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  1. Deeptl is good enough for simple vn's. You'll understand whats going on but details can make you go nuts. Genders are almost always mistaken and sometimes they say stuff that makes no sense, but the next sentence might make the whole scene click anyway. Thats my experience using it at least.
  2. I think Eden is plenty cute though, but i wouldnt call it nakige
  3. Well you know. The identity police groups are the biggest racists of all. While the rest of us don't care about skin color, they don't do anything but single out colours. Wish they'd stop already
  4. I am rereading Tsujidou san junai road and am again reminded what a terrible girlfriend Ai is. She's got potential to be amazing. She kinda is. But she mostly only got her cuteness going for her, and her devotion. Since the start she's been saying that she's bored of fighting and wants to stop. She gets together with Hiroshi and says she's no longer a delinquent, but his girlfriend. Yet, she betrays that and seeks out fights while lying about it and even leaves him hanging when they're going on a date. These are very much grounds for breakup right there. I dont remember much which is why i rer
  5. I was thinking the same because of the
  6. Given the choice i would prefer playing a character that is identical to me, but i realize that won't ever happen. Japanese people are too timid and their culture is too alien for me to actually self insert properly. I'll just sit here annoyed or raging of their actions, while the japanese might actually be calm and collected as it makes perfect sense to them. Rambling aside, i wouldn't mind a black protagonist but don't get in my face over it as a political statement.
  7. Thats probably mostly the translation even if the protagonist is a pervert. Can't know that for sure of course, but what you quoted sounds like some serious translation liberties. Personally i much prefer a perverted protagonist over typical a meek asexual one who only discovers how to use his penis once he's dated a girl for a while.
  8. Interesting stuff. Looking forward to what you can do with this
  9. It was before the first date actually. She was suddenly modest and nice and it changed to common route again and we're back to mc being treated like dirt again. I figured this was due to the structure of the VN, but maybe i was wrong. I'll soon find out i believe
  10. I chose Mao and entertainment. Maybe it was a bad combo for a first go due to her personality too. She's not bad by any means though.
  11. Sounds pretty boring tbh. I think a big appeal of such a VN would be to take the story and characters in wildly different directions than the anime. More like choose how things go. Cba going though a vn which more or less follows the beats of the original works.
  12. He's a bit immature for sure, but that's fine. Anything but the non descript generic-kun we usually get. This is a breath of fresh air. VN is still pretty good. Only big complaint i have which seems to be present is the heroine route is mixed in between common route chapters. Meaning you get some heroine niceties and affection gains in her parts...... Problem is that when you're back to the common route they're back to 0. They've effectively made a VN where heroine routes seem non canon and just spice throughout the common route. Funny thing that.
  13. Only worry i have is if ut gives relationship building etc enough time. Seems that part is quite late
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