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  1. I think it was either idiots or people using it as netflix/spoitify device.. yeah, idiots. Xbone was absolute shit and no one can mention one single good reason to own it.
  2. Ohh, but i dont care about their services. I want good games. Im simple that way.
  3. Not sympathies for microsoft. They were completely useless this current generation. Its up to them to make themselves more attractive.
  4. Ohh but the switch is crap too, always was. Doesnt change the fact that it has good games though which it cant run satisfyingly. 4k means nothing, you'll get a horrible console too slow to run the games in the distant future and devs need to sacrifice this and that for you to run games in 30 fps. Read ID already complaining about its slow memory. Dont get defensive, some things might appeal to you, but it is not a good console. Heed my warning or not, entirely up to you
  5. Well, they cherry pick most likely. Picking the vn's that are most in line with normal moe trash and putting out the others for show. Mangagamer has surprised me before though.
  6. S series is crap. Save up your money and buy the proper one one.
  7. People have shit tastes and suggestions like normal. Either a crap game or an already translated one... jeez
  8. In my case i think it was some PTSD-ish trigger. My first relationship went that way when i was young and i guess you don't easily forget such a thing Now i'll happily avoid the content, but i don't react to it.
  9. Is this a ladder style vn series with each installment being one route?
  10. Maybe its based on realism? Girls getting too much attention grows complacent and just take the bf for granted, while giving less attention makes her work for it.
  11. People are saying it all the time for a reason. A valid one at that. I have all those 3 types of harddrives (5400rpm, 7200rpm and ssd) and i know exactly what works best where. They have their uses. Vn's you can stick whereever as they demand nothing. Games 7200rpm works (longer loading times than SSD but most games nowadays have so few loading points that it doesnt matter much). I put my FInal fantasy XIV and mmo's on a SSD though. I'd not bother with an SSD for gaming except for MMO's that all have lots of loading and just buy a fast normal harddrive like WD Ultrastar. Not mentioning VN now as that requires nothing out of anything. For most daily uses you won't notice the difference between a SSD and a mechanical drive. You'll feel it during installation of something, loading times in games, unpacking large files with winrar etc and searching for files using windows.
  12. And if they refuse to have the sequel be translated then i won't buy the first part, which is my choice to make.
  13. You only need a cheap storage drive for vn's, movies etc. For normal gaming it's insufficient though.
  14. Get a proper hdd. No point having vn's on a ssd
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