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  1. I made a video how to buy Japanese Visual Novels for Fantranslation patches or reading in Japanese. It may be slightly difficult to do if you don't live in Japan, so hopefully this video helps. Also this might be my favorite thumbnail I made to date.
  2. Was this the Kinkoi release, or something else? Also from my experience, no company outside JAST does refunds period unless you buy on Steam.
  3. The Visual Novel Monthly Recap for August 2021 is out! Naturally, Muramasa is the absolute biggest announcement, it caused a temp JAST server overload. There were quite a handful of notable releases of a fantranslation and a notable remake of a classic.
  4. In the video, I noted JAST USA actually has does regional pricing similar to Steam.
  5. I've talked to a few people who actually read it and didnt just rage vote They are usually Yuzusoft fans and think it's fine, but it's probably not worth full price, and going to be way different, and nowhere near as compelling as the rest of the current English releases.
  6. As far as Japanese stores go, what's your opinion on stuff like DMM, DLSite, Gyutto, etc? Also where else can you get physical copies online besides Getchu and Amazon.jp? And what do you consider the... I can't remember the exact name, but the service where someone buys something in Japan since Japan doesnt ship internationally by default, but the someone does. Which of those types would you recommend most?
  7. I made a new video noting just about every place you can buy officially localized or English original visual novels. I noted perks, quirks, and flaws of each store to be fair as well as notable releases. FanTLs not included. That'll be another video.
  8. Hmm so something that has some kind of goal while still having romance and nothing too drama oriented like Grisaia or White Album 2 How about something like Deardrops?
  9. I made a video describing some of the most notable parts of my visual novel reading career, starting from how I got into visual novels, communities I joined, and what ultimately led to me making a YouTube Channel dedicated to VNs.
  10. You could always try the classic 2chan
  11. Oops by adblock I meana antivirus like Windows Defender or Avast or something You have to set antivirus to set exceptions when scanning for viruses in the game folder location
  12. Assuming the issue is similar to the Shiravune Karin Dungeon release I just continued opening the exe multiple times, including a few running as admin, until it worked You could try putting an adblock whitelist on the directory too
  13. Requiring a privacy pass browser add on just to let people access the site consistently sounds like bad design.
  14. As long as eroge with these type of H scenes keep getting bought (ESPECIALLY in Japan, the one who started this way back in the day) this quota ain't going away. Despite the loud detractors of H, there's still a good amount of silent fans who enjoy having them.
  15. Well more specifically Johren so far is only for Shiravune English releases, especially ones that couldn't get on Steam. Shiravune really likes waiting till the last minute to actually announce stuff.
  16. The July 2021 Visual Novel Monthly Recap video is out. The biggest announcement is related to a certain popular Nitro + title. That said this was a pretty crazy stacked month with plenty of releases, announcements and even a few TL cancellations.
  17. I think it says something when much less translation kickstarters have been started in the last couple years.
  18. Ever since I read If My Heart Had Wings/Konosora, I've always wanted to try out at Glider ride at least once. I was able to accomplish that, and even make a short vlog about it. You can view my experience in this video:
  19. I said in the video, but for whatever reason people just don't put much value in VNs for some reason, even though many of them are longer than games/anime/movies on average. I'm guessing the pure reading/ero part for some reason brings it down?
  20. Oh believe me I know, as someone who's bought several $60-80+ Japanese VNs through DMM. I'm mostly speaking on the part of westerns who complain when something goes over $30 bucks.
  21. TLDW: -Issue 1: Pricing -Issue 2: The 'Speed' of Localization -Issue 3: When to Announce a Localization project -Issue 4: Translation choices -Issue 5: Potential (Un)censorship -Issue 6: Ease of Digital Availability -Issue 7: Pay and Contract work -Issue 8: Kickstarters -Issue 9: Physical Versions outside Kick -Issue 10: Visual Novels are still Niche!
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