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  1. Getting Pointed by Kotori is just too cute and a Bliss. ❤️



  2. Usami Sensei iz A god lmao 
    Source Benkei's route 



  3. Thank you so much. And the link is expired now. Change it if you can please.
  4. Thank you so much. You saved my ass here.
  5. Added all of them to Wishlist. Thanks for suggestion. Is this VN getting an English translation for now? Or it won't be translated? I am waiting for it to be translated. Do you know Any new information about its project?
  6. Well My recent VNs are ordinary guys or not so good looking guys getting popular girls route. So for a change of pace I asked for the opposite of our always-ordinary looking(ordinary in terms of talents and other features too).
  7. Pretty Interesting plot ig. Thanks for the suggestion. Sure. That's a given.
  8. It Definitely appeared at the top list of Popular Protagonist Tag in vndb. Gonna check it out soon. Thanks for suggestions.
  9. Thanks for the order. I am just searching for order here.
  10. Already reading it, Thanks for Suggestion. Sure Gonna try it soon, Thanks for Replying,
  11. Like that mc from Sunrider academy who is popular among girls and handsome too. I was tired of heroines who are popular and mc gets that girl. I just want to try the reverse for now in VNs. Recommend some if you know any. Rom-com or SoL genre is enough. Thanks for Reading.
  12. Completed All 3 endings of Chapter 1 in Subarishi Hibi. But it stucked like this when I clicked start after the ending of chapter 1. Can anybody tell the solution ? No keys are working when the screen is like this. Is there the problem in my Installed VN then?
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