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Literally Hitler

Since my old blog post about SHORT HAIRED GIRLS for @HMN was deleted for being TOO OFFENSIVE you won't be getting it

So here I am to at least keep up with my weekly blog posts but I have nothing to post because it would just get deleted

So here I am to share this image with you pedos




Hello, Kiri desu.

On this week's blog we will be going over why blonde hair is so bad that I claim it to be.


First on our list is that many blonde girls are gaijins (foreigners.) 
First example is Lena from Senren Banka:


She just memes around and uses Nippongo (Japanese) all wrong all the time saying fucked up things. Also look at those massive boobs she has on that pic + that beautiful neck. SMH
Just absolutely adorable. HONTO KAWAII


Second example is our ninja enthusiastic A-chan from FloFlo


Just like Lena she has some wrong (very) impressions of Japan. Here we can listen to her talk. Absolutely cute. 



Second on our list is that blonde hair is often related to gyarus or delinquents.



First one of these beauties is girl called Reina from Kirikoi. She is one of my favorite girls. Girls that are always happy and are not afraid to take skin contact and comfort you when you are feeling down are truly precious treasures.

Second beauty is Ria from Kirikoi too. She is a delinquent but actually cares for others efven though she doesn't show it. Very good.



Third and last thing on our list is that some of them are TSUNDERES. Tsunderes are literally the best thing that has happened to the humanity (after blondes.) No other explanation needed.










Hello! Glad to see you reading this.

Welcome to the Anti-Blonde blog! This is a blog where we hate on blonde girls because it is a bad hair color. So I thought I'd finally write my first blog post here after the Riddle Joker one. It is 1AM currently so don't expect quality.


Today I went out with friends for the first time in maybe 2 years lul and there was this cute blonde girl who was so sweet and fun that I decided that I need to get my own one that I can hug and have sit on my lap. Uguu




WARNING: This blog post contains weird Kiri level shit that causes brain damage so reading is not recommended


Well yaharro there.

This is no ordinary story. This is a story about love, despair, and how Kiri lost his mind.

But, in the end, this is all fiction. So do not worry. I will not appear behind your back and force you to burn burn your heart and soul like I did with [CENSORED]



So here I am writing a review about Riddle Joker (NOT JOKERS) by everyone's favorite erogay producer Yuzusoft



This is a game featuring celebrities such as Bilbo Baggins (our protagonist), Aquaman, trap who is not a trap, and Kiri's waifu

Oh and let's not forget the smug loli...


Riddle Joker is a story set in the near future where chuunibyou middle schoolers (this game's playerbase) have taken over the Kyoto University Katsura Campus.

Our protagonist [CENSORED] and his little sister Nanami are also ordinary middle school chuunibyous attending the reformed Kyoto University Middle School while actually playing to be secret agents.


After sometime Kiri gets bored and takes control of [CENSORED]'s body and starts dating the school idol called Mitsukasa Ayase



Isn't she cute~~~

I love her just so much that my heart goes dokyuuuuuun every time I hear her talk

I accidentally saved over 500 of her voices





Meanwhile when I was having sekkusu fun with my new wife our local Aquaman got dumber




To those of you who disagree with me here is proof that this is indeed the God's work that you can't even rate because what kind of believer gives god a score

Have a very nice naizuri scene. Her smile just heales me. NSFW




You thought I would share my wife's boobs with you all? Ha! You can all go die.


In other news Fuuka has ended and they released a song to celebrate that





*No [CENSORED] were hurt during the making of this blog post

**I said during the making


****I was forced to do this

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