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Live footage of rare JOPs hearing the bimonthly autistic EOP scream over some license

Today I got to know that my blog's reader base has been very sad that my blog has been so quiet for a long time so I decided to do a little update. This time I'm gonna list you some reasons why you might want to learn Japanese! (Start it today or you will never start it just like this blog post)

These reasons are not in any order (are)

  1. Can play Idol M@ster Shiny Colors (or any other idol game but Shiny Colors is the best one)DpI7hLGUcAA1IRG.jpgDqzR-AKVsAAisgW.jpg

  2. Number 2: Kotose. Can become a true believer of the true god
  3. Can get all the Yuuko goodness (get cucked!!) Have a meme I made earlier this week but got deleted for """derailing""" CoC

  4. Get to know the difference between Keyakizaka46 and Keyakizaka46!! There is a difference trust me.
  5. Other idols in general such as Nogizaka46 and AKB48
  6. Can watch all the idol bingos. Always wanted your favorite anime to have 10 seasons??? Well idolbingos do have more than 10 seasons and are of the same size as anime seasons!
  7. No more shitty scans or subs. Only godtier real source material. (Eats all your money but who the fuck cares just work a little and be rich xD)
  8. Make bad memes

  9. Get vampire GF

  10. Can make shit lists like this


Did this motivate any of you my lovely readers? I hope it did! Now smart ones of you might have noticed where is all the eroge!??? Well to be honest eroge is not worth it. It fucking sucks and so does the community. Idols, soshage, anything, is better than eroge. Don't do eroge kids. Peace out!



Yuuko, aka the best waifu EOPs will never get if I can do something to stop it. (Looking at you MG be careful!!)



Hey what's up guys in this new blog entry I will be talking about the best girl in Hapymaher Kirikoi. Her name is Toriumi Yuuko, the perfect girl if you ask me. Those of you who are playing Hapymaher Kirikoi get cucked. She pretty much only appears in the fan disc that is not translated *insert evil laugh here*. (Wait Kirikoi is not translated in the first place.

Anyways here is a list what makes Yuuko so good.

  1. Is cute
  2. Has short hair
  3. Has big bobs
  4. Pukes on you
  5. Needs you to protect her
  6. Very wife

Here is a list of pics of Yuuko being cute:

Despite her weak body Yuuko is very good at fencing




Also Yuuko is a genius piano player



Yuuko is also friends with the Scandinavian princesses



Yuuko watches movies with her lonely neighbor girl




Yuuko knows how to eat very stylish dinner




Yuuko can also take the lead when needed




Yuuko is a bowling pro




Yuuko is also a crocodile




Thanks for reading folk. Remember to smash that like and subscribe button if you want more high quality content like this.







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Thank you for reading



I have indeed come a long way. I can barely remember my childhood, besides, I don't think it was a happy childhood. But I do remember very clearly, when I met my buddy, @HMN


Best Buddy: HMN

I didn't like hanging out with people, but it was fun hanging out with him and the Trolling club. And it was damn funny seeing how oblivious that guy was to all those girl's feelings. We just kept living our fun days like that, until the day HMN brought a new honorary member to the club. Little did I know that new member was going to become my wife.


Wife: Nikaidou Shinku



The first time I put my eyes on her, I thought "Wow, she's so pretty...". She noticed my stare, then she got scared and hid behind HMN. I regretted staring at her so obviously... I thought she was just your normal innocent little girl, but she was special. Her awkward tsuntsun behavior would normally make people not talk to her, but for me, it just added to her cuteness.

I noticed the best way to get closer to her was to play along, so I started acting dumb around her and asking her to help me with things. I remember the first time I asked for her help: "Mou... Shouganai naa... maybe I finally found someone who can appreciate my wisdom."

She wasn't scared at all this time around, and answered me: "W-Well if you really insist, I'm in a good mood today, so I'll accept your hopeless challenge, it's obvious that you can't learn this normally but with my skills it might be possible"


Making a big smile, I answer positively. Of course, I didn't actually need help at all. We studied, and I let her teach me. Then, she kinda noticed it and said "You really understand this don't you? I don't need your pity, but if you insist, we can still continue." Then, the second round starts, and I defeated her pretty easily. "I-I let you win there! This final round will be our real duel". Do you think I'd let you win? No way, I want you to lick my feetwhen you lose." That was the plan. But... she managed to defeat me! She was really holding back! Then we had sex for some reason

I decided I'd defeat her someday, no matter what! And we battle'd every single day afterwards...

But, two months later, HMN told the club members Shinku was sick at the hospital. I was the most surprised of them, and stood up the moment I heard it. When had I fallen for her, I wonder... maybe it was the moment I saw her, on our first battle, or afterwards.. I wasn't sure, but I knew something for certain: I wanted to be always by her side.

The next day, I went to visit her. I knocked on the door, and was allowed entrance. When she saw that it was me, she blushed, and rapidly turned her head the other way. Then, she looked at me again: "Ohh? What a surprise. What brings you here? Are you going to take advantage of my low energy levels to finally defeat me?" I replied: "Now that would be no fun at all, would it? No, I came to you with a proposal."
"O-Oh, very well, let's hear the fool's proposal"


And then, breathing really deep, "Shinku, this is the first and time I'll be saying this to you, please don't be scared. I want to let you know, those days when I battle'd with you, were the most fun for me, they were what I thought about before going to sleep, and what I looked forward to the most when waking up at the next day. In other words, I'm thinking about you all the time, Shinku, and I can't stop it, I love you, and want to always be by your side." She stared at me, very surprised, and then, tears running down her face, and a lovely blushing smile, she replied: "Uhn, I feel the same way. People avoid me because of the way I act, but you were different, you accepted me for who I am, and even played along with me. Those were the most fun moments for me as well, always looking forward to battling with you, each day, being by your side brings me the most happiness, I love you. From now on, please take care of me."

It has been many years since all of this happened, Shinku also took my name after we got married, and now she's Aozora Shinku. (Doesn't fit her at all owo) And we had two daughters.


Younger Daughter: Aozora Nanami


She's a very talented and mature one for her age. At the age of seven she can already hack many PCs quite well, and you gotta see her cooking skills! She's amazing! To tell you the truth, in our family, you may mistake the older sister for the younger sister, since Nanami is the one taking care of her older sister, not the opposite as it would normally be.


Older Daughter: Aozora Sora


She's not as talented as Nanami, in fact she's quite the hopeless one, but that's what makes her so cute, and our family mascot. We all like to tease her and see her pouting :3. But we all love her very much. She's very close with Nanami, actually, you always see those two together. When Sora trips down on the sidewalk, the one to kiss her wound and apply a bandage is Nanami. When Christmas comes, I dress as Santa and Nanami dresses as a elf, and we make Sora very happy with that. One fact about her though, no one can beat her in her neko spotting skills, that's her specialty.


And, at last, this is how the HMN Crew came to be.
You may be wondering how this is related to the HMN Crew at all but well it is. All these girls in this post are based on real persons that we hired along the long way from 2014 to this moment. You might not know them but that is because they are only active on secret Skype group. Nanami and Sora being the masterminds behind the most spiciest shitposts on the forum.
But however, like everything, the HMN Crew has finally come to its end. This marks start of a new era. Maybe cleaner, maybe more shittier than eve,r who knows.
The HMN Crew however, is officially dead with the leave of it's core members: HMN, "Nanami", and "Sora".



Since my old blog post about SHORT HAIRED GIRLS for @HMN was deleted for being TOO OFFENSIVE you won't be getting it

So here I am to at least keep up with my weekly blog posts but I have nothing to post because it would just get deleted

So here I am to share this image with you pedos




Hello, Kiri desu.

On this week's blog we will be going over why blonde hair is so bad that I claim it to be.


First on our list is that many blonde girls are gaijins (foreigners.) 
First example is Lena from Senren Banka:


She just memes around and uses Nippongo (Japanese) all wrong all the time saying fucked up things. Also look at those massive boobs she has on that pic + that beautiful neck. SMH
Just absolutely adorable. HONTO KAWAII


Second example is our ninja enthusiastic A-chan from FloFlo


Just like Lena she has some wrong (very) impressions of Japan. Here we can listen to her talk. Absolutely cute. 



Second on our list is that blonde hair is often related to gyarus or delinquents.



First one of these beauties is girl called Reina from Kirikoi. She is one of my favorite girls. Girls that are always happy and are not afraid to take skin contact and comfort you when you are feeling down are truly precious treasures.

Second beauty is Ria from Kirikoi too. She is a delinquent but actually cares for others efven though she doesn't show it. Very good.



Third and last thing on our list is that some of them are TSUNDERES. Tsunderes are literally the best thing that has happened to the humanity (after blondes.) No other explanation needed.










WARNING: This blog post contains weird Kiri level shit that causes brain damage so reading is not recommended


Well yaharro there.

This is no ordinary story. This is a story about love, despair, and how Kiri lost his mind.

But, in the end, this is all fiction. So do not worry. I will not appear behind your back and force you to burn burn your heart and soul like I did with [CENSORED]



So here I am writing a review about Riddle Joker (NOT JOKERS) by everyone's favorite erogay producer Yuzusoft



This is a game featuring celebrities such as Bilbo Baggins (our protagonist), Aquaman, trap who is not a trap, and Kiri's waifu

Oh and let's not forget the smug loli...


Riddle Joker is a story set in the near future where chuunibyou middle schoolers (this game's playerbase) have taken over the Kyoto University Katsura Campus.

Our protagonist [CENSORED] and his little sister Nanami are also ordinary middle school chuunibyous attending the reformed Kyoto University Middle School while actually playing to be secret agents.


After sometime Kiri gets bored and takes control of [CENSORED]'s body and starts dating the school idol called Mitsukasa Ayase



Isn't she cute~~~

I love her just so much that my heart goes dokyuuuuuun every time I hear her talk

I accidentally saved over 500 of her voices





Meanwhile when I was having sekkusu fun with my new wife our local Aquaman got dumber




To those of you who disagree with me here is proof that this is indeed the God's work that you can't even rate because what kind of believer gives god a score

Have a very nice naizuri scene. Her smile just heales me. NSFW




You thought I would share my wife's boobs with you all? Ha! You can all go die.



In other news Fuuka has ended and they released a song to celebrate that







*No [CENSORED] were hurt during the making of this blog post

**I said during the making


****I was forced to do this



Update to my family: I have a new wife, Ayase :)


The story of my family

I live in a beautiful town of Hibarigasaki. The world alone would feel pretty empty, filled with faceless NPCs such as vendors etc.
But when I look back at my life before that, it was no less empty than that. One might even say that it was even worse and more lonely, because Hibarigasaki at least has a beautiful nature surrounding it, unlike the town I used to live in.

But shortly after I moved here, my whole life changed. It was on that fateful night when I ventured to the lookout, it is a very peaceful place on top of the hill overlooking the town, perfect for clearing your mind of stress. But little did I know that this one trip there will change the course my life is taking this drastically.

Yes, it is there I met a girl. A girl whose name I can never forget, as it has been engraved into my heart.
My beloved Mare~


And as is inevitable in happy stories like this, later that year I married her, or should I say Mare-ied her~


While we were enjoying our marriage we also both fell in love with another girl. Mare needed a girl to talk to about girly things and experiment with her in the field of yuri and that's how we met her.

The cutest fruit in the world, Illya~


Since Mare is about a year older than Illya, she treats her like an imouto. Those are one of the cutest moments, when Mare is trying to act like onee-chan~
To be honest she is pretty good at it :)

And one thing let to another and suddenly we had another Mareige on our hands. This time we were welcoming Illya to the family.
You can view the full story HERE - includes many moe pictures from the wedding.

We thought we had it all, but there was still something missing. It didn't take long for us to realize, that Illya's best friend wanted so badly to be part of the family too. She was so shy so we didn't see it at first but one day we spotted her sitting in a bench near the road to the Hibarigasaki lookout. There she was, sitting lonely, waiting for a chance to be part of our family.

Our shy Miyu~


Mare wasn't that excited about her at first, because suddenly she wasn't the oldest girl there. But it didn't take long and she got used to calling her nee-chan and the love started to blossom. Mare still had Illya to call her onee-chan so she was happy, and Miyu quickly took the role of Mare's nee-san, helping her with everything she needed. It was the true harmony, love everywhere, ultimate peace of the world. Yet there was one last thing remaining to be done.

And that's how we came up with a secret plan. A secret plan for a secret wedding during the winter holidays. I still remember the moment we told her, it was one of the cutest moments I've seen Miyu in.


It was only the 4 of us, without any guests or preparations, of course with some special night activities after the ceremony :)
And after that night, the family was complete.

So that is the story of my family, from the beginning to the present day. Who knows what awaits us in the future, but the one thing that is certain is that it will be full of love and moe. And honestly, what else can you ask for in life, this is the true happiness, this is the purpose of life, the reason we are here.
So lets enjoy our time in the world with all of our moe 2d girls and just be happy~


Purpose of Life

Hello! Glad to see you reading this.

Welcome to the Anti-Blonde blog! This is a blog where we hate on blonde girls because it is a bad hair color. So I thought I'd finally write my first blog post here after the Riddle Joker one. It is 1AM currently so don't expect quality.


Today I went out with friends for the first time in maybe 2 years lul and there was this cute blonde girl who was so sweet and fun that I decided that I need to get my own one that I can hug and have sit on my lap. Uguu



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