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  1. Mapping the Anime Fandom

    Alright. That's fantastic legwork. I don't even have the words.
  2. Favorite protagonist?

    Katawa Shoujo's Hisao, of course. Also VA-11 HALL-A's Jill. At this point I think I love Jill more than I love Hisao. But I voted for Shirou because fuck Yuuji.
  3. Show yourself off (RL picture thread)

    You know, I find myself kind of not ugly in this picture. (me and a good friend who's on her track to become a local pop star)
  4. VNs are not books

    VNs are obviously games. However, I don't think the systems of a VN are a reduction of some other system like you're saying. It's true presentation in VNs is similar to that in older games RPGs especially so. But you can't replace walking, exploring and generally controlling a character with text. They're not equivalent, even if there's only one place you're supposed to go. The insertion of choices, for example, is a lot less fluid in a VN that stops everything you're doing to ask what you want to do and then proceeds to describe what's happening. If you're controlling a character, you just do things, choices being more of a subconscious process. This makes gameplay significantly different.
  5. You are a pirate!

    I'm a filthy pirate but at the same time I'm happy I haven't had to use the completely arcane magic of changing system locale and using applocale and mounting images and cracking games through keygen that play keygen music in years If localization makes piracy easier too, well, that's an okay side effect. It applies to everything else anyway.
  6. VNs are not books

    I think it's easier, cheaper and makes more sense when making things. When you have sprites and backgrounds you can reuse assets a lot more, so there you go. Less expenditure with art. And it's normally a fixed text box because it isolates writing and directing as two completely different processes - you have the huge chunk of text that is the story and no one has to worry about placement or flow or where the text will be at any given time. So you don't get more complicated scenes, which, again, is cheaper because you just reuse the assets to go with the text and organized by the text. Not that I like it, but it's convenient.
  7. Purple Software's Unique Take on Text Boxes

    VNs used to be a lot more like comics back in the early 90's (see Snatcher). Maybe it'd be cool to see them back to that state. I'm surprised we haven't seen people claiming these aren't VNs anymore because the text boxes aren't fixed.
  8. Favorite VN?

    Nah, this is full of shit. Why is it that people who have experienced more will necessarily like more obscure stuff? It's popular because a lot of people like it, not the other way around. If it will say anything about the community, it's that we have a lot of people who like Grisaia - there's no inherent value about it like "entry-level". And this is coming from someone who absolutely hated and dropped it.
  9. Favorite VN?

    ...Maybe people just like Grisaia
  10. Favorite VN?

    Katawa Shoujo.
  11. so I just finished Higurashi and...

    Having only read Onikakushi, I have to say - athough the slice of life segments were an absolute chore to go through, I really liked how they mirrored the horror. All funny and relaxing scenes were increasingly disturbing by virtue of being funny and relaxing, which is quite the achievement. For instance, So I don't think slice of life "doesn't fit" in murder mystery. Higurashi just seems to use it a lot more than it would have been healthy, but its heart is in the right place.
  12. Best VN by Key?

    Planetarian and it's not even close.
  13. Show yourself off (RL picture thread)

    You sure do look pretty chill though. Well, and what song would that be? Ooh that seems like one comfy room. Must be something about the books or the weather outside. At first I thought this was a reastaurant but the mirror shows it's a uh. What is this place, what with the huge mirror and the clothes and
  14. Almost a year later...

    Here, a pretty boy. I hope you can keep pushing the discussions about BL and otomege for a long time.
  15. What are some of your favorite songs from VNs

    This one's pretty great too. It's a song that really brings out the best in Clannad. Well, in the same vein as Fate Stay Night's Ever-Present Feeling and Clannad's Roaring Tides, I really love Katawa Shoujo's Moment of Decision. I also love Oblivious Garden's Trust Me Once More But the themes I really love are the everyday themes, that play not in dramatic moments but during slice-of-life scenes. And finally, VA-11 HALL-A's OST is fantastic and I can't get enough of it.