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  1. Completed a single route so far, it is great, but I would still say the worst of the 3. Senren Banka being the best IMO
  2. I had the same issue with a 2070 max Q laptop
  3. The funny part is that all the aggressive people assuring us that it will release and that we do not know anything (while being just as clueless) are just giving more visibility to those negative messages. Let people say what they think and come back once it is released to laugh it out (or avoid the humiliation if it ends up not happening).
  4. If you have this kind of money lying around, you may as well contact those Japanese companies directly
  5. +1 for the sequel, honestly I would be fine with a patch that only add the untranslated missing parts
  6. Well in the other hand I can understand why people would want update. As you said many projects have been abandoned, should we come here indefinitely until we potentially get a patch? They have the right over their work, but we deserve to be up-to-date since they decided to announce it publicly. It is the reason behind my first message, I would prefer to have a confirmation from the team saying that they are waiting for X or that the project is postponed than generic excuse like "I do not have enough time" since lets be fair, I do not think that anyone would complain if we got the incomplete patch right now
  7. I do not think that I am ungrateful? I will be happy for them even if they end up officially localizing it (and I agree that this situation is unlikely). I just didn't like the answer I got saying that I was wrong without any proof whatsoever. And I will be equality happy if they release it for free, it is their right to do whatever they want with their work. Are you saying that you will trashtalk them if they ever decide to do not work for free? In all case I agree that I have been overly aggressive in my answers but it has never been against the people working on this project, good luck!
  8. It is not your place to say so, and nobody is saying that it is the case either. We are in the right to "doubt" until we get words from the translator directly. Anyway even if he was waiting for a deal, I am sure that people would understand and not see it as a bad thing
  9. Fan translations do not exist because Japanese companies do not want to release in the west, it is a money problem. Fact is that there are many translated VNs from developers that then got official release here. I get that some companies do not want to release in the west, it does not mean that it will always be the case. The fact that a developer did not provide any license yet doesn't mean that they will never. Are you working with them to say such affirmation?
  10. Wait, do you really believe that officially localized games have been licensed for free? The fact that none of their game has been sold in the west doesn't mean that they do not want to (perhaps it is the case, but I and YOU have no idea), but it is also possible that they didn't get a proper offer yet. Please you can say that it is very unlikely, but do not say that it is impossible. You are clearly not objective
  11. How unlikely it is doesn't matter. if he releases it now he will never be able to make any money out of this, if he wait and get an offer he will. Are you sure that it is the developers not wanting, and not that there have been no serious effort to localize it?
  12. Wouldn't be surprised if the translator has been approached for an official release and therefore refused to complete it right now. Obviously this is all assumption.
  13. I do not think that this is subjective, you can accept that efforts have been put into a game while at the same time hating it. For example I dropped G-senjou no Maou near the end, but can still understand that this not a few days of work
  14. The best way to know is by looking at the CG I guess
  15. I am from those who just cannot play censored titles, but I am fine as long as it was how the game was intended (I also hate all-age games that add H-scenes just to bait the "horny players", always feel forced and unnecessary). And I do agree with the OP
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