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    Uhm.. Yuri (of course, It's like "Yuri is love Yuri is Life"). Cute girls/Imouto are on the list also. Plus Don't forget cool guys.

    And if I know someone who is a Yuri lover, I am also interested in that person. ^_^

    Ohh.. Don't forget About Miniatures/Re-ments, I am totally interested in those things. :D
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  1. What Anime are you watching now?

    Currently watching Nichijou.
  2. +Tic Nee-san

    This is the full anime, from episode 1-12.
  3. You should watch Nichijou.

    Sorry I'm one of them. But I've seen the first and second episode. And since I was more or liked inspired by this thread, maybe I should continue it..
  4. Howdy 'ere

    Hello there!! Welcome to the community and enjoy~
  5. Birthday thread

    Wow 7 celebrants today. おたんじゅび おめでとう!!!Bu-Bu San ,Ahmad-99 ,Nightbane112 ,Stepranog, crowblack666, Glowpixels, Theos
  6. My Mission is to spread YURI to the World...

  7. "Hello!" <from Philippines

    Hahahah.. Yes, It is me but わたしわ おんなのこ です!! It's my pleasure to give pleasure to you people plus I want to share my love of Yuri.. Bwahahaha. *Evil Laugh*
  8. "Hello!" <from Philippines

    Welcome to the Forum kabayan.!! BTW from what part of the Phil do you live?? I'm from Cebu!! Enjoy you stay and I hope we will get along
  9. Hello!

    Hello there Kabayan!! Welcome to the Forum and enjoy your stay!!! Ohh. From what part in the Phil are you?? I'm from Cebu BTW. Yeah. I agree. I am currently playing it, and so far I'm enjoying it.

  11. H-Hi... Well... I'm a little shy... So...

    Wooh!. I thought I am the only one here,..
  12. H-Hi... Well... I'm a little shy... So...

    Uhm.. I recommend Sono Hanabira!! All Hail Hanabira Fans!! *turns to the left, and to the right* Wait, I'm the only one here??? Am I the only one here who loves Hanabira?? NOOOO... Uhm.. BTW hi!! Sorry for the commotion I did above! Nice To meet you and enjoy your stay here!! Here! have some little yuri!!
  13. watch out!, Yuri coming!! not only lolis are a lot in here!! By the way, Hello there! and welcome to the forum. I'm not that active but I'm friendly. I don't know what i'm talking anymore.. Hanabira Fan coming through!!
  14. Official Anime News and Info!

    Any one knew about this??
  15. What manga are you currently reading?

    Lately I've been into manga that are not so popular. But today i'm reading Akuma De Sourou Does anyone knows about this manga and give me a little spoiler??