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Found 78 results

  1. First up, thanks to anyone reading this. I am fairly new to the world of translating VNs, but hopefully this can change soon enough. Now, my problem: I've decide to try and translate Saimin Class wonderful and am trying to get the script which has its own folder in the game files. Inside, there is a .pak file and an .idx file. I have tried mutiple methods so far (quickbms, online-services, 7zip) in order to open the file, but to no avail. Is there something else I need to pay attention to? Is it important that the game uses the EAGLS engine? Like I said, I'm rather new to this, so detailed explenations would be appreciated. Thank you in advance iambobokay
  2. Spring break is over for me, so I can finally calm down with my posting, and bury myself in lines code. I have only six weeks of school left! Yay! Then, I can read.... actually I don't know what to read after Kara no Shoujo. Maybe Subahibi..... *shrugs shoulders* So in the meantime, i figured I would lend you guys a brief scene of mine. Is the scene related to the VN I am working on? Somewhat. It's a scene of a prequel to the VN I am working on. Where is the link to that scene? right here. Scene Title: Hold my hand Genre: Romantic Drama Word Count: 1647 Words Feedback: Anything. How is that VN anyway? Will it be vaporware? My biggest fear is development hell. No seriously, I hate having to work on perpetual projects because I am too familiar with burnout. It won't be vaporware in fact. I am going to set release date soon and I need some friends to hold me accountable. I will post the status of the VN in a blog here and have weekly updates on it.
  3. Biggest Goof Up Ever

    Hey guys I just had the most embarrassing mistake ever and I just wanted to get it off my chest with fellow game devs! So what happened was I had a very old beta test demo like three months ago and I deleted it and I also deleted it off my Dropbox account. Today I had my demo release and someone does a let's play on youtube and it's that old file that I swear had been deleted and I have no clue how it came back. I had to ask the youtuber to take down his vid and apologized profusely and offered him a free game. Now 22 people have the incorrect copy and I'm just so embarrassed and ashamed. We did post alerts that the copy is wrong and uploaded the correct demo but I'm scared the people who have downloaded it won't see. This is the first game I ever made so I'm hoping people won't be too mad but it's definitely making me feel super bad and sad and I didn't really know who to talk about it to so I made this post. Would anyone else like to share one of their biggest goof ups or tell me that everything's going to be ok. Because I'd really appreciate that. I feel like crazy awful at the moment and I'm hoping it passes soon. X(
  4. Soo, as the question says, is anyone interested in making a visual novel? I'm an aspiring writer and ever since I've read Katawa Shoujo - besides the fact that it moved me to tears - and reading about how the devs started the whole thing, it gave me a bit of hope that maybe I could do some of it as well with those interested enough. I don't care if you're a pro or simply passionate about writing/ coding/ art design, all that I ask of you guys is just to be willing to do this and be serious about it. If you've never tried art design or coding but you've been interested in it for a long time to do so, or if you've thought about writing but never did it before, I think this is a really cool chance to see if you like the thing, and who knows, if we do manage, we'll forge new friendships on the way as well, so there's nothing to lose really. Just one thing that I ask is that you guys are really willing to go through a whole visual novel, the idea that I had is not too long, so it's not like we'll be working for years and years to come, it's just something simple and free for the rest to enjoy.Now, for the idea itself: I've been thinking about a teacher's life, and the story is about a guy who just finished college who joins this new school and makes new friends among teachers and students alike, hangs out with some of them and tries his best at improving his own skills, etc. and, finds love in the meantime. It's not something original nor that interesting but it should be something fun to me and anyone else who's interested in writing can work on, and of course, not to mention the art designers and those willing to work on the coding. I just thought it would be fun, something done by amateurs that could prove to be really fun in the process. And as a last thing to mention, I've never worked on art design or coding before, but if in the process anyone finds himself or herself in need of a helping hand, I'm sure I could try and so some stuff in the other categories as well, and so could the rest of the people joining. Cheers!
  5. Marketing Questions & Development Frustrations

    Hi everyone! I'm an indie developer of a murder mystery visual novel and boy have I been learning so much about social media marketing and realizing how little I know. It is my first visual novel after all so I did expect some bums in the road. I'm in a bit of a slow development period because I'm a full time college student and so is my artist. I decided to use this chance to create background images (I actually do those my artist does characters and gui) and so far that's going a lot faster than I imagined so I'm super stoked about that! But I also decided to make a wordpress blog and create a whole bunch of social media accounts and keeping up with them isn't the hard part. It's figuring out what kind of content people would like to see. Especially because I'm at a point where I could release a demo if I had the character sprites but I don't and I'm like ah! I really want to show off my demo and spread the cute characters and funny story I have but I can't. I'm doing character spotlights now and in the near future i'll be posting about game mechanics such as how to solve a case since my game is about being a detective. I suppose I'm wondering what other kinds of content could I produce for marketing purposes while I'm waiting for my demo to come out? And how do I stay positive with such a low follower count and low engagement with the community? Also, if anyone has like a good amount of followers on any social media site, how long did it take to get to like 100 or 1000 followers? Thanks so much for reading this crazy long post haha. Any help is appreciated!
  6. Hey what is up guys! My name is Stone and i am a visual novel creator. Currently i am looking for a character design artist for our upcoming visual novel. We do Pay you per character design. If you are intrested please reply to this post or email me at simplyappproductions@gmail.com THANKS FOR READING!
  7. KiriKiri encryption help

    Hi guys, I'm translating nekopara vol. 1 in italian, but I have two questions: 1. How can I make the patch file with the graphics and lines translated? 2. How can I restore the original KiriKiri Z encryption when I have the patch file? thanks :3
  8. As seen in the title, I'm planning to translate Golden Marriage, a VN by Ensemble. However, due to my lack of knowledge and experience, I'm looking for any advice for TLs. I've read https://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/2254-how-to-translate-a-vn/ before, but I would like to see a detailed step-by-step explanation. Golden Marriage uses .arc files(Like If My Heart Had Wings) and I have successfully extracted the files(I think). Extracting Rio.arc gave me what I think is the script. But, I can't comprehend it. Example:・ 往 }MA9 1eI}=II 往 I would greatly appreciate it if anyone can explain. https://vndb.org/v14264
  9. Um, hello... I'm new here. I really need someone good to help hack and get data on this game called Round Around the World (RAtW). I have the files needed all here, but I can't seem to decode the encryption. It would be nice if someone could help decrypt the text as I'm trying to translate the game for everyone to play!
  10. Aku no Kanbu

    Aku no Kanbu series seems to be the ones that are gaining good praises out of all Lune Soft games. With the first one receiving 7.85 and the second one getting 7.95 on VNDB. They seem to be quite popular as well, they have been turned to OVAs before. Yet there is no english version of it. This is more like a suggestion if anything. Is anyone willing to take this series on? Here are infos for both in VNDB: Aku no Kanbu1 https://vndb.org/v3602 Aku no Kanbu2 https://vndb.org/v15127 The second one follows a whole different lines of characters than the first one and the two games seems unrelated other than settings in terms of storyline. You can translate the second first if you wish.
  11. i found this on vndb and it looks interesting do you guys think it would get translated and if so by who (manga gamer, sekai project ect.) also would you be interested in having this vn translated heres the vndb link https://vndb.org/v13943
  12. Yes, it was happening. As for my opinion here, this VN was look quite interesting especially it was came from the same company as Majikoi. Since here we had one dead project here, I thought to just start over with the new thread here. Anyway, just like back at HatsuKoi I'll using this thread to report Tsujidou progress from when the project begin. PS - By the way, here's the news from Tsurezure themselves.
  13. Wow, it certainly has been a long time since I've been here. You guys have come a long way, and for that, I can finally say I've finished the first real working version of my old visual novel engine that I once did an interview on fuwanovel (https://fuwanovel.net/2013/10/interview-qbertys-om3ga-engine-transcending-platforms/) about. I'm proud to say that it's finally what I wanted it to become. A non-nonsense simple multi-platform visual novel creation and testing tool. It supports running your visual novels on Android/iOS/Windows/Mac/Linux with only needing to write your story once for all platforms. I'm also testing cloud saving/loading as well. All testers are welcome to http://vnengine.com to check it out. You can try it out for yourself at: http://vnengine.com
  14. Since we still didn't have page for this project, I decided to made the thread in regard of HatsuKoi translation. So what's you're comment about this game and the project here. Personally, I think that HatsuKoi was interesting because it's Tone Work VN even though it's quite rough and the translation was quite fine imo. That's all for now and have fun for discussing this project. PS - Hopefully this is not wrong section for discussing this.
  15. .pk file Repack

    Hi, im going to tranlate: detective masochist the case of the femdom torture (to spanish), but i m looking a .pk repack tool. Im search it for 3 or 4 days and nothing... Maybe someone can help me. The dev is U-MePlus (sorry, but im dont know write very well in english)
  16. Hi, I have a problem with grisaia no kajitsu. I extract all the dialogs from "update04.int" but I do not know how to put everything back inside (repack). I have many .txt files and also .cst I do not know what to do D: And i dont have much experience in this field.
  17. The game has been around for a little while, and eventually a team of translators decided to take it on, but, we haven't heard from any of them since :S so it bit the dust really quick. The concept is really interesting to say the least. All the dialogue and narration of the game is at http://wiki.yuriproject.net/limit_panic they are for anyone to pick up so we have Yuri Project's permission I hope this makes the job easy, of course, is someone is willing to translate it in the first place, I would be so grateful you have no idea, I'm just gonna leave it here in case someone is interested ok? Ok.
  18. Hi guys, I'm italian I want to translate nekopara vol 1. in italian How can I extract all the files nekopara's file .xp3 ? In particular, I want to extract the file "data.xp3"
  19. So I am currently translating the a PC port of Steins;Gate Linear Bounded Phenogram from Chinese to English. It shouldn't be that hard since a translation of all the text exists but the problem is that I don't know how to edit or open RPYB files, if I can't open those files I can't edit the text for the Novel. So does anyone know how to edit and open these RPYB files?
  20. Hello everyone, I want to make a visual novel with branching stories and a lot of choices with many endings. But Art style hinder me. What kind of art style most people like? Is it Japan anime style or Western style? Which one do you like from the picture under this text? And which kind of story people will like the most? Does Romance visual novel is too mainstream? I have plan for 1. Fantasy Romance, 2. Crime/Supernatural/Romance, 3.Horror/Thriller/Romance, 4.Romance/Drama and 5.Romance/Comedy. Please help me guys~ Thank you so much!
  21. A question came to me just now, a few days away from finishing a project for a VN: Should I ask the creator of the VN if I can do what I made? Or... should I be like a ninja and just release it on the shadows and then expect the worst? The first answer that comes to mind is DON'T. I lived through No Name Losers drama, and then the CAUCASUS drama (the only ones I knew about) and learned from them that if the creator knew, they pretty much were going to be over you, lawyers in hand, to make you stop with C&D and, if gone overboard, court. It is scary, and this monster in my head is getting pretty big as time goes past. But it isn't something that will make me stop. I've been working on this project for about five~six years, I'm not just going press delete on that folder. I know in the very end I'll release it as NNL did, no matter what. It doesn't really matter if I'm going to do whatever I want to in the end. xD That brings me to the DO IT. Doing it might bring some praise. (Though it's ego, I'm aware of it, having the creator telling you 'it's ok', 'amazing', etc, I believe it's pure gold. e.g. Ryukishi07's letter to Witch Hunt.) At the minimum that'll be all, at the worst will be trials, or something like that... What I'm trying to say is: I don't really know what happens once you post a release. Will I be damned or... nothing will happen? E.g. I just see Amaterasu's group releasing translations but I don't know if they actually asked the creator for it... or Steins' group, and several translations like them... I... don't know. D: What do you guys think? By the way if someone knows of other drama, do tell, I'd like to know about them.
  22. Vritra is the Dragon King of the Asura. Hindu culture speaks of highly advanced gods and wild imagery. Vritra is not evil and measured in his actions. Feel free to leave explanations to your decision below
  23. I'm making a VN

    This is my first time doing something like this. Though I am confident in my abilities, so i believe i can at least make a decent one. This is gonna be really tough. I have to work on everything. I haven't done much programming but this will be a good way to get experience. The story is one of the things i'm good at so I wont need to worry much. Music is also is a alright thing i can do. I can't create symphonies or anything but it's something lol. Art ugh probably the most difficult thing ill be doing. I suck at it xD. Don't worry though i have an idea for that. The only reason i'm even making this post is because i'm excited about this. It's gonna take a while but ill do it. Right now i'm in the process of making the story. So i'll come again some other time with progress made on it. That's it for now. Byee!
  24. Hi. I have been working on a visual novel. I'm not an artist though and unfortunately do have any money to hire an artist so I am a bit stuck having to do the art myself. I decided to go with rendering scenes with three models and was hoping to get an idea if the artwork is passable or not. However, I can't figured out how to put the pictures in the post. Sorry (believe me, I know it is stupid and I only have myself to blame, but the only thing I can do is apologise for the inconvenience, and I do know that there is a simple solution, sorry again). I put in a link (http://pandadeath.com/annes-book) (I really don't know if that is against some kind of internet protocol manners, if it is then I am sorry for that and maybe one day will figure out how to put the picture in the post. Thanks.
  25. Hi! I'm planning on developing a visual novel titled "Reset", a mystery horror anime, since I know how to write the script for a visual novel. However, I cannot draw at all and I'm quite frankly, well, terrible at it. If there's any artist out there who is willing to draw some characters on a computer with some description of what I imagine them to look like, I'd greatly appreciate it and be in debt from your assistance! Thank you.