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  1. Dual Chroma is an upcoming dark fantasy visual novel where you can romance an imperial prince and break the cycle of doom which has plagued the Empire for generations. It features a multi-faceted love interest, exciting narrative battles, and a mysterious story set in a world that's been ravaged by darkness. Uncover ancient secrets and new budding relationships in this romantic fantasy adventure visual novel with a dark twist. Journey with the Galen’s Empire Second Prince and thwart sinister forces that rise from times long since past. With multiple endings and immersive battle sequences, your choices will shape your destiny— or lead you and the Empire down the path of tragedy once again. The visual novel has been a work of many years of struggle and love and our demo just dropped recently! It's playable on both steam: bit.ly/dc-steam and itch: bit.ly/dc-itch Follow our pre-launch page to get notified when the Kickstarter opens in less than 4 days: bit.ly/dckickstart
  2. Wft what it's happening since Witch garden are on Nintendo eShop in EU with Japanese support. I'm from Norway in Europe and I just so Witch garden on Nintendo switch eShop, bud sadly it's not in English. I don't understand why Nintendo decided to release it in Japanese and not in English. I'm quite disappointed right now. Since I don't understand Japansk.
  3. So once again the time has come for AX, which mean that we may get several interesting announcements. Still no idea on what Mangagamer will announce, but at least we know we'll have 4 announcements from them. Anyway, the schedule below and for the info the time is UTC -7. I'll list the announcements in this post later. PS - I'll list the announcements in here. Mangagamer JAST USA Type Moon JAST Blue Sekai Project That's all for the announcements.
  4. Description: Hana Awase was originally released for PC in 4 parts starting in 2012. The last part was first released in 2019. Along with the usual visual novel and adventure game gameplay it also features a Hanafuda battle system. The Switch port will be released sometime in 2023. I don't know much about the game but have heard some things about it. Like that it was jokingly called Yu-gi-oh the otome game lol I will definitely get it. Whether I'll get the physical edition will depend on if they release all 4 parts in one game or not. I would rather not import 4 separate games... God 2023 is loaded with English otome game releases!
  5. Hello, world! I'm developing a visual novel engine. It already has a number of basic functions, loading lua, json and etc. I want to make something unique and modern, and most importantly, that everything works stably on all operating systems (Win, Android, Linux and etc. Source code: https://github.com/0xcds4r/VisualNovelCore/tree/main/stable 0.6-stable build (Source + test build for windows): https://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/26303-visual-novel-core-06-stable-engine-for-2d-visual-novels-with-luajson-support-download-demosource-code/ Scene Editor (alpha-test): https://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/26287-visual-novel-core-with-luajson-support/?do=findComment&comment=538025 Project is open-source and actively developed. If anyone is interested, then support my project on itch.io: https://0xcds4r.itch.io/visual-novel-core/community Thank you for your attention.
  6. It is time again to make your wishes heard! I personally wished for Club Suicide, Hana Awase and Blackish House. I'm thankful for any otome or BL game they pick up tho! Good luck to everyone! (Also Mangagamer only picks up PC games. Otomate and Rejet games are hopeless choices here for otome games just as a heads up)
  7. Giga was very popular and a staple of the Japanese visual novel/eroge industry, but the west barely got any of their first-party titles. We might onlym know them through Baldr Sky actually. Any other giga titles you have played? Which have you looked forward to to eventually get localized?
  8. Yeah the thread title here is definitely rhymed all right. Anyway the tweet in regard of it below. Initially Steam did list it as October release, although right now it already change into Q4 2022, so it mean that at the latest we'll get the VN in December's end. That aside, as we know this is Laplacian VN which we know was released Aojashin back on February with one tiny fault that caused one tiny controversy that still enough to annoy me here (At least it won't happen with Mirai Radio here), so if possible I prefer to less talk about it for now. Anyway it's good that we finally have the long wait for it is finally almost over, especially if one already waited for it ever since Sol Press announced it (When they still have enough spirit before realized that they didn't allocate enough money to pay taxes).
  9. So the Dessert de Otomate 2023 was yesterday and here are the announcements. I borrowed the summaries from this Gematsu article. Especially for Hakuoki they probably contain more info than I could give. Radiant Tale: Fanfare fandisc announced Radiant Tale's description: Summary: A fan disc of the May 2022-released Radiant Tale. Delivering smiling faces to everyone once more. Radiant Tale was announced to be relased in English as well this year in Summer. If it sells well we could get this fandisc too in the future. Hakuoki Shinkai: Manyou no Shou fandisc and Hakuoki: Sweet School Life port for Switch announced Hakuoki Shinkai: Summary for the fandisc announcement: A fan disc containing a number of spin-off stories and illustrations not included in the main story, such as a recollection of the events of Hakuoki: Zuisouroku. Hakuoki SSL: Summary: A Switch port of the 2014-released Hakuoki: Sweet School Life. The setting shifts from the Bakumatsu period to a modern era school, where you can enjoy a cheerful and slightly heartrending love story. Hakuoku SSL also got a fantranslation patch for the PS Vita in 2021. Collar x Malice: deep cover 2-part movie information: The two movies will open on May 26 and June 23, respectively this year. The movies will cover an original story and introduced a new character called Mitsuru Sowa (CV: Katsuyuki Konishi ) that will appear: They also announced that the protagonist Ichika Hoshino will be voiced by Kaede Hondo. Collar x Malice: I hope the original story will be interesting enough. I just hope they animate it properly, that Ichika is cute and that my favorite Shiraishi get's screentime. Cupid Parasite: Sweet & Spicy Darling fandisc updates: Cupid Parasite: Summary: A fan disc of the goddess / marriage hunting love comedy game Cupid Parasite. The story follows the good ending of the previous game. In addition to the hidden romanceable character Peter Flage (voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto), Melenis Levin (voiced by Yuuto Uemura) the Fate Parasite appears as a newly romanceable character. Japanese band The Biscats will once again perform the opening and ending theme songs. Melenis Levin (new love interest): I sure wonder what kind of a mess Melenis will end up being? "Fate" doesn't tell me too much. What made him a Parasite? OP video and more revealed to Alice in the Country of Spades: Wonderful Black World: Summary: A sequel to the September 2021-released Alice in the Country of Spades: Wonderful White World. The opening movie and shop-specific bonuses have been newly revealed. Alice in the Country of Spades The good old Heart no Kuni no Alice series! The Anniversary edition of the first game in the series has an English fanpatch for PC. A very unconventional series which most might know from all the manga adaptions this series spawned which got localised around the world (I have quite a few of them in German). Cast announced for 9 R.I.P. 9 R.I.P. Summary: A slightly strange omnibus romance visual novel that unfolds in various “other worlds.” Announced cast: Kureha CV: Toshiki Masuda Hibiki CV: Toki Shunichi Kouyou CV: Suzuki Ryota Sena: Kakihara Tetsuya Minami CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko Seiya CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke Yukimaro CV: KENN Koharu CV: Azakami Yohei Very interested in this one. I remember it having to do with urban legends and I like my otome games a bit spooky. I don't know about the large number of love interests tho. Quality > Quantity for me. My9Swallows TOPSTARS LEAGUE: My9Swallows TOPSTARS LEAGUE: Summary: A new professional baseball league has been organized, and a team of newcomers who passed the Yakult team auditions is formed with the goal of making it the league championship. This is the story of the romance between the protagonist put in charge of the team, and the players on the team. The story summary, first characters, and stage portraits have been newly revealed. Well. This is quite something. Tfw you have to be a baseball star aiming to win the league championship AND be an idol. I do not know how that works but alright. Could be funny to watch honestly. There is also something about them recruiting for the newest Altergear (non-romance branch) title. I would be surprised tho if any of the titles from this branch end up as a success. I haven't heard anything good about the title that was already released. Doing romance-less joseimuke visual novels only works with good characters and story. I guess we'll see...
  10. Our First Indie Visual Novel Steam page is ready! Release date: 2023 Add to wishlist: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2260150/Pomegranate_Tea/ Olivia's quiet and peaceful life in her native estate changes overnight when her father woos her to the mysterious Earl Schernadier. An ordinary tea party ends in the most incredible way: a strange aristocrat imprisons Olivia in a castle, and now she must do the impossible to return home. About this game: Olivia, a representative of an impoverished noble family, meets the mysterious Earl Schernadier. He is very rich and noble, but leads a rather closed lifestyle. It's no wonder: what kind of madman would take a rabbit as a butler, and hire a fish as a personal servant? Only an extraordinary person who still keeps a lot of skeletons in the closet is capable of this. The aristocrat offers Olivia to drink a special pomegranate tea, and, after a couple of sips, the girl's life irrevocably changes. Features of the game: Five different endings: Olivia's adventures can end at any moment! Think carefully about your choice - some of the paths lead to unexpected consequences – both joyful and sad. A bizarre atmosphere from Alice in Wonderland: rabbit people, fish people, strange situations and a lot of humor are waiting for you! The mysterious castle is fraught with many wonders, and its visit promises a lot of interesting acquaintances. Grow up with Olivia: the heroine, deprived of all support, learns to make difficult decisions. She will have to show character, endurance and remarkable resourcefulness – otherwise her relatives will never see her again. A multifaceted story about growing up, responsibility and acceptance. You will be able to experience a full palette of emotions: sadness, joy, loneliness, powerlessness – and all this in one game! Memorable visual style, lots of beautiful locations and an abundance of characters.
  11. We’ve just released the Themed update for our game Forbidden Fruit! Come and check it out! Everything about the update you can find here: Play now and dive into the New Year’s atmosphere: Public Build (Free): https://www.patreon.com/posts/public-build-new-76828672 Patreon Build (All content): https://www.patreon.com/posts/patreon-build-76828616 Gallery: https://www.patreon.com/posts/gallery-episode-76828724
  12. Greetings and Happy New Year! With 2023 comes the greatest present we could give to you - the New Year’s update for our favorite Forbidden Fruit! Make sure to play it and feel the spirit of the holidays! Episode: New Year The danger is over, the adventures have come to an end and you can take a break from all this, and just enjoy the gentle sound of the water and admire the clear blue sky. Leo and Maya decide to throw a party on the island and celebrate the New Year. The only thing left is to invite guests... What’s new: - A Sweet themed side-story about the best character; - More than 11000 words of the greatest plot; - 3 new sex scenes; - Over 50 new animations; - New mini games; - New adventures in dungeons; - Improved localization; - Bug fixes. ~ This is our New Year’ present for you! Just wait till you can open it! For 12$ Patrons: - New additional high-quality scenes and dialogues that make the feel of the plot and gameplay better. We’d really like you to dive into the New Year’s party one more time, with our newest Episode! Have fun! Let’s go!
  13. Hello, Everyone! I would summon my courage in order to share with you the project I was working on for the past year. "Bottoms Up!" is a LINEAR Visual Novel type of game, which was supposed to serve as an "adaptation" of the fantasy novel with the same name I released (In Bulgarian) a few years back. The setting and the story of the game is not really typical for the genre I would say, but I always wanted to adapt the book into some sort of more visual media and since I really like visual novels I decided that this type of project will be doable for me. And I thought making something kind of different will be cool. My main inspiration was a mixture of eastern european (Bulgarian) folklore and the classic fantasy trope we all know. The plot itself is basically a criminal story. If you are interested you can read a synopsis, check some of the custom soundtrack and more in the Itch Io page here: https://inspiredbynoobs.itch.io/bottomsup I will be really happy if you check the game and give me some feed back. Thank you!
  14. Eight months after their last update, Frontwing finally updates the fans on the current state of their projects. Other than Sharin no Kuni, there are a lot of open questions. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/frontwing/support-visual-novel-islands-english-game-and-anim/posts/3633384 What do you think? Have you ever bought or supported Frontwings kickstarter projects? Bad or good experiences with it?
  15. Yes it happen, and here the link to the tweet in regard of it. While you can get it on Steam, it would be better to get it from Johren if possible or use the 18+ patch if you still get it from Steam, because Steam version has several issue, with the major one is they removed Kazari's route in Steam version. I have no idea on why Shiravune need to cut her route, or why Valve seems didn't like her route seeing that they've been okay with principal heroine in Majokoi. That issue aside, I've been waiting to see the VN like this so good for Shiravune. PS - It's been a while since I did list the characters along with their VAs, so let me try to do it now. 1. Asuka Minato After Minato's grandmother passed away, Minato was suffer a big loss. Fortunately Kazari who is raised by Minato's grandmother was willing to take Minato under Kazari's care, so Minato come into Kazari's school where she act as the principal with said school is only for the upper class girl. While there's a lot of complication happen, it didn't matter for Minato who already got a lot of skills that the grandmother taught, so much that Minato can do the chores easier than the girls around Minato (Which to be fair is not that hard for Minato seeing that the girls are quite ditzy). Minato's VA is Ayumi Sarah, and her roles are Anneliese from Kimagure Temptation, Ayasaki Yuu from Bokukotsu, Yuragi from Evenicle 2, and Kousaka Mayuri from Flowers tetralogy. Oh yes in case you're noticed that I didn't use the pronoun for Minato, it's because I'd try to hide the gender, and yes Minato here is our male MC for Otome Domain in which he's very cute like female. 2. Saionji Kazari She was under the care of Minato's grandmother, and when Minato lost his grandmother Kazari decided to take care of him, including allowed him to attend Kazari's school with him must dressed up as a girl (Which is very easy to do, much to his dismay). While Kazari here is the school principal, unfortunately it didn't stop her for being ditzy, especially with her spent more effort to use bottle when she wants to pee instead of using the less bothersome (And more rational) option by going to the toilet. Kazari's VA is Anzu Hana, and her roles are Kawamura Reo from Sono Hanabira franchise, Noa from Sorcery Jokers, Ese Ren from Ne no Kami (Replacing the late Mochi Yomogi), and Konohana Yuka from Hokejo. 3. Oogaki Hinata Out of all the heroines, she came off as the most normal one. Although it's less because she has no quirk and more because her quirk is merely being a chuunibyou, with her acting as the cadre of a vague evil organization. Her background is that her family was suddenly getting rich so much that she's able to attend Kazari's school, although Hinata here is too busy caught up in her fantasy so much that she didn't have time to be smug about her fortune. Hinata's VA is Himekawa Airi, with her roles are Gurigura from Evenicle, Nanase Momoka from Imouto Paradise 2, Cook from Eiyuu Senki, and Kuranaga Kozue from Yosuga no Sora. 4. Kifune Yuzu While it seems that she's quite normal, don't be fooled because I did say that Hinata here is the most normal. As for her quirk, she has very different standard when it come to cooking compared to the other people. By different I mean that she cook the food to be as inedible as possible, and thus nobody want her to be in the kitchen (Especially after both Kazari and Hinata felt sick after caught the smell of Yuzu's 'cooking'). Other than being terrible at cooking, Yuzu here is also very bad at tidying her room. Yuzu's VA is Ueda Akane with her roles are Magellan from Eiyuu Senki, Nogi Tamie from Princess Evangile (Coincidentally both Yuzu and Tamie are the member of School Newspaper Club), Nanase Chiharu from Imouto Paradise 2, and Arisugawa Arle from Bokukotsu.
  16. The Publisher MangaGamer had a booth and panel at AnimeNYC (a huge convention in New York) and during this time they announced two new titles. The first game is Guilty's "Nightmare x Onmyoji ~Kindan no Paradox~" and Minori's "12 Tsuki no Eve". People expected some darker titles, but it is nice they were able to bring Minori back. Apparently, Bamboo and the Minori CEO still go out for drinks frequently, so their games aren't off the table! Official Posts: Nightmare x Onmyoji 12 Tsuki no Eve Here you also have some attendee's perspectives by @Deluneko.
  17. Announcement 1 - Ore no Cupid ga Ponkotsu Sugite Kowa~i. Announcement 2 - Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate Announcement 3 - Baka Moe Heart ni Ai o Komete! Announcement 4 - Uchi wa Mou, Enki Dekinai Announcement 5 - Shinsou Noise ~Jushin Tantei no Jikenbo~ I'll try to comment on those announcements later.
  18. Preview of the movies theme song "Ningen×Shikkaku" (No Longer×Human): An anime project for the otome game Collar x Malice was already announced 2019. This year in September they revealed it as a movie to be aired in 2023. Today they revealed that the movie will air in two parts under the title "Gekijōban Collar×Malice Deep Cover". The first part will air summer 2023 and will be animated by Studio DEEN. The key visual suggests that it will be an adaption of Yanagi's route, which is the final route of the game. Collar x Malice was first released in Japan in 2016 for the PS Vita. In 2017 it was also officially released in English by Aksys Games. In 2020 Switch ports for the original game and its fandisc Collar x Malice Unlimited were released in Japanese and English. Description: I'm glad it's a two parter because now I can at least have hope that the pacing won't be a complete disaster. This way they should be able to convey the central plot well enough. Still a bit miffed about it being Yanagi's route since it was my least favorite. However, for stand-alone movies it is the only sensible choice. It answers the big questions, after all. I just have to hope for as much Shiraishi screentime as possible. And I demand Ichika to be animated with all the love in the world!
  19. Publisher MangaGamer just released the sequel title to "How to live a Healthy Hentai lifestyle" on their store. The game is called "How a Healthy Hentai Administers Public Service" and it's the second game in the Kenzen series. In the first game we already got to know parts of an in-universe hentai health administry and its public servants, but in this game we delve deeper into these characters. The artwork is once again made by Butcha-U, who is known for his mature looking women characters in top-rated doujinshi like DELIGHTFULLY FUCKABLE AND UNREFINED or other works under label EROQUIS. He will actually be the artist/character designer for the upcoming SACRIFICE VILLAINS, too. Synopsis MangaGamer Website MangaGamer Shop (44.95$) VNDB
  20. Greetings! The Finale of Forbidden Fruit is drawing near! Let us show you what’s happening in the next Episode 14 Part 2! Episodе 14 Part 2: Heart of Island Maya and Leo have already reunited with their father, but the troubles are not over yet. They need to find the artifact and stop the mermaids. The royal halls are arranged almost like a real labyrinth so they have to try really hard to find the right path. But nothing will stop our heroes, especially now, when the fate of the entire island is at stake. What’s new: - You’ll get to see the Grand Finale of the story; - More than 11000 words of the greatest plot; - 3 new sex scenes; - Over 50 new animations; - New mini games; - New adventures in dungeons; - Improved localization; - Bug fixes. ~ This final Episode represents the strong spirit of the main characters and their willingness to reach their destination. Make sure to read the story! For 12$ Patrons: - New additional high-quality scenes and dialogues that make the feel of the plot and gameplay better. Are you thrilled? We are! Thank you for being with us during this exciting moment! It’s playtime! Public Build (Free): https://www.patreon.com/posts/public-build-14-75734044 Patreon Build (All content): https://www.patreon.com/posts/patreon-build-14-75734005
  21. JAST USA will be releasing the crazy insect game "Inyouchuu: Insects of Insemination" by japanese eroge company TinkerBell on the 29th of August in the JAST Store. We were kind of thinking that Tokyo Necro would come before it, but it is what it is. Twitter Link The audience for this game will probably be very interesting to see. There are crazy madmen like Echelon who are the craziest fans of that game series that you can imagine, but I don't think this will be a smash hit - if it doesn't gain some notoriety like Euphoria or other anime with an anime adaptation got. What do you guys think? Will you try it out?
  22. Greetings! The Finale of Forbidden Fruit is drawing near! Let us show you what’s happening in the next Episode 14 Part 2! Episodе 14 Part 2: Heart of Island Maya and Leo have already reunited with their father, but the troubles are not over yet. They need to find the artifact and stop the mermaids. The royal halls are arranged almost like a real labyrinth so they have to try really hard to find the right path. But nothing will stop our heroes, especially now, when the fate of the entire island is at stake. What’s new: - You’ll get to see the Grand Finale of the story; - More than 11000 words of the greatest plot; - 3 new sex scenes; - Over 50 new animations; - New mini games; - New adventures in dungeons; - Improved localization; - Bug fixes. ~ This final Episode represents the strong spirit of the main characters and their willingness to reach their destination. Make sure to read the story! For 12$ Patrons: - New additional high-quality scenes and dialogues that make the feel of the plot and gameplay better. Are you thrilled? We are! Thank you for being with us during this exciting moment! Don’t forget to follow us on Patreon to not miss the news: https://www.patreon.com/Magic_fingers
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