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  1. Thanks everyone! It really feels refreshing to be welcomed so warmly. I had a good feeling about this site since the moment I found that walkthrough.
  2. Hi. I probably won't be beck a few days so before I leave today I'm leaving this thread. Please recommend me visual novels (H, non-H, doesn't matter) with my favorite style and type of character - Gothic lolis. I would prefer if there was a visual novel with a lot of different gothic lolis but I guess that's rare. But if you know any do tell me. My favorite vn is Hapymaher. So similar to that.
  3. CreedH00d, thanks for the awesome walkthrough. I have Hapymaher since 2018 but have only recently started playing and completed it. You were right about the routes and I want to confirm that the options "I recalled her face" and "For some reason, I saw a blue sky" do indeed unlock after a completed route, for example my first route was Saki. Anyway, my favorite endings are Maia route and Bad end. So kawaii.
  4. Hello. I would love to know will you translate Hapymaher -Fragmentation Dream-. I still don't quite understand is this site part of translation projects or is it only a listing of translation projects or do translators also dwell here... ? My apologies for the question but I'm quite occupied with my own goings on so I don't know when or will I read everything on the site. Thanks for taking interest in my inquiry. https://vndb.org/v13108
  5. Good day, I am new here. I found a walkthrough on this site searching Google and decided to join to ask a few question about my favorite novels.
  6. Apologies, I misunderstood at first, I guess the proper reply would be -- In my case I check out the visual novel I'm interested in and then download it and play eventually. Prior to that I search if there are any that suit my taste, in terms of visual art design, graphics (upscaling quality technology) and so on.
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