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  1. Havent tried kool aid, but caprisun is delicious. My vote goes there
  2. Indeed. Can just use deept for the untranslated bits
  3. But thats the thing isnt it. It's often very cruel and lacks any comedic punch. It just feels like abuse for the sake of abuse. When protagonist does something stupid and gets punched for it then i get it and it can be funny in the right circumstances, but that's often the case. Sometimes he gets punched black and blue for no reason at all really and it's supposed to be soooo funny.
  4. Im just assuming people who enjoy it to be the lowest of the low lifeforms on this planet. You know, the ones who loves getting their balls popped by women in high heels, or in general "yes" men in life.
  5. You're just speculating same as us. Just a more optimistic outlook. We'll see in time
  6. Probably some drama is happening in the background. I mean none of them are replying in this thread, which they did in the past. Takes like 10 seconds to reply anything at all. Maybe the leader is controlling and abusing power over having the files? Who knows. Or maybe they're just waiting for a deal with any company before selling or releasing. All speculations, but what isnt is the fact that utter silence is never a good sign.
  7. You use a program called "textractor" and couple it with "Sugoi translator". Textractor will grab the text from the game and sugoi will have it translated from Deep translation. Google and Bing are horrible in comparison.
  8. If you set up translation you can actually read the fandisc also. Translation will be far from perfect, but will be overall very accurate and little nuanced with some quirks here and there due to processing errors. I read tsujidou san fandisc like that and it was quite alright to read and i understood almost everything.
  9. Buy japanese psn gift cards. Itll cost a bit more, but you know, it works.
  10. This isnt the ps2 era. Have a jpn psn account > buy it > download > switch back to regular account > play
  11. Since japs seems horrible with internet in general, i doubt it. If it doesnt exist in an app or some old decrepit web site design it wont exist.
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