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  1. Dysfunctional Systems Episode 0 Trailer

    I was never really INTO Dysfunctional Systems Ep. 1 but it's of course really pretty and all. It's still pretty and I hope for the best. I remember when they announced Ep. 0 was going to have freaking map movement though. They certainly lowered their expectations since. I'm surprised it's coming out at all.
  2. Damn, Sakura Sakura was the name of my idea for the ultimate Sakura game I was going to submit to Winged Cloud. Unfortunately taken.
  3. Summer 2017 Anime Discussion

    I'm absolutely obsessed with Kakegurui right now.
  4. About FuwaReviews

    So, as the-guy-who-is-running-FuwaReviews-as-of-now, there are a few things I should say here. The team hasn't stopped! We have reviews underway. Three - maybe four - of them just so happen to be big titles, for which the reviewers need some time. Even though we've lacked official FuwaReviews lately, the reviews hub still gets reviews regularly. Many external reviewers are constantly putting out content. In this regard, I do have plans to work directly with them if possible, to increase the amount and the diversity of reviews we have. There have been, as Ryechu mentioned, some roadblocks. Communicating with the industry has been a little hard for me, be it because I'm new to this, be it because I have actually had review keys automatically thrown in my junk folder (since I don't have the access to the official mail just yet). *Maybe* we have some keys lying around in the official account's junk mail, who knows? Many reviewers - myself included - have had their productivity decreased for a number of different reasons. New rules, lack of interest in the specific titles we had available, busy VN-related acticity, busy non-VN-related activity etc. It's unfortunate - we probably need to adopt measures to circumvent this, bring in new blood, shake up the formula a little bit. Other than that, I'm happy you've been following the team! It's good to know there's people reading it. Maybe we should publish more controversial Key reviews. This would shake things up.
  5. It will be released on my birthday :ooo
  6. What do you seek from VNs?

    I seek something to make me wash away my bottled up negative feelings through tears.
  7. Infinito Transparente

    You guys from Fuwa played a huge huge part in the decision to make a VN. All the discussions, the community, making reviews etc. made me really want to do it. Oh, but you will. It will be released in English too :> That's really nice to hear~ also it's cool that you'll be able to play before anyone else in Fuwa.
  8. Infinito Transparente

    It's now fixed.
  9. In a city made of glass, whose foundation is a pristine lake and whose sky is a mirror dome, there is a tower with an artificial Sun on its top. The Sun is controlled by a blind maiden: never seen, for she cannot see, but it is she who controls day and night. She is a captive and a goddess — would taking her away be liberation or sacrilege? About Infinito Transparente is a visual novel with simulation mechanics. Your narrator and protagonist is Sabrina, the younger sister of the current blind maiden, Liliana. As soon as she was born, Liliana was discovered to be blind, which is both the highest honor and the worst plague that can happen to a person in a city made entirely of glass, where everyone can see each other all the time. The blind are taken as sages who are the only ones capable of managing the city's artificial Sun atop the central tower. Liliana is treated as a goddess who mantains the city's harmony by not turning it into a panopticon prison with an all-seeing eye above everyone — but also as a pariah, a reject who absolutely cannot live with everyone else and, as such, has to live secluded in the tower. Sabrina loathes the entire city for locking her sister up for life and strives to bring her down to live with everyone else... even if it means having to blow the Sun up. Sabrina Let's talk about Sabrina. The girl with a fork in a world of soup Since a very young age, Sabrina showed true talent for building, fixing and blowing things up. In a city where every kid knows the basics of every craft, she learned how to build a robot before she learned how to cook; in a city where there is no light whatsoever at night, she learned how to make lanterns; in a city where anyone can see what everyone else is doing at any given time, she learned to hold secrets. Her biggest — no, her only goal in life is to free her sister from the suffering all the loneliness of the world just to allow everyone else to live in communion. Her most ambitious creation, though, and I must tell you this, is not her clockwork robots or her masterplan. It is her story, Infinito Transparente itself. And she will not hand it to you that easily just because you are the player. In fact, to play Infinito Transparente is to invade her mind and she is in full control of every system. So you thought it was a good idea to load an earlier state than your most recent save file or to start a new game to fix your mistakes? Sabrina knows all about your shenanigans and will scold you for trying to cheating. In fact, if you aggravate her enough, maybe she'll simply stop telling you the story and kick you out of the game... so you better learn how to befriend her. Gameplay In seven days, a Festival will be held in honor of Liliana. It happens every nine years and is the only opportunity for the city to gather together around her, since this is the only time she ever leaves the tower and only for one night. It is also the only time people allow themselves to use any form of light that is not the Sun. It is Sabrina's only chance to meet Liliana again after she was locked up. First, however, she must be allowed by the city to get close to her. Every Festival, a Maid of Honor is appointed by acclamation by the city's population to give Liliana a special offering and act as her companion for the duration of the festivities. Sabrina absolutely must be Maid of Honor, but, for that, she must swallow her pride and her hatred and get people to like her. She just recently opened a workshop where she builds robots that can do a lot of tasks for people, and the inhabitants do appreciate what Sabrina has to offer. You must, then, make robots for people who visit her workshop and tell Sabrina about their problems. You'll build robots via a menu that is always accessible, meaning you can make robots at any given time — and not only which, but when you make a robot interferes in the outcome of the scenes. You have recipes for all nine robots Sabrina knows how to make, but you can always give away a scrap pile of huls and pods that don't match any recipe, or even nothing. Each robot is made of one hull filled with pods that grant it several functionalities... not that it'll always be the functionalities that people are after. Children do love dogs, after all, even if the dog in question is an oven capable of burning houses down Sabrina may not always want to help and will ask you to make anything but the robot for which the visitor asked. Maybe she'll ask you to give nothing. Whether you abide to her grudges and tantrumsis up to you, though. So there isthis girl asking for an elephant that will help irrigating the city's greenhouse. Maybe the fact that she pulled Sabrina's hair when they were eight isn't relevant enough. Maybe it is. The Team We are Pequi Games, an indie creation group of alternative games from Brazil. Infinito Transparente is actually my final project for University, which got rejected by the department in which I study. We then submitted the project to a government sponsorship program for new game developers and, against all odds, it actually won. So here we are! @andreymrtz - Producer and Earthbound lover. Also likes Stardew Valley and Sailor Moon. And brie cheese with honey; @fancolors - Mainly background artist and his Tumblr is amazing. Check it out; @flavia_lucena - Director, Game Designer and actually not much of a gamer at all, let alone a visual novel player. Which is why she's perfect for the job; @jpbley - Editor and part-time savior. Loves characterswho are out of their mind; @mpplayer1 - Programmer and the only actual otaku in the team (citation needed); @neozao - Translator and constant voice in my head saying visual novels are not games despite my best efforts to prove otherwise; @Palasemple - Me, your resident Katawa Shoujo/VA-11 HALL-A lover. I'm writing and directing it; @raviolivs - Mainly character artist and you should check her comic out if it's ever released in English; and @tuxedotexugo - Main artist and art director. Responsible for the amazing watercolor style - also hated every visual novel she ever came across. Demo and Follow Us! All contact information I just gave you is mostly useless for most of you, since all Twitter accounts are Portuguese only. (I do have an account for English speaking though - @palasvuash follow me). You can, however, keep up to date with the project in our site and by following the Pequi Games Twitter account! Also, subscribe to our newsletter! We have a demo in Portuguese slated for July 2017. An English version will come shortly after, so absolutely stay tuned! Infinito Transparente is the Steins;Gate of visual novels. You can't miss it. I'm sure you won't.
  10. Wow, VA-11 HALL-A scored pretty high in the end, considering this math shenanigans. I'm very happy.
  11. Best Visual Novel Contest --FINALS--

    Good has finally prevailed. Two of my top 3 VNs are in the finals.
  12. What you want to see in a VN Patreon

    VNs, mostly. Now it may seem as though as I'm mocking the question, but in reality that's quite not the case. See, Winged Cloud has a Patreon and what they offer is pretty much these three options. I don't like them, except maybe 3). Development process is cool, but I think it's more like a transparency thing rather than a reward. It's kinda like a duty to show you're doing somthing with people's money. 2) will probably be in Zerochan or Danbooru or Twitter soon enough; it's a waste and doesn't really develop the relationship between the patrons and the artists. Early access is a perk, but ultimately it's just getting the same game earlier. Now, exclusive games, mini games even, that's something I'd pay for or offer if I was an artist. Sure, one might be working in different games, but I do believe patrons should receive, I don't know, fandiscs, exclusive demos, that sorta thing. An exclusive short story featuring one of the characters - maybe the character is decided through a poll amongst backers. And, funny part, that's what WC offers in their latest reached goal. Things like these, I think they're good because they develop the closest possible relationship between customers andartists. It's a different model, one that strongly favours patrons. But I think it's the best.
  13. Grisaia in the semi finals
  14. But that's literally the definition of Grisaia
  15. I'll stop Grisaia even if it means voting for Clannad.