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    visual novels (yay!), anime, literature, video games, creative writing, sports (mainly table tennis and football), card games (MTG), politics and moe

    Oh and by the way when it comes to genre preferences in anime/VN's: romance > all

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  1. Jazz Samba, incredibly record all the way through, very groovy
  2. Currently evaluating the sunk cost fallacy between FFXIV, Hearthstone and Dead by Daylight. Battle passes fuck me up, man.
  3. Honestly? Hip hop. The Samurai Champloo OST is by far the best anime OST I have heard and I rarely see it being explored further in other shows.
  4. Yet another VN to put on my ever growing 'must-read' list, lmao
  5. Majikoi's protagonist is a massive perv, one of the main gags is that they nickname his you-know-what 'machine gun'. He's for sure smart and proactive tho, so he probably qualifies for the OP. I'd like to add Sharin no Kuni to the list as well, very cunning protag but also a bit of an asshole.
  6. I still really love this signature and I have zero intention of changing it, still love Amane with all my heart. Nice to see you! That's pretty rad!
  7. Once a year sounds about right when it comes to my pacing back then lmao
  8. Woooooo Interested in providing content as a guest reviewer for sure, missed ya bud! No worries, just spend a fifth of your paycheck on it each month and you're golden I'd like to forget I ever used Skype lmao Necro gang Sup dude Holy bajeezus, almost 8K posts? Man, I loved Kindred Spirits, easily my favourite review I ever did as well. Happy to see you, fellow FFXIV addict
  9. Heya, I used to be very active here many years ago, looking to catch up with the many wonderful people I met here but sadly lost contact with along the way. A bit about me: I used to be a casual reader, did a few reviews for the website here back in the day. My fav VNs are Rewrite, Song of Saya and G-Senjou no Maou. These days I spend a lot of my time working (argh), playing magic the gathering (irl? woah!), playing table tennis and a bit of video gaming here and there when I have the time. Glad to be back!
  10. I feel like he's a bit too harsh here and there but on the whole he's spot on
  11. I've been in tears all day This man meant everything to me for so long. His content was always amazing, sticking up for the consumer 100% of the time. He introduced me to so many great youtubers. He died like a true warrior, fighting this horrible sickness until the end. R.I.P. you massive legend, you'll be missed.
  12. Gonna approach this as a review Overall score 5/10 Pros: - Colourful cast - Excellent true route - Kyousuke Cons: - Rather lame or completely ridiculous central conflict in most routes, making you feel very detached from the whole thing - Most characters are very one-dimensional and see very little growth as a character, even in their own respective routes - MC is a total bore, just a cardboard cut out - Lol, minigames I felt bored for the majority of the time reading this, sadly. Easily Key's worst VN to date. Can't recommend it unless you're a huge fan of their entire catalogue. My advice is just to read Rewrite instead
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