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  1. Looking for a Japanese-only recommendation

    Here's a classic https://vndb.org/v5244 I guess it's translated now though, so maybe it's kusoge now
  2. Which VN should i read?

    They're all pretty good, just read whichever you find yourself thinking about the most.
  3. Japanese Help Thread

    The full text is honestly too complicated for what it's worth so don't blame me for not reading it too carefully. This should be good enough. 黒々とした闇の暗黒宇宙のあちこちに光が灯りだす。そのーつーつはどうしようもなくちっぽけで惨い粒のようなものだ。 - Lights appear in various parts of dark space. All of them extremely small, like (rain)drops. それは、全ての創世。 - This is the creation of everything. 闇に閉ざされた世界が、ひとたび冷たく死に果てた宇宙が。 - The world locked away in darkness, the space once perished in the cold. 全身を覆っていた星衣がほどける。 - The shroud of stars (covering the whole thing) opens up. ……これは、ある物語のひとつの瀬末。 - This is one of the endings to a certain story. 全ての宇宙を闇に閉ざそうとした者と、それに打ち勝った者と。それを見守っていた者と。 - Of one who tried to lock away the entire space in darkness, of the one who defeated them. Of one who watched over that struggle. 宇宙の新たなる創世となった、少女たちの物語だ。 - The story of the second creation of space, and the girls involved in it.
  4. Hello,good-bye is fairly serious. Not Fate/Stay Night levels of serious, but still.
  5. What are some of your favorite songs from VNs

    Just BGM: too many to name any specific ones Actual songs: the ED song of H2O -Footprints in the Sand-, Tomorrow, definitely gets the favorite spot. Other ones I love include G-senjou's ED and Haruka Kanata's ED. Beware the spoiler images I highly recommend you play the game BEFORE listening to this (as it is my favorite VN), but should that be hopeless, have a listen. Bonus: OP and ED of Aster (The ED video spoils the entire game so just listen)
  6. Can confirm this is literally the case
  7. Hoshizora no memoria seems blurry in fullscreen?

    Personally I'd rather not play it at all if I had to play something in windowed mode. So tiny
  8. Hoshizora no memoria seems blurry in fullscreen?

    I only played the old fanTL of it and it had that problem with one of the two fullscreen modes - the one that didn't stretch the image in widescreen. It shouldn't be blurry if you use the other fullscreen mode and set your monitor to 4:3
  9. Mangagamer aren't the devs, you would only be supporting the localization company that way. You can buy Dies Irae on Steam though.
  10. Japanese Help Thread

    その世界で俺は伝説の勇者で、モテモテなんです! 出会う女の子はニコポナデポで俺を好きになってくれる方向で!! And in that world I'm a legendary hero who is really popular with girls! With the twist that every girl I meet falls in love with me for no reason! 自分でも拙い方向に人格をこじらせた自覚はある。 I'm perfectly aware of my idiotic personality.
  11. Maho x Roba -Witches Spiritual Home-

    I'm going to play it just because one of the heroines is named Teru, for reasons that would spoil a certain big VN
  12. What are you reading? Untranslated edition

    Ojou-sama Kumikyoku - a small hidden gem with each route featuring rather serious romance between a really sweet protagonist and a great cast of heroines. Those of you who love romance can't afford to miss Hinako route - not only is she absolute waifu material (subjective), but her route is really good. Don't want to spoil anything, but don't expect generic fluff. The other routes are very nice too, but Hinako route is a must read.
  13. Imouto no Katachi - Yay or Nay?

    I read a bit of it - the writing is extremely forced and pathetic. Don't know if you care about that sort of thing, though. Fan of Yosuga no Sora here.