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  1. Huh, I didn't know that there's a thread for birthdays here! Well, thank you @littleshogun ^^
  2. Wait, you're also involved here oO? How many teams are you part of XD
  3. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself (well, not maybe, certainly), but will you consider doing other restorations once this project is over? Not just the second Noratoto, but A Sky Full of Stars as well?
  4. Not gonna lie either, kinda saw it coming from the various posts, but was still hoping that it might be done. Oh well, you can't always get what you want.
  5. First of all, congratulations on this release! But I will not hide my disappointment, in learning that the restoration patch for the original game is dead (concerning alka, anyway)
  6. First of all, good luck to you on this new adventure. Second, as you may have noticed, this fanbase is quite patient. So if this is just a side project, I'm fine with it ^^
  7. But isn't that weird, though? If you claim to be "something", why go all the way into a different genre, and breaking it until it suits you? Is the all-ages market in Japan that down, to make companies go to +18 novels and tinker with them? BTW, I'm waiting to see a nukige become all-age. Somewhere, somehow, someone is thinking about such a challenge.
  8. Well, Having a partial patch doesn't suit me that much, since I'm the type of guy that reads a VN in one go. But I won't spoil the fun for those who don't mind, it just means that I'll wait for the final patch. I reallt don't mind waiting. I did it for Majikoi, IMHHW, Aokana, and I'm ready to wait even more. And since that you clearly care, and don't want to butcher this up, I believe that the wait will be woth it.
  9. Well, I do care for this project. I still didn't touch the all-age version, and certainly will not go for the MTL version. I'll wait as long as it takes, unless there's an official announce that the project is dropped.
  10. Well, at the end of your quote, there is their website. You can check there.
  11. I guess, since the VN was picked up, this topic should be closed
  12. Still waiting on a final version (perhaps you can take a look at the Seiya Saga walkthrough?).
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