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  1. Please recommend me any Touhou visual novels. But I mean really full visual novels. Not with 2D or 3D games inside them. And translated in English. Thanks!
  2. What's the difference between Muv Luv Unlimited and Muv Luv Alternative ?
  3. I will be smart enough not to take that bait and fall into a political debate with you about what Germany allegedly did to the world. It would be pointless to engage in something that could derail the topic even further. I noticed the thread was getting derailed already before. I was saying my thing about the VN and just waiting to see how far people will actually continue ignoring the topic and investing into shaming and purposely derailing the thread into something I never said it was about. And just because I am quitting out of this unconstructive and pointless conversation, doesn't mean I change my opinions, mind you. I have a lot more to say about it but this is not the place. This is a thread about an innocent visual novel. I simply refuse to be further lured into pointless off-topic debate by any of those who deliberately twist my own words and the purpose why I made this thread. But I will reflect on that comment about the Germans which is funny: "Germans were incompetent at anything other than invading, slaughtering civilians, and making weapons." The victors of course, write the history, don't they. They tell us that narrative and I'm supposed to swallow that BS as if it's true. The major crime of Germany was that it got out of the banking debt that was drowning the German people. And had the nerve to say f*** off to the bankers and start printing their own money. They got out of that debt and literally brought that nation back to a powerhouse within several years just by using their own money supply. That's the real crime that Adolf Hitler committed. There is a lot more to say about that and everything we've been thought about WW2, but let it suffice to say, that it fits in line with everything we've been thought about history in general: BS. It would be a visual novel about military. What's wrong with military? I love military! And Wehrmacht uniforms? What's wrong with Wehrmacht uniforms? I love Wehrmacht uniforms! And generally military combat gear. It would be unrealistic to think military (of any era) is only war crimes and genocides. Just like every great visual novel it would feature basic traits of a great visual novel. Such as the traits I repeatedly mentioned above. Weather it is an alternative universe set in a technology era of WW1 or WW2 is completely irrelevant at this point in the conversation. Because it is a visual novel about anime and military. It would not be to incite fear towards anything military and capable characters. You'd have routes, choices, time periods, maybe even 2 VNs, and you'd choose your side if the VN was complex enough. There'd be game-changing consequences based on choices (as I already said). For example, you could choose UK route and then go start a war with Germany and then get stomped (lose 99% of your main cast), and in part 2 you'd have to combine forces of UK, US, France and the Soviet Union to defeat Germans... Or you could play the German way (route) and end up ruling the world.. And there would be True Ends and you'll have to find out the correct choices to make Romme... ahem, a handsome character named Erwina, the leader and take over to properly win and rule the world again.. Wait I think that all sounds familiar..? But still, all can be done as an alternate universe and with beautiful but unmarked uniforms. (Not much to unmark. Keep the eagles and remove hindu shrines.) And no it would not be about incitement of hatred towards anything German, it would not be about incitement of hatred towards Germany, it would not be about incitement of hatred towards German heroes of World War 1 and World War 2, it would not be incitement of hatred towards any German family Coat of Arms. There has been enough of the 77-year long tantrum of brainwashing and hatred from all sources, especially in media that's supposed to be fun, including Hollywood movies about WW2 and Documentaries about WW2. So much that new generations are continually and permanently being psychologically damaged from an early age. And individuals feel fear whenever they see soldiers in combat gear. If the VN featured genocides as you say it should, then it would be mandatory for it to get a DLC about the Genocide of Germany after WW2. And that would not be good for now generations, sadly, who were only educated about one side of the story. In Germany, when they teach about the Holocaust since the age of 9 -13, do they equally teach about the Genocide of Palestinians? Or the Holocaust of Germans after WW2? So a VN about military does not mean it automatically has to be finger-pointing and blame-shifting, because that's a topic that can backfire. So as I said, it's best if to leave out the finger-pointing because it can backfire terribly. I never intended nor have I ever mentioned in this entire thread that any of that should be featured in a military girl visual novel. If BS like that were featured, then the VN would be politically opinionated from the start. It's only military tech and military stuff going on, no more, no less. If people have a problem in seeing combat gear and uniforms, even uniforms without historical symbols, then that is of course, their problem. When you see a peaked hat it only reminds you of German uniforms(!?!?) But since it is inevitable for critics of the idea to invent reasons why a military girl visual novel should not exist, I'm inclined to believe that what is actually behind this "political correctness" curtain it is their ego would be suffering at the thought of it, let alone sight of it. For all you haters of military Peaked Visor Caps and beautiful military uniforms, here's a treat for you:
  4. It is very popular to finger-point at Croats, Germans, and Japanese as the worst monsters in the world. Aside from the 77-year long tantrum, it is also needed to point out that those finger-pointing victors and their created offspring, are far from the perfect and god-given people they believe themselves to be.
  5. Of course it would. It would be very entertaining. And every battle was glorious, yes. Exactly. One of the multiple True Ends as the VN would have several Unique Routes.. It would be a glorious end. And of course the MC and most of the cast would die a brutal, terrible and glorious death.. or become high ranking or Generals and survive. Doesn't take much brains to make a great-fictitious yet true-to-history plot. Only takes imagination and creativity. They would be heroes for their people, and for the story. So, The Red Baron also didn't accomplish much? They could all become like him.. there would be choices in the routes each with consequences on the career of the characters. A hero does not need to survive to accomplish amazing things. And they remain different things if not merged beautifully and coherently together. ...Then they end up being absolutely the same thing.. Like Yin and yang. True, of course, I agree. That's exactly why I stopped watching Hollywood movies about WW2, and documentaries about WW2. Of course. The MC could be a commander or leader or even a general. A VN with such an inexhaustible subject of entertainment as WW1, should be at least as complex with choices and routes as Fate / Stay Night is. Glory to the hunters (huntresses)!
  6. I understand your view, and view of the west in general. If only people in the west stopped pretending that 99% visual novels don't attract pedophiles.. sadly... Back to main topic. It doesn't have to be a historical documentary. A plot can be WW2 setting or WW1 setting meaning that by the visual style you can see the technology era, and still have 100% fictitious characters and events, focusing on the Japanese Army and Navy which to this day still and always will represent the nations might regardless of past. So that's why I don't understand why would characters in uniforms and characters on tanks arise so much controversy. And especially, how would it be any different if it was an American or British made VN instead of Japanese? We've already see the victor's narrative quite a lot, in any Hollywood movie and WW2 documentary. A VN featuring that technology era with another side's perspective would be a little breathing space from all the brainwashing narrative. How about WW1 then? Or maybe something just military related then? Would that be bad too, even if it's modern time setting? But I am quite certain that anything related to imagery of physically capable female soldiers with large rifles in their hands, really, really irks audiences the wrong way. Why is that? I don't know but it is very sad.
  7. Thank you, I will try it. Definitely seems interesting.. Although from what I see in the screenshots, it is indeed very far from anything related to a military setting VN and the characters do seem very stereotyped.. I would expect characters in uniforms and doing down to earth missions and making friends and encountering other mighty soldiers, or playing as a WW1/2 German (or other) hero. Additionally where the main (preferably) female protagonist wants to become a soldier, and fulfills her wish during the story and along with her companions becomes a unique and praised soldier and hero. So like going into combat willingly and with an ideal at heart. I think a VN like that should feature an already developed character from the start, who has a clear goal and objective in mind - to be written in the history books as the hero (heroes) who fought for their people, regardless of sides. Something where you would see scenes like this in everyday life of the character: and character design to be realistic and beautiful (and down to earth) like this: (Note: I would credit the author of this beautiful art but I will not, in fear some snowflake extremist might go report him/her for drawing Germans. He/She is a completelly legal artist on PIXIV and his/her art is completely legal in JAPAN and on PIXIV!!!) I don't see why would that be any reason they should not make visual novels about WW2? On the contrary, I have learned from the foreign people who moved to live there, that Japanese are quite firm in their belief that their side along Germany was the right one, and stand by it to this day. The picture foreigners who never lived there seem to have is quite different. They seem to have legal art, media, and movies, about their firm perspective, just no VNs.. To name a few: (Again, I won't credit the authors of this beautiful art) https://ibb.co/album/vsCRyZ https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1932695/ https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2294076/ And personally I don't see what would be wrong with having a VN about WW2 playing as German or Japanese protagonist and main characters. VNs can do magic in storytelling so it would be great! But I am still astounded by the fact that the VN universe / media is of such limited mindset / subject. It seems to me mostly either sex or violence. A WW2 VN does not mean it would be or has to be violent in any way.
  8. Funny because the way it looks, the art itself didn't even excite me, compared to Purple Software for example. I was like "Oh.. ok.. the faces are inconsistent" haha. If Trinoline ranks among the best looking vns of all time, the only thought that comes to my mind is - what is Hapymaher, Chrono Clock, Amatsutsumi, and Aoi Tori, then ? o.O Oh and Maitetsu has animated characters I mean it looks cute and nice ... maybe I have a bit of animosity towards Trinoline because the author seems like he drinks too much...
  9. Hi, I don't have any more space left to download Trinoline. Why is it so big? 6 GB for only 10-30 hours. Im used to visual novels which are 3-4 GB and are 45-50 hours long.. Is there a reason Trinoline is so big for such a short vn?
  10. Hi! Does anybody know a visual novel that is: Triple A, super budget, exceptionally good, exquisite art, well written, great story, 50+ hours long, 5 different routes and endings, Super-Capable Female Soldier Protagonist, 5 Soldier Heroines, World War 2 (or 1), Tanks, friends, and cozy dinners by the winter campfire ? I am looking for such a visual novel but it seems that it does not exist. I searched on VNDB but there is 0 results! Please help me find one.. I really, really want one so much! A Masterpiece with no rival! A pure Sabaton style, anime style visual novel! I imagine it to look and feel something like this - please take a look at all the images I put in this album - Anime Girls WW2 Visual Novel . When I imagine a visual novel like I described above, I imagine it to be like that. Thank you for reading and considering my ponder! and
  11. Quite honestly then every visual novel is exploitation of children... Steam needs to redo their policies or rules. Either ban everything resembling a young humanoid being in a visual novel or not judge based on clothes and buildings.
  12. Amatsutsumi. I am a fan of Purple Software games and I was very much looking forward to the release of this game in English. It was rejected by steam and is now searching for alternative platforms. I would very much like to talk about why exactly is it rejected by steam. Since this is a forum where people know a lot about visual novels I look forward to talking about it. Now keep in mind, I am not looking for a review of the game (by someone who has played it in Japanese), nor am I looking for opinions about the game's story. This topic is purely about Steam. I also believe what some on another site already said is the cause surely. quote and I totally believe that. But how does steam checking actually work? Also, if anyone has more sources to share, it would be nice to post them in this dedicated thread. Like this one: https://noisypixel.net/amatsutsumi-denied-steam-pc-english/ That's from me, post your sources about finding out about those SJWs who work on steam and links regarding to it all. P.S.
  13. "stupidly snide"? The person I replied to has repeatedly been making snarky, snide, wannabe-smartass replies. (Which has happened in the past to other people as well, not just me.) So I gave the same kind of reply. Because if he/she makes these comments, I'm sure he/she won't be offended by the same attitude.
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