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  1. In a way I can't explain, I feel the concept of targeting kids and, well, talking about kids was a major hit. It synergizes well with what I believe was your goal, to make something you as a person could identify with. Maybe it has more potential in comics than it does in games, too - the results show it. The market you tried to create with Black Sands was always the union of two very different groups, didn't we talk about that some other time? So here are the questions I have: Who was Black Sands for, and how did you try to appeal to this audience? What did Black Sands mean to you as a story and how does Kids 2 Kings compare in terms of personal fulfillment? What were you able to transpose between the media and what did you have to reinvent? Do you intend to venture in game design again?
  2. Clannad is a mixed bag if I've ever seen one. I absolutely hate how it approaches its routes routes, but its approach, I believe, is what makes its tur ending make sense. Well, not sense, but it's some kind of emotional logic, foreign to the story or the characters, that you somehow accept because it makes everything worth it. I mean, I've recently played lots of those older VNs in Asenheim Project and they all play like Clannad, except they take themselves far less seriously. The notion of common route in Clannad is both ubiquitous and non-existent and that's how older VNs with lots of heroines apparently used to be. It's like Key thought, "we need to take this concept to further heights" but never bothered to understand the consequences of forcing everyone to play everything over and over even if it isn't really the same thing. Also Kotomi's is one of my favourites routes in any VN ever.
  3. Planetarian (way better than Harmonia) and Narcissu.
  4. I like it better than I used to, 8/10
  5. How do you even get to appreciate a soundtrack if you read in the speed of light? I always wanted to ask this but never had the opportunity
  6. :oooo very nice, thanks! I really know absolutely nothing about anime production (aside from having watched Shirobako w) or who the players are, so any names you drop are a major help. Oh, it's not like I'm trying to enter the industry or anything. It's just, I need references for watercolor backgrounds in animation, what's the process involved, how much is still analogue and what's digital etc. and it would appear anime uses watercolor more often than other industries. But thanks! I'll try to go for popular artists and stuff - do you have any names? I really have no idea who these popular artists might be, but you're right about streams, they're pretty much what I'm looking for.
  7. So nerds, I need your help. You've all watched a lot of anime and maybe at some point wondered how it's all made, and then you watched Shirobako. But I need more than that. Do any of you have knowledge of documentaries or articles or interviews or post-mortem of any kind that could give me some insight on how anime is made, in particular how backgrounds are made and even more in particular how watercolors are used? Maybe most of the techniques are trade secrets in the studios, but any hint you guys could give me would help a lot. Maybe I haven't made myself clear. But I wouldn't know. So thanks in advance!
  8. It's even better now. Nice font!
  9. Katawa Sh-- Asshole. But really, Katawa Shoujo. Can't go wrong.
  10. Little Witch Academia is already fantastic.
  11. I dig the theme, side image size and sprite size. Sprites take up a lot of space compared to most VNs I can think of right now, but I actually like that. The font is pretty, but it's a little weird to read. The letters are placed incoherently - sometimes it looks monospaced, like in "placement", but sometimes it doesn't. I wouldn't mind reading text like this, but when you do take your time to take note of these problems, they suddenly look a little bit jarring.
  12. lol what do I need to know, it's a Japanese show about an European event in which they change names and flags. If not for the trenches it might as well be WWII pictured there - or no war in particular since there's magic and flying people. I'm curious as to why you're defending it so staunchly, though. It's just there. I'll watch it to the end because it looks like a fun show, but there's no such thing as a "3 episode rule". It's one hour and a half in my life, there's other anime I could spend it on.
  13. I'll be watching Little Witch Academia and Konosuba 2. I watched the first episode of Youjo Senki and... it's silly as all hell? I mean, you know. It generated controversy, people were like "omg a NAZI LOLI!! They're fetishizing nazism, what has the world come to? What if it gets popular and children forget how nazism was problematic because of this anime??" so I watched it and it's just uh, it's silly. It's the Hatred fiasco all over again. Remember Hatred, that game that had people worried it would cause World War 3 or spread terrorism, and then it actually came out it was a silly game in which the password to the controls of a nuclear reactor was something like "dark666"? It's just that I was expecting her to be nazistically evil and she's just... generically evil. If she was an actual nazi, it would've justified the controversy, but it'd have the potential to discuss a lot of things and get some nuanced character development in the middle of critical circumstances. Since she's just evil from the bottom of her heart, it became stupid pretty soon. Not that I won't watch the rest of it.