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How many do you play at once, if any?

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Usually 1 or 2, sometimes 3.

One or two in english if two then one is a nukige while the other is not and then one in japanese.

Btw atm only reading 1, that being Imouto Paradise 2. Currently taking a break from VNs in japanese since I am reading through assasination classroom in japanese and don't feel like reading too much in japanese at the same time.

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2-3 most of the time.

And to be more specific - I'm usually reading a single VN and following 1-2 playthroughs on Youtube (mostly listening to those while working). I really avoid picking up more than that, mostly because I review many of the VNs I read and don't want to divide my attention too much.

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One. I had Hanahira as a side-read, with it being my first untranslated title, but that was the only case.

Sometimes I might make a break for something short between the routes of bigger title  - like I read TrueLove between two routes of Fureraba ;) - but I don't think it counts as "at once".

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During the last years I barely had the time to read one VN. So multiple ones are just impossible.

Before that I didn't know about VN so I can't give a number for times when I'm not that busy, maybe 2?

If I mangage to screw up one of the current exams I can tell you in about a month.

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usually 2. That may seem strange but the reason is this:

I usually play on my home PC where I play only 1 VN at a time.

But when I am on travels because of work I have a 2nd (and different) VN installed on my work laptop. The VN on my laptop is usually one with an easier plot because I only get to play them from time to time so they shouldn't be too plot-heavy.

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1 hour ago, URV said:

Technically one at a time, but I do have the tendency to play one VN for a while, get bored, and switch to a different VN. If that were to count as playing two VNs at a time, then I would be playing somewhere between 11-24 VNs at the moment.

I have a similar tendency. I usually play ~3 VNs at the same time and have a handful of other VNs that I count as currently playing, usually I'm in between routes in those.

I suppose maybe I'd finish them faster if I focused on one at a time, but I'm not sure I could manage that. I do the same thing with other types of media.

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