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  1. I know what you mean, but its nothing unusual in the world of japanese entertainment. Girls treating protagonist like shit that is. Dunno whats so extremely funny and interesting about it. Many heroines i've grown to loathe for the same reason. Doesnt help if she gets some growth development in the last 5 minutes of the rpute or anime.
  2. Summer pockets. A temp review, predictions and opinions. Well im on the last of the regular heroine routes. My thoughts so far is quite mixed. All key vn's are masterpieces alone, but for a weathered veteran of their works, you kinda feel their too stuck in their ways and kinda write the same things over and over, making it quite predictible. Art 5/10 yeah, the art is nothing to write home about. Umi and tsumugi being among the best. Also a certain woman in a route. AO looks like a mess. Sound 5/10 you know key is also known for their beautiful soundtracks that gets stuck with you and hit the mood of the events perfectly. Well, none if that so far. Finished 3 routes and the music has not impressed me in any way. By this point i hope they're saving a slam dunk ost for the no doubt true route at the end. Plot: 6/10 The plot was all over the place. It had decent set pieces all around, but i dont think they utilized them properly and made a mess of things instead. Characters and routes- spoiler territory Now, the art, music and heroines might not be as good as they could have been, but the vn still has me hooked.
  3. You know, i think you'll change your mind later. Haku gets some serious development, and thats no joke. Also the plot rears its ugly head sooner or later too. Especially during mask of truth. I'd say the first just suffers from being more of a setup for the finale (mask of truth). They're all heavy with sol, but its sol events you grow to appreciate once the plot properly picks up.
  4. Well, for some reason these days we get much more interesting vn's on console. They probably hit pc too eventually
  5. Enjoy it! i finished it after 13 sentinels and i loved it
  6. Fuyusaka Is a bit of a slut though (not really a spoiler) I didn't dislike her though. Just started reading summer pockets. I will just say that key might have failed to disguise their biggest plot elements here.
  7. Lol. Girl in a coffin. Where have i ever seen that before?
  8. Took one look at that. Romancing a loli? Hard pass indeed.
  9. Long since tired of reading half arsed descriptions of fights with lightsaber animations. Mostly the lightsaber animations. Wish they evolved that somehow.
  10. 13 sentinels Dunno what to think yet. It has a nice atmosphere, but i have the feeling its not as grand and epic as it wants me to believe. But i'll see as i progress. Really reminds me of bokurano
  11. Utawarerumono? No clue if this falls under the chuunige category, but it you havent read them then my post is valid regardless!
  12. Nekonyan does some of the same dont they? Where is that hello lady game ww've been waiting for? Gets shoved behind pure moege trash all the time :<
  13. Literally everything takes "quite a while" with jast. That "quite a while" might just be a "will take forever"". The good thing i guess is that if Jast announces something you can pretty much just shrug and expect it to never see the light of day.
  14. Utawarerumono prelude to the fallen. About time i finish it
  15. You know full well that 12 year old french girls won't and shouldnt read porn!
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