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  1. Tsujidou-san no Jun'Ai Road Discussion

    Even the most useless protagonists shines once in a blue moon. I think you describe the usual idealistic, boring and generic protagonist.
  2. Anime with ultimately satisfying endings

    I do partially agree about the fulfilling bit. I mean, a relationship isn't really all that fulfilling when cut short because your partner dies after a few years now is it? but i'll agree about the relationship being fulfilling while it lasts. It's a utsuge trait i believe to have the absolute best of everything and everything just seems to so good, often being the absolute best written romance you'll find.. Until it all crashes and burns. At least the utsuge i've read adds some despair to them. Nakige though is someting i like, because it usually ends with some asspull (which i often don't mind) which gives the story a happy ending. It's one thing to like something, another to know what others usually like. I hope we don't see gury lovers recommending romantic guro vn's when someone is asking for good romance. After some recommendations it wouldn't surprise me though
  3. Tsujidou-san no Jun'Ai Road Discussion

    Well, i don't. I just listed what makes a super boring an utterly generic vn protagonist, which is what he looks like and is described as on vndb.
  4. Tsujidou-san no Jun'Ai Road Discussion

    So i guess that we know what to expect when we're looking at this vn's protagonist? The stupid smile, the kind, the hardworking etcetc...
  5. Thoughts on the current Yuzusoft

    Super forgettable vns. Atleast Noble works and Dracu riot.
  6. But didn't they refuse to translate the crossbell arc for having too much text? Luckily we'll have the fan edited version of Zero in about 2020... and the rough version of AO in a few weeks or so (if nothing happens)
  7. To Heart 2 Another Day

    I agree with you. There are japanese media where the couple form early, but thats usually followed by pretty damn ugly drama. Cheating, breakups, differwnt ambitions etcetc where the shit romances usually have the happy ever after endings
  8. Ill expand a bit on that. When the hero or heroine somewhat likes a instrument or paintimg etc, you can bet you left ass cheek that the hero or heroine will leave for europe or us for like 4-8 years and then return. Some of the worst endings i know.
  9. Must be allowed to blame the industry and the people who makes the industry keep producing that shit
  10. Can Visual Novels really change you?

    I'd say you're under no obligation to be a hero where your life might be at stake. Only after an accident do you have an obligation to call for emergency and do the basic tasks they tell you over the phone, if this counts as being heroic.
  11. Can Visual Novels really change you?

    It's kind of bullshit though. You're not being twisted for "wanting" bad things to happen to people so you can be a hero. Well, surely there are heroes with mental disorders in games and movies who might think like this. Bad things will always happen to people, the important thing is that you're a person willing to step up and help those people.
  12. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    Most likely that shes so blunt that hes taken aback lile you said. We've had this conversation before
  13. Would never buy a game while waiting for a fan translation. Do it after fan translation is released. Would suck pretty hard if fan translation was sold to a publisher while you're waiting with your already purchased digital or retail copy of the game
  14. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    The open expression line is pretty weird. Don't know the context, but i bet i'd understand it if i read the scenario leading up to it though.
  15. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    The line in the first image just seemed a bit weird with it's both present and past tense. It's not hard to understand at all though. Perhaps add some symbols to indicate when it changes perspective? The second. I would just care about that if i had plenty of time tbh, as it's such a minor detail. Otherwise i'd change them to be similar. Third. That's a tough one. It does get it's message across quite easily with just one word. Otherwise you'd have to add some to the sentence. Doing her adult things/stuff (it is from the perspective of a minor). Again, super minor stuff as the meaning is so easy to grasp. I'd just keep it if it was me. That's just my take though.