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Birthday thread


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9 hours ago, Dreamysyu said:

Happy birthday to @Clephas!


7 hours ago, littleshogun said:

Happy 39th birthday to mod @Clephas, and I hope you'll have a good birthday.


1 hour ago, Plk_Lesiak said:

All Best Wishes to @Clephas! Let his hunger be always satiated with someone other than us. ^^

 *Clephas gobbles you down in thanks, sending you to the catgirl harem world inside his many stomachs*

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In the hope that ppl get revived from being greeted for their birthdays I'm going to greet every single person, that have a birthday here - every single day. I think this should maybe give them a ping to realize that this place might be reviving again. :copium:_

Happy Birthday to "adamstan, EliteShadowMan, hitoribocchi, jen_tsukase, Leimeir, Megawebdesign, Necrofantasia, nomac, Targenor, WIlliam Nye (bill Nye), writingmysoul and Zeev!

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