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  1. Ao no Kanata VN script

    I guess, since the VN was picked up, this topic should be closed
  2. Summer Pockets English Translation

    Well that was fast XD
  3. Too bad, that looked promising
  4. Fureraba Walkthrough

    Still waiting on a final version (perhaps you can take a look at the Seiya Saga walkthrough?).
  5. Ok, good. Gave me a little fright, there XD
  6. ChronoClock Translation Re-Editing

    "Fuck you if you don't agree" huh? Yep...
  7. Thank you, and congratulations! I can't imagine what is it like to spend 5 years on a single project, and seeing it come to life. So again, congratulations!
  8. To Heart 2 for PC Translation Project

    Yeah, I have the same issue as Alipheese. I really want to keep Windows Aero activated, but sadly, I coudln't. Is there a way to bypass that?
  9. Thanks for the answer. For some reason, I couldn't find their Discord, but I'm glad that I got my answer ^^
  10. So, um, since JAST announced its launch of Majikoi, will the A series be impacted by that?
  11. For those of you (like me) who get their news here, A-3 project has begun