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  1. VNs with rap/hip hop aesthetic

    This game has some BGM with what I think is hip-hop elements, but that's the only hip-hop element it has. https://vndb.org/v4906 Unless I'm misunderstanding the genre... You can judge the one with the most "influence" for yourself: https://clyp.it/gfzknzot By the way, Akatoki is my biggest "general" recommendation. A VN that is likely to be enjoyed by the widest possible audience.
  2. VN with strong romance plus fantasy/SF story

    No, G-senjou doesn't have any SF or fantasy elements.
  3. Looking for Untranslated Utsuge

    Suisou Ginka no Istoria is a really strong utsuge... until the true route comes and kind of ruins everything. YMMV though.
  4. Izuna Zanshinken Analysis [SPOILERS]

    While I really liked the game for the most part, the open ending killed it for me. Such a shame.
  5. How come Fuwanovel doesn't have an offical discord?

    Where were you looking
  6. Kawaii Onnanoko - Looking for members

    There's countless issues with your post, but I'll only ask one thing. What the hell does this mean?
  7. Any Virtual Youtubers you are watching?

    A lot of youtubers show their real selves though?
  8. Any Virtual Youtubers you are watching?

    I watch Kizuna Ai like most people, but she doesn't release as many good videos as she used to. I think she uploads so often she burnt out early on. Recently discovered Earth-chan though - apparently the only Russian Vtuber out there so far. She's great, though I wish she uploaded more often Don't forget the subs (English/Japanese, as well as apparently Chinese of idk quality)
  9. Guide to learning japanaese

    Don't simply read through a grammar guide, you should make notes for everything to quickly refer to them later (plus it stimulates your memory as you write it down). DO NOT learn vocab using JLPT N's, aside from N5 and N4 just to get you started, unless you specifically need a JLPT certificate for something. You should read untranslated material (without machine translation), no matter how slow it goes at first, and add words you find to your vocabulary. You can use Memrise or Anki for that, as they would be very helpful in revising those words in a way that you don't spend too much time on those you remember and spend enough time with those you struggle. I personally would recommend grinding 2000 kanji in heaps before any vocab as that would let you overcome the biggest wall, but if you don't want to bother with that then simply use some program that adds furigana to text (idk which one to suggest, I've never used one but I think VNR does that). Never, ever use machine translation.
  10. How old is "old" for a VN?

    1. 2004 or older 2. Wouldn't read anything <2000 3. If 2001 itself doesn't count, then only Air. Hated the plot btw. 4. On the technical side of things, obviously not. Story-wise, in my experience, the closer it gets to the 2000 mark the worse it has aged. 2005 and above are generally safe.
  11. Looking for a Japanese-only recommendation

    Here's a classic https://vndb.org/v5244 I guess it's translated now though, so maybe it's kusoge now
  12. Which VN should i read?

    They're all pretty good, just read whichever you find yourself thinking about the most.
  13. Japanese Help Thread

    The full text is honestly too complicated for what it's worth so don't blame me for not reading it too carefully. This should be good enough. 黒々とした闇の暗黒宇宙のあちこちに光が灯りだす。そのーつーつはどうしようもなくちっぽけで惨い粒のようなものだ。 - Lights appear in various parts of dark space. All of them extremely small, like (rain)drops. それは、全ての創世。 - This is the creation of everything. 闇に閉ざされた世界が、ひとたび冷たく死に果てた宇宙が。 - The world locked away in darkness, the space once perished in the cold. 全身を覆っていた星衣がほどける。 - The shroud of stars (covering the whole thing) opens up. ……これは、ある物語のひとつの瀬末。 - This is one of the endings to a certain story. 全ての宇宙を闇に閉ざそうとした者と、それに打ち勝った者と。それを見守っていた者と。 - Of one who tried to lock away the entire space in darkness, of the one who defeated them. Of one who watched over that struggle. 宇宙の新たなる創世となった、少女たちの物語だ。 - The story of the second creation of space, and the girls involved in it.