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  1. No problem with that. I just described what I felt about a vast majority of JOP on r/vn's discord. I am glad as hell they split up but the tardy ones got to keep the discord server.
  2. This is some good thing you are doing. Otherwise, people forget about some nice devs pretty soon especially if they made underrated games. Like, If JAST wouldn't have had localized DO's games people wouldn't have ever known about games like Kana Imouto, Family Project and Crescendo.
  3. No lmao. This is fuwanovels, not reddit that people'll be toxic towards you for no reason. Enjoy your stay here.
  4. Yeah 4chan is the best for that. Cuz there 'discussions' actually happen, instead of people just removing your stuff for personal bias.
  5. Reddit is a nasty echo chamber tbh. Especially subs like r/visualnovels and their devtalk and devtalk+ A nasty emo bastard with god complex about himself (especially the JOP readers) are quite hell bent on bashing anyone who doesn't agree with their opinions. If you aren't agreeing with the masses, reddit isn't for you. If you want to speak honestly without wearing the mask of a hypocrite, reddit isn't for you.
  6. Okay. I will do that. Thanks for addressing the issue
  7. It doesn't exactly work, the way it should
  8. Is there too many differences between the original and the reboot? Because otherwise, I think the old walkthrough would be as effective for reboot version too. I wasn't exactly hyped for escalayer so I dunno what changes they have made in the reboot but I don't think it would be that extremely different from OG
  9. Lmao and the only Western VN to make a mark there. There are some good ones from western developers but none has reached that level of Katawa Shoujo(DDLC maybe but it's still a ripoff despite being well polished). Tbh even after completing it, I didn't realize that it was a western VN for a long time. Not to say Western VNs are bad, but good ones are very few like Everlasting Summer(these devs are particularly top-notch), The letter, etc
  10. itch.io is great but for indie games, not indie visual novels. I have seen a great amount of visual novels there but its also over saturated with demos, alphas and betas that are usually dropped after some time especially when the game has 18+ content. But as far as all ages indie visual novels go, there are plenty of them.
  11. This crayony style is quite new tbh. I have seen cell shaded, 3DCG(which are worst) and digital art ones. I haven't played your VN but this CG gives a way of dark and gritty vibe similar to that of any dark plot VN or either a scene of heartwrenching heartbreak. I really haven't seen this kind of artstyle in either Japanese or Western Visual novels. Your artist is really awesome. Good luck for your game pal.
  12. Nutaku games are absolute trash. DLSite's games are better despite a vast majority of them having machine translations. The only downside is there are rarely any vanilla games on that website. Perhaps there are some in Japanese but 1/100 are vanilla ones in Harem department. Rest all are rapege
  13. Lmao yes. f95zone is the fuwanovel for degen-exclusive stuff
  14. Oh this helps tbh. That's why I wasn't able to adjust the buttons correctly. Btw I'll wait for the videos. Thanks again for the explanation.
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