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Birthday thread


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3 hours ago, Plk_Lesiak said:

Bleated best wishes to @NowItsAngeTime! Hope you had a good time yesterday and may the love for eroge never leave you. :mare:

I did!

I ended up reading a lot of the fantransltation of Sky Full of Stars Fine Days on my bday.

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21 minutes ago, Dreamysyu said:

Happy birthday to @Fiddle! Wow, you're so young and already know how to read!

Not only he can read, but he can also meme! What a talented child.

With this much exposure to internet though, he's going to be a 9/11 truther and a nazi before he turns 8. :( Still, all the best wishes to you, little @Fiddle!

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Thanks for the birthday wishes, guys! <3

10 hours ago, Plk_Lesiak said:

May the year bless you with awesome android stories and everything else that's good in life. :mare:

I've been playing ff14 lately and hey, there's Nier colab raids with accompanying thematic outfits so I'll soon get my wish to be able to 2D cosplay as 2B, butt and everything, and then my life will be complete :yuzudrool:

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