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  1. It's even better now. Nice font!
  2. Katawa Sh-- Asshole. But really, Katawa Shoujo. Can't go wrong.
  3. Little Witch Academia is already fantastic.
  4. I dig the theme, side image size and sprite size. Sprites take up a lot of space compared to most VNs I can think of right now, but I actually like that. The font is pretty, but it's a little weird to read. The letters are placed incoherently - sometimes it looks monospaced, like in "placement", but sometimes it doesn't. I wouldn't mind reading text like this, but when you do take your time to take note of these problems, they suddenly look a little bit jarring.
  5. lol what do I need to know, it's a Japanese show about an European event in which they change names and flags. If not for the trenches it might as well be WWII pictured there - or no war in particular since there's magic and flying people. I'm curious as to why you're defending it so staunchly, though. It's just there. I'll watch it to the end because it looks like a fun show, but there's no such thing as a "3 episode rule". It's one hour and a half in my life, there's other anime I could spend it on.
  6. I'll be watching Little Witch Academia and Konosuba 2. I watched the first episode of Youjo Senki and... it's silly as all hell? I mean, you know. It generated controversy, people were like "omg a NAZI LOLI!! They're fetishizing nazism, what has the world come to? What if it gets popular and children forget how nazism was problematic because of this anime??" so I watched it and it's just uh, it's silly. It's the Hatred fiasco all over again. Remember Hatred, that game that had people worried it would cause World War 3 or spread terrorism, and then it actually came out it was a silly game in which the password to the controls of a nuclear reactor was something like "dark666"? It's just that I was expecting her to be nazistically evil and she's just... generically evil. If she was an actual nazi, it would've justified the controversy, but it'd have the potential to discuss a lot of things and get some nuanced character development in the middle of critical circumstances. Since she's just evil from the bottom of her heart, it became stupid pretty soon. Not that I won't watch the rest of it.
  7. @Zalor @DarkZedge Nice~ I don't know about using both versions, but we'll see. Also Dysfunctional Systems, you say? Interesting, I never paid much attention to that soundtrack (I was too busy paying attention to their great overall sound design), but I have the OST on me, so I'll give it a careful listen :> @Ryechu Now that's some inspired interpretation! I appreciate it immensely. Interestingly, you're the first person who ever associated the song with the name. What not only you did, however, was to associate it with anticipation or an aftermath. I like that impression, honestly, it wasn't something I was specifically going after in neither piece but it's nice. Also, funny that you should mention VA-11 HALL-A. I'll come back with actual details later this month maybe, but what we're working with is, you could say, a perfect antithesis to VA-11 HALL-A. Not that we don't like it, of course - I love it a lot, it was my VN of the 2016. But having the style we're working on compared to it is both ironic and fitting. @Kawasumi I see, so it lacks catchiness. Well that's a bummer - I love catchy background music I grew up with Sonic, after all. It's true I can work with "normal" instruments better when it comes to variations of intensity and hooks, so that's something I should be working on - the electronic style is a must though :Ç well, not that I specifically made this song for the upcoming game. It's more of an exercise. So it's good you told me this now, thanks~
  8. Hey Big Name I Can't Ever Hope to Memorize, what do you think of Katawa Shoujo
  9. How can you talk about terms you want to censor without censoring them yourself >:( For instance idi*t and r*t*rded you shouldn't spell them out so plain visibly, d'you know what I mean? It's unbecoming.
  11. @Zidan209 @solidbatman @UnlimitedMoeWorks @Barktooth Thanks! Fortunately, a futuristic vibe and a night theme were exactly what I was going after - though we're not talking about a sci-fi setting. So I'm very happy I got more or less what I was aiming for. But for that very reason I'm not sure we'll be able to use such different styles :Ç maybe a bonus song for the OST ◔‿◔ @atorq @Polycentric Thank you! I noticed the crackling, but I have no idea how to do away with it :< I also completely forgot to try, though. I'll go easier on the bass too - I used my own earphones as a standard device and bass sounds just so good on them. It's one of those in-ear phones, you know? On any other kind of device it must sound far less nice though (or maybe it just sounds the same and it's just not that good to listen to), no matter the quality of the phones. @john 'mr. customer' smith Thanks~ I avoided giving any context so as not to give the impressions any kind of direction or bias, but I totally see your point. I also see where you're coming from about the composition. I tend not to structure them the way I'd like to so they always become... well, like that. Something I definitely have to work on. I can assure you, though, that the intent is to add new sensations to a given context. Or, to be specific, to give off a feeling that the game is set in somewhere really nice in spite of everything. @Zalor You can always use the Soundcoud Downloader! Thanks, though~ actually, long time no see. Glad to see you around again.
  12. Opinions required on this song So, there may or may not be a VN project I'm working on for 2017 and the chosen music direction is a bit different from what I'm used to making. As a style exercise, I tried remaking a somewhat old piece of mine into the new required style, but I'm not really confident about the results - let alone the overall, technical quality of the piece. So I need your opinions! I'd like you to hear it and tell me a) if it's pleasant to listen to b) if it'd be pleasant to listen to even on repeat since it's for a VN c) what kind of vibes you think it gives off d) how it compares to the original
  13. I voted on the third option. I expect great things from you, like "you should stop using words like idi*t and r*tarded", asterisks included.
  15. You may want to give VA-11 HALL-A or Ladykiller in a Bind a try. Both are fresh, have interesting mechanics, interesting themes and can offer meaningful, quality and fun experiences.