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  1. I'm in a hunt for the most violent and horrific VNs imaginable, give me something that'll make my mind so incredibly screwed that I'll lose sleep for days. Thankfully, I'm a weak person at heart, that way I can have PTSD more easily
  2. This might sound pedantic but I always wanted to have this discussion with people LOL. People often say about how quality =/= popular, but then what's quality exactly? Is it something objective and intrinsic to the game?(Because popularity is exactly that). I mean, there are some things that generally, people might judge as bad quality, one thing are inconsistencies in the plot (Plot Holes), but what if someone thinks that plot holes make his favorite game better? Can we really tell him "Bah you and your tastes are wrong"? Another thing is lack of production values (a.k.a lack of money), if everything in the scenario is bland then that's generally criticized as poor quality, but take Higurashi for example, Ryukishi07 draws his characters like a kindergarten, then Mangagamer(?) came and made everything more detailed with more colors and voices, but some people disliked that, and prefer the original game entirely. What makes quality an objective thing then? "What generally people think" still means that there's something subjective there.
  3. Actually, is there any NTR story where the MC has a "macho man" stereotype? I have a feeling that in most of them he's just a pathetic beta loser, and "less of a man" than the bastard stealing his girlfriend.
  4. Nah man, some people live happily like that, I saw an interview with a porn actor and he likes being a cuckold, and his wife won't leave him apparently since she's married to him. It might sound strange for people like us who get jealous easily, but some people live happily like that. And of course there are other cases where it happens exactly what you described, one of the partners regret it and the relationship is destroyed, it involves risk no doubt.
  5. No no, unless it is NTR . The art of cuckolding where your girlfriend changes you and your tiny dick for a bastard who screws her all day, that's for dickless boys hahaha.
  6. Wow thanks for asking Larxe1, I also need games like that and this thread just gave me what I needed, nice.
  7. Yeah I think it depends. Legally I think at the time the game is published, the author cannot have the full control of the game at those terms, for any reason (and I have my fair share of criticism towards copyrights laws, but that's another matter). So in this context, people shouldn't ever be sent to jail for that. Legality aside, I think it's considered a bit rude towards the author to not delete it when he asked. It depends on what's his reason for it, on a hypothetical case, if the author wants his work deleted just because it received bad reviews, then I think that's lame on his part. If it's a more serious reason, then yeah I would consider it very rude. Another issue is the popularity of the game, if it's very obscure then we wouldn't miss it, and the author's wish might be easily granted. If it's hugely popular, then I'm sorry but I would not side with the author, regardless of his reason (maybe), a lot of people have great experiences in their lives with these games, it might sound silly but that's how I honestly see it . Another point to reflect is why should we tie the author so strongly (almost "spiritually") to the game? At the moment that he shares his story, it might not be important only to him anymore, lots of people feel strongly attached to any work of fiction emotionally, and this is not a bad thing, so why granting the author almost a monopoly on that department? I mean, there are a lot of fans of Harry Potter that regard the series as much more important to their lives then J.K Rowling herself, and we don't discuss if these same people should have a say if HP should be published or not. "Oh but he's the one who created it", Yeah but why? Why creating the thing in the first place is this big of a deal? I'm starting to reflect on it, because if the answer to my last question is about "emotional attachment to the work", then I already have my opinion on that.
  8. I think this is for crazy people , NTR always makes me depressed and sad, and when it's fetishized then it makes me feel weird. I actually accidentally came across some NTR stories in manga and it made me hella angry, so to take my revenge on that, I picked on REVERSE NTR games, and man I found them pretty hot. Watching the MC being emasculated with his girlfriend being stolen, that's a no no for me, but I can easily find pleasurable to watch the MC stealing another guy's woman, or cheating on his girlfriend, muahahahaha (unless it's a more serious story, any kind of cheating makes me sad when it's played for drama).
  9. I never saw anything like that in any VN (don't know about dating sims, never played them), but it would be very interesting, from what I played, the closest I found was school days, the game has a bar on the screen that measures how close you are to one of the main heroines, and depending on how you treat them they may "hate" you or love you to the fullest. Probably your average VN doesn't have a bad ending with the heroine, and if it does, generally it isn't based on how you treat them, I might be wrong though.
  10. Nah man, we understand if you like to be cucked, what matters is that everybody is happy
  11. You can trust, they make an effort to get rid of troll votes (e.g. people who make multiples accounts in order to inflate or downgrade a particular VN's score, and people who score without playing the game, those are the only problems I can think of).
  12. Chaos;Child: The mystery is quite intriguing and exciting, you'll really like this one, the protagonist might come off as a bit of a wimpy at first but he is not, he makes the story work and has his shining moments:https://vndb.org/v14018 G-Senjou no Maou: Awesome game with an awesome mystery, I prefer this one over Chaos;Child, the revelations and twists are better in my opinion, and the MC has a more proactive personality and is cooler:https://vndb.org/v211 Ever17-The Out of Infinity: This one is NOT ABOUT DETECTIVES or characters trying to solve a mystery, it happens something bad to them, and the reasons behind are the big mystery of the game that keeps you in it, but the characters themselves rarely go out of their way trying to figure out why that happened to them, who is behind everything etc, and when something odd happens they shrug it off quite quick, so no one plays the detective role here, play the previous two if you want characters like that, but the mystery is present here and the twist is a huge surprise, so I recommend:https://vndb.org/v17
  13. Just finished Chaos;Child, great game which I really enjoyed the twists and the mystery, the impactful scenes were also very well done, but there are so many questions in my head, I didn't understand a lot of the things that happened, about the delusions and stuff, my only issue is that it's not my type of game , since there is NO ROMANCE at all: Well, that aside, I recommend the game for anyone, the atmosphere and the twists are very good, and some of the characters also, and the ARTSTYLE .
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