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  1. Why Tentacle Rape genre is exist?

    Tentacles have never been my thing, but this thread got me curious and I managed to find something nice. (NSFW)
  2. About donkan protagonists

    It says that he's proactive, but he's still a hell of a donkan when it comes to romance.
  3. Parting Ending - need many "recommendations"

    I would suggest putting everything by that writer "on high priority" He is known for it, though I've personally only played this one among his games, which indeed had multiple parting endings, including the true end: Edit: actually, it's not really parting endings, just sad endings where the protag doesn't care about the heroine much.
  4. Parting Ending - need many "recommendations"

    Not entirely, but in many ways: P.S. I can't help but feel sarcasm from your thread, are you sure these aren't going on your blacklist?
  5. Statistical Experiment: Most Overlooked VNs

    Playing Tenohira o, Taiyou ni right now actually, can confirm there's a lot more to it than one might think. Also the description on VNDB is 90% off, like literally wrong, I'll rewrite it once I've finished the game. Got plans to play Tsukikagerou one day too.
  6. Fighting VNs with story

    It's a great action-packed experience, so you'd be missing out. You definitely haven't seen the girl in my signature though, she's from Haruka Kanata - my favourite untranslated game and one that noone will ever play, unfortunately. Also she's not an angel, it's just the design of the pic. The image is clickable, by the way - takes you to the official site with great BGM playing in the background.
  7. Journey / Travel / Road Movie-type of story

    Scarlett should be what you're looking for. Unlike most games suggested in this thread which simply start with the protag moving to a new town, this one has the main cast travel around the world a lot. It's a good VN too.
  8. Fighting VNs with story

  9. Why are you making exactly the same thread again? Especially after seeing my reply in the old one? As for getting different heroines, just pick the choices in favour of another heroine. I went Kazuha -> Touri -> Chikako -> Chihiro -> Ema. You can only get Chihiro after the first three, and Ema - after Chihiro.
  10. Random VN: Kurenai no Tsuki

    Conveniently? Yes.
  11. Random VN: Kurenai no Tsuki

    I thought that harem ending 1.0 tag meant the same thing as what we had in Sharin no Kuni, so I made the mistake of playing this game. It doesn't even have group scenes, yet it's a full-on harem with all four heroines plus another character. It's like the devs wanted to piss off both my kind and harem fans at the same time. The true route is also one of those that completely destroy the atmosphere of the VN by negating all the tragic elements that other routes present, I was really enjoying the game before the true route though, so that's a bummer. Here's a sample of the BGM, it's pretty good. https://clyp.it/gv43ugdi
  12. Random VN: Otome ga Tsumugu Koi no Canvas

    What happened to the writer? Did he move to light novels/manga or..?
  13. The game uses a system that "builds" saves on top of others - meaning that you have to complete all the routes using the same save file. Having a "full" save around doesn't unlock the routes for other playthroughs. Since Ema route starts last, I would have to skip through all the routes and stop at the very beginning of Ema route to give you the right save file, which would take you the same amount of time. Trust me though, you will be disappointed. Not to mention a lot of things won't make sense because of all the stuff happening in other routes, it's a plotge. Also I'm pretty sure you decided to play it after seeing my post in that VNDB thread
  14. What's your favorite visual novels company

    Currently Makura - I really like their games, even though I hated Supreme Candy and the H2O fandisk. And I still haven't read Sakuuta
  15. Unconventional Romance

    Everyone? Sometimes it feels like I'm the only one, to be honest. Think I've seen a lot of people here calling YnS bad or meh.