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  1. Reading Chaos:Head Hmm, what can i say? As expected the story is awesome and you don't know what the heck is going on. But not in a way that makes you annoyed and want to put it down. In a way that makes you more interested in uncovering what's actually going on here. The VN itself is very unimpressive and the only thing it's got going for it is the story. Characters aren't anything special either. Especially the protagonist. He's a waste of oxygen, plain and simple. His sister is cute though and him being an otaku from hell, i find it strange he doesn't recognize the clearly very cliche little sister traits in her. Anyway, it's a good vn if you're looking for a good plot, and reading it is apparently good groundwork before going into robotics notes for example.
  2. Most people ignore the most important question of all. Who's the voice actress in this? The very same or someone pretending to sound like her?
  3. Win-Win indeed! I should start getting into gear too
  4. Did you learn japanese by stubbornly reading vn's Adam?
  5. well i didnt get it solely because i don't trust Mangagamer to translate the sequel also. Was gonna buy both the second they announced the second game, but mangagamer is mangagamer.
  6. I'm not sure there are many scary visual novels. There are quite a few freaky ones though. Saya no uta will be the one i recommend the most.
  7. Muv luv alternative chronicles The Day After 3 Well, Age doesn't like their protagonists. Always the same crappy drama of the protagonist being a weak person and wasting a shitton of time on having us read the self-deprecating thoughts they have over, over, over and over again. It never ends. They say they're over it, they promise that they now have goals, but they end up spiraling back to this self-deprecating as if they suffer from dementia or something. First it was Takeru, now it's Hibiki. The story is interesting outside that of course, but at some point this crap is almost all we read.
  8. On the other hand it makes for a great reason to read the vn if you get hooked and want to see the different routes:D
  9. Well Nagisa was the true heroine so they did the right thing overall. An adaptation should always go the true route imo
  10. While its major twists might leave people disappointed, the vn itself was a blast and a half. I was binging it, it was just so entertaining and i had to know what happens next.
  11. They certainly did right by Clannad. Afaik people even praise the adaptation for being very faithful. Was a very emotional ride towards the ending, and some manly tears were definitely shed.
  12. Honestly though, i havent read the VN, only watched the anime. So i dont know how good the delivery is in the vn.
  13. I'd say rewrite ended a bit more on an utsuge note though.
  14. rewrite is somewhat different than the other stuff they've made, but it was still very enjoyable.
  15. One thing is for damn sure. The main scenario of clannad would break even the hardest of men. It stops being petty things after a point. That is actually the case of all key vn's. When the main story kicks in, the gloves are off.
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