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  1. Maitetsu 18+ Release Restoration Patch

    What the hell is the point of censoring tjat heavily? This is just way too much
  2. Survey - Honorifics in translated VNs

    He just reinforces your opinion, nothing about fatality or winning. Grow up some and try again. To me it's very simple. We have different opinions and i have my own, just like you. Saying a translator is lazy/bad for having his/her own way is fucking stupid and very narrow minded if i'm being entirely honest.
  3. Survey - Honorifics in translated VNs

    I bet if i saw you now, you'd be this super square looking figure. Massive correction though. I'm a Norwegian scrub who doesn't know Japanese at all. Not written nor voiced.
  4. Survey - Honorifics in translated VNs

    Man, if westerns have no interest in japanese or it's culture, perhaps don't even want to play japanese games, then they can stick with their own entertainment. Give me a break.
  5. Survey - Honorifics in translated VNs

    A translator will just have to translate however he/she wants. A translator will never be able to satisfy everyone. Half wants a translation that's directly translated from its source language and the other half wants it tailored towards not only their language but their culture as well (which to me is incomprehensible, but that's my opinion).
  6. Island Steam Release (Steam Store Opened)

    This vn sounds pretty bad so ill just go right ahead and skip it. I think the end is just as important as the journey.
  7. Maitetsu 18+ Release Restoration Patch

    Its better with mosaics than shitty drawings with different art and colours which looks like its been plastered on as an afterthought.
  8. Thanks for your hard work! If i were you i'd just make a serviceable translation and have the community fix it later, if people would be up for it. Better than to burn yourself out completely. Good luck regardless what you do
  9. And what about Key?

    Well, you can't call a decent translation "horrible" regardless what position you're in. That's just taking it way too far. If he said it's lacking and some words and sentences are lost in translation then i'd believe that, but "horrible" is such an over exaggeration, especially when no one else complains about it. You always hear about bad translations.
  10. Zero no kiseki

    Anyone have any idea if the current translation of that game (the old leaked one) is correct in its translation? Not talking about typos and other silly stuff, but more if the translation brings out the meaning and essence of whats actually being said? In one place i heard the translation was hand written but unpolished, in another place people swore it was trashy machineish translation where sentences made sense, but was still wrong. Anyone able to shed any light on this? And yes, i've been following Geofronts translation, but with burnouts and progressively slowing progress i won't bother waiting if the old translation is correct, but have a few errors.
  11. And what about Key?

    Air also has 2 ova episodes that fits in the event somewhere in the middle of the story which fleshes it out a bit more.
  12. And what about Key?

    They majorly fucked up charlotte by doing 2 things wrong. 1st was spending too much time with nonsense in the early part of the season and ending up rushing the more important latter part. 2nd is that they used the overused "lost all memories" cliche.. i mean comeon.. are they even trying or is this the capacity of keys current writers?
  13. Kara No Shoujo 2 Discussion (Possible Spoilers)

    Does the series continue in a utsuge fashion where the loss of Toko made Reiji unable to love another? I really can't stand utsuge, but if he picks himself up and gets on with his life somewhere during the story then i'd be willing to read the second. Reading an super depressed Reiji for a whole vn doesn't sound all too appealing. I know romance was never the main focus, but it was a bit part of it towards the end of the first.
  14. Shorter, more adult (grown up, not H) oriented and gameplay that isnt totally shitty.
  15. And what about Key?

    Rewrite+ likely wont do much better. Those who are intersted have likely already read it,and + barely contains any changes/improvements if im not mistaken.