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  1. I belong to your dreams

    You're welcome! And yeah Japanese VA are way better I suppose! Hope you'll provide a playable Demo in the future! Love to try playing your game! Godspeed on pursuing your VN project endeavors!
  2. Who is your favorite protagonist?

    Shirou is the most relevant protagonist there is!
  3. I belong to your dreams

    Wish you all the best in your VN project! Doing all the art and music by yourself is an amazing feat by itself! Hope you'll finish your VN! Ah are you going to add some voice acting as well?
  4. Here's a couple of Eroges/Visual Novels that features a single heroine. Hope you like them! https://vndb.org/v27959 https://vndb.org/v28640 https://vndb.org/v8322#main https://vndb.org/v1541#main https://vndb.org/v23067 https://vndb.org/v25690 https://vndb.org/v26415 https://vndb.org/v8310 https://vndb.org/v9709
  5. Hentai games

    No hentai no life!
  6. someone could recomand a VN similar to highway blossoms?

    Hmm... I know a couple of girl's love VNs The Expression Amrilato Kindred Spirits On The Roof Lilycle Rainbow Stage!!! Nurse Love Addiction Hope you'll enjoy them!

    If your looking for older female heroines, you might have get into old school Eroges/Visual Novels if you're willing to tolerate it the old art, but you'll eventually find what you're looking. Secret Wives Club: As the title implies, heroines are compose of housewives and it's your job to spice up their boring sex life. it has light NTR elements I suppose Crescendo: I think there's two adult heroines in this VN/Eroge. Your Older Step Sister and the School Nurse. It has a nice story too! Amorous Professor Cherry: two adult heroines including the protagonist's professors and a classmate. There's plenty more, just try going here and here... Have Fun!
  8. What's the name of this VN if you don't mind me asking? looks pretty neat and well-detailed! I can see you really pour some effort onto the guide! Job well done! And nice website you got there! Keep up the good work!
  9. Non Otaku Interests/Hobbies

    Hmm... There was a time where I could write journal of my personal life on a daily basis, like 5 to 7 journal entries a week. It was kinda great since it help me improve my vocabulary and English writing capabilities. I really had fun describing my thoughts into words via English Language since its not my primary language as I mostly speak broken Spanish Dialect such as Chavacano. But now I couldn't find the time do it due to busy schedule and all the real life drama... I also used to go hunting and exploring with friends on secluded tropical forest, savannas and rivers armed with only a Air Gun Rifle and a sturdy pocket knife. It was kinda scary but very exciting as well on the same time I used to have a herbal garden in my hometown and really like gardening! But I abandon them as I moved to the big city... I like reading/studying world history in general and World Wars or anything that's interesting. I also kinda like to read PaladinPress books which is hard to find and somehow forbidden since their books are mostly about self-defense, assassinations tactics, man-trapping and opposing totalitarian governments. In addition, I'm a solitary occultist but couldn't find the to practice since it needs absolute privacy and time consuming... I also like weapons in generals such as firearms and bladed weapons, however guns are kinda hard to come by here in our place and expensive to consider. So I stick with knives since I don't need a license in having one and you could order high quality knives online nowadays if you know what you're doing.
  10. im super new! lol

    Greetings there! Welcome to Fuwanovel! Hope you enjoy your stay here!
  11. (Spoiler) Ouka Sabaki (Master Magistrate) Mai Yamanobe

    Many thanks once again, I think I get it now! Just made my previous posts into spoiler tags! And I finally understand now on what you meant about "various reasons such as consent and honesty and discussion of likes and dislikes" This one of the Visual Novels/Eroges that I played where the H-Scenes happens in the Epilogues segment of the game, not in the middle or in the beginning which is quite rare. I suppose the characters in this game can are only comfortable making love once all the ordeal and tragedies has come to pass. Make sense I suppose I think I might replay this game in the future since its pretty nice! Hope Irodori would make another game similar to Master Magistrate, like a sequel or spin-off or something!
  12. Madosoft is one big joke.

    Well the characters and the art is rather cute to look. However I have to admit to grow tired and irritated seeing the same thing over and over again. I prefer to Diversify my choices in games and all
  13. Ayakashibito not working Task No.1 Adr

    Glad to know you're able to resolve your technical issues with your game! It would have been easier and convenient to use Locale Emulator, however just straight up changing your system locale also does the trick since I also did it when I was still a beginner in playing Japanese Eroges/Visual Novels! Anyways enjoy your game and welcome!
  14. I see we have a man of culture here as well! would also love to see a cute loli heroine with glasses in some VNs if it too much to ask!
  15. Yeah I already started, just finished the first case and sure no problems! I'm trying to get to the Hentai scenes as soon as possible but I'm not in a hurry since the case solving stuffs is pretty entertaining as well! YES! That's great then! gonna try to lewd that cute white haired loli! Thank you so much for the info! And what do you mean by "various reasons such as consent and honesty and discussion of likes and dislikes"? Is it kinda romantic in some way?
  16. Ah just want to know something about this wonderful VN! Are the Hentai scenes voiced or decent enough?
  17. Ayakashibito not working Task No.1 Adr

    Use them then! Locale Emulator is the easiest to operate and what I mostly use to install/launch/run/play Japaneses Eroges since their software is designed to run under Japanese system Locale environment. And our default system Locale is not compatible with their games which is normally in English, unless you switch your locale to Japanese and fancy reading Japaneses unicodes whenever you open a program or something! I'm not really good on explaining the specifics however the link is here if you don't know where to find it. After installing Locale Emulator, right click on the game icon to use it to install or play any eroges, at least the fan-translated ones, not the official localized titles coming from Mangagamer, JAST USA, and others. Hope that helps!
  18. Ayakashibito not working Task No.1 Adr

    Are you using AppLocale or Locale Emulator in playing or launching the game?
  19. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Hmm... I'm pleasantly surprise that GOG.COM is giving Total Annihilation, a very wonder RTS game for FREE! Better grab it for anyone interested while its still free! https://www.gog.com/game/total_anihilation_commander_pack
  20. Trying creating a new user account in your PC and install it from there, see what happens. Usually works most of the time unless your OS is somehow damaged from within...
  21. Fuwanovel Confessions

    I also have similar feelings like getting away from family and just live with myself without the hassle having to associated myself with others. However despite how crappy your situation might be, your pretty much stuck with the family fate has cast upon you. Its easier said than done and I know it's pretty HARD but you must learn to accept your current realities or situation and make the best of it. Happiness is your own responsibility and nobody can give it to you, not your family or your girlfriend/boyfriend. Nobody period except yourself... You won't be happy or achieve wholeness in the long run if you don't accept what you are and who you might be. Hmm there's a book that's worth reading at least once in your lifetime title Man's Search For Meaning Give it a shot so you'll learn how to handle adversity and life in general in the face of hopelessness or cruelty or many other unpleasantness the God Damn world like to throw on us. Might not be the solution but could help you feel better in way?
  22. Shame in liking H scenes/18+ Content in Visual Novels

    I see no point in being ashamed of liking hentai scenes or playing eroges in general. Its pretty human to be lustful and seek avenues to satisfy said lustful desires, as long no one is harmed along the way except you that is. In fact I like hentai animated scenes found on Imouto Paradise and eroges made by Zyx and softhouse-seal or anything that is animated! One primary why westerners are reluctant to express their interests in hentai or visual novels, eroges in general is because of their Judeo-Christian influences and doctrines. believing embracing sex or other sensual actives of the flesh simply for its pleasurable nature than procreating is deserving of contempt and humiliation. I don't really want to include religion nevertheless its part of the reason why... By the God's! We're already involving ourselves into questionable content that crosses the red thin line. just imagine all those lolis and underage girls the MCs are fucking in the eroges that we play/read.... Why not just accept who we really are. Embrace that darkness within Who gives a damn what other's or society in general thinks of our hobbies, if you find happiness in visual novels/eroges, that's all that matters. everything else is irrelevant...
  23. You have fine taste in anime my friend! Aside from Gosick. The Book of Bantora is also a underrated and a anime that is almost unheard of... Its a story of people dying and turning into books instead of dead bodies... Pretty Interesting Story... And when you read someone's book, you'll able to witness someone else's memories.....