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  1. Wow, VA-11 HALL-A scored pretty high in the end, considering this math shenanigans. I'm very happy.
  2. Good has finally prevailed. Two of my top 3 VNs are in the finals.
  3. VNs, mostly. Now it may seem as though as I'm mocking the question, but in reality that's quite not the case. See, Winged Cloud has a Patreon and what they offer is pretty much these three options. I don't like them, except maybe 3). Development process is cool, but I think it's more like a transparency thing rather than a reward. It's kinda like a duty to show you're doing somthing with people's money. 2) will probably be in Zerochan or Danbooru or Twitter soon enough; it's a waste and doesn't really develop the relationship between the patrons and the artists. Early access is a perk, but ultimately it's just getting the same game earlier. Now, exclusive games, mini games even, that's something I'd pay for or offer if I was an artist. Sure, one might be working in different games, but I do believe patrons should receive, I don't know, fandiscs, exclusive demos, that sorta thing. An exclusive short story featuring one of the characters - maybe the character is decided through a poll amongst backers. And, funny part, that's what WC offers in their latest reached goal. Things like these, I think they're good because they develop the closest possible relationship between customers andartists. It's a different model, one that strongly favours patrons. But I think it's the best.
  4. Grisaia in the semi finals
  5. But that's literally the definition of Grisaia
  6. I'll stop Grisaia even if it means voting for Clannad.
  7. PLAY IT. It's a different experience even from watching the all the anime and movies. It's a great VN.
  8. I can't believe KS lost to a VN released just days ago, or that Grisaia won at all. I'm salty, but at least I know people voted for Dies Irae out of salt too.
  9. Mourning the loss of VA-11 HALL-A.
  10. Eh óò I mean, I understand what might be unnerving about it, but that level of annoyance might just applies to Americans? Having to stop to look up a slang or cracking one's head to figure out what an idiomatic expression means while reading is pretty much how I'm used to play VNs. Or rather, I don't see the difference when that happens in a VN written in American English rather than something written in British English. It doesn'tbother me. I find it a lot of fun actually. Well, it's pretty amusing to see this happening to natives. I'm more shocked about the other guy going "I can't stand this shit"
  11. ...Is there something inherently wrong with British English? Does it break some sort of internal consistency?
  12. Fate/Stay Night vs. VA-11 HALL-A
  13. I can already see I'll be disappointed in this poll, but let's soldier on. For the West.