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  1. MangaGamer 2018 Review & 2019 Licensing Survey

    Hmm, is da capo really good enough to go for all ages? Second game was fairly generic, third seems to be more of the same . I liked the first though because i liked jun'ichi.
  2. Strong Women Visual Novels

    Well, Majikoi is a good example if there ever was one.
  3. What are you playing?

    I want to throw most mc's into a propeller regardless. Either they're just written as terrible as they are, or they have some idiotic issues as a "reason" for them to act like a cookie cutter shitty protagonist. In the end, they're mostly all the same, "good" reasons or not.
  4. Great news! I've been holding off on reading the original because if this project, so im certainly looking forward to it
  5. Agreed. She got a route, but honestly, the w happiness routes were terrible compared to the original. Short and boring And personally i think most vn devs have terrible taste. They have the regular setup of heroines, both looks and personality, perhaps a shitty loli is in the mix somewhere as well. Maybe nasty lolii is even the true route? But then they have this side heroine. This wonderful, bit older one who looks twice as good as the regular band of heroines, and has a great personality as well. Does she ever get a route? Nope, not really. Shes either made fun of for being old or just ignored. Its pitiful Half way off topic as i dont remember any names atm :/
  6. Root double

    No one, we can both agree on that, but i firmly believe this was made as pure fapservice for people who are into rape/ntr. Rape is ok if handled realistically, which rarely happens. I think scenes like this utterly destroy heroines and sour everything else.
  7. Root double

  8. Yes, that's true. But then we shouldn't have to sit and read the protagonist wallowing in depression until the very end. But rather, looking forward, perhaps finding a new lover and creating a family? A sad beginning becomes a good end.
  9. Root double

  10. That's very subjective. One can say that a super depressive vn needs a sad ending as it would fit the theme, but it would also fit the theme if somehow after all that depressive crap, things finally started looking up. If you ask me, there is no ending to fit a theme, it's more about how well the ending is written. An ending which ignores it's own story logic to get a happy end when things are so bleak that it's impossible to get a happy ending, then it's a badly written ending. A happy story with a sudden shit true ending is at the same time a badly written one.
  11. I don't think many actually want realistic endings in their cute games. Realistic means a good mix of actual good endings, ntr, non virgins, true manipulating female who don't actually care about the protagonist, but use him as convenience, while he acts like a doormat (well, this is nothing new in vn's actually), real breakups because of arguments or lifestyle choices, long distance relationships going sour (like most do), the heroines you don't choose select other males and perhaps marry while you're doing another route, and i'm sure the list can almost be infinitely long. Well, i'm certainly happy that most vn's aren't realistic in that way, although the actual romance bit in most vn's are very flat. They're too focused on it and they're all following the same basic formula which i'm sure is a factor which bores people. I mean even a thing such as the girl confessing first is a true rarity in newer vn's. Instead of having simply more realistic vn's, i think we need vn's that break out of the regular loop with the heroines with the same look, same personality, same formula and variety of endings being used, and even same damn boring protagonist. We're overflooding of sameish vn's and it's not stopping. I'd understand if people are getting fatigued on that, i know i am.
  12. Anyone heard from 'But I Love You' recently?

    Guy might have created a framework showing of a game and scammed the hell out of people.