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  1. You play as Will Getz, a hot-headed young man with unfinished businesses and a score to settle. When you were seven years old, you left the town you'd grown in middle of the night--never to return. 15 years later, you return to the quaint town of Edelton to finish things where you left off. Everything is exactly as you remember it, even the arrangement of the furniture. While in town, you find yourself draw to a harpy girl named Rosa Oaks, a pitiable girl inheriting a cursed family fortune and all of the misery that accompanies it. Figures from the past and presence cross paths over the two weeks you spend closing the lid on the past, culminating in an ending of your own choosing. At the end of it all, surrounded by your new friends, you try with all your might to remember something you've been forgetting for well over a decade? What happened, on that night? Welcome to Edelton, a twilight town of Rose and Ash https://imgur.com/5i3TE2I Play Now
  2. Did you have a nice Halloween Day? Today on the 1st of November, Iinari Tsumairo ~Tomaranai Koshizukai~ (rough TL: Obedient Sexy wives ~Can't stop thrusting~) was released by artlink. I personally can't access it since they only publish via Steam, but this seems to be a nukige with a lot of heroines. When we take a look at the release history, the game was first published in its package version in Japan with all of its content intact and then on 5th of April 2019 they released every single route/perspective of the game (12 in total) as a separate Android DLC while also offering the download edition on that day. Now, the game released on Steam in (for now questionable) English. Artlink wasn't exactly known for top-notch translations of their titles yet. You might still remember the readable, but not yet good title "HarmoneY" and "Knot Fiction" that they did. The version of Iinari Tsumairo they released now has a new name, it's called "Iinari Sugiru Onnatachi" (Obedient Women). Also, it seems like you have to buy every single route as a DLC, like it was the case for android. All the routes don't have the standard names of [Heroine]-Hen/Story, instead they actually gave these routes some topical names about what happens in them. Looking at the screenshots available, there is not really anything that stands out negatively. They do use a lot of simple sentences in the screenshots (a tactic that might try to conceal smth), but the character descriptions that are available don't look MTL'd so far. It's pretty solid, but obviously my quick observations should be treated with caution.
  3. Yes it happen, and here the link to the tweet in regard of it. While you can get it on Steam, it would be better to get it from Johren if possible or use the 18+ patch if you still get it from Steam, because Steam version has several issue, with the major one is they removed Kazari's route in Steam version. I have no idea on why Shiravune need to cut her route, or why Valve seems didn't like her route seeing that they've been okay with principal heroine in Majokoi. That issue aside, I've been waiting to see the VN like this so good for Shiravune. PS - It's been a while since I did list the characters along with their VAs, so let me try to do it now. 1. Asuka Minato After Minato's grandmother passed away, Minato was suffer a big loss. Fortunately Kazari who is raised by Minato's grandmother was willing to take Minato under Kazari's care, so Minato come into Kazari's school where she act as the principal with said school is only for the upper class girl. While there's a lot of complication happen, it didn't matter for Minato who already got a lot of skills that the grandmother taught, so much that Minato can do the chores easier than the girls around Minato (Which to be fair is not that hard for Minato seeing that the girls are quite ditzy). Minato's VA is Ayumi Sarah, and her roles are Anneliese from Kimagure Temptation, Ayasaki Yuu from Bokukotsu, Yuragi from Evenicle 2, and Kousaka Mayuri from Flowers tetralogy. Oh yes in case you're noticed that I didn't use the pronoun for Minato, it's because I'd try to hide the gender, and yes Minato here is our male MC for Otome Domain in which he's very cute like female. 2. Saionji Kazari She was under the care of Minato's grandmother, and when Minato lost his grandmother Kazari decided to take care of him, including allowed him to attend Kazari's school with him must dressed up as a girl (Which is very easy to do, much to his dismay). While Kazari here is the school principal, unfortunately it didn't stop her for being ditzy, especially with her spent more effort to use bottle when she wants to pee instead of using the less bothersome (And more rational) option by going to the toilet. Kazari's VA is Anzu Hana, and her roles are Kawamura Reo from Sono Hanabira franchise, Noa from Sorcery Jokers, Ese Ren from Ne no Kami (Replacing the late Mochi Yomogi), and Konohana Yuka from Hokejo. 3. Oogaki Hinata Out of all the heroines, she came off as the most normal one. Although it's less because she has no quirk and more because her quirk is merely being a chuunibyou, with her acting as the cadre of a vague evil organization. Her background is that her family was suddenly getting rich so much that she's able to attend Kazari's school, although Hinata here is too busy caught up in her fantasy so much that she didn't have time to be smug about her fortune. Hinata's VA is Himekawa Airi, with her roles are Gurigura from Evenicle, Nanase Momoka from Imouto Paradise 2, Cook from Eiyuu Senki, and Kuranaga Kozue from Yosuga no Sora. 4. Kifune Yuzu While it seems that she's quite normal, don't be fooled because I did say that Hinata here is the most normal. As for her quirk, she has very different standard when it come to cooking compared to the other people. By different I mean that she cook the food to be as inedible as possible, and thus nobody want her to be in the kitchen (Especially after both Kazari and Hinata felt sick after caught the smell of Yuzu's 'cooking'). Other than being terrible at cooking, Yuzu here is also very bad at tidying her room. Yuzu's VA is Ueda Akane with her roles are Magellan from Eiyuu Senki, Nogi Tamie from Princess Evangile (Coincidentally both Yuzu and Tamie are the member of School Newspaper Club), Nanase Chiharu from Imouto Paradise 2, and Arisugawa Arle from Bokukotsu.
  4. This game just released and it looks-- no, it is amazing! Who has played it already?? I would love to gush about it with others!!! My thoughts are all on the review above~! Please give it a read... or not! We can just talk about the game!
  5. Tobisawa Misaki's fans may finally rejoice, because Aokana Four Rhythm Across the Blue - Extra2 is finally out! It's a tad bit more expensive than Extra1 it seems. asasasas
  6. Publisher MangaGamer just released the sequel title to "How to live a Healthy Hentai lifestyle" on their store. The game is called "How a Healthy Hentai Administers Public Service" and it's the second game in the Kenzen series. In the first game we already got to know parts of an in-universe hentai health administry and its public servants, but in this game we delve deeper into these characters. The artwork is once again made by Butcha-U, who is known for his mature looking women characters in top-rated doujinshi like DELIGHTFULLY FUCKABLE AND UNREFINED or other works under label EROQUIS. He will actually be the artist/character designer for the upcoming SACRIFICE VILLAINS, too. Synopsis MangaGamer Website MangaGamer Shop (44.95$) VNDB
  7. Announcement on Twitter: Queen Beast was released on December 5th for free on Steam and Itch! Here is the intoduction: This looks really good and I hope that the devs will get all the support they deserve!
  8. Description: Lover Pretend was originally released in Japan in March 2021 on Switch. Aksys is also holding a giveaway for the game on their Twitter. It will close on the 14th December. In reviews it is described as a k-drama-like romcom. So it might be something for those that want more romance in their otome games! It's a breath of fresh air in the localised otome sphere since it's still pretty rare to get romance focused ones. I'm also curious how I will feel about the k-drama-ness of it all. My sister loves them but I haven't watched much myself. I also have it on my desk already but it will have to wait until I'm done with Pokemon lol
  9. Since @Robert Kis an extremely busy man, I'll announce it for him. Just this night, Shiravune released their newest title Alpha-Nighthawk in the Steam & Johren-Store. The game on Steam is an all-ages version that needs to be patched with a Johren-Patch, so it becomes complete .https://www.johren.games/games/download/alphanighthawk-en/ The game is also translated by Lemnisca'a John Hooper, other members haven't spoken up yet. Alpha Nighthawk is a Science Fiction setting game by Dentou Nanahoshi, one of Liarsofts newer writers. In Japan the game already has a sequel with Beta-Sixdouze. Both games feature human as well as antropomorphic characters, some call them furrys. The game calls them Neofennecs. Let's get to the story:
  10. Hi everyone! My name is Kumonosu game, I am a ero doujin game developer from Japan! I would like to introduce my new project, "Living with Demon Lord-chan". I am inspired by famous titles such as "Teaching feeling", "One room"...and started to make my own living simulation game. My first game is "Bottle Biosphere living with a runaway girl" Thanks to the support of Kickstarter backers, I'm able to release the game! DLsite: https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ305192.html Itch: https://kumonosugame.itch.io/bottlebiosphere I'm now working on my second game "Living with Demon Lord-chan". Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kumonosugame/living-with-demon-lord-chan?ref=e8jmnq&token=ad3ef6eb Itch: https://kumonosugame.itch.io/living-with-demon-lord-chan Firstly the character profile: Story info: Game UI: Live2D H scene: (Edit by Mods: NSFW) For more information please check out the Kickstarter page! The Kickstarter campaign will begin at early December! If you're interested in my game, please consider following and supporting my Kickstarter campaign! Here is my Twitter and subscribestar!
  11. Slow Damage will be released on November 14th, and is now available for pre-order as a digital and physical release! Digital: https://jastusa.com/games/blue004/slow-damage-pre-order Physical: https://jlist.com/blue004le Edit: It's out now!
  12. Today on the 4th of November, Ratalaika Games is publishing the game 7 Days of Rose for several consoles. It's a game made by Cross Game Studios and it looks to be a visual novel with choices. It is Cross Game Studio's first game, it seems. The price is 4.99$/€ across all versions. https://www.ratalaikagames.com/games.php?id=sevendaysofrose
  13. The console port of Harmonia (Visual Arts/Key) was released on Nintendo Switch recently on Oct 20, 2022. Come to think of it, this was probably the last work from Key where Itaru officially worked as the company illlustrator. She quit the company in Sept 2016 and Harmonia came out literally three days later on Sept 23. ~~~~~ How did you guys like Harmonia? I really liked Itaru's coloring in this game, the skin tone is especially well done, particularly noticable on the thighs pictured above and oppais on the in-game CG. But otherwise I have the impression that the face she draws has gotten more derpy compared to her peak in Clannad. I mean they don't look that bad, but they come off rather flat, in both sense of the word. The voice acting was lovely as well. I associate Mizuhashi Kaori with the violent pettan tsundere from Baka to Test who starts speaking gibberish in German when she's flabbergasted, but Shiona from Harmonia (the blonde girl above for those who haven't played the game) has a diametrically opposite character compared to Minami. A holy sister overflowing with babumi... Not really my fetish but her voice soothes my depraved soul. When it comes to the music, well, you've got Orito Shinji working on most of the music in this agame. I don't have the game installed on my PC right now, so I can't check whether it's him, but I like the BGM embed above the most. I think it captures very well the vibe of the town in the story, an oasis in the middle of a decaying world. A temporary breathing space, but will the peaceful days last forever? This faint trace of wistfulness and unease in an otherwise relaxing piece is something Key does very well, in my opinion. Unfortunately I won't be buying this console port for now, due to the grave reason of... not having a Nintendo Switch at home. This port allows you to switch the language between Japanese, English, and Chinese (probably in-game like the Steam edition of Little Busters), so it's not like I'm not interested in it, since I'd like to try reading it in the original language. Maybe one day I'll get a Switch and the game, when I'm not using my shiokuri for onaholes and onsei sakuhin on DLsite. It's a short kinetic novel, and a very good one at that. Recommended for those with a Nintendo Switch and a penchant for emotional stories. The price goes around 25 USD on the Nintendo E-Shop, which is suprisingly a little bit more expensive than the Japanese price (2,980 Yen, around 20 USD). I guess one could also say that this port is worth three games, so it's not really expensive in the end.
  14. Well, time to start posting in the VTuber-Section! Because the first game starring Minato Aqua's actually got released today. The game is called Aquarium and in the game you play as her employer who falls in love with her dressed as a maid. The game is only in Japanese, but it is sure interesting that VTubers are getting full games made about them. We already had that small VN with Sakura Miko called "Sakurairo Dreamer". Looking forward to the future! I'll probably buy this game on my switch lite
  15. They're not everyone's favourite, but you cannot deny that their output in numbers is quite cool! The publisher Shiravune released two nukige today! These seem to be dedicated to the MILF-Lovers among the VN players for they deal with older women. The games are unfortunately mosaiced, but that's to be expected at this point! 1. Otto yori Takumashii Mono de Tsukaretara… ~Musume ga Tsurete Kita Gaikoku Kareshi wa Haha no Watashi mo Onna ni Saseta~ 2. Bimajo no Yuuwaku ~Kanreki Bijin Mama no Wakasa no Himitsu~ You can get both titles exclusively on Johren's Store 1. Deport This Dick! ~ It's Bigger Than My Husband's ~ 2. Seduced by a Magic MILF!
  16. Full patch is out now:- https://tsurezurescans.wordpress.com/2019/04/03/hoshi-ori-yume-mirai-update-27-full-patch/ I started reading this with their partial patch last month, its an improvement over Hatsukoi 1/1 for sure, went through 2 routes and its not as frustrating to read
  17. Such an odd case, but I learned today about the Japanese publishing and game development company Ullucus Heaven who have been producing and releasing games of the Fragments Notes Series. It does look pretty Doujin company to me, but their website seems high-class and they apparently exist already for more than a decade producing android and PSVita versions of these games. Now there is a Switch-Version called Fragment's Notes+ coming out. I have never heard of them, but maybe you did? ULLUCUS HEAVEN OFFICIAL WEBSITE VNDB
  18. After the first English release on PS Vita and Steam in 2015 Amnesia finally made the jump to the Switch! We also get the fandiscs Later and Crowd for the first time in English in one port. The two fandisc were first ported as one game on the Vita and originally released on the PSP as two games. I'm super happy to finally play the fandiscs after 7 long years of waiting! I heard a lot about them and they have a lot of content that appeals to me: - The protagonist finally talks and has a personality! - Quality time with my best boy ura!Ukyo! - Sweet revenge against what happened in the Diamond route! I wonder if they will port the fandiscs to Steam as well, but looking at the price they sell Amnesia Memories at there... I don't have too high hopes.
  19. Find yourself in a land of heavenly bodies and gooey glory holes. What might this land be? HORNY HEAVEN of course!! Bodily pleasures in abundance and a plentiful supply of stacked goddesses to bend to your every whim… it’s HORNY HEAVEN after all! Certainly there is a plethora of pussy to choose from and god tier oppai for days~ Get in early and enjoy 20% OFF HENTAI HEAVEN Oct. 7th - 14th. HOLY HENTAI THAT’S A LOT OF OPPAI! https://store.steampowered.com/app/2142780/Hentai_Heavens_Slutty_Salvation/
  20. This morning the visual novel community was hit with a shock when they first noticed that the elusive Chaos;Head NoAH which fans have been waiting years for has been banned by Steam in an act of immaculate inconsistency. The news got known, because people started to notice that the assets and data were leaked onto the steamDB site. There has been no statements made by Valve as to why the game needed to be banned, but it can be assumed that it is a combination of blood & gore and occasional flashy/horny scenes that Valve in combination with school uniforms might deem as abusive to children. Unfortunately, one can only speculate and refer back to familiar cases where the same problems arose when trying to get this game on their storefront. The kicker this is that Steam banned a game rated PEGI16 and the Nintendo Switch allows it to be sold as well as distributed in stores This feels like a bad joke, honestly.
  21. Yeah Nekonyan already have plan to release it on 30th later (Or maybe October 1st later). Anyway from the review I know that it's reception is lesser compared to Karichaimashita (Which is already divisive enough on it's own), so perhaps if I may give some advice it would be better to expect this as usual ASa Project comedy instead of romantic comedy VN, which of course can be enjoyable on it's own. Oh, and ASa Project here really write one of the side heroine, Yuna, as prominent as the four main heroines with her having 14 scenes which is definitely more than joke routes in Karichaimashita (For comparison the four main heroines have average 22 scenes with the one that has most scenes is ironically Yuna's fellow idol Renna at 27 scenes). Anyway the tweet for the proof below. And yes it's already has Steam store page of it, so you know where to get it from. PS - I can see that the translator definitely want to make reference toward Kaguya-sama manga here, which somehow fitting seeing that Karichaimashita here took some reference from (Infamous) Kanokari manga.
  22. Greetings! The wait is over. The 13th Episode is out! Episode 13: Deep down In the new chapter, our heroes will have to figure out how to defeat a new dangerous enemy. Meet an old acquaintance and uncover the secrets of the mermaid prisons. They need to get to the secret levels of the prison known as laboratories and figure out what is going on there and why there are so many different rumors about this place. This time, our heroes will approach their most important goal as never before. What’s new: - More than 14000 words of new exciting plot; - 5 new sex scenes; - Over 60 new animations; - New mini games; - More dungeon exploring: - Improved localization; - Bug fixes. ~ We’ve thoroughly checked all of the versions of Forbidden Fruit to get rid of the serious bugs that could prevent you from completing the game! Something huge is coming! For 12$ Patrons: - New additional high-quality scenes and dialogues that make the feel of the plot and gameplay better. Thank you for supporting us. Enjoy the new Episode! Download the game here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/patreon-build-13-72051420 - Patreon Build (All content) https://www.patreon.com/posts/public-build-13-72051384 - Public Build (Free)
  23. From the popular EVN developer Ebihimes, we have a release of a new game. It is called Dreamy Planet and it is an atmospheric Yuri visual novel that focuses on a "ruinous relationship between a pair of estranged childhood friends". The setting of the game is an abandoned theme park! The game is available on Steam and itch.io and costs around 6 dollars, with 10% discount during the release week. Story Features
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