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  1. Hi all. I had a lot going on, and before I knew it, a year had gone by. I knew there would be stretches where I couldn't get much translating done, but I never meant to leave the project without updates for so long. I'm setting a short-term goal of reaching the halfway point of Maiya's route by the end of September. Some people asked about a partial patch download. Here are three files you can copy to your already existing Saimin Yuugi install if you want to test it: https://mega.nz/file/pIpSjL7K#ygSQKnwnNVdE_FQ0s_Rr4sR7e9Wjcl-VT_DjLpQI7gA (催眠遊戯.exe - UI translation) https
  2. It's been too long since my last update, but quite a lot has happened! 1. SpookySaint joined the project as an editor. 2. Senpai Ken and Spirited Away joined the project as translator and editor respectively. Senpai Ken has decided to translate Keika's route, so we'll be working in parallel on different routes. I'd like to also thank Fiddle for providing the first ~25% of Keika's route that was done several years ago for a now dead translation project Project Status: (Counting lines to find a percentage was a bit more trouble than it was worth. The below should still b
  3. Weekly(ish) update: Maiya route 30.1% complete. Will PM you.
  4. I'd never say never, but I think it's unlikely. I like the sequel a fair bit less than this game, so I might not be too inclined to dedicate a huge chunk of time to it. If I found a couple people to work on it as a team it gets a lot more likely.
  5. Weekly(ish) update: Maiya route 25.5% completed.
  6. If they're qlie engine .pack files, arc_conv worked for me. Download https://github.com/amayra/arc_conv, build (build.bat), and from command prompt do arc_conv.exe --pack qlie <path to data folder> <output filename>
  7. Latest Update (June 24) Common Route translation: 100% Common Route editing: 1/6 scenario files Maiya Route translation: 5/23 Maiya Route editing: pending Keika Route translation: 6/21 Keika Route editing: pending Rui Route translation: pending Rui Route editing: pending Current Staff: Me (Translating, Hacking) SpookySaint (Editing) Senpai Ken (Translating) Spirited Away (Editing) Currently seeking additional translators, and a more competent hacker for UI translation. Original Post ↓ Hello. I've decided to translate Saimin Yuugi,
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