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  1. https://vndb.org/i239 Pretty much dislike that kind of thing.When you finally found likeable characters they turn to nothing.
  2. Opinion Hard to consider is it as utsuge.For me it just mainstream drama.(classic is different in good meaning)Even for industry its quite obvious to the itself, given the self-irony that pops up here and there as a reference to death flags & terminal illness.And i see sakura reference meaning prolonged sol element to dramatic shift at the end/or something like that.I already have no emotion for that thanks to japanese authors. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mono_no_aware
  3. 1.Unusual romance/relationship 2.Adult romance 3.Relationship with its "strong"cause 4.Forbidden romance. Incest is excluded
  4. Title. Not Raising Simulator. Not something like Clannad
  5. Nukige or other problems.EVN etc etc
  6. Not exactly.But most closure definition.
  7. I m little afraid of Rimu character design.It not the type of character i have interest.
  8. tried with 1.assertive/proactive 2.competitive/proactive 3.ambitious/proactive 4.manipulative/proactive =0 Not exactly.Type of protagonist you talked usually turn heroine in the same vegetables as they are or they take away her inhumanity if she non-human rather than turn into non-human by themself.Remember how many you can see drama about what is being humans even if it is seinen.That types of characters act this way not because it is they free will and desire, but rather because they follow the program imposed on them by society, following it to extremes. That is why we can often observe that there is no flexibility in the actions and idiocy in this japanese protogonist.Because their characterization consists of a set of cultural attitudes even to the point that we consider such protagonist as self-living propaganda which poisons creativity. And one thing if author have experience living outside japanese society you can clear see difference in small details even if he write typical cliche story. Example https://mangadex.org/chapter/197341/23 https://mangadex.org/chapter/197341/24 It even hard to find a little aggressive heroine in decisions.Almost as they afraid portrays something that contradict the mentality of japanese society for various reason and the don't like it.They rather get rid of such character using "pretending"cliche or kill or use....etc Authors usually write and draw so called "Japanese Happiness "with friends/釘[杭]は打たれる/sakura/dull embarrassment from characters/collective hyper-socialization rather than write something individual early branched focused.How many protagonist have somehow misanthropic+cynic attitude...? Edit:Is there a novel where protagonist and heroine can consider as dual type protagonist?
  9. Example https://myanimelist.net/character/43669/Kouko_Kaga
  10. 1.I dislike communalist ideas for the sakes of communalist ideas.For the sake of the drama life is hard, but you have to brace yourselves.I just tired of that thing in japanese drama.When protagonist could save loved one,but he choose not because of he decide save people that hated him just because for no reason...,when protagonist grow as weak and then become strong only to forgive the person that bullied him/killed his loved ones.It also doesn't mean i support vengeance for the sake of vengeance.when protagonist become basically immortal in different world,but in the end he choose return to home world and live as cripple.... etc etc.. 2.I dislike pure individualism for the sake of individualism.Because of that i see many modern left movements as far right ones... 3.In fact i don't support ayn rand,bryan caplan, paul ryan,ted cruz, edward block,joseph boettk,and so on. 4. I just like freedom-loving heroines.
  11. Strong individualistic principles vs. collective ones anti -"釘[杭]は打たれる" heroine I hate when heroine become cripple because of that.Is that one of reason strong willed heroines is rare thing.The reason why so many hetare protogonist. The reason why non-human heroine nerfed. etc
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