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  1. If you finish it you'll know what I mean.
  2. So after a good long spell of hiding under a rock I tried DDLC, which felt like a completely shallow rip off of MYTH. However, I did quite enjoy the mind f**k. But compared to MYTH, which truly was a gem and rather different from what I normally read, I was just left wanting more as it was shorter than a prologue. I'm thinking I may finally begin Higurashi next as I've read elsewhere that its similar to both and could do with a little more mind f**k.
  3. Well I finished MYTH after a little work related delay, and thoroughly enjoyed it! It truly was a gem and rather different from what I normally read. I'm thinking I may finally begin Higurashi next as I've read elsewhere that its similar and could do with a little more mind f**k.
  4. Reading MYTH and absolutely loving it! Cannot get enough of the track 'Bright Afternoon' (when it gets going), probably going to be sad and make it my ringtone; should anyone decide to ring.
  5. I took the plunge for Clannad and G-Senjou no Maou, but the Sunrider 'sims' look interesting too. I've been told I won't be missing much with all ages version of G-Senjou no Maou, that true?
  6. Just finished Rakuen, have to say that I wasn't a fan of the Not sure what to move onto next, I should probably restart Ever17.
  7. I decided not to go back to Chrono clock just yet Wei123 and pushed forward with some Grisaia. I'm not as far through Meikyuu as would have liked, spent far too much time onboard this trip due to broken generator circuits... several full earths I had to chase down. Anyhow I just wanted to say that the first Asako/JB H scene was truly spectacular, genuinely hilarious to the point of weeping eyes in places. I think I'm about halfway so will probably advance onto Rakuen this trip. Although after seeing several fan art CGs I'm really interested in Hapymaher; so maybe that'll be on the cards next (when I'm home).
  8. Little Michuru was truely awesome, sad route ending. I did Makoto, Michuru and Misaki, couldn't be arsed with DD, but maybe the weird attempt to be British turn me off; is it worth fighting through just to get Cro's route? Wei, i just noticed you're reading Ef, I loved eden has it got a similar vibe?
  9. Long time since I've posted but other things in life had to take precedence. Recently I've read Chrono clock, which I wasn't too fond of the SoL and I felt the routes were weaker than the prologue that hooked me in, I enjoyed Makoto's the most but then I never unlocked Cro's route as I lost interest. I've been continuing with Meikyuu (slowly) but really popped on here to say I had just finished 'Lucy' in a single session binge read which bore the fruits of a Planeterian/Chobits baby! I very much enjoyed it and would love to read similar (I've already been recommended Himawari and Subarashiki elsewhere). I need more onion filled VNs! Also while I'm here and waffling, RiP minori, seriously WTF I loved eden and I was really looking forward to trinoline!
  10. But she is literally made of awesome!
  11. I just did his first ascention, was surprised to find even the guys get more naked the higher rank they are!
  12. I finally gave up waiting for an EU release and grabbed it via APK Pure... my ID is 262.238.547. I've been playing it non stop while I was overseas all of May, was a good time killer while stuck onboard at sea. Just got my 3M DL Ticket... whoop whoop! I'm also quite enjoying this Sanzang event (boobies), anyone know how many volumes in the quest? I'm just about to do volume 6.
  13. For the sake of answering the OPs question I agree with Ranzo, just crack on and read it, you won't regret it. However, as both Thyndd and Dreamysyu have discussed it's more complicated than that. Seriously though stick with it, Muv Luv is well worth the time invested!
  14. Are Meikyuu and Rakuen what Fate Hollow Ataraxia is to FSN? Just an awesome fan disc with some original content and side stories but no real continuation of the plot? In other news I somehow ended up going down Michiru's route, which I personally feel should have ended when I really enjoyed Eden littleshogun, though the drama is a little forced it was something I just couldn't put down.
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