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  1. Who is your favorite protagonist?

    Hisao from Katawa Shoujo. Jill from VA-11 HALL-A. Yuuji fucking sucks, fight me.
  2. Speaking as someone who disappeared as well - and feel horrible about it, because I was involved with what I believe were the coolest projects Fuwa has ever had - I can say Fuwa's model is very, very exhausting. It's like running a business, but without, well, the business. The main site has to attract viewers and then retain viewership enough to have them interested in becoming part of the community. That, or the community has to be attractive in itself by virtue of being helpful or productive. Torrents brought a TON of viewers, so low retention rates weren't a problem. Without them, the only alternative was to make much more engaging content. VNTS, Reviews, articles and the reommendation site were all incredible efforts, but engagement didn't improve all that much, while the effort increased exponentially for everyone involved. So everyone I guess just kind of... burn out? And I mean, BunnyAdvocate is an absolute genius, right. Social media have a lot of advantage over forums on that, really. People can still be around even if they don't participate as much in a specific community anymore. Forums can be difficult to navigate, compared to -- say -- Reddit. People come and go, but joining a community this way when there are so many easier ways to do it nowadays is increasingly counterintuitive, and fostering a community made of people who take counterintuitive actions is an uphill battle.
  3. I thought I'd share this simply because it's so cute! This lady right here has some thoughts about C;C and the science adventure series. Generally speaking, this is a great review. It's in line with the praise and criticism I've heard about the novel and it's incredibly thoughtful. The video is very calming as well.
  4. Katawa Shoujo, the queen of homemade VN

    It's been almost 10 years. It's still my favorite VN.
  5. Once again, tag yourself. I don't care for vndb's guidelines but have forever lost the will to discuss the matter. So.
  6. Seeing you guys complain that "a kamige didn't sell because Westerners are oh so barbaric in their tastes" just makes me happy that Subahibi flopped. Thank God. I don't want no """"""""""""""""""""kamige"""""""""""""""""""" in my yard.
  7. Fuwanovel Recommendation Site

    Not only is "NTR" a term distorted from its original meaning so it's used improperly, it's also too much of a community-specific term which we're avoiding so anyone can understand the filters they can use. We're looking into including the possibility to exclude cheating/adultery though.
  8. Fuwanovel Recommendation Site

    At worst we'll just have to set up some guidelines for the reviews so that they all fit even if they have external links. But I think we'll get somewhere naturally.
  9. Ah, we made a separate thread, here. Although, yeah, I'll add the link to the first post here too We'll add VNs over time and in bulks - out biggest challenge is to integrate them to the newbie friendliness ranking. But we'll surely add more VNs later
  10. Fuwanovel Recommendation Site

    I do think it'd be pretty cool if Fuwa used it somehow and integrated it to all the other stuff we do or could be doing, but as far as we're concerned and as of now this has nothing to do with Fuwa The Institution
  11. Find your next VN with the Fuwanovel Recommendation Site! Thanks to your contribution suggesting titles and rating their newbie friendliness, we now have a site that is able to provide recommendations for you, picking from untranslated, translated and original English language visual novels! Out of our special selection, 88 titles are untranslated from Japanese, 61 are otome games, 69 are Western visual novels, and 73 are LGBT-friendly titles. We strive to provide a good selection for everyone. If you find any problem with the quiz or the site in general, contact us. You can also keep discussing, because this can be updated and worked on in the future to better follow new trends or launches. This wouldn't be possible without: @BunnyAdvocate, who devised and coded the whole thing. Special thanks to her for this great work! @Emi, who designed the website and worked on the VN headers, making everything this pretty. @MaggieROBOT and @Zakamutt, who worked on all stages of the project, having recommended VNs and worked on the details for the site to work and provide useful information. @Plk_Lesiak, @Clephas and @Zalor, who provided insight and recommendations to make this a good list and quiz for everyone. XianXian, lunaterra and nadia nova, who helped with all the immense amount of data that we had to manage. Fuwanovel at large, for being this amazing community that suggested VNs, voted and all around made it possible to there be a site like this in the VN community. So, that's you! Additional credits on the site! People not in Fuwa also helped this come to fruition and we can't thank them enough. Click on the picture below to go to the site!
  12. Old times Fuwa: Private eye victoria

    Can you send it my way? I'm curious about it
  13. Old times Fuwa: Private eye victoria

    This project needs to be revived
  14. think bigger Fuwanovel should become a publisher