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  1. It's Key so nakige is expected.
  2. Havent seen the anime, but i do know that the anime didn't cover the last 20-25% of the story
  3. Well, I have read the original and after the ending you will definitely appreciate the definite edition. Trust me
  4. First by getting out of high school settings and producing more adult oriented stories, not just the same old first love.
  5. There was also one vn which i can't for the life of me remember the name of, the MC would think the same crap he just said almost every damn time, so you had to read it twice.
  6. I kinda get you, but what you want is quite unrealiatic. You want drama for the heroines you dont like too much and pure love for the ones tou do. The problem being that your most hated heroine will be the most adored one to someone else. The middle ground here is the best thing and most seem to follow it.
  7. Depends on the vn. If there is content that for me feels questionable then i wont buy it at full price, or if its just trashy like oppai academy or equally low tier vn experiences. Vn's wont hesistate to buy at full price is vn's like utawarerumono and 13 sentinels. I guess one can debate whether or not 13 sentinels is a vn though
  8. Looks to be this artist: Edit: Chaosraven is quite right actually
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