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  1. If my heart had wings

    Just finished kotoris route now and i believe they can be different enough. Pretty good route. Only glaring issue is the rushed end.
  2. A heroine is still a slut even if i hold ctrl over her ntr h-scenes.
  3. Ever played a VN twice?

    Chisato? Was that the crazy girl who only saw mc as a replacement for her dead brother? Whole thing was beyond weird and not waifu material if i'm not remembering wrong.
  4. If my heart had wings

    Just an odd question. I entered Kotori's route a good few hours ago and it felt like the most natural progression of the common route. While this is all fine and good, how are the other routes? It makes me a bit anxious that they're basically all the same, with the same goals and almost same progression with just a bit mixed roles which are route specific. Are the routes properly different?
  5. Certainly too bad this is ntr shit.
  6. Regarding Horror Visual Novels

    Well, the first thing they need to do when creating serious story vn's is to stop using ntr and rape as a way to get you angry and maybe invested? It backfires with me, and likely many others. If i see tags such as unavoidable rape/ntr etc in story vn's, especially if it concerns the main heroine, its a instant skip. Worse is it if they make a h scene out of it for fetishists to fap to. Ohh, and romance in most things. Weave it in somehow and make it good. It feels so wasted when you play a story vn and you have the main heroine and the vn just ends with hints of it. Why even bother then? Romance sells and good satisfying romance in a story vn is a recipe for success if you ask me.
  7. There is truth in that. Key goes the moege style, but they also focus on character plots. Like clephas say, i think most Key works fit in the charage category though. Likely it's sometimes not as clear cut to say it's either this or that, and it's in fact a combination of two or more. But i wouldnt say they're completely useless. If someone told me "X" is moege, lolige, thisge, thatge, then i'd steer far away from it, so it has it's uses.
  8. Are they though? I'm honestly curious as to what's the logic behind that statement?
  9. Man... he's not talking about an actual virus, but steams policies and drm.
  10. Are Console Versions Worth it?

    Did read both steins gate on consoles and it sure was worth it!
  11. Why not be honest and say full patch will be when you buy it? I never could understand this part of the vn community. Well, good job regardless so far and i do look forward to this vn.
  12. A little rant on VNs route structure

    Having choices during the common route is all fine, but not when they're like "enter the hallway", "stay and wait", "go back home" etc and it's all a gamble who the choices corresponds to.
  13. Moenovel announces next Title

    How come moenovel is still a running company?
  14. S;G 0 is definitely not as good as the first. While it's a different story and is really a good one, depressed rintarou makes it quite boring compared to the original.
  15. No, your kind of "moronic attitude" is one of the reasons we have such a decline in fan translations. Go harp on in officially published vn's and chill the fuck out when it's fan translated. Not any fun translating anything for fun when people expect absolute perfection and are pretty damn vocal when it's not, do your best to wrap your head around this. People need time to develop their skills, and they'll likely translate and re translate in time once they're better. Still for a fan translation i settle for an understandable translation.