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  1. I haven't been around the VN community for a while because work and life have kept me busy. I had no idea that Tenkiame was ever released, I only noticed when I was about to put it on the licensing survey and saw that it was already released. What happened? And why is it off of steam? Apparently it's on dlsite but when I bought it I had to install the client, and after going through a bunch of hoops and installing it it crashes when I try to install it. Also I don't mind shitty translations THAT much, if it's at least legible I can enjoy it well enough, anyone know where I can get it?
  2. I'm late cause I kinda forgot fuwa existed after it went down for a while and holidays are busy but FUCK YEAH I'm ecstatic! I'll keep an eye out for the thread/site, best of luck Narc
  3. The Majikoi series, the MC is a strategist and even fends off an obsessive girl. Saya no Uta, while his situation isn't normal he accepts certain stuff easily, though that goes more into the insane category. Co╬╝ I think, but I played it a while ago so he might not be as level headed as I think
  4. Spider eh, that was another of my favorites, not the highest quality but I read it the translation in a flash. Don't recognize any of the others, and now I remember about that chef one, I think the MC reincarnated as a dog in a kitchen in Valhalla or some place, the place with all the Norse gods. Translated, it's hard to memorize the kanji (I only remember about 20, maybe 30 if I actually look at em) but I have a very basic grasp on the grammar
  5. The light novels are infinitely better, but again they're novels. Well since reading VN's is a step above LN's its not too much of a difference, in fact mangas are usually adaptations of either of the two and almost never vice versa. I especially recommend Mushoku Tensei, I found it by looking at the most popular manga on baka updates and the LN was near the top, with good reason. I'm actually sad the LN hasn't been licensed yet Well anyway I'm especially looking forward to see what Frontwing does with isekai, actually I think it'll be my first isekai VN.
  6. Actually isekai's are my guilty pleasure, three of my favorite light novels (Mushoku Tensei, Tate no Yuusha, and Zero no Tsukaima) are isekai. Someone on 4chan listed all these isekais, like one about a chef or a dog or something, but I'm having a hard time shifting through them all.
  7. You don't know the half of it, there are so many different isekai stories you'd be able to find one that you'll like eventually. That said this is Frontwing so their content should be good, especially since Kajitsu came out in 2011 so they've probably improved on their creations
  8. Ahh I see, thanks for that answer~ On the bright side it is a more recent release so it might be easier to translate it to english. After Phantom Trigger and Subahibi (maybe Island too) are out of the way maybe they'll get to Hatsuru Koto Naki Mirai Yori
  9. So I was looking around and stumbled across Frontwing's VN called Hatsuru Koto Naki Mirai Yori. On vndb it's listed as being translated and released by Frontwing themselves but I can't find any sauce for it, anyone have any idea if its true? Can I keep my hopes up?
  10. Personally I'd much rather play the first VN over watch the anime since, in almost every case, the source material is much more preferable to the adaptation. That said I'll still buy this VN since I love kitsunes, but I do hope there'll be a good chance of the licensing for the first game.
  11. I'm definitely looking forward to this. I've been waiting ages, I knew TL wiki was still working on it but seeing it officially published by Frontwing makes it feel like it'll be a sure thing
  12. Me and my TL group are releasing so much stuff~

  13. I am very hyped for this. Honestly I only know the very fundamentals of the game, and how there were like 5 versions with different routes and updates, but I like enjoying content like that. I love me some tragedy, it'd be nice if it was an unlockable route system like Comyu, even better if the first ending is a bad ending with story. I'll definitely fund this, dunno if the higher ranks are worth it but I'll invest around $300 depending on how they change the reward tiers.
  14. Currently contemplating starting a TL on a females only nukige with ma homies, need to learn how to hack :vinty:

  15. We all know which backstory is best, Mayucchi already has plot anyway
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