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  1. Greetings! The Finale of Forbidden Fruit is drawing near! Let us show you what’s happening in the next Episode 14 Part 2! Episodе 14 Part 2: Heart of Island Maya and Leo have already reunited with their father, but the troubles are not over yet. They need to find the artifact and stop the mermaids. The royal halls are arranged almost like a real labyrinth so they have to try really hard to find the right path. But nothing will stop our heroes, especially now, when the fate of the entire island is at stake. What’s new: - You’ll get to see the Grand Finale of the story; - More than 11000 words of the greatest plot; - 3 new sex scenes; - Over 50 new animations; - New mini games; - New adventures in dungeons; - Improved localization; - Bug fixes. ~ This final Episode represents the strong spirit of the main characters and their willingness to reach their destination. Make sure to read the story! For 12$ Patrons: - New additional high-quality scenes and dialogues that make the feel of the plot and gameplay better. Are you thrilled? We are! Thank you for being with us during this exciting moment! Don’t forget to follow us on Patreon to not miss the news: https://www.patreon.com/Magic_fingers
  2. Since @Robert Kis an extremely busy man, I'll announce it for him. Just this night, Shiravune released their newest title Alpha-Nighthawk in the Steam & Johren-Store. The game on Steam is an all-ages version that needs to be patched with a Johren-Patch, so it becomes complete .https://www.johren.games/games/download/alphanighthawk-en/ The game is also translated by Lemnisca'a John Hooper, other members haven't spoken up yet. Alpha Nighthawk is a Science Fiction setting game by Dentou Nanahoshi, one of Liarsofts newer writers. In Japan the game already has a sequel with Beta-Sixdouze. Both games feature human as well as antropomorphic characters, some call them furrys. The game calls them Neofennecs. Let's get to the story:
  3. Hi everyone! My name is Kumonosu game, I am a ero doujin game developer from Japan! I would like to introduce my new project, "Living with Demon Lord-chan". I am inspired by famous titles such as "Teaching feeling", "One room"...and started to make my own living simulation game. My first game is "Bottle Biosphere living with a runaway girl" Thanks to the support of Kickstarter backers, I'm able to release the game! DLsite: https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ305192.html Itch: https://kumonosugame.itch.io/bottlebiosphere I'm now working on my second game "Living with Demon Lord-chan". Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kumonosugame/living-with-demon-lord-chan?ref=e8jmnq&token=ad3ef6eb Itch: https://kumonosugame.itch.io/living-with-demon-lord-chan Firstly the character profile: Story info: Game UI: Live2D H scene: (Edit by Mods: NSFW) For more information please check out the Kickstarter page! The Kickstarter campaign will begin at early December! If you're interested in my game, please consider following and supporting my Kickstarter campaign! Here is my Twitter and subscribestar!
  4. Giga was very popular and a staple of the Japanese visual novel/eroge industry, but the west barely got any of their first-party titles. We might onlym know them through Baldr Sky actually. Any other giga titles you have played? Which have you looked forward to to eventually get localized?
  5. The Publisher MangaGamer had a booth and panel at AnimeNYC (a huge convention in New York) and during this time they announced two new titles. The first game is Guilty's "Nightmare x Onmyoji ~Kindan no Paradox~" and Minori's "12 Tsuki no Eve". People expected some darker titles, but it is nice they were able to bring Minori back. Apparently, Bamboo and the Minori CEO still go out for drinks frequently, so their games aren't off the table! Official Posts: Nightmare x Onmyoji 12 Tsuki no Eve Here you also have some attendee's perspectives by @Deluneko.
  6. Greetings, our dear friends! Today, we’ve got huge news for you! We want to tell you about the game we’ve been working on for quite some time now - Project Genome (this is a non-final name). Our team wants to improve most things in the game we all love, so we decided not just to update it, but to create a completely new game that allows us to fully incarnate our ideas. So, what’s it going to be? Firstly, and most importantly, we want to divide the game into 3 completely different parts: Gameplay, Plot and 18+ content. That allows you to play any of those parts separately to enjoy what you really want the most. Secondly, every aspect of those 3 things is going to be dramatically improved: Gameplay is going to contain a much more interesting completely reworked battle system with endless replayability; Plot is going to include more immersing relationship between the characters which you can have impact on; Content 18+ is going to be improved from all sides, especially in terms of visuals and animations. Thirdly, we want you to find the thing exactly you like in our game. But how can we do that if the “wrapping” is the same? Right! We completely change the visual style of the new game! You’re able to enjoy not only new mechanics in it, but its visuals, too! With the new beginning of such a huge project we really need your help to create the gaming experience we all dream about. If you want our next game to become as great as our team wants it to, please support us on Patreon. Your help tremendously increases our capabilities in the development! Only together we're able to make our way through thorn and briar to reach the stars! The announcement of the new game doesn’t mean we’re done with the first one. We still have something special up our sleeve for every one of you. Just you see! Thank you soooo soooo much for being with us, and of course, stay tuned for more! P.S. We’ve added new Patreon Goals specifically for Project Genome. There you’ll be able to see more stuff that we’d like to implement into the game. Eventually, we’ll add bonuses for all of you, our dear subscribers. If you’re interested, please consider following us on Patreon. We’ll be posting lots of info bout it on our page!
  7. In today's IndieWorld Switch presentation there were a couple visual novel related announcements among the games they focused on and those were the second episode of Coffee Talk as well as WORLD OF HORROR. This game is an incredibly spooky adventure designed like an old vintage PC title mostly in black and white aesthetic completely inspired by Junji Ito's works. Ysbryd Games were the one's releasing this game to Steam in Early Access. I did play this game a bit and I can vouch for its spooky and uncannyness. You do much more than just reading text here, however, because this is a very complex game with a lot of choices, combat systems, timed choices and puzzles. Really worth a damn! (If you want to check out another game that uses the same inspirations and the same style, but is a VN through and through, check out @FulminisIctusgame "Mycorrhiza". He made a thread on Fuwanovel before, so you can quickly find this game.)
  8. Greetings! Halloween Episode is here! Download it now! Public Build (Free) - https://www.patreon.com/posts/public-build-74167171 Patreon Build (All Content) - https://www.patreon.com/posts/patreon-build-74167193 Gallery: https://www.patreon.com/posts/gallery-episode-74167218 Halloween Episodе: Story time Shana lost the guys and now she is forced to get along in a new prison cell with her neighbor. But this section of the prison is very different from all the others. Here you have to pay for everything you can get by telling stories. Especially now, in the height of Halloween holiday, the guards come here for new stories and who, if not Shana, knows how to tell them best. What’s new: - More than 11000 words of new incredible plot; - 3 new Halloween sex scenes; - Over 55 new animations; - New Halloween mini games - Unique battles in dungeons; - Improved localization; - Bug fixes. ~ This Halloween Episode will make you dive into the incredible side adventure to fully feel the theme of the holiday. Get your pumpkin full of candies and start the game! For 12$ Patrons: - New additional high-quality scenes and dialogues that make the feel of the plot and gameplay better. We really appreciate your help. So Trick or Treat? Don’t forget to visit our Patreon for more: https://www.patreon.com/Magic_fingers
  9. Full interview: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interview/2022-11-02/kazutaka-kodaka-talks-about-his-new-game-his-writing-process-and-danganronpa/.190461 A ton of good questions right here. It is also written by Richard Eisenbeiß, someone who is known for his indepth research and prowess when it comes to anime analysis and especially music analysis.
  10. Well, we can at least now try this game. Unfortunately, the Shiravune western release is still delayed until mid november or something? There are some tweets about the game's content, characters and mechanics here, though. I'll update this post when more posts are made. (1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6)
  11. Announcement 1 - Ore no Cupid ga Ponkotsu Sugite Kowa~i. Announcement 2 - Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate Announcement 3 - Baka Moe Heart ni Ai o Komete! Announcement 4 - Uchi wa Mou, Enki Dekinai Announcement 5 - Shinsou Noise ~Jushin Tantei no Jikenbo~ I'll try to comment on those announcements later.
  12. https://vnstudioelan.com/announcement/a-big-halloween-announcement-or-two/ What do you think of this? Have you played any Studio Coattails/VNStudio Elan titles before? I'm personally much into NPG (played 3 parts of it) and Heart of the Woods was one of the first Yurige I reviewed. With @Paddybeing the reviewer for Highway Blossoms + Merch.
  13. The console port of Harmonia (Visual Arts/Key) was released on Nintendo Switch recently on Oct 20, 2022. Come to think of it, this was probably the last work from Key where Itaru officially worked as the company illlustrator. She quit the company in Sept 2016 and Harmonia came out literally three days later on Sept 23. ~~~~~ How did you guys like Harmonia? I really liked Itaru's coloring in this game, the skin tone is especially well done, particularly noticable on the thighs pictured above and oppais on the in-game CG. But otherwise I have the impression that the face she draws has gotten more derpy compared to her peak in Clannad. I mean they don't look that bad, but they come off rather flat, in both sense of the word. The voice acting was lovely as well. I associate Mizuhashi Kaori with the violent pettan tsundere from Baka to Test who starts speaking gibberish in German when she's flabbergasted, but Shiona from Harmonia (the blonde girl above for those who haven't played the game) has a diametrically opposite character compared to Minami. A holy sister overflowing with babumi... Not really my fetish but her voice soothes my depraved soul. When it comes to the music, well, you've got Orito Shinji working on most of the music in this agame. I don't have the game installed on my PC right now, so I can't check whether it's him, but I like the BGM embed above the most. I think it captures very well the vibe of the town in the story, an oasis in the middle of a decaying world. A temporary breathing space, but will the peaceful days last forever? This faint trace of wistfulness and unease in an otherwise relaxing piece is something Key does very well, in my opinion. Unfortunately I won't be buying this console port for now, due to the grave reason of... not having a Nintendo Switch at home. This port allows you to switch the language between Japanese, English, and Chinese (probably in-game like the Steam edition of Little Busters), so it's not like I'm not interested in it, since I'd like to try reading it in the original language. Maybe one day I'll get a Switch and the game, when I'm not using my shiokuri for onaholes and onsei sakuhin on DLsite. It's a short kinetic novel, and a very good one at that. Recommended for those with a Nintendo Switch and a penchant for emotional stories. The price goes around 25 USD on the Nintendo E-Shop, which is suprisingly a little bit more expensive than the Japanese price (2,980 Yen, around 20 USD). I guess one could also say that this port is worth three games, so it's not really expensive in the end.
  14. Aksys had a big announcement stream on October 20th giving updates on games that will be released in 2023, as well as some new announcements! I'll list the new announcements first and then cover the updates. Tengoku Struggle -Strayside- to come west in 2024 The biggest surprise about this was how early it was announced. 2024 is still a ways off after all. But Tengoku Struggle was bound to be localized. It fits the vibe, has a familiar team working on it, and might even be better received in the west than in Japan (the game was criticized to be too vulgar in Japan but western players liked that aspect of it). I think I will probably get the game too assuming the game doesn't like in Olympia Soiree. Record of Agarest War to come to Switch in March 2023 I don't know much about this series but if my life allowed me to play a 100 hours RPG then I would probably play this. I really like multi-generational stuff and I like romancing women every now and then too. Norn9: Var Commons will come to Switch in March 2023 This game came previously west on the Vita and I'm kinda surprised that after all this time it broke the Vita-Jail. This is an ambitious Sci-fi Otome game with 9 routes and 3 female protagonists. I personally liked that we got 3 fully voiced protagonists and the overarching story was quite interesting. It really suffered from having too many route, however. It would've been better to cut 3 routes and then invest more time and resources in the remaining 6 routes. Norn9 was also written by the same writer as Even if Tempest and it got an anime adaption back in 2016. Norn9: Last Era (fandisc) is coming to Switch around Summer 2023 We also get the first fandisc called Norn9: Last Era, which will be available for the first time in English! I heard that it does a good job supplementing the story of the main game and just makes the story better in general. Winter’s Wish: Spirits of Edo will release in Spring 2023 for the Switch Winter's wish seems to have been pushed back a bit. I remember it was supposed to release in around January but oh well. From reviews this game sounds like it's more suitable to newcomers of the genre than people who have already played many Otome games. I am interested in non-humans but I may wait for more reviews. Jack Jeanne will release around Summer 2023 Jack Jeanne is one of the Otome releases I am MOST looking forward to! It's the first otome game by Broccoli that gets localized! All other Otome games Aksys localizes are by Otomate. May it be a good sign for the future! It's also not a straight VN like most Otome games. It has Simulation and Rhythm gameplay. This game was also written and illustrated by Ishida Sui of Tokyo Ghoul fame! I assume that's why we're even getting the honor. Jack Jeanne will also get a Limited Edition. Radiant Tale will release around Summer 2023 Radiant Tale looks like a fluffy and fun breather for what's to come! I will definitely get it as fluffy fantasy Otome games are hard to come by in English. But I wonder if it really is as fluffy as I heard. Wouldn't be the first time that an Otome game baits people with a fluffy feeling only to backstab you. Virche Evermore: -ErroR:salvation- comes west around Fall 2023 Shuuen no Virche got it's English title and people are a bit split on it. Some people say the Evermore make the game sound like a happy fairy tale or a Barbie movie. Others say that the Evermore sounds melancholic and bittersweet. I for one think it sounds melancholic and am quite confused where the others got the happy or Barbie-like vibes from. Maybe it's regional differences? Now Virche is also a big release many are looking forward to! It was written by the same person who also worked on the script for Code:Realize, Cafe Enchante and Variable Barricade. That's enough to get me interested, really. The premise sounds really edgy but I trust the writer to make it work somehow. There is also a fandisc coming in Japan which may heal some hearts that were broken by this game lol Virche will also get a Limited edition! Spirit Hunter: Death Mark II will come west around Fall 2023 Called Shinigami ~Shibito Magire~ in Japan, we (hopefully) get the last Spirit Hunter game next year in Fall! I really liked the other two games so this will be a Day 1 buy! I'm kinda sad that apparently it will be the last game of the series, but I guess all good things must come to an end. This was a lot of work! I hope this summary will be helpful!
  15. Yeah the thread title here is definitely rhymed all right. Anyway the tweet in regard of it below. Initially Steam did list it as October release, although right now it already change into Q4 2022, so it mean that at the latest we'll get the VN in December's end. That aside, as we know this is Laplacian VN which we know was released Aojashin back on February with one tiny fault that caused one tiny controversy that still enough to annoy me here (At least it won't happen with Mirai Radio here), so if possible I prefer to less talk about it for now. Anyway it's good that we finally have the long wait for it is finally almost over, especially if one already waited for it ever since Sol Press announced it (When they still have enough spirit before realized that they didn't allocate enough money to pay taxes).
  16. Eight months after their last update, Frontwing finally updates the fans on the current state of their projects. Other than Sharin no Kuni, there are a lot of open questions. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/frontwing/support-visual-novel-islands-english-game-and-anim/posts/3633384 What do you think? Have you ever bought or supported Frontwings kickstarter projects? Bad or good experiences with it?
  17. This morning the visual novel community was hit with a shock when they first noticed that the elusive Chaos;Head NoAH which fans have been waiting years for has been banned by Steam in an act of immaculate inconsistency. The news got known, because people started to notice that the assets and data were leaked onto the steamDB site. There has been no statements made by Valve as to why the game needed to be banned, but it can be assumed that it is a combination of blood & gore and occasional flashy/horny scenes that Valve in combination with school uniforms might deem as abusive to children. Unfortunately, one can only speculate and refer back to familiar cases where the same problems arose when trying to get this game on their storefront. The kicker this is that Steam banned a game rated PEGI16 and the Nintendo Switch allows it to be sold as well as distributed in stores This feels like a bad joke, honestly.
  18. Greetings! The Part 1 of the 14th Episode is coming and here you can see what it’s going to contain. Episode 14 Part 1: No one will help Maya finally met her father, and they have so much to catch up on. But there is less and less time, the mermaids are planning something dangerous, and only we can stop them. Other of the guys were left behind, so this time May will have to act more carefully, she can no longer afford to get into every skirmish. Will Maya cope on her own without the help of her loyal friends? What’s new: - More than 13000 words of new incredible plot; - Unexpected plot twists; - 5 new sex scenes; - Over 80 new animations; - Unique battles in dungeons; - Improved localization; - Bug fixes. ~ We’ve started improving the game for those who are only at the beginning of their magnificent journey into the Forbidden Fruit. The animations of the first 2 Episodes have been dramatically improved to meet the quality of the newest versions! For 12$ Patrons: - New additional high-quality scenes and dialogues that make the feel of the plot and gameplay better. We really appreciate your help. Be prepared. The new content is about to get epic! Don‘t forget to visit our Patreon for more: https://www.patreon.com/posts/teaser-of-new-14-72994048
  19. Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari was originally released on PC in 2011 as an R18 otome game. In 2014 it first got an 17+ version on the PSP and later the PS Vita. The Switch version that was released in 2020 in Japan will now get a free update with the English translation. Coming next month the game should be available on the Eshop wolrdwide with an English text option. Physical copies will also be updated. This game had once before gotten an English mobile release by Abracadabra Games in 2020. However that release was stripped of all its voice acting and was sold at ridiculous prices (90-120 dollar for all routes without voice acting). Needless to say the mobile version did not survive long and has already shut down. So yeah this is a big win for the otome community! Finally we get the voiced and properly priced game. If I remember right it was also often asked for in the Manga Gamer surveys. This may not be the original 18+ version but considering how much Hata has been grinning at the subject, I wouldn't be surprised if something is done about that as we speak heh. Here is the setting:
  20. Void & Nothingness Void & Nothingness is a story where we explore people’s deepest fears, where we talk about their dreams and analyze nostalgia. It’s a visual novel for mature audiences. It is set in Manhattan and the main character of the story is a young lady named Alice who’s doing anything she can to come by. It’s her dreams and fears that materialize into a world around her in which she gets immersed in. The illustrations are done by Ludmila Sosa who’s great work can be found at https://www.behance.net/KamuiHand The story is by Milan Kazarka who’s also the producer of the Invisible Apartment series. The umbrella is provided by Vysoko Anime Production. - Here is some more artwork from the upcoming visual novel http://vysoko.com/voidandnothingness Vysoko Anime Production
  21. I notice a certain operation changes of FuwaNovel. Is been quite a while since i take a look on this site, therefore i did like to ask a few question that will likely be very familiar with all the people who always keep up with FuwaNovel updates or operations. Question: before this, i used to downlaod English - VN here. the format is a torrent file. It appear that now; Fuwanovel have change over to become a center of "Information to introduce and selling VN". I am not sure about whether i am correct in my assumption, so I decide to post here to get some guidance from you.Thank you.
  22. Kenseiki Alpha Ride (VNDB, Getchu, Official site) Genre: SRPG This game is by Eternal-Will, the makers of Yumina the Ethereal. There's a fair chance this game could see an English release if people pester JAST USA for it.
  23. http://blog.mangagamer.org/2015/09/01/kindred-spirits-on-the-roof-is-coming-to-steam/ MangaGamer's release of Kindred Spirits on the Roof will be released on Steam uncensored. According to several people in the industry, Valve has acknowledged the potential for adult titles on the platform and some people within the company are pushing to make that happen. Kindred Spirits will be the first uncensored VN release with sex scenes on the platform, which is pretty exciting. But why the "kind of" in the thread title? Well,Kindred Spirits isn't a full-blown eroge, it's kind of softcore. There are sex scenes, but the genitalia are obscured and it's like Skinemax-levels of porniness. That's still way more erotic content than any game on the platform, but it's not on the level of a standard bishoujo eroge. I see this as a start of a trend, though. If this doesn't go over too poorly among the userbase, perhaps Valve will be persuaded to release even more pornographic titles on the platform. What do you guys think? I think that MangaGamer stands to sell a lot of copies due to having the only actual pornographic title on the platform, even if it's softcore porn. Good on them for pushing boundaries. edit: Doddler claims there are other games already on the service that are more erotic but I can't really think of any off the top of my head.
  24. Hipp Hurra finnaly are Anmesia out for PS Vita and I have waited longgggggggggg time for to play this game. I'm super double happy for at Anmesia are finnaly out for PS Vita. I have just buy it and download it on my PS Vita and I have already play litter bit Of the game. I enjoy play Anmesia very much. Who Else have buy Anmesia?
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