, her name is Tanezaki Atsumi although some people would like to call her Kirihana though because it's easier to said, so I'll call her Kirihana as well. For her role, Kirihana was did have works at three other Yuzusoft VNs as well (Masaki Gaillard in Amairo, Lena Liechtenauer in Senren Banka, and Mitsukasa Ayase in Riddle Joker), while of course she also did have some roles in other VNs such as Ousaka Sora from Hoshiori, Ruu from Sorcery Jokers, Fia from Amayui, Hachiroku from Maitetsu, and Ikoma Murasaki from Phantom Trigger. 2. Inaba Meguru The first grade student who is admire Nene very much. Even with her supposed flashy style, actually she was more in line with otaku because of her hobby of playing one person game (Such as otome, RPG, and first person shooter). It didn't help though that she's quite shy and thus did have a hard time to make a friend, and her current style was the result of her determination to get changed. Unlike Nene here, she isn't a witch. Her seiyuu is Haruka Sora, or rather I'll call her with her real name Eri Sendai even though her alias was quite well known in eroge though. Like Kirihana, she also did have some role in Yuzusoft VNs so much that there's a video that's show both of Kirihana's characters and Sendai's characters gathered in one video (No Meguru and Nene though), and her role in Yuzusoft VN were Tomotake Yoshino from Senren Banka and Nijouin Hazuki from Riddle Joker (Both appeared in the aforementioned video). Other than those two, her roles were Kouzuki Io from Dal Segno, Kusunoha Misaki and Rin from Hatsukoi Sankaime, and Otonashi Saku from Hello Lady. 3. Togakushi Touko The 3rd grade idol and also the student council president who was quite capable of handling her work coupling with her willingness to listen to other problems, although she was also did like to teasing others though. Other than that, apparently her family income was quite below average so much that she was need to do part time work, and more importantly she just decided to keep her cardigan that was burst out by the size of her breast because she didn't have money enough to buy another (Presumably). Like Meguru, she isn't the witch as well. Her seiyuu is Kaori Mizuhashi in which her name should be well known enough for Madoka fans. Her role in VNs were Kurokawa Kirara from Yumina the Ethereal, Fushikawa Kokoro from Majikoi franchise, Matsushima Michiru from Grisaia franchise, Kiba Mifuyu from Koichoco, Sawai Maya from Da Capo 2, and Clea from Duel Savior. 4. Shiiba Tsumugi Another witch that made contract, and this time her side effect was very different in which it'll cause her to vomit every time she wore cute clothes or act cute. And like Nene, obviously that side effect causing her much problem because actually she like to do cute things and wear cute clothes (Forgot to say that her witch outfit is quite cute). Since she couldn't wear the female uniform because it's too cute for her, she must wear male uniform in which it made her less cute although of course some people out there still think that she was quite cute even with boy uniform. While technically both of Nene and Tsumugi were rival because their goal was the same thing if we following old magical girl anime, in here they decided to work together. As for her seiyuu, her name is Matayoshi Ai in which she did voice Tsukishima Yuuri at Saku Saku, Amanogawa Saya at Miagete, and Hinomoto Aoi from Da Capo 3. Like usual Yuzusoft VNs, the heroines also did have usual image song and this time Yuzusoft decided to add different ending songs for each heroines, so at least it's quite apparent that Yuzusoft spent money from vocal song alone. Also like usual Yuzusoft VNs, the instrumental version of the heroines image songs was the leitmotif for each of the heroines. I think that's all for what I can write in regard of Sanoba for now, and have fun playing this later.
  10. VN made by MyDearest. It looks like it was just released by Sekai - JP and EN versions simultaneously. https://vndb.org/v24442 https://vndb.org/v24443 What's this?
  11. Lovekami Healing Harem

    Well, okay I guess. At least it's not Pulltop's big title there lol. Anyone think that Pulltop will release it in Japan with H scenes intact? Lovekami Healing Harem Site
  12. Since it's about time for Maitetsu release, I figured that I should open the discussion here. As for the VN itself, personally I like that we have many opening songs for the VNs itself, something that quite rare in the VNs (The other VN that I remember did have many opening song is Da Capo 2 and 3). From what I saw, apparently it would be better to just think this as moege instead of story VN so that you wouldn't be disappointed too much (At least it have some nice train trivia). So feel free to discuss about this VN, and have fun. PS - I knew that we have many controversy in regard of the sex with the underage girl, so if possible I would prefer that to be not discussing about this here.
  13. Yeah sorry for being so uncreative with the title lol. Anyway as we know finally Mangagamer about to release Evenicle at 28th later, and while I'm already guessed it at yesterday I'm still like the announcement here because it's one of interesting last year AX to me. You can pre-order at Mangagamer shop if you want to purchase it, and they'll remove the mosaic if you interested with that. I'll bring more info at this thread when Mangagamer post some translator corner and character intro later, so I think it should be suffice for now. In case you've been waiting for this, have fun. PS - Here's what I write in regard of Evenicle back at last year below, in which it was also my 2000th post back at last year.
  14. Once again sorry for not so creative title there lol. Anyway we got last chapter of Supipara (For now) released, and this time the main heroine of this chapter was our half French tsundere who managed to said 'kill' in one conversation Hotaru Angeline Amano. What I knew is that this time we gonna get knew more about Hotaru's past, which should be more interesting compared to Sakura. Oh, and there's also a mysterious character appearance as well. Well have fun and feel free to discuss this, also here's both of Mangagamer and Steam link if you want to purchase it. PS - I just saw Steam opening, and I think it's pretty exciting now that we knew the identity of our two remaining heroines for both of Passion and Love Chapter. For the info, Passion Chapter will be focused on our masochist miko Momiji, and Love will be focused on our new mysterious character. I look forward to the eventual release of the last two chapters, although it might be take long time (Maybe at 2022 lol). By the way Steam opening did still have 2D animation, although it didn't have good lighting as eden and ef though (Understandable). PPS - For seiyuu info, Hotaru was voiced by Yamada Yuna who is pretty much experienced in voicing minori VNs (Yuuko from ef and Elicia from eden). Although recently she did more work for non minori VNs such as Jounouchi Makoto from Chrono Clock and Fujita Konron from Majokoi.
  15. Since we have Tsujidou Renna's patch release, I decided to open the discussion page ASAP. Anyway, what's your expectation and thought in regard of this? Personally I still think it's better if we didn't expect Majikoi too much (And I like to suggest that as well), but of course other people can still think of this as another successor of Majikoi. So you may use this thread as Tsujidou's discussion, and have fun. PS - As for the seiyuu, I think compared to HatsuKoi there's no much to talk about them. But still I like to say that Kawashima Rino did good job at voicing Ai, although it's more or less her usual range. PPS - In regard of poll, I decided to omit Saeko's as the route and heroine because her route was only less than 2.5% from overall Tsujidou, and therefore didn't matter much.
  16. I stumbled across this while trying to familiarize myself with the Visual Novel Database - I always found the format it uses a bit confusing at a glance, and since it doesn't provide actual links, I never spent the time to really familiarize myself with it until recently - but it seems Pulltop (makers of If My Heart Had Wings, among other VNs) is releasing a 'Pulltop 15th x 15 Titles Premium Anniversary Pack', that seems to, if I understand correctly, be an out and out collection of 15 of Pulltops most successful works, and would even include the Fandisc content for IMHHW, which a lot of people are hurting for. Obviously this wouldn't be in english, much to my chagrin, but I'm still somewhat interested; does anyone have any experience with 'packs' like this? Would it just be a bulk purchase of 15 of their games, or would all of them be combined into one program? And what costs are we talking about here for a digital download? And hey, on the extremely off chance anyone wants to do a bulk English translation on anything without a TL already... - Link to the VNDB page, if anyone wants a shortcut: https://vndb.org/r54343
  17. Hell has frozen over. Denpasoft finally released the unrated version of Eden of Grisaia.
  18. Well I was looking forward to reading this ever since it was picked up years ago, The main cast looked interesting esp the MC, dont see many delinquent looking MCs around, not in these Chuuni games anyway It was a bit disappointing in the end though, esp the 2 side-routes the hell was that? A completely different writer wrote those for sure and was immensely rushed. Neko's route i can understand that as filler but Tsubaki's one could've easily been done much better The "True" Route or more like the only real route of the game was much better although as everyone was saying they leave a lot open for the next 2 games, I was surprised the game was so short. and also Ushio and the MC dont suit each other one bit, kinda a weird main pairing. I'm glad they atleast added the option of ignoring that excuse of a 'route' why even add that in? ;s Hope they release the sequels soon, they probably aint that big anyway.
  19. Denpasoft's double release

    You guys probably already know but Denpasoft just did a double release of A Clockwork Ley-Line: The Borderline of Dusk and Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a Shooting Star- with 10% off on each making both $26.99. Links: Clockwork Ley-Line - https://denpasoft.com/products/a-clockwork-ley-line-the-borderline-of-dusk Hoshizora - https://denpasoft.com/products/hoshizora-no-memoria No word yet if the Fandisc of Hoshizora no Memoria will be coming to Denpasoft/Sekai's stores at a later date or remaining a Kickstater exclusive but still they're something to do over the holidays.... I mean who needs family and gifts when we've got 2d Waifus waiting for us haha. Happy Holidays Pervs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) As a side note I love the character art for A Clockwork, it stands out a lot more over a lot of the more recent stuff I've read in the past few months.
  20. Beyond Clouds — Beyond bad?

    The infamous SakuraGame is releasing flat's Hikoukigumo no Mukougawa on Steam as Beyond Clouds in less than an hour. This is their first non-nukige release and it's sure to be a disaster. Is anyone planning on buying it and finding out exactly how much of a disaster?
  21. Well sorry if some of you didn't find that my thread title was very creative, but you should get the gist of that anyway because it's very obvious. Anyway, here's the tweets from Mangagamer in regard of the release for both of 18+ version and all age version below. As for mine, I definitely think this is quite a good news that Mangagamer did have big release at January. Also, I'm looking forward to the release here seeing that I saw some good receptions here. You may use this thread to discuss about Sorcery Joker later. Edit (1/8) - Now that it's already 2018, I decide to edited the title which obviously was not fitting anymore if I keep the 'next year' part - even though it's belated because I should delete that part from back at 1st. Oh well, better late than never. Edit (1/16) - Since this was already released, I decided to change the title a bit for obvious reason. Have fun.
  22. What is up to people of the world! My name is Stone and I have recently uploaded my own visual novel demo on the play store. like many of you who have a passion for anime or visual industry, I want to have a career in it any form. It would mean a lot to me if you would check it out and tell me what you think. It might not be the best but I can't expect it to be since it's my first one. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.org.androidset I plan on releasing the full game soon and on ios! Thank you for reading this.
  23. Hi everyone, I recently made an online petition in an attempt to localize Exile Election, a visual novel similar in style to the Danganronpa and Zero Escape series, death game adventure visual novels. If you're interested in helping persuade localizers to localize the visual novel please consider signing here: https://www.gopetition.com/petitions/localize-exile-election.html You don't need to make an account and you can remain anonymous if you like. Thank you for your time and support
  24. ''Patisserie "La Soleil", run by Kashou Minaduki, is flourishing thanks to the help of two catgirls: Maple, full of pride and a little on the haughty side, and Cinnamon, an impulsive daydreamer.'' http://store.steampowered.com/app/602520/NEKOPARA_Vol_3/ NSFW https://denpasoft.com/shop/nekopara-vol-3/ Hotly anticipated(!) title is finally out after a delay.Kashou continues to enlare his harem.I think he will bang his sister in the fourth one. Still i think i will play.Its probably 3-4 hours long so it won't hurt.
  25. Chrono Clock Discussion!!

    I looked there wasnt any thread for it, have anyone started playing this yet? I had some time over the weekend so i finished a route and a half so far Its not half-bad as a moege, for once the MC is the one from the rich household instead of being piss poor lol, the characters are mostly generic still found them enjoyable esp how aggressive the sister is from the get-go, hope her route is good I was really confused about one thing though, at the end of the prologue seemed like that Miu girl confessed to our MC instead but he turned her down for some reason? and later it is played out as he got rejected though i dont remember him confessing , maybe her locked route explains it