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  1. It was interesting but I dropped it since I find the English fairly unreadable. There are some good parts courtesy of zaka, but they don't salvage the whole thing. And why would I ever read a short EVN if not for good English? https://imgur.com/a/QIf7GFs
  2. Enable skipping unread lines and leave it running in the background, occasionally checking in to make choices. It'll take some time but shouldn't be too much work.
  3. ef, although it may not be so obvious in the first route. Symphonic Rain Aster Himanatsu (the lightest of the bunch but not quite moege) Koinaku Shinikiss Yosuga no Sora (similar to Natsu no Ame since same director and related brand) Not sure about suspending disbelief though, some of these have a few supernatural elements.
  4. Reading Lost:Smile reminded me of this thread. I think Meguru fits your criteria pretty well.
  5. Ryou in Ikikoi - only in her route, however. See my review on VNDB for details.
  6. Istoria, an (untranslated) VN with the best common route I've ever seen, comes to mind. Barely any "pointless" scenes and no boredom. Good interesting characters, including some depth for the protagonist. Not light- or warmhearted, but rather oppressively depressing throughout. However, you might want to avoid my thoughts on it if you don't want to be discouraged from reading the game.
  7. Haruka Kanata (my kewl review) Ojou-sama Kumikyoku (my less kewl review) Also seconding Zaka's Mahou Shoujo rec.
  8. Wdym =0? https://vndb.org/c/all?q=&fil=gender-f.trait_inc-74~1192.tagspoil-0.role-primary https://vndb.org/c/all?q=&fil=gender-f.trait_inc-74~1307.tagspoil-0.role-primary https://vndb.org/c/all?q=&fil=gender-f.trait_inc-74~1504.tagspoil-0.role-primary https://vndb.org/c/all?q=&fil=gender-f.trait_inc-74~1683.tagspoil-0.role-primary And in response to your last question, if I understand you correctly and you want a heroine who is treated by the game as MC and has a lot of parts from her PoV and choices, https://vndb.org/v5746
  9. https://vndb.org/c/all?q=&fil=gender-f.trait_inc-74.tagspoil-0.role-primary PROTIP: Do not click on names which don't have the game name to the right. Those are walking spoilers for their game.
  10. I haven't played RWA, but your description of the protag reminds me of G-senjou no Maou.
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